Untitled Nappy Girl Story (Updated and edited 12 Jan 20)

New authors Note:

I have edited this piece but I am leaving the original up, just so if anyone wants to read it and the advice I was given the can see how it all progressed. If that is not cool to do please let me know. Anyway the edited draft can be found at the bottom of the page as of time of writing.

Authors Note:

Hey guys, not sure if this is kosher but I have been struggling to focus on writing lately and I thought I would post part of a draft I had been working on to see what people think. I know I am new here so might be jumping the gun in posting this but thought I would give it a go.

I have the rough idea of what is going to happen, it’s going to be a bit of a cliché story, girl is close to graduating, panics about going to college and regresses is the gist of the plot, however while the plot is a bit thin I am going to be mainly focusing on the characters and their personal journeys, if that makes sense.

It is also set in Ireland so you might see some things that may seem odd but don’t be afraid to ask and I can clairfy, the most glaring one I can see is the pronunciation of the name of the main character Áine. Its pronounced Awn (think Dawn without the D) Yeah. So Awn-Yeah.

Anyway without further a due please find my as of yet new untitled project below.

PS I am not happy with how I do dialogue in general so I have tried something new here let me know if it works or if it is too confusing.


The stench was atrocious, stale booze, cigarettes and sweat wafted from Ainé as she sat in her Monday morning study class. Bleary eyed and just about awake, she sat at her desk trying not to throw up, she was fairly sure she had mild alcohol poisoning. As was tradition she had spent Sunday night with her best friend Kelly drinking vodka, watching movies and having the craic. First thing Monday she always had unsupervised study so the two friends would take extreme advantage of that on Sunday knowing that they would not need to be fully alert until late morning. However she had never been this bad, and for good reason. Today Ainé was getting her mock results. These were important exams on the run up to the leaving cert to evaluate where students needed to improve, so these results would show where she was struggling and would need to focus on.

As the bell rang signaling the end of class and the beginning of the next class Ainé straightened herself up and headed to the sixth year rec room as the mock results were to be given out today which would be done individually with the year head and vice principle. As she walked through the corridor she spotted Kelly who shuffled over to her and rested her head on Ainés shoulder.

Hey how’s it going. Said Aine

Bleh not too good, I am dying today

Yeah me too. I just wanna go home

I’m up for that

Will we

You tell me

What do you mean

All I have been hearing from you is how you want your mocks results

Shut up you


Right fuck it I can tough it out for a bit longer

Grand, here sit beside me will ya

Clingy much

Clingy like your butt


Yeah I still got it

Oh man I’m nervous about the results

Yeah I know. You won’t shut up about it

That’s cos my da will kill me

What Charlie? Nah he is a puppy dog, you will be fine

I will in me hole

Seriously you are mad, has he even thumped you one

Not a chance, but he smacks Liam about

Ah feck off they both knock the shite out of each other. It’s lad stuff

Yeah when you are around, gets tense at home

Come on, no really come on are you actually worried about your da

Well no

Go on why are you worries


Yeah come on

No don’t act like I’m weird for stressing, everyone is stressing.

But it’s not like it’s the cert

Yeah but this shows how much of a balls up I would make of the actual exams

Fuck that, I’ll worry about that in the summer

Nah you won’t Kelly you still won’t give a shit

damn straight. I have no idea what I want to do so fuck it not going to worry till I know

Ah here


So what if over the summer you figure shit out and want to go to college but you need a fuck load of points

Yeah that ain’t going to happen

Well say it does

Then I’ll just resit the exams and give a shit

Ah yeah fuck ya I forgot your mammy and daddy are loaded

Shut up you


Right after we get these results I’m bailing

I think I’m going to stay


Ah here leave it out


Oh good lord (or whatever appropriate deity), you HAVE to put in some kind of indicator of who says what after that first line of dialogue. By the time we reach line ten, most of us will have lost track of who’s speaking. Maybe also add something about what else happens. I mean, they probably aren’t just standing still, doing absolutely nothing while saying all this, are they?

