Urawakai Senshi Ch. 2

Urawakai Senshi

Hey everyone, been a while I know. Thanks for the reviews, as always, wound up splitting this chapter in half; more details needed then I first expected. There will be some action, and more character development. In any case, hope you enjoy.

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Chapter 2

Amara let out a grunt as she finally managed to zip her bag closed. It was now four-thirty, and Amara had finished packing her bag for the weekend trip to her family’s cabin. The cabin was at least two hours out of town, and the group would be staying up there till about four o’clock Sunday afternoon. It was just be Emily, Kai, Koyuki, and herself hanging out, swimming, and hiking for the weekend.

Picking up her bag, containing several changes of clothes and her swim suit, she dragged it out of her room and placed it by the stairs. Wiping a bit of sweat off her forehead, she walked down the hallway and knocked on Emily’s door, intent on checking how her packing was going. Getting no response, Amara opened the door and walked in.

Julia smoothed the tapes of the cover of Emily’s diaper before patting the girl’s shoulder. Both girls looked up to see Amara looking at them curiously. “All packed Amara?” Julia asked.

“Yeah, my bag’s by the stairs.” Amara said as Emily stood up. “Why the diaper Emily?”

Emily blushed and said nothing as she pulled her shorts over her diaper. Seeing Emily wasn’t going to respond, Julia spoke up. “Well you know how Emily is medically incontinent while asleep Amara. So I’m having her wear a diaper for the car ride up, as it wouldn’t be the first time she’s fallen asleep on a long car ride. I don’t want to drive two hours with a pee stench car.”

“Ah, I understand.” Amara said, nodding her head. It had been a while since she’d been on a long car ride with Emily, so she had forgotten about the girl’s tendency to falling asleep in them.

“I have more if you want to join in.” Julia offered, holding up a folded diaper.

“No thanks.” Amara said, her cheeks turning pink. She noticed Emily smirking at her.

“I remember how the two of you used to spend most of your nights running around in just diapers when you were little.” Julia said with a sigh as she placed the diaper back on the bed. “I miss those days.”

“Everyone grows up Ms. Delaro.” Amara said softly.

“I know.” Julia said with a sigh. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out her wallet and opened it. “That’s why I keep this picture with me.”

Amara and Emily leaned forward too look at the picture. The pair’s eyes bulged at the sight; it was both of them, clad in only diapers, playing what looked like patty-cake. The pair looked like they were five in that image.


“When you two are parents you’ll understand why I keep this picture with me.” Julia said as she pulled it out of their reach.

“You don’t show that off, do you?” A mortified Emily asked.

“Not often.” Julia said.

“But I’m in that picture too!” Amara all but yelled.

“Oh you’re Mom’s fine with it.” Julia said.

“My Mom?”

“I gave her a copy of the picture.”

“You what!?”

“I wasn’t going to deny her the pleasure of such an adorable sight. It brings back wonderful memories of some of the happiest times our families have had yet.”

Both Amara and Emily let out a moan as they massaged their foreheads. Neither could wait until they were at the cabin.


Koyuki placed her bag at the front door of her home. The building was divided into two sections; her family’s house and the family dojo. Her father ran it, and taught both martial arts and kendo. Koyuki would occasionally help teach the younger kids, and made a small financial profit from it.

“So, you’re all packed?”

Koyuki turned, and saw her father standing in the doorway connecting the house and dojo. He had black hair, green eyes, and wore his kendo training clothes. In his hand was a kendo stick.

“Yes sir.” Koyuki stated. “My ride should be here in the next ten minutes or so.”

Her father, Damian Kamura, nodded his head. “What do you intend to do on this trip?”

“Hiking, swimming, it’s basically just relaxing away from life here in town.” Koyuki answered.

“Are you feeling stressed?” Damian asked.

“Not really.”

“Not really is not a no Koyuki.”

Koyuki mentally cursed; her father was a straight forward, don’t bullshit me kind of person. “I feel no more stressed then I generally am in my day to day life.”

“I see…very well then. Enjoy your time.”

Koyuki waited until her father was up the stairs before letting out a sigh of relief. She loved her father dearly, but ever since her Mom died when she was five, a part of him died with her. She had watched her fun loving and indulgent father turn into a disciplinary instructor full time. Koyuki found herself unable to get away with the little things she could when her mother was around. As a result, she was punished more frequently, though those punishment consisted of things she benefited from, like doing training drills and extra exercises.

A car horn brought her out of her reminiscing. Checking out the window, she saw the blue van Emily had told her to look for. “Dad, my ride is here.” The sound of the shower starting up was the only response she received. Grabbing a pen and a sticky note, she wrote down a quick note, stuck it to the door, grabbed her bag, and left the house.

The van’s back door slid open, and Amara poked her head out. “Need a hand with your bag?”

“No, I got it.” Koyuki answered. Moving to the back of the van, she opened the trunk and tossed her bag in with Amara’s and Emily’s bags. Walking around to the other side, she slid open the door and got in, taking the seat behind Julia.

“Excited about the trip?” Julia asked.

“Yeah, can’t wait to do some hiking.” Koyuki said as she buckled her seat belt.

“Ditto that.” Amara said.

“I can’t wait to do some swimming and sunbathing.” Emily said from the front seat.

“I expect to see tan lines young lady.” Julia said sternly.

“Mom!” Emily exclaimed, blushing.

“Relax Ms. Delaro, tops will be worn outside the cabin.” Amara stated.

“And bottoms?”

“Well if I find a cute girl in the camping grounds, all bets are off.”


“Yeah, yeah, bottoms too.”

“Emily? Are you wearing a diaper?” Koyuki asked. Emily blushed and nodded her head. “I used to not be so good on long car rides either. No worries now. You’ll get over it in time.”

Emily simply nodded her head and turned back to the front, not bothering to correct Koyuki.


Kai stood up and stretched her back, hearing a few pops as she did so. Turning around, she picked up the clothes she had just thrown out of her closet, and put the pile in her bag. Hearing the door open, she turned around.

“Running away?” The guy in the doorway had blond hair, red eyes, and the same suntanned color skin Kai did.

