Urawakai Senshi

Urawakai Senshi

Hey all, and welcome to my latest story, Urawakai Senshi, or Youthful Warriers. This series contains OCs, and takes elements from two of my favorite old tv shows; Power Rangers and Sailor Moon. Hope you all enjoy it.


Chapter 1

The sound of an explosion rang through the palace, the underground blast blowing a large hole in the cliff side under the palace. Alarms blared, high ranking officials were shouting orders, and troops were rushing down to the underground labs. These troops were humanoid, though their skin and appendages differed.

Brown colored troops had heavy fisted hands the size of a medicine ball, blue ones had long swords in place of hands, yellow ones had sickles for hands, green had clawed hands and feet, and red were more muscular than a standard human. All of the units had smooth skin and bald heads.

“Move it Konchuu!” A man ordered. “Find the cause of that explosion now!” The konchuu rushed down several flights of stairs to the underground labs, and swarmed the area, searching for the cause of the disturbance.

A ray of white light shot out a door, the blue konchuu, being right behind the doorway were reduced to dust by the ray. A figure leaped of the room and rushed down the hallway towards the hole out the cliff side. As konchuu appeared in front of the figure, it shot a hand forward, and another ray of light shot forward, clearing the path.

The figure was female, had bushy blond hair the just reached her shoulder blades, and deep ocean blue eyes. Her face was covered in what appeared to be face paint, mostly white in color, but with black markings around her eyes and three cat-like whisker marks on each cheek. She appeared to be seventeen in human years.

She wore a long sleeved sweater, silver in color, and matching colored gloves, the rims blue. Over the girl’s sweater was a blue overall style dress, the skirt part fanning out just above her belly button. The place where buttons would be to hold up the overalls, two ruby red gems were placed.

Under the dress was a white, plastic covered diaper, a single tape on each side and a picture strip over the front. It was heavily sagging due to much use. Below that, silver stocking like clothing covered her legs, stopping just before her diaper. Over her feet was a pair of blue boots that reached knee high.

Her attire showed quite a bit of wear; it was clear the girl had been in some fights. Rips and tears were seen across the outfit. Some of the skin showing was discolored; red, black or blue, and some had blood dripping out of them. Despite her injuries, she continued onward.

Running as fast as she could, she leaped out of the hole, flipped forward, and kept her arms and legs to her side, allowing her to accelerate towards the ground. She was at least fifty stories high as she descended, when a loud screech caused her to look back. A dozen purple humanoid konchuu with wings in place of arms were flying after her.

The girl growled and spun herself around, thrusting her hands out towards the enemy units. “Hikari Rei!!!” Twin rays of white light shot out of her hands at the enemy, engulfing four of them, though the other eight maneuvered out of the way. Cursing under her breath, the girl turned again, and focused on controlling her decent.

Screeching caused her to turn her head, and her eyes widened at the sight. All eight remaining konchuu had large purple spheres in front of their faces. The girl barely managed to utter a curse before balls of purple energy shot rapidly out of the spheres towards her; the spheres themselves decreasing with each blast launched. Bobbing and weaving as best she could, she was unable to avoid all the blasts as one caught her in her back. As she spiraled out of control, two more caught her in the back as well.

Crying out in pain, the girl placed two fingers on the left gem of her overall. It glowed briefly, and the dress lengthened before ballooning out around her like a parachute, slowing her forward momentum down significantly and causing the flying konchuu to rush past her. The konchuu split in two groups of four, and came at her from her left and right sides, but the girl was ready.

“Hikari Rei!” Twin rays of white light shot out of her hands at the two groups. This time, only one from the left group managed to avoid the attacks, and launched another purple ball at her. Knowing she couldn’t dodge, she pointed her left hand in a gun like motion at the last troop. “Hikari Dangan!”

A bullet of light shot out at high speed, piercing through the enemy’s head, causing it to dissolve into ash. The purple sphere collided with the girl’s face, causing her to cry out in pain as her body flipped back, her skirt no longer ballooning out to slow her decent. Abruptly, she collided with the cliff side, bouncing down the slope several stories before landing harshly on the canyon’s floor.

Pushing herself up, the girl placed a hand on her face and pulled outward, the face paint separating into a white cat mask. Pulling it up, the girl gasped for breath, her face flushed. Her clothes were dirty and torn in some places, and several scrapes were bleeding. After regaining control of her breathing, the girl wiped her eyes before pulling her mask back on, it fusing with her skin, and forced herself to her feet.

Wincing, the girl began to jog to the other wall, moving as fast as she could. Several rays shot down around her, stopping her in her tracks, and several dozen multi-color konchuu appeared around her. A small opening caught her attention before something heavy slammed into the ground there, causing a dust cloud to form. The girl shielded her eyes before taking a defensive stance.

Chuckling was heard through the dust cloud. “Gotta say, you’ve got guts for breaking into the Shinka Naito main base of operations girl. You got a name?” A large figure appeared at the edge of the dust cloud, larger then a human with curved horns on its head.

“Ayah.” The girl replied.

The figure moved out of the cloud, revealing brown muscular skin. It was a minotaur. Its shoulders bobbed up and down as it chuckled. “Still, did you really think you could sneak in, steal the morokuchi crystal, and get away by yourself? You don’t have the skills baby girl.”

Ayah growled softly at the shot at her attire. “I made it this far, didn’t I?”

“And this will be the end for you, Urawakai Senshi!” The Minotaur charged forward, swinging its arm back.

Ayah waited for the last moment to dodge, leaping into the air. The Minotaur’s fist smashed into the ground, the force forming a crater, sending large rocks air born and causing an updraft. Ayah made her skirt balloon out, intent to put some distance between herself and the Minotaur.

