Under the Blackened Sun...part 3

The third part in this zombie horror tale. If you have not read the previous parts they can be found here:

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Under the Blackened Sun…part 3

At once, the man dashed off towards the main street. Michelle was caught off guard at first, but leapt behind him. Her eyes met her main street.

Corpses covered the ground and a stench of rotting flesh filled the thick, murky air. The ghouls were everywhere. Michelle’s neighborhood was in a state of chaos. Her neighbors were attempting to battle the zombies, but their gunshots were wild and missed their mark.

The two reached the main street and a vision of horror met their eyes. A feast of the damned was taking place in the middle of the street. A horde of zombies were devouring all that was left of their fallen victims. Michelle had never seen that many zombies in one place.

“We can’t go this way! Follow me!” yelled the man over the chaos, “Don’t try to help anyone and don’t let yourself be followed!” The man tore through the street at full speed, brushing off the reaching arms of the undead. Michelle gulped and followed after him. She hurdled the bodies of the dead as best she could, but was grabbed by a gray and dead hand before she got too far. She tried to cry out, but her pacifier muffled her cry once again. The hand pulled her towards the ground.

Michelle bit down on her pacifier and pulled herself away from the hand with all of her might. The hand slowly slipped off of her arm, but the nails dug into her skin. Michelle screamed in pain, but continued to pull away. With a final effort, Michelle pulled herself away from the hand. The nails ripped off the hand and stuck in her arm. Michelle held her throbbing arm and continued to run through the street.

Michelle made it to the other side where she found the man shooting an encroaching zombie.

“This whole damn place is swarming with them, too!” shouted the man, “We’re going to have to take an alternate route! Find yourself a weapon if you can!” The man sped off through another side yard with Michelle close behind. He stopped next to a corpse on the ground and picked up a hunting knife.

“Here, this will have to do for you until we can find you something better,” said the man, “Go through the eye. It drops 'em a lot faster.” He handed her the knife. Michelle took the knife, eyeing it with wide eyes. They continued on through the yards, passing by scenes of terror on their way.

Not too long after passing through the yards of three houses, they were met with an obstacle. A large, man-made pond stood in their path. The man stopped before it, staring at it with dismay. He turned around towards the houses, but their path was now blocked by a small horde of zombies.

“Dammit! We were followed!” yelled the man, “The only way now is forward. Fucking pond. I’ll bet it’s filled with them! Fuck! It’s our only chance now. Try to dive out as far as you can and keep your body as high as possible! Let’s go!”

The man broke into a run and jumped towards the pond. He landed with a splash and surfaced a second later, kicking like a man possessed.

“Hurry up! I can’t wait for you forever!” shouted the man. Michelle gulped and looked back at the hungry horde slowly making its way towards her. With tears in her eyes, she ran towards the lake.

Michelle leapt as far as she could and luckily fell into the water a good distance from the shore. She fell deep into the cold water and kicked furiously up towards the surface. Before she could breach, a mottled hand grasped her foot.

Michelle kicked even harder, but could not free herself from the hand’s grip. She remembered the knife in her hands and reluctantly reached down at the dead hand in the water. As she neared it, she saw the face of the zombie it was attached to. Its eyes were fixated upon her and its mouth was open in a silent moan.

Michelle closed her eyes and slashed at the hand, cutting off the fingers that held her. At once, she kicked as hard as she could and finally reached the surface. Her head shot out of the water with a great gasp. She wiped her eyes and looked ahead to see the man swimming far ahead of her.

Michelle followed after him, keeping her body as near to the surface as she could. After a few minutes of swimming, they had come into shallower waters. The man suddenly dove down into the water.

Michelle screamed, but her cry was muffled once again. Her fright was premature though, as the man resurfaced a moment later.

“Hurry! We got lucky! I didn’t see any down there!” called the man. With great speed, he tore through the water towards land. Michelle followed after him as fast as she could.

In no time at all, they both had reached the other side of the pond. They dragged themselves out of the water, sopping wet. Michelle’s diapers were completely saturated and sagging heavily.

They had come to the entrance of a forest. The two stood inside a little nook surrounded by tall, dark trees. The sounds of the battle could barely be heard anymore. The wind passed through the trees, whistling as it went.

The man flopped onto the ground, panting.

“Let’s take a breather here,” he said, “I need to figure out exactly where we are. Plus we really can’t have you going any further in that condition. Once you’re changed, we’ll move on again.” He pulled his backpack off of his back and pulled out a compass as well as a map of the area.

Michelle lowered herself to her knees and grabbed her backpack from her back. She opened it to find that her supplies were completely dry, although the outside was quite wet. The inside of her backpack was surrounded by light, but durable plastic that did not allow any of the water in.

“You have one of these as well. I’m glad to see our government’s good for something,” said the man, nudging his own pack, “Good. Hurry up and get changed.”

Michelle reached inside her backpack and pulled out a fresh diaper. She groaned and reached down to un-tape the diapers she was wearing. Her fingers fumbled with the lock on the locking diaper. No matter what she did, she could not get it off.

“Here, gimme that. You’re slowing us down,” growled the man, coming over to Michelle, “How’d you get in these things anyways?” He grabbed the knife that lay next to Michelle and reached towards her diapers. Michelle gasped and backed away from the knife in shock.

“Sorry, but we don’t have time for this,” said the man, “Don’t worry, I won’t cut you. And enough of this silence from you.” He raised the knife and leaned in towards Michelle face. Michelle stared at him in terror as he neared her face with the knife. He slid the knife between Michelle’s cheek and the plastic holding the pacifier to her mouth.

A blood-curdling howl sounded through the air as the wind blew. Michelle and the man instantly froze. The air blew once more and faint moans could be heard.

“Shit, a Sniffer’s found us,” whispered the man, “We need to get moving now.” He quickly cut the pacifier from Michelle’s mouth. Michelle spat it from her mouth, gasping for air.

“Now lay back. I’ll do this as quickly as I can,” said the man. Michelle lay back and the man cut the locks off of her locking diapers.

“Okay, you’re free. Hurry up and change yourself so we can get going,” the man ordered, “We have about two miles to go, but it’s through tough terrain.” The man turned around and handed Michelle the dry diaper.

Michelle took the diaper from him and took off the sagging diapers from her body. She folded them up and threw them aside. Next, she begrudgingly slid the fresh diaper beneath her behind and fastened it up. She taped up the sides and cleared her throat.

“All ready? Good. It’s time to move,” said the man.

Under the Blackened Sun…part 3

This is pretty good. Although as was mentioned before, keeping it different will be a challenge. It’s not too bad so far. I think the situation last chapter of her grabbing diapers instead of her normal underwear is a little plausible, but the story-telling opportunities probably make up for it.