Vicious Life

Vicious Life


In the dead of the night, when all things are quiet except for a few choice birds and insects sending calls out to their own, Hanna walked down the cobble street, trying to get home to her baby girl. The sitter was livid when she called to tell her she would be late. She needed to find her daughter’s father and tell him that he has a child. Her face was streaked with tears dried and recently renewed. No matter how she looked at her situation, she was in trouble. His mother informed her that she was not welcomed and that he found someone else; one of his own kind. She obviously was not; being that she was poor and now alone.

She had no other choice but to put her child up for adoption. The thought broke her heart; she fell in love with her daughter from the time she was born. She lost her job and only means of support; her former boss wanted his niece to fill the position.

Too encased in her problems to notice her surroundings she never heard the low rumble or swishing sounds behind her. She never saw the hulking shadow or a large clawed hand being brought over her face or eyes. She had no time to scream before the echoes of her neck cracking and the bones breaking filled the crisp air.

Chapter One: A Reluctant New Start

Nyssa smoothed her navy blue sensible skirt down for the tenth time. To say that she was nervous was an understatement. She needed this job so badly, she could taste it. If she had to offer her services for free for a week, she would, just to prove that she was more than capable. She needed to get as far away from Red as possible and she needed to land this job to do it. It was nothing more than a secretarial position but it paid enough to get her a one-room efficiency apartment. If she saved up enough…maybe even a car down the road! Until then, public transportation would have to do which meant giving up her BMW; fully loaded. Oh, well… it was freedom…it was worth it.

From the time Nyssa moved out of her foster parent’s home at eighteen, she’d been with Red, a.k.a. Roland Hughes…a.k.a., controlling SOB. Five years of her life passed within a blink of an eye and she was right where she started from at eighteen. Red was known in the neighborhood as being the rich kid who liked hanging around those less fortunate than him. Some would say that was admirable. Nyssa would say that he just wanted people around him he could buy or intimidate; or better yet, worship him. His ego was his worst quality with an unhealthy since of entitlement skidding into second. Nyssa had had enough. Dealing with his personality was one thing; being treated as nothing more than a pretty vase on a shelf was quite another. He kept her shelf bound until she was needed. If she thought she was good enough to think for herself; he’d put her in her place immediately.

How many times had she been told that he owned her? She had nothing…no talent, no job, no other opportunities for a good life. What he provided her was not a good life as he wanted to believe. It took her a lot of growing up to realize that. When she did, the love she felt for him disappeared along with his conscience. He was flaunting other women in her face now; bringing them home and having sex with them right in their living room where she could surely catch them. He had no scruples. If she complained, he would sing the same old song and remind her that she was at his mercy once again. Not anymore.

She already had her bags packed and would be going to a homeless shelter if need be. Nyssa wanted to kick herself. She could house a lot of the blame for the state her life was in right now. She could have gone to college but he said she didn’t have time for that. She could have found work a long time ago but Red wanted her easily accessible for his personal uses and she…the idiot…went along with it. ‘Red knew best’ was the lie she told herself. Thinking that she was going to spend her whole life with him, she digested every morsel that Red fed her. That time was over. Let Red find another puppet. She was cutting the strings.

Nyssa didn’t get the job as she hoped. She cried for hours, feeling sorry for herself. She had so much hope in getting this job. Now she had to face going to the homeless shelter with nothing but the clothes on her back and a few in an overnight bag.

She stepped off the bus, smelling the putrid scent of urine and years of oppression. The building was ill kept and trash littered the sidewalks; empty burger wrappers gently blowing away in the wind. It was enough to turn her right around and back into Red’s clutches. She wouldn’t, of course. He didn’t even know she was gone. He’d been out of town on ‘business’ for three days.

She told the director of the shelter that she would show up. The woman told her that the bed would go to someone else if she didn’t. They would provide her three months of shelter, food, and job assistance. She would be expected to do chores and attend workshops geared toward learning how to live independently. If I found a job and still needed shelter, she would be expected to pay a thirty percent rental fee. The director told Nyssa she was lucky to have reserved a bed when she did. Most beds went quickly; one moved out and another moved in minutes later. Mind made up, Nyssa walked forward, holding her breath to block out the bad smells; hoping inside was a lot better.

It was better…but not by much. The difference was it smelled overly sanitized with that band-aid smell like a hospital. It beat urine, though, that’s for sure. Nyssa walked slowly, taking in all the sights. Old run down furniture, worn wall paper and floors decorated the place. A couple women looked at her with interest; studying her from head to toe and then whispering amongst themselves. Nyssa immediately reddened with humiliation. She wished she had put on jeans and an old t shirt instead of the expensive skirt and blouse. She would rather just blend in and not be noticed at all.

A woman, smiling, came out of nowhere to greet her warmly.

“Nyssa Rand?” She asked.

“Y-yes, I’m her…I mean, I’m Nyssa.” Nyssa couldn’t seem to stop making a fool of herself, she thought.

“It’s okay…you’re a first timer…normal jitters. I’m Tara Davis…call me Tara; some of the old-timers call me Ms. T. I’ll show you to your room where you can leave your things and then, I’ll show you around. It’s not much, but at least it’s here when you need it is what I always say. We can get you something to eat as well…doesn’t seem as though you’ve been remembering to do that lately. Then the last thing…the yucky thing…paperwork! I hate it, you’ll hate it…but it has to be done!” Tara animatedly explained the ins and outs of the shelter.