Several of the rocks near Ayah glowed yellow, causing her eyes to widen. She was barely able to cross her arms in front of herself when the rocks detonated. Her skirt flattened and no longer held her air born, causing her to slam back down into the ground with the blast velocity behind her. Knowing that slowing down would mean her end, she struggled to her feet as fast as she could.

Several brown colored konchuu charged at her. White light covered the girl’s hands and feet as she charges forward to meet them. Ducking under the first punch thrown at her, Ayah lashed out with a punch of her own, piercing through its stomach. Spinning around, she launched the troop at the other charging konchuu, knocking two others down.

Back flipping away from a fist, Ayah preformed a spin kick, taking off the konchuu’s head, causing it to dissolve into ash. Leaping in the air, she did a forward flip and slammed down on the three drones on the ground, smashing them to ash. Heavy footsteps alerted her to the Minotaur’s approach.

Leaping to the side, Ayah placed her hands on her temples. “Shainingu Hikari!” A blinding light engulfed her form, causing all the konchuu around her to move away and shield their eyes. The Minotaur, mid charge, tried to shield his eyes, which caused him to miss a hole in the ground and fall forward, skidding several feet across the ground.

The light faded, and Ayah placed two fingers on her right gem. There was a brief flash, followed by a loud crash from the opposite cliff side, as a white armored vehicle burst through the rock wall. As the vehicle rushed towards her, Ayah leaped into the air. A small hole opened up on the top of the vehicle, and Ayah dropped down into it as it closed.

The Minotaur struggled to its feet, still blinded by Ayah’s technique, when it heard the vehicle’s engine. A second later, the vehicle plowed into it, carrying it and plowing through konchuu until it slammed into the other cliff side’s wall. The vehicle backed up, turned, and sped back towards the opening it came from.

Groaning, the Minotaur fell forward, unconscious as the drones rushed after the vehicle. Just as they reached the hole in the wall, a large blue flame erupted from it, incinerating the closest konchuu. The flames slowly withdrew into the hole, and thirty seconds later, a silver ship burst out of the ground on top of the cliff.

Inside the ship, Ayah exited the vehicle with a groan. “Computer, hover chair.” A panel opened on the wall, and an egg shaped chair moved over to her. Two robotic hands came down from the ceiling, lifted Ayah from under her arms, and set her in the hover chair. Two straps crossed over her body, buckling her into the chair.

“Hover chair, med bay.” Ayah stated, as the chair began to move. “Computer, full alert for Shinka Naito units inbound.”

“Acknowledged.” The computerized voice stated.

The hover chair moved down the hallway until a door opened, and entered it. The room had several examination tables, cabinets, and a few lights on the ceiling. The hover chair stopped at the nearest exam table. “Med bay computer, scan injuries, clean and bandage wounds, and change diaper.” Ayah stated.

“Acknowledged.” A second computerized voice stated.

Several ceiling panels opened up as the straps that held Ayah to the hover chair withdrew into the chair. Mechanical hands came down from the ceiling and moved Ayah from the chair to the table, and laid her down on it. “Disengage Urawakai Senshi transformation.” The med bay computer instructed.

Ayah closed her eyes, and a white light engulfed her form. When the light faded seconds later, she was clad in a small white t-shirt that didn’t reach her belly button, her used diaper, and a silver bracelet on her right wrist. The hands mover down, removing her diaper and shirt as several more hands came out.

The new hands held a variety of equipment; disinfectant, bandages, changing supplies, and other medical equipment. Several empty hands carefully flipped her over, where three black and blue bruises covered her back. Ayah winced as several hands with medical equipment went to work on her body.

“Subject Hikari, damage exceeds safety protocols. Engaging sleep cycle for restoration pod use.”

Ayah’s eyes widened as she saw a hand with a needle emerge from the ceiling. “Command override 1176! Acknowledge med bay computer!”

“……Command override 1176 acknowledged. Orders?”

“Adrenaline shot.” Ayah stated. “Clean and bandage wounds, change to fresh diaper. Shot first, acknowledge.”

“Orders acknowledged.”

A second needle came down from the ceiling, and stuck her in the arm. The light headedness she had felt faded away, but Ayah knew she was only delaying the inevitable of her condition. She cried out as the medical equipment worked on her back, applying fast working medicine and disinfectant to her wounds.

Minutes passed, and Ayah’s body was bandaged and freshly diapered. Hands lifted Ayah off the table and back into the hover chair. As she was buckled in, a hand with a large baby bottle emerged from the exam table.

“Hover chair, head to main deck.” Ayah stated as she grabbed the bottle. The hover chair began moving as Ayah suckled on it the bottle’s nipple.

The deck of the ship was a large command room. Chairs were by several panels, and there were several display cases against the back wall, currently covered. On the other side of wall was a large glass panel, viewing outside of the ship. The hover chair stopped at the center of the room.

“Computer, status report.” Ayah stated.

“Small fleet of Shinka Naito in pursuit.” The computerized voice responded.

Ayah frowned. “Number of ships?”

“One-hundred and twenty-four.”

Ayah’s eyes bugged out at that. How did they get that many ships air born so fast!? Rather, could it be that she ran into a returning fleet? “Computer, revert to early wartime statistics of fleet unit size, weapon strength, and armament.”

“Acknowledged…mass fleet inbound. One-hundred and twenty-two light weight drop ships, and two medium class cruisers identified.”

Ayah sighed in relief. It may be a massive fleet, but only the cruisers could fire on her, and her ship was the best maneuvering model in the Urawakai Senshi fleet. That relief vanished with the computer’s next statement.

“Heavy tracking, heavy tractor beam, and lock-on ray cannons detected on medium class cruisers…incoming fire.”

