Upcoming Domain Name Change

So, just a heads up, but as I mentioned in the Story Contest Extension thread, we’ll be migrating to a new domain soon.

The current domain will continue to work until at least February of 2023, it will simply redirect to the new domain.

There will be a few hours of down time during the migration to the new domain as we will also be migrating to a new hosting provider at the same time. In fact this is the main reason we’re migrating to the new domain. It will allow us to do a mostly seamless switch between hosts.

Here’s the timeline for this migration:

  • The DNS records for abdlstoryforum.info (the bare domain) will be switched to use the new IP addresses on July 1st. I will also reduce the TTL on the forums.abdlstoryforum.info subdomain at that time to 1 hour to ease the migration.

  • On July 4th I will take the current forums offline to take the backup for the migration. At this point the old hosting provider will no longer be used except to serve the remiinder of what is happening.

  • After restoring the backup to the new host I will make the necessary changes to the settings to allow the forums to work on the new domain. Total downtime should be around 5 hours worst case.

  • When the new host is ready to go live, the old host will redirect all requests for forums.abdlstoryforum.info to the new domain.

  • That’s actually it. Your existing passwords will continue to work as this a straight migration from one host to another. There will be software changes.

As always, if you have questions feel free to ask them and I’ll do my best to answer them. Some questions are already answered below.

Why can't we continue using he old name?
  1. It is, at this point, part of a legacy that the forums really need to get away from.
  2. As noted above, changing the domain now as part of the host switch drastically reduces the required downtime for the migration.
  3. This will allow us to bring the chat and forums under a common base domain name. The longstanding split between the forums and chat domains was confusing.
Okay, fine new domain helps with the idenity crisis of the forums and chat. But how did that happen?

@Leah (formerly ClawdiaWolf, Hostmaster, Renko Yanagi amonst the many names she used at different times) originally split the chat and forums domains because she wanted a clear division between what was hers and what wasn’t. There’s some really complex history involved here and sadly, I only know bits and pieces of that history that @Penguin shared with me before she died.

Will we be getting new logos and other branding?

YES! However, to ease the transition these will be updated at a later date.

Is the recent hiding of most of the forums from guests part of the migration?

No. This was done to emphasize the story sections. We may restore some of the other sections for guest viewing at a later date.

If your question isn’t answered above, feel free to reply and ask your questions. I just ask that you keep your questions limited to the topic of the migration itself.

Reminder: the switch will begin around midnight CDT.

and the domain name change is completed. :slight_smile:

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