Uma and Robin Chapters 1-7 Update 20/12

I’ve been away for a while. Here’s another story, in my usual vein. I’ll try very hard to finish this one. I hope anyone who reads it likes it.

Uma and Robin Chapter 1

Robin sat quietly in the car as Uma drove them homewards through the rain. He was thinking about reality. How it changed. Why it changed.

Tears began to form in Robin’s brown eyes, and he glanced across at Uma before trying to wipe his eyes without her noticing. Uma looked steadily ahead, piloting her bulky SUV along the dark, wet road. Robin turned away and stared out of the window at the passing houses.

He thought how neat and tidy and prosperous they looked. He thought how happy the husbands and wives in them probably were. The husbands providing for their wives, and… the tears began to rise again, and Robin wiped his shirt sleeve across his brow.

‘Are you OK, Robin?’ asked Uma, looking quickly at him before returning her gaze to the rainswept road.

‘Yep,’ replied Robin, not looking at her.

‘Really?’ asked Uma. ‘I know it’s a big change, but it’s the best option.’

‘I know. Can we have some music?’ Robin said.

‘You don’t have to talk about it, but you can if you want,’ said Uma kindly. ‘If you feel like it. I want to help you as much as I can.’

‘I know,’ said Robin.

He felt his voice quavering, and felt that he was on the verge of crying. He stared out the window even more earnestly. The tears were welling up now, and he didn’t want to face Uma.

His wife put her hand on Robin’s thigh.

‘I’m here,’ she said softly. ‘I’m here, baby.’

Robin thought of the last few days, of the doctors and the rest of them, and all the papers Uma had signed. He hadn’t signed anything. He’d listened while the doctors explained what was happening and why, but it wasn’t until Uma told him, sitting in the park opposite the last doctor’s rooms they visited, that he really understood. He trusted Uma.

They stopped at the last traffic lights before home. Robin watched a shiny BMW pull into the driveway of a neat, prosperous-looking house, and saw a man in a suit get out to be greeted by his wife at the door. The man had a briefcase like Uma’s. The wife had a child in her arms, and put him down before kissing the man before they all went into the house. Robin swallowed and wiped his arm across his face again.

Everyone’s trying to help you, Robin,’ said Uma as the lights turned green and she drove off again. Robin thought the sound of the tyres on the road sounded sad.

This was reality now, thought Robin as Uma pulled into their drive. He got out of the car and waited while Uma went ahead and unlocked the front door. She put her briefcase on the chair by the door and turned to Robin.

‘It’s been a big day, honey,’ she said. ‘Why don’t you go and have a warm shower and get changed. I’ll make a hot drink and we can sit and watch a movie, OK? I don’t have to work tonight. I’m all yours, Robin. OK?’

‘OK,’ Robin replied.

His mind was buzzing, but he didn’t feel like talking. He returned Uma’s kiss and turned to go to the bedroom. He hoped she didn’t taste the tears that he knew had been running down his cheeks.

Standing in the shower, Robin was thinking. There wasn’t much point in going over things yet again, he knew. There wasn’t much he could change now. He wondered what would change from now on, without him even doing anything. He began to breathe hard, as he did when things ‘got to him’. At least the tablets would help. He felt guilty about looking forward to them, but it was better than this, he thought.

The bathroom door opened and Uma walked in with Robin’s tracksuit over her arm. She smiled at her naked husband in the glass shower enclosure and put the tracksuit and a pair of underpants on the chair near the handbasin then took a thick towel off the heated towel rail.

‘I’ve made hot chocolate,’ she said, handing Robin the towel as he emerged from the shower.

Robin was pleased to see her. Maybe things weren’t so bad after all, he thought as he dried himself and pulled on his white underpants. Uma handed him his tracksuit pants and he slid those on too.

Later, snuggled against Uma on the sofa, Robin smiled as Uma stroked his hair. Robin had washed down his tablets with the delicious hot chocolate, and lay quietly against his wife’s body for a few minutes. He loved the feeling of well-being, and knew it wasn’t all due to the tablets.

‘It’s going to be OK, isn’t it, Uma?’ he asked, looking up into her steady blue eyes.

Uma’s response was to lean down and kiss him on the forehead. Robin smiled and closed his eyes.

The movie they were watching had a pleasant soundtrack, and Robin wasn’t really paying much attention to the action, and soon dropped off to sleep. Uma gently extracted herself and left Robin sleeping while she took the empty cups to the kitchen. She picked up her briefcase and took it to the study, where she opened it and carefully filed the various papers inside. She looked at the last one, the important on, and felt oddly excited about the future.

Robin’s overwhelming anxiety had been building for a while, and the events of the last few months had been climactic for them both. At least now his problems had been diagnosed, proper medication provided and a secure arrangement for the future reached. It was all do-able, she thought. More than do-able in fact. It was necessary, and best for both of them.

Order under the Guardianship Act, Uma read. How strange, she thought as she remembered what the lawyer and the psychiatrists had explained to her. She was now legally, as well as practically, Robin’s ‘provider’. The lawyer had summed up the six pages of clauses very succinctly. ‘He’s legally a minor, now,’ she had said, ‘and your responsibility,’ handing Uma the guardianship papers and the required two psychiatric reports. And that was that.