In addition, you might want to put quotation marks around your lines of dialogue. And don’t forget a full stop at the end of sentences. (You only used a total of two in that whole bit of dialogue.) Just because you hit enter, doesn’t mean you don’t need a full stop, a question mark or an exclamation mark.

On a more positive note, I couldn’t find too many misspelled words in the text itself (although you might want to run your introduction through a spell checker to fix words like “koiser” and “jyst”)

To sum up: It’s not a bad first draft, but it still needs a lot of work.

I want to second what Gummy and BabyAnna have already stated. There’s nothing wrong with a cliché story/ plot line, especially if it’s your first time writing. But try to put your own spin/ flavor on it. You have an Irish character- is the story set in Ireland? You can show some Irish culture, use Irish euphemisms, etc. Add a little description- what do your characters look like? Let them interact with the setting. If she’s bored, maybe she stares at the clock on the wall, or the green mohawk of the girl sitting in front of her, or she wonders if that’s a pen in her professor’s pocket or if he has a hard on.

If you flesh out your characters, you can make even a cliché, plain plot entertaining and different. It’s not so much what happens as how it happens. Developed characters with distinct personalities help pull a reader in and get them immersed in the story; they get emotionally invested in the characters. You’ve already got a start with her Irish name. Keep going, build on that.

Wow guys thank you so much for the feedback, was not expecting to hear back so soon :smiley:

I really appreciate your critique of the dialogue, this is something I struggle with. I find that I tend to either fall into the whole he said she said ringamarole which I hate the way I do. I tend to spend ages trying to figure out which word to use to describe the way they are talking. Or else I go the complete other direction and write line after line of description around a simple “hello”.

I am going to try to explain what I was trying to get across with the dialogue, not to be argumentative or diminish the advice you gave, but rather I was hoping to accomplish a very specific thing with the dialogue, which didn’t work so maybe you guys might have some advice on how to best achieve what I am trying to do.

With the dialogue I was trying to convey the nature of the friendship and how at ease the characters are with each other. To do this I was thinking about these types of conversations I have had in the past with my close friends and thinking back I wouldn’t really be taking in the body language, or my surroundings really. It would be a snappy back and forth. So I was trying to get that across with this piece, a very quick back and forth between two life long friends, haha kind of why I went minimalist with the punctuation, trying to imitate that type of conversation. I thought it might detract from the conversation if I did the Áine said this, then Kelly said that which Áine replied by, I didn’t think that would flow well. I also thought If I wrote a few lines description for each line of dialogue I wouldn’t get across how quick they were talking. If all that makes sense, would you have any advice on how I could get my message across.

Seriously thank you for the feedback, after reading what you guys have said I do agree with you and I am going to try and figure out how best to implement the advice, haha just thinking now I have already written another part to this which is much further along in the plot between Áine and her father, that is going to be a bugger to change as it has the same dialogue format but it is a tense conversation which I want to flow quick, not sure how I am going to get descriptive with that without ruining the flow haha.

Thanks guys

PS is it necessary to post stories in order on this board, like say if I wanted feedback on specific parts post them here then once I am happy with what I have I would post the story in order to the completed board?

BabyAnna, that’s a beautiful guide! Here is another guide from WB to augment BabyAnna’s awesome guide. https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/66881-reference-guide-dialogue-in-stories/

Also, in that dialogue scene you wrote, you wanted to show they’re good friends and comfortable with each other. You don’t need lines and lines of dialogue. Think of the ways to show characterization- through what they say, how they say it, and their actions. You touched on that in this line:

"[LEFT]As she walked through the corridor she spotted Kelly who shuffled over to her and rested her head on Ainés shoulder. "[/LEFT]

That shows Kelly and Aine are comfortable enough with each other for physical contact

Thanks guys for the links I have gone over them and they are really great :slight_smile: I have started to edit this piece and will see how it pans out. Thanks guys you rock :slight_smile:

The stench was atrocious, stale booze, cigarettes and sweat wafted from Ainé as she sat in her Monday morning study class. Bleary eyed and just about awake, she sprawled out at her desk trying not to throw up, she was fairly sure she had mild alcohol poisoning. As was tradition she had spent Sunday night with her best friend Kelly drinking vodka, watching movies and having the craic. First thing Monday she always had unsupervised study so the two friends would take extreme advantage of that on Sunday knowing that they would not need to be fully alert until late morning. However she had never been this bad, and for good reason. Today Ainé was getting her mock results. These were important exams on the run up to the leaving cert to evaluate where students needed to improve, so these results would show where she was struggling and would need to focus on.