“Tonight’s the trip to the cabin Tyler.” Kai stated. Tyler was her older brother, who was taking a semester off of college.

“Thought that was next week.” Tyler commented.

“Nope, being picked up tonight.” Kai said.

“And you still haven’t packed?”

“Not going to finish while you’re in the room.”

Tyler raised his hands and backed out of the room. Watching him, she saw his arm still in view, and realized he was leaning against the wall next to the door. Figuring it was the best she’d get, she went to her underwear drawer and pulled out a few thongs. Tossing them in her bag, she moved to get some pants.

“Packed some bug spray?” Tyler asked.

“Amara has that covered.” Kai replied.

“I see…want me to tell Mom the trip’s this weekend?”

“Why bother, she won’t even know I’m missing.”

It was true, Tyler and Kai’s mother was often out at auditions, be it for acting positions, modeling, or singing. She’d been like this ever since she caught her husband, the sibling’s father, cheating on her. She had gotten full custody of the pair, as well as quite a bit of money; her ex-husband was fairly wealthy.

“She’d notice if you were gone.” Tyler stated.

“How would she? She’s never around!” Kai snapped. “We have plenty of money; she’s doing this for herself. We’d be better off with Dad.”

“That man cheated on Mom.” Tyler growled.

“But he didn’t cheat on us.” Kai stated, exiting the room to face her brother.

Tyler opened his mouth to respond, but paused. After a moment he sighed. “I don’t want to fight over this right now. Especially with your big trip tonight.”

Kai let out a sigh as well, but flashed her brother a small smile. “Thanks Ty.”

“No problem lil sis.” Tyler responded, ruffling his sister’s hair.

Kai’s smile instantly vanished as she smacked his hand away. “Damn it, you know I hate it when you do that!”

“That’s why I do it.” Tyler replied with a grin.

“Now I got to do my hair again on top of packing.” Grumbling, Kai entered her room and slammed the door behind her.

Just outside, Tyler tilted his head to one side. “That was a bit over the top…either she’s had a bad day, talking about Mom and Dad upset her more then she originally let on, or it’s her time of month…” A bang on the door caused him to jump in surprise. “Jeeze, maybe all of the above. Women…” Shaking his head, he walked off.


The first part of the trip to the cabin was done mostly in silence. When the group had arrived to pick Kai up, Amara had recognized the expression the girl’s face, and knew that something had happened to upset her. Relaying this to the others, they had kept a respectable silence after Kai got in, giving the girl time to collect and calm herself.

Without conversation to stimulate herself, Emily did fall asleep on the ride, and consequently soaked her diaper. When Julia stopped at a rest stop to buy the girls dinner, she had given Amara the money and took Emily to the bathroom and changed her into a clean diaper. Emily had protested, as it wasn’t likely she’d fall asleep again anytime soon, but Julia had insisted.

After dinner, the group returned to the car, and this time there was conversation. Plans were made; Saturday would have hiking in the morning and swimming in the afternoon, and Sunday would have sunbathing until it was time to go. Amara and Kai would be bunking together, while Koyuki and Emily would be sharing another room.

Upon reaching the camp grounds, Amara directed Julia to the cabin. It was higher up and away from most of the cabins, but closer to the lake side beach of the area. It was secluded enough that the girls would likely not be disturbed unless someone from the other campground actively looked for the cabin.

The group arrived at the cabin, and it wasn’t what they expected. Amara description of the cabin had been an understatement; it was big enough for eight people to stay comfortably in. The kitchen and living room were both large, there was a working bathroom instead of an out house, and several bed rooms.

Upon full inspection, it was discovered there was also an old nursery there, with a crib and all. Emily took one glance at her mother and walked away from the woman, knowing where her thought process was going from the look on her face. Amara immediately locked the room after that, though it had more to do with the fact that she found her own name engraved on the other side of the crib then to what Julia may have been about to suggest.

As it was, the girls did not need to share bedrooms, so they each chose their own. There was a grill outside, and at Kai’s request they had brought some burgers for her to grill. Julia did some grocery shopping for the trip, with each of the girl pitching in financially. As a result, the fridge was fully stocked for the weekend. Once that was done, Julia bid the girls fair well, and left the cabin for home.


An hour passed, and dressed in just her night shirt and panties, Amara knocked on Emily’s door. Getting an affirmative, she entered the room. Emily was laying on her bed, clad in her night shirt and diaper. “How ya feeling?” Amara asked.

“Embarrassed.” Emily answered. “I know she means well, but that doesn’t mean she has to tease me.”

“I can understand the embarrassed part.” Amara said. “That was my old room.”

“That was your nursery?” Emily asked.

“Yeah.” Amara admitted with a blush. “But I don’t think your Mom was teasing you.”

“Then what would you call being about to suggest me sleeping in a nursery room?” Emily asked. “I know I wear diapers every night, but suggesting that, being babyish intentionally…”

“Does this happen a lot?” Amara asked.

“Mostly late afternoons.” Emily said.

“And have you tried explaining how this makes you feel?” Amara asked. “Without it sounding like a whine?”

“Well, not without the whine.” Emily replied, her cheeks turning pink.

Amara made her way over and sat on the bed next to Emily. “You know, she wouldn’t offer to baby you if she didn’t truly love you. It shows how much she cares about you.”

“Huh?” Emily didn’t understand.

“Think of the effort that goes into caring for a baby.” Amara stated. “They’re in diapers all day, every day. When being changed, they need to be wiped clean, then have powder and rash cream applied to keep their skin healthy, and them by extent. Add to that they need to be fed, clothed, and bathed, all on top of the fact that you have to keep an eye on them as long as they are awake. The amount of dedication it takes to care for an actual baby is an amazing amount of responsibility. Imagine doing that to a fourteen year old, instead of a fourteen month old.”

Emily was silent for a time as she absorbed all the information Amara just threw at her. “Some of that sounds nice.” She admitted with a blush. “But I’d have to give up a lot too.”

“Well, the first thing you got to do is sit down with your mother and find out if she’s serious about wanting to baby you.” Amara stated. “If she is, then you talk about how you feel on the subject. She’ll listen to you, as you’re her daughter, but only if you speak, not whine.”