“Shit!” Ayah cursed as the ship rocked as a blast impacted near the back of the ship. “Evasive maneuvers, full speed ahead and prepare the warp-drive unit.”

“Acknowledged.” Ayah felt herself pushed back in the hover chair as the ship accelerated.

“Computer, scan Senshi storage unit and retrieve item.” Ayah stated, holding out the wrist with the bracelet on it.

“Acknowledged.” The computer stated. A panel opened on the floor next to the hover chair, and a scanning device rose from it. A blue light shined from the scanner, and a small golden sphere emerged from the bracelet and into the scanner.

“Computer, analyze the morokuchi crystal, and see how it can be used to amplify Urawakai Senshi powers and abilities.” Ayah stated. “If passable with safety guidelines, engage enhancements.”

“Command acknowledged.” The computer stated. Just then the ship was rocked heavily by a blast. “Warning, long range navigational systems damaged. Controlled warp-drive jump locations disabled.”

“Damn it!” Ayah exclaimed. Suddenly, the ship stopped moving, causing Ayah to be thrown forward against the straps holding her in the chair. She cried out in pain as she felt the straps dig into several of her injuries.

“Tractor beam identified.” The computer stated. “Warp-drive at full power.”

“Execute warp-drive jumps. Command override safety protocol 1489.” Ayah stated. She knew with the tractor beam she’d be dragging the enemy ship along with her, but with the random jumps, there was a good chance the ship would be jarred off course, hopefully in one of the earlier ones.

“Override acknowledge, executing command.”

The hover chair moved back against the wall, to the left of the display cases, as the ship suddenly jerked forward. The view outside the ship shined with multi-colored lights as it executed the first jump. Ayah went back to her bottle, knowing she needed the nourishment and substance, not taking her eyes off the viewing panel.

The view outside shifted to that of deep space. There was a small planet to the right, blue in color, and stars littered the blackness of space. “Shinka Naito medium class warship maintaining tractor beam. Eighty percent energy remaining in warp-drive unit.”

Ayah removed the bottle’s nipple from her mouth. “Computer, keep jumping until warp-drive unit is depleted. Try maneuvering ship’s position to dislodge from enemy ship’s tractor beam if possible.”

“Command acknowledged.”

Ayah placed the bottle back in her mouth and drank from it as the ship jumped again, the scene outside the ship blurring with bright lights. Several seconds passed, and the ship rocked as it came out of its latest jump, this time nothing but the black of space and starlight. The scene blurred as the ship jumped for a third time.

The Senshi’s eyes widened after the ship settled from the third jump. “Computer, hold warp-drive jump!” She exclaimed. Outside the ship was a black hole, and its gravitation pull was affecting the ship. “Computer, be prepared to activate warp-drive unit on my command.”


Ayah chewed on the bottle’s nipple nervously; she was taking a big risk here. The enemy had two choices now; disengage the tractor beam and escape the pull, or hold onto her ship and try to drag it out of the gravitational pull of the black hole. She was hoping for the latter; fighting the pull while maintaining the energy with the tractor beam would make it deplete the enemy ship’s power, thus improving the chances of dislodging the ship in the next jump. The ball was in their court now.

She could feel the ship straining between the pull of the black hole and the tractor beam, and she smiled; it was going just as she hoped! Closing her eyes, Ayah concentrated on feeling the pulls on the ship; when the pull of the hole greatly exceeded that of the tractor beam’s, she’s make the jump.

Sixty long, agonizing seconds passed, and she felt the ship begin to move closer to the black hole. Thirty seconds later, it was picking up speed. She made her move; “Activate!”

The ship jumped, once again causing the view outside to change. As soon as the ship fell out of the jump, Ayah grinned as there was no pull behind her. That grin faded when she saw the view outside; they were in the middle of an asteroid field. “Computer, activate warp-drive unit now!”

“Negative, magnetic disruptive field detected.”

“Shit!” Ayah swore. She didn’t know if it was from the asteroid field or the Shinka Naito ship, but if she jumped now with that field in place, it would rip the ship to shreds. “Computer, maneuver out of this asteroid field as fast as possible!” Suddenly the ship jerked to one side. “What was that?”

“Enemy cruiser is attacking.”

“Use the asteroid field for cover, but continue searching for an exit.” Ayah ordered.


Ayah continued chewing on the bottle’s nipple; this was a dangerous situation now. While the enemy cruiser was draining its power attacking, those attacks had a high rate of accuracy. If they disable her ship it wouldn’t matter if they ran out of power; she’d be dead by day’s end in her condition.

The ship bobbed and weaved through the asteroid field, though it was a difficult task. Both energy blasts and asteroids impacted against the ship’s outer shell, denting it and breaking off pieces of it. Ayah let out a small whimper; she really loved this ship, and seeing it being torn to pieces hurt.

Minutes seemed to drag on for an eternity, but finally Ayah caught a break; a large asteroid was the last obstacle between her and a safe point to jump. “Come on…come on…” She whispered, leaning forward in her chair as she watched.

The ship turned on its side, traveling parallel to the asteroid’s surface as it moved to go around it. Just as the ship made the turn around to the other side, a loud crash rang throughout the ship, causing Ayah to cry out. The ship continued forward, but appeared to be drifting now. “Damage report!”

“Rear rocket one has been destroyed. Rear rocket two offline, eighty percent damage.”

“Focus all ship functions to regenerating rocket two up to functional guidelines for warp-drive jump.” Ayah ordered. “Save power only on life support and warp-drive unit.”

“Orders Acknowledged.”

Ayah began drinking from her bottle; she’d need her strength if she was going to deal with invaders. The lights on the deck dimmed as the ship began following her orders. The only sound that could be heard was Ayah suckling on her bottle’s nipple.