As she broke out in a cold sweat as the alcohol tried to leave her system she took off her dark green school blazer and dumped it on the floor beside her. Her normally straight blond hair with pink highlights were a greasy tangled mess across her face as she drooled on her desk. Her slight frame hunched over her desk she was close to sleep.

With her eyes closed she heard someone calling her name, she groggily opened her eyes and saw Des, one of the boys in her class trying to speak to her. She couldn’t make out what he was saying so she just babbled nonsense at him till he stopped talking. Normally she would have been happy to speak with Des, he was a pretty cool kid, he was into weird stuff but he had a very dead pan sense of humor which Áine loved. However right now she just wanted to die in piece. Des soon picked up on this and let her be and she soon nodded off.

Next thing Áine knew the bell rang signaling the end of class and the beginning of the next class. Ainé jerked up and was starting to feel a little bit better, she had slepped her way through the class which she greatly needed. She reached down to pick up her blazer and felt a little bit of spew on the up, however she managed to keep it down. She tucked her white, creased shirt into her green kilt, grabbing her back pack she made for the door. She was meant to go to a double maths class but considering she was due to get her mock results this morning she made her way to the sixth year rec room. On her way through the corridor she saw the bubbly form of Kelly bouncing through the halls on the way towards her. Her pale complexion, black hair tied up in pig tails and thin body brought a smile to Áine’s face, she was a beacon of happiness regardless what might be going on inside. As Kelly reached Áine they embraced intimately then turned to continue their journey. Kelly resting her head on Áine’s shoulder as they walked.

“Hey how’s it going,” said Áine as she rested her head on top of Kelly’s head closing her eyes enjoying the contact from her sister in arms.

Kelly took a moment to respond and linked arms with Áine “Bleh not too good, I am dying today.”

Áine happy with her new entwined arm “Yeah me too. I just wanna go home,” a slight winge creeping into her voice.

Kelly made her way to a bench, taking a seat “grand, here sit beside me will ya”

“Clingy much?” Áine replied, looking down at her friend and couldn’t help but smile. Even though she was joking around the idea of Kelly being overtly clingy towards her made Áine glow slightly

“Clingy like your butt” Kelly lazily replied as she gently tugged Áine’s hand encouraging her to sit down.

Áine chuckled and replied deadpan “well my butt does stick to everything” as she took a seat next to Kelly who promptly returned her head to Áine’s shoulder “anyway will we split?”

“I’m up for that,” said Kelly as she started to rub circles in Áine’s hand.

A cheeky smile slipped across Áine’s face as she wrapped her arm around her comrade “Will we?”

“You tell me,” said Kelly as she snuggled into Áine’s chest, now that she was engulfed in half of Áine’s embrace, giving away how rough Kelly was actually feeling. They were both very touchy feely with each other, but Áine knew well enough that when Kelly wanted proper snuggles she was in a bad way.

“What do you mean?” a confused Áine asked peering down at the top of Kelly’s head, wondering where the sudden change in tune had come from.

Kelly looked up at her best friend and innocently said “all I have been hearing from ya is how ya want your mocks results”.

Realizing that Kelly was just teasing Áine smiled “shut up you” laughing at her friends remark.

A sarcastic “Ha” was all that Kelly could muster in response.

Áine rolled her eyes “anyway lets at least bunk off in the rec room till we get our results”

“Sounds like a plan,” sighed Kelly as she got up of the bench, making sure to grab Áine’s hand and almost dragged her the rest of the way there.