“I guess I’ll talk to her.” Emily stated, sitting up. “I’m just not sure about some of it.”

“Like what?”

“I’ve already accepted diapers will always be apart of my life, but I don’t know if I want to wear them full time. I mean, I’m used to them when I wear them, but…and there’s what others will say too…”

“Em, screw what others think. You got me, Koyuki, and even Kai behind you. If it’s something you want to do, you should do it. We know who you are as a person, and that’s all that matters, not what other people think.”

Emily smiled at Amara. “Thank you Amara.”

“You’re welcome Emily, anything for my baby sister.” Amara replied with a grin.

Emily let out a small growl, but exhaled a breath a moment later. “Amara, do you think tomorrow night we could talk more about this? I need a chance to think this through, and talking with you really helps.”

“Sure.” Amara said. “In fact, I got something that might help.” Emily watched as Amara pulled a string out from under her shirt, and saw it was wrapped around her neck. Lifting it off her neck and over her head, a pink pacifier was revealed to be attached to it. “Fresh from the pack.”

“You brat!” Emily exclaimed, diving at Amara. Not expecting the move, Amara squeaked in surprise as she was knocked on her back. The two girls wrestled in for several minutes before a cough caught their attention.

“You two might want to close the door before you lose your clothes.” Koyuki stated with a grin. She was clad in a violet colored nighty.

Amara opened her mouth to say something, but Emily shoved the pacifier into the girl’s mouth, silencing her. “We weren’t doing anything like that, we were-”

“Wrestling half naked in bed.” Koyuki stated, still grinning.

Emily blushed, and reaffirmed her grip on the pacifier forced in Amara’s mouth. “She was teasing me, and I was teaching her a lesson.”

“Well keep the door closed until you’re done with your lesson.” Koyuki said before walking off.

Emily was blushing as she thought over the actions described in Koyuki’s description. That gave Amara the opening she needed. She quickly flipped Emily over, causing the girl to squeal, and climbed on top of her. Taking the pacifier out of her mouth, she then shoved it into Emily’s mouth and tied the string around Emily’s head.

“Don’t mess with the best Em.” Amara said, grinning as Emily squirmed under her. She continued squirming for a minute before she stopped. Amara got off her. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to give Koyuki a spanking for thinking I’d do dirty things to my little sister.”

As Amara left the room, she missed the look of longing Emily shot her retreating form.


The next morning came quickly for the girls. Breakfast was served first, bacon and eggs, and a shower order was determined with Emily going first. To the girl’s surprise, and Kai’s curiosity, Amara seemed smug this morning while Koyuki couldn’t look at her without blushing.

Setting her dished on the counter, Emily turned to the pair and placed her hands on her padded hips. “Okay, what happened last night you two?”

“You’re not very intimidating standing in a wet diaper.” Kai commented. She was dressed in a red night shirt and matching shorts. Emily blushed at the statement; her diaper was drooping several inches. “But I’m curious myself.”

Koyuki’s blush returned as Amara grinned. “Well, last night I was giving Emily a gift-”

“She tied a pacifier to my mouth.” Emily growled, her cheeks pink.

“When Koyuki suggested I was doing something dirty with my little sister here.” Amara continued. “So once I got sis ready for bed, I paid her a visit and showed my displeasure with the notion.”

Kai looked over the group. Amara was still grinning, Koyuki’s blush had deepened yet the sides of her mouth were tweaked up, and Emily was looking down. Emily’s crush on Amara was known to many people, yet Amara seemed oblivious to it. Feeling a bit bad for the girl, Kai spoke up.

“You and Emily aren’t that far’ fetched a couple.” Kai said with a casual shrug. Three sets of eyes blinked.


“The two of you grew up together, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if you got together.” Kai stated, raising a glass of orange group to her lips.

“That’s absurd.” Amara stated. “Emily’s straight. Everyone should know that.”

“I’m going for my shower.” Emily stated before quickly exiting the room.

Amara blinked. “What just happened.”

“Emily’s not completely straight.” Koyuki stated. “I’ve seen her kiss both guys and girls.”

“She’s kissed both genders?”

“She’s kissed?” Two glares turned to Kai, who wisely decided to take a sip of her beverage.

“Who’d she kiss?” Amara asked.

“The only two I know are Amanda and…Jason.” Koyuki stated.

There was a slight pause at the mention of the boy’s name. “Amanda from sixth grade?” Amara asked, pushing the conversation forward.

“Yeah, the two actually went out to the movies twice before Amanda was forced to move.” Koyuki stated.

“And here I’ve been promising her I’d get her a good boyfriend all this time, when she might prefer a girlfriend.” Amara said with a sigh. “Wish she had told me.”

“I’m bi-sexual too.” Koyuki admitted.

“You are?” Amara and Kai asked in unison.

“Yeah, just haven’t found the right girl or guy yet.” Koyuki stated.

“What about me?” Amara asked, curious but not mad. “Why’d you never make a move on me?”

“It’s simple; I don’t want to risk the friendship we have.” Koyuki answered. “If something went wrong, things would be awkward at best, and we’d lose what relationship we have at worst. Same reason I never made a move on Emily or Kai.”

“On me?” Kai asked, surprised. “You know I’m straight, right?”

“I know you’re straight and have a boyfriend.” Koyuki confirmed. She then leaned forward with a grin. “But I have no doubt in my ability to corrupt you if I wanted.”

Kai shuffled back and turned away, her cheeks pink. “I-I think the shower’s open, it’s my turn.” She gets up and starts towards the hallways hastily.

“Kai?” The girl stops in just by the hall, and turns to Amara. “Did you remember to pack panties for hiking today?”

“You know I hate panties Amara.” Kai stated.

Amara shook her head. “You’re gonna regret that on the hike. Carry on.” Shrugging her shoulders, she walked down the hall towards the shower.


Two hours later Kai groaned. All four girls were in matching outfits, minus color. Hiking boots and grey shorts, a simple short sleeved t-shirt, a round hat, and a bag over each girl’s shoulder with supplies like bug spray. Kai’s shirt was red in color, Emily’s blue, Koyuki’s purple, and Amara’s a dark green.

