Unexpected Honesty Ch 2

[SIZE=3]This is my first attempt at writing a story. Parts of it are based on my own life but the majority if fiction. I hope you all like it, if not let me know why and perhaps I can improve the story.

Chapter 1

[SIZE=4]It was one of those days, you know the type of day where everything seems to be going against you. When I woke up in the morning I just knew I should call into work, but just couldn’t decide to. My schedule was tight for the month and I needed to get out and perform some inspections. You see I work for the state inspecting medical facilities for compliance with state law. Going against my desires I went into work and spent the first hour or so catching up with colleagues I had not seen in a few weeks due to conflicting work schedules.

Sitting down at my desk I just couldn’t get up the ambition required to start the day, but forced myself to get my inspection equipment together. A tablet for taking notes, paperwork to leave with the facility, business cards, a few test meters for various types of instruments and the all-important state Identification card. Taking a few moments to unplug everything and print a map of the days facilities, I gathered everything together into my bag. Another sigh and I decided to reward myself for going out. I opened my bottom left desk drawer as far is it would come out. A metal divider, which used to be used for supporting files, kept the few folders stored in the drawer separated from the back area. I pulled the divider forward and removed two thin blue adult diapers. They were not my normal brand, but were made by the same company.

These were the last two of the package and I was glad to use them up. They worked, but not as effectively as I hoped and they were nowhere near thick enough. That is why they were stored at work, since they could be worn more discreetly. I would rarely wear in the office, but have been wearing out on inspections more and more frequently. Adding the last two to my laptop case I grabbed the keys to the work vehicle and began to head out.
The day finally seemed to get started, but our new inspector stopped be as I moved towards the door. “Steven, I need the serial number off your tablet.” Groaning out loud I responded, “really didn’t we just get all the serial numbers.” “Yeah, but you were out of the office and we missed your tablet.” At this moment, I was grateful I always kept the diapers in a separate pouch from the rest of my equipment. Removing the tablet, I held it up for inspection. Warren, my college, turn his head to the side trying to read the number before I flipped it over allowing for easier inspection. Honestly, I held it upside down just to screw with him a little. He is a great guy but needs a-little ribbing every once in a while. I mean come on anyone else would have just asked me to flip it over.

Finally, though I managed to get out of the office. The drive across town was pleasant as I was moving against traffic allowing me to arrive at the first inspection moments before they opened. As the front office staff came out a few minutes later I introduced myself and was let in quickly. The facility had an x-ray unit there so taking out one of my meters I quickly perfumed a few x-ray shots to determine the accuracy of the unit. A second meter is used to measure radiation in the air to determine if levels could be harmful to workers. Both tests passed quickly passing with flying colors, as most facilities do. That lead to a review of paperwork and licenses. Everything was well organized and quickly available. The facility had their issues, but it was nothing out of the ordinary or worth issuing a violation over. Overall, The inspection went by quickly getting the day set off on a good footing. The next inspection also flew by and things looked to be Turing around.

Somehow, I had miss mapped the third facility and ended up driving an extra fifteen minutes to arrive. The place appeared closed, A small mom- and-pop style clinic with hours by “appointment only”. Knowing they wouldn’t be open, I still had to check the door and in the off chance I was wrong. I gathered together all of my equipment into my arms and got out of the vehicle. In retrospect, I should have packed everything up before stepping away from the vehicle. As I walked towards the door, I grabbed a folder to see what the facilities license number was and inadvertently knocked one of my inspection meters out of my hand. The sounds of the meter crashing into the ground two feet way sent a wave of aggravation coursing through my body. The meter should have held up, but that wasn’t the day I was having. Hitting the power button on the meter did nothing. I moved it around in my hands slowly finding that the casing has collapsed damaging some of the internal components. Great it wasn’t even lunch time and I already need to return to the office, I thought to myself. What could make this day any worse.

Being locked in a car stewing on my own stupidity did little to improve my mood. Nor did the wrong turn I took shortly before I would have merged with the freeway. The corner of the side street had an office complex with numerous stores, a great place to turn the vehicle around. As I entered the parking the sign caught my eye advertising a medical supply store. On occasion, I have been known to stop into such stores hoping to find a decent type of diaper for sale. It was on just one such stop that I found the store I purchase most of my diapers at. [/SIZE][/SIZE]

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interesting opening, though all of the mentions of “inspections” confused me…

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Thank you for the feedback. I have edited those parts to include additional details which should lesson confusion while making the story less repetitive and easier to read. Or at least I hope the changes will have that effect.