She listed the rules, introduced some of the other ‘tenants’, and shoved a plate full of food at Nyssa as she gathered the paperwork she mentioned. By the time Nyssa was done and properly informed of shelter life; she collapsed on one of the two lonely beds, in her small room, and fell asleep; clothes, shoes, and all.

Two weeks and a morning later, Nyssa woke up to someone poking at her shoulder; she almost thought it was Red demanding morning sex.

“Hey, sleeping beauty! Wake up…Tara wants to see you in her office right away.” Maxine said.

Nyssa groaned groggily as an answer to her shelter roommate’s effort to wake her.

“Go…away…sleepy…” She murmured.

“Too damn bad, princess…she said pronto. You had company.”

That perked Nyssa up a bit.

“What company?” She asked almost half knowing who it was.

“Some guy…that’s all I found out before I was shooed out of the office. I can tell you this… he was mad as hell! We all heard her threaten to call the cops.” Max climbed onto her bed and sat yoga style, making Nyssa move to make room.

“Red…it has to be…no one else would give a damn. Not that he does, but to know I left him has to be eating him alive; especially seeing what I left him for…” Nyssa had to laugh a little as she looked at her dilapidated room surroundings. Red’s ego was never going to give it a rest. Nyssa climbed out of bed, tossing a pillow at Max and, slipping her feet into her house shoes. She headed to Tara’s office.

Nyssa sat in Tara’s office stunned at the news given to her. She expected Tara to tell her about the fuss Red made; even have a good laugh at the jerk’s expense. She was not, however, prepared for the news she did get instead.

“What do you mean, he’s dead?”[/size]

Vicious Life

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Vicious Life

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Chapter Two: Goodbyes, Good or Bad

Chapter Two: Goodbyes, Good or Bad

[size=18px]Nyssa’s brain couldn’t find the ability to process anything that was going on around her. She waited for Tara to announce the end of a very bad joke. Tara’s face was hard and expressionless as she waited for Nyssa to catch up.

Dead? It had to be a mistake…a rumor. He had someone call Tara and lie so that she would go running to Red’s house to see if it was true. It was a game…well, she would not play it with him. He could just move on and leave her alone. Suddenly Nyssa became very irritated that Red would do this. She didn’t love the man but she still cared about him; how could she not after five years? To know he pulled this trick to get to her was just another example of his cruelty at its finest.

“Who called and told you this?…It was Tim, wasn’t it? Lowlife piece of shit…would wipe Red’s ass with his bare hands if Red told him to! Why even go to these lengths to draw me out? He has enough women willing to be his whore…why can’t he just leave me the hell alone? He’s…”

“DEAD! He is…dead, Nyssa. He was attacked leaving here; a rabid dog or something. I waited until they cleaned…removed the body before telling you. You didn’t need to see that….no one did.” Tara took a deep breath and fiddled with the pen on her desk.

Nyssa was left, once again, in silent shock. She must have sat there for hours unknowingly because she glanced up to see Tara had left the office and Max was bringing her a tray of food that had no chance in being ate by her.

“Don’t give me that look…Tara made me bring it. How’re you doing?” She asked as she placed the tray down in front of Nyssa.

“That’s the question of the year…” She responded.

“Tara told us after she told you. Can’t say he didn’t have it coming, you know…”

“Max! He was not man of the year but he didn’t deserve to die like that.” Saying the word ‘die’ made her feel empty. She didn’t get to say goodbye. She didn’t get to tell him how his treatment of her made her feel. She never got closure. She didn’t want him dead, though, she wished it many times when he pulled a stunt. Part of her wanted him to learn the error of his ways and beg her to return to him; she wouldn’t but it would have been nice to know she was his one who got away. None of that would ever happen. He was gone. Gone! She fought the tears that were ready to fall but eventually, they won.

“Goodbye Red. Where ever you are…I hope you find peace.”

Nyssa went to Red’s funeral with Max and Tara acting as her support; to which she was more than grateful. Red had a large turn out, expectantly. She knew most would be there to try to get wind of a handout; hoping to cash in.

Red’s family was nice enough when she and Red were together but their attitude changed drastically and her reception was ice cold.

“You weren’t married to him, so I wouldn’t be holding out for anything if I were you.” Red’s sister, Irena, stated flatly when Nyssa approached her with condolences.

“I wouldn’t want anything from Red, Irena. I left him and all that materialistic junk behind weeks ago. If you all want to crawl all over the floor fighting for crumbs he may or may not have left…go right ahead. I have no desire lose my class over money. I will be busy saying goodbye to that man over there, in the casket, in case you forgot why you’re supposed to be here in the first place. Sorry for your loss. If you’ll excuse me…”

Nyssa saw a look of curiosity then sadness cross Irena’s face. She left Irena where she stood and walked to Red’s closed casket. It still just didn’t seem real to her that he was dead. She was morbidly tempted to raise the damn lid to make sure he was truly in there. She remembered why the casket had to be kept closed and thought better of it. According to Tara, he was unrecognizable. The news never made mention of him or his death. Tara turned out to be her only source of information about Red. Still, Nyssa had many questions. What happened to the dogs that attacked Red? Were they too in danger of the same fate? Why hadn’t she heard a scream…a shout…a cry from Red as he was ripped to shreds? He died in the shelter’s parking lot. How come no one else heard a commotion? Max was the nosiest woman on earth…she said saw him…how could she not have heard wild dogs attacking?

Nyssa wiped those many unanswered questions out of her mind. She concentrated on saying her final goodbye.

