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Hey, I am thinking of starting a story but would like to see if there is interest before starting… My idea is (obviously won’t put all my ideas)
Boarding school, a couple of different view points including both male, female and considering a gender fluid prescience. The story would include forced diapering, forced feeding and punishments all the while at school.
Should I continue?

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Okay. Let’s just say this might be one of the nicest replies you’ll get right now.

1: Get a thick skin for writing.
2: Absorb the critique you might get.
3: Learn from it, and go from there.

Asking if you should continue or even start. You have not shown us anything, You’ve given out an direction of idea. I’m enclined to move the topic but I’m going to let it be for now.
Write a story, post it. And hope for at least two and three above. And get number one too.

Some people might like your story, while others don’t. We all can’t like the same.

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I recommend firstly writing for yourself- write the kind of story you’d want to read. Personal taste on subject matter is subjective- some people like chocolate cake, some people don’t. So making sure the subject matter appeals to you as a writer is a good start- that way you will enjoy writing the story.

As for the story itself, so far you’ve just given us a couple of generic characters- some male, some female and genderfluid. These aren’t even characters, just their genders. You’ve given us a vague setting- boarding school. And a specific list of things you want to happen.

I’d recommend coming up with characters and fleshing them out - what makes them tick? What’s their motivation? Their wants/goals/ dreams in life? Personalities? etc.

And plot. Judging from your list, the plot would be “kids get punished with forced feeding and forced diapering” Why forced feeding, diapering, etc (aside from 'hey that’s what I like!") What’s going on at the school that would make those punishments remotely plausible? Why are these kids getting punished like that? (aside from generic "cuz they wuz bad deux ex machina DIAPERZ)

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While a story with these elements doesn’t sound like something I would personally be interested in, I totally agree cute-kitten. You should write about something you are passionate about and like, not what others like. I would still make a recommendation though and that is if you do a story like this, find a plausible reason for the character or characters to end up in diapers. I understand you wan’t forced diapering but is there a way you can do it that makes it more plausible then for instance an earlier story I read where the boy wets his pants because he is refused to be allowed to use the bathroom and then everyone over reacts and from that moment on the boy is punished and made to wear diapers. So if you can find a better reason that makes more sense and is more realistic, more people will read the story.