Undercover Tour

Undercover Tour

Chapter 1:

I WALKED INTO the offices of the National Inquisitive magazine, hoping that their call to our agency was a legitimate one. I shook my head once again at the many changes in my life in such a short time. Since receiving my discharge papers two years ago, I found myself working for a respected PI firm. My application hadn’t been in, but about ten minutes when I’d received the call from the CEO that he wanted to interview me that day.

The interview was shockingly short! “You served fifteen years in DEVGRU?”

“Yes, sir,” I told him.

“Honorable discharge?”

“I have a copy of my DD-214 here,” I told the man.

He took it from my hands and said, “You’re hired. When can you start?”

Over the next year, I was used in some of their riskier investigations. I was always relieved that I rarely had to use any of my training. Really most of the time, I was just able to follow leads, perform stakeouts, and very seldomly help protect someone.

Yesterday my boss had called and said that the National Inquisitive magazine had hired our services. They specifically wanted our two most able-bodied combat veterans and for us not to know who the other was chosen. ‘Weird,’ had been my reply to my boss. He had agreed with me that things seemed off. I researched the magazine and found most of their stories were outlandish fiction. Once in a long while, a true story was published to prove that they did real journalism, but most of it was UFOs, Hollywood trash, or Bigfoot sightings… ‘They’re paying enough for us to pay you quadruple your normal rate,’ my boss had justified.

It set off more alarm bells, but following orders was ingrained into my soul at this point. So I said ‘Hooyah!’ and got with the program like always.

Their offices were more extensive than I expected in a tall skyscraper downtown. As I walked inside, I admired the expensive décor on my way to stand in front of a reception desk to check-in. “Good afternoon, ma’am. My name is Travis Foster. I’m here to see Stephanie Richardson?”

“Oh yes, sir, I have you down here. You’re going to go to the elevator and floor twenty-two. Someone will meet you up there to show you to the conference room. I’ll let her know you’re on your way up.”

“Thanks,” I told her and shifted my leather satchel to my other hand while waiting for the elevator to open. The trip up wasn’t the fastest with stopping at multiple floors, but I was soon exiting and found an older gentleman waiting at the doors.

“Mr. Foster?” He asked with a smile.

“Yes, sir,” I told him.

“I’m Clark Mendelssohn. Please come this way; we’re ready for you in the conference room.”

I followed the man down and discovered a woman about my age in a business suit seated at the head of a conference table. She was joined by several others around the table that I was motioned to join.

“Good afternoon Mr. Foster,” the lady at the head said, “I’m Stephanie Richardson, Chief Editor of the Inquisitive.”

“Nice to meet you,” I told her. “My boss sent me down here but didn’t give me an idea of what I’m supposed to be doing for you all?” I looked around the room and took in the others. None of the other five looked alike, seeming to be a very diverse group in age and gender.

“Well, we’re doing a story right now and need some outside help to ensure we have the most balanced piece we can get.”

“I’m not exactly a reporter?”

She laughed, “No, and that’s why I hope you’ll have as much or more success than the others. We’re hoping your background as a SEAL will make a difference. Mr. Foster, how much do you know about the new Dimensional Portal?”

I shrugged, “Not a ton…?” I said, thinking that wasn’t entirely true - but she wasn’t cleared for that information. “Something about great technology and really tall people?”

She nodded, “You basically have nailed what little we know. Pictures are almost non-existent, and where we do have them, they usually only show our people standing next to a tall person or some cool technology.”

I nodded, “Well, that might make sense…?” Then, I suggested, “But you have some other idea?”

A gentleman next to her said, “I’m Jimmy Kilburn; I run the photography department here. We’ve sent in four photogs to just get some pictures in the last six months - none of them have returned.”

“The reasons?”

“The authorities say it’s because they found better lives on the other side.”

“No contact with them to confirm that?”

“One did, but it was a letter and didn’t feature a cipher that we told our people to use to confirm that they were sending it without duress.”

“Sounds fishy,” I admitted. “You have a theory of what’s not being said?” I asked.

“Yes,” Stephanie said, “though I know it sounds like something that is an outlandish tabloid story, we believe we’re right and need proof.”

She paused as if looking to see if I would hear her out, so I nodded, “I’ve seen some crazy stuff in life. What’s your theory?”

“We believe the portals aren’t really for free trade and travel of goods and ideas. Our belief is that our world is being used as a source of human slaves for the other dimension.”

“For what?”

“Surrogate babies,” she told me.

I nodded, thinking back to the classified encounter I had with a group of amazons on a short training exchange we had. I had noted that even with my height, I was still only standing with my head just below the women’s breasts that we had trained with. The men had been even taller… One of them was so tall that the top of my head just barely reached the level of his belly button. He was a monster of a man, unusual for even there, but I recalled feeling like a child next to even the shortest. Given I was six-foot, seven inches tall, that was saying something!

“Why?” I asked.

“We’ve only been able to get a couple of past visitors to talk to us. There must be some sort of NDA signed by travelers when they return. The two willing to talk were a little… agitated…” she said with a wince, “They claimed something about Amazon birthrates being too low to sustain some sort of primal mothering instinct. One of them spoke of a near-miss of an ‘adoption’ and then went into sobs.” Clark informed me.

“Sounds like you have enough for a story already?” I asked.

“Almost, but as the saying goes, ‘the proof is in the pudding,’” Stephanie said. “We want proof in the form of photographs.”

“Sounds like you’ve tried that before?” I suggested.

“We have, but we’ve tried it in a more obvious way with our known journalists every other time. This time we want to try sending in a group of unrelated individuals for this article. We’re keeping your identities secret from each other, and we’re trying different travel vectors for each person.”

“Different vectors?”

“Well, the government portal is not the only one at this point. We also have a local location of a new company that opened this year called Portal Relocations… We’re sending a couple people in through their network too.”

I nodded, remembering seeing the signs on the highway, “How am I going in?”

“We’re going to send you on the tourist route.”

“Sounds like that doesn’t work, though…?” I suggested. I was growing nervous about this assignment as memories of literally getting spanked on my ass through a few sparring matches surfaced in my memory.

“It hasn’t with the obvious camera gear. Instead, we want to send you in with more discreet surveillance options.”

“How discreet?”

“Implanted into your body,” Stephanie said.

“Excuse me?”

“We have acquired some… technology that will enable us to plant a lens on your eye like a contact lens. It’s safe to keep on your eye for up to one year, and it will transmit wirelessly to a storage device that will be implanted under your skin in your arm.”

“What happens if I’m scanned with an X-Ray or something?”

“Won’t show up! It’s made of plastic and organic components, no metal.”

I looked at them and said, “I’m willing to consider this… but there will need to be some additional money in it for me. This is by far the most dangerous op I’ve been on as a civilian… maybe even when I was on active duty, depending on if what you’re saying is true.”

“We’ve already offered to quadruple the rate to your agency…?”

“I know, and I’m okay with that coming from them. However, I want an additional bonus if I return with this information.”

“How much?” Stephanie asked.

“If I make it back with this information, five-hundred thousand, plus help with any heat I may have on me.”


“Diplomatic issues?” I mentioned. “I can’t be a kite that you cut into the wind.”

“If you get back with that information, you have yourself a deal, Mr. Foster!” Stephanie said and came to shake my hand. “Now, Jimmy can get you set up with your camera system today. We have you scheduled to leave on a tour that leaves Monday.”

I nodded, “Fair enough, that’ll give me time to hold mail and everything.” Then, I looked at Jimmy, “Let’s get this done?”

“Right this way,” he told me and let me down to the elevator.

We took it to a sub-basement level, “You have a real-life Q down here or something?” I asked.

“So, to speak,” he told me.

I raised my eyebrow but continued on. Eventually, we arrived at a door where Jimmy typed a password, pushed his thumb on a biometric lock pad that appeared, and gave it a voice identification. ‘They’re serious about this!’ I thought. ‘What the hell did I just sign up for?’

Down another hallway, we came to a room that looked like the headquarters for spy cameras anonymous. Shelves and shelves of disguised cameras were around. A grey-haired man sat at a desk tinkering with something, ignoring our entry. “Marty!” Jimmy said to get his attention, making the man jump with his voice.

“Whoa! How long have you been there?”

“Just a moment,” I told him politely.

“Well, this is your next candidate?”

“Yes, he’s the one we need the special camera we spoke about.”

“The ocular one, correct?”

“Yes,” Jimmy told him.

“Come here, son,” he told me, leading me to a back area and a chair that looked like it was pulled from a dentist’s office. “Please take your shirt off and then have a seat,” he told me.

I pulled my shirt off and sat down before watching him clean his hands, glove up, and bring a small box to set on a steel table beside the chair. “Squeamish?” he asked me.

“No, sir,” I told him.

“Hold on a second, let me lean this chair back. You’re one of the tallest people I’ve ever met. Just how tall are you?”

“Just six-foot-seven,” I told him.

“Might as well be a giant compared to my five feet five-inch height,” he told me with a laugh. He pulled a small syringe and a scalpel out. “I will give you a local anesthetic,” he told me.

He looked at the fatty tissue of my arm, “Not a lot of fat on you here.”

“Uncle Sam wasn’t very appreciative of fat on me!” I told him with a laugh.


“SEAL,” I told him.

“No, they wouldn’t have been happy with the fat. I think there’s still enough for me to work with. You have an old wound here?” He asked about a scar.

“Shrapnel from an IED. I was lucky…” I told him.

“In more ways than one, it should be a good place to put this.” He stabbed the area near it with the needle, and I immediately felt a loss of sensation around my skin there. He poked at it, “Can you feel this?”

“No…” I told him.

“Great!” he told me and then sterilized the area before he lanced my skin open with the scalpel.

“You know what you’re doing… right?”

“Oh… yeah, I’ve done this a few times.”

I watched mildly concerned as he pulled at the skin and then pushed in a device the width and length of a micro SD card with a bit more thickness to it. I felt a bit of tingle for a second, and after checking something on his computer, he came back, pressed the wound down, and glued it shut. A Band-Aid followed, and then he switched to a fresh pair of gloves.

“Open your eye wide for me,” he told me.

I sat passively as a contact was applied to one eye, then another to the other. I could tell they weren’t prescription because nothing in my vision changed. Finally, he pulled off the gloves and said, “Okay, let me show you how this works!”

I spent the next couple of hours being shown how I could initiate video recordings and also how to make still pictures. When they were recording or taking stills, there was the smallest of red or orange lights that would appear in my vision. The controls were all based on muscle twitches around my eyes. It was odd, but I eventually got the hang of it and was also shown how to download copies of the files. In the event, I couldn’t offload anything though there was enough space for four weeks straight of video recording and an additional forty-thousand high res image slots available. He showed me the video and image quality, and I was very impressed.

“Where did you get this tech?”

“This is my job. I do this for a living,” Marty told me with a smile and dodged the question.

“This should help, thanks!” I told him and was led out by Jimmy.

Before I left their offices, I was given a packet of information. The information included the legend for the cover I was using for this trip. I wasn’t using an alias because of passport laws or something. ‘You really don’t want to be accused of breaking the law over there!’ Jimmy had told me.

“What are my options if I get burned?” I had asked when we ended our meeting in his office.

“You’re on your own,” he told me. “We don’t know enough to even have a chance of helping you.”


“Look on the bright side, when you come back, you’re going to be well taken care of?”

I nodded at that and took my leave from their building. Back at my apartment, I took the time to hold my mail with the post office and let my landlord know I’d be gone a couple weeks. I had the funds available, so I paid the next three months’ rent to be safe. I had one week until my departure and spent the entire time preparing with intel and backup plans for when something went wrong. The whole situation sounded FUBAR before I’d even started, but the pay rate was too good to turn down!

I didn’t trust any part of the Inquisitive’s offer, or my own agency, that much regarding if something went wrong. I carefully put a couple of stashes of emergency go-bags around town not far from the portal. Each included clothing, wigs, money, and weapons. Near each was a cheap vehicle I bought with cash. I’d long ago been taught some techniques to disappear off the grid if I needed to. I planned on having options if this went belly up!

In the meantime, I researched this ‘Diamond Tours’ group online. They’d been operating for two years and had a host of five-star reviews from what they said. That in and of itself made me nervous… From my experience, honest companies always had one- or two-star reviews in the mix done by idiots. To see none? Well, it raised my eyebrows.

I nervously waited during the final days, ensuring I continued my fitness program to be in the best shape of my life for this tasking.

MONDAY ARRIVED BEFORE I knew it, and I was soon checking into a counter like I’d done a thousand times before at airports. The biggest difference with this portal travel is that once you were checked in, you were lined up to go one by one through the gates they had set up. I waited behind a family with an older teenage daughter for my turn. As I approached the shimmery portal, I couldn’t help but think of the brief trip we had taken for the training exchange. We’d portable onto one of their military bases, mostly got our asses handed to us for four days, and then come back. While we were there, we didn’t get to see anything but the portable tents we brought, the training grounds, and a gym where we sparred. We’d all bitched about eating MREs only during that time, even though we knew they had to have a mess hall somewhere on the base!