The week flew by for Nyssa; she had trouble remembering what day of the week it was. She’d finally landed herself a job as a lingerie clothing catalogue sales associate. It was a long winded title but there were real chances for making good money; not to mention a much needed forty percent discount to all the clothing stores under the same corporation. Despite feeling somber sometimes throughout the day, life for her was picking up. She continued to question everyone about the circumstances around Red’s death but she hit brick walls every time. Even max, who knew everything about everybody was tightlipped. Finally, when people began to get irritated at her constant inquiries; she kept her thoughts to herself.

Nyssa had come home from work one evening to find that the other shelter tenants were out and Tara was in her office arguing with an unknown visitor. She wasn’t the type to eaves drop but something kept her rooted the spot outside Tara’s door and silent as she listened to the exchange.

“She doesn’t know anything. Nyssa doesn’t even know she’s been left all his money, yet.”

“That’s not my concern, Tara. My concern is that you’ve done nothing to prepare the female; Nothing!” The stranger shouted.

“She’s naïve and young…there’s time…plenty of time…” Tara pleaded.

“And let her find out about us on her own?…”

There was silence except for Nyssa’s beating heart. Back in control of her body; she turned around and made a beeline for the front door. She had so many questions but her instincts kicked into high alert. She was an inch from wrenching the door opened when someone grabbed her from behind in a strong bear hug hold. Panicked, she fought her aggressor but it was no use. While she used all her strength to kick, scream, and pull away; whoever held her barely depleted any energy in keeping her still. A tall man slowly walked toward her, making her curious as to who was behind her; thinking it was the stranger that grabbed her, she was more than astounded that it was Tara that held her in place. Tara was petite in stature compared with Nyssa who was tall and had to have weighed more. Nyssa being naturally strong physically, all her life, should have been able to take Tara down but the other woman was freakishly stronger than she looked.

“There’s no need for the fuss, female. No one is going to hurt you…unless you don’t cooperate fully.” The stranger informed her.

Ignoring the doomed feeling his words produced, she asked, “What do you want with me?”

“Nothing more than for you to join our ranks…become one of us. We’ve been watching you for weeks now…well Tara has. She’s my eyes and ears here. She tells me who would be best suited for us and you were lucky enough to be at the top of that list. Congratulations, Nyssa.”

Nyssa didn’t know what to think or feel other than this man had to be cracked; Tara too.

“What happens if I don’t want to join your…little club? Will I be allowed to walk away?”

“No.” He said blankly. The stranger strolled closer causing her to flinch and push into Tara. “You are not being asked. Besides, you are a half breed. I’m betting that your father was fully our kind.”

Nyssa gawked at him confused at what he was babbling about. She didn’t even know who her parents were; how the hell would he know? Furthermore, why would he care? Suddenly, Nyssa was sure she made a bad call in coming to this place.[/size]

Chapter Three: Unbelievable Tails

Chapter Three: Unbelievable Tails

[size=18px]“Let her go…if she promises to behave and hear us out.” The stranger told Tara.

Tara waited for some kind of sign from Nyssa; or so she suspected during the pronounced silence. She nodded her head and Tara hesitantly let her go. Nyssa rubbed the soreness in her arms from being held tightly as she looked Tara square in the eyes. She had come to adore the woman and couldn’t believe that she would turn on her like this. Tara glanced away guiltily, at least.

More to the point, she still had no Earthly idea what they wanted from her. She was homeless! Why would they need her? While she heard Tara say she’d been left some money; Nyssa was the kind of person to not count on it until it was actually in her hand.

“Let’s sit down, Nyssa, I’ll explain to you what you should have been told years ago.” The stranger waited until she and Tara was seated before taking his own in the ugly brown lounger across from her. She watched him take a deep breath and wring his hands nervously, which came as a surprise to her. He didn’t strike her as the fidgety type. He had a commanding and aggressive presence about him.

“My name is Jelani Tafari. I am the leader of a great many of our kind. I took over when my father was no longer able to fulfill his duties, years ago. I want you to become a part of us; to thrive, grow, and find happiness in our world.”

Nyssa raised an eyebrow at his words. He was laying it on quite thick after telling her that she had no other choice but to join his club.

“That sounds wonderful for you but ….”

Tara interrupted her with a loud ‘shhhh’ that grated on her nerves. She was not in the mood to take orders from the back-stabber but until she knew what she was up against, she gave in.

"Our kind has been around since almost the beginning of time. It all began with a witch named Envia. She was in love with a man who happened to be in love with some one else. She did everything in her power to capture his attention but the man had eyes only for his true love. She was livid. Growing bitter with everyday that passed without a spark of interest on his part; she resorted to dark magic to get her spoiled way. She cast a dangerous spell on herself, to render herself desirable to all men. It backfired on her…terribly. Men did indeed want her, but only with lust…not love. Again, the target of her attraction only had eyes for his true love.

In the middle of the night, a mass of desperate, crazed, and determined men broke into her house, with one thing in mind; having her. One by one, each man took turns forcing themselves on her body despite her screams and cries of mercy. Without her spell book, she was useless; she had no other choice but to wait until the violations were over…until the last man was sated. Traumatically, after many hours of crying, insanely ranting to herself, and studying her spell book; she came up with a solution. Without thinking of the consequences, she cast another spell. She turned the man she professed to love into a beast. If he was frightening and hideous, no woman would love him; he would beg for her affections…or so she thought.