The 6th year rec room was a throw back to when the secondary school was a boarding school, however in recent years the school had since stopped accepting boarders. The walls were painted a horrid shade of green and the floor was thick old wood. There were a couple of old, worn couches and arm chairs scattered around the room with a ping pong table in the centre. There was a counter top to the side with tea and coffee making facilities, a sink and a fridge that was used for milk, or any brave student who trusted their lunch to it. One side of the rec room had a huge window that looked out onto a wooded area behind the school.

The girls headed to the counter top and proceeded to make some tea.

“Oh man I’m nervous about the results” Áine started as she grabbed two mugs from a cupboard above the sink, placing them on the counter.

Kelly looked at Áine with a smirk “Yeah I know. You won’t shut up about it” she replied dryly as she filled the kettle and set it to boil.

“That’s cos my da will kill me” Áine said nonchalantly as she fished out two tea bags and popped them in the awaiting mugs.

Kelly was routing around in the fridge looking for some milk which was still in date “What Charlie? Nah he is a puppy dog, you will be fine” she dismissed.

“I will in me hole” said Áine as she added sugar to both.

“Seriously you are mad,has he even thumped you one” Kelly asked quizzically as if parents smacking kids about was common place, where in reality she was a very spoiled child as her father was constantly away on “business” with his secretary, to which her mother would constantly look the other way to make up for an absentee father. Her father, out of guilt, would spend lavishly on Kelly bringing her home exotic presents, setting a ludicrous allowance and the cous de gras a credit card which no questions were never asked of.

Áine looked at Kelly with a side smirk on her face “Not a chance, but he smacks Liam about” she said quickly.

“Ah feck off they both knock the shite out of each other. It’s lad stuff” Kelly knowing full well that the two got very hyper active around each other and frequently got into horse play with each other.

“Yeah when you are around,” Áine started but then trailed off as she didn’t really want to get into a discussion about her home life “gets tense at home” while, like most parents, there was no physical abuse at home there were times when screaming happened and her parents would fight like cats and dogs. It had been getting to Áine a lot recently and she wasn’t too sure on how to deal with it and really didn’t want to speak up about it yet.

“Come on,” Kelly started staring directly at Áine, who could not meet her peering gaze “no really come on are you actually worried about your da”. Kelly was starting to see something was up with Áine, something that she wasn’t telling her about.

“Well no” said Áine sheepishly.

Kelly needed to know what was up with her BFF “Go on why are you worries?” She asked openly as the kettle boiled.

“Seriously” Áine shot in defense as she still did not want to open up.

This somewhat startled Kelly, seeing her friend defensive towards her “Yeah come on” she said as she started pouring the boiling water into the two mugs.

“No don’t act like I’m weird for stressing, everyone is stressing.” Áine said quickly, with a pang of anger to her voice, not that she was angry, she was trying to deflect deeper questioning on her home life.

Kelly hander her the mug of tea “But it’s not like it’s the cert”

Áine took the mug and after a brief pause replied “Yeah but this shows how much of a balls up I would make of the actual exams”

Kelly stirred her tea and could see that her friend was definitely stressing out so tried to lighten the mood “Fuck that, I’ll worry about that in the summer”

“Nah you won’t Kelly you still won’t give a shit” Áine replied happily as she knew what Kelly was doing and knew she had her believing it was just the exams that had her stressing out. She finished stirring her tea left it to brew as Kelly did the same.

“Damn straight.” Kelly laughed “I have no idea what I want to do so fuck it not going to worry till I know”

“Ah here” Áine baited, throwing the attention on Kelly and her laisse faire attitude to the rest of her life.

“What?” Kelly half asked knowing where this was going, they had this same discussion since fifth year.

“So what if over the summer you figure shit out and want to go to college but you need a fuck load of points” said Áine as she dumped the tea bag out of her mug into a bin under the sink.

“Yeah that ain’t going to happen” Kelly said knowing she hadn’t a clue on what she wanted to do but knowing she was young and not to stress about the unknown until it had become known.