The reason for Kai’s groan was two fold. The first was like Amara predicted; wearing a thong when hiking and sweating was uncomfortable, especially with the back her shorts rubbing against her cheeks constantly. The second was because she was in need of a toilet, and they had hiked past a port a potty twenty minutes ago.

“Hey, how much longer till the next bathroom?” Kai asked.

“I’d like to know that myself.” Koyuki stated.

“At our current pace, twenty minutes on the trail.” Amara stated, wiping the sweat off her forehead with her free hand as she checked the map. “You two should have stopped at the out house back there.”

“I didn’t know I had to go that bad.” Koyuki whined. Kai just grumbled under her breath.

“I packed some diapers in my bag if you need them.” Emily offered.

Kai made a face at the offer, but Koyuki’s face took on a contemplating expression. Amara took note of that while checking the map again. “If we cut through the woods, we may be able to cut a few minutes.”

“Lets do it.” Kai stated.

“Yeah.” Koyuki agreed.

Amara turned to Emily. “You’re opinion?”

“I need to go too, so lets cut through.” Emily stated.

“I thought you went!” Amara shook her head. “Whatever. Next time we come up here, all three of you are in diapers. Follow me.” She walked off the trail and started making her way through the woods in the area.

“Who put a bee in her undies?” Kai grumbled.

“The view up top is amazing.” Emily stated. “She’s wants to see it once on this trip, and if we stick to the plan, this is the only time she’ll get the chance.”

“Must be some view to get all worked up about.” Koyuki stated as the trio followed Amara.

“It has a deeper meaning to her.” Emily stated. “Something about a family member that died, and this place was the last vacation spot they were together there. She hasn’t even told me everything about it.”

“Must have been close.” Kai commented.

“Yeah, you two share most everything with each other.” Koyuki stated.

“The only family member I know that was close to her was her cousin Bar-”

Emily cried out as something struck her hard in the gut. The force behind the blow launched her off her feet, back several yards, and collided painfully against a tree. Emily’s head fell forward as her pants discolored; she was out cold.

“Emily!” Kai and Koyuki exclaimed. They turned in anger at the figure who assaulted their friend, only to pause as they got a good look at it.

The figure was completely brown in color, and wore no clothes that they could see. It’s skin looked clay like in texture, and even it’s face was crusty. The creature’s hands though drew the pair’s attention; in place of fingers, each hand was one big solid ball the size of a medicine ball. It was nearly six feet tall.

“What the hell is this thing?” Kai exclaimed, whipping out a switchblade from her pocket.

“I don’t know, but it’s got friends!” Koyuki said loudly as several more brown skinned creatures immerged from the woodwork. She noted there were red skinned creatures among them, and while they had a normal humanoid body, the size of it was several bigger then the average human, at least nine feet in height.

A cry rang out, and the pair saw Amara airborn, flying towards them. Koyuki moved quickly and managed to catch the girl, the momentum carrying the pair to the ground regardless. Amara winced as she struggled to her feet, one hand on her stomach, the other on a broken tree branch.

“You okay?” Koyuki asked as she got up.

“No.” Amara admitted. “But I can still fight. The red ones are strong like sumo wrestlers.”

“We need to get out of here and warn the campers.” Koyuki said.

“We’ll have to fight our way out; we’re surrounded.” Kai stated, keeping her eyes on the ones nearest the group.

Amara turned around and saw the truth in Kai’s statement. She also saw Emily’s prone form against the tree behind the creatures. Her grip on the thick tree branch tightened.

“Don’t hold back.” Amara stated. “These things will kill us if they hit us the wrong way. We’ll deal with the consequences after we survive this.”

Kai and Koyuki nodded firmly. The creatures seemed to be done waiting, and charged forward. Kai rushed forward to meet them.

With a battle cry, Kai slashed her switchblade down diagonally across a red creature’s torso, only to gasp in surprise as it broke not even halfway down! The creature started attacking, the wound not even bleeding with the blade still in its chest. Kai managed to dodge its fist, and countered with a kick to the abdomen.

Kai winced as it felt like she’d just kicked a brick wall. From her right, one of the brown creatures launched its fist at her. Unable to dodge, she raised an arm to block only to cry out in pain as the blow dislocated her shoulder. The force behind the blow threw her off her feet, and she collided with the ground, dazed.

Koyuki had been right behind Kai, and did a leap kick, catching a brown creature in its face. She winced as she realized the strength of its skin like Kai had, but successfully managed to knock it over. Ducking under the punch of a red one, she slid around it, leaped up, and grasped two pressure points on the sides of its neck.

While doing so on a normal human would render them unconscious, the creatures weren’t human. The red creature ran a short distant, then turned, causing Koyuki to be sandwiched between it and a big tree. Koyuki cried out as she felt pressure slam into her body on both sides. As the red creature moved forward, Koyuki collapsed to the ground.

Amara had stayed behind, saving her energy and letting the creatures come to her. As a red one reached her, she ducked under its punch, and swung up as hard as she could with her branch, breaking it on the creature’s crotch. To her surprise, it had no affect on it, and to her horror, it grabbed her by the shoulders, and lifted her off her feet.

Crying out in pain, Amara launched both feet at the creature’s face, but like the branch it did nothing. The creature began squeezing Amara in its grip, causing the girl to cry out in pain again. Tears began to stream down her face as she tried to get free, to no avail.

Suddenly, the creature dropped her, Amara belly flopping on her stomach. Staying still till she caught her breath, she then managed to look up. The creatures seemed to be staring up at the sky at nothing for a time before they made their way deeper into the woods . Amara silently thanked whatever higher power there was that they were leaving; she couldn’t bring herself to care about the other campers at the moment.

A soft moan caught her attention. Turning her head, she saw Emily stirring, holding her stomach. Looking to the other side, she saw Koyuki and Kai slowly pull themselves up, if only to lean against a tree. Amara proceeded to do the same.

“…The fuck were those?” Kai groaned.

“Dunno.” Koyuki mumbled, barely heard.

“Anyone got their flares?” Amara asked.