A moment later, I was on the other side and shook, losing my breath for a second. ‘What a trip!’ I thought to myself and began looking around for threats and out-of-place things. The first thing I noticed was that it seemed like the family I had been next to, for the most part, looked… ‘shorter?!?’ I used my still camera feature right then and followed them to where a tall Amazon woman stood with a printed sign labeled ‘Diamond Tours.’ I noticed about a half-dozen tour companies set up similarly as people came through the massive concourse of forty-eight gates that led to different parts of the world.

“Name?” The lady asked me.

“Travis Foster,” I told her.

It was weird having my eyes just below the level of her breasts. I tried not to stare at the monstrous orbs she had. But then, I remembered the other women Amazons my unit had trained with were just as endowed. ‘Really, they fit their frame size… they’re just so much bigger than normal humans!’ Her height was amazing, given that I was usually the giant back home!

“Gotcha, just step over there for a moment, and we’ll get you all through customs!” she told me with a smile.

I stood around and waited for a few minutes with everyone else. I took a few pictures hoping to illustrate how almost everyone had shrunk a great deal. ‘Did I shrink?’ I thought for a moment too. But, without a frame of reference, I had no way to know… ‘Did I shrink last time…?’ I didn’t recall any of us emerging with different heights.

“Okay, I think that’s everyone!” The lady said. “My name is Grace, and I’ll be your tour guide with Diamond Tours. We’re so glad that you’ve chosen us to guide you through our world! We’re going to have to get through the customs area next. No matter what, be sure you never wander away from our group.”

“What happens if we do?” One man asked who seemed to have gotten the real short end of the stick. ‘He’s like a toddler to me… what’s he like to them?’ I thought, comparing the two.

“We’re not responsible or able to protect you in that case. Be warned, our world is very different than yours. If you wander off, you’ll be seen as a normal Little and subject to our laws.”

The man’s facial expression was just as arrogant as he started. ‘Man, if this stuff is true, I bet he’s the first person to get killed in this horror movie,’ I thought with a smirk. “Whatever,” he replied to her.

“Any other questions?” She asked rhetorically.

‘It’s clear she doesn’t want any…?’ I mused.

We all followed her to a desk where a man about my height was scanning passports. He examined each and stamped them with Visas. “Here to see the sights?” He asked me.

“I heard about this world… thought it was worth a visit,” I told him with a smile. He was maybe six inches taller than me. Even then, he was still much shorter than our guide.

“I hear we have some things to offer that you don’t have!” the man said collegially.

“We’ll see soon!” I told him.

I followed the tour group through the terminals and had immediate confirmation that the rumors were at least partially true! I took a picture of a man, probably about his mid-twenties, openly sucking on the exposed breast of one of the tall Amazon women who was holding him. He was dressed in a baby’s onesie with a clear diaper bulge showing. The man’s muscles would have made him fit in with my old team, ‘Clearly, he’s not weak!’ I thought to myself with a shudder.

I heard the mom of the young teenage girl admonish her, “Lily, come on, we need to keep up!” I took a quick glance back and couldn’t help but note how short the girl was. She had been short compared to me back home, but that seemed exaggerated now!

We followed past everyone with our luggage until we came to a bus loading area. A pole stood beside the loading area of the bus with different colors and marked with different heights. I felt my stomach flop as I realized I had definitely shrunk some too.

“Okay, I know that some of you have experienced some changes in height on your trip. Our world is larger than yours, so some of you may inadvertently have shrunk to a size that requires different seating arrangements. As you come by the pole, I will give you a wristband that will help us keep track of your needs throughout your visit. My colleague Dara is on the bus and will help you get situated.”

She paused, “I know it may come as a shock to some of you, but we ask that you cooperate as we are only following the law. Failure to abide by those laws means we will terminate our contract, and you will have to find your own way in this world… something I wouldn’t recommend.”

I watched as she tagged each person with a different wrist strap, making sure to take a picture of the pole. I got a few of the people being checked next to it, including the little girl who got the second shortest color. I went not long after that family. “Six-Feet and an inch,” the lady said to me with a smile, “you won’t need a band,” and sent me on to the bus. I walked up the steps and noticed that they were considerably larger than usual. At the top, I discovered the teenage girl now sitting in a rear-facing toddler’s car seat. She blushed as I made eye contact, and I felt bad for embarrassing her.

The lady looked at my wrist, “Well, you’re a big boy, so you won’t need a special seat. Just sit down here,” she pointed to a window seat next to an enormous infant’s carrier. It was complete with a handle for a parent to carry the infant in and had some toys dangling from it.

I turned my attention out the window as the most pompous guy was given the color of the shortest part of the pole. I was kind of amused that it was pink. I watched the lady pick him up to place him into the infant carrier next to me a moment later. He pitched a major fit right then and fought her with all of his short might.

“No way in god damn hell am I going to ride in that like some sort of baby!!!”

“Sir, I’m sorry, it’s the law at your size…?”

“No fucking way!”

After a minute, she gave up and told him, “Okay, this is the second time we’ve had an issue. You’re officially done with Diamond Tours. Please sign this agreement stating you are terminating your services with us, and Grace will help you off the bus.”

He signed, and I couldn’t help but remember thinking he would be the first person to die in a horror movie. He gathered his stuff, walked down the steps, and then down the street. Instinctively I started video recording as he walked away from the bus and down the sidewalk. A stern lady came up to him and spoke to him for a few seconds before she picked him up like a small toddler. He hit her and fought a losing battle for several minutes. It looked like he even bit her before she pulled his clothes off and set him over her knee.

‘She’s not going to…?’ I thought just as she began tanning his hide like a disobedient child.

It was worse than that, though, as she kept going long after you would a baby. Finally, as the bus started moving, she picked him up and placed a… ‘pacifier?!?!’ I thought. ‘She really put a damn baby’s pacifier in his mouth!’ I thought incredulously. I couldn’t see more, though, as we pulled away. His wails could still be heard over the engine noise as we passed by!

I observed as the bus traveled through the city, taking pictures every now and then of adults clearly diapered and dressed like babies. ‘I really hoped this was all bullshit!’ I thought to myself. ‘I should have known it wasn’t from that exercise. I can still feel that hand!’

By the end of our training exchange, I had eventually learned some tricks and managed to win about fifty percent of my sparring matches over the last two days. But, along the way, there were many painful broken-ass spankings administered to me, just like that man had received before I learned those tricks!

About a half-hour later, we were all in the lobby being given room keys. It was nice to see the desks, chairs, and everything seemed closer to my size here at the hotel. “Why is this smaller?” The teenage girl I’d learned was Lily asked Dara while we waited.

“This hotel is designed for Betweeners and guests from your dimension. Of course, it’s a bit uncomfortable for us, Amazons, but the tour is for you all, not us!” She winked. “As long as you are here or with our group, you are safe.”

“You keep saying that…?” Lily started to ask as Grace began giving us our information for the night.

I shared her curiosity about what they thought about our safety but hefted my luggage and found my room instead. Things were a little higher for me than usual, but not too bad. ‘I suspect some of them, like Lily, are having a tough time.’ I noticed some things like children’s stools were stashed about the bathroom and closet to help shorter guests reach things.

‘Well, I made it into the field… let’s see what happens from here…?’

Chapter 2:

THE NEXT FEW days were unbelievable to me! I was truly impressed by the Amazon’s technology as they showed us the sights. Computers, robots, medical advances, and even simple things like phones were at least twenty years ahead of us. We’d been given a tour of Emerson University the day before, and I was genuinely impressed by everything we’d seen there!

What I wasn’t impressed about, though, was the adults forcibly made to be babies. We’d witnessed several atrocities over the days that I continually documented. I’d seen more of the breastfeeding, public diaper changes, spankings, and… what seemed to be many instances of physical modifications to those adults. Twenty-year-olds did not usually have all of their teeth missing, so I was pretty sure that their ‘parents’ were ripping their teeth out!

Most members of our group, other than Lily’s mother, were now all below six feet in height. I’d learned that was the standard for being a ‘little’ in this dimension. From my height until about the eight-foot mark, you would be considered a ‘Betweener’ or ‘Tweener’ by this dimension. I saw plenty of them being pushed about in diapers too, but for the most part, we seemed safer. On the fourth day, I managed to have a side conversation with another person just above my height.

“You’re one of those tourists, huh?” She asked as I watched the group looking through a clothing store in the mall we’d been brought to.

I looked at the woman, about a foot taller than me, and nodded, “That’s me.”

“Melanie,” she said, holding her hand out to me.

“Travis,” I said back to her while activating the video camera function. “So… I’ve been curious… what’s up with all of the short adults being babied? My tour guide is pretty evasive about it, or says they asked for that treatment?”

The girl snorted, “Asked for it, huh?” She shook her head, “Maybe one in a million might actually ask for it; the others are basically forcibly kidnapped and turned into baby slaves.”


She shrugged, “Amazon women get crazy… So many of them can’t have kids due to some sort of genetic disorder that seems to be spreading. So to deal with their maternal urges, they find a ‘Little’ to become their baby.”

“How long do they keep them?”

“Most of the time, until one of them dies…” she said sadly.

“Really?” I couldn’t help but ask in shock. “A lifetime of being babied?”

“Yes… some have it worse than others, of course. The lucky ones are only diapered and paraded around like toddlers who can still pick up their own fork. Occasionally they might even be able to be toilet trained and kept in their ‘big kid’ pull-ups.”

“The best they hope for is Pull-Ups?” I asked incredulously.

“Yep. Of course, the smart ones that are free will wear at least a Pull-Up just in case.” She added, “There aren’t that many anymore, though…”

“Why? How?”

“Ever not wiped your ass well enough and found a brown streak in your underwear that night?” She paused, “Actually, don’t answer that… Let’s just say that if they want to, they can check your underwear. If there’s even the slightest skid mark or dribble of pee in your underwear? It’s grounds for adoption. If you’re at least mature enough to wear protection, you might get a chance to run away.”

My mouth dropped, “Really?”

“Then there are the ones who will say ‘someone’s not mature enough’ because they argue with the ‘adult.’” She proceeded to give me a quick lowdown until my group came to the edge of the store. “Stay with your group; you’re tall enough to be a Betweener here… a little short, but still mostly safe. The laws specifically address under six feet with adoptions. Stay smart and safe, though, or you could be getting your pampers changed too!”

“Thanks for the info,” I told her and joined Lily’s parents.

The group had been split up between Dara and Grace today, ‘randomly,’ for some reason. It had seemed odd to split the girl off from her parents, but the tour company had been running things really smoothly for the most part. When we got back on the bus, the other group was already on, so we quickly pulled away to go to the next destination. Then, a half-block from the mall, I heard, “Where’s Lily?”

THE TOUR COMPANY had refused to turn the bus around to look for their daughter, stating that ‘the rules were clear.’ The whole thing stunk to me, but I couldn’t prove anything. They tried calling the police but were told they’d need to wait twenty-four hours to file a missing person report because she was an adult. ‘Sure… that’s what she is right now!’ I couldn’t help but think as I watched her mom cry hysterically. The next day while they waited at the hotel, hoping she might return there, I traveled with the group to a huge zoo with many animals that had either gone extinct in our dimension or hadn’t existed. It was pretty cool, but I documented more cases of ‘littles’ being forced into their roles as surrogate babies throughout the visit.

I was sitting down for lunch with the group and noticed a family of littles nearby. There was a father and mother in their late forties and a teenage boy and daughter who looked towards the end of high school in age. An Amazon woman walked by and spilled her drink all over the fronts of the two teenagers and proceeded to claim they had wet themselves. Their parents tried fighting the woman, but security was called, and soon all four of them were in diapers and some spare clothing one ‘helpful’ mother had provided.

You could tell that everyone around our table was nervous as they watched the incident. I couldn’t help but wonder if someone could be stopped from pulling the same stunt with the tourist group?

“Could that happen to us?” one woman, now just under five feet, asked of Dara.

“Not as long as you stay with us, sweetie! Tourists are protected from being adopted so long as they are with their licensed tour guide.”

I suddenly twinged to what might be involved in this circle of disappearances. ‘So the tourists get distracted, separated, and then…?’ I thought, looking over at a ‘mom’ spoon-feeding some disgusting pureed mush to a man only wearing a diaper to go along with a beer gut. ‘Then your life is over!’ I thought.

I followed the tour guide I was with for the afternoon, taking care to stay a bit closer than I had yesterday on the off chance someone decided that a taller ‘baby’ was more their style. Spending the day in a ‘family’ park setting made me realize that while I might be taller than a baby, I could easily fit in with the height of a kindergartner or first grader… The first few of those I saw that were still diapered showed me that it wouldn’t be a significant stumbling block for some crazy wannabe mom to do the same to me!

That being said, I noticed apparent deference towards me in my dealings with ordering food versus the shorter tourists. I was still treated like an adult while they all got ‘honey,’ ‘sweetie,’ ‘pumpkin,’ and ‘munchkin’ nicknames. It was clear that I was older in their minds!