“Well say it does” Áine said pushing her friend for answers

“Then I’ll just resit the exams and give a shit” Kelly said as she shrugged and tossed her tea bag in the bin.

“Ah yeah fuck ya I forgot your mammy and daddy are loaded” Áine said smiling as she took a gulp of tea.

“Shut up you” Kelly said laughing not minding being teased

“Here lets have our tea over on the couch” Áine Said as she headed to a couch, Kelly behind her tea in hand.

Áine sat and rested her mug on the arm of the couch. Kelly plopped down on the couch beside her and popped her tea on the ground next to the couch so she could rest her head in Áine’s lap and stretch out. Áine looked down at her friend and smiled as Kelly looked up at her with a cheeky grin.

“Your fucking adorable” Áine said as she brushed Kelly’s hair from her face to one side.

“Don’t I know, and good thing too because your lap is the only cure to this hang over” Kelly laughed as she closed her eyes enjoying the intimacy.

“ You know even if you were a minger I would let you use my lap” Áine teased as she took a sip of tea

“Ah fuck off” Kelly replied as she started to get dozy.

Áine took out her phone to check the time but noticed she had a few whatsapp messages, from her mam, da and brother Liam. She quickly checked them thinking something horrible had happened, but they were just wishing her good luck with the results. This made her smile but also stressed her out as it was a reminder that she would have to rip the band aid off in about half an hour she noticed as she checked the time. At least it was still a little bit away. She put her phone away and relaxed on the couch, stroking Kelly’s cheek.

Áine wasn’t sure how she felt about Kelly, she was the most important person in the world to her but she wasn’t sure if she was interested in her romantically. She knew that they were closer than friends should be and on occasion had made out, granted lots of booze had always been involved. She had never kissed Kelly while sober. She thought she was straight as she had had a few boyfriends in the past and they were fun and all, but none of them could compare in anyway to the bond she had with Kelly. She had thought what it would be like to kiss Kelly while sober and that had excited her, and was even exciting her now as she contemplated it. It was nice to think about, it also got her mind off of the impending doom of her results.

Áine sighed and closed her eyes and just enjoyed the intimacy of having Kelly’s head in her lap.

This is much better. It feels more fleshed out. You’ve developed the characters and setting more.

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in getting this out here, have had huge problems with motivation as of late! Also thank you for the kind words Cute Kitten.

Anyways please enjoy the next part in my story. Again this is a draft so criticism is welcome and encouraged. I have a tough skin

Chapter 2

Áine checked her phone and she was due to get her results in a couple of minutes, she would need to get up now she sighed deeply to herself. She looked down at Kelly who had clearly nodded off and couldn’t help smiling adoringly and the cute sleeping angel with her head rested deep in her lap. She was going to have to disturb Kelly’s sleep.

“Wake up sleepy head” said Áine sweetly, gently shaking her ward awake.

“Fuck off” said Kelly groggily as she opened her eyes and gave Áine a big smile and stretched.

“Come on I got to go get my results” Áine said as she helped Kelly to sit up.

“Ok fine, lets do this” said Kelly as she reached down and picked up her ice cold tea taking a big swig “MMM cant beat a cold drop of tae”

“Ah Jaysus that’s manky” Áine scoffed not knowing why her best friend would commit such atrocities to the national drink of tea. To which Kelly just replied with a shit eating grin

They got up and went to the principles office, Kelly came for moral support as she was not scheduled to get her results until the afternoon. She held Áine’s hand the whole way there which Áine was super grateful for this as she was shitting a brick thinking about the results. With each step she took that brought her closer to her fate her bowels ever so slightly loosened. She was beginning to sweat and feel a little bit light headed. Kelly squeezed her hand in support which made Áine feel a little bit better knowing her friend was here with her for this, however there was still a ton of terror weighing on the poor girl’s shoulders.

Áine and Kelly were just around the corner from the principles office when Kelly pulled Áine to one side by her blazer and stared into her eyes.
“Áine, you have got this ok” started Kelly with a serious look on her face “You work hard and the results will fine, you have kicked those exams asses” Kelly then pulled Áine closer and kissed her passionately on the lips “now go in there and kick some balls!”

