Unpotty Training

Prompt: Write a story in the first person

Disclaimer: Many of my ABDL stories are more or less humiliation BDSM with an ABDL element–basically, the protagonist is forced into a humiliating situation involving wearing and using diapers and/or acting like a toddler for the pleasure of the reader. These types of stories are fairly common in the genre, from what I’ve seen, but I guess I thought I might let you know in case you were looking for something else.

This is still a fictional story.

Once upon a time, I was surfing the internet reading ABDL stories and enjoying the tales of fetishized humiliation when I came upon a very interesting blog post. I don’t remember what it was called but it included exercises to untrain your bladder and bowels so that you would need to wear diapers.

As I read it a few times, I got increasingly curious. I started wetting myself on purpose just a little bit while sitting at my computer and reading stories. I liked the feeling in my pants as the wetness spread around my crotch. Of course, I had to make sure not to wet too much because then I would need to clean up.

Wetting in my seat didn’t completely satisfy my curiosity, so I decided to train myself to wet the bed. I started peeing just a little while I was lying down before I went to sleep. At first, this didn’t do anything but make me a little uncomfortable. One day, though, something changed. I woke up with an intense urgency and the minute I moved my legs to get out of bed, my bladder started to leak. This continued the next day and the next. One day, I woke up and my bed was just slightly wet; I’d peed in my sleep! I also woke up really needing to go to the bathroom and leaked a little on my way to empty my bladder.

Wetting the bed was exciting, but I decided to take it further. I re-read the unpotty training guide, and saw where the speaker described using reverse kegel exercises to speed up the loss of bladder control. I wasn’t exactly sure what reverse kegel exercises were, so I looked up actual kegel exercises. They described beginning to pee and then holding it at intervals to strengthen the bladder muscles. Reverse kegel exercises, then, probably consisted of peeing while relaxing those muscles and relying on gravity so that they would get weaker. I decided to try it out.

I sat on the toilet and squeezed just enough to make urine come out instead of relaxing my bladder completely. It was a strange sensation and caused me to produce a weaker stream than normal. After I got up, wiped, and flushed, I still felt like I needed to pee, but I ignored it. Over the course of a few days, I continued these exercises. Eventually, I reached the point where I could sit down on the toilet and let gravity do the rest. I didn’t have to squeeze at all.

That’s when it got interesting. My bladder became the mistress of my bathroom habits. I started getting sudden strong urges to pee out of nowhere, and I would wet myself if I didn’t hurry to a bathroom. It was usually just a little, but knowing that I would helplessly wet my pants if I just continued to stay seated when I had to pee made me feel a certain kind of naughty excitement. I no longer controlled when I went to the bathroom; my bladder decided that for me!

It didn’t automatically dawn on me how incontinent I really was, though. I decided to start wearing pads for protection against leaks, but little did I know what would happen next.

That little familiar twinge hit me while I was in the cafeteria getting lunch. Foolishly, I ignored it, believing that if I leaked it would just be a little. While I was walking with my tray, I started leaking. At first, it was just a little, like it normally was. No big deal I thought. I sat down to eat my food instead of going to the toilet–big mistake. Not two seconds after I sat down, the urge in my bladder dramatically increased, my bladder gave the signal, and a felt the stream start. It felt just like I was sitting on a toilet! I tried to stop myself by clenching my muscles, but my bladder just kept contracting without my permission, and I flooded my pants! The pad was no match for my full bladder; you couldn’t even tell by looking at my accident that I had even attempted to wear protection!

I quickly excused myself to the bathroom, shoes sloshing all the way. I was sure everyone in the cafeteria was looking at me. What was a young woman doing peeing her pants like a toddler? I felt embarrassed, but I also felt good. I had caused this. I had relinquished my control to my bladder’s natural urges and now it decided when I went to the bathroom. I shivered with both excitement and fear as I processed what that meant.

I left early that day, and I was wearing dark-colored pants, so perhaps no one really knew what I did. When I got home, though, my bladder reminded me it was still in charge of my bathroom habits. I stood still in the living room as a strong urge hit me and subsided. A few seconds later, it happened again and again. Each time, I leaked a little bit of urine uncontrollably. I wasn’t sure what to do. My bladder was threatening to make me pee again right then and there, and I felt like moving too quickly would make it worse, so I stood still, hoping the urge would go away. Instead, it doubled and I felt my bladder release. I stood in shock as I felt urine exit my body, soak into my already wet pants, and form a puddle on the floor.

