[Updated 24/9/16] Pain in the Distance

This is a true story that happen from 2004-2005 when I was 9 going on 10. It contains a lot of explicit material,Profanity,etc, so be warned of its content before reading this story. I don’t hide the truth, I just speak it. The story starts real slow, I know, but I try and tell in detail as much as an amateur writer as myself can! I plan to write around 30 chapters (Am I insane? Most likely, but its not on record. c: )This Is a whole year of my life essentially that I am writing to share with you guys. The craziest year of my life, as a matter of fact that I thought would always make a good story! This is the intro, now go on. Enjoy the story!

Pain in the Distance: Part 1

I was sitting on the couch watching Ottawa take on Vancouver, when there was a sudden knock at the front door.

“Hey mom, there’s someone at the door!” I yelled across the room, seeing as she was in the kitchen.

“Can you get it Corban? I’m busy chopping tomatoes for supper.”

I did not really want to get up but than again I didn’t want to disobey my mother. So I got up and opened the door. It turned out to be my mothers friend, Amanda, who was here to pick up some charity supplies. (My mother helped her with materials for her non-profit, I can’t remember what it was about though). I led her to my mother in the kitchen who was just finishing up chopping the tomatos.

“Hello Amanda, what brings you here?”

“Oh i’m just here to pick up those sheets you had for the charitys fundraiser next week”

“I have them in the other room actually. Could you please get them and set them on the table for me Corban?” She asked, while sliding the tomatos into a bowl.

“Sure mom, but after can I go to Jacobs?”

“Yes, but dont leave this street. I don’t want to have to search for you when dinner is ready.”

When I walked back out into the room, after setting the sheets on the able, I started to walk to his house. I always saw the kid across the street from me sitting on his front porch playing with the same rubber ball. My mother had always insisted I go introduce myself and be polite, but I was never one to interact with new people if I didn’t have to. After arriving at Jacobs house, he was already outside with our other friend Paxton.

“Hey guys, whatcha doing?”

“Not alot, we were just about to go down to Nash and shoot some. Wanna come?” Jacob said, then preceeding to twirl his stick some.

“I would, but I have to stay on the street.”

“Come one Core (My nickname), Its only for a little bit. Besides, we cant practice right without our goalie”

“Fine.” I said, after some thinking.“lll come but you guys cant rat me out like you did when we went to the river.”

“Yes! You can’t resist my convincing, I’m too good for you!” He yelled as he tagged me while him and Paxton ran.

“No head starts, unfair!”

When we got to the park, we went to our usual corner of a cement wall on both sides from the Parks workers buildings, a basketball court on the left side and nothing on the right. We always play on the right side, since the workers drew a net on the wall for us since we come there alot.

“It looks like its about to rain guys.” Paxon said nervously.

“Stop worrying, it’ll be fine. Besides, rain wont kill you unless your a monster.” Jacob said with a devious smile.

“Oh nice Jacob, you always know how to help.”

“What else would you need me for?” Jacob said sarcasticly.

“Stop guys, just get to your spots” I said while laughing some.

When we play street hockey, we play it right. Alot of times there is hitting (I don’t recommend it) and alot of trash talk. As young as we were, we could come up with some nasty burns when we were alone.

“I bet I can shoot top shelf on you Core!” Paxton said.

“You showed us last game you can’t even pass without running into a pole Pax.”

“You said it was my skates that caused that!” He spitted as he started to play.

Paxton preceeded to do a In-out-in (Thats left-right-left) when Jacob came in out of nowhere, wanting to check Paxton to mess with him.

“AND OUT OF NOWHERE, A POLE SHOWS UP!” Jacob yelled as went to run into Paxton, but I was out for more coverage and he ran into me. After that, I flung my stick and it hit Paxton in the neck. Paxton started walking around the wall grabbing his neck, moaning. I got up and wasn’t sure what to do. Jacob was already jogging to Paxton, so I decided to also. When we caught up to Paxton, he was facing the wall sobbing.

“Dude, I didn’t mean to. Jacob ran into me. It just flew out of my hands.” I said reinacting the incident in the air with my hands.

“Its…not…that!” Paxton said in-between sobs.

“What is it than? Nothing else happen, atleast that I did.” I said, looking at Jacob.

“I…you…you’d make fun of me, I know you would!”

“Dude I won’t”

“I won’t either Pax” Jacob chimmed in.

After about 30 seconds of just sobbing from Paxton and some glances from passerbys, Paxton responded. “O…okay. I’ll kill you if you do!”
After he turned around, there was a visible soaked wet area on the whole side of his jeans, and crotch area. Jacob, who before promised not to make fun of him, tried to hold back a laugh, failed, and some came out. This set Paxton off, who pushed Jacob back into the little mound of snow that was in his falling spot.

“I told you not to, you said you wouldn’t and you did! You still did!” Paxton yelled, louder than i’d ever heard before.

He ran off, into the woods behind the building, crying the whole way. After he was in the woods, I stood in shock as to what just happen while Jacob got up.

“Well thats new…” Jacob said, breaking the silence.

“Um, yeah. You know we have to get him, and not make him go running off again right, meaning don’t make him cry. Okay?!” I said.

“Yeah, yeah. I know. I just couldn’t hold it back, it was funny.” Jacob said

“No its not, if that was you, you’d be the same exact way!”

“No I wouldn’t, because I’m not all cry-to-everything like Paxton is. I can actually be normal!”

“It isn’t his fault and you wouldn’t know because he doesn’t trust to tell you personal stuff.” I said, raising my voice, which I don’t quite remember doing before in my life. (Excluding the temper tantrums when I was real little.)

“I don’t want to hear his problems, and I don’t want to hear you either! I’m out of here.” Jacob said, going to where our sticks were to get his.

"Fine, I’ll go get him myself! I yelled back.

After the arguement with Jacob, I started my way towards the forest, whispering to myself on the way there about how I was dead when I got home. I eventually found Paxton by following the sound of his crying. (He can cry loud, its not even able to be described.)

“Pax, come on dude. I’ve gotta get home, and so do you.” I said, trying to convince and comfort at the same time.

“I…I…I know. I’ve just…never had this…um…happen to me before.” Paxton said, studdering.

“Its fine dude, no one will make fun of you anymore” I said, as I got an idea.

“Here, take my sweatshirt. It can cover most of it, and no one will notice the bottom since your jeans are black.” I said, handing him my red Senators sweatshirt.

“Okay. Thanks.” He said to me. “We’d better get going, it’s already turning night.”

“No problem dude, and I couldn’t agree with you more.”

We walked out of the woods, with no problem. We picked up our sticks, got on our bikes and rode home.

Chapters 2-4

Chapter 2
I had just dropped my bike off with a clink as it hit the concrete as the brisk white snow rained down on top of me in front of my house. Paxton was home, and wasn’t in trouble for his accident that had occured around 15 minutes ago. I saw the plum green pickup in the driveway, which meant that my stepdad was home from work. Me and my stepdad do not have a father-son relationship, we more deal with each other than love each other. I walked up the steps and pushed the door open with a loud creak the old wood does every time I open or close it. My stepdad, Jack, turned his head and looked at me only to turn back to the television quickly, with a mean, grim look on his face. I walked into the kitchen, where my mom was.

“Corban, where have you been!” She told me, obviously annoyed and angry.

“I was at jacobs.” I lied, horribly.

“Sure you were. Than why did Jacob call me and tell me you and Paxton went to the park together to play hockey?”

“Well…um…we” I said, being cut off by Mom grabbing my arm and bringing me to my room

“Your going to come with me to your room and stay there until supper is ready. Do you understand me?” She said with a harsh tone.

“Yes, yes I do!” I said, as she pulled harder.

She set me in my room, where I did some hard needed thinking. I thought about the incident with Paxton, and it brought me to a old memory from when I was 5. It was of me in my bed, at night. I was under my blanket with my hand to my knees. I had always had a weak bladder, that was why I was in shock with Paxton, because it flooded me with bad memories. I always have had bad nightmares too, and that never helped with bedwetting. I saw monsters and stuff when I slept and thought they were real, and that was why I had myself cooped up under a blanket.

