Upcoming emergency down time tonight

Sorry for the short notice on this, but it’s unavoidable at this point.

Recently the PHP installation on the server and the module Apache uses to run it securely have become out of sync to the point it is causing stability issues. I need to take Apache down for about 30 minutes around midnight central time to fix the issue. During that time there will be an alternate web server running showing a static page explaining the issue with a link to the server status blog. I’m actually compiling the fixed versions right now, but it takes several hours to update all the parts that need updating.

Once the update is finished things should be a lot more stable. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Re: Upcoming emergency down time tonight

What is likely to happen if someone is logged in when you take it down?

Re: Upcoming emergency down time tonight

Other than getting a server not responding message in the few seconds it takes the one serving the status message to load nothing unless they’re trying to submit a post or private message, which once the static server is up will just show the status page informing them what is happening and that the post/pm didn’t go through

Re: Upcoming emergency down time tonight

Update on this

I was able to swap in the fixed versions and restart the processes faster than was originally planned. However another problem cropped up that is minor but will require additional downtime on Tuesday afternoon to fix as some coordination with techs at the data center where the server is located will be necessary.

When I have a more precise time I will post a new topic with that information.