*** Hi all! This will be the first time in a loooooooong time since I have bothered to post a story. Hopefully, the masses will enjoy and I can get some positive feedback. This story was written at the request of my fiance, so please, if we have feedback make sure it is helpful. I do not mind being critiqued, but if you see a flaw, tell me how to make it better. That should do it, kids. Enjoy!***

Einstein had once said that time was relative to the observer; depending on what one was doing, time either passed very quickly, or very slowly. For example, a person finishing the graveyard shift at a local hospital supply section would end up being tremendously bored, and thus, time would seem to pass very very slowly. Aggravatingly so, in fact. So slow, one might start to entertain setting the place on fire just to get things moving.
Ninny sighed loudly as she reflected on these thoughts, waiting for the day to end. The sigh started to turn into a yawn, again, causing her to stretch her arms over her head and try to unsuccessfully get the kink out of her back. After a few moments, she slumped with her head on her arms on the desk she was sitting in front of. Even the days reports were finished, leaving Ninny with little or nothing to do. A small groan issued from underneath her thick dark hair as she contemplated the last hour of her shift.
She raised her head enough to glare suspiciously at the clock, thinking that it might have a dead battery or something that was deliberately slowing it down. After about 40 seconds had passed, however, she concluded it was working properly or was too clever for her to catch it in the act. She resisted the urge to stick her tongue at it and leaned back in her chair. Almost against her will, she decided to reach for her study book and start reading it again.
Ninny was quite the looker for the casual observer; she had the olive skin and dark hair from her mother, who was born and raised in the Philippines. From her father came the distinctive asian features prominent of the people of Japan. Since her parents were of asian origins, she was a diminutive figure, standing 5’1" and weighing 104lbs only. Her actual name was hard to pronounce for most, and so she usually went by her childhood nickname ‘Ninny’. Most who knew her also found it amusing to call her Ninny, because despite her frame and size, she was rather fierce and hardly a ‘ninny’ at all.
As she laid hand to her book, Ninny thought she heard a noise near the back exit door just down the hallway. Pausing for a moment, she listened with her full attention. After a few moments, nothing else sounded and she was about to reach for her book again when she heard it a second time. It sounded like someone rifling through the supply closets. Ninny had heard of hospital break-ins(especially for prescriptions) and occasionally the medical supply closets were hit. She knew she was the only one here at this hour, so it had to be a thief in action.
Slowly, Ninny got up from her chair, hoping the ancient thing wouldn’t choose this moment to start creaking. It did anyway, causing Ninny to wince, but it wasn’t too loud; unlikely that the thief had heard her move. Moving as quietly as she could, Ninny started toward the back hallway where the supplies were held. She could feel her heart pounding in her ears, but as most would know from Ninny, it wasn’t fear that caused it to do so but rather excitement. She realized she probably should have called security, but this was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up.
The moment she stepped into the hallway, she knew she was correct; the back door to this section of the hospital was unlocked when it shouldn’t be and she could see a light on underneath the door to the supplies. She could also hear someone moving around in there, sorting through boxes apparently. Ninny started to feel a species of dull anger and excitement at this point; she had a personal dislike for thieves herself. With these feelings in mind, she approached the door, ready to yank it open and give the thief the surprise of their life.