Envia waited…and she waited but her love did not come to her. She decided to do some investigating in the village and found out that her love and the woman he was so smitten with ran away together. Fuming, she tracked them down after several days. Her love, which should have become a beast days ago, still retained his human form. The spell should have worked; she gave her blood to ensure it! Fed up, she confronted the man she loved. He informed her he could control his new nature and his true love never turned her back on him; Envia had not won. He told her to leave them alone and to never return; he spat at her feet and walked away.

Rejected and defeated, she went back home. Her one love hated her and craved another. She heard villagers talking and whispering about the love struck couple; how they had been banished. The people were scared and many wanted the beast-man dead before they became victims themselves of a monstrous mauling. She realized that she had the perfect avenue for revenge. She called for the attention of the village folk and riled them up with tales of barely surviving an attack; playing on their fears and ignorance. They listened to her every word. All the village men, who were her rapists before, became her allies. Once she broke the spell, none of them remembered what happened that horrific night. She told them where the couple was found and lied about the mayhem the two were causing the innocent. The village hummed with hate and self righteous violence. Soon, the men were off to find the beast and his lover. The beast would die; his lover could be saved and returned to a normal life.

Envia trailed behind the men, unbeknownst to them. She wasn’t about to miss out on her sweet victory. The villagers surrounded the couple and demanded the return of the innocent woman. She didn’t deserve to be chained to a beast… an abomination. When met with outright refusal they became incensed and attacked the beast-man with everything…every weapon they had.

Envia watched in horror and amazement as her former love changed his shape and fought the group of men. His onyx-colored coat gleamed in the moonlight; his fangs glowed like the brightest stars. Suffering many wounds did not slow him in the least. Not even the loud piercing howl that broke through the chaos. During the fighting, some of the villagers looked up in revulsion as the beast’s true love began to change her shape into a beast as well. Her coat was so blonde it could be mistaken for white. A growl of warning vibrated through the air. The female beast only gave the one warning before attacking the men; joined with her mate in a fight for their lives. The male beast did not take it too kindly that his mate threw herself into his fight; he was frantically possessive and protective of his love and her safety. However, he couldn’t hide his pride as she leveled the playing field immensely in their favor. He didn’t know at the time that she was with child and that she was fighting for not only him but their family’s survival as well. The two destroyed every human that meant them harm but…there was one last survivor that had nothing but jealousy in her mind and evil in her heart; Envia. They both smelled her presence in the air over the carnage, death, and bodies under their paws. They sniffed the air for her exact location; their eyes met at each other in recognition.

Envia stumbled backward, unbelieving of what she witnessed. How did she become a beast as well? Thinking that she would find the answers in her dark book, she set off; never suspecting that a hunt was on and she had become prey. In a matter of seconds, she did realize her final fate." The stranger ended his story and intently searched Nyssa’s face for a sign of understanding.

Nyssa didn’t know whether to laugh in their faces or ask for milk and cookies before they tucked her in. She’d never heard of this bed time story but from the looks of it, the two screw-balls did and took it to heart. She had a sinking feeling that this was going to be a long night, especially when Mr. Jelani Tafari cleared his throat and broke the tense silence.

"That story is true, Nyssa. Those lovers, the first of their kind, were our ancestors. Mine, Tara’s, your friend Max’s, and…yours.

Nyssa wished at that moment she had had more tact but she lost it. She laughed so hard her ribs hurt. Noticing she was the only one hooting wildly, she quieted herself with a cough. She had hoped that the stranger was giving her a punch line of some sort but he remained pensive. Tara’s face took on a serious expression that seemed now, was molded permanently.

Her eyes traveled from one to the other repetitively. She noticed that neither moved a muscle…barely appeared to be breathing. Then she saw something…in their eyes…a flicker. She was about to dismiss what she saw as a trick of the light when she gave a side glance at Tara. She did a double take at what she saw; Tara was removing all her clothing, right there! She then walked and stood directly in front of Nyssa.

Nyssa wanted to shield her eyes from Tara’s nudity but something she was seeing made her forget all about modesty. Nyssa wanted to scream at the sight before her, but the sound wouldn’t escape her throat; her body and brain immediately shut down and she lost consciousness. [/size]

Chapter Four: Flying Fur

Chapter Four: Flying Fur

Nyssa woke up sometime later in her bed. She sat up and rubbed her eyes and massaged her neck, feeling tense. She was convinced it was just a dream…a bad dream; but it was so vivid. Her alarm clock read ten till eleven and the door opened slowly.

“Are you okay?” Max looked concerned and for the first time since she met the woman, a little shy.

“I’m fine. What’s with you?” She chuckled.

“I don’t know, I guess I thought you wouldn’t want to see me or be near me now.” Max sat yoga styled on Nyssa’s bed.

“What are you talking about? You are acting weird…did you eat Amanda’s Tuna Surprise again? We told you a thousand times to eat out when it’s her turn to cook…”

Max groaned, covering her eyes.

“Wait…oh shit…you don’t remember a damn thing, do you? Holy repression! Tara is going to have a fit when she finds out.”

“Have you been drinking, Maxine? What are you babbling about? You know we have a ‘No Alcohol’ rule here…”

“TARA!” Max shot off Nyssa’s bed and ran out the room.

Nyssa hoped that Tara would forgive whatever Max was on and not throw her out. She got out of bed, still surprised that she slept in her clothes. She must have been really tired. She jumped into the shower, lingering for awhile to help loosen up her muscles. When she got out she was greeted with an even more strange sight, after returning to her room.