Supper came, I sat down at the clear table to eat. Jack was watching something I didn’t really understand what the point was. The cans in front of him indicated he’d been drinking, something i’ve never seen him do before, so I didn’t dare ask what the show was. I just kept shoving food in my mouth to fill my empty stomach. After a very tasty supper, I decided to go upstairs to finish my story I had been reading the night before. I walked up the creaky stairs, more creaky than the door, to my room.
Some time had passed, when I heard shouts from downstairs, and I decided to take a peak. I looked down the stairs, past the kitchen and into the dark, far away living room. I could only see half of what was happening, but Jack and my Mom were arguing in the living room.

“You can’t even control him. He is running crazy in the streets, doing whatever he wants.” Jack insisted, obviously angry.

“I can too control him! I have for all nine years, and I can do it for the rest of it!” My mother yelled back.

“Thats a fucking load of bullshit! Why do you think fucking Danny left you? He realized all the shit you cant fucking do, and taking care of him was one he did not want to deal with!”

“You don’t know why he left me in the first place! I’m so done talking to you right now, your drunk off your god forsaken mind.”

“Like hell we are!” He said, while grabbing her shoulder and pushing here into a wall.

“Stop it! You don’t hit girls!” I yelled with a voice crack.

Jack let go of my Mother and turned to me with a grim, evil look on his aged face.
“What the fuck did you say you supposedly quiet piece of shit!” He yelled as he marched up the stairs, faster than a soldier oblige’s to his commanders order.

“I…I…Said…Nothing, I said nothing” I said, scared out of my mind, slowly walking back to my room.

"You said something, and I want to know what it was! He yelled

I shook so violently, I walked backwards right into my door frame. Just as I was recovering from hitting the frame, He slammed my head into the door, threw me into my bookshelf snapping the wood shelfs like a twig when you step on it. Than, not even a mere second after pushing me into my bookshelf, Jack grabbed me by my neck firmly and pushed me back first into my desk, and I ended up falling thru the center of the desk. I sat stunned, quiet, afraid and unsure of what to do now. I felt something very cold on my pajamas, to look down and see I had an accident. Almost just like Paxton.

“Oh look, great, now the fucking kid is pissing himself!” He said “Hey Linda, add that to the fucking list!” Jack yelled, sticking his head out the door.

After saying that, he left my room and went to his room, slamming the door. I just sat in my wetness silent for about 30 seconds, before starting to cry. My mom came up to check if I was fine, but she never got an answer out of me. She told me it wouldn’t ever happen again, but I was going to have a hard time believing her.

Chapter 3
I didn’t get much sleep that night, with the memories of last night haunting me while I slept, and the nightmares mixed in, I soaked the bed more than I usually do. I took the wet sheets into the laundry room and put them in the washer. I didn’t see Jack that morning while getting ready for school, But I did hear him in the bedroom.
On my way to the corner, my bustop, I began to shiver. I had Boots,Jeans,A shirt and vest, My winter jacket, And my ski cap, but I was always cold. When I got to the bustop, I went next to Paxton who was sitting next to the stop sign, while Jacob was sitting on the other side of the street. I didn’t talk with Paxton nor Jacob all day at school, or after. After I got home from school, I was confused and relieved to see Jacks truck was not in the driveway. I walked thru the door, still as creaky as ever, and set my backpack on the couches end on my way to my room. My mom stopped me and said we needed to talk. She brought me to the dinning room and sat me down, while pulling a chair out for herself and sitting down. She began to explain the situation with us and Jack. She explained that this is his house, and that we can’t just get up and leave, because we don’t have another place to go. She went into some more topics before bringing up my wetting.

“Honey, I know that your sensitive about your accidents, and I understand that, but you know we cant you making your room smell like it’s beginning to. I know that accident with Jack was out of your control, but the others you have to learn to control.”

“But I cant, you know I can’t. I try, but I…just cant.”

“I know you try, but we have to control it somehow, so i’d really like for you to wear some protection just so your room doesn’t smell.”

“What kind of protection, I already have that weird crinkly sheet…”

“Diapers, honey.”

“No, I wont, No! I’m not a baby, I’m almost 10! I can’t wear diapers!”

“You have to dear, I’m sorry, but we can’t have that room smelling like that”

“Please don’t make me Mom, please! I won’t anymore, I promise!” I said, trying to plead with my mother.

“Look, you have to wear them. End of story Corban. I’ll be nice with you if you cooperate with me, but you will wear these for your own good.”

“I hate this place! I’m not wearing them!” I screamed as I stomped out of the room to my room.

When I got to my room, I layed on my bed and screamed into my pillow, letting out the anger of the past two days. It was all too much for me. I decided my options while laying on my bed with tears streaming down my face like a faucet that was stuck on high, cheeks red as fire, and hair all messy.

“I could just deal with it” I whispered to myself “I could also run away, but where?” I whispered

I must have past out from all the stress, because when I woke up, it was night time and the television was on downstairs, meaning Jack was home. I moved my sleeve up my arm to look at my watch, which said it was ten after eleven. I rubbed my eyes, and noticed I wet my self again. I mouthed a curse word upon noticing this. I shut and locked my door and changed into some pajamas, changing my sheets after. Thankfully, I hid a spare of my sheets that my Mother bought for me a few years back, so she didn’t have to wash every day. I quickly put that on as a knock was on my door.

“Who is it?”

“Your mother” She said with a chuckle.

“Just one second!” I responded quickly.

After finishing with the sheet, I went to the door and opened it.
“Boy you really did pass out. You missed supper and everything.”

“Yeah, I was uh… pretty tired from school and stuff.”

“I’d think so. So, are you calmed down now from earlier?”

“I think so.”

“Good, Now i’d get down here or I’ll have to watch the Batman movie all by myself.”

I was exicited as I never got to stay up late. I skipped down the stairs, and on the way asked my Mom if we could have popcorn with it, to which she replied yes.
After the movie was over, I was just about asleep, to which my mom noticed and briskly got me up and moving to go to bed. I thought I was going to my room, so I started walking there. She quickly detoured me into the bathroom.

“Why are we going into the batroom? And why together?”

“Because honey, you need to get a diaper on. Remember?”

“Oh. Can I please not wear one? I’m telling you, I won’t have an accident tonight. I can feel it!” I said, trying to convince my Mother.

“Prove it than. Don’t wet the diaper tonight or tomorrow, and I won’t make you wear one Sunday. Deal?”

Seeing as this was the best I would get, I agreed. She grabbed a Pull-up off the shelf and told me to take my pajamas and underwear off.
“But than i’ll be naked!”

“Coreban, I gave birth to you, now get undressed.” She said, putting one hand on her hip.

I thought. “Fine.”

I took off my Ottawa Senators pajamas and underwear and she preceded to slip the Pull-Up onto me. I noticed the difference in walking almost instantly. It wasn’t alot, but it was still a bit annoying.

“See, hows that feel?”

“Big on my butt”

We both laughed at that. I was suprised at how I could laugh at hard times.
We both went upstairs and I went to bed, trying to find a comfortable position. That night though, the nightmares were something fierce,unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

Chapter 4

I shot up out of my sleep, falling out of bed. Not screaming, but more sort of a yelp. I hit the wood floor with a big thump. As I got up, I noticed my bed or my pajamas weren’t wet, and I silently was shooting with happiness. That was, untill I noticed the bulk in between my legs and on my butt, and remebered about last night. I also noticed it was heavier than I last remember. I walked out of my room and downstairs to the kitchen to eat some cereal. Whilst making the cereal, my Mother was talking to someone at the door. Curious, I walked over to see who it was. When I saw my dad standing there, I ran and hugged him hard.

“Woah. Hey there buddy, your up early.”

“Yeah! I wake up early alot now!” I said fast with excitement.

“Haha thats nice, I’ll talk to you in a minute bud. I’ve got to finish talking to your Mother okay?” My dad told me, bent down to my height,With a bit of a chuckle.

“Okay dad, I’ll be in the kitchen.” I said as I started to walk towards the kitchen.

A few minutes after my Mom and Dad walked into the kitchen. My dad walked over to me and messed up my hair.

“So what have you been up to Core?”

“Oh not alot, I made the East All-Stars, and alot of other stuff.”