Jonathan did not really look upon himself as a thief; few thieves do, really. In this case, however, perhaps the justification was a more honest one. For the most part, Jonathan was a good kid; stayed out of trouble, didn’t hang out with the ‘wrong crowd’, didn’t do drugs or alcohol and he even managed to do pretty well in school. No one would accuse him of being a ‘dork’, per say, but then again most people didn’t notice Jonathan. Nothing he really did or said seemed to draw attention from his peers.
Jonathan was not naïve, however. Well, as far as most things went, anyway. He knew what he had proposed to do this night was wrong. He knew if he was caught, he could get in serious trouble. He knew that it would also be horribly embarrassing on top of illegal as well. He knew that his mother, who also paid little attention to him, would be seriously upset and probably give him the thrashing of his life if he was caught. Despite knowing all of this, however, he also knew he was little noticed and figured he could get away with it with minimal risk. All of these factors were what lead to him doing this in the first place, along with the fact that he was somewhat desperate.
Jonathan figured that feeling this way was more than a bit silly, especially concerning what it was he was feeling so desperate about. Jonathan had a few friends, and even figured he had a best friend that he had known since 5th grade, but he didn’t feel like sharing this desperation. Odds were even that his friends (even his best friend) would either laugh their heads off at it or just think him crazy. Jonathan himself might have agreed in his most self masochistic of moments; addiction in any form was, no doubt, a form of craziness.
A man of more philosophical bend might have reflected then that any addict would feel desperate and thus, not have to be so embarrassed about it. Jonathan realized he was more of a thinker than anything else, and perhaps of such a bend, but figured it was still a bit embarrassing to be addicted to diapers. Specifically the wearing of them and using of them for recreational purposes as opposed to more necessary ones, like actual incontinence. Jonathan himself was not incontinent, but he liked wearing diapers all the same. The why of it escaped him most times, but he couldn’t deny it that much he knew.
Hence, this evenings activities; most would have simply assumed he would have bought them and be done with it, no matter how potentially embarrassing that scene would be at the local drug store. There was, however, one problem; Jonathan and his mother were dirt poor. He simply did not have the money to buy such things, and at the age of 14, he was not able to get a job to scare up the money himself. He had thought to try odd jobs around the neighborhood but most were poor themselves and unwilling to hire. Desperate times, as they say, call for desperate measures.
Being a logical animal, Jonathan knew that what cannot be bought must be gotten by other means; in this case, theft. Of all the places most likely to hold such objects, Jonathan had elected to target the hospital not too far from his home. In addition to it being a public place, at nighttime, the supply section was not too busy and seemed his best shot. Last but not least, his friend’s mother also worked at the hospital as a nurse so he knew where to go and how to get there. She also had access to the keys, so it had been a simple matter for Jonathan to copy such and thus provide easy access. All he had to do was work up the nerve.
Leaving his house that night at ten o’ clock and carrying a duffle bag, Jonathan set out and quickly headed to the hospital. The copy of the pilfered key was in his pocket and seemed to have a weight all its own. He could feel it there against his leg as he briskly walked to his objective. It seemed to give him focus as he made his way to the back parking lot near the doorway leading to the supply closets.
The door in question loomed ahead as he crossed the lot. Looking casual (or hoping he was), Jonathan scanned the area to see if he was being observed. He did not see anyone in the area; so far so good. He retrieved the key from his pocket and approached the door, quickly engaging the lock and making his way in equally as quickly. Shutting the door behind him, Jonathan stopped and listened closely, seeing if he could hear anyone in the immediate area. Hearing no one, he proceeded into the supply closet area and began searching.
It took a bit of time, which he had not been expecting. At first, he searched cautiously and carefully, but half of the boxes in this area were unmarked and most contained linens and other such supplies. After a time, he started to search a bit more frantically and eventually stopped paying attention to how much of a racquet he was making. After about 20 minutes though, he finally succeeded and found what he had been looking for. Being of the bulk order medical supply variety, the diapers weren’t really what he imagined they would look like, but they were better than nothing. He placed them in his bag and zipped it up, preparing to leave. That would be when the door suddenly flew open in front of him, freezing him in place.