Tara and Max sat on her bed waiting for her to come in.

“What’s going on?” For some reason Nyssa couldn’t stop thinking about her dream when she met Tara’s eyes. Something about being near the woman now unsettled her.

“We need to talk to you.” Tara folded her arms across her chest and Max kept her eyes lowered to the floor.

“About?” Nyssa was nervous. She hadn’t broken any of the rules that she knew of, so she couldn’t be getting kicked out…

“About what happened earlier tonight…about what you, Jelani, and me discussed…” She waited.

Nyssa played the dream over in her mind…the story…Tara turning into a…. She shook her head; Tara couldn’t mean what she thought she meant…that was just a dream. Wasn’t it? She took a seat on Max’s bed, seeing that hers had been taken over by the two women.

Tara exhaled in frustration.

“You are not going to pretend that you don’t remember, Nyssa. I know you remember; this won’t go away just because you are so narrow-minded to think that humans are the only ones inhabiting this planet. I showed you what I am. You passed out and I brought you up here. I know you remember…”

Nyssa had flashes of the dream again, only her memories were more vivid and detailed. She saw Tara’s nude body contort and grow into something else…something that was not normal…

"I know this is a lot to deal with in a short time but very soon…

“Oh, God!…Stop!…Please…” Nyssa covered her mouth as she realized that she never woke up from the nightmare she thought she had.

Tara sighed.

“Nyssa, you know about us now…there’s no running from this; we made that clear from the beginning. I’m tired and ‘Law and Order’ comes on in five minutes…when you are ready to talk more, I’ll be downstairs.” Tara left the room, pausing to glance at Nyssa once more.

Nobody said a word for a long time. Nyssa was having a hard time trying to wrap her mind around the whole thing. She also realized why Max was behaving so strangely before.

“How is this even possible? Do you know what Tara is?”

Max slowly nodded her head.

Nyssa, without another word, got up and began to pull her clothes out of the old dresser she was assigned. She dragged her overnight bag out from under the bed and commenced to packing her clothes.

“Where do you think you can run to that they won’t find you?”

“To the police, if I have to…are you going to try and stop me? You’re one of them, right?” Nyssa turned to face Max with venom in her voice. She felt scared and alone, with no one to trust.

“Don’t be stupid, Nyssa. You’re gonna get yourself killed. They exposed themselves to you; they’ll do whatever it takes to keep this a secret. Our secret is older than you can imagine and you know why. You know what humans would do to us if they found out about our kind. More than just you are at stake, you chicken-shit! What about me…innocent people and children of our kind?” Max grabbed Nyssa’s shoulders and spun her around to face her.

“I’m one too but I am not a monster…” She said meekly.

Nyssa looked at her friend’s face and saw the hurt and rejection she most likely felt from her.

“How did you get…like that?” She whispered. She couldn’t bring herself to say the words. Part of her wanted to understand and part of her wanted to convince Max to run with her. Maybe they could take her to a doctor…fix it, somehow…

“I was born this way. I’m not any different from you or anybody else!” She defensively announced this as if someone had stated the opposite. “Besides, you were a half-breed.”

“A half-breed…what is that supposed to mean in this situation?” Nyssa remembered that word being tossed at her from the stranger, Jelani.

“We can scent one of our own. You have the scent…faintly but it’s there, alright.”

“Look, I’ve never had fur nor have I ever been able to do what Tara did to her body.” Nyssa held her hand up at Max, disbelieving what she was told.

“That’s just it; you took more after of your human side than ours. I know a woman who had our strength but never changed. I knew another who could change but was weaker than most humans! It’s not an exact science. You have the scent but from what I’ve seen, that’s it. You do have a good instinct about finding our kind. You gravitated toward me and Tara pretty quickly; Red too, until you left him.”

Nyssa’s eyes widened at Max’s words. Red? What about Red? He wasn’t…"

“He was!” She said excitedly.

Nyssa wanted to throw up. Nothing in her life was as it seemed apparently. She recalled one thing that Max said a minute ago. “You were a half-breed.”

“What did you mean when you said that I was a half-breed?”

Max’s eyes darted away in guiltily and Nyssa began to tremble from what she knew the answer would be.

“No…” She ran to the bathroom; to indeed throw up.[/size]

Chapter Five: Pack of Lies

Chapter Five: Pack of Lies

[size=18px]Nyssa was practically in a daze for the next two days. She called in a personal day at work at Max’s warning. “When did her life become a scary movie?” she thought. First she leaves Red, come here, Red is killed by………………wild dogs? Nyssa sat up immediately in her bed. Her heart was racing and she could barely catch her breath. Red wasn’t killed by wild dogs, he was killed by Werewolves! She swallowed the urge to vomit. The question that really worried her was who did it? She got out of bed, intent on getting some answers. This time she would not be lied to; she’d had enough of that. Besides, Tara owed her for injecting her with a blood/saliva combination, while she was passed out, that would turn her into a full fledge furry against her will; according to Max’s confession after she threw up.

She came to Tara’s door and instead of knocking on it, anger made her burst through it. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Tara and Jelani…together…in bed having sex. He had her on all four as he thrusted himself in and out of her from behind. Nyssa stared slack jawed as Jelani bent over her and bit into her shoulder as Tara reached an intense peak. Nyssa closed the door quickly; the couple either didn’t hear her or was too far gone to care at the moment. She really wished she’d knocked first. She quickly ran back upstairs feeling mortifyingly embarrassed for interrupting a private moment. She bumped into Max as she ran into her room.