In the end, we did a lot of walking that day before we boarded the bus to return to the hotel. A headcount was done, and we were three people short. “Does anyone know where Riley, Paul, and Libni are?” Dara asked.

No one seemed to know, and I noted that once again, the three missing were with the opposite group that I was in. “Well, hopefully, they find their way back to the hotel!” she smiled. “Just a reminder that you need to stay with the group and on time with our itinerary! We’re all adults here, and that shouldn’t be a problem, right?” she asked rhetorically.

“Now, we’ll give you a couple of hours to take a nap and change before we go to dinner and then a late theater show,” Grace told us as we pulled away.

I walked into the hotel and noticed that Lily’s parents were sitting in the lobby chairs with apparent worry. The tour guides gave them a wide berth… but it wasn’t in my nature to just let someone be kidnapped from their parents like that. “Hi, I’m Travis,” I told them.

“John and this is my wife Carrie,” he told me.

“Any sign of Lily?”

The woman looked at me and shook her head, “None… we almost have enough time gone to report her missing to the police… but… but… what if…?” She choked back some more sobs.

“Look,” I glanced around and ensured no one was around, “I have some experience in these situations. How about I go with you to the police station?”

“You’d do that?” Then, the man asked, “What’s in it for you?”

I shrugged, “I don’t believe in leaving people behind.” I happened to rub the sleeve of my shirt just then, and I noticed recognition as I realized I had flashed my tat at him.

“You were a SEAL?” He asked quietly.

“Fifteen years,” I told him.

“What grade?”

“I mustered out as an E-8,” I told him.

“Well… let’s go then, honey,” he told her. “How are we getting there?”

“Let’s get a cab,” I told him and left them to organize one at the desk.

John was placed into a booster seat by the cab driver, but his wife and I were tall enough to ride in the regular seats. I was actually a bit surprised by that as we drove. I knew back home, the age of eight, or fifty-six inches, had become the legal requirement for most states. ‘That’s about eight-and-a-half feet,’ I thought to myself. ‘Not about to bring attention to that, though!’ I thought as we drove on.

The police station was actually a really close building to where we were staying. Just about seven city blocks down the road from the hotel in a straight line. I noted the route in case I needed to find our way back later.

“Okay, that’ll be…” he told us, and I handed over my credit card for the bill. It was one they issued us on this side, and his tiny computer had no problems processing the charge. “If you need a ride back, call this number,” he told me, giving me a card.

“Thank you, sir,” I told him with a smile. Then, finally, we made it into the lobby, and it was apparent that no Little was thought of in consideration of the size of the furniture.

At the front desk, we approached, and I said, “We need to report their missing daughter.”

“How long has she been missing?”

“A bit over a full day,” I said, looking at the special watch I had bought in a gift shop. “At least thirty-three hours?”


“Eighteen,” Carrie told him.

“Are you sure she didn’t just go out for a night of partying?”

“Yes, we’re sure, we’re tourists from the other dimension - trust me, she didn’t go off on her own willingly,” John told him angrily.

“Okay… you’ll need to fill out these forms,” he said, handing over an electronic tablet. “If you have a picture, you can scan it with the camera.”

“Thanks,” Carrie said, taking the tablet and walking over to the large benches in the corner. She hopped up with a little bit of effort. John had to practically climb his way up it. I chose to stand by and watch the lobby and its people. Something about the officer’s glance right then and a quiet conversation he was having with another one to the side made me think something was up.

Carrie had tear streaks down her eyes as she filled out the tablet’s questionnaire. “May I see what they asked?” I asked when she was done.

I looked through the paperwork and saw it was pretty standard stuff from back home. I noticed that with the height, it automatically populated a mark in ‘Little,’ ‘Mid,’ or ‘Big.’ It looked like because she was a Little, it also asked what age she was potty-trained. ‘Twenty-eight months,’ she’d typed in. Where things went off the beaten path back home was their request for detailed medical history information. It seemed more like a complete medical history request, like when you went to a doctor.

‘They don’t need that much information to find a missing person…?’ I thought skeptically. I walked back up with them to the counter, and the man said, “Okay, we’ll share the information with everyone in our system and be on the lookout for her.”

“You’re not going to have someone go check out where she was last seen?” I asked.

“Doesn’t usually do any good. We’ll be in touch if we hear something,” the bored officer said.

Warning bells went off in my head as we were essentially dismissed without meeting with a detective or anything. Sensing I needed to get them back to the hotel for our safety, I directed them gently outside. There was a convenient cab driver there, but somehow, I didn’t trust that convenience. I kept them walking on the street instead of taking a cab. “Why not take that cab back there?” John asked me quietly.

“Gut feeling…” was all I said. It was a long walk back to the hotel, and by the time we returned, the group had left. I picked a random place out of a phone book and got us delivery of pizza… Huuuuuge pizza! It reminded me of the pizza places I saw on TV back home that were like four feet in diameter! I sat with them and talked to them for a while before heading back to my room and planning what I could do.

‘Something wasn’t right at that police station,’ I thought. Over the years, I had been, of course, ingrained to follow orders. However, as I’d risen through the enlisted ranks, I’d also been given the advice to follow my gut. My gut was screaming at me that something wasn’t right about the whole situation. ‘I already have more than enough information and evidence for the client?’ I thought to myself. The problem was that since I’d come to work for the firm, I just couldn’t let go of a good mystery.

Making a decision, I found the most nondescript clothes I’d brought and waited for the dimensions two am to come around. Then, hoping it was late enough, I slid out the back of the building through a stairwell unnoticed. Before I closed the door, I jammed a piece of cardboard from the pizza box in the door to keep it from latching fully. I had no idea what the door sensor would think with it, but I hoped to be able to pull it back open without using the card and documenting my re-entry.

The eight blocks to the station were as nerve-wracking as any mission I’d been on. Several times I saw vagrant amazons passed out on the street. One or two of them had poorly dressed Littles with them. I noticed one had a dog collar around its neck and a leash tied to the amazon’s arm! At the police station, I knew I couldn’t just go in the front door, so I made my way around back. The building featured some pretty large brick walls but no obvious entrance in the back that wasn’t guarded. ‘I bet I could grab onto the brick, though…?’ I thought to myself. Before I approached, I placed a face mask on to help avoid identification later. ‘I assume they have cameras,’ I thought to myself. ‘Hopefully, no one is watching it in real-time!’

Fifteen minutes later, I was on the roof of the eight-story building and looking at the hatch there for any sign of an alarm system. Unfortunately, there was one! I sighed and decided they had some low-tech security for such a high-tech culture. They left the sensors on the outside, apparently more worried about keeping people in than out, and I could simply unscrew one side of the sensor and tape it to the other without breaking the connection. Fortunately, the door itself was unlocked, and I found myself inside the building.

Remembering the signs from earlier, I found my way to the sixth floor, where most of the lights were off. Clearly, most detectives didn’t work nightshift hours around here. I checked a few offices, finding some unlocked but no unlocked computers. Just as I came to another door, a janitor came in. He turned the lights of the large bullpen area on! I pulled on the handle and dived into what was thankfully an empty office. Making my way to the other side of the desk, I discovered I had gotten lucky twice - as this system was still logged in!

I found a program to search cases and typed ‘Lily Hendrickson’ into the search field. A quick look found the case entered that afternoon, but instead of being marked ‘Open,’ it sat there with the marking of ‘Closed.’ My gut wrenched, and I felt nervous that I was probably right. Sure enough, there was a marking of ‘Little Feet Orphanage’ as a location for her. Another note said they had transmitted the required medical records to the orphanage. It added that fees would be paid accordingly to the department. I saw a printer and printed the document off.

‘Fees?’ I couldn’t help but wonder.

I wasn’t the best computer user on the team back home, but we were all given some training in the last couple of years on hacking if we needed intel in the field. Of course, shooting and enhanced interrogation were not off the table depending on the tango, but the hope was that we wouldn’t need that to get more reliable intel. In this case, that training paid off. I discovered hundreds of files with the same setup and case codes. All of the names seemed to also have references to a DT with them. ‘Diamond Tours?’ I thought. Each of them listed a fee of ten thousand dollars paid to the department!

I took pictures and videos as quickly as I could to try and locate names and take more information back home. My agency could probably backtrack families and figure out what they might have had in common. I was just getting ready to dive in deeper when the door suddenly jiggled.

‘Shit!’ I thought in my head and exited out of stuff and quickly found a hiding spot behind a couch. It wasn’t a good hiding spot, but maybe the janitor or whoever came in wouldn’t figure that out. Unfortunately, two things went wrong… it wasn’t a janitor… and the detective noticed straight away something was wrong and turned around the room to find me.

“What are you doing in here?” She asked.

She reached for me, and I dug into all of my training to put her down. First, I dived underneath her and delivered hard blows to her knees and ankles. Then, I used the chair to help make a massive leap up and grabbed her in a chokehold around her neck. It wasn’t as easy as putting a regular human to sleep, but in our exercises, I discovered that I could still put these giants down if I could manage to get to their necks. She tried hollering, but with her airway closed, she didn’t have a lot of hope for that. Eventually, she went still and fell flat on her face. I checked for a pulse and was relieved she wasn’t dead. ‘Time to get out of here!’ I thought to myself, grabbing the record from the printer and making my exfiltration the same way I came in.

Getting back down the wall was not as much fun, and I really wished I had a rope to just rappel, but twenty minutes later, I was heading back down the street to the hotel.

When I arrived at the back door, I was happy to see the cardboard still in place I had left. To my relief, the door even opened without me using my card. I made it back to my room, where I used the same trick to get in without ever using the electronic locks to give myself away. I knew cameras could be reviewed, but hopefully, I’d be home in our dimension before someone got around to that!

Making sure the tells I left in the room to mark no one had been in there were undisturbed, I quickly showered, hid the clothes I was wearing in the bottom of my laundry bag, and hit the bed for an hour of sleep before I needed to get up.

THE NEXT MORNING, I drew the two of them over to a pool area where I hoped the noise of a hot tub gurgling away would distort anyone, or anything, that might have been listening.

“We need to keep this quiet as I don’t think we can trust the tour company,” I told them quietly.

They nodded, “I wondered,” John said.

“I have a good lead at this point.”

“Where is she?!?!” Carrie said far louder than I wanted her to, but I was pretty sure no one would have heard.

“I’m not specifically sure, but I think an orphanage or something. I want us to go to the embassy together and see if they can help us out.”

“We should have gone there yesterday,” Carrie said despondently.

“Wouldn’t have been as good without the intel I got. Now, I want us to slip out the back, and we’re going to go straight there. I’m not planning on letting the company know where we are.”

They nodded and followed me out the back way I had used the night before. We found a cab, dealt with another booster seat for John, and managed to get to their Embassy Row and the American Embassy there.

We approached the gate and were questioned heavily by a Marine stationed there. It took me stating I was a retired SEAL before we made traction in getting inside. “Sorry, sir, but we don’t just let random people in the gates… we’ve had some issues with people from this dimension coming here trying to claim asylum protection.”

“I bet you have,” I told him.

“Go on in, sir. There’s a receptionist that can get you to the right person.”

It took the better part of two hours before we were seated in a conference room with the ambassador, someone from a group called themselves ‘the bureau,’ and a person supposed to be a clerk. I instantly read them as a spook, though, making sure not to let them know I knew or let John and Carrie figure it out.

“So you say this Diamond Tours group is operating as an illicit human trafficking ring?” The ambassador asked.

I nodded, “Here, this was… acquired… from their police station a few hours after they reported their missing daughter. You note that it says that the case is closed there, and the information about transmitting her medical information.”

“You realize this looks to be just a normal legal adoption?” The Bureau officer stated to me. I brought out the small computer that I had brought with me and opened the files of photos I had taken. I laid out the evidence in precise detail and stated, “The law here says we’re safe with a tour guide, right?”

“You’re supposed to be…” the ambassador hedged. “I, for one, don’t trust them any further than I can throw the giants!”

“Now, sir…” the bureau agent implied a warning.

“I know…” he said, “So how are we going to recover this girl? This is clearly the act of a duplicitous tour agency from what I see here.”

“Let me get my team in here,” the agent said. “It’s going to probably take at least a night to get things in order to go to that orphanage.”

“May I recommend that we stay here at the embassy for tonight? Maybe I can go with a bureau agent to recover all of our things?”

“I think we can make that happen,” the ambassador said.

THAT AFTERNOON I went back to the hotel with a team of five human agents and two Amazons that belonged to this ‘Bureau’ group. From what little I could tell, they had something to do with the legal immigration options? ‘Or maybe they were just as involved in trafficking…’ I wondered darkly. By late morning we had recovered all of their luggage and mine from the hotel. We also firmed up plans to stay the night at the embassy in their housing to ensure our safety.

I participated in helping the Bureau people plan the raid to rescue Lily, and a few of the others believed to be at the same center. The final planning session involved her parents too. “I think that’s it,” the lead agent said. “Mr. and Mrs. Hendrickson, can you stay back for a moment so I can talk to you about some things…?”