Ninny hadn’t known what to expect to find, but she had certainly found him that much was sure. Squatting on his hunkers on the floor in front of a duffel bag was a short, wiry and pale skinned red head who looked like he might have just made it to high school. He looked like he would be taller than her (though at 5’1", that wouldn’t have been hard), but not by much. For a moment, she almost felt pity for him but squashed that feeling pretty quickly. He had been stealing, after all.
“Well well, what have we got here? Stand up.” Ninny decided to play this one light but stern. He looked young enough to just be scared into not doing this again, as opposed to having to get the cops involved.
Jonathan proceeded to stand as he had been instructed. He felt like something composed of jell-o as he stood up, his legs shaking so badly he was almost swooning. He also felt the need to relieve his bladder all of a sudden.
Ninny could see he was scared shitless, but didn’t let that show on her face. “So, what’s in the bag little man?”
“Uh, nu-nothing…” Jonathan stammered.
Ninny crossed her arms under her breasts and gave a bit of an amused look mostly tinged with anger. “Nu, nothing? Now why don’t I believe that? Come on, open it up and let’s get this over with. If you don’t have any drugs in there, I won’t call the cops.”
Jonathan was glad to hear she didn’t intend to call the cops, seeing as how he had no drugs in there. However, what he did have was simply too embarrassing to open on his own. He could feel tears burning in his eyes and couldn’t make himself do it.
Ninny rolled her eyes at this; the kid was obviously too scared to do it, so she bent to the task herself with a sigh. “It’s probably no big deal, though I obviously can’t have you stealing.” With this being said, she quickly unzipped the duffel bag. Of all the things she expected to find, this had not been it. At first confused, she pulled the plain white plastic bag out of the duffel and held it in her hands to confirm what it was. After a few moments, she placed it; these were the incontinence briefs they sometimes had to use on patients.
Ninny turned to her would be thief with confusion written all over her face. Slowly, she stood up to face him, with the diapers still in her hands. “Um, okay, perhaps I shouldn’t ask, but were we stealing this for a reason?”
Jonathan slowly nodded, still trying to hold back the tears. He couldn’t look her in the face and looked at his shoes instead. “Um, yeah… I needed them.”
Ninny considered as she looked at the young boy. After a quick review, she realized he was poor. The state of his shoes were almost worn to the floor and his clothes looked both outdated and poorly fitting, most likely out of a Salvation Army grab bag. “Someone in your household is incontinent then?”
Jonathan considered telling the truth, but again his embarrassment simply wouldn’t let him do so. He considered lying but didn’t really want to do that either. As he stood there, thinking about what to do to answer that, he realized that his bladder had provided an answer for him; he had wet his pants without realizing it. At this point, it was too much and Jonathan could feel himself crying as he put his hands over his face.
Ninny felt sympathy for the poor kid as he started to cry. As she looked down, she also realized he had wet himself. At this point, she figured it was proof that he was in fact incontinent and putting the diapers down, she pulled him into her arms and gave him a hug. She started rubbing his back to make him feel better as well as making shushing noises at him, just like one would do to a baby.