They got to the principles office, Áine had a spring in her step from the confidence Kelly had just instilled in her, she knocked on the door then took a seat with Kelly beside her. The secretary opened the door.

“Oh hi Áine, Mr Stephens is with another pupil at the moment, but he should be finished in a moment, are you here to get your results or is there something else I can help with” Ms O’Brien said

“No Ms O’Brien, just here for the results” Said Áine
“Ok perfect, just wait out here and he will be with you, how about you Kelly?” Ms O’Brien said
“Just here for moral support, not getting my results till laters” said Kelly
“Oh thats sweet dear but don’t you think you should be in class” said Ms O’Brien
“Probably” Kelly said
“Ok good, well I will leave you two to wait so” Said Ms O’Brien

Kelly leaned over to whisper in Áine’s ear “I just want to plant my face is those milky tits”

Áine couldnt help but blurt out a laugh at what Kelly was saying about Ms O’Brien, she was a very attractive woman allright and she was pretty cool, close enough to the students age Áine thought as she looked about there age, and she was very well endowed.

“Oh Kelly, why don’t you say romantic things like that about me any more” Áine said grinning like a cheshire cat.

“Who says I wasn’t” Kelly said with a sultry wink and pouted her lips for affect.

“Haha ok, we should probably stop, if a dude walks by he will probably jizz his pants, and I don’t want any love gravy getting over my eggs!” said Áine through laughs

“Chyeh like that would happen, are you going to be flashing your minge as some random dudes drops a load”

“Well like it would be rude not too, right?” asked Áine sporting a pretend quizzical look

“Ahh fuck Áine, you are an absolute minger” Kelly all but cackled

A few moments later the door opened and Lola another student walked out the door looking as pale as a ghost, followed by Mr Stephens.

“Hey Áine, come on in we can discuss your results” Mr Stephens said
“Great lets do this” Áine said
“Kelly why are you not in class” Mr Stephens asked
“Just here for moral support” she replied
“While thats admirable, you need to get back to class, seriously don’t be here when Áine leaves” Mr Stephens said
“Ok grand, Áine I will see you at lunch yeah” Kelly said
“Sure thing” Áine said

Áine walked into the office where Mr Walsh the vice principle was waiting, standing behind the principles desk. Áine took a seat in front of him and Mr Stephens sat behind the desk.

“Ok Áine, let me just get your file, but before we begin I want to emphasize that we did not set the exam or correct them. The faculty has looked over the papers and have felt that it was a very tough set of papers” Mr Stephens said

“Ok” Áine replied preparing herself for the worst.

“It’s important to understand that Áine, we don’t want students to lose motivation over these results” Mr Walsh said.

“Ok got it” Áine said wanting to end her suffering

“Right, so we have the transcript here” Mr Stephens said

“So how bad is it” asked Áine

“Well so you are taking 9 subjects and it looks like you have failed five of them” Mr Stephens said
“What did I fail” asked Áine

“French, Biology, Chinese, Business studies and Economics” said Mr Stephens

Áine paused for a moment not really believing what she was hearing “Christ, ok how about the ones I passed”

“Well first a few of these you only marginally failed so we are going to arrange some one on one sessions with your teachers to figure this out” said Mr Walsh

“Ok but look how did I do with the other subjects”

“With the other subjects you got a combined score of 200 points” said Mr Stephens

“And you didnt fail any of the core subjects” Mr Walsh added

Áine starred down at the desk almost catatonicly, she was so overwhelmed “Oh jesus what am I going to do” she finaly spoke, her voice trembling and cracking as her emotions were about to overcome her.

“Áine, those results arent great but they are nothing to panic over” Mr Stephens said

“Exactly Áine, remember you only get points on your top six subjects, and most students only take 7” said Mr Walsh

“But still thats a long way away from where I need to be” Áine said, steadily losing her composure

“It is but don’t panic, we have arranged a meeting with you and your year head to discuss this on Friday morning and then the rest of the day we have scheduled one on ones with your teachers to see where to go from here. We will take care of you Áine, you are one of the ones that put in the effort” said Mr Walsh

“I want you to take the rest of the day for yourself and go home, unwind and don’t dwell on this” said Mr Stephens

“Ok” Áine said as she wiped away a tear “Can I go now?”

