Warped, 1.7-8

Notes: Sorry, I kind of lost momentum in these two stories. They are important though, a lot of foreshadowing. I know where its going so please do stay tuned. There is one more in season 1, and season 2 and 3 are the middle school and high school adventures of Jamie.

Episode 1.7 The Babysitter

I woke up wet this morning.

I took off my diaper and threw it in the diaper pail my mom had placed in the bathroom. It was a weekend so after I took my shower I turned on the TV to watch cartoons – Doug was always my favorite.
My parents woke up and we had breakfast – pancakes and sausage. Then they announced, “Jamie, we are going to go to a party tonight so I hired a babysitter for you and Davie,”
I remembered a day a while back when I had first started to wear diapers again, and a pizza delivery girl offered to babysit me. I wondered if that was who it would be.
“Okay,” I said, not really thinking about the ramifications.
The day seemed normal until my parents started getting ready. It wasn’t quite dinner time when Mom came into my room, “Okay, time to get changed,”
I looked at the clock, “What?”
“Do you want the babysitter to change you?”
“Then its time to get changed now,”
“But mom,”
“Okay, you can wait, but if I leave before I have the chance to change you, the babysitter will do it,”
“Fine,” I said.
But time passed and then I heard the doorbell ring. Dad answered it and I peaked outside and it was indeed the pizza girl. I came downstairs to be introduced.
Dad explained, “Ok Jamie, this is Amber, she’ll be taking care of you tonight. We’ll be getting back late so she’ll also put you in bed,”
“Okay,” I said, realized what was going to happen but also understanding that nothing could be done now.
Mom and Dad headed out and Amber made us dinner. After dinner I played for a while until Amber called me, and said, “Your parents explained your situation. Go ahead and get ready for bed except for the diaper and I’ll change you when you’re ready. Once you’re completely ready for bed, we can watch a movie,”
I sighed but agreed.
When I was in my pajamas she changed me into a diaper. I was so embarrassed. But we settled in and started watched Star Wars. I had some popcorn and a drink, and soon I needed to go to the bathroom.
I told Amber and she laughed, “But you’re in a diaper already sweetie,”
I tried telling her that I didn’t need the diaper except for at night but she insisted. She pulled down my pants so I was standing there in just a diaper and a t-shirt.
“Go ahead sweetie and I’ll change you,”
“No butt’s,”
I sighed. I guess this was what I got for being a bedwetter.
And as she watched I peed in my diaper. I also turned beet red.
And she laughed. “That’s hilarious. Wait till my friends hear about this,”
I figured none of her friends knew any of my friends so no big deal.
Then the doorbell rang. I looked at her and pleaded with my eyes to not let anyone see me like this and she nodded so I ran to my room as she answered the door. I left my door open so I could hear.
“Hi!” I heard Megan’s voice. Wow that was close. Megan would never like me if she saw what was going on now, “Is James around?”
Amber said, “He can’t play right now, but I’ll let him know you stopped by. Want me to give him a kiss for you?”
“Ewww!” said JoAnne, Megan’s best friend, as they both ran away.
Amber laughed and came back in, coming to my room.
She saw that I was beet red and laughed, “Okay, Jamie, next time you argue with me, I pull your pants down in front of them, okay?”
I gulped and nodded. Then she had me lie down and changed me. We went back out and finished the movie.
I went to bed and when I woke up Amber was gone. But there was a note on my dresser, “Can’t well till next time, my little Jamie, - Amber.”

1.8 Camping

I woke up wet that morning. My family was going to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. My dad was a big civil war buff – don’t tell him that I called it that; it’s the war of northern aggression to him.
Mom came in, “Jamie, you all packed and ready to go? We are going to get breakfast on the road,”
“Yup, just got to change,” I said.
“Were you wet?” she asked and I nodded.
“Okay, go ahead and take a shower,” she said and was about to leave when she turned around and said, “Oh, and it’s your choice honey, but do you want to wear diapers on the road, it’s a long trip?”
“Um, yeah I guess,” I said.
Mom nodded, “Okay,” then went to my closet to get a new diaper out, “Oh, Jamie, this is the last one, you have to start telling me when you’re out,”
“I did Mom, when I had five left,”
“Are you sure?”
“Well, I told Dad,”
Mom laughed and sighed. “Okay, well, go get you’re shower and I’ll figure something out,”
I did just that and when I was finished with the shower, Mom came back in and put me in the diaper. I pulled on my jeans and a t-shirt and we all loaded up in the car and headed on the road. We stopped at Hardee’s on the way out, picked up Mom’s Avon from Megan’s mom and soon we were on the Interstate.
I had a new Animorph’s book and David was looking at a picture book. He was starting potty training now and it was a little embarrassing that he was wearing underwear at night and I was wearing diapers still, but usually a ignored it. He was having the normal three year old accidents anyway. My parents had decided that waking up in a wet bed would help him learn. So I was in diapers and he wasn’t.
Pretty soon, I needed to use the bathroom. When we got to a rest area, Mom took me into the “family” bathroom and helped me out of the diaper so I could use the toilet. “Do you want it for the rest of the trip?”
“How much longer do we have?” I asked.
“About three hours to the park,” she explained and nodded, soon I was back in diapers.
When we got there, I needed to go again but we set up the camp first. It started to get dark by the time we were done and as Dad and I finished the camp, Mom made dinner. It was one of those camp sites with an electric power source so cooking was easy. We ate and then I really started needing to go.
Mom said, “I can’t help you out this time. But go ahead and take your shower and trash the diaper, get in your pajamas except for your diaper and we’ll deal with it later,”
I nodded and gathered up my stuff and walked down the road to the camp rest area. It was a straight shot so it was safe from our site.
I showered and tossed the diaper into the large tin trash can by the door as I started walking back to the camp. A couple younger girls were walking by and saw me toss the diaper and giggled and pointed. I got angry and glared at them, but remembered that they were younger, and probably not that far out of diapers anyway.
I got back to camp and after a while we made S’mores and it was time to go to bed.
The Mom called me into our tent and told me, “Okay, I found a solution,”
And then she pulled out a pink diaper.
“Mom, that’s a girls diaper,”
“I’m sorry, that’s all I could find,” she said.
I sighed and soon was changed. I didn’t think about it until the next morning when I woke up wet and headed back to the rest area to shower and change.
As I stepped out of my pajamas a guy pointed and laughed and said, “Little girl, you’re on the wrong side,” and tried to grab my hand and lead me to the other side. I shook him off and pulled my pants back up and ran back to the camp. After I told mom what happened she came with me to the rest area. This time she took me into the girls room and helped me out of the diaper. I sighed and turned red.
Just then the same girls from last night came by and saw me. I turned beet red again, I couldn’t have been more embarrassed. They giggled and pointed. I showered and put on regular clothes. Mom apologized again and again, and the next two nights I just slept in my underwear. Mom promised that we would go to the doctors once we got back.

Of course, that morning I woke up wet.