The trio scanned the area, and saw the remains of their bags and supplies torn apart. To Amara’s amusement, an intact diaper from Emily’s bag was near Kai. Trying to lighten the mood, Amara spoke up. “Kai, you still need to go, that diaper has your name on it.”

Kai growled as Amara and Koyuki gigged softly. “Bite me.” She grumbled.

A high pitched ring rang through the woods. All four girl’s eyes widened upon hearing the noise. Their vision doubled, then tripled, before their eyes rolled into the back of their heads and they passed out.


The Senshi ship’s computer had been gathering information for hours now. The planet was several decades behind the Senshi and Naito in most everything; entertainment, technology, medicine, etc. The computer had also converted the damage vessel in to a functioning base to hide out in and, if need be, operate from.

Defensive measures had been taken. A cloaking shield was placed over the newly formed base, making it look just like the wood land it covered. Small, nanite scouts were also planted around the area, to keep an eye out for intruders, more importantly Naito forces. A radar masking shield was also formed around the cloaking field. As it was, forty percent of the base’s energy was used keeping it hidden.

Near the time of the day the solar system’s star was at its highest point, noon as it was referred to on this planet, several of the nanite scouts reported Naito activity in the area. The computer instructed the scouts to remain hidden no matter what; stealth was its number one priority. Instead of the scouts following, the computer kept track of the Naito forces with the scouts they were passing, as the Naito forces were going through its territory.

The computer noted other life forms in the area as well. A quick scan revealed them to be humans. As the two groups met, the life force of the humans shrank, not to life threatening levels, but if not treated could very well do so. The computer added this information to its current circumstance, and ran scenarios in which it could benefit.

A scenario came up; Ayah was still out of the computer’s reach due to the damage on the former ship’s deck. Unable to reach its charge itself, it would use these humans to do so, after healing them. To keep the area secure, it would first knock the humans out before bringing them to the ship so they couldn’t retrace their steps.

It took twenty minutes to retrieve the humans, having waited for the Naito forces to leave the area, and place them in the medical bay. Working with the bay’s computer, scans were preformed on the quad when an error in the scenario arose; only Senshi could access the main deck without an override code. Rerouting power to its processing power, the computer came up with a solution to the problem.

As the girls were stripped of their clothes so medical supplies could be used, a bracelet was applied to each girl’s wrist. The bracelets would register them as honorary Senshi, thus granting them access to Ayah’s current location. While not taking the compound to transform them into Senshi, it would grant them access to areas of the ship as well as the ability to give the computer instructions to follow if necessary.

As the girls were healed by the med bay computer, the base’s main computer began going through the scans of the girl’s clothes and began devising a uniform for the newly appointed honorary Senshi, as required by protocol. It would be an hour before the girls would wake up, and their new uniforms would be ready long before then.


Violet eyes slowly fluttered opened. A hand raised to massage the girl’s forehead as her eyes adjusted to the dim light. After a minute the girl began to get her bearings. She was lying on her back, but the surface she was on had her upright, leaning against it. While the room temperature felt comfortable, she felt a bit cooler, and noted she had less clothes on then she did before. She could also tell there was something in her mouth.

Carefully pushing against the padded surface, Amara stepped off the slate she’d been leaning on. She immediately noted a crinkle sound with her movements, and an odd feeling of fabric between her legs. Looking down at herself, she blinked at her attire.

Her shirt had been replaced, this one being the same color as the one she’d worn earlier, but with several adjustments. First was the fact that it was smaller; the bottom only making it halfway to her belly button. The second was that the ends had a deep yellow, maybe goldish color frills on them. Third was that over her chest was several designs of what looked like little tigers, black striped and the same goldish colored as the frills. The final thing she noted for the shirt was a pin and a ribbon attached to the left side of it.

Following the ribbon, Amara traced it to her mouth and felt what it was attached to. Having just had one in her mouth the previous night, Amara was quick to identify it as a pacifier. Unlike the one from the previous night though, this was bigger then a baby’s, and comfortably fit in her mouth. Blushing faintly, she pulled the pacifier from her mouth, and looked at the last piece to her attire.

Wrapped around her waist was a white plastic cover diaper. Instead of two tapes on each flap like with teen or adult diapers, the one around her waist only had one clear yet big tape. Through the tape she could see a picture strip of young tigers and yarn balls. The diaper was very thick as well, as it actually forced her legs apart.

Blushing, Amara slid her thumbs down the sides of her diaper, and moved to slide it off like underwear only to pause as she felt a tug on her skin from within it. Looking down at it, she could see some of the fabric of the diaper’s interior sticking to her skin. Biting her lip, she tried the tapes, only to find they wouldn’t budge. She was stuck in her diaper.

Feeling a weight on her left wrist, she looked down and saw what looked like a bracelet. It felt heavier then any other she’d worn, was green and gold in color, save for a single blue gem in the center of a green piece. Glancing around the room, she saw it was empty save for herself and the slab she’d been leaning against.

Amara turned as she heard a hiss, and saw a door behind the slab open. It was brighter outside the room she was currently in, so after taking a moment to let her eyes adjust, Amara padded out of the room. She found herself in a corridor, and saw three other doors open as well.

Across the hall, Emily exited a room. Like Amara, she was clad in a small top, a diaper, had a paci in her mouth, and a bracelet on her wrist. Unlike Amara, her top was blue with white frills, and had dolphins on the top and picture strip. The bracelet was also different, as it matched Emily’s color scheme opposed to Amara’s.

Emily’s eyes widened upon seeing Amara, and she seemed to breath a sigh of relief from behind her pacifier. She blinked as the paci slipped out of her mouth, a line of drool connecting the nipple to her mouth before she brushed it away. She looked down at the paci hanging from her shirt, then up at Amara. “…It fell out.”

Amara blinked, stupefied at that statement. “…They can do that.”

Emily shook her head. “Mine wouldn’t. I tried tugging on it, but it was like the plastic was fused to my mouth, just like my diaper is when I try taking it off.”

“Weird.” Amara said, shaking her head. “Any idea where we are, and why we’re dressed like babies?”

Emily’s cheeks turned pink, but bit her lip worriedly. “No, I don’t even remember where we are. I remember just going off the trail into the woods with everyone, then I wake up here.”