I had thought about staying behind and waiting for them, but an invite from the marine that had helped me get set up with a bunk had left me deciding to go hang out with them.

That evening as I hung out with the off-duty marines serving as security, I learned a lot of details from them to add to my report… None of it favorable for this dimension or our own government’s complicity. Our government was aware of the kidnappings and forced babyhood but chose not to do anything due to large gifts of precious metals and technology coming in. The whole setup smelled to high heaven… and I wasn’t surprised in the slightest by that!

The following day, I was dressed in regular plainclothes attire with Lily’s parents, while the twelve Littles and eight Amazons were all suited up in protective combat gear. We had been set up to observe from the outside of the building, and I felt my stomach sink. ‘Little Feet Orphanage’ was painted above the entrance in primary-colored fonts appropriate for a daycare. A chain-link fence surrounding a play yard was built alongside the building, with plenty of playground equipment fit for toddlers. Nothing too tall or scary, and all looked to have soft spots to land on. It looked like no ‘kids’ were outside just then.

The teams were armed with serious automatic firepower and approached the facility with speed and precision, which impressed me. ‘Not my units’ level, but better than an average SWAT team,’ I thought.

The whole place looked like an innocent daycare back home until the raid began. We heard a ‘go’ over a radio from an agent that stayed behind with us and watched them breach the building from multiple sides.

Two Littles had gone in through the playground with an Amazon, and I watched in disbelief as some weird mechanical arms flew at the littles. They reminded me of Bender’s ‘extendo-arm’ from Futurama as they followed and kept grabbing at the littles. Finally, one of the sets of arms managed to grab one of the Little officers and began trying to spank them while the other little quickly used some sharp knife to slice the arm off.

I heard a few sounds and noises from inside, and then all was quiet. I listened to a ‘Clear’ from each of the three teams before the agent said, “We can go in now.”

“Is Lily in there?” Carrie asked nervously.

“Is the Primary Objective present?” They asked.

“We believe so. Confirmation of ID by parents is needed.”

“Let’s go get her,” I told her parents and led them inside.

I felt my stomach drop as I looked around at adults in various states of distress. Dirty diapers, missing teeth, vacant stares, and many were still happily playing - clueless of the situation around them. The worst were the cries from adults that sounded like they were newborns… As I walked past several of them, I could smell the poop in their diapers, and it took my strong stomach to not vomit. All of the workers appeared to have been taken into custody alive and were lined up sitting down along a wall with two Littles and an Amazon covering them.

“Over here,” one of the Littles said and led us to an overgrown playpen that I came up to my chest in height.

“Mom!!! Dad!!!” Lily cried out when she saw her parents.

The poor girl was sitting in a short dress and a diaper. A baby bottle was still clutched in her hand, but she didn’t seem to feel the need to drop it now that she was saved. In fact, I watched as she took a nurse on it right then. Her diaper, fully on display, was yellowed and swollen. As I grew closer, I could smell something, and there was clearly a brown stain on the back of the diaper.

“This is positively her?” the lead agent asked Carrie.

“Definitely! What did they do to her? And why is she in a poopy diaper? Don’t they change them at least?!?” Her mom seemed outraged.

“We’ll get her changed real quick and then escort you all to the portal,” one of the Amazons from the team said.

I watched as the enormous woman easily picked up Lily like a small toddler and carried her to a diaper changing table. I watched morbidly as the shitty diaper was pulled off, and the lady cleaned her up. To my surprise, her being exposed in a full room of people, including her parents and a stranger, didn’t seem to embarrass her at all. ‘Just a few days ago, she turned as a bright a tomato when I looked at her sitting in a car seat!’ The Amazon agent pulled another diaper out and used it on her before pulling the bottle away that the girl had started nursing again.

“It may take a while before she recovers.” She handed Carrie a large diaper bag with some more diapers, the bottle she had just been using, and it looked like other standard baby care stuff in it.

I watched Carrie grimace, and John looked green, but she happily took her daughter back from her and hugged her tightly. The poor girl had shrunk so much that she looked like a toddler held against her mom’s side.

“Lily, I’m so glad we found you!” Carrie told her daughter, and I smiled as I watched the family hug together and cry happy tears of joy.

“As much as I would like to let you have time to have a reunion here, I think we should get you moving…” the team leader told them.

“Yes, sir,” Carrie told him and set Lily on the ground and pulled her by the hand to the vehicles that waited. In the time we had been inside, the news crews and many bystanders had begun watching the scene. Then, finally, I watched the family get into a large van with Lily buckled in a car seat.

I was going to join them, but one of the Amazon Bureau members said, “We don’t have room for you in here, come to this vehicle, please, sir.”

I shrugged and followed them as they walked to an SUV that looked like a standard black government-issued vehicle from back home. I climbed in the back seat and was joined on either side by an Amazon while a third drove. They began driving and following the family, but suddenly at one intersection changed directions away from the portal.

“Umm… The portal’s that way, guys?” I said.

“Awww… He’s such a smart wittle boy,” the woman next to me on my right cooed. “You’re right, pumpkin, but we’re not taking you there. You’ve made too much of a mess here, and we don’t think it’s a good idea for you to go back to your home. So… we’re taking you to a new one!”

I started to try and bolt over to the front to get out, but both had the element of surprise on their sides and managed to pin my arms completely down.

“Don’t worry, baby, we’ll make sure you get a comfy new home soon!”

Chapter 3:

THE DRIVE LASTED for about another half-hour or so. I kept waiting for an opening to fight my way free the entire time. The two seemed to be absolute pros, though, because they maintained solid physical control of my body even when we stopped. I looked at the building that said, ‘Tippy Toes Private Learning Academy for Littles’ in a happy pastel script. Instead of a chain-link fence along the side of this one, it featured barb wire!

‘This is not good,’ I thought to myself.

One of them managed to lock their arms completely around me and carried me to the door. The driver unlocked the door, and I struggled again to get free. My ass was smacked then, “Stop that, or I’ll make you really pay!”

“Let me go!”

They just laughed at me and carried me further into the facility. At a desk, a lady looked at them, “This the one you called about?”’

“Yes, we need him taken care of fully - he’s tall enough to be a preschooler, but take him down mentally to no older than an infant. No toddling involved.”

“Sounds good!” The lady said and pressed a button to call on her phone.

Then, I made one last attempt to use my teeth to bite at the Amazon’s neck but was shocked when all that earned me was a shout. “It told you to behave!” The woman said. Somehow even though I scrambled as much as I could with my body, she knelt down and placed me on top of her knee.

‘She’s not going to…?’

Smack! Smack! Smack!

The lady smacked my ass like the ones we had trained against did. I had long since lost the need to cry about pain, but damn, did this hurt!

She kept going on, and on, and on.

“Come on damnit, why aren’t you crying?!?!” She said as she continued.

“Sometimes we get littles like that. Just go ahead and leave him to me?” A lady asked.

I was sat upright and passed to a new lady. She was blonde and had a body like a gorgeous model on the cover of some parenting magazine under the label ‘ultimate mom.’ My clothing had been essentially ripped to shreds through the struggle of the spanking… beating… I was basically naked next to a dream woman. My body reacted accordingly, and she laughed, “Aren’t you ambitious!”

“You have him, Irma?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Why didn’t he cry?” The lady asked, “I think my hand hurts more than he does.”

“First of all, he’s a Betweener, so you have to remember it takes more to break them. But also, look at his body - there’s a tattoo here. It’s one of their military markings. So he may very well have been through worse than you can give.”

“How are you going to handle him then?”

“I don’t need beatings,” the lady said enigmatically. I wanted to make one last break for it, but something in my brain told me I might get more out of this now if I stopped struggling for a bit. “I can already tell this little guy knows who his new nanny is. So he’ll wait a bit before he acts up.”

She laughed at me and had the nerve to tickle me. Right then, something really embarrassing happened all over her blouse. “Well, that’s a first. Guess we better get a diaper on you, huh!” She said to me.

I was carried in a tight grasp from that room and told, “I will break you. How much pain you endure and other punishments are up to you.”

‘Fuck you!’ was in my head, but I decided to more diplomatically state as I suddenly remembered the camera and began recording, “Give me your best shot.”

She laughed, “I was expecting curse words, not a challenge. First thing for you will be getting you into the system.”

To my surprise, she placed me down on what I thought was a countertop along the side of the hall. I thought this might have been my chance to run until something zapped me on my bottom and held me down like I’d been electrocuted.

“See you on the other side, baby boy,” the woman sadistically said to me while I suddenly felt my surface begin to move.

‘I’m on a damn conveyor belt,’ I thought. It pulled me into the wall and down some chute and then stopped. The charge that was holding me turned off, and I had just about managed to move again when some crazy fake hands attached to those robotic extendo-arms grabbed my body and forced me down on my back. Light from some scanner rolled over my body and said, “Unauthorized follicle growth detected, skin pigmentation detected, correcting.”

I tried to move, but to no avail, as I suddenly felt like I was in a rock concert! Lasers started popping up from every side of me, moving around. I felt my skin grow insanely hot as they turned on and off all over my body. ‘What the fuck? Are they removing all of my hair?!?’ I groaned. Right then, the skin over my trident tattoo also began burning, ‘bastards are taking my tat?!?!’

I was forced to sit there for what felt like an eternity! Pain coursed through my skin as all of my body hair was systematically burned away except my head and eyebrows. Finally, after about five minutes of pain, my body was flipped over, and my back, butt, and back of legs were done.

I hoped they were done with torture, but I could see another arm approaching me with a long rod. ‘What’s that…?’

“Checking new arrival’s vitals,” the computerized voice said.

I barely had time to even consider rectal thermometers even still existed when it was shoved up my ass! The discomfort stayed for far too long before removing itself. “Arrival’s temperature nominal.”

Suddenly the conveyor began moving again while the electric hold on my body continued to fray my nerves.

The electricity was suddenly released not too far down the tunnel. I tried to push myself up and run when I realized there was nothing to push!

I landed face down in a large tub of water with glass aquarium sides that went to the ceiling. More of those weird hands came down and began scrubbing my skin. ‘A bath now?!?’ I didn’t scream solely to not give the bitch the satisfaction! I was dismayed as I saw my tattoos and body hair were gone. They even removed all of my moles too! As I sat there, the toll on my skin from my beating, the burning of my skin with frickin lasers, shoving things up my ass, and the course scrubbing made my body feel like it was on fire! Just as I was about to lose it and give in to screaming, those hands grabbed onto me.

I had a moment of mild clarity as I looked at them. I noted that the flesh was the same shape as a human hand… and Amazon in size. They had a superior ability to grip too, and I soon realized that I had no chance of prying myself free as I was pulled into the air. A second later, I found myself placed on my back with the field activated again, the belt pulling me down the chute further. Soon I came to another section with even more of those freaky hands. I counted eight briefly as four held my hands and shoulders down. Two more grabbed onto my ankles, and two got to work with some sort of lotion rubbed all over the front of my body. That went on for a minute or so before I was flipped over, and my back was rubbed down. ‘If this wasn’t so terrifying, this part would actually feel good,’ I admitted. Suddenly I felt a needle enter my right arm not far from where we’d inserted the receiver for the pictures. I wondered if I’d just been injected with a tracking device or something when I was then flipped back onto my back.

The smell that reached my nose made me realize it was baby lotion, and the bottom really left the pit of my stomach, as I certainly knew what was coming now. Sure enough, like a baby, my legs were pushed up to my chest as a white rectangle was opened up underneath my ass. Next, the arms pushed my legs down again as baby powder was sprayed with a nozzle all over my groin. Finally, my legs were unceremonially raised again, and my butt was sprayed. Placing them down one more time, I watched helplessly as the diaper was taped shut with a very foreboding sound.

‘I will make it out of here one way or another!’ I told myself, though, as it prepared to move me forward to the next stage. I assumed this stop would probably be clothing… I was right as my body was grabbed and manipulated into a shirt pulled down past my butt. It didn’t take me long to realize I’d been secured into a baby’s creeper shirt. Printed on the front were simple baby footprints walking across it in a rainbow assortment of colors. The mechanical hands then forced my hands into some weird pink mittens that I puffed out like a set of boxing gloves. I wondered if I would get pants or something, but apparently, that wasn’t to be because the lighting grew brighter, and I was at the end of the road.

“Now, don’t you just look like the perfect little baby boy?” The woman cooed at me as she grabbed me.

I was about to let loose the swear word she expected earlier when something was shoved in my mouth. A pacifier? I thought as I saw a mirror reflecting an image of me. I tried to spit it out, but suddenly she twisted the button on the end, causing it to inflate - filling my mouth completely! I could feel it push on my teeth, and the distance between my jaws hurt like a son-of-a-bitch!!!

I tried struggling again, and she laughed, “Oh, I hope you don’t think you can do anything to me?” Irma crowed. “You’re not the first I’ve broken like you, and you won’t be the last. Now I think you probably need a good nap right now, so we’re going to go set you down in your crib. You can keep struggling all you want, but you won’t be leaving here until you’re ready to meet your new mommy!”

