Underoos (of sorts) at Target.

Was out and about tonight with the family and headed over to the Men’s department at our local Target store. Came across an area in the back that had men’s underwear hanging up, but they were all styled like the ones my 4 year old wears. They had Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Transformers and Ironman and all were based on the characters from the comic books and cartoons from when I was a kid. 30% off on top of that so I was quick to grab me a pair of a few of them. Wife was cracking up as soon as I pulled up along side her and our other munchkin excited to show her what I found.

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cute :slight_smile:

Actually, on that note though….I spoke with my attorney last week after I sent her an email about how I felt the DA was being a dick about all of this after I had since spoken to everyone from the GM of the store, the Alaska Regional Manager and even the head person over Civil Affairs at Corporate and they all agreed it was clearly an accident and wanted the charges dropped. I spoke to her for a bit about it and she agreed with me and said my email hit everything right on the button and she wanted to make sure I presented that in court. Apparently then she got an idea and figured she would send it over to the DA and let him see how I felt about it, and how I was clearly calling his bluff about them having proof and all. Not even 10 min later she got a reply…they want to dismiss the case! So I goto court this Thursday and after that…it’s all done and over with. I owe nobody anything and my name is cleared!

And yes…paying is good. I think they were like 9 bucks a pair here with 30% off so it was like 6 dollars. But up here things are a bit more, so probably about 4 bucks for the lower 48.

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Glad that you’re in the clear.

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Thanks. I look forward to tomorrow. Just glad to finally have this nightmare over with.