“Thats cool, did you guys win your division?” Dad said interested.

“Yep, and coach said with stunning moves!” I said with excitement.

“Very cool bud. Hey look, your mother had an idea. You want to go out to the rink today and shoot around.” Dad suggested.

“Woah really? Right now?!” I said, almost jumping up and down.

“No, not right now. Eat first. We’ve got time.”

“Aw okay. I’ll eat and than we can go?”

“Yes buddy” Dad said with a bit of a laugh

“Awesome. Oh hey, wheres Cordell at? I haven’t seen him in weeks”

“He has been pretty busy. Studies, friends and such. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you see him soon.”

“Oh alright. Well, i’m going to go eat.”

After eating, I went upstairs and put on a Havlat jersey, sweatshirt, jeans, and shoes. I put my skates in my backpack and grabbed my stick and puck, and headed downstairs to meet my dad in the car. Before I met my dad in the car, My Mom took off the soaked diaper, and said thats one day I’m wet. I was ashamed, but I tried to let it go. I met my dad in the car and we began driving to the rink about 15 minutes away. On the way there, I saw Paxton and Jacob hanging out and was instantly confused. But, I quickly forgot about it when I arrived at the rink. My Dad and I shot around for some while, since I had a playoffs game later that day.

“Oh you better watch out! I may be old, but I still have some ability!” My dad said

“Well you can’t get past the Iron Monster! I own this goal and I won’t ever give it up!”

"Oh, I’d like to try mister!

My dad shot the goal and I quickly blocked it with my blocker. Nice block, but easily could have been better.

“Nice block Core!”

“Thanks, I’ve been practicing tons!”

“I’d assume thats why your doing very well than” Dad said with a brisk chuckle.

We played for a few more hours before going home. I told my dad alot of things that ride, but I dont remember anything of the car ride home.
At supper, Mom made porkchops with corn and potatoes. She invitited my Dad to stay, as Jack wouldn’t be home untill later that night. Over dinner, we discussed alot of things such as hockey, school, but it was when my Mom brought up the diapers was I very shocked.

“So did I tell you about Corbans nighttime problem yet Danny?” My Mother mentioned

“Mom!” I said, my cheeks burning red with embarrasment.

“Oh shush, he’s your father. He can know and accept these things.”

“Yes Linda, I’ve known. It’s okay Corban, I know its not your fault. You will get it under control soon.” My dad responded

“I Just don’t think I ever will.” I said, getting up and scraping the food scraps into the garbage. “I’m going to go get my equipment ready.”
With that, I went up to my room and got ready for the big game, and with hope that it would go well.

Chapter 5

Its something you really need to feel to understand. The lights, the ice, the sounds. Its something special I tell you. Today was the big game. If we beat the Knights, we would move on to the Minnesota State Finals. All the stuff that was happening right now in my life. The divorce, new stepdad, fights, diapers. I completely put it out of my mind. Tonight was my time, I was the teams hope to keep our dreams alive. As I walked into the locker rooms with the bag slung over my shoulder, you could already hear everyone above us in the bleachers. I walked into the locker room, and saw my teammates. I didn’t say hello to anyone, as I usually do, and that may have confused a few of my friends. As I was tying my skates up, Paxton came over to me with an odd look.

“I need to talk to you.” He said demandingly

“Is it that important? Cant it wait until after we kick some butt?”

“No. Now. Suit up and meet me in the Ox room.” (What we called a closet down the hallway.) He said

“Gosh, fine. Give me five minutes.”

After the promised five minutes I met Paxton outside the Ox room. It was hard to see, but the Blue and Black jerseys were pretty easy to see in the light darkness.

“What do you need Pax?” I asked as I approached him.

“I know what you did Core. Jacob told me everything, that it wasn’t him. You hit me on purpose!” He whispered in an angry tone.

“What? Are you stupid?! I wouldn’t ever hit anyone, and you out of anyone should know that.”

“Bullcrap. You made me wet myself.”

“No I didn’t Pax, I swear to god.”

“Yes. You did. Now your going to suffer just like I did you backstabber.”

After that, Jacob jumped out of the hallway and into the ox closet, grabbing my hand, while Paxton grabbed the other.
“Say you did it and we let you go!” What sounded like Jacob whispered, the same tone Paxton used, but I had no clue who was talking at this point.

“But I didn’t, just stop. Please. I didn’t! I tried to help you Paxton!” I cried

After the plea, one of them punched me in the gut and the other in my Left leg. I cried out in pain. After that, the sound of the buzzer signaling the start sounded.

“Lucky. We’ll deal with you after the game.” He said as he preceded to walk away. “Oh, and don’t tell anyone what happened, or else.”

After they walked out, I moaned quietly in pain for a few minutes before slowly getting up and walking to the locker room. Seeing as everyone was already out there, I decided I should probably go out there, even though it looks like I’m late. Coach doesn’t like us being late, and usually makes us skate laps. I walked onto the bench to see Jacob and Paxton were on one side of the bench, so I sat on the other. Coach eventually came up to me to ask me why I was late, and to the biggest game of the year.

“Uh. It was family issues…”

“Ok. But late like that again and I’ll make you skate laps after the game. Get me?”

“Yes coach”

I started the 2nd period as goaltender, my normal position. If I had a dollar for every save I made, I’d have, well, 19 dollars. We ended the 2nd period winning 3-1, thanks to my goaltending and offence. Well, the 3rd period turned out to be a ride of a lifetime. Right off the bat, I let in a goal bottom right. It was just too fast to see. The next two were top left snipes, again too fast and perfectly placed for me to reach in time. With around 1:50 left, we were losing 4-3 to the Knights. Our offence was able to tie it 4-4 and force overtime without me letting another one in. Our coach said to huddle and he was going to give us a pep talk.

“Guys. If I see one person out there, scoring goals. Am I happy? Yes. If I see one person passing, am I happy? Yes. If I see everyone scoring goals, and everyone passing, Am I happy? No, I’m much more than happy. So I want everyone to pass, I want everyone to score, I want everyone to try their best and make the best plays. Make better plays than them, than they could even fathom(No clue what that mean at the time). If you want that championship, then do what I say, and lets get us a championship! Maples on 3. 1,2,3”

“Maples!!” All of team at once.

The starters preceded to skate to their position and I skated to the crease.

“This is the moment Core. Dooonnnt mess this up.” I whispered to myself.

The knights won the face-off and passed some, trying to get a pass and score, but it didn’t work on me. We went back and fourth until about 15 seconds left in the game. The knights got the puck and were heading down towards me when I thought they were going to pass, but he faked pass and shot, going straight for the corner. I couldn’t reach it, but out of nowhere Paxton slides, blocking the puck. After blocking, the skates slid straight into the side of my mask, breaking the already broken metal. (Broke from a game weeks before, it was about to fall off.)The metal hit my head, and the last thing I remember was Paxton standing over me smiling, with the rest of the team except Jacob, looking worried.

Chapter 5

A blinding light. A pain in the distance. Was I dead? No. I couldn’t be. It was buildings lights? Yes thats right, it has to be. My vision was starting to clear as I slowly opened my eyes, when a enormous amount of pain struck my left side of my head and I squeeled in pain. I noticed my Father wake up when he heard this, me not even noticing he was here until he got up and told me not to open my left eye.

“Why what happened? What is going on?! Where am I?” I said, panicking.

“Calm down kiddo, calm down. Your in the hospital. One of your teammates skate hit your left side of your head, but nothing is visibly damaged. Your going to be fine.”

“Than why does it hurt so much! It hurts to open my eye!”

“You messed up your nerve pretty bad. You have to keep that left eye closed for awhile.”

"Ok…"I said, calmly, as I realized the situation. “Did we win the game?”

“Haha yes, you guys won 5-4 in overtime.” My dad said laughing. " Don’t move, I’ve got to go get the nurse." He said, then preceding to walk out of the room. I began observing the hospital room and wondering how long I’d been out. There were cards on the table next to the bed, so it must have been enough for someone to send them. My Dad walked into the room with my mom and the nurse, and my Mother came over and hugged me. The nurse checked my vitals and gave me some medicine to help my pain. After all of it was done, and it was just my parents, I Asked how long I’d been in here.