I gave up struggling and chewing on the pacifier for the moment again. My captor carried me down a hallway and into a room with sixteen cribs lined up next to each. I was brought to an empty crib covered in teddy bear bedding. Next to mine was another that held a woman who looked as despondent as I felt. The pacifier in her mouth seemed locked in place for her too. Before I could pay too much more attention to her, I was placed down to stand on my legs. The crib was tall enough that I could only just graze my fingertips across the top. I chose not to make a blatant attempt right then as she placed me down.

Suddenly, the pillow between my legs became more noticeable, and I was knocked off balance when she barely pushed me.

“Fuck,” I tried to say.

“I’m going to assume that wasn’t a naughty word?” The woman asked me. “If it was, we would have to punish you some more?”

I shook my head.

“Well, good, now you should take a nap right now, but I’m not going to give you anything to force it. IF you’re still awake by lunchtime, I’m sure your lunch will take care of putting you to sleep.”

I blinked at her, and she looked over at the other girl. “Has little Becky gone poopy in her diapee?”

She pulled the girl’s dress practically off and looked in the back of her diaper. “No poopies yet?” She said, cooing at her, “Well then, let’s help you out, so you don’t get sick!”

I watched the woman take the girl out of her crib and wondered what she would do to her. The girl squirmed in vain to getaway. A changing table stood in the open not far from my crib, and I wasn’t left with any questions about where she was taking her. Instead, I watched with morbid fascination as her diaper was yanked off, and she was turned over with her stomach on the changing table. A strap was used across her midsection, and she began struggling with her feet and arms.

“Well, let’s just tie these handsees and feetsees down, huh?” I watched as the woman was tied down, and she grabbed something from underneath the table. “Let’s just get you some good medicine! This may not feel good right away, but you’re going to feel so much better when those poopies are all out! Not going poopies for two days is a no-no around here, sweetie!”

I watched in horror as the lady pulled out something that I guessed was a huge enema that she pushed up her rear. I felt my own rear sympathetically remembered that damn thermometer a short while ago. The girl struggled more, and I began to hear cries from her even through the pacifier. The lady continued pushing whatever it was up inside the poor woman for several minutes before flipping her over and putting a diaper back on her. “We’ll put these plastic panties around you too, just in case of any leakies. I’ll come to check on you and our new baby boy at lunchtime!”

Following a gut feeling, I laid down and closed my eyes to act like I’d been compliant.

The girl moaned and cried even through the pacifier that I presumed was the same as mine. “Hmm… might be a smart baby boy after all… We’ll see,” she said, and I could hear her steps fade away. I debated trying to communicate with the girl when I began to listen to sounds… very inhuman sounds caused by the effects of that enema.

‘Shit…’ I thought to myself. ‘These people are all really accomplished at handholds, and I don’t think she’s dumb enough to give me room to dodge and strike her…?’ I thought about the crazy machine and wondered why that had been used when I came in, but she didn’t use it on the girl just then. ‘I need to get out of here!’ I thought to myself.

As I lay there, the need to use the bathroom grew since I hadn’t gone before the raid… I thought I had time and planned on going when we got to the portal. ‘I was so damn close to getting home!!!’ I thought to myself. ‘I know better… never relax until you’re back on home soil!’

I lay there and listened to the girl sob and tried to develop a plan. But unfortunately, I was way too immobilized by the mittens to do much right then. I experimented a bit with them, but they were like soft pillows, and it wouldn’t matter how hard I hit someone; they would just laugh the blows off. ‘My balance with this damn diaper will be messed up too,’ I thought. ‘I can either go rank and serial number… or try and lull this lady into complacency.’

‘There’s always a weapon somewhere,’ I thought to myself.

It was clear that she was used to dealing with a battle of wills. The only time I’d thrown her was when instead of cursing at her, I’d instead challenged her to ‘give me her best shot!’ I tried to remember back to the information from the one girl I talked to in the mall, along with a few others in the embassy. ‘My best shot may be to play along with this farce…?’

I heard the girl moaning some more, and it brought to light my own situation. I knew it would be ridiculous to hold my shit forever. Truthfully a constipated stomach ache might slow me down when it mattered most. Getting out of there wasn’t going to be measured in hours against such an experienced captor.

I sighed the best I could around the pacifier and began trying to first push out the urine in my bladder. I tried for several minutes and couldn’t get anything going. My gut really needed to empty, so I decided maybe it would help if I stood up. Using the mittened hands, I pushed myself to a push-up position. I was able then to hug onto the metal bars of the crib and pull myself upright. Sighing, I crouched down like I was hovering outdoors in the field. I pushed my body hard again and began to feel success as a large warm log exited my butt into the waiting diaper. My bladder finally let loose, too, causing the front of the diaper to expand even more.

I made eye contact with the girl then, and she looked at me with a shocked expression. I pushed more and more until there was nothing left. I felt light-headed, and… it was really weird. I looked at the girl again and shrugged. If I didn’t go by myself, I’d be in her position. ‘I’d rather not have stuff shoved up my ass!’

I debated about trying to figure a way to call for the lady to change me, but with the pacifier stuck in my mouth, there was no way I could do so since I couldn’t pull it out. So I decided to lay down on my stomach and do my best not to smush the sticky mess. ‘It’s no worse than when I ended up with mud going down my pants in the field,’ I told myself.

I lay there and thought back to the night before when one of the embassy marines had told me about the different restraints he’d seen them use.

“They have these damn locking pacifiers…” he’d shuddered. “One of the guys bought one for a prank one time and stuck it in my mouth… and the asshole pumped it up before I knew what was going on. They claim the damn thing is impossible to get to release with your hand position by yourself. I sure as hell tried and ran into the stupid failsafe… the more you screw with it, the more the damn thing inflates. I damn near broke my jaw by the time someone decided they’d had enough laughs!’

I sighed, thinking that it was probably best to play along for the moment. I closed my eyes and tried to figure out anything I could make from inside a baby’s room that could be a weapon. ‘This is going to be a challenge.’

Eventually, Irma made her appearance back in the room and sniffed her nose, “Well, I bet Baby Becky is all ready to get out of that poopy diaper! Huh?”

The girl just moaned in response.

“Well, I think you’re going to have to wear that one just for a few more hours - at least until afternoon nap time in that case. Let’s check on our new baby boy here…” she said and picked me up. “I’m guessing since he’s such a big strong man, he’s all…?”

She pinched at the diaper as she picked me up and then grossly smelled me. “Wow! Lookie, he’s all wet and poopy like a good baby boy!” She said with a smile. “Maybe Becky’s lesson worked on someone?” she said, “Or… maybe you’re just a good baby boy who knows he’s nothing but a baby who can’t use the potty?”

I tried to smile at her, but I doubted she saw it on the other side of the pacifier.

“Hmm… maybe you’re one of those people who came over here to get the care you’ve always needed? When they dropped you off, I know they wanted you to be taken below infant level… But maybe it would be better if you were made into a nice preschool-age baby boy for your new family. Never ready to be potty-trained, mind you, but maybe you get to go and learn your ABCs!” She smiled at me, “We’ll just see, won’t we. You definitely entered with a bad impression; maybe it was just that mean woman you didn’t like!”

I tried to nod at her and smile the whole time as she seemed to begin genuinely smiling at me, “Well, since you’ve accepted your place and used your diapee without complaint… you know I think you’re only the second to do that ever…?” She mused, “I think that means you can have a diapee change earlier than I’d normally do for a newborn.” She carried me to the wall, and I realized it was the chute to the mechanical thing.

I decided to fuss and generated some tears while trying to hug her.

“Oh, is baby scared by the big bad robots?” She smiled, “Well… If you can promise to be good and let me change you, I can do it. Does my baby boy want that instead?”

I nodded quickly.

“Well, okay then,” she told me.

I was placed on the same changing table the poor girl had been violated. She put a strap down over my chest and said, “Arms up here, baby boy,” and strapped my arms down above my head. I watched her pull on a pair of gloves then as I lay completely still.

She pulled the snaps of the babyish creeper loose and pushed it up to the chest strap. I was shocked when she bent over, blew a raspberry on my belly, and tickled me. I had done my best over the years to not be ticklish… but that was willpower that I let go right then so I could be seen giggling for her. The problem, though, was with my arms above my head, the pacifier in my mouth, I had a hard time breathing.

I began audibly gasping, and the lady looked at me with concern. She twisted the pacifier and pulled it out, and I could gasp for air better.

“If you’re smart, you’ll stay quiet while I change your diapee. If you do, I’ll consider giving you a regular paci.”

‘Is she that gullible?’ I had to wonder. I didn’t want to push it, though, so I held my body completely still and tried catching my breath while she pulled at the tabs of the diaper.

“Pee-eww,” she said in a babying voice, “some wittle boy is all stinky!”

She pulled the tapes off the diaper and lifted it off my groin. As she pushed my legs back off the muck, she used the back part of the diaper to wipe off some poop that was now caked onto my skin. Next, she balled up the diaper and threw it in a pail as she kept my legs in the air and began wiping me with baby wipes. ‘I bet this is the one time of the day I have the best chance of pulling something off…?’ I thought to myself as she used some more powder on me and taped me into another diaper. This one didn’t feel quite as thick, though, for some reason. “Since you’ve been such a good baby boy, I think I’ll try you in a toddler diaper instead of that crawler diaper for the rest of the afternoon. If you act up, though, know that you’ll be in a newborn diaper for the rest of your life.”

I had just wild guesses on what that meant but nodded and said, “Yes, Ma’am,” to her.

“Yes, Nanny,” she corrected me. “Babies don’t say, Ma’am.” She snapped up the flap of fabric around my diaper as she did so.

“Yes, Nanny,” I said. I flashed back to my first week at boot camp right then.

She smiled at me, “Maybe there’s hope for you. Let’s go get you some nummie num-nums in your tummy!”

She effortlessly hoisted me onto her hip and then leaned down to pick up the girl. I wrinkled my nose at the stench. Even across from her on the opposite side of the nanny’s body, I could smell her disgusting shit. I nervously awaited what new horror would come as she walked with us. I needed to get her to trust me enough to lose the stupid mittens; until I got a break there, it seemed pointless to waste energy resisting.

She carried us down a hallway and into a larger common area with the many residents I’d yet to see. Apparently, it was a smaller facility, as there weren’t many ‘children’ being held. I only counted fifteen, including the two of us. All around the room, they were tied into a combination of high chairs, booster seats, or… ‘I hope I don’t…’ I thought as I looked at four of them nursing from the bare breasts of the four workers holding them. I might have been curious about trying it once while watching one on this trip, but some of the conversations I’d had since I arrived made me think that their milk would likely mess with my continence… ‘I’m going to have to do that compliantly though if they push it right now.’

I intended to stick to the teacher’s pet idea of things here until they messed up.

“Oh, is that our new baby boy?” One of the caretakers that had a little attached to her breast asked.

“Yep, and I have to say he might actually be one of the few good ones. We’ll see if it’s all an act or not, but he’s earning gold stars on his behavior chart for today.”

“Lord knows he arrived in a bang…?”

“Well, you have to remember that Mandy is a bit much sometimes… I’d probably want to bite her myself too!”

“I’ll tell her you said that… she likes to play rough,” I watched her wiggle her eyebrows and wanted to roll my eyes.

“Not the first time that I’ve heard that. Well, let me put these two down in their highchairs. I’ll get a little bit of some yummy baby food in their mouths and then see about giving them some milkies.”

“Who’s up first for the baby?” One girl asked.

“You know what? I’ll take one for the team and figure out if he’s a biter like little Becky was when she got here last week.”

“In other words, you figure he can’t be any worse than she is?”

“Maybe?” she laughed as she placed me down on a high chair and Becky on one next to me.

I looked at Becky’s smelly rear end as she was placed down and wanted to vomit as I watched runny poop squish out and run down her leg and butt outside of the plastic pants they’d given her. I noticed a well-worn cushion on my highchair, but she just had hard white plastic beneath her. “Oh, did our stinky little baby girl have a blowout?” she taunted as she buckled her into the seat. “I guess she’s not able to use the big girl potty after all like she claimed before, huh? Only a baby would make a big messy like that in her pants!”

I watched her bind her arms and legs to the chair and hoped that wouldn’t happen to me. “Silly Baby Becky wouldn’t have to be all tied into her chair if she’d learn to be a good baby, huh?”

I watched her finish and turn her attention to me, “Little baby… Sammy here is being much better behaved.”

“Pardon me, Nanny, but my name is…”

“I don’t care what your old name was, Sammy. Now don’t go giving me sass and being bad like Baby Becky here…?”

“No, Nanny, I’m sorry,” I told her.

“I believe you,” she said, “So I’m not going to punish you this time. But I won’t be able to be so nice in the future.”

“Thank you, Nanny,” I told her, acting contrite.

She gave me a suspicious glance but moved back to putting the chair’s 5-Point harness straps around my body. It clicked with a sound louder than I expected, making me jump slightly. She looked at the other straps and asked me, “Are you willing to be good and eat up your nummy food? Or do I need to strap you down like the bad girl over here?”