Amara frowned. “I don’t remember going off the trail.”

“You don’t?”

“I remember stopping at a port a potty, but…wait, it’s coming back to me. We went off the trail, and…”

“Are you okay?” Emily asked, padding over to her.

“I’m fine.” Amara replied, massaging her forehead. “My memory is just a bit fuzzy right now, and I’m sore.”

“You’re head?” Emily asked.

“No, that’s the fuzzy feeling.” Amara answered. “It feels like someone tried to…to play my upper body like an accordion.”

“I don’t have the fuzzy memory, but I do feel like someone chucked a medicine ball at my stomach.” Emily replied. “What happened to us?”

“…We were attacked.”

The pair turned to see Koyuki standing in the doorway of the room next to Emily’s. Like the pair, she was clad a short shirt with frills, a diaper with a picture strip, a bracelet and a paci pinned to her top. And just like the pair, the color scheme was different.

The top was purple with dark grey frills. On the top and the strip was a grey colored snake, the one on her top flicking its tongue out. Her bracelet was purple and grey in color. Koyuki was blushing faintly, and her legs were crossed.

“Attacked?” Emily asked.

“Koyuki…are you hurt down there?” Amara asked carefully upon seeing the girl’s posture.

“No, it’s not down there.” Koyuki stated, her blush becoming more profound. “I…really need to go.”

“Koyuki…we can’t get out of these diapers.” Emily said softly.

“But I don’t wanna go in the diaper.” Koyuki whined.

“I’m not looking forward to it either girl.” Amara stated. “But I don’t think we have much choice in the matter…”

Koyuki let out another whine. “Are you hurt anywhere?” Emily asked.

“…Feels like a bunch of training mats fell on top of me.” Koyuki answered after a moment.

“Who attacked us?” Amara asked.

“I don’t-Oh no!!”

Before Amara and Emily’s eyes, the front of Koyuki’s diaper began to discolor, the bottom sagging a tiny bit. They watched the discoloration spread for a good thirty seconds before Koyuki burst into tears and fell to her knees.

The pair was at her side instantly. “It’s okay Koyuki.” Amara stated. “You didn’t have a choice.”

“Yeah, it’s not like you didn’t feel it coming.” Emily stated. “You knew you needed to go, so it’s not like it’s a complete accident.”

“It’s so hot!” Koyuki wailed.

A glow suddenly caught the trio’s attention. Looking down, they saw it came from the pacifier on Koyuki’s shirt. Suddenly, the paci rose from the place on her shirt, and rushed into the girl’s mouth.

Koyuki’s eyes widened, and her hands flew to the paci. She tried to pull it out, but it was like it had fused to her lips. She tried tugging the ribbon, but it didn’t help anymore. Emily was staring at the scene before her, before a thought struck her.

“Koyuki.” Emily stated, placing both hands on the girl’s shoulder, getting her full attention. “Try suckling on it and calming down, it may help.” Koyuki shot her an ‘Are you serious?’ look, but Emily stood firm against her.

Sighing, Koyuki tried it. For a full minute the trio sat and knelt there as Koyuki suckled on her pacifier, before there was a brief glow, and the paci slipped from her lips. Amara and Koyuki blinked. “What just happened?”

“We’re babies.” Emily stated with a blush. “Or at least we’re intended to be babies here. Another name for pacifier is ‘soother,’ and they’re used to calm crying babies. My paci wouldn’t come out until I saw Amara, and I instantly calmed down. I think you need to be calm or else the paci will stick to your mouth.”

Amara and Koyuki blink once again. “…Well leave it to my baby sister to figure that out.” Amara said after a moment with a smile.

Emily blushed, and let out a small grumble at the baby shot. Koyuki was looking at the diaper between her legs. She tried pealing off the tapes, but they stuck firm. She tried tugging it down her legs, but it stuck to her skin. “I can’t get my diaper off!” Koyuki whined.

“Let me try.” Emily stated. Reaching out, she tried tugging off the tapes, but once again they stuck firm. She tried tugging it down Koyuki’s legs, but a yelp from the girl caused her to stop. “Odd, I know babies can’t take off their own diapers, but I thought maybe one of us could.”

“Babies can take of their diapers, but they’re not supposed to. These seem to be designed to prevent that.” Amara stated with a sigh. “It’s like you said before, we’re supposed to be babies here. Have you heard of babies changing one another before?”

All three girls hung their heads at that notion. They were trapped in their diapers with no way out, even after they used them. Just then a thought struck Emily. “Where’s Kai?”

The group was silent for a moment before turning towards the open door next to the room Amara came out of. They couldn’t see into the room due to the lighting. Amara turned to the others. “…You don’t think she’s the adult, do you?”

Emily and Koyuki blanched at that. “If someone made Kai the adult in charge of us, they obviously didn’t do their homework on us.” Koyuki stated.

“We should go check on her.” Emily stated. “We all feel sore in some way, she may be hurt.”

The pair nodded, and together the trio padded their way into the dimly lit room. Once their eyes adjusted, they saw it was like their own rooms, as there was a raised slate facing away from the doorway. Making their way around the slab, they found Kai leaning against it, still asleep.

Kai had a pacifier in her mouth, and was slowly suckling it as she slept. Like the others, she had a small top on with frills, and a diaper around her waist. The top was red in color with brown frills, and on the top and the strip was a beautiful brown horse. The trio grimaced; Kai would not be happy when she woke up.

The three stared at each other silently for a minute, before seemingly coming to an agreement. Nodding their heads, they held out their open palms with one hand, and a closed fist on top with their other. Bouncing their fists three times, they launched their hands forward. Koyuki’s remained a fist while Amara and Emily’s were open palmed.

“Damn.” Koyuki cursed softly. Moving forward, she placed a hand on Kai’s shoulder and gently shook her. “K-”

She was cut off as Kai leapt up with a cry, the pacifier launching out of her mouth. Using her other hand she held the shoulder Koyuki had just shook. “What the hell Koyuki?”

“You’re hurt too?” Koyuki asked.