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[SIZE=3]Chapter 2

I pulled the car over and took off my badge. Perhaps finding a better diaper would improve my day. The store itself was nothing fancy a large open area with a small semi enclosed office off to the left and a counter to the right. The center had various medical supplies mostly wheel chairs and the like and the back had a bunch of boxes stacked. They must not have a separate store room I thought to myself. “Can I help you find anything” a voice came from the office to my left. I turned to see a large man probably six feet tall and decent build. Not overly athletic, but certainly not chubby. He has a friendly smile on his face but also a slight look of confusion seeing someone in their late twenties in the store. “Do you carry adult diapers?” “Sure, they are around the corner here. The office was built into the main floor and formed an arterial corner which extended the show room. I stepped into the area, disappointed to find they only had prevail briefs. They weren’t even as good as the one I was wearing. Taking a few moments to examine the products, mostly so I didn’t appear rude I then spun around and began to leave.
The gentleman had come out of the office and was standing behind me. Normally I would have been aware of such things but my emotions seemed to be isolating me to my own little world.
“Did find what you were looking for.”
“No, I prefer diapers with a plastic backing.”
He smiled a moment “The Tranquility ATNs have a plastic backing and are the best brand we sell in shop.
I was surprised at his recommendation as it was the very brand I typically wore.
“I didn’t see those on the shelf.”
He stepped past me looking around. “Give me a minute” stepping back towards the storage area and piled boxes. He looks around for a few moments before finding the one he was looking for
“What size did you need?”
“Large” .
“Ok I have a box here in stock I can sell you.”
My face must have flushed red either out of aggravation at my luck or embarrassment, perhaps both. “Something wrong?” he asked.
“I was only hoping to purchase a single pack.”
He looked me over for a moment in silence. “We don’t normally sell them as individual packs, but ill break this box open.”
He then pulled out his keys and used them to open the box. Extracting a package, he moved behind the counter. “this is just going to take me a moment as I need to figure out how much they will cost by the bag.” He beings looking things up in the computer. “So, who are they for?” I know I blushed at his question. I had long since gotten over the embarrassment or thrill of purchasing diapers in person, but never once had I been asked who they were for. Deciding to tell the truth I responded.
“They are for me.”
He smiled in return as he kept looking things up on the computer and then pulled out a calculator.
“I don’t see many people your age purchasing these. May I ask why you wear them.”
I had long since decided that if I was ever asked I would state that I have worn them since I was in the military. It wasn’t a lie but did insinuate it was linked to an injury. For some reason though, I didn’t give that response.
“I just enjoy wearing them.”
I said blushing and surprised at myself. Fortunately, he did not appear to be listening to me as he finished working on his calculator.
“They will be $14.50. I’ll have to write up the ticket in my office he said as he moved back to the office near the entrance. I followed standing at the small counter next to the door and looking in.
“I’ve never had someone in here that liked wearing them he said as he began to fill out the invoice. Do you use them?”.
My heart must have been beating more rapidly than anything else I have ever experienced.
“Yes, I enjoy that aspect to which is why I am always looking for a better brand.”
He spun around in his chair and moved over to a corner. On top of a backpack was an Abena L4, which I had read about online but never tried.
“One of my customers ordered these awhile back. They are special order but I hear are really good. Here you can have it.”
The diaper appeared to have been opened like some had laid it out over their clothing for size.
“Thank you.” I said unsure of how to respond.
“have you ever thought of ordering online?”
“I am only passing through the area on business”, I lied, “and wanted some for tonight.”
“Cash or credit?” he asked.
I responded by handing him some cash and he quickly made change before handing me the invoice, my change and the pack of diapers. I thanked him and stepped out of the building thinning that was the end of it.
Before I pulled away though he came rushing out.
“We have a few more locations throughout the state you can try”
he says as I lower down my window and he hands me a business card.
“Thank you, I will be sure to look into those location.”
“Great, just know they won’t break a box open for you. You will need to order a case.”
He begins to walk away before looking over his shoulder at me and coming back.
“A few friends of mine are getting together tonight for dinner if you want to come out with us, my number is on the back.”
He says and starts moving away. Normally I wouldn’t have accepted an offer from someone like this, but the thought of him knowing I liked diapers was a real turn on. I had been harboring fantasies for a while of trying something out with a man and though that if things took that turn I would be ok with it.
“Wait!” I called out “I would love to go with you and your friends, where are you going and when should I be there.”
“I’ve got all the info inside if you want to step back in, if not just text me.”
I couldn’t believe myself, but I stepped back in after him still carrying the Abena, for some reason, in my hand. He went over to the counter and wrote down an address and a time. Handing me the slip with a smile.
“Did you want to put that on before you leave?”
I asked before seeing him nod at my hand. “Oh… uh… yes sure” I responded.
“You can use the bathroom if you like.” I normally would never put that thick of a diaper on knowing that I was heading back to the office so I hesitated.
“Is it alright if I get one of the others they are a bit thinner.”
He chuckled a little bit. “sure, but only if you wear that one tonight. Deal?”
“Yes”, I responded enthusiastically without even thinking. After retrieving one from the car I went back in and he pointed me to the bath room. The space was a bit tight but I am used to putting diapers on myself standing up. The trick is to attach the bottom tape on one side then the other. This allows you to pull them tight and then worry about the top tapes. The process only takes a few minutes and I head back out to the store. He smiles at me again as I’m about to leave.
“What was your name again?” he asks.
I pause realizing we had not yet introduced ourselves. “I’m Steven.” I say holding out my hand.
“Mark” comes the reply as he grasps my extended hand shaking and pulling me in a little closer. I see him look down at my pants.
“You can hardly notice you are wearing one.” He says. “If it wasn’t for the budge in the front I don’t think I could have told.”
I get really embarrassed as he says this and stammer out something unintelligible before pulling myself together. A lustful look passes across Marks face prompting me to take a small step back
“I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I am not gay so it probably won’t go anywhere like that.”
Mark smiled back at me.
Why don’t we just avoid labels and enjoy ourselves tonight. I get off at five if you want to meet me here and hang out before we meet the group.”
His words seemed to dissipate some of my worries while causing me to blush.
“Thank you”, I respond.
It wasn’t until I was back in my car and to relative security that I realize the group wasn’t meeting until seven.[/SIZE]