“I be good, Nanny,” I told her. I decided to try out some simpler babyish sentences to win her over.

“Hmm…” she clucked her tongue, “We’ll see.”

She placed a tray on the high chair in front of my body and then velcroed a faded bib with some cartoon characters around my neck. I remained passive and waited, wondering just what torturous ‘food’ I was about to be given. Everyone around me seemed to be getting fed from jars of pureed baby food, and I didn’t think I would be treated any differently.

She finished putting a bib on the poor woman next to me and left for a second to grab two huge canning jar-sized jars of baby food. It appeared she wasn’t even going to warm the gunk inside up before feeding us. “Let’s see what I have here…” she said as she opened one up. “Vegetable Beef…” She looked at both of us, and “Haggis, Tripe, and Turnips…?” She smiled, “I actually feel bad for having grabbed that one, but one of you will have to eat that one.”

I sat passively while my stomach turned in knots… hoping like Hell I wouldn’t have to eat that atrocity. “Well, I don’t see that you’re ready to behave any better, Becky, so I think this one will go to you.”

I avoided breathing the sigh of relief I felt as she began feeding her from the haggis jar. She spat out some of it several times, even still making it through most of it before becoming sick and vomiting all over the tray and herself.

“We’ll come back and finish feeding you in a moment, Becky,” she said. I watched her look at the jar, “Hate to waste this, so Sammy, let’s see if you really are a good baby boy or just acting!”

I steeled myself, ‘You’ve eaten worse things on dares with the team!’ I told myself and forced myself to open my mouth for the spoon. I placed my lips around the spoon and sucked off the awful paste. Nothing would help me keep from making a face, though at just how horrible it was. I forced myself to swallow, though, and opened my mouth up for the next spoonful that she put in.

“Hmm…” she said, “Do you actually like this? I can get you more?”

I kept my face stoic and refused to give her a yes or no, “Well… I already grabbed this vegetable beef meal, might as well feed you that since you were such a good little boy!”

Then, I forced a smile on my face, and she began shoveling in the new gunk. Sadly, it wasn’t much better than the other stuff, but if I kept my eyes closed, I could almost pretend it was a stew.

“Need me to take care of this baby girl?” one of the workers asked as she spooned another mouthful into my mouth.

“If you don’t mind, wipe her up and give her a nurse. If she doesn’t bite you, change her. If she does bit you, go ahead and put her in the time-out playpen so we can clean her up by just spraying her down inside it with a hose later.”

The woman nodded and told Becky, “Come here, you little vomit comet!”

Irma began more rapidly spooning the gunk into my mouth without the distractions. By the time she finished spooning the disgusting mush into my mouth, I felt like my mouth was coated in some weird substance… I was really thirsty, but there wasn’t anything to drink. I thought back to all that I had seen and knew if my plan was to work, it would have to be continual. “Nanny, may I please have a bottle?” I asked

She looked at me in shock that I was being cooperative. “I’ll take care of getting you something to wash down your food in a moment, baby,” she said.

I watched her take the spoons she’d used and the empty jars over to a countertop area before she came back over and brought a baby wipe with her. I tried not to squirm as I felt like a little kid being attacked by his mother. She wiped up a couple of dropped bits of goo on my face, wiped my hands, and then pulled me free of the high chair. She carried me by a trash can and laundry bin, where she put the wipe and the bib, respectively. We walked right past a refrigerator and to a rocking chair.

‘Well… I guess I know what’s coming…?’ I thought to myself.

The woman sat me across her lap and looked sternly down at me. “Now, Baby Sammy, Nanny will spank you and punish you severely just like Becky if you bite.” Then, without saying anything else, she pulled her blouse down past an enormous breast and worked at the nursing bra’s flap.

At that moment, I felt a rush of blood to my head and to another spot on my body, as I couldn’t but feel slightly aroused at the large breast and exposed nipple. I saw just a little bit of white fluid hanging off it and wondered, ‘What exactly am I getting myself into here?’

I sighed, though, as I knew there was no way I would get out of this. ‘Behave, be a good boy, let them believe you are, and then make your move!’ I reminded myself.

I decided the intent was fully implied, so I leaned over and took the engorged nipple into my mouth. It was a surprise that it filled my mouth as much as it did. The nipple was warm like the skin of her breast that my mouth touched. I took a tentative suckle and was rewarded with a squirt of breast milk.

‘That’s pretty good!’ I admitted as I swished it over my taste buds. ‘This is disgusting in so many ways… I hope she’s free of diseases, but it’s way better than that shit I just ate!’ I began sucking more and more milk into my mouth and swallowing. I made sure that my teeth never came near her and began to get tired of suckling before I was tired of the taste. Finally, the milk slowed down, and she pushed her finger between my lips.

“Aren’t you a greedy-guts?” she said with a laugh. I was pulled from her breast and placed with my head looking down on a towel over her shoulder. She gently patted my back until I burped like an infant before moving me to the other breast.

My muscles in my mouth were growing sore, but I found the milk so tasty it was worth going a while longer. When it slowed again, the nanny released my latch and burped me. I felt a need to go pee and decided I might as well get it over with and let loose into the diaper as she held me gently.

“You might be just the cuddly baby boy that a friend of mine has wanted.” She told me, “You’re well behaved, and she can have her preschooler that just can’t get the concept of using the potty down… I think we’ll definitely change our plans with you!”

I tried to keep my thoughts passive, but I couldn’t help a little bit of a grimace showing.

“Oh, don’t be like that baby boy; you know you loved nanny’s titty! Your new mommy will happily give you all you ever want of hers too!”

I just leaned my head down and thought most babies would probably go to sleep now, so I pretended to do so. I intentionally slowed my breathing down and relaxed my body, hoping that she would believe I was asleep, but I remained alert.

“So, how’d the new baby boy do?”

“I’ve never seen one go from fighting to accepting so quickly,” I heard her tell her.

“Sure he’s accepting?”

“It sure seems that way. Didn’t throw any of the normal massive fits once he got done with that incredible entrance.”

“You going to ease up on him already?”

“Maybe after naptime, I’ll think about at least taking the mittens off. He’ll get a regular paci right now unless he starts talking back. He’s already more polite than any Little who’s ever been here.”

‘I’m definitely throwing them off… and unfortunately making them suspicious,’ I thought as I felt her stand with me and begin walking. She squeezed the front of the diaper and made a soft comment, “You can make it until after naptime, I think.”

I stayed relaxed as she placed me down into the crib and let the pacifier in that she was teasing between my lips. I didn’t suckle on it, though, initially thinking that was a reflex that might take time to grow on a little.

A half-hour later, I opened my eyes and looked around. Every little was asleep, and I could see the room was empty of adults from where I stayed lying down. I pulled the pacifier out of my mouth and looked at it… The material didn’t look like the plastic from back home. It almost seemed more industrial… An idea began forming in my head.

Chapter 4:

THE REST OF that day seemed to stretch into forever! My captors woke us up from our naps, changed the ones they liked, which I was apparently, and let us play outside. During that time, I managed to use some time without the pacifier in my mouth to talk to some of the other Littles who weren’t completely mindless drooling babies. During that time, I gathered some much-needed intel. Nighttime was the least staffed time for the facility. About half of the workers were off after dinner on any given night. They began putting the ‘youngest’ to sleep first and then worked their way to the ‘oldest.’ That had nothing to do with actual age but more to do with size and what they had decided to do with you.

That night I was one of the last ones put to sleep and the only one who was nursed by Irma, as far as I knew. Whenever she interacted with me, I tried to smile, look cute, and seem entirely innocent and loveable. The time outside had also been the first I’d been able to start working on an idea I had. I reinforced it that night when she tried to take my pacifier from my hand after dinner. I fussed and said, “My paci,” and put it back in my mouth.

She seemed shocked but just attached a pacifier clip to it and secured it to the footed pajamas she dressed me into.

Throughout the night, Irma and another lady came in periodically to change a few of the littles who fussed or to quietly taunt the ones they left in their shitty diapers. They seemed to patrol through the nursery about every half-hour or so. I eventually let myself sleep, knowing that rest would be necessary when I made my eventual move.

THAT NEXT MORNING the room reeked with the smell of shit! It was like a stack of used porta-potties had fallen off a truck! I heard the workers getting various other people out of their cribs and decided to make sure they had something to change. I started with just urine, but when the urge to poop came, I made sure I did that too. When I was done, I just sat down and waited for a lady to come over to me. She picked me up and said, “Wow, you really are being good for a new little baby. You even left me a present!” she cooed.

I submissively let her carry me over to the changing table and was a little annoyed as she put my arms up and strapped them down and the other strap across my chest. I kept sucking at the pacifier as she opened up the messy diaper and said, “I can’t believe you’re making big stinky presents for us without us punishing you!” She smiled, “You might be the first little boy I haven’t needed to give an enema to on their second day… I almost feel like I should give you one just to make sure, though…?” Her eyes glinted with a sadistic pleasure behind them.

For my part, I just sucked on my pacifier and looked right back at her without making a face.

“Oh well, I’ll find someone else to give one to later. Irma asked me to not do anything to you that wasn’t necessary. Even said to leave you without your mittens still!”

I smiled around my pacifier then and was relieved to know smiles worked on her, too, as she smiled back.

“Well, aren’t you just the cutest thing, though?” she told me as she fastened a new diaper on me shortly after, along with a new blue onesie with purple dinosaurs. “Let’s go put you in a highchair so we can get you breakfast.”

I let my pacifier dangle on the strap they had clipped to it but held onto it with my left hand to keep it safe. I spent the next half hour of my life waiting for my alternating turns at being fed a bowl of cooling mush. At first, I thought it was oatmeal, but it wasn’t quite right for that… Grainier in some way. The goo was bland and just stuck to my mouth and teeth, leaving a residue behind that I just wanted to wash out. Finally, when she was finished spooning my bowl of it into my mouth, I was given a bottle full of juice that I quickly sucked down to get the nastiness out of my mouth.

I took the opportunity to further watch everyone else around me. There were clearly two types of behavior in the sick excuse for an orphanage. The first scared me to death with them drooling, demonstrating serious motor control issues, and seeming to only cry or respond to the workers feeding them by sometimes opening their mouths to let in food or a bottle. It would have made sense if they were very young infants, but seeing adults in that state scared me beyond belief. A few might have been ‘older,’ sort of acting like babies around one year of age. All of these ‘littles’ were smaller than my frame. They were like Lily had been, seeming like a child compared to my size. However, all around me were the workers, who were each exceptionally large Amazons. All of them made me seem like a young child myself compared to them. ‘I guess they want their age to match their size,’ I thought. ‘That would make sense why she wants me as a preschooler even though the bitch wanted me to be an infant.’

I sighed and watched the other group of about eight, who were actively fighting the spoons going into their mouths. Finally, one apparently went far enough that I saw some weird pacifier put in their mouth and locked. “You can’t be a big boy and eat right, so we’ll just have to force this, huh?”

Several other eyes went open as the lady pressed some button on the table, and I watched one of those extendo-arms pop out and hook itself up to the pacifier. The last few inches to the pacifier were clear tubing, and I could see some goop flowing into the poor man’s mouth. The man tried screaming, but it was impossible, and I felt terrible as he obviously was forced to quickly swallow it all. “Idiot,” I heard the little closest to me say.

I looked over at her. She made eye contact with me and whispered, “They’ll feed you one way or another; not worth the fight.”

“I kind of guessed,” I told her.

“Well, it’s obvious you are just going with the flow… smarter that way,” she told me. “At least until they do whatever they did to them,” she motioned towards the mindless infants.

Before I could talk with the girl anymore, a worker was wiping my face and hands and putting me down on the ground after checking my diaper. It was still dry, but they didn’t say anything negative. The girl next to me was also put down. “Jenny, show Sammy here where to go next. We’ll start everyone’s cartoons here in a minute.”

The girl grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me along. As we walked together, I noticed that she was only about four inches shorter than I was, making her pretty tall for this place. Most of the others were at least a foot or more shorter. One of them was even a little shorter than Lily had been. The girl toddled as best she could with a ridiculously thick pillow for a diaper taped between her legs. When she got bumped by an Amazon who didn’t see her, she gave up on walking and began just crawling to a spot. Soon all fifteen babied adults were sitting in a room with a giant TV screen. The ‘youngest’ were put into baby bouncers, while the ‘older ones’ like me were shown child rocking chairs we were told to sit in.

I looked at the screen suspiciously as a worker checked on me and pushed my pacifier into my mouth, “You’ll love this show!”

I remembered then in horror that the embassy marines had mentioned hypnotic TV shows. I groaned about that in my mind as a title screen animated across the turned-on TV saying ‘Naomi and Oliver.’

‘Naomi and Oliver’ was a show that seemed to be about two littles having adventures on-screen while having fun in their wet or messy diapers… That was as far as I could tell from the first two seconds. I quickly began mentally averting my eyes from the screen. I started counting prime numbers out in my head while basically sleeping with my eyes open. I had memorized Pi to seventy-two digits years ago for fun and practiced going over that in my head. At one point, I saw most of the littles standing up and squatting down, clearly pooping their diapers simultaneously. Thinking fast, I quickly made a successful attempt to do so, too, with what remained in my stomach. The gross mess had sucked, and after everyone sat down and squished their poop, I joined them too to blend in.