“Ouch!” Max yelped after being steam rolled by Nyssa.

“Sorry…I uh…was looking for Tara.” She ducked around Max and sat down on her bed; needling to calm her nerves.

“She has company in her room.” Max smirked.

“Yeah, I noticed…”

“Why’d you need to see her?”

“I wanted the truth about something.”



“Why? Just let it go, okay? He’s dead…gone…not coming back. Why rehash all that again?”

“Because I know he wasn’t killed by any damn wild dogs unless that’s what Werewolves are calling themselves these days! Then again, the reference might actually fit.” Nyssa hated the fact that before the week was out, she would become a beast like Tara. Her body will contort itself, sprouting fur, and her bones will make that eerie cracking sound while they reshape themselves into another form. She shuddered; she did that every time she let herself think about it.

“You are pissed off, I get that…it’s better than being scared but…”

“You have no idea how I’m feeling…none of you. I didn’t choose this nor did I want it. I have been struggling for the past two days not to run because I don’t know what to expect when I turn into a-a…thing! I want to know which one of you killed Red. You were the only Werewolves here that day; who did it…tell me!” Her eyes widened with rage when Max stayed silent.

Max turned her back, leaving Nyssa to deal with her anger and resentments alone. She had a right to know but Max didn’t want to tell her. If she told her, would she lose her friendship? Did she even have that friendship now? Nyssa thought of them as things…monsters; now, she was to become one in a matter of days, maybe less. She sighed to herself. She may as well get this over with…

“Telephone for Nyssa!” The voice of one of the other women yelled.

Nyssa glanced at Max and jogged downstairs to receive her call.

“Hello, this is Nyssa…”

Hello, Ms. Rand, this is Jeremy Knox…I represent Roland Hughes’ financial affairs as his attorney. I was hoping I could make an appointment with you to go over his Will…"

“No, I don’t want any involvement what so ever in this. I don’t want anything from Red…give it to his family…”

“Ms., as his attorney and executor, it’s my duty to carry out the instructions contained in Mr. Hughes’ will. I can’t just distribute as I see fit; I have to follow the laws. What you do with it is ultimately your choice but I need you to sign some papers so that this can be concluded.”

Nyssa sighed; she took down the date, appointment time, and address. She hung up the phone and turned around, startled, to see Tara and Jelani staring at her.

“Was that Red’s lawyer?” Jelani asked, disregarding the fact that he surprised her.

Nyssa frowned. Did she really owe them an inside tract to all her personal affairs?

“It was a private call.” She turned to leave when Jelani grabbed her wrist aggressively and yanked her closer to him.

“So was what you saw happen between Tara and me. Was…That…Red’s Lawyer?” He gritted his teeth, trying to hold back his temper.

Nyssa looked into his eyes, more ticked off than scared, she replied, “None of your damn business. Now take your fucking hands off me.” Her voice was calm.

“It is my business as long as you are going to be a member of this Pack. I’m the Alpha which means if I ask you something, I expect not to have to repeat myself. Do you understand?”

“I never agreed to be a part of your little Pack. You and Tara turned me against my will and probably killed Red too. I don’t care who you think you are…but you are nothing to me. Tara, please call your dog off.”

Tara gasped and looked at Jelani to see his response. He remained quiet…too quiet. Then without warning he backhanded Nyssa across the face so hard she lost consciousness for a second. Tara stood watching, not lifting a finger to help or a helpful plead for mercy on her behalf. Jelani grabbed her by the front of her shirt and shoved her against the wall; his face only inches from hers. The tip of her toes skimmed the floor. She could feel his warm breath on her face.

“I won’t accept much more insubordination from you, Nyssa Rand; whether you’re new to our way of life or not. I want a complete report of your appointment with Red’s attorney. If I have to come looking for you or ask again, you will pay the price. Do not get on my bad side.” Jelani let go of her and walked away, leaving the two women, Nyssa and Tara, alone together.

“Why did you provoke him? He’s…”

“Shut up, Tara. Thanks for your help, by the way. You’ve done enough. Just stay away from me, you bitch.” She pushed passed Tara and went to her room. She never saw the smile forming on Tara’s lips.

Max was in her bed reading a novel she started some time ago when her roommate walked in. The look on her face was mutinous and there was a bruise forming on the side of her cheek that wasn’t there when she left the room for her phone call.

“What happened to you…”

“Shhh. I want to go get something to eat, you want to come?” Nyssa whispered.

Max hesitated. Nyssa was acting strange…even for her. She could tell her roommate was getting close to the change by how aggressive she was behaving over the past couple of days. Still, she was curious.

They took the bus to a small family restaurant instead of walking to the nearest burger joint like she’d suggested. It seemed as though Nyssa wanted to get far away from the shelter as possible. Her mysterious actions were driving Max crazy with worry and intrigue.

After they were seated and served their drinks; the waitress left them to their menus.

“Are there any here?” Nyssa asked in a low voice.

“Any what? What are you talking about?”

Nyssa rolled her eyes. “Are there any of us here?”

Max caught on, her lips forming an ‘oh’. She looked around inconspicuously and shook her head ‘no’.

Nyssa gave a sigh of relief and took a drink of her drink.

“I need to ask you something important, Max. Are you my friend or not?”

Max swallowed. She hoped this was not about Red’s death again.

“Of course, I am. Why would you ask that?”

“Because I’m going to need someone that I can trust. I need to know if I can trust you not to run back to Tara or Jelani with this.”