Jonathan was at first too overwhelmed to do much besides sob on this woman’s shoulder as he proceeded to have the most embarrassing moment of his life. Of all the things he had expected this evening, this was certainly not on the list. After a few minutes he finally stopped crying and realized this rather exotic looking creature was cradling him and rubbing his back. After another minute, Ninny realized he’d stopped crying and shifted her hands to hold his arms as she looked him in the face.
“Okay, I won’t tell anyone about this, but I can’t have you stealing from here. Could cost me my job and land you in trouble, after all. Tell you what, let’s get you cleaned up and see what we can do, alright?” Jonathan considered this and then nodded. Ninny smiled and proceeded to lead put up the diapers before taking Jonathan’s hand and leading him to the nearby restroom.
Jonathan at first thought to protest being taken by the hand through the public walkway to the restroom, but soon realized that Ninny, while small, was pretty strong for her size and moved quickly. She wasn’t exactly dragging him along, but she clearly wasn’t wasting time either. Jonathan figured he might as well go along with it, since he didn’t want to potentially upset her any further.
Ninny proceeded to open the door to the restroom and turned on the lights. No one was currently occupying it, so she lead Jonathan inside and shut the door, locking it from the inside to ensure privacy. “Alright, take your pants off and give them to me. I take them to the laundry and get them cleaned up while I get you something to wear in the meantime.”
Jonathan at first simply stood there. This had the potential to be even more embarrassing than being caught stealing. “Um, could you wait outside?”
Ninny raised an eyebrow at that. “You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before; I am a nurse, after all.”
Again, Jonathan just stood there, frozen with indecision. Ninny sighed and proceeded to reach for the button on his jeans. With nimble fingers, she unbuttoned the fly and started to unzip them before Jonathan squawked in surprise and quickly covered her hands. “Alright, I’ll do it!”
Ninny watched with some amusement as Jonathan dropped his pants to his knees. His underwear was clearly stained with urine and he blushed bright red as he sat on the toilet and proceeded to untie his shoes. Once that was done, he took them off along with his pants, leaving his underpants on as he stood up.
Ninny pointed to them. “Those too, please; it isn’t sanitary to go walking around in peed underwear you know.”
Jonathan’s face was scarlet red as he proceeded to peel his underwear off his body as well. Holding them out, Ninny took them from his hand and put the jeans and underwear in the sink. “Alright, go ahead and rinse them off. I’ll be back with a bag and take them to the laundry, then I’ll be back with something to wear.”
Jonathan nodded and went to the sink to rinse out his clothes. As Ninny turned the lock, Jonathan looked at her. “Wait, how do I know it’s you when you return?”
“My name is Ninny. I announce myself as I knock. What’s your name?”
Ninny smiled, which caused Jonathan to smile despite his situation. “Alright, I’ll be back shortly.”