“Feels like someone whacked it with a hammer or something. It’s tender as heck!” Kai explained. The girl paused as she took in Koyuki’s appearance. “…Why are you in a wet diaper?”

Koyuki blushed at the question. “We’re all trying to figure out what’s happened Kai.” Amara stated.

Kai turned around and saw both Emily and Amara in a similar state of dress. She then blinked at the noise her movement had made, and the feeling, and lack there of, of her clothes. Looking down at herself, her eyes boggled at the sight of the diaper taped around her waist. “Oh hell no!”

Hands grasped the side of her diaper, and Kai tugged violently downward before anyone could stop her. The girl cried out in pain as her skin stretched to stay attached to the diaper. Off balanced by the pain, Kai fell backwards, landing on her bum. As the trio knelt down next to their fallen friend, Kai’s clenched eyes suddenly widened.

“You gotta help me get this thing off.” Kai said, urgency clear in her voice.

“Kai, we’ve tried taking them off.” Amara stated. “It sticks to our skin, we can’t get them off without losing a layer.”

“You don’t understand!”

“Kai, if you have to go, you might as well get it over with. I don’t like being in a wet diaper, but-”

“It’s not just pee!”

Three sets of eyes blinked at that. That explained why Kai was so desperate to get out of her diaper. All three felt pity for the girl. They watched as Kai struggled with the tapes on her diaper, to no avail.

The pacifier on her shirt glowed before launching itself back into Kai’s mouth. The girl’s eyes widened in surprise as she fell back, trying to avoid the projectile paci to no avail. The back of her head hit the bottom of the slab, causing Kai to give a muffled cry of pain. As Amara, Emily, and Koyuki made to help Kai up, the girl lost the fight for control.

A loud wet fart erupted, and a large hot mass entered the back of Kai’s diaper. The girl’s eyes widened comically as she felt her body work against her to push out the load. She groaned behind her pacifier as her bladder gave way, and could feel the warmth grow in the front of her diaper.

Kai burst into tears; she felt so little, so helpless, so vulnerable and disgusted at the mess between her legs, it overwhelmed her. Her trio of friends pulled Kai into a hug, each knowing the fate that just befell their friend would be one they’d share in the near future. No words were exchanged for some time as they simply supplied their friend with all the physical comfort they could.

Finally, Kai’s muffled cried reduced themselves into simple sniffles. Shortly after, the pacifier slipped out of the girls’ mouth. “T-Thank you.” She mumbled.

“We’re your friends Kai.” Amara stated. “We’ll always support each other.”

“No matter any faults one of us may have.” Emily continued, blushing faintly.

“Or any situation we may find ourselves in.” Koyuki stated firmly.

Kai looked at each of her friends before wiping her face on her sleeve. “Thank you.” She repeated.

“You’re welcome.” Amara stated. “Maybe you’ll be able to help us. We don’t remember much after going off the main trail, so we don’t know why we’re hurt or how we got here.”

“We were attacked.” Koyuki stated. “I remember these guys in brown paint with giants hands, but the memory is really fuzzy.”

“They weren’t men.” Kai stated. “They weren’t even human.”

“Weren’t human?” Emily repeated in surprise.

“What makes you say that?” Amara asked.

“Those giant hands were more like medicine balls from gym class.” Kai stated. “There were red creatures too, but they were giant! They…it’s like…”

“How big?” Koyuki asked.

Kai was silent for a moment as she struggled for a reference to use. “They were just a bit smaller then Hagrid’s brother in the sixth movie, but I’d imagine they were just as strong.”

“Ugh, I’m beginning to remember.” Koyuki groaned. “I tried hitting some pressure points on the thing, but it crushed me between itself and a think tree. That brown thing hurt my foot when I kicked it too.”

“I tried slamming a hard tree branch into the crotch of one of those things, actually broke the branch. Didn’t phase it at all.” Amara stated.

“I used my switchblade on one of them. It didn’t make it halfway through the thing’s chest before it snapped.” Kai stated. “It didn’t bleed either. It felt kinda clay like.”

“They left us before we passed out.” Koyuki stated. “Did they come back and take us, um, where ever we are?”

There was a glow, and the girls turned to see Emily’s eyes widened in an expression of horrified realization, her pacifier firmly planted between her lips. Amara and Koyuki quickly hugged the girl, try to comfort and calm her, with Kai carefully joining a few seconds later.

A minute passed before the paci slipped out of Emily’s mouth, but the girl’s face had paled. “Em, it’ll be okay.” Amara stated.

Emily shook her head. “Don’t you realize?” She asked, her voice barely above a whisper. “We were all hurt, badly. We couldn’t have healed from those overnight, not with how bad we were.”

Silence reigned for several seconds before the full weight of Emily’s words hit the girls, and all three of their pacifiers leapt to their mouths. The type of injuries they’d sustained would take days to heal, weeks even if not outright a month or two. They were supposed to be up at the cabin for only a weekend. If they’d been gone longer, their families would be worried sick about them, and the police searching.

Emily placed her pacifier back in her mouth and suckled on it for comfort as she watched her friends panic. Thinking the situation over again herself, she felt the paci soon fuse with her lips as well. All four girls were so caught up in their panic states they didn’t notice the gem of their bracelets begin to glow.

Suddenly, a ray of light leapt from each girl’s bracelet, and collided with each other between the girls. The quad moved back, each landing on their padded behinds, though Kai’s with a grimace. Suddenly, four dark aquatic color screens appeared, one facing each girl. The screen were blank, save for one flashing bar.

Slowly, the girls got onto their knees and made their way closer to the screens, their panic momentarily forgotten. Suddenly, the bar moved, and text appeared on the screens. At first it wasn’t in any language any of them understood, but it shifted to English after a moment.

[Welcome to Urawakai Senshi base Medical Bay]

All four girls blinked an looked at each other in confusion. They’d never heard of Urawakai Senshi before. Amara then realized her pacifier wasn’t fused to her lips anymore, and promptly removed it. The others saw, and promptly followed suit.

“Any of you hear of these Senshi?” Amara asked.

Emily and Kai shook their heads, but Koyuki had a puzzled look on her face. “Urawakai Senshi roughly translates to ‘Youthful Warriors.’ It’s Japanese, but I’ve never heard of it before.”