After peeing my pants twice that day, I knew something was wrong. I changed into clean clothes and looked up how to stop this and go back to normal, but that part of the experience was missing. Instead, there was a chapter on how to train yourself to mess. I didn’t want to do that, so I clicked away from that website and looked up actual kegel exercises. I discovered, much to my dismay, however, that I couldn’t get myself to stop peeing even by clenching my muscles. Urine just leaked out of me every time I sat on the toilet if I could even make it in time. It got to the point where my bladder would just empty itself just a few seconds after a strong sudden urge.

Of course, I bought protective underwear. At first, I just used adult pull-ups, but as my wetting became worse and more frequent, I had to move to full diapers. My bladder made sure I used them, too, sometimes at the most inconvenient times.

I tried, but I couldn’t regain control. My bladder would just decide to release, and I’d pee right then and there, and that was it. There were no exercises that could bring back my control and my sensitive bladder emptied itself whenever it was ready. I also peed while showing and drinking water.

After about a month in diapers and being let go from my job due to my coworkers complaining about the smell of stale urine because I’d started wetting myself without knowing it, I got curious again. I went back to the website where I’d learned how to unlearn my bladder control, and since it obviously worked, I wondered what the bowel untraining would feel like. I read about what bowel untraining required, and it seemed fairly simple. Just relax your sphincter and let the contents of your colon flow out; there’s no need to push.

Of course, the blog recommended eating a special diet for a few days before trying it, so for the next week, I ate nothing but pureed fruit mixed with Metamucil and prune juice. My bowel habits changed dramatically. I went from only having a bowel movement once every few days to having one every day, sometimes twice a day. The change in bulk was noticeable too; these were so big they sometimes didn’t go down in one flush.

At the end of the week, I decided to give messing a try. I sat up straight and relaxed my stomach muscles just a little. My newfound bowel habits made it easy to pass a nice bulky pile of mush into my diaper. At first, it felt weird, like sitting in itchy mud, but soon my skin adjusted and I barely noticed how it felt. How it smelled, though, that was another story. I could only ignore it for a few minutes before I decided I needed to change myself.

I went to the bathroom and peeled off my diaper and put it in the pail. Then I surveyed the damage in the mirror. My butt was caked in sticky poop. Toilet paper wouldn’t make a dent in this mess! I grimaced as I realized I would need to rinse it off in the shower.

Carefully, I stepped in, took the spray nozzle and aimed it at my butt. Large chunks of poop fell off and mixed with the shower water. It looked like I was standing in mud and it smelled like I was standing in a sewer. I winced as I continued to rinse myself. After several minutes, the water was finally running clean. My butt still felt sticky, though.

Experimentally, I reached a washcloth between my butt cheeks. An obvious poop stain revealed that the shower hadn’t cleaned everything off, so I wiped with the washcloth like it was a piece of washable toilet paper, rinsing after every two or three wipes.

When I finished, I wrinkled my nose in disgust at the washcloth and thoroughly washed it with soap to clean off the solids before putting it in the hamper to be washed. Then, I got out of the shower, dried off, and put on a fresh diaper and some clean clothes. I looked at the obviously dirty diaper sitting in the bathroom pail with all of my wet ones and wrinkled my nose once more to remind myself not to do that again.

Pooping my pants was a super gross experience, and even though I didn’t want it to happen again, I kept up the soft foods and mild laxatives diet, and even though I was grossed out by it a few times, I tried pooping my diaper a couple of more times until I actually tolerated it pretty well. I developed a decent cleanup routine to deal with it, and it felt more natural. I still had control, though, or so I thought.

It happened when I was taking a shower. I felt a familiar fullness. I knew I needed to poop, but I ignored it and continued my shower, thinking I could hold it until I was finished and either go in the toilet or in my diaper. My bowels soon proved to me that they had other plans, however.

Just a few minutes after I realized I needed to poop, I started doing it! I didn’t decide to push or anything. My bowels just did the work for me; I felt something tickling my butt cheeks and then heard something hit the shower floor with a thud. I looked down and saw a piece of light brown poop right next to my feet. I looked down in shock.

“Faaart!” Another piece of soft poop came out of me as my bowels announced their deed loudly and without my consent.

That wasn’t just a one-time thing, either. Gravity became the only excuse my bowels needed to make me poop my pants every day. My diapers became absolute necessities.

I silently wondered how I accomplished this as I felt my bowels empty and soft poop tickle my butt cheeks. While I was thinking about pooping my pants, my bladder released, and I felt the warm wetness coat the mess I’d already made before being absorbed into the padding.

I was now completely incontinent.


I like what you wrote so far I hope that you do more on this story