“About 2 days Core.” He said softly. “You got hit and the side of your head had blood everywhere on the ice, and it looked like the skate went into your head, but it didn’t. Thank god. We got you on a stretcher when you got to the doors and took you to the hospital. You didn’t wake up until now.”

“Did anyone but you come and visit?” I asked.

“Well Grandma Jackson came, but other than that no one else.”

“Oh okay, good.” I responded. “I’m kind of feeling tired again, is that bad?”

“No dear, the nurses said you would fall asleep some time to time from the medicine they’re giving you” My Mom responded. “If you want to sleep, don’t resist it. Its okay.”

“Okay than, I guess” I said as I faded back, once again, into the nightmares.

The monster was chasing me down the hallway screaming it would eat me. It wouldn’t stop, I asked it too, it didn’t stop. It wanted to kill me and eat me to pieces. Why did the monster want to kill me? I did nothing! Why does it want me into pieces? I did nothing! It began to eat me as I awoke.

“NOO!” I screamed as I shot up out of the hospital bed, almost scaring my Mother half to death.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” My mom screamed with me as she was abruptly awoken from her sleep. “What’s wrong with you?”

“It…its.i.i.its A monster and he was chasing me, he was trying to eat me, and he wanted…he…want…kill me and chop me into pieces!” I studered,shaking and sweating.

“Its fine, there aren’t any monsters here. I promise.” My Mother said, trying to comfort me.

“Are you sure, you promise? Swear?” I rambled.

“Yes honey, I promise you that there aren’t any monsters here.” She promised.

“O…o…okay” I said, drifting back to sleep. This time, with actual dreams.

Chapter 6

When my parents woke up, I was still laying in bed, watching something that was already on TV. (I don’t remember what it was)

“Well good morning mister.” My mother said

“Good morning.” I said, shifting my position to try and comfort the wet diaper.

“You ready to go home today? Because I’m going to be honest here, hospitals are not my thing” My mom said to me.

“Not my style either Mom” I said, with a laugh.

After a few hours, we were ready to exit the hospital. The doctors recommended I wore a diaper the rest of the day, as the medicine could make me go more often. After long convincing, my Mom got me to wear them. They felt very weird in skinny jeans, but they did hide some, because of my skinny shape, and the pants being loose. I walked to the car, quickly, hoping no one would see me in the diapers.

“I am so not doing anything today, while I have these on” I said as my mom started the car.

“I understand that. You don’t have to either, we have no plans today anyways.”

When we pulled into the driveway, Jack was noticeably home, his plum truck in the driveway. When me and my mom walked inside, he was on the couch, drunk, and I was scared the instant I saw him and didn’t speak around him the rest of the night. It was a rougly quiet meal at supper time, Mom making just macaroni and cheese as she had nothing to make until we went to the store. I was washing my dish, when out of nowhere Jack slams his Nokia on table, with a few curse words.

“They denied me, un fucking believable!” He swore

“What happened?” My mom questioned

“The new position at work. I would have fucking had it if it hadn’t of been for that Yan Chinese shit head.”

“Calm down, you’ll get a good position one day. Don’t worry”

“I know but it doesn’t happen overnight, and it isn’t like I can pull money out of my ass. We are going broke, because since he gets that position, it means I lose mine. It is a confusing process, and its fucking bullshit!” He shouted, slamming the Nokia down a second time.

“We will make it thru it, we always have before.”

“I don’t want to do it again. We were just fine. I’ll figure something out.”

That was all I heard as I walked upstairs to my room to go online and try to find some new book to read before I went to bed. I was looking into some good Firework book when I heard a knock at my door.

“Core, Jacob is at the door.”

“Jacob?” I asked in shock

“Yes, Jacob. You can’t hang out now though, its too late and a school night.”

“I know. I’ll tell him.” I said as I was getting out of my chair

I walked down the creaky stairs to the door where he was standing and slid outside.

“What do you want?” I said in a harsh tone

“Look core, I’m really sorry about how all this happened. I didn’t mean to hurt you like that. Paxton wasn’t supposed to slide into you at all.” He said

“Well he did, and now I can’t even open my left eye!” I said in a mad whisper.

“Forgive me bro, it was him, not me. I just helped.”

“You ratted me out and got me grounded for the night, got me beat up by my two best friends, Sent to the hospital and almost lost an eye. Oh I’ll totally forgive you.” I said sarcastically.

“You don’t need to get all sarcastic about it” He said.

“Well I am, and I don’t need to ever again because I hate you and I’m never talking to you again.” I said, walking inside and wiping my snowy feet on the mat. I stomped up to my room, with a small yell from Jack to stop, but I didn’t. I went upstairs and slammed my door and fell onto my bed, staring at the ceiling. That was only for some few seconds before my door swung open.

“Who the fuck do you think you are stomping around my house and slamming my doors.” Jack yelled.

I didn’t respond out of fear.

“Well, what. Answer me!” He yelled louder.

“I didn’t mean to, I was mad.” I admitted

“Well do it again, and I’ll rip your smart ass head off that troll body of yours!” Jack yelled as he walked out, and ironically slamming the door on his way out.

I did fall asleep later, and didn’t have nightmares. But, all good things have to happen. Some just take time.

Chapter 7
I woke up that morning and rubbed my eyes. I sat up and checked my diaper, then twice, then three times and found out I was dry! I shot up and ran down stairs to my mom in the kitchen, tugging her sleeve telling her I was dry last night.

“Awesome core, now just one more night and you don’t have to wear the diapers anymore!”

“Oh I know, I can’t wait!” I said, as I jumped up and down.

“Okay rabbit, go get ready for school.” She said

“On it!” I said hopping to the stairs and up them, hearing my mom laugh behind me made me smirk.

At the bus stop, Jacob and Paxton were giving me all kinds of dirty looks. As I stood there, I could see them look at me than whisper back to one another. I didn’t understand what they were talking about. When I got on the bus, they were the first ones and I was last. I went to get on the bus, and when I did they tripped me and I hit my shoulder hard, but I was quite alright. I got up and stared at them until I sat down. Luckily, there were few people on the bus so no one laughed at me. The ride home was quiet. Around half way thru the ride, I all of the sudden had to pee pretty bad. I was about 5 minutes from home, So I could hold it for sure. As we got to my stop, I got off and started walking towards my house, when I heard Paxton yell my name.

“Stop, come here!”

I couldn’t run as I had to hold myself somehow. When he finally caught up, he stood in front of me, looming over me.

“Why you running away, are you scared of me?”

“I’m not scared of you, I just want to get home.”

“Well I said after the game, and you left me. So I’m going to finish it here!”

I knew what was going to happen, and I did something I hadn’t ever done to someone before. I punched Paxton, right in the nose. He fell backwards, coughing and I ran as fast as I could to my house while holding myself. As I got to my house, I started walking up the steps and opened the door. There wasn’t anyone home it looked like.

“Hello? Mom? Jack?”

No one answered, but as I turned and closed the door, Mom came out of the back room.

“Hey Core”

I was so scared, I jumped and walked backwards into the door. At this moment, I couldn’t control it anymore and I wet myself right there. I soaked straight thru my jeans and all over the floor, and into my shoes. I sat on my knees and cried until my Mom came over and the peeing stopped.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t do anything about it. I was holding it and then you just jumped out and I couldn’t, I’m sorry really!” I said as I cried. My mom didn’t respond but just hugged me and patted me on the back. Jack walked in at that moment and saw what happened.
“Oh fuck this.” He grabbed my arm and started to drag me to my room. It came out of nowhere and I yelped while I tried to get away from him. I started kicking and then I punched his gut with my other hand.

“You little shit!” He said as he grabbed me by my waist and threw me into the wall and started punching me, like a wrestler would punch a punching bag in practice. Faster, Harder, Faster, Harder. I saw nothing, but I did hear my Mother scream in the background. Just nothing, It was like a void of blackness with sound. As I faded further away, it kept feeling more and more like a Pain in the Distance.