“Incoming transmission from the Shinka Naito cruiser.”

Ayah frowned at that; it was most likely to gloat. Knowing a face to face talk would drain more power, she said, “Voice only, accept transmission.”

Only a few seconds passed before a voice boomed over the loud speaker. “What? No face to face talk? You wound me Urawakai Senshi.” Ayah could tell the voice was male.

“And give your boys a show? I don’t think so.” Ayah replied.

“So you’re not decent, eh?” The voice said with a chuckle. Ayah could hear several other chuckles through the sound system as well. “Perhaps we can come to an agreement.”

Ayah blinked; they wanted to deal? Well, she’d hear them out; the more time spent talking was more time the ship repaired itself. “What kind of agreement?”

“Eject the morokuchi crystal, and we will let you live.” The male demanded.

The Urawakai Senshi blinked; that was a rather straightforward offer. “And what assurance do I have you won’t board my ship afterwards, or blast it after you get what you want?”

“Kuro Kamikaze swears that your ship will not be boarded or blasted if you eject the crystal.”

Ayah’s face paled at the name. Kuro Kamikaze was one of the Shinka Naito’s top generals. He was also responsible for conquering planet Ursa, one of the more technologically advanced planets in that quadrant of the galaxy. How could he have awakened so soon!?

Biting her lip, she hit a button on the side of the hover chair. A transparent screen lit up, showing the ship’s status. Repairs on the rocket showed it was up to forty percent and climbing. She’d need two more minutes before she could jump again.

“I guess I should be honored to speak with one of the top generals of the Shinka Naito.” Ayah stated.

“Indeed.” Kuro replied.

“Why offer to set me free when you clearly can do what you want with me?” Ayah asked.

“Because I owe you one little Senshi.” Kuro admitted. “I’ve been trying to get the other generals to see we needed to improve security around the palace, and now you’ve proved that point.”

“I see.” Ayah stated. “How kind of you.”

“My patience grows thin Senshi. You have thirty second before my men warp onto your ship and tan your ass.”

Ayah let out a small ‘meep,’ she hated spankings, as did all other Urawakai Senshi; they all had sensitive skin below the waistline and above their knees. A fact the Shinka Naito took advantage of, be it on the field or in threats. Chuckles were heard over the transmission line.

A small beep caused Ayah to look at the screen. The rocket was at fifty percent! Silently, she manually began restoring the rest of the ship’s function as she prepared for a warp-drive jump.

“I’m going to count to three baby girl.” Kuro announced. “If I don’t have answer before I reach three, my men are beaming onto your ship.”

Ayah’s hands flew over the screen as she rapidly began activating the systems needed for the jump.


A bead of sweat dripped down the side of her face.


Ayah grinned as she felt the ship shudder; the jump was commencing. “My answer is this: bite my shiny crinkling ass!”

“Activate the tractor beam!” Kuro roared.

Ayah’s eyes widened as the ship jerked forward as it jumped. A loud tearing sound was heard, and red lights blared across the board. “Status report!”

“Shinka Naito cruiser has followed through the jump.” The computer stated, causing Ayah’s face to pale. “Damage to ship; sixty percent. Back hull destroyed due to pull of tractor beam.”

Ayah sank back into her chair, in stunned disbelief. She had done everything she could, but it appeared that she had failed. She would be captured, most likely get her backside tanned, and being a woman there was always the threat of-

“Enemy cruiser disengaged.”

Ayah blinked. “Elaborate computer.”

“The enemy cruiser followed via the tractor beam attached to this unit’s ship. When back hull destroyed, enemy cruiser’s tractor beam captured the broken off pieces. Cruiser has lost momentum and fallen out of warp-drive jump.”

Ayah was silent for several seconds, absorbing everything she had just heard. She then let out a scream at her success! She’d escaped! With the crystal no less! It would probably take a month or so for the ship to regenerate its missing parts, and if it couldn’t, then to restore communications with the rest of the Urawakai Senshi, but she was safe!

She was brought out of her celebration as the ship rocked violently. “What’s happening!?”

“Unit can not maintain warp-drive jump in current condition.” The computer stated. Ayah saw the view outside change. The ship was just passing over a grey moon, heading on a direct course to a blue planet. Brown and green masses could be seen from this distance on the planet, indicating land masses.

Ayah knew what was going to happen; without any form of propulsion, the ship could not resist the gravitational pull of the planet before her. Sighing, she ordered, “Prepare for crash landing. We’re going to want to conceal our presence, and be able to last on our own for until either the ship is repaired or communications are. So take safety precautions upon landing to restore damage to the area and activate cloaking unit. Divert power build up in warp-drive unit to enhance performance of these orders. Also, lockdown precious cargo; we’ll need whatever supplies we have left to survive for a while.”


Ayah leaned back as she heard several loud noises through out the ship. Suddenly, the straps holding her to the chair tightened. “Computer, what are-!?” Her question was cut off as a breathing mask covered her face, and a white gas was pumped through it. Her eyes wide, she could not hear the computer’s response.

“Following orders to protect precious cargo.” The computer stated. “Placing this unit’s primary unit into cryo sleep for safety purposes, as entry into unknown planet will likely damage the ship.”

Ayah struggled to get the mask off, but what little of the gas she had inhailed was taking effect. She began feeling light headed, and soon tears began to slide down her face. Unable to control herself anymore, Ayah began wailing, though after taking a breath to wail again, soon relaxed as her body lost consciousness.

Mechanical arms with hands on it rose from the ground, and folded Ayah’s arms and legs into the chair. A glass screen slid up from the bottom of the hover chair, completing the egg shape with Ayah sealed inside. A small hole appeared under the hover chair, and the chair sank into it, causing the ground to become a strong base to keep the chair upright.