There was a flash from the screen, and more unreadable text appeared. After a moment, it shifted to English again.

[Recovery time: One hour, fourteen minutes]

All four girl’s eyes widened at that; they’d been healed in only an hour and fourteen minutes when their injuries would generally take between days to months to heal? Once again, text appeared on the screen, and was quickly translated.

[Does anyone need changing]

Kai and Koyuki immediately placed their hands on the screens, causing them to flash. All four screens flickered out while the lights in the room brightened. The quad winced as their eyes needed time to adjust to the brighter setting, but they all gasped at what they saw.

The slab Kai had been sleeping on deteriorated in front of their eyes. Around the room, material was slowly rising from the ground under a bluish glow. Two large slabs were formed against the walls while five egg shapes rose from the ground. The slabs shifted until they, somehow, became padded changing tables, while the eggs became hollowed out, padded, and actually rose from the ground.

Mechanical hands rose from the ground and grabbed the girls, causing several cries of surprise. Kai and Koyuki soon found themselves being placed on the tables while Amara and Emily are seated in the pods. Pacifiers firmly in their mouths, Amara and Emily were buckled into the hovering pods, while hands from the ceiling descended upon Kai and Koyuki.

The pair found their arms restrained as the tapes on their diapers were torn off. Their eyes widened as the front of their diapers were pulled back, and they were lifted by their legs. Each girl cried out in surprise as their privates were sprayed with some odd liquid. From Amara’s sight, she could see the mess on Kai’s backside dissolve into nothing.

A salve was applied to each girl’s privates before fresh diapers are taped on. Kai and Koyuki soon found themselves being strapped into the egg shaped hover pods. All four girls gave a muffled cry of surprise as the pods started moving towards the door. Screens appeared before them, and text appeared and translated moments later.

[This base has suffered damage, and its precious cargo is currently in need of medical attention. In return for your medical treatment, you must bring precious cargo to fifth pod accompanying you]

All four girls pondered this. They knew there wasn’t really a choice in the matter, this base or whatever it was already proved it could subdue them all whenever it felt like it. But something else needed medical attention. What could they be needed to get while the base itself could not?

The hallways were the same white color as the one they’d first entered. Doors were on either side, though not always evenly spaced. After several minutes, the quad rounded a corner, only to see a part of the ship that was dark. Their pods stopped, and sank part way into the ground as the straps holding them in vanished.

[Use your bracelets for light]

The screens vanished, though a bluish light was now being streamed from their bracelets. All four girls slowly rose from their pods and removed the pacifiers from their mouths. They walked the distance to the door, but pause outside it, well away from the pods.

“What do you think?” Amara asked the others.

“This base did save us.” Emily stated. “Or it’s computer anyways.”

“We don’t know what this precious cargo is or if we can even get near it.” Kai stated. “And it’s forcing us to be like babies!”

“It’s already shown it can subdue us if it wants to.” Koyuki stated. “Even if we hide here, out of the computer’s range, we don’t have the supplies to survive more then a day or two. That’s not including our conditions once we go awhile in dirty diapers.”

“In other words, our best bet is to cooperate.” Amara stated with a sigh.

“Ugh, fine, lets just get this over with.” Kai stated, frustration clear in her voice.

“Sounds like someone needs her bottle.” Koyuki teased.

“Don’t go there girl!” Kai snapped. She let out a yelp as something hit the back of her diaper. She turned expecting to see Amara, only to see a surprisingly serious Emily.

“Knock it off.” Emily stated coolly. “Save your aggression for when we can make the most of it.” She turned to Koyuki. “Don’t tease her either, it’s not helping.”

Koyuki looked down. “Sorry.” Kai simply grunted.

“I think you two need to hug before we get started.” Amara stated.


“Oh come on!”

“NOW!” Both Amara and Emily yelled. Begrudgingly, Kai embraced Koyuki, and held the hug for ten seconds before breaking the hug.

“Happy now? Let’s just get this over with. I want to get out of this thing before I need to go again.”

Deciding not to say it was still up in the air when they’d be free, or if they would be at all, the trio started towards the door, Kai following. The door wouldn’t open automatically, but Amara and Kai managed to open it together. Entering the room, they swept it with their bracelet lights.

It quickly became apparent the room was the command center for the base. They saw several consoles on the sides, a window with a metal seal over it, and several cases against the wall. Glancing at each other, they nodded and made their way over to the cases, assuming that was where they’d find…whatever they were looking for.

Upon arriving at the cases, the girls moved to open them, only to jump back in surprise when the cases lit up. The front of the cases were covered, so the girls cautiously removed the covers and looked inside. Each of the cases contained clothes, each the same in design, but different in colors.

Four of the cases held shirts, jean skirt overalls, gloves, knee high boots, and small stocking like material, all grey in color. The last case had a matching outfit, but with shades of blue and silver. Each case had masks as well an open package of diapers in them, but once again, only one case had a mask with designs and the package was pure white in color.

“This is weird.” Kai stated. The others could only nod in agreement.

“Sweep the room again.” Amara instructed.

The group nodded and spread out. Amara moved towards the window while Emily checked around the consoles. Kai scanned near the door while Koyuki intended to sweep the room from the walls. She had barely passed the cases when she saw a pod in the floor next to it.

Examining it, she noted it was closed off, unlike the one she’d rode in. Placing her hand on the surface, she quickly withdrew it; the surface was icy cold. Shining her light on the place where her hand had been, she gasped. “Girls! Get over here!”

The others rushed to Koyuki’s side. Pointing out what she’d seen, the trio looked and gasped. Inside the pod they could make out a blond haired figure in the fetal position inside, the entire pod frozen over.

“How do we open this thing?” Kai asked.

In response to her voice, all four of the bracelets suddenly lit up. The flashlight like rays faded before a new beam of light shot out, each impacting with the pod. The quad watches as the pod began to glow, and the ice on the surface began to melt.

Amara, Emily, Kai, and Koyuki all held their breath as the glass cover slid back, and mist erupted from the pod. As it began to fade, they could see the faint outline of the figure as its limbs uncurled.


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