Chapter 8

I woke up again in the same spot, not able to move my left arm. It was covered in blood, so was my chest. My shirt was tattered on me, many holes, rips and tears from the altercation. I looked around, and saw no truck in the driveway. I breathed a sigh of relief as he was gone. I couldn’t see my mother anywhere, but I didn’t worry for some reason. I looked down and saw I had wet some more, the smell was radiating from my pants now. I weaselled onto my side trying to get up. My body was sore all over, so it was very hard to do. When I did get up, the first thing I did was change my pants. I put the jeans on and a new shirt, and limped over, down the stairs. I grabbed Jacks Nokia, put my watch on my good arm, and opened up the door. I started to walk to Jacobs house, seeing as I didn’t have a choice. When I got there, he was surprised to see me. He saw all the blood on my hand and the cuts on my face and asked what happened?

“Its a long story, can you just ask your Mom to help please? I don’t know what to do. Like, at all.” I said, staring at the ground

“Yeah dude hold on, stay here.” He said as he yelled for his mom, jogging towards where she was. Jacob returned in a few seconds with his Mom

“Woah, that’s a lot of blood. What in gods name happen Corban?” Jacobs mom asked.

I explained what happen with jack, but leaving out the parts where I wet myself.

“That’s terrible. Well, your more than welcome to stay here until its all resolved.”

That took me as a shock. I didn’t have a diaper and I didn’t want to wet myself in front of Jacob.

“I really couldn’t, I probably should stay at my house incase my Mom comes home.” I told her.

“Corban, You can stay here and I really insist you do for your safety.”

“Okay, fine. I just have to grab some stuff from my house first.” I said.

“I’ll drive you.” Jacobs mom insisted.


When I got to my house, still no one there. I walked up stairs and packed pajamas, a t-shirt, and a diaper into my bag.

“I can’t believe I’m going to wear these by will.”

I zipped up my bag and put on my winter clothes. With that, I walked out to the van and got in. While I was at Jacobs, it was eerie. I’d never slept over at a friends house and I didn’t expect it to be like this my first time. I was brought in and she cleaned my cuts, me flinching with each one. It all seemed fine at first, me and Jacob played some Gamecube. I didn’t have one at my house, so Jacob taught me how to play it. It was pretty fun. Jacobs mom made us some kind of crackers that were super sweet and tasted like honey with chocolate and carmel. His mom had always been a good baker. When it was time for bed, I went into the bathroom to put on my diaper. I slipped in on, firm and snug. It felt weird with me doing it, as I was used to my Mom. I pulled my pajamas over it and walked out, and sat down to play a bit more Gamecube with Jacob. He didn’t notice my diaper under my pajamas. During the night, I wasn’t able to keep it dry, I soaked it until it leaked. It leaked all over Jacobs top bunk, and there was a noticeably wet area when I woke up. I started to panic, not knowing what to do. My pajamas and the bed were wet, and Jacob was awake and I had no clue where he was. I swiftly tried to slip down the bed and into the bathroom, but Jacob walked into the room as I was slipping out eating an apple. He just kind of stared.

“Um, I Kind of had…an accident dude.”

After some silenece, Jacob spoke “I see. What is that bulge under your pajamas than?”

“Oh thats um my diaper, so I dont actually have an accident, but it didn’t work.”

“Oh okay.” He said and walked past me, finishing his apple.

I didn’t understand. Why didn’t he say anything mean? I was confused, and trying to figure it out as I put on my underwear and jeans, and left the bathroom. I grabbed my bag and told Jacob I was going home to which he replied a simple Ok. I walked home, wondering the whole way.

The thought. Just the very thought of someone else knowing my dark secret was enough to keep me up all night the next night. It just kept me cold inside, knowing he had dirt on me and I had none on him. Were we really friends? Or were we actually enemies? The answer to myself was still blurry. Although nothing out of the ordinary happened that week except for Jacks usual drunken arguements towards my mother, nothing physical, it was normal for once. It was on the next thursday when it all changed dramaticly. I was laying on my bed, staring at the ceiling and tossing a ball in the air trying to think of something that rhymed with orange (I was stubborn on the fact that there wasn’t something that rhymed with it) when I heard a big shatter and a scream. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to see what happened. I ran down the rickety old steps to the kitchen where I saw my mother holding her head with blood pouring from it. For my age, I was smart in these situations due to Boy Scouts. I quickly grabbed something to stop the bleeding and told my mother to put pressure on it. I ran to the bathroom and grabbed peroxide, with that I went back to the kitchen and told my mom to hold still, as I poured some on a cloth and dabbed at her wounds. When I had finished up, I led her to her bedroom and told her to sit down, not to lie down.

“Wh…what hap…pened…” I asked in a studdering voice.

“It was nothing sweetie, I just had a pan fall on me is all.”

“But should I call someone? Police? Ambulance? Someone?”

“I’ll be fine, I was just a bit dazed.” She said in a claming tone.

“Okay…But if you need anything tell me…”

“Of course.”

I shuffled back to my room and just sat down and tried to process all that. My mind was racing too fast for a nine year old. After that event happened, my mother was up and running again in mere hours, making dinner for us. I went and sat down in the living room to watch the hockey game on TV. I saw Jack there too, but he was watching the game too so it didn’t matter. We didn’t speak and I liked it that way. When dinner was done, my mom told us to come get some, and that she was going to go lie down.

“Corban, can you get yourself ready tonight? I really need some rest.”

“I can, I promise.” I said, happy that I could do it on my own for the first time.

“Just remember what I did and do it yourself. If you need help, ask Jack or ask me.”

“Okay mom” I said as I made my plate.

It was around 10:30 when I decided to go to bed. I stayed up later than usual because my mom was asleep. I walked up stairs and shut my door and went to lie down, when I forgot I had to diaper myself.

“It can’t be that hard I’m sure.” I whispered to myself.

I scuffled over to the dresser and pulled out a diaper. It had prints of the Incredible’s on them and I thought that was pretty cool. I opened it and it looked big. I stripped down and tried to put it on, but it didn’t work. It took me about 15 minutes before I was able to get the diaper on. They must have been new ones, because they were thicker in between my legs. I put on my pajamas and slipped into bed. I eventually drifted off to sleep, but what awaited me in my dream may not be so far from reality.

Black. The strippening blackness of my own mind, hollow. I eventually comprehended what was happening, and came to reality. I sat up, but it wasn’t my room. It was a hospital room. I stood and walked out of the room. It had cracked tiles, broken lights, carts astray, and more.

“What happened here…?” I mumbled.
A creek, gave me such a shudder. I turned briskly and I saw a black shadow rising over me with red eyes. I stood there paralyzed. I started wetting my pants, but I was too shocked to notice. As soon as the shadow shot towards me, I woke up. I was sweaty, the blankets were on the floor and my diaper was soaking wet so bad that it had leaked. I gave a sigh and sat up. I shuffled over to the window and saw it was snowing outside. I walked to my dresser and stripped down to my diaper. I took it off and put on some underwear, jeans, a navy blue turtle neck, and my winter boots. I grabbed my bookbag and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and other things. When I was done, I went downstairs. I sat down on the couch and turned on some cartoons, waiting for my mother to wake up. (Yes I was self-sufficent). It was around 6 o’clock when my mother woke up. She came downstairs, and asked if I wanted some breakfast.

“No thanks mom, I’m going to eat at school.” I said.

“Okay hun, just make sure you make the bus. Also hun, I really think you should wear a diaper to school today. You have been having accidents lately.”

“But mom, I don’t want everyone to find out!”

“Core, it’s too early. You are putting one on, final.”

“Fine!” I said, marching upstairs, and putting a diaper on.

When I got to the bus stop, Paxton looked at me with a dirty glaze but Jacob put a stop to that by coming over to me.

“Hey bro” He said standing next to me.

“Oh, um hey Jacob.” I said, staring at my feet.

“I just want to let you know, I won’t tell anyone about what happened at the sleepover. It’s between us.” He whispered to me.

“Really? Thanks man, you don’t know how worried I was!” I whispered back.

I walked on the bus with Jacob and sat all the way in the back. (Because this was SOOO important back than, I’m not even fucking kidding you I have seen people fight for the back seat.) We were sitting there and halfway thru, I was looking out the window and Jacob tapped me on the shoulder.

“Dude, look what my cousin gave me” He said, pulling out a Gameboy from his coat pocket.

“No way, that’s awesome!” I said.