A white gas was pumped into the inside of the egg chair, as frost quickly appeared on both Ayah and the outer casing. All was silent in the main deck of the ship as it entered the atmosphere.


“DAMN IT!!!” Kuro Kamikaze roared. “How did we lose that brat!?”

The main deck of the cruiser was made up of three levels, each level with six consoles and people manning them. Some of them appeared human, but not all were. A humanoid falcon with hybrid wing/arms, a raccoon with long teeth and a furry tail, and rhinoceros with rock hard muscles were each manning a console.

On the top floor, in the captain’s chair sat Kuro Kamakazi. His skin was red, and wore black and crimson armor that made him look like a knight from hell. Resting against the back of the chair were two sheathed broad swords.

The falcon turned to Kuro. “Sir, the back end of the Senshi’s ship was torn off by the pull of the tractor beam against the forward momentum of the warp-drive jump. The tractor beam had yet to cover the whole ship.”

Kuro considered the falcon’s words. “She’ll be stranded, be it in space or on a planet. Can we track her warp-drive exhaust trail?”

“We’ve expended a lot of energy using the tractor beam.” A man on the lower deck called up. “We’d have to burn some of the supply crystal to power the scanner.”

“This is a problem why?” Kuro asked.

“Navigation and communication systems were heavily damaged in the asteroid field.” Another man called out. “I’ve made calls to all members on board, but no one recognized any star constellations. We’re in uncharted territory with limited supplies.”

A crack rang out through the room. The few brave souls who dared to look up saw that Kuro had ripped off one of the ends of his arm rests. “Scan the nearest solar systems for sign of life instead. If we find one, we’ll perform a scan for the residue of the warp-drive jump.”

Typing was heard throughout the room for several minutes, when suddenly a ‘ping’ was heard. “Sir, life forms detected. In the solar system directly in front of us…third planet from the star.”

“Species?” Kuro demanded.

The operated was silent for a moment before answering, surprise clear in his voice. “Numerous species detected on the planet, but most populated species counts to over six billion, the species is human.”

A hush fell over the command deck; worlds with basic humans were rare these days, only one in every hundred thousand. Kuro stroked his chin thoughtfully; he knew how dangerous human beings could be. “Scan for the danger level of their weapons. If they’re beyond level seven, we’re not going.”

Several minutes passed as the scans ran. “From what we can tell, out of the twelve danger levels of weapons, they have a range from one to four, before jumping to six sir.” An operator stated.

“What’s the level six weapon?” Kuro demanded.

“A high power energy source……it’s old and unstable compared to ours, but it’s called nuclear energy. We stopped using it after several dozen missiles detonated and destroyed planet Decka.” The operator answered.

All eyes turned to Kuro, awaiting his orders. He had stated level seven would be the breaking point, but level six with the memory of one of their original conquered worlds being destroyed by it? Finally, Kuro stood.

“Set course to the planet, and start scanning for the Senshi’s ship.” Kuro ordered. Numerous “yes sir” rang out in response. For a brief moment silence rang through the command deck until a voice was heard.

“Amazing how some big baby can outwit General Kamakazi.” The human operator whispered to himself. He blinked when his words seemed to echo through the command room. Paling, he turned around when suddenly two crimson rays pierced his chest. The operator fell out of his chair, convulsing on the ground as he coughed up blood while trying to catch his breath; the blasts had pierce his lungs.

Kuro’s crimson eyes stopped glowing. “Find another operator for that console, one who can focus on his job instead of speaking out of turn. I’ll be retiring to my quarters for the time being. Update me on any pertinent information.” Picking up his broad swords, he exited the room. He heard the door open behind him as several men rushed to replaced the dead operator.


The Senshi ship’s computer rebooted itself. Upon impact with the planets surface, the computer had immediately sent the nanite repair units across the surrounding area to repair the damage of the landing. It had drained the computer of most it’s strength, causing it to go into emergency sleep mode.

Draining power from the stolen morokuchi crystal had helped recharge it’s energy cells up to acceptable levels for activity. Scanning recent data logs, it found the area the ship had landed was several miles into a heavily woodland area, and that the damage to the area had been repaired. Nanites used to repair the woodland worked much better when there was still material to build on, and worked better surprisingly on organic matter then compared to inorganic.

Scans of the ship showed it was damaged beyond repaired; memory data was also lost, so rebuilding rockets for flight was no longer an option. Remembering its orders, it set the repair units to convert the ship into a cloaked base of operations. Taking inventory, the computer also scanned the Ayah’s vital signs. Everything seemed to check out, though none of her wounds could heal while the child was in cryo sleep.

The computer did detect some problems; the system that controlled the cryo sleep function in Ayah’s pod needed to reboot, only it had to be done manually. Many of the mechanical hands the computer could use to do that were offline as well, leaving Ayah trapped for the time being. It would take time to restore their function, but that was conflicted with securing the new base.

While Ayah slept, the compute began gathering any information it could to aid its charge when she awoke from her sleep.


Sunlight slipped through the blinds and shine down on a young girl’s face. Sea green hair spilled from her head around her, and as her eyelids fluttered open, a violet pair of eyes were revealed. Forcing herself upright, she let out a yawn as she stretched her arms above her head; she was clad in a light blue short sleeved t-shirt and matching colored panties. Her name was Amara Kisari, she was fourteen years old and an eighth grader at Maratain Middle School.

The door to the room opened, and a blond haired, blue eyed woman entered the bedroom. Her name was Julia Delaro; she was the mother of the Amara’s best friend, and was the owner of the home Amara was currently staying in while her parents were out of town. Having been friends with Julia’s daughter since before pre-school, Amara was an unofficial daughter to Julia, and vice-versa for Amara’s family and Julia’s daughter.