Jonathan finished washing out his underwear and jeans by the time Ninny returned. Using his shirt, he tried to cover up his modesty with some success. Ninny pretended not to notice as she entered, but couldn’t help smiling as she turned to lock the door again. By the time she turned back, she had to bite the inside of her mouth to stop grinning. She took the jeans and underwear off the sink and placed them in the bag, pulling the drawstring shut. She then presented Jonathan with a fresh pair of pants to wear in the meantime. She also decided to get one of the briefs and have him put them on. Wouldn’t want him to embarrass himself again and necessitate another change of clothes.
Jonathan took the pants from her hand and went to put them on. She then tapped him on the shoulder, causing him to look up again. She had something in her hand that she was holding out to him which he realized was a diaper. Swallowing carefully, he slowly took that from her as well. She then crossed her arms and seemed to be waiting expectantly.
“Um, I thought you said we can’t take from the hospital or you might lose your job.”
Ninny nodded. “Yeah, playing a bit of the hypocrite, I guess… but I don’t think you want to wet yourself again while we wait for your clothes to dry, so consider it a just-in-case gift, okay?”
Once again, Jonathan just stood there for a moment. He tried smiling to be complacent, but it felt rather wooden on his face so he stopped. He looked at the diaper in his hand and proceeded to open it.
Ninny watched carefully and mistook his reluctance as unfamiliarity. Feeling sympathy again, Ninny quietly asked “Do you need help?”
Jonathan looked up at her with eyes gone wide. Quickly he shook his head no.
Ninny raised an eyebrow and smiled slightly. “Are you sure? You look lost.”
Jonathan nodded vigorously at this point. “Oh yeah, no sweat.” He tried to smile again and was a bit more successful. Ninny, however, remained skeptical but decided to reserve judgment.
“Alright, well, I’ll turn around but I need to see the results when you’re done.” Putting words to action, she turned around and crossed her arms again.
Jonathan dithered for a moment before turning his attention to the diaper again. He had, of course, done this himself but had only been able to do so on three occasions. On two of those occasions, it had been a towel with duct tape to improvise. Deciding it would be best to sit down, he quickly positioned the diaper under his butt and sat down on the toilet lid. With some fumbling, he managed to get the four tapes done on the front. After that, he took a few moments to revel in the feelings he usually experienced when doing this with the real thing.
Ninny eventually realized she couldn’t hear anything and turned around. She was presented with the image of Jonathan seated on the toilet lid with a smile on his face with his eyes closed. Stifling a giggle at first, Ninny looked at the results of his handiwork. Upon seeing that, she couldn’t help it and started to giggle aloud. This caused Jonathan to blush again and he looked at the floor.
“Okay, obviously you haven’t done this too often. Here, stand up and I’ll fix it.”
Jonathan rose to his feet very slowly as Ninny stood in front of him. Quickly and efficiently, she readjusted the diaper and refastened the tapes, setting it on straight. With that done, she handed him back the sweats she’d given him.
Jonathan smiled gratefully and put them on. He frowned, realizing they came up a bit short on his legs, stopping about three inches away from his shoes. “Um, they’re a little short…”
Ninny smiled again. “They should be, they happen to mine. I use them for working out.”
Jonathan looked at her a bit fearfully. “These are girls sweats?”
Ninny’s smile broadened. “I guess you can say that. Nothing to really say they are, after all, it’s a general cut and nothing naughty written on the behind or anything.”
Jonathan resisted the urge to look himself. He wasn’t quite sure if she was making fun of him or not, but given the circumstances, he decided to let it go. “Alright, so, um… what do we do know.”
“Glad you asked, Johnny. As it happens, the supply closets are now a mess. You get to clean that up while we wait for your clothes. If you’d please to follow me…”
Jonathan groaned at this, but figured it was only fair. The mess was his to begin with, after all.