“Yeah! I have Pokemon for it, don’t have alot on it yet, but I can get more.” He said enthusiasticly.

Chapter 9

It was around 12 o’clock and we were heading down to lunch. When we got our food and sat down, me and Jacob were talking when Paxton walked over and pushed my face into my lunch. He walked away laughing. I sat there crying, but not making a sound. Thankfully, no one seemed to notice except a few people at my table, but I knew them all so they didn’t really laugh at me. Jacob handed me his napkin to try and get the potatoes off my face. After I got the food off my face, I wiped the tears with my hand.

“You’ve gotta do something about this. Paxton is gonna keep bullying you.” Jacob said.

“But I can’t fight him, he is flipping huge!” I said, making hand gestures.

“No no, not fight him. We can make his grades bad, make other stuff bad.”

“But I don’t know how to do any of that.” I said

“Trust me, I’ll help you.”

When we were walking to recess, Jacob was pulled to do makeup work with the teacher. So that meant I was alone. I had a ball, and a wall. I knew no one else well enough, so I threw the ball and tried to aim at a certain spot. I did well, but during it, once again Paxton came up to me and pushed me down onto the concrete.

“What are you doing? Where’s your little buddy Jacob? Not here to protect you? Now we need to finish what we started!”

Paxton punched me right in the face and I fell backwards into the brick wall. A kid named Hayden from my class ran over and pushed Paxton away from me.

“Stop punching him!” He yelled at him.

“What do you want Hater? You want some too?!” He said, as he got up.

“Bring it. You aren’t punching him again!”

As this all transpired, I sat in the corner crying. I wet my diaper while I was crying, making it very wet, and a bit noticiable under my jeans. I didn’t care, I just cried. A teacher ran over and took Hayden and Paxton to the principals office. Another teacher, Mrs. Pollon came over to me.

“Corban, are you alright? What happened?” He asked concerned.

“I…I was sitting here, th…th…throwing a b…ball against the wall. Paxton came over a…and hit me. Hayden came and helped me.” I said this, all while looking at my crotch. I didn’t know if I should tell the teacher about my diaper.

“Its okay, come with me Corban. Lets get you to the nurse.”

When we arrived at the nurses office, she told me to sit on the bench and wait. I saw Paxton and Hayden in the next room, talking to the principal. I hoped Hayden doesn’t get in too much trouble. It was around 10 minutes before the nurse brought me into her office.

“Okay Corban. So I hear you got yourself in a bit of a scuffle huh?”

“Yes Ms. Baymen.”

“Alright. Lets get that blood off you.”

She wiped the blood up with a wet cloth and some peroxide. It burned and I winced when she put it on. When we were done, she came up to and leaned down.

“Corban, your mother told me about your protection. I want you to know you don’t need to worry. If you ever need anything, you ask a teacher to come to me. Alright?”

“Okay…um I kinda did have…an um accident during the fight.” I said, shyly.

“Alright, it’s okay. Let me get you a pull-up and you can go change here in the nurses bathroom.”

She handed me a plain white pull-up with a blue line in the crotch, to tell when it was wet. I noticed it was much more bulkier than my other diaper. I went to the bathroom and stripped down. I put the diaper on. It covered everything, even my whole bottom. It was super bulky and I was afraid someone would make fun of me. After I put on my jeans, they clearly showed I was wearing a diaper. My bottom stood out and didn’t move when I walked. I put on my turtle neck and sweater, and they covered alot of my bottom and front, so no one really saw it. I sighed, and walked out. I was suprised when it barely made any crinkle noises.

“Okay, I put it on.”

“Alrighty, go ask Mrs. Pollon to take you back to class.”


I walked out and Mrs. Pollon took me back to class. Everything went well and no one made fun of me or seemed to notice. I had no other accidents that day, and when I went home I noticed Jack never came home. Atleast something was good today.

Chapter 10

The next weeks were slow, and almost normal. No fights, no accidents. I was out of diapers a few weeks after that fight. It was on a Tuesday. The snow was falling outside, family was over for Christmas, mom was cooking her special Christmas dinner. It was peaceful. I was sitting next to the window with my cousin Vanessa staring out the window, watching the blizzard fall on the cars and streets. We made fictional bets on what car or mailbox or other object would get snow covered first. I lost alot of it, because Vanessa was 14 and I was only 9. When my cousin Damien ran upstairs and jumped onto my bed and said dinner was ready, while throwing my pillows at me, I tried to say okay in between my laughing.

“You really suck at aiming, you know that right?” Vanessa said to Damien

“No I’m not, I could hit your fat head from a mile away, guarnteed!” Damien replied.

"Ha! After dinner, me and you, downstairs, soccer. (We had one room in our basement that was unfinished and I used it for a indoor soccer room with a little net.)

“Fine, you better wear a helmet because i’m going to rock you!”

When we got downstairs, there were family gathered at every table. I sat at the kids table and ate some Golden Chicken, cord, potatoes, green beans, and this weird thing my mother made. She never told me the recipe and still hasn’t but damn it sure was good. We were watching the Ottawa Senators take on the Montreal Canadians. (This is a pretty big game, rivals) My family was huge on hockey. Everyone played it. I was the second best in the family, with 3 all star games, and 4 championships. My brother was first with 5 all star games and 6 championships, but he was older. We were watching TV when a blizzard warning came on the TV.

"Well golly, bout damn time they told us! I was beginning to wonder what this gosh darn white stuff was, raining from the skys!
Everyone laughed. It was a fun time.

When we were done me, Vanessa, Damien, and my brother went downstairs to do the Damien and Vanessa head dare thingy. My brother had the camera and we laughed everytime Vanessa whacked Damien in the head with the ball. Her sport was soccer, and she was very good at it. Vanessa ended up winning the bet when Damien had to sit down due to dizziness. After he recovered, we went upstairs and my mother told me we were all going to stay here tonight, so make room, and that she wanted all the kids to lay down upstairs.

“Theres the family room and Corbans room upstairs.” Said my mother.

All the kids started mumbling, shouting, talking at once.

“Quiet!” My mother shouted. “Now, we are going to do it like this. Boys in Corbans room, and girls in the Family room. Sound fair?”
All the kids mumbled a quiet yes.

We all ran upstairs, the boys at least. I jumped into my bed and all the other boys grabbed some blankets and laid them out on the floor. I was a bit worried since I drank alot today and I hadn’t gone to the bathroom yet, but I didn’t know what to do since my diapers were in my closet, and I didn’t want everyone to know. So, I walked downstairs to my mom and whispered it to her.

“Hey mom, I drank alot today and I haven’t gone to the bathroom yet. I tried to go, but I can’t. Should I wear a diaper?”

“Thats up to you dear.”

She obviously had some drinks, since this was “Adult time” and had been for a few hours.

“But everyone is in my room, where they’re at.”

“Theres spares under the sink in the upstairs bathroom.”

“Oh, cool, thanks.”

I ran upstairs and secretly slipped into the bathroom. I stripped, and put on a diaper. It felt weird to have one on for the first time in awhile, I had forgotten how bulky they looked under my pj’s. The pj’s were old, from when I was 6 and 7. I was very small for my age and they still tightly fit me. But, it made the diaper look very bulky under my pj’s. I unlocked the door and as soon as I opened it, Vanessa was tapping the railing.

“Whatcha doin?”

“Oh geez, you scared me. I was just using the bathroom.”

“You were huh??”

“Yea I was. Why?”

“No reason.” She said she pulled my pj’s waist down a bit, exposing my diaper.

I quickly slapped her hand away, and looked up at her in horror.

“What the hell did you do that for!” I said, shocked at my own words

“I’m sorry, really.”

“God, stay away!” I said, flipping out.

I ran back to my room and shuffled thru the maze of bodies on the floor. I slipped into my bed and stared at the ceiling.

“Pssst” Damien signaled

“What Damien” I whispered back.

“What was that yelling about dude?”

“Nothing, It probally was just the adults.” I responded.

“Oh okay. You sure?”

“Yes damien! I’m sure!” I snapped.

“Okay okay geez, fine. Goodnight…”

“Night” I responded.

I fell asleep, dreaming Christmas dreams.