“I thought I heard a noise in here.” Julia said. “I was about to wake you up.”

“I’m up.” Amara said with a yawn, rubbing her eyes. “Though I’m going to hit the bathroom for a wash cloth for my eyes.”

“I understand.” Julia replied. “Would you mind waking Emily for me; she’ll need to shower before breakfast most likely, and you know how long she takes in there.”

“Fine.” Amara said with a small groan. “I swear, I’m going to start charging you for this.”

“Oh don’t act like you don’t enjoy waking her.” Julia said with a laugh. Amara gave a small smile, and made a shooing motion with her hand. Julia turned and left the room, planning to start breakfast.

Swinging her legs off the side of the bed, Amara pushed herself upright and on her feet. Walking across the room, she headed down the hallway and entered the small bathroom. Opening the closet in there, she pulled out a wash cloth, turned on the water in the sink, and wetted the cloth. Spending several minutes rubbing her eyes and face, Amara shook her head, and placed the wash cloth on the towel rack.

Walking back down the hallway, she opened the door to the room next to hers, and entered. On the bed in the room was a girl with bushy blue hair, her upper body covered by a blanket, an arm wrapped around her pillow, and a thumb in her mouth. Only a bit of blue fabric could be seen of her night shirt, however around her waist the white, plastic cover of a diaper was clearly visible thanks to the blanket ridden up, and Amara could see from it was soaked.

The girl’s name was Emily Delaro, fourteen years old and also an eighth grader at Maratain Middle School. Emily had always had some bladder control problems; wasn’t fully trained until she began the second grade, and even to this day wet the bed seven days a week. This had led to her shy persona in public and less active pursuit of more friends, as sleepovers ran the risk of less understanding people finding out her need of diapers to bed. Amara didn’t hold it against her, and when she was little had even worn with her, though she hadn’t in years. As a result, the pair had a close friendship.

Reaching the bed, Amara grabbed Emily’s shoulder, and shook her gently. “Wakey, wakey sleepy head.” Amara sang. Emily moaned behind her thumb, buried her head into her pillow, and pulled the blanket over her head.

Amara shook her head. “I swear, I’m getting you a pacifier for your birthday Emily; you’re such a baby sometimes. And sucking your thumb isn’t healthy either.” A grunt was her only response. “Last warning Em.” Amara waited several seconds, and after receiving no response, climbed onto the bed and straddled her hips.

“Now you see my dark side.” Amara growled. Using one hand to keep the blanket in place over Emily’s head and arms, Amara used her other hand to strike. “Tickle, tickle, tickle!!!” Amara’s free hand began mercilessly tickling Emily’s sides and stomach.

Emily shrieked under the blanked. She began kicking her legs and struggling to get her arms free of the blanket, but Amara’s position made the kicking worthless, and her grip on the blanket made it difficult to escape. Amara tickled Emily mercilessly for several minutes, ensuring the girl wouldn’t be going back to sleep anytime soon, before Emily managed to roll her hips, causing both Amara and herself to roll off her bed.

Amara landed on the bottom of the pile with a squawk of surprise. Emily landed on top of her heavily, her face centimeters away from Amara’s as she breathed heavily. Her legs were positioned between Amara’s as her body was pressed against Amara’s. The pair was silent for a minute as the caught their breath and figured out what just happened.

“So, you gonna make this worth my while?” Amara asked, a coy smile on her face.

“Oh I could.” Emily replied with a purr.

Amara closed her eyes and laughed, missing the hurt look that flickered across Emily’s face. “Oh sis, you’re hilarious in the mornings. You should act this way all the time, and you’d have way more friend then just me and the group.” Amara said.

“Maybe.” Emily said softly. Amara rolled her eyes, reached around Emily and squeezed her padded behind. Emily squealed in surprise and jumped off Amara, blushing fiercely.

“You’re so easy to get riled up.” Amara said as she stood up. “I’d be lying though if I said you’re shyness wasn’t one of your more endearing qualities; that, and how your face looks when you blush.”

Emily let out a small whine. “Amaaraaa!”

“Oh stop whining.” Amara said, lifting Emily to her feet by her hand. “Tell you what, I’ll help you get ready for your shower like I used to do. Would that help cheer you up?”

“Maybe.” Emily mumbled, still blushing; Amara hadn’t let go of her hand.

“Well no harm in finding out.” Amara said. “Let’s go!”

Still holding Emily’s hand, she led the blushing girl out of the room. She smiled as she heard the crinkle of Emily’s diaper with each step. Seeing her dressed in one made her appear so innocent and adorable, Amara sometimes wanted to squeal.

Meanwhile Emily’s blush was fading from her cheeks. While she walked she was mentally berating herself; she’d had the perfect opportunity to tell Amara how she really felt, and she blew it! Emily cared for Amara far more deeply then the mere sisterly bond Amara seemed to believe they had. What made it more frustrating was that Emily knew Amara preferred girls to boys, so there was actually a chance for a relationship there.

Upon reaching the bathroom, Amara let go of Emily’s hand and went over to the closet. Opening it, she pulled out a few towels and set them down on the toilet seat lid. Glancing at Emily, she saw the girl was simply standing there, bouncing on the balls of her feet, seemingly not a care in the world, even with a wet diaper between her legs.

Rolling her eyes, Amara walked past Emily to the shower, and started the water. Making certain the shower curtain was drawn, so no water leaked out, Amara turned to Emily. “Okay, lets get you out of those clothes and into the shower.” Amara said. “Arms up.”

Emily nodded her head and raised her arms up. Amara pulled the night shirt off, exposing Emily’s developing breasts. While not as gifted as Amara was, they were still noticeable, and according to one guy who peeked on her, “Worth noticing.” Of course, the guy told his buddies that with his voice a soprano.