Max met Nyssa’s eye contact without waiver. “You can trust me. You have my word on that.”

“Good…that’s good.” Nyssa knew she was taking a big chance but she didn’t feel she had any other choice. “How do you feel about Jelani; about being in his Pack?”

“I don’t feel anything. I was forced into it, same as you…Tara too. I’m betting that the other females he’s collected weren’t given much choice either. It’s what he does; finds females who are unattached to a Pack and bullies them into joining his. Now, he has Tara helping him from what I’ve seen.”

“Why…if you were born…this way, don’t you have family you can go to?”

Max chuckled lightly. “I have family, but I left them and their Pack before I ended up here. It’s the usual story with our kind. They wanted me to mate-bond with some random male and I refused. I want to wait for my true-mate, the one fatefully meant for me, but many of our kind don’t bother searching for theirs anymore. Every one seems in such a hurry to reproduce or they mate for status and wealth instead. My parents wanted me to bond with someone that would have been a good business move; they didn’t care about what kind of person he was or how I would feel about him. So, I bolted and never looked back. I stayed with Jelani because he has a Pack big enough to keep me protected if need be. I don’t stay because I’m impressed with Jelani. I’m guessing he gave you that bruise on your face.”

“You guessed right. He’s demanding I tell him everything about meeting with Red’s attorney. He didn’t appreciate me telling him ‘no’.”

Max looked at Nyssa with wide eyes. “And you survived to tell the tale? I refused him once and I ended up in bed, healing from twelve broken bones for two days.”

“What did you refuse to do?” Nyssa asked shocked.

“Have sex with him.” Max stated flatly.

Nyssa sat back in her chair, staring at Max. She’d made up her mind. She had to get away.

“It seems that Red left me all his belongings and he was worth a lot.” She changed the subject.

“Jelani will want a huge cut, if not all of it, no doubt.” Max warned.

“Well, he can want until his balls drop but he’s not getting anything.”

“Just how are you going to stop him?”



“You and me. You said you were my friend; I’m counting on that.”

Max almost choked on her drink after taking a sip.

“And what do you think I can do?”

The waitress interrupted them by taking their orders and promptly left.

“After I collect what Red left me, I’m leaving and I want you to come with me.” Nyssa informed Max.[/size]

Vicious Life

I am Speechless….
This story has turned out to be a jewell of a tale.
Keep this beautiful story going! :slight_smile:

Vicious Life

Thank you, Jayme Ann! I appreciate the wonderful comment!

Chapter 6: Friends and Enemies

Chapter 6: Friends and Enemies

[size=18px]Her body felt like it was on fire as her flesh began to rip apart; tearing like a cheap piece of tulle fabric cloth. Max held her down when her body shook uncontrollably with enough force to knock over five strong human men. Her body was covered…drenched with sweat. The pain was nothing she’d ever experienced before; it wasn’t anything that most humans ever experienced before. Max tried calming her and soothing her with the low lull of her voice but Nyssa could barely make out a single discernable word. She felt like she was trapped under water and everything around her was moving in slow motion. She couldn’t find relief or peace and she screamed so much that she lost her voice hours ago.

Max had no idea what her friend was going through, having been born a wolf. It looked intensely excruciating which she guessed it was why Jelani only turned the healthy and the half breeds. Sickly and weak humans would not survive the change.

The bones in Nyssa’s body was at the point where they began to reshape themselves; emitting a sound she would never soon forget or get used to. Her temperature rose but it was from the hair on her arms thickening. Finally all she saw was darkness and then nothing but black, white, and shades of gray hues.

It was over. Nyssa lay on her side panting from exhaustion; her tongue lolling out of the side of her mouth; her ears pointed downward. Her coat was silky with the color rust and brown streaks. She was breath taking in her wolven form. Max was patted her hind leg and stood up to stretch. She could use a run but she didn’t know the area well and didn’t want to leave Nyssa alone for too long with her natural wolf’s curiosity for exploring. Jelani rented them a small, shoe box sized cabin an hour and a half, by car, from the shelter; the longest drive of her life. Jelani carried on a one sided conversation with them, not caring whether they participated or not.

A knock on the cabin door made both women stop in their tracks; Nyssa replied with a low warning growl.

“It’s probably Jelani…cool that around him, okay?” She whispered to Nyssa. Nyssa responded with a one last short grunting growl then remained silent.

Max opened the door and stood aside to let Jelani inside, unfortunately, he brought Tara, Nyssa’s least favorite person along.

“How did it go?” He smiled, licking his lips, not looking at Max but directly at Nyssa.

Max raised an eyebrow, noticing Tara’s reaction to Jelani’s intense focus and attention on Nyssa. The aroma of his apparent desire for Nyssa was filling the air thickly; she had a bad feeling about what was about to go down. She quickly backed up and put herself between Nyssa and the others.

“She’s fine…it was hard but as you can see she made it through.”

Nyssa had a hard time following the conversation at first. It was as if she was getting the messages through delayed transmission. From what she could make out; they were discussing how she was doing. Jelani was leering at her in a way that filled her with caution. She smelled the pungent scent of his arousal; a stench she wasn’t comfortable with or liked. Looking at Tara’s reaction to Jelani’s interest; she wasn’t the only one feeling uncomfortable. The whole situation was making her hackles rise.

Jelani wasn’t ignorant to Tara’s sudden scent of hostility.

“Tara, wait for me in the car; I’ll be out soon. Max, go with her.” He ordered.