Chapter 11

I woke up. Everyone was still asleep, and I was one of the first up, as usual. I sat up,rubbed my eyes and streched. I noticed I was dry and smiled. I walked thru the maze of bodies again, and into the hallway. I went downstairs and turned on some cartoons. I was laying on the couch, and about 15 minutes into Danny Phantom, Chasity woke up and came downstairs.

“Hey, morning Core.”

“Hi Chas, Good morning to you too.”

She walked past me and her pants got caught on a nail sticking out. It pulled the side of her pants down a bit and showed the sides of a pink diaper. I just stared in shock. She looked back and blushed red. I was the first to speak.

“You…you too? You wear them too?” I asked, sitting up.

“Yes. I’ve worn them all my life at night. You?”

“I use to wear them all night and all day, but I stopped having accidents. I only wear them sometimes when I drink alot at night and can’t go to the bathroom.” I replied.

“Oh okay. No one knows?”

“Vanessa, but only because she pulled my pajamas down and exposed them.”

“Oh…Okay. Well, I am going to go back upstairs. Bye Core…”

“Bye chas.”

By 11 o’clock, everyone was up and leaving. I was sitting in my room, at my desk reading when Damien came in.

“Hi dude, I wanted to say sorry about last night.”

“Oh, uh yeah, its cool.” I said, putting my book down.

"Oh, also, do you want to go with me and Vincent to my house? We just got our rink finished outside. (He lived on a farm.)

“Sure, did my mom say its okay already?”

“Yeah, she said if you wanted to, to ask you.”

“Sure, I’ll go. Let me pack.”

“Cool. I’ll be downstairs.”

After he walked out, I shut and locked the door. I grabbed my backpack and packed 2 changes of clothes, my camera, and some books. As I was zipping it up, I saw the diapers. I didn’t want to wear them, so I didn’t grab any. I walked downstairs and met with Damien.

“Ready?” Damien asked.

“Yep, lets go.” I replied.


Chapter 12

When we arrived at the Vanguard family farm, it was very pretty with the snow covered trees and barns. We unloaded and went inside. Damien took me up to his room and I sat my stuff in the corner. Damien asked me if I wanted to go downstairs and check out his new sticks. I agreed. When he took me down there, he had a nice Bauer stick. I don’t remember the exact kind. We played some knee hockey with his old set. It was torn up some, but we made it work. He was the player, and I was the goalie. I went 4/38. I’m pretty good. It was knee hockey, and small wasn’t a disadvantage like in a real game. I didn’t have to stretch as much as I usually do.

“Hey bro, can we get something for lunch. I’m starving.”

“Sure dude, lets go make some sandwiches.”

We went upstairs and made ourselves some ham and cheese sandwiches. They were delicious. Damiens Dad asked us to help the cows in the barn. I had never milked a cow before, so I agreed. I walked out side and tried to march towards the snow. While I was walking, I felt something cold run down my leg. I looked down, and saw I had wet myself. I froze. Damien looked at me and instantly started laughing, when his dad looked at me he understood what happened. He took me inside and he gave me some spare clothes. While walking upstairs, I told him what happened.

“I didn’t even feel it happened. It just happened!”

“Its okay kiddo, I understand. You don’t think it will happen again will it?”

“No way it will, promise!”

“Alright. I’ll get you some of Damien’s jeans to wear. They’re a bit big on you, but they will do.”

He got me some jeans and I quickly changed into them. I went back outside and helped to milk the cows. When we were done, Damiens Dad took us inside for some hot chocolate. When I asked where his mom was, he said she was at work. Me and Damien, after finishing our Hot Chocolate, went into the living room and we all watched a movie. I don’t remember it, its faint. I fell asleep while watching the movie, and wet myself while I was asleep. Damien also fell asleep, but his dad woke me up first.

“Hey kiddo, you had another accident.”

“Oh i’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to, and its on your couch and everything!” I replied.

“Calm down, its alright. Come upstairs with me.”

He brought me upstairs and into his room. He reached into the closet and came out with a diaper.

“Why do you have this?”

“Chasity stays the night alot. They’re girl diapers, but they will help. You do know about Chasity right?”

“Yes I do. I found out at the party.” I replied.

“So, will you wear them?”

“Fine, yes, I will.”

I grabbed the diaper from him and went to the bathroom. I slipped the diaper on and poured some baby powder. I pulled the diaper up and tight. I slipped my jeans on, and since the jeans were baggy you couldn’t even tell I had it on. Damiens dad asked if I wanted to go home, since all the events, and I replied with yes. On the way there, my stomach growled. I didn’t know why since I had ate already. Than I thought about something I’d never though would happen. Number 2. I thought to myself that there was no way I was going to poop myself. So I squeezed my bottom together and focused on not pooping. When I got home, I got up and grabbed my bag. I waved bye to Damiens dad. As he left, I started to run towards the door. Just as I opened the screen door, It exploded. It was all mushy and hot. It felt disgusting to me at the time. I started to cry as it all came out. As soon as I was done pooping, I began to pee too. I cried harder than I’d ever had. I reluctently opened the door to the house and tried to slip up to my bedroom but it didn’t work.

“Corban, is that you? Your home early.”

“Um yeah, Uh Damien was sick so his Dad brought me home…”

“Oh Core you didn’t!!” She said as she walked into the room.

I began to cry again. I was a 9 year old, standing in a full diaper, with pee and poop.

“Thats it. I’m so sick of this. This is where I draw the line.”

She grabbed my hand and yanked me upstairs. She sat me on my desk chair and the poop mushed all around my butt. I sobbed.

“You stay there, I’ll be back.”

I sat there half sobbing and half full crying for around 10 minutes. She came back with a handful of diapers, baby powder, and wipes.

“Get on your bed, now.”

I obliged. She cleaned up the poop and pee and gave me a fresh diaper. I cried. She powdered me and taped the diaper up and sat me up.

“Core, listen. Your wearing these until your dry for a straight two weeks. Do you understand?”

I just sobbed and sniffled, didn’t respond.

“Do you understand?!” She shouted.

“Yes…” I mumbled.

“Good. Now your grounded to your room for the night. You leave this room, and you will be in big big trouble. If you need to use the bathroom, yell downstairs and than you can come out when I say so. Got it?”


“Good.” She said, than preceeding to walk out of my room.

I stared down at myself in just a diaper. I looked like a baby. I had accidents like a baby. Did I act like one? I don’t know, I just cried alot, so I guess that considers myself a baby. I put on some sweatpants since I wasn’t leaving anywhere and layed in my bed and read. Reading always calmed my nerves. Sometime during the book, I fell asleep. The last I remember was “Don’t act like you love your loved ones if thats how you aren’t going to treat them”.

[Short chapter. I made a big addition to my other story “Crashes and Repercussions.” I will post a link at the end of this chapter bc i’m too lazy to get it now.]

Chapter 12 1/2

I was sitting in my room reading a book when I heard Jack come home. I hoped my mother didn’t tell him what had happened. I was afraid of what might happen again. I heard him come upstairs and thankfully, go to his room. I heard my mother come upstairs and come into my room. She opened the door and peaked in.

“May I come in?”

“I guess.”

She walked in and sat at the edge of my bed.

“Look core, I know it isn’t your fault your having these accidents, but it needs to be put under control. I’ve made up a plan to help. If your dry at night, you won’t have to wear them during the day. But, if you are wet, you will wear them all day. Keep them dry for a week and you won’t have to wear them. Deal?”

“Okay…fine. But i’m not on board with this thing completely…”

“I don’t expect you to be, but it is the easiest solution for us all.”

She began to walk out of my room, but I stopped her.

“Wait, before you go, can you not tell Jack about this? He might get mad, or something, like before.”



She shut the door, and I finished my book. For the record, they had a lot of missed points in that story they never covered. I could have wrote it better. I guess it just sums up some books, some are good and some are just terrible. That one, was okay. Middle. In between. I put the book on my desk and tried to sleep. The snow outside was nice to stare at and I could do it for hours. The way it lushed up against the glass in the darkest of night, and the way it fell, was just beautiful to me. It helped me fall asleep in the winter, and that was why winter was my favorite season. I watch the snow fall, and I closed my eyes and drifted off into a actually peaceful sleep.