“By all means please, I know this is a lot to take in so take some time for yourself today and my door is always open”

Áine was in shock as she left the principles office, Kelly had gone back to class or maybe was elsewhere, wherever she was Áine was glad because she really needed to be alone. She knew she should probably text Kelly but couldnt bare to talk about it.

Áine got on her bike and made her way home as tears streaked down her cheeks. She was feeling absolutely horrible, the anxiety in her body growing steadily with each pedal of her bike.

When she got home she changed into sweat pants and a big hoodie and went to her room to watch some tv and try and drown out the world. As it was still early there was nothing on so she left the tv on a children’s channel and watched cartoons. On one of the ad breaks a commercial for pampers came on and Áine was fascinated by the commercial. She had been fascinated in the past with wearing a nappy again, she had mostly ignored it, at times it was difficult but she still ignored it. She had no idea why she found it so fascinating, but the commercial just called to her. She knew it was really weird for someone to want back into nappies but just the look of happiness on the babies in the ad and the loving look their mom’s gave them practically screamed at her to want back in. She got a mad idea and thought she would go down to the shop to buy a pack and try it out. The advertisers must have messed up their message to their customers, and rather than getting the nappies for their children Áine was now getting a pack for herself.

She checked the house to see if her dad was home, as coming back with a pack of nappies would be a hard one to explain, there was no sign of him and as she looked out the back his car was not there so he must be out. She grabbed her ruck sack and emptied the books out on the table before neatly stacking them so as not to wreck the place. Áine then headed for the door.

She got on her bike and went to a supermarket about a half hour cycle away so as not to run into anyone she knew. She got to the supermarket, which was very quiet as it was still a weekday before lunch, and walked to the nappy aisle. She looked at the baby nappies and the sizes and didn’t think she would be able to fit in them. She then saw drynites which she was confident would fit. There were ones for boys and ones for girls. The boys ones had marvel characters on them and the girls had disney princesses. They both looked cute and she couldnt decide which one to go for. As she starred at the packs of drynites she started to think on how ridiculous she was being and suddenly a flood of horrible thoughts filled her mind, from how hopeless her situation in relation to her exams were to her most embarrassing memories and some of her deepest regrets. The all tumbled into her mind and kept replaying all at the same time. Instead of being drowned out by the sheer amount of memories, she was able to see them all at the same time, hear the sounds, smell the smells but also feel all the negative feelings they brought up. She began to tremble as she realized she was getting an anxiety attack. She put the drynites back and went to the cashier and bought a pack of rolling tobacco.

Áine went outside and rolled a cigarette, the ritual of rolling helped calm her down. She lit the cigarette and took a deep drag. She was getting stressed out over her desire and she was not happy with herself. Why did this happen, a couple of seconds ago she felt confident that she was doing the right thing, that buying nappies would help her mental state. She took another long drag. How come her mind had triggered all those crap memories and feeling, was her subconscious some sort of wanker that wanted her to feel like shit all the time. As she finished the cigarette she deepened her resolve and decided she was stressed out about too many things and this was something she could control so she was going to embrace it rather than shy away and get stressed, and fuck her subconscious, that dick head could eat her pooh. She went back in and marched straight to the nappy aisle. She picked up a pack of girls and a pack of boys drynites and headed to the cashier. She quickly paid and was on her bike back home. As soon as she had bought the drynites Áine was starting to feel more confident and her subconscious seemed to have made a hasty retreat.

When she got home she made a b line for her room and threw the two packages on the bed. She decided to try the boys ones first as she pulled off her pants and pulled up a drynite with spiderman on it. She immediately fell in love with the feeling, as all her anxiety, stress and general crappy feelings evaporated from her.

Great stuff so far! I hope you keep at it!