Eventually, the workers turned the TV off and let Littles out of their bouncers and places. I noticed that everyone, including the girl Jenny, had a blissful look on their faces. I followed the others to a playroom and was just about to start looking for a place to lay low when I was suddenly picked up into the air. “Did baby Sammy leave his favorite Nanny a present?” Irma cooed at me as she sniffed my bottom. I smiled at her as she said, “But of course, you’re a good boy, so you did after Naomi and Oliver!”

She carried me to a changing table in the playroom area and proceeded to pull the snaps of the onesie open, and then I was soon experiencing my legs in the air as she wiped my butt again. Then, when she dressed and held me next to her breast, I could smell her milk and really wanted some. “Nummies?” I said, putting my head next to her breast.

“Oh, sweetie… You’re asking for it already…? Let me change all the other babies who need changed, and then I’ll come find you.” She smiled at me.

I smiled back at her and hoped that I was right that she was developing a soft spot for me. She again had only used the one strap and treated me differently than I watched her treat the next few littles she changed. She was a real bitch with most of them, putting enemas in several of their rectums, placing five of them in the crazy diapering machine, and spanking two before rediapering them with the evil conveyor belt device. I soon found myself sitting in a corner holding a teddy bear and watching everyone.

“Can I sit here?” the girl from yesterday asked.

“Sure,” I whispered to her with my pacifier pulled out of my mouth while looking at her. It was the girl with the crib next door to mine. Her hands were bound in pink mittens, and she was dressed in the frilliest baby dress I’d ever seen. It was so short that it fully exposed the wet diaper she wore. “They took that pacifier gag out of your mouth?”

“Those things are the worst…” she whispered back to me with a nod, “I think they decided to see if I’ll be good today after my punishments yesterday.”

“Will you be?”

“Like you? Just giving up?”

I smiled, “Who says I’m giving up?”

“But…” she shook her head, “What’s your real name?”

“Travis, yours?”

“Zoe…” she paused, “So you have some sort of plan?”

“Trying to figure out one…?”

“You’re not from here?”

“No, I’m from the other dimension. I was helping another family from my dimension find their daughter, who was kidnapped on our tour. Apparently, I pissed off the wrong people because my vehicle split off from following theirs, and I ended up here.”

“That sucks,” she said.

“Your story?” I asked.

“I don’t…” she thought for a second, looked around the room, and said, “I’m the leader… or at least was… of a freedom fighter group. Last week we went in to rescue a little from a professor at the university here. It must have been a trap, though, because a bunch of my team died, and three of us were captured. I don’t know where the other two went, but I got ‘adopted’ by this doctor and his wife. They’ve tried for a couple weeks to break me… but they sent me here now because I needed ‘extra help adjusting…’”

“That sucks,” was all I could say to that.

I was just about to say more to her when Irma came back and said, “Come here Sammy,” and picked me up. I wondered what it was about until she walked to the feeding room and sat down in a rocking chair. She unbuttoned her blouse and pulled the flap of the nursing bra free before saying, “You wanted nummies, right?”

I nodded and leaned in to latch on. The truth of the matter was it tasted better than the crappy food I’d had! I also hope to bond with her towards me so she’d get sloppy and give me an opening. However, the fact that the experience was heavenly, and tasted surprisingly good, was definitely a bonus. I probably nursed from her two breasts for thirty minutes before she said, “Okay, time to go play with the others for a little bit. I’ll make sure you get some more nummies with your din-din.”

I smiled at her and accepted my pacifier being pushed back into my mouth.

I was carried back to the playroom area and had intended to find Zoe to ask her more. As I got in there, though, she was being carried out of the room buck naked.

“Put me the fuck down, you bitch!!! She had no right!!!” she was screaming. ‘What set her off?’ I wondered for two seconds before realizing another Amazon worker was massaging her face. I could see a stream of blood forming on her face from a bloody nose. The woman held a relatively long thin rod that I couldn’t tell what it was at first. Staring at the brown goop on the end of it made me think it was getting inserted into her… ‘Another rectal thermometer,’ I figured out as the woman said, “We needed to see why you’re so cranky Becky, your mommy and daddy don’t want you sick while you stay here. But that’s okay; we can do it while working on your next treatments.”

‘Treatments?’ I thought to myself and looked over at a short woman on her back, putting her foot into her mouth. ‘I have to get out of here before any of those treatments,’ I thought as I looked at one man trying to eat his foot.

LUNCH WAS FOLLOWED by nap time, of course. More of the gross goop was spooned into my mouth before I was given a bottle of warm milk. It was a little odd in color as I looked at it, but I realized it was probably expressed breast milk after tasting it. The taste overwhelmed any aversion I might have had to it, and I had an empty bottle faster than most of the others.

“Sammy, what a good baby boy!” Irma cooed as she came over to me and picked me up. I was placed over her shoulder and gently burped before carrying me back to the sleeping area. I had wet several times before and during lunch, and she decided it was worth a change of diaper for me. As she changed me, I noticed about half of the Littles weren’t getting changed, even though they had seriously swollen diapers from pee or poop smeared around them.

“Oh, you see all of them, huh?” She said as she tickled my bare belly. “They aren’t as clever as you getting with the program and accepting your place as a new baby boy.” She blew a raspberry then on my belly. “I’m still worried you’re trying to con me, but given you’ve been good, I’m going to reward you by treating you nicely. If you’re a good baby, I just treat you like you are one.”

I nodded and said, “Thank you, Nanny,” around the pacifier in my mouth.

She smiled, finished up with the diaper change, and laid me down in the crib. She patted me on the shoulder and left me on my back. I sighed and closed my eyes, knowing I wasn’t going anywhere for a while.

Sometime later, they woke us up and changed most people’s diapers. I was a bit concerned because I was wet and didn’t remember going before I went to sleep… ‘Could I already be having some changes made to me?’ I wondered worriedly. That afternoon they let us out into a play area that had gravel around the outside, and I finally saw a possible beginning to my plan. I discreetly picked up a suitable rock and found a corner of the back of a playhouse where I would be mostly not seen and got to work.

I HADN’T SEEN Zoe during the afternoon or at dinner. So I was curious to see her being placed into the crib next to mine that night. I stared at her while waiting for my turn to be changed at bedtime. Hours ago, the girl had been an angry and determined woman who I had no doubt was probably pretty able to take care of herself in most situations. Now though, as she was laid down, there was drool coming out of one side of her mouth, and she had the same vacant stare as the other littles I’d seen that were full-on babies. I could tell her teeth had been removed when she made a face and squeezed more poop into her diaper.

I felt like vomiting, and my heart fell at that awful sight.

I watched four of the other ladies talk to Irma on the side heatedly before two of them left, apparently having enough of something. The other asked quietly, “You sure you don’t need any more help right now?”

“Nope, I just have baby Sammy to change, and he’s a sweetheart even before the procedure.”

“When’s his turn?”

“Tomorrow afternoon,” she said. “I’m going to enjoy seeing Sammy living a carefree toddler life for a couple of days before he’s adopted.”

“Your friend?”

“Yep,” she said.

I had the foresight to record the whole exchange and knew that if I was going to implement my plan, tonight was it…

The two talked for a few more minutes before Irma said, “Go, Leanne, and I have this under control. Get home to your hubby!”

I watched the lady leave, and then Irma came over to me. I held my arms out to her like a small child, “Ready for your diapee change and some night-night num-nums?” She asked me.

I smiled at her and let her pick me up. I was carried to the changing table, and she lowered me to it and did the chest strap lightly. I sucked on the pacifier as she tickled me for a second and opened up the diaper. When she was wiping me, I quietly asked, “Nanny?”.

“Yes, baby?”

“Can I tell you something?”

“What?” she asked me.

“It’s a secret. Can you come closer? I don’t want the others to hear I’m telling you.”

She put the wipe in the trash and leaned forward while I pulled my pacifier from my mouth. “What’s the sec…?” she tried asking.

As soon as she had been close enough for me to reach comfortably, I had moved with the pacifier I had filed with a rock to a rough but sharp edge. A knife would have been far more effective, but with the amount of force I had put into the move and whatever material the shield was made of being almost metal in nature, it was just sharp enough to get the job done. She tried her best to hold the blood in her neck as she gasped and made noise. I used the time to wriggle from underneath the belt holding me down. I jumped off as she gasped her last breaths. Most of the littles in the room slept through it all, but one, the girl I’d spoken to briefly earlier - Jenny, was wide awake and staring at me.

I waved at her and dug through their awful clothing selection. I managed to score a set of training pants that were better than a diaper, at least, and a pair of elasticized jeans that covered the plain blue onesie I put on as a shirt. I dug through Irma’s pocket and found a key card and something that looked like a futuristic house key.

She also had a cell phone, but I chose to leave that behind as I figured it could be tracked.

“Can you get me out?” Jenny asked.

I looked at her skeptically, “Can you even survive right now out there?”

“I know some people who can help?”

I shrugged and grabbed a chair that I climbed high enough to assist her in climbing out of the crib. She found a similar outfit to me but kept her diaper on. I gave her a look at that, and she told me, “They have super sticky tabs that littles can’t open. So I can’t get out of it, and you can’t cut these because they’ll self-heal. So I’ll have to get some help to pull it off.”

I nodded and said, “There’s one more woman here, any idea where she would be?”

We moved down the hallway, and I had my answer.

“And just where do you two little babies think you’re going?”

I didn’t hesitate. I rushed the giant woman, used the skills I had for breaking both ankles, her knees, and as she fell to reach my height and slit her throat too!

Jenny looked at me in alarm, “Who the hell are you?”

“Someone they shouldn’t have abducted,” I told her without remorse.

‘These people are monsters and deserve a fate far worse than death!’ I thought while checking the body of the woman. I took some cash she had on her and another car key.

I took a few minutes to verify that the rest of the building was clear of any other hostiles. In the process, I discovered there were a couple cars out front, and with Jenny’s help, we identified Irma’s as being’ self-driving.’ Before we left, I dug through everything in their office and struck gold when I found my passport and travel information.

Ducking down in the back on the floorboard, we activated the self-driving feature and had it drive back to the city I had been in near the portal area. “It’ll work for me too,” she said. “You do know they’re going to track you, right?”

“You too,” I told her. “What’s your plan?”

“I think maybe we can cut it out…?”

“That was my plan, too. I found one knife in there that might do the job,” I told the girl. An Exacto knife in the office was a bit big and unwieldy for my hands in this dimension, but I thought I could make it work. So I turned to my shoulder with it and got to work on creating an incision until I could see a small white capsule. “Are these booby-trapped at all?” I asked.

She shrugged, “I’ve never known anyone who managed to get free to cut theirs out.”

I nodded, “If something happens to me, any chance you could help me get somewhere to lay low?”

She smiled, “For you? The guy who got me free? Just about anything!”

I used the blade’s tip to pry the plastic-looking object out. I quickly dropped it onto the floor and heard it begin to beep loudly. “Where’s yours at?” I asked her.

She pointed, and I dug hers out just as the car reached the destination. We managed to get the doors open and were halfway down the street when I heard sirens approaching.

“I guess they were booby-trapped,” I told her. I hurriedly followed her down a few blocks while using the Kleenex we’d found in the car to hold over the lightly bleeding wound. They weren’t bleeding that bad, but the little bit might draw attention otherwise if it was in the open going down our arms.

She led me on a quick six-block sprint before going into an apartment building and pressing the elevator to the eighth floor. “Where are we going?” I asked her.

“My friend lives here… at least, hopefully, she still lives here. She’s been avoiding everyone and working from home online to avoid Amazons.”

I looked at her and nodded, “Probably a smart idea…?”

She led me down the hallway to a door with a tall doorknob numbered ’8342.’ She knocked on the door loudly twice before a bleary-eyed little about five feet in height opened the door. “Anissa?!?!?” The girl asked when she saw ‘Jenny.’

“Hi Ginny, can we come in?”

“We?” she asked, noticed me, and took in our attire. “You can’t be here if you have trackers!” She said with alarm quietly.

“I dug them out,” I told her and showed her my bleeding arm.

“Come in, let me make sure you actually got it…” she sighed and brought us in before slamming the door shut. She ran across the room, brought a small device out, and scanned us. “Huh… You did get it. No signal from that.” She paused when she reached my upper arm, “Wait, there’s another one!”

“No, it’s not that,” I told her. “That’s something I was implanted with before I left my dimension. It’s been storing photos and video that I’ve recorded.”

“What?” Anissa asked.

“I guess let me fill you in…?”

“You escaped from somewhere, right?” Ginny asked.

I nodded, “Then let me take care of something first!” I watched as she got busy on her computer, and I was impressed with her skills. She scrubbed the video of every camera between where we dumped the car and her complex and every other direction we could have gone for an equal distance. “Don’t need them following you here…” she muttered.