[F]Crashes and repercussions: https://abdlstoryforum.info/forums/index.php/topic,6945.0.html

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When I woke back up, the time had flown. It was around 4 o’clock and there was no way I could go back to sleep. I had wet the bed, no suprise there. I slowly got up and changed into a fresh diaper. Good thing my mother had gotten the pull-ups. I walked out of the room and into the bathroom, the least I could try and do. After, seeing as no one was up yet, I walked downstairs to watch some tv. It was the weekend after all. I just watch some random shows, none I had heard before when I heard someone upstairs. I quickly looked at the clock and saw it was around 5, the time Jack leaves for work. I quickly turned off the television and ran into the closet, but I wasn’t fast enough.

“What in the hell are you doing up?” He asked, in his “normal” tone.

“Um, I just couldn’t sleep so I came down to watch TV…” I replied, head towards my feet.

“Look, at me when your talking to me, not the floor.”

I repeated what I’d said, but this time half looking at him and he accepted it. I knew I was going to get beat. He grabbed me by my shoulder and brought me back to my room, and sat me on my bed.

“Go to sleep, unless you want a woopin.”

“Yes sir.”

He walked out, without anything else. Either a miracle just happened or Jacks a little short on time. I needed sleep anyways. I had the big hockey game tomorrow that decided if we went to finals or not. I was scared about what my teammates would say about the diapers, but I figured I could work something out with my Coach. I slept in my bed, and for the first time since I was a baby, found myself sucking my thumb.

The night went quite fast. I woke up around 11, very unusual for me but expected with how late I was up. When I went downstairs, my mom was sitting at the dining room table reading the newspaper and drinking her coffee.

“Morning Mom.” I greeted.

“Your up quite late. Sleep in for once?”

“Yeah.” I lied.

“You have that big game tonight don’t you?”

“Yes, what about it?”

“Your still going right?”

“Duh, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” I sat, sitting down on the chair and forgetting I had a wet diaper on, and it mushed everywhere. I made a face.

“Good. You need a change i’m guessing?”

“Um yeah, But I can do it myself.” I said, getting out of my chair.

“Okay. Top shelf in the bathroom. Use those diapers for the daytime.”

“Oh, um, okay.” I said, walking up the stairs.

When I got into the bathroom and pulled the diapers down, they were very big, and were light blue with stripes down the middle. I shut the door and took off my pants and underwear, and tried it on. It crinkled with every step I took, it scared me. I put my pants back on over it, and it clearly stood out on my butt, but not at all really in my front. I went out of the bathroom and back downstairs, and showed my mother what it looked like.

“Is it really noticeable?”

“No honey, not that much. You’ll be fine, no one looks at a butt and instantly says they have a diaper on. I promise you’ll be fine.” She said.

“Okay than, I just hope your right. Oh, also, can you call coach and ask if I can change in the bathroom or something there?”

“Why don’t you just change here?”

“I’d sweat so much in the car though.”

“It would save you the embarrassment though wouldn’t it?”

“Yeah it would, your right. Okay, I will change here. But you have to have the air on like full blast when you take me there okay?”

“About that, I can’t take you. Your going with Jacob and his mom.”

“Oh…Okay. Can you be there for the game?”

“I’m afraid not hun.”

“Well why not? Its one of the biggest games of the year!” I exclaimed.

“I have a job interview. It is really important that I get this, and it just happen to fall on the same day as your big game. I’m sorry about that, not in my control”

I sighed. “It’s okay.”

I asked my mom if I could use her phone and she handed it to me. I called Jacob and asked if he wanted to hang out, and he said to meet at the park in 15 minutes. I hung up and handed the phone back and went upstairs to change into my clothes. When I got to the park, you couldn’t hear my diaper crinkle under the stomp of my feet in the snow. You could also hardly see it because of the bulky snow pants.I saw Jacob throwing a ball against a wall. I ran up to him.

“Hey dude.”

“Hey Core. Goalie?”

“Yep. But I didn’t bring my pads.”

“That’s alright, ball won’t kill you.”

We played a simple shootout game until we saw Paxton riding down the street. Everywhere we went, he seemed to be. It was like the universe was playing a sick game of hide and seek, and we sure as hell were losing. He saw us and rode over. We stopped our game and Jacob walked up to him.

“Pax go away. We aren’t your friends anymore!” He yelled.

“Shut up Jacob! This isn’t your problem unless you want it to be!” He yelled back.

“If it’s his problem, it’s mine too!”

“Fine. I’ll kick both of your butts!”

He pushed Jacob out of the way and into the snow. He didn’t expect it, so he took it hard. Pax ran over to me, and I quickly started to run away. Pax dove and landed on top of me, and started punching me in the face. Jacob ran towards me and nailed Pax in the side of the head. Paxton was dazed and confused (pun to a song) and was down and out (again lol). I was still on the ground, and I had started to wet my diaper. I knew no one would notice, but I still blushed. Ignoring that I was peeing uncontrollably, I got up and started to run towards the direction of my house until I realised I couldn’t just leave Jacob. I ran back and Jacob was against the wall, Paxton holding him. I grabbed the hockey stick and wacked Paxton in the side of the head and continuously hit him until Jacob stopped me. The side of Paxton’s head was bleeding bad, and he was crying.

“Stop screwing with us Paxton! I never do that! You made me!” I yelled at him. I tapped Jacob shoulder.

“We’ve gotta go. Now.”

“Good thought.” He replied, running towards his bike, and I running towards my house.

When I got to my house, my mother saw me and ran over to me.

“What in gods name happen to you this time?!” She exclaimed, gapsing.

“Paxton tried to jump us, and I got away but I ran back to help Jacob and I beat Paxton up with a hockey stick.”

“Your nose is gushing blood core!”

I hadn’t noticed that, but now that I put my nose to it and looked, it was sure full of it.

“Come with me” She said, grabbing my hand and pulling me into the kitchen. She began with dabs but turned it into wipes over time. It stopped bleeding after about 20 minutes of it.

“There. All better. Core, I want you to know I’m glad you finally stood up for yourself. You can run and run all you want, but it won’t get you anywhere. Fighting isn’t the best option I would’ve chose, But at least hopefully he will stop bullying you now.”

“I hope so…”

At dinner time, and after Jack was home, nothing of the day’s events were discussed. I had my hockey finals in two hours and I was super excited. I was the team’s goalie, a very important role. Jacob on defense and me in goalie were an iron wall in our county and we were one of the top youth teams in the state. (Not anymore in 2016!! :c) If we could pull off this win, we would be the upset underdogs, and that is a fun title to have bragging rights about. Although I don’t brag, it always a satisfying feeling to know that I have stuff to do so, when the mood and time are right. When dinner was finished, I went up to my room to get changed into a fresh diaper and my hockey gear. When I was finished, it was hard to tell that I had a diaper on again. The hockey pants were bulky as is. I went downstairs and showed my mom.

“Looks great core! Good luck tonight!” She said, smiling.

“Thanks Mom.”

It was about fifteen minutes before Jacob’s mother arrived. I got into the backseat with him, and whispered if he had told his mother about the fight. He said no. We got to the rink and went into the locker rooms. I sat down and tied my skates tight, and my blocker and glove tight as well. Just before going onto the ice, our coach gave a speech. (WIll do my best to remember it)

“Now. All of you here tonight, want to win right? If you want to win, you gotta aim for that goal and score goals. You gotta defend your team like your family. You, yourself, have to make the decisions that will give or get goals on that scoreboard. You want to win? Than go out there, and earn it. I don’t think we’ve gotten this far on some lucky shots now have we? We’re the maples. We have luck, of course, who doesn’t, but it doesn’t carry us thru our games. We have teamwork, skill, aim. We know how to play the game of Hockey the way it was meant to be played! We know what to do, when to do it, and how to execute it. This is a big moment. One day, you’ll tell your kids this that when I was 9 or 10, I went to finals. Did you win? Doesn’t matter. You went there. Only two teams a year can say that. But, only one can say they won. Now, lets be one of those teams. Maples on three.”

“One, two, three Maples!!” The team yelled.

We walked out onto that ice with pride and teamwork on the top of our minds. We were ready to win.

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