unexpected treatment

i’m new and still figuring things out but i expect this story to have many chapters

chapter one…

it’s 3:47 and Lana is laying on the couch under her blanket watching videos on her phone and she looks at the time and thinks to herself “i should get changed out of this diaper before he comes home.” She checks her boyfriend’s texts if he said anything about coming home early and not surprisingly he said nothing. She decides to go change before he comes home as it is only an hour and a half until her boyfriend Darren comes home and after she took everything off except for the diaper she stared at herself in the mirror. A few seconds later she hears the bathroom door behind her open and it’s Darren. He walks up to her and hugs her and surprisingly doesn’t say anything about the diaper and asks her “need help, princess?” There was a shake in her voice as she mumbled “maybe…” and stared at the ground.

She doesn’t remember telling Darren about any of her ABDL desires or fantasies.
Darren took Lana’s hand and lead her through the house and into the bedroom and Darren gets on his knees and pulls something out from under the bed. Lana recognised this as her secret diaper stash and wondered how he found out as it was originally in a closed box hidden behind a few other boxes. Darren takes a clean diaper
and stands up again and puts Lana on the bed. Darren untapes her diaper and intentionally makes Lana blush by commenting “wow princess, didn’t go easy on the diaper, huh?” afterwards Darren cleans her up and puts her in a new diaper. After he finished changing her he picks her up and carries her to the closet and tells her to pick a shirt for today and that the rest of her outfit is already picked out. She decides to wear a pink shirt that she never usually wears and Darren helps Lana put the shirt on.

Darren goes to the bed again and takes out a very short skirt and walks over to Lana to help her put that on. Lana wants to say she can do it herself but she is enjoying this and she chooses not to. Darren takes a pacifier out of his pocket and it looks like the one she ordered online and Darren puts it in her mouth. Afterwards he leads her out of the room and out of the house to the car and opens the door behind the passenger side and Lana notices there’s a carseat that looks like it’s for children and Darren puts her in the seat with ease and straps her in and gets in the front seat


good story cant wait to read more

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i am planning to do part 2 on my birthday (the 31st)

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Chapter Two…

Darren starts the car and They leave the house. “It feels like we have been driving for an hour” a tired Lana thinks to herself. about 10 minutes later the car stops in the middle of nowhere Lana. After a few minutes Darren comes out of the house and a lady comes out and stands on the porch. Soon Darren gets in the car and looks back at Lana and says in a little voice “oh my- did my baby drool all over her binky?” before wiping her chin and on the side of her pacifier. Darren puts a plastic bag next to Lana.

Darren starts the car and they drive off. Lana notices she’s feeling tired but tries to stay awake and after a few minutes she eventually falls asleep.
After a while Lana wakes up and looks out the car window and notices it’s dark. “how long have we been driving?” She asks herself. Darren looks back at her and says in an excited tone “hey sleeping beauty, sleep well? you’ve been asleep for over 2 hours.” Lana can only manage to mumble a few sounds because She is still tired and She still has her pacifier in her mouth. Darren stops the car near a gas station and gets out of the car. Darren takes something from the passenger seat and goes to Lana’s door and opening it. Lana has a confused look on Her face before Darren places a tray on Her lap and locking it down onto the car seat.

Darren takes a container from his seat and places it in front of her and opening it. Lana’s face lights up and Darren smiles. Darren takes her pacifier out of her mouth and says in a babyish tone “sowwy for taking your binky, princess but you’re probably really hungry.” Lana nods and Darren stands up. “Enjoy your sandwiches princess i’m going to go get something to drink you stay in your seat ok? and be a good girl.” Darren walks up to the gas station and Lana finishes Her food. “Is daddy coming back soon? wait did i just refer to him as daddy?!” Lana giggles to herself, feeling a little embarresed. After a while Darren comes back and gets in his seat before taking something from the plastic bag next to Lana and a few seconds later He hands Her a baby bottle full of apple juice. “Did Daddy really think i’m that little?” Lana thinks to herself. Darren starts the car and they drive off.

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