OVER THE NEXT hour, after she finished covering our tracks, I proceeded to tell them everything that had happened to me. I told them the whole story of why I was there in the dimension. During the middle of my story, Anissa had pooped her diaper, but luckily for us, her friend had a device she’d made that melted the glue to pull it off. “I don’t think you probably should put panties on right now…” she had told her and handed her a set of Pull-Ups she had for some reason. I had used the bathroom at that time and was glad to see the pull-up I was wearing was still dry.

“So, what’s your plan now?” she asked me.

“I’d like to get back to my dimension…?”

“I’m guessing you lost your passport, though?”

“I recovered it,” I told her.

“Let me see it…?” she told me and took a look. “Your visa expires today; if you’re going, it’s got to be first thing this morning. Let me see if I can get some clothes for you made up.”

“Made up?” I asked.

Anissa looked at me, “She’s a really talented inventor.”

“And hacker, it seems too,” I said with a smile.

“Come this way,” Ginny told me and let me to a bedroom. “I know this will be embarrassing for all of us, but take off your clothes?”

“Speak for yourself,” Anissa said, “I’ve seen everything he has. And it’s a lot!” She told me with a wink.

I groaned and stripped down to the Pull-Up.

“Do you need that at this point?” She asked me.

“I don’t know, I shouldn’t? I wasn’t there that long. I may be having a sleep issue, though,” I told her.

“In that case, let’s plan on not wearing one since you’re a Betweener.”

I blushed as I pulled it off, and everything was on display. Ginny pressed a few buttons on a tablet, and I was suddenly being scanned by a bright light for a second. Then, a moment later, she asked, “Jeans and t-shirt work? Or do you want a suit?”

“I’m on vacation… Jeans.”

The light came on again a moment later, but it started doing something at my crotch. I watched as a pair of underwear appeared around my waist, then a pair of socks, a stylish long-sleeved shirt, and a pair of jeans. “Holy shit, that’s cool!” I told her.

“Thanks; I built it so I could make clothes for me that wouldn’t look like they were from the newborn department.”

I took another look at her appearance and noted she did look like an adult.

“Okay, any problems you know of for me just getting over to the Portal quickly?”

“Lots of them…” she said with a smile. “Let me go over them with you!”

THREE HOURS LATER, I dodged Amazons standing by the doors to the Portal terminal that tried to start a conversation with me. Apparently, they would happily ‘settle’ for me as their baby if I let them. I left Ginny and Anissa with hugs, and Anissa saying ‘thank you!’ to me over and over again. I hoped that her friend would be able to get her back on her adult feet soon! A set of scanners on either side of the entrance looked like a store’s anti-theft protection back home. Ginny told me if I had the one chip still implanted, they would shriek and let everyone know an adopted Little was in danger of escaping.

Eyes narrowed as I passed them, but I was allowed unmolested inside and walked up to the counter.

“I need to use my ticket home?” I told the person.


“Travis Foster,” I told the Amazon clerk with a smile.

“Your group departed yesterday?”

“Some of them, I stuck around to help with an investigation…?” I lied.

“It looks like your ticket was marked as used, though…?”

“I’m clearly still here,” I said, handing my passport over to him. He dug for a moment and said, “I can sell you another ticket for three hundred dollars in your dimensional currency.”

“What is it in this dimension’s?” I asked. “I still have some left.”

“Oh… Umm…” the representative clicked a couple of buttons, “Five-hundred Thirty-Three?”

I dug through my pockets for my wallet and unfolded the large bills I had removed from the hell-hole and its caretakers. “Okay, here you go,” he said and handed me my ticket.

“Thanks,” I said.

I walked through their next level of security and down the hallway. I was waiting in line about ten from the next spot when a TV report came on. “Police are investigating the brutal murders of two orphanage caretakers and an abduction tonight from the Tippy Toes Learning Academy for Littles. Last night, an intruder murdered two daycare workers and abducted these two littles.”

Pictures of myself and Anissa were shown then. “Police are looking for anyone who might have any information…”

Just as I was about to be next, the Amazon operating the gate looked at me, at their scanner, and then back at me. “You’re one of those littles!” he said.

I didn’t hesitate with kicking to break both ankles and knees and jumped through the open portal.

On the other side, I made it about halfway down the hallway away from the portal exit when sirens began blaring. I didn’t hesitate. I booked it out of there!

“You!!! Stop!!!” One man said to me in a security uniform. I dodged him and continued down away from the security area. Seeing flashing lights and hearing loud alarms, everyone assumed it was a fire alarm, and I was able to join a crowd of people leaving. My height was a problem, though, because I stood out. I didn’t stop even when another security man tried to tase me at the door. Luckily I dodged the barbs and knocked his lights out quickly. I ignored the screams of people around me and found a taxi down the block.


THE NEXT FEW hours, I carefully made my way to one of my stashes, quickly put on a wig, changed my clothes, and took off in one of the cheap cars I had bought with cash before I left. I had five burner phones with me and called the emergency number the agency had given me and checked in with my boss.

“Travis, what the hell did you do?”

“Escaped,” I told him honestly, “That mission was beyond FUBAR!”

“Tell me about it; our other agent has missed their check-in and gone completely missing…?”

“Sir, I don’t know where they would have gone wrong, but just write them off… they won’t be coming home.”

“You’re sure about that?”

“Yes, sir… I’m going to connect with the client, but would you please get my final payment to the numbered account on my burn file?”

“That bad?”

“Well, what are they saying about me?”

“Just that you’re wanted for extradition for suspicion of murder?”

“About what I figured they’d say… Look, I’ll send a copy of my report to you when I’m done with it. Don’t take any more business going over to that dimension. Sure as hell don’t accept any rescue missions either!”


“Sorry, sir, time is up. I’ll get you that packet… You’ll understand more then.” I told him.

Hanging up, I destroyed that phone and dumped it before driving to another town and heading into a local electronics store. I paid cash and was able to quickly walk out with a cheap laptop, a couple massive external hard drives, and some small thumb drives. I drove another hour to another town and paid cash for a hotel room for the night. I spent several hours downloading the data from the implanted drive wirelessly. I was amazed at the amount of data it had on it from the pictures and video. I took time to upload copies of it to one online drive for the agency, another for the Inquisitive, and several other diverse accounts around the world for myself as the backup to the copies I made onto the thumb drives and one of the external drives.

I made a trip to a convenience store for a sharp knife that I used to cut the drive out of my skin and placed it into a solution of rubbing alcohol for an hour, let it dry, then put it into bleach along with the contacts. ‘I don’t trust these to be untraceable,’ I thought.

The following day, I mailed the drive and contacts back to the Inquisitive, along with the computer and one of the hard drives I’d had to use temporarily. Before I put everything up, I used the computers software to type up an After-Action Report that I was sure, on the one hand, would have pleased my old superiors… On the other, they would have laughed me off the base! That one went to my boss and the magazine. I even typed up something that I felt they could probably use for an article.

I finally went to bed that night at about 3 AM, wondering what I had forgotten, but I couldn’t think of anything no matter how hard I tried.

When I woke up, I figured out what I had missed when the bed and I were completely soaked! “God damnit!”

I took a long hot shower to clean up and feel better. I stripped the bedding as best I could myself and blushed at the thought of what I had done. I left a hundred-dollar bill on top of the sheets as an apology. I didn’t stick around long, though; glad I had a few sets of clothes to change into.

I left that hotel and drove to another town, and parked at a local park. I walked to a picnic bench and used another of the burners to contact Stephanie at the Inquisitive.


“Good afternoon, I’m back, and I have a package for you.”

“You made it?!?!” She asked excitedly, “Where are you?”

“Somewhere that I won’t be in twenty minutes. You will be receiving a package of hard copied data in the mail tomorrow. If you don’t get it, know that it was most likely intercepted. I have sent you and the board a link to a file online. I recommend you immediately download and secure the data.”

“What happened?”

“Read the report I included. If you can get the heat off of me from the government like you promised, I’ll come in for an interview. It’s worse than anything you imagined; let me just leave it at that. You said you wouldn’t leave me hanging - get me that protection!”

“But they… they’re saying you killed two women there…?”

“Two women that had me locked in an orphanage in diapers. They intended to wash my brain of any adult thoughts the next day. The things they did to other people there would be worth life sentences here! Watch the video; it’s all there - I triple-checked that it was recorded. I got you that story of a lifetime… if the government lets you print it… They’re in deep with this, so good luck!”

Silence for a second. “We had other people that went… any idea what happened to them?”

I laughed, “Yeah, they’re probably pissing and shitting themselves in a nursery somewhere. Anyone missing is most likely sucking from their mommy’s breast and totally screwed for life,” I told her.

“You’re sure?”

“If they haven’t made their trip back here, then yeah.” I paused a second, “Look, I have to go, don’t try and call this number as it’s a burner I’ll be disposing of. I’ll contact you in two months.”

“Payment is taken care of as you requested right now.” She told me too. “I see the files; we’re downloading them. You know we may end up with a Pulitzer here!”

I hung up the phone and broke it. I took some time to wipe it down with a bleach solution and then placed it in a Ziploc filled with bleach that I only handled with gloves. It went into a park trash can next to a rolled-up shitty diaper.

“Shit…” I thought as I drove away, “do they make diapers my size here?”

Before thinking of that, though, I stopped and switched wigs after leaving the car two blocks from a seedy-looking used car dealership. ‘Just the kind of place I need!’ I thought to myself.

An hour later, I had paid cash for a fifteen-year-old sedan that I hoped I could get a few thousand miles with. By the time I stopped at a hotel that night, I had traveled seven hundred miles from where I had started. I went by a Walgreens and felt like a weirdo as I looked through the ‘incontinence’ section. ‘I’ve heard of Depends…?’ I thought. I looked at which to get when a lady employee came by.

“Need any help, sir?”

“Umm… I guess.” I turned tomato red, “I’m looking for something that would be good for nighttime?”

“How heavy of needs?”

“A lot?”

“You can try those,” she said, pointing to some pull-up style ones I’d been looking at, “but I can almost guarantee they’ll leak. Those briefs there will probably be the best of what we have.”

“There’s something else better out there?” I asked.

“If it’s a long-term issue, look online,” she told me.

“Thanks,” I said. I grabbed two bags just in case and took one into the hotel room as discreetly as possible.

Opening it up, the diaper felt cheap and not like the thick garments from the other dimension. I set it aside to put it on for bed later and put the rest in my suitcase. I opened up a computer I’d stopped to buy and got online to search for better options.

‘Jesus! People actually like this stuff?!?!’ I thought.

I found some diapers that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the other dimension and went to leave the site but noticed they seemed to be getting better reviews than what I had bought. ‘I can’t order anything until I stop somewhere,’ I thought.

That night I awkwardly sought advice from those same sites on how to diaper myself. I managed to get it reasonably snug before turning in for the night. I closed my eyes and couldn’t help but fantasize and miss nursing at Irma’s massive breasts…

I GROANED WHEN I woke up in a slightly smaller puddle.

“Shit…” I groaned.

The diaper had expanded a lot to soak up my urine, but my night accident had overflowed its capacity badly… It was that way the next three nights until I managed to cross a remote area of the border into Canada - out of US jurisdiction. In Canada, I pulled out all of the funds from my foreign account into cash as legally allowed and then routed the rest through Swiss banks twice, Cayman banks twice, and then back to Switzerland. It cost me a bit each time, but I still had a comfortable nest egg to survive on between the agency burn fund and the payment from the Inquisitive. Three days later, I had purchased a remote piece of land with a cabin that ran off propane, with a good well and septic system. It had been set up to be entirely off the grid and powered by solar. Satellite internet was slow but usable enough, and I was finally able to order some of those other diapers to a postal box in town.

I about gagged at the dinosaur print I held in my hand, but a part of me had to admit that they were cute. I’d ordered a few cases of different varieties since my bedwetting didn’t seem to be improving. My ongoing curiosity over the fact that people actually wanted to be treated like I had led me to one website discussing an article that had just come out in the Inquisitive.

‘Did you see that article in the Inquisitive?’ Someone asked.

‘No, what article? Isn’t that a trash magazine?’ Someone else replied.

‘This one’ the next linked to an article that had been published this past Saturday. It was about my account and mostly used the version I’d typed up for that purpose. I cringed a bit as I read it and was a bit annoyed at a few edits, but for the most part, it was my story as I’d typed it. It was accompanied by a few photographs of adults in diapers being nursed, one being spanked, a frame of the Naomi and Oliver show, ‘I recorded that?!?’ I thought nervously. I looked and saw the last photo was a frame of those damn hands coming at me in that machine.

I clicked back to the website where they were discussing it.

‘Oh my god! That sounds amazing!’ several responses agreed.

‘There’s this company called Portal Relocations that I’m thinking about signing up with!’

I debated about warning them but instead exited out of the site and walked to my bedroom. When I walked by my bathroom mirror, I took a double-take. My thumb was in my mouth, and right then, I watched my crotch area darken with urine.

‘What the hell did they do to me?!?!?’

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