Jonathan felt that his arms and back were both knotted bits of pain and semi gluey rubber as he finally finished putting the closet back together. He was amazed to recall himself taking it apart, but that didn’t seem to be nearly as bad as putting it back together. He armed the sweat off his face as he headed back to the desk where Ninny was sitting. Currently, she appeared to be studying a book of some kind, no doubt for college.
“Um, it’s all completed.”
Ninny looked up from reading her book and got up from the desk. With a nod, she headed back to the closets to see the results. She stood there with her hands on her hips as she looked around carefully. Jonathan stood there, feeling a bit anxious as she looked around. He also felt the need to use the bathroom again. After a few minutes, Ninny nodded her head again. “Looks good, champ. Alright, wait here and I’ll get your clothes back”
Jonathan felt a bit odd about being called ‘champ’, but he also felt somehow proud of the praise. Rather interesting, since it was he cleaning up his own mess, but still there it was. While waiting for Ninny to come back, Jonathan started to fidget, feeling the need to pee once again. After about a minute of this, it dawned on him that he was wearing a diaper. He could just go whenever he wanted. Feeling a bit silly, he peeked out of the closet, but didn’t see Ninny. He decided that now was a good time and started to relax. After a minute, he could feel the urine streaming into his diaper.
Feeling that he was completely by himself at this point, he allowed himself to truly revel in the feeling of a warm, wet diaper as he stood in the closet. He even hummed slightly to himself as he did this, feeling completely at peace with himself. There was nothing quite like it, if one were to ask him. Memories of his long ago childhood came back, bringing with it the feelings of safety and love that accompany such memories.
Little did he know that Ninny had actually returned just after he had checked to see if she was approaching. Standing in the doorway with the laundry bag containing his clothes, Ninny watched as Jonathan stood there humming slightly to himself. She wasn’t 100% sure, but she figured he had just wet himself. She realized something was a bit off about this behavior while standing in a wet diaper, but figured it was at least positive that he was happy about it. “Hey, got your clothes back from the laundry here.”
Jonathan snapped out of his reverie and looked back at Ninny with wide eyes. Hurriedly, he snatched the laundry bag out of her hand. “Oh, sorry… um, thanks.”
Ninny looked a bit surprised to have the laundry bag snatched away from her like that, but simply stated “Your welcome.”
Quickly, Jonathan went to take off Ninny’s jogging pants. As they got to his knees, he felt Ninny’s hand on the front of his diaper. He immediately felt a reaction to that touch and at first, he just sat there bent over as Ninny checked his diaper. Eventually he looked at her face to gauge her reaction.
Ninny, for her part, was a bit surprised to find it wet after only an hour had passed since he had wet himself earlier. “Tsk-tsk-tsk, looks like you wet your diaper again there champ. Better get changed before we have you take off.”
“Um, well, I can do that when I get home.”
Ninny shook her head. “Can’t do that, wouldn’t be sanitary. Wait here, I’ll get a change for you.”
Jonathan stood in the closet as Ninny left to get a change for him. Eventually, he snapped too realizing he was still wearing Ninny’s jogging pants. As he took them off, he stood there in his wet diaper, waiting for Ninny to return. After a few moments, Ninny did and handed him the new diaper. At first, she stood there waiting before realizing that Jonathan was waiting for her to turn around. She shook her head with a smile as she did so.
At this point, Jonathan started to take off the wet diaper.
“Make sure you roll it up so it’s easier to throw away.”
“Oh, okay, um… thanks.”
After he had the tapes undone, he did as Ninny instructed and rolled it up for easy disposal. Taking the new diaper, he unfolded it and again positioned it underneath him as he sat on the floor. Realizing this position made it difficult to tape up, he started to lay back. After pulling up the front to cover himself, he steeled his nerves.
“Um, Ninny… could you um, you know…”
“Help you tape it up? Sure, no problem.”
Ninny turned around at this point and saw Jonathan lying straight on his back with the diaper pulled up between his legs. Immediately, she could see he had pulled it up too far and kneeled down next to him. “Alright sport, lift up for a second, let me straighten this out.” Jonathan did as instructed and lifted his butt off the floor as Ninny rearranged the diaper. With that completed, she proceeded to tape the diaper to him for a nice snug fit. Having that finished, she couldn’t resist patting the front of his diaper teasingly a few times. “All done, sir!” she said with a bit of a giggle.
Jonathan sat up with a bit of a goofy smile on his face. That was way better than doing it himself, as far as he was concerned. Taking Ninny’s hand, he pulled himself up with her help and finished getting dressed.
“How far away do you live, Jonathan?”
“Um, about 4 blocks out. Not really far away.”
“Hmmm…kind of late though for these neighborhoods, Johnny. I better drive you home instead, my shift ends in about 10 minutes. Why don’t you wait in the parking lot for me?”
“Um, okay. Sure.”
“Alright, well, go on and wait for me, before something thinks to come looking.” With these words, Ninny gave Jonathan another pat on his behind (she just couldn’t resist) and sent him out the backdoor, making sure to lock it as he left. Smiling to herself, she began to formulate a plan based on what she was certain she had learned about Jonathan. Or at least, what she figured she had learned.