Noticing Amara pause, Emily grinned and leaned forward, clasping her arms in front of her. “Like what you see?” She asked with a tease.

“S-Shut up!” Amara said, her cheeks turning pink, causing Emily to grin. Looking down, Amara moved Emily’s hands out of the way and tore off the tapes of Emily’s diaper. The diaper unfolded but remained in Amara’s hand, and to her surprise a bit of pee trickled onto the floor. “Damn, you’re a heavy wetter girl! And this is maximum protection!”

Emily blushed heavily as she moved out of the diaper. “Maximum overnight protection.” She mumbled.

Amara took the wash cloth she used earlier and cleaned up the spilled urine. “I’ll deal with the diaper, you jump in the shower.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Emily said with a wave of her hand as she watched Amara take both the cloth and used diaper out. Pulling back part of the curtain, Emily jumped in the shower, only to shriek and jump back out. “Amara! You little shit!!” The water had been freezing.

Amara’s laughter echoed down the hallway. Emily sighed and looked down. “Damn it Amara, why can’t you make a move on me?” She let out another sigh before going back to adjusting the water temperature.


“Quit pouting already.”

Amara and Emily were down at the corner of the neighborhood street, waiting for the school bus. Amara wore a black leather vest, a red headband, a purple belly shirt, baggy black shorts, black boots, and had her hair tied back into a ponytail. Emily wore almost an exact replica of the outfit; in place of the belly shirt was an ocean blue short sleeved t-shirt. Each had a back pack strapped to their shoulders.

“So mean.” Emily whined, still pouting.

Amara let out a sigh, and turned to Emily. “Look Em, I’m really glad you accept me for being a lesbian, but I don’t like you teasing me about it. Keep on messing with me, and you’re gonna get stung.” Seeing her still pouting, Amara continued. “Tell you what, I’ll make it up to you by finding you a handsome young man who would love to take care of you…or maybe pamper would be a better word.”

Emily blushed. “Amara!” She was cut off as the bus pulled up in front of them. As Amara got on the bus, Emily let out a sigh. “Why can’t she see that I want her? You’d think she’d recognize another lesbian by now.” She mumbled to herself as she climbed on.

The pair moved to the back of the bus, where their usual seats were empty and waiting for them. Amara stood to the side and allowed Emily to slide into the window side. Sitting down, Amara turned to the seat across from her. “Haven’t swapped to summer attire yet Kai?”

The girl sitting across from her grunted and turned back to the notebook on her lap. She wore a black leather jacket, a red belly shirt, long black pants, and black boots. She had crimson red hair, ruby colored eyes, and her skin looked like it was always suntanned.

Her name was Kai Unora, fifteen years old and an eighth grader at Maratain Middle School. Unlike Amara and Emily, Kai struggled with school work, go so far as failing the previous year with only three passed classes. Kai had met Amara when the school hired her as a tutor, and after finding a study system that worked for her, had become friends.

“Didn’t bother swapping outfits yet.” Kai grumbled as she rubbed something out in her notebook.

“Trouble?” Amara asked.

“Math.” Kai groaned. “You mind taking a look?”

“Hand it over.” Amara said with a grin. Kai smiled back at her and handed over the notebook. Looking over the problem, she quickly deduced what the problem was. “Forgot to divide here.”

Kai looked at where Amara pointed before face palming. “How did I miss that?”

“It’s because they have diagonal dash line instead of the division sign we learned in Elementary school.” Amara answered as she handed it back. “Doesn’t help that the printer made it look more like a number then a division sign.”

“Thanks.” Kai said as she got back to work.

“No sweat.” Amara replied.

“Kai, have you seen Koyuki?” Emily asked.

“No I haven’t.” Kai replied, looking up for a moment. “Maybe she’s out sick.”

“Would have to be something serious to force that girl to stay home.” Amara said.

“No joke.” Kai agree.


The trio made their way off the bus and into the school. The halls were crowded as students made their way to their lockers, homeroom classes and the cafeteria. Along the way, several students greeted Amara, to which she politely responded.

Emily walked a step behind her; she wasn’t big on the attention Amara brought. Glancing to her left, she saw the reasons for Amara’s popularity; the school’s trophy case displayed the recent district track championship trophy with a picture of Amara and her team. They were expected to go to the state championships in two weeks.

Beyond the trophy case was the board listing honor and high honor roll students. Emily was disappointed that she hadn’t made honor roll this quarter, like Amara had, but she was still a solid B student. Looking to her other side she saw Kai still carrying her notebook and scribbling in it, only glancing up every few seconds to make certain Amara was still in front of her.

Amara and co made their way into the cafeteria, greeting a few people who called out to them, and found a table where Kai could work. Emily pulled out a notebook herself while Amara chatted with a few people sitting at the table next to theirs. Then came an unpleasant interruption.

“There you are babe!”

The trio groaned, Amara the loudest, and turned to the voice. The guy had black hair and green eyes, wore a black muscle shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers. His name was Kyle Morend, a member of the school’s football team, and Amara’s self-proclaimed boyfriend.

“Kyle, what do you want?” Amara asked with a sigh.

“Some morning sugar of course babe.” Kyle said as he leaned down to kiss her. Amara raised her hand and pushed him back with her palm on his forehead.

“I think this is the thousandth time I’ve told you this, but I’m a lesbian.” Amara stated. “I’m not interested in what you got.”

“Oh come on babe, no one can resist all of this.” Kyle said, waving a hand across his body. Getting irritated on how persistent Kyle was getting, Emily spoke up.