“She needs rest, Jelani, she’s tired.” Max immediately regretted saying those words; not because she questioned a direct order from her Alpha, but just as she said the words, she saw Tara speedily change to her wolf form and bound straight for Nyssa. Tara was the kind to strike when she thought you to be weak and defenseless. Max admitting to Nyssa’s weaknesses was nothing but an open invitation for an outside attack. She kicked herself inwardly for the slip. “Shit!” She yelled as she changed into her own wolven form, disregarding her clothes ripping from her body during the shift. She was hit hard by Tara as she blocked the female’s intended target.

Jelani stood back and watched. His body hardened from the exchange. His breathing became shallow spurts as he waited to see which female would end up as the strong victor.

Tara wasted no time going for Max’s neck; friend or no friend, no one was taking Jelani’s favor or interest from her. If Max wanted to side with the little red-furred bitch, so be it. The lines were drawn and it was up to her to make sure that she cemented her place within pack and in Jelani’s eyes.

Nyssa, still weak from her newly changed state, tried to get up. Her body ached in places she definitely didn’t know she had; places she just developed not too long ago. Max was quick not to get caught in Tara’s hold but could she keep avoiding those sharp teeth forever? Nyssa wasn’t so confident. The two female wolves circled, growled, and snapped at each other; their eyes were bright and nearly glowing. When they collided with claws and teeth as sharp as razors, Nyssa dove off the bed she laid on and straight into the dangerous chaos. This was her fight; not Max’s. She took a calculated leap and latched onto Tara’s neck and sunk her teeth in before the other female knew what was happening. With all her might, she bit down; hearing the bones of Tara’s neck crush under the powerful pressure of her jaws. She dug her claws into each side of Tara’s body for an even better grip until she felt Tara slowly but reluctantly sink to the floor.

Max helped hold Tara down hoping she would submit and accept Nyssa’s authority; nevertheless, Tara resisted and fought until her heart ceased to beat. The two wolves eventually backed away from the lifeless body, sniffing the air and listening for any sounds or movements to indicate Tara was playing possum. Feeling sure that Tara would no longer be a threat Nyssa collapsed from the departure of adrenalin; her only source of energy.

Nyssa woke up the next morning depleted and feeling washed out. She felt as though her body went through a major work out. She realized with great relief that she was back to her original form, taking time to stretch and wiggle her toes. Her good mood was cut short when a hairy and long, pale arm threw itself around her waist. Her mood went further south when the body connected to that arm snuggled closer to her nude figure. She felt the beginning of a hardening erection pressing into her back and knew with a sickening feeling that it was Jelani behind her in the bed. He tightened his arm around her and moved close enough to place small kisses on the back of her neck and across her left shoulder. Flinching naturally with disgust she moved away…or tried to. Worse, she caught glimpse of Tara’s body left on the floor not even twelve feet away from the bed.

Jelani held Nyssa to him; she may not want him now but she would learn to adjust as the others did. She belonged to him and it was time she figured that out or pay for thwarting his position.

Max laid quietly in the same bed on the other side of Jelani as per his request. Though she didn’t like being near him, especially when his appetite for mating was awakened; she couldn’t leave Nyssa vulnerable and alone with Jelani. Max was used to him feeling he could have and take whatever he wanted. Nyssa, on the other hand, would have trouble accepting that and she didn’t have it in her for another fight; not with a strong and powerful wolf like Jelani. Then again, neither of them together, in top form, could take Jelani on and survive.

With her back turned to Jelani and Nyssa, she felt the shift of weight in the bed stir and knew without looking that Nyssa was trying to move away from him. Jelani, of course would never accept rejection. No one said ‘no’ to him. Max worried that more chaos was getting ready to resurface.

“I will not rape a female but I will not allow one of my own to turn me away.” Jelani whispered in Nyssa’s ear.

Nyssa scoffed. “How is that different from rape? I’m not willingly sleeping with you. I don’t want you and I will never want you. So tell me, where do we go from here, Jelani?”

“I’m your Alpha, you’ll always want me.”

“You are quite full of yourself and deluded. Now, take your nasty hands off of me.” Nyssa pushed on Jelani’s arm but it wouldn’t budge.

“I need you and you will not refuse me…ever!” His voice rose with anger after hearing her words.

"Jelani, I want you right now…she’s still tired, anyway. Max turned around and laid on her back in submission; she rubbed her sex seductively after spreading her legs to give him a view. She saw in his eyes the hesitation before silently agreeing to let Nyssa off the hook.

Nyssa watched, stunned as Jelani positioned himself on top of Max and roughly guided himself into her; not caring that someone else was near. He turned and kept eye contact with Nyssa. She tried to block out the loud sounds of their skin slapping together while he uncaringly pounded Max. It was a blatant show of what he had in store for her and Max would not be able to bail her out next time. She felt guilty that Max instead was sacrificing her body to someone so undeserving. With tears in her eyes she grabbed Max’s hand and held it tightly to show support. Max squeezed back and looked away out of embarrassment.

Minutes later, it seemed that Jelani was nearing his goal when he began to groan louder and louder. Sweat dripped from his body to Max’s and each drop made Nyssa sick to her stomach. She refused to look away from the scene, feeling like she would be abandoning Max in a way. It was her he wanted originally and Max saved her by taking her place; going through the ordeal with her, if only symbolically, was the least she could do. Nyssa fought wave after wave of nausea until her gag reflex overcame her pains to control it and she vomited all over Jelani before he could reach his climax.[/size]