At this point, Jonathan felt on top of the world; not only had he gotten what he wanted, but he didn’t have to turn thief to do it. On top of that, a really hot asian chick had not only seemed sympathetic to his cause, but had actually helped him along. He did feel kind of bad about misleading her as to why, but he smothered that feeling as quickly as he could. Not only did Ninny want to help him, she was also willing to give him a ride home tonight. Things couldn’t be much better for Jonathan at this point.
As soon as these thoughts crossed his mind, Jonathan spotted Ninny coming out of the hospital and headed toward the parking lot. Deciding to meet her halfway, Jonathan walked over to her. He realized he was grinning like an idiot, but couldn’t seem to make himself stop.
Ninny couldn’t help smiling back at this kid. You had to give it to him; not even an hour ago, he had been caught about to steal from the hospital supply closet and now here he was meeting her in the parking lot with a ear to ear grin on his face. “Alright, let’s head on home Jonathan.”
Ninny and Jonathan headed to Ninny’s car at this point. Her car was parked in the reserved lot for the hospital workers, so it was right out in front. Jonathan could feel his eyes trying to fall out of their sockets when he was what she was driving. It was a mint condition 87 Chevy Camaro. Cherry red with black stripes, the car was just as sexy as it’s driver in Jonathan’s mind. “Wow, is that your car?”
“Sure is, Johnny. You like it?”
“Like it? I love it!”
This statement made Ninny laugh as she and Jonathan got into the car. The sound of the engine starting always put Ninny in a good mood; she really loved this car. The sounds of Bob Seger blaring out of the speakers preceded them on the way out of the parking lot. Jonathan was liking this more and more as he went along; not only was she as sexy as her car, she also liked Rock and Roll. She was certainly one in a million, that much was sure.
Ninny reached over and turned the radio down just as she was pulling up to Jonathan’s house. “Johnny, I had a few questions I wanted to ask you about tonight.”
“Um, okay.”
Ninny parked the car outside Jonathan’s house and turned to him. “Well, about the diapers; I think there is another reason you wear them aside from strictly medical ones. Am I right about that Johnny?”
Jonathan felt his pulse quicken in response to this. “Uh, what do you mean?”
Ninny smiled an evil smile. “Don’t play coy with me, little boy. You know what I mean. I think you like wearing diapers, Johnny boy. Would I be correct in that assumption?”
Jonathan suddenly felt that old familiar feeling of shame and looked at the floorboards of her car. “Well, um… yeah, you would be correct.”
“I’d be correct about what?”
“Um, that I well, you know… like to.”
“Like to what, Johnny?”
Jonathan could feel his ears burning. “I like to wear diapers.”
Ninny’s smile widened at hearing Jonathan confirm it in his own words. This gave her a certain advantage to the situation, though she did also want to help him. She reached over and patted him on the knee, letting him know she was there for him.
“It’s okay Johnny, I figured it was true when I saw you in the closet there at the end. However, I’m not without sympathy. In fact, I want to help you out if you want.”
Jonathan looked at her surprised. “You aren’t mad?”
“Mad? Well, I sorta was when I first caught you in the closet, but I think we’re passed that now. However, I was also wondering Johnny; if a young boy like you liked diapers, were there other um, behaviors that you were curious about?”
“Um, what do you mean?”
Ninny gave him a level look. “There you go again, being coy little boy. You know what I mean. Is that something you’d like me to help you with as well?”
Jonathan looked down at the floorboards again. “Um, well, maybe…”
Ninny gently put her hand under Jonathans chin and tilted his face to hers. “Johnny, I’m being serious. I want to help you out, maybe see if I can prevent you from getting into any more potentially illegal situations. Do you want my help?”
Jonathan decided to be candid for the first time on this rather odd of nights. “Yes, I would like that.”
Ninny smiled gave him a quick peck on the cheek. “Alright Johnny, we have a date. Meet me at my place tomorrow afternoon and I’ll have things set up. Thankfully, it’s Saturday and I have a day off. I’ll see you then!”
Stunned, Jonathan felt himself floating out of the car as he proceeded to head to his house as Ninny was pulling out. The kiss on the cheek was a surprise; he sure couldn’t wait til tomorrow came.

To Be Continued


Can I make a request before I read it? Can you do double spacing between paragraphs? It makes it so much easier to read online. Just have a look at a few other stories to get the idea.




Yeah, i like the double space idea. I like the story alot. Ninny seams like she is really straight forward, to the point. And that kinda makes it seam fast paced. but it is not to bad to ruin a very promising story line. good job


Ok Good start, but it does seem a bit rushed.

I have to agree with the spacing, it does help with the ease of reading. Also you might want to flesh out your characters a bit more.

Ninny towards the end tells a kid she caught stealing to come to her house, Would you do that in her shoes?

Johnathan’s character is a teen that shows TB/DL tendencies. Expand on this and give him a reason to have these feelings.

Otherwise this is a great story and you do have a good Idea started, keep improving and you will go farther