“Didn’t Trish have that, and throw it out?” Emily asked. Kai and Amara stared at Emily before bursting out in laughter. Hearing the normally shy and reclusive girl pull off such a major burn was hilarious. Several others in the surrounding tables agreed with that sentiment, and congratulated Emily, causing the girl to blush and shrink into herself shyly.

“No one’s talking to you piss pants.” Kyle snapped. Emily flinched as Kai slammed her hands down on the table and stood up.

Amara waved a hand at Kai, telling her to hold back, and glared at Kyle. “I don’t appreciate you cursing at my friend, much less your tone of voice.”

“She had it coming.” Kyle said with a shrug. Grinning, he leaned in with raised hands. “I can make you forget all about that.” He moved his hands towards Amara’s chest.

An orange hit him square in the forehead, causing him stumble back. “Keep your hands to yourself, Kyle!” Kai yelled, lowering her hand. The student at the table next to her looked ready to complain about his stolen Orange, but stopped himself upon seeing who took it.

Kyle growled at Kai. “I’m not afraid to put bitches in their place, Unora.”

“You don’t have the time to get your ass kicked Morend.” A voice behind him said.

Amara turned around and smiled. “Koyuki!”

The girl had black hair, a purple bow tying it back into a short ponytail, and blue eyes. She wore a purple t-shirt, a black vest, grey biker-style shorts, and black boots. She was holding a tray with waffles and a carton of milk in her hands. Her name was Koyuki Kamura, fourteen years old, also an eighth grader.

“As if she could beat me.” Kyle said, waving his hand dismissively. “And what do you mean I don’t have time? You know something I don’t?”

“Naturally.” Koyuki said. “In this case, I ran into Coach Mathews on the way here, said if I saw you to tell you to get your ass down to the gym for a team meeting in the locker room. Probably something about the game you got on Monday.”

Kyle frowned; Koyuki was known to lie when she either truly needed something or to get someone of her or her friend’s backs. The problem here was that Kyle couldn’t take the chance of Koyuki lying here; the consequences were too great to risk.

“If I find out you’re lying now, it won’t just be Unora who gets put in their place.” Kyle warned before turning to Amara. “Just you wait babe, one of these day’s you’ll be alone, and then it’ll just be you, me, and the time of your life.” Grinning at the thought, Kyle turned and walked off.

“When’s that guy going to learn?” Koyuki asked as she sat down.

“I don’t think he will.” Amara said with a sigh as she and the rest of the group sat down. “He’s saw me make out with Sarah earlier this yeah, and just asked if he could join in. We’d need to find someone more attractive then me, in his opinion of course, to get him off our backs.”

“Just got eight more weeks left of school; once we’re in high school he’ll have a bigger selection.” Kai stated as she got back to her work.

“So was it a lie?” Emily asked.

“Nope.” Koyuki answered. “Coach really did ask for him. I only lie so I don’t have to ninja kick people into next week.”

Amara nodded her head at that, knowing how much damage Koyuki could do with her ninja skills. “So Koyuki, why weren’t you on the bus?”

“Switched to a new doctor and needed to do a fasting. Standard procedure and all that junk; just got here from his office.” Koyuki replied. “Guy was a prick.”

Amara face palmed. “Koyuki…”

“What, I don’t get it.” Emily stated, confused.

“Fasting is required for blood work, which requires a needle to pierce your skin. She made a play on the pricking of the skin.” Amara explained. “Am I right, or was the guy really a prick?”

“Both.” Koyuki said before digging into her waffles.

“Tough break.” Amara said. Koyuki shrugged.

“So we all set for this weekend?” Kai asked.

“Cabin’s all set, and I’m packed.” Amara said.

“Packed and fully stocked.” Emily stated, her cheeks turning pink; the group knew about her wetting problems, but she always felt awkward talking about it with anyone outside of her family and Amara.

“I’m set.” Koyuki said.

“Still need to pack, but I’ll be ready.” Kai stated.

“Great, I can really use a weekend free of guys like Kyle.” Amara said, placing her hands behind her head. “What is it about boys this time of year that makes them wanna get into girls pants?”

“When don’t they want to?” Kai countered.

“True, but it seems more so around this time of year.” Amara said with a frown. “And if history repeats itself, it’ll only get worse till a week or two before finals.”

“I don’t know, and I don’t care, but I’ll be switching to my steel toe boots soon.” Koyuki replied.

“Think it would help me?” Emily asked. “Steel toe boots I mean.”

“Only in defending yourself.” Kai stated. “Glad I already got a boyfriend.”

“Quit bragging.” Koyuki mumbled.

“Is that why you’re not wearing a dress today?” Amara asked Emily. “With the boys getting worse and all?”

“Yeah, even if boys aren’t interested in a relationship with me, that doesn’t stop them from peaking and leering.” Emily stated with a frown. “In these cloths it makes them think twice, at least I hope it does.”

The others nodded their heads in agreement when the five minute bell rang. “Guess this is where we split ways.” Amara said as she stood up.

“Yeah.” Emily said, standing up as well.

“I’m gonna stay and try to finish this work; I have math first period.” Kai stated.

“Need breakfast.” Was Koyuki’s response.

Amara rolled her eyes. “Alright then, everyone be outside your homes by five; Emily’s Mom will be picking us all up and taking us to the cabin tonight. Make sure to pack enough food and clothes, as she won’t be picking us up until Sunday afternoon.”



“Got it.”

“Okay then, see ya all tonight.”


That’s all for this chapter, hope you all enjoyed it. Let me know what you think, of course. And special thanks to Otaku101 for the use of his OC Koyuki. Hope I did her justice my friend.


Urawakai Senshi- Youthful Warriors

Shinka Naito- Evolution Knights

Hikari Rei- Light Ray

Hikari Dangan- Light Bullet

Shainingu Hikari- Shining Light

Konchuu- Insects

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