Robin’s near mental collapse was not all that rare, and nor was the solution. Robin was very gainfully employed, and her income over the least 12 months had been almost three times Robin’s earnings. If she went full time, she thought, the loss of Robin’s income would make no difference. Not that she could go full time, of course. Working from home as a consultant, and as Robin’s carer, effectively, they would get by very well. They had plenty of money in the bank – or she did, she reminded herself, thinking of the provisions of the guardianship arrangements – and selling Robin’s freehold car had injected a useful lump of cash into that balance. The medical insurance took care of those bills, and the future looked sound, she decided, especially with Robin so much more stable now.

Once Uma had gone through the process of winding up Robin’s employment, she had spent a day in the study, putting all of Robin’s business papers into filing boxes that were now in the loft in the garage. Everything that needed to be done had been done. Robin was now free of the various entanglements of ‘adulthood’, Uma thought before mentally rephrasing her thought. ‘Minor’ was a legal term, not a physical description, thought the lawyer’s words stuck in her head. The woman from the Guardianship Board had talked about ‘dignity’ and the possibility of review in the future. ‘But we’ll cross that bridge when you come to it,’ she had said.

Uma sat at her desk for a while, thinking about reality and changes just as Robin had in the car. At the thought of reality, Uma thought of Robin. She stood up and ran her hand over her breasts for a moment. She thought of Robin’s caress. He was no Lothario in bed, so not a lot would change there. He had other qualities, of kindness, and they had shared interests in so many things. Physical sex just didn’t happen to be high on that list. Robin loved cuddling, but prowess as a stud wasn’t his strongest point. Uma usually initiated proceedings, and robin didn’t exactly have a lot of stamina. He would come quickly, his small penis deflating rapidly but he was an expert cuddler and would snuggle for hours after one of their irregular intimacies. Uma didn’t really mind. She was something of an expert in her own way, and often experienced her orgasm well after Robin, usually while he was suckling her breasts. She wondered if that were normal, but didn’t really care. She knew he masturbated occasionally, and wondered what he thought about. Uma was fond of pleasuring her self too, and even had a full sized – she corrected herself again, out of consideration for Robin – a bought item, a vibrator, that she kept in the back of her underwear drawer. She didn’t like keeping secrets from Robin, but he didn’t have any idea about it. Uma let her fingers wander to the tight crotch of her slacks, then took a breath and stood up to see how Robin was doing.

Uma found him sleeping peacefully on the sofa. She sat on the edge of the cushion and watched him for a while. He wasn’t a large man, and actually weighed less than Uma. She was two inches taller too. Most of the women on her Scandinavian side were tall, and she suspected that she was stronger, too. Certainly when he had been to her gym with her, he had looked as though he were straining when he tried out one of the weight machines set the way she liked it.

Uma kissed her sleeping husband and helped him up. He half woke, and was dozy and biddable as Uma led him to the bedroom. She felt for him, with what had happened over the last few days, and she knew the tablets made him sleepy anyway. She had put him to bed before, and now she helped him undress for bed. His underpants and the crotch of his track pants were damp, but that wasn’t unusual. Robin was a heavy sleeper, and with the medication, he often had that problem. Uma put the damp clothes aside for the wash, and kissed Robin again.

‘Toilet before bed, honey,’ she said as she pulled off his top.

Robin shook his head sleepily, his eyes on the soft bed where Uma had pulled back the sheets.

‘No, bed,’ he mumbled, flailing his arms weakly towards the bed as Uma gently but firmly pulled him towards the ensuite bathroom.

Uma felt Robin relax and let her take him where she wanted him to go. The bathroom was bright when she turned on the light as they entered, and she sat the naked Robin on the toilet and waited.

‘Bed,’ said Robin, and closed his eyes.

‘No, honey, wee please,’ said Uma firmly, placing her hand on Robin’s pale, rounded tummy and pressing gently.

Robin exhaled and after a moment, Uma was rewarded as Robin peed a goodly amount into the bowl.

‘Well done!’ said Uma, and stood Robin up as he closed his eyes and his head lolled forward.

Uma smiled. He probably would have slept on the toilet if she had left him there. She pulled a length of toilet paper from the roll on the wall and wiped Robin’s delicate, dripping penis. She scrunched the soft paper up and patted his sparse pubic hair, then led him back ot the bedroom where she helped him into the bed. Robin slept in the nude, and on his side of the bed under the sheet was a large absorbent pad, just in case. They had been using that for several years. Robin hadn’t been very happy about it at first, but since his problems had surfaced his occasional accidents were now several times a month, up from a couple of times a year, so he they were both glad to have it there. Uma had never made an issue of it, any more than she might have had Robin needed glasses. Robin was accepting of it too. He didn’t know Uma’s other marital secret – that Robin’s older sister had told Uma about Robin’s bedwetting which was almost nightly until Robin was twelve, and which continued sporadically into his teens whenever he was very tired or under pressure. He hadn’t been reliably dry during the day until he was five, and was still having occasional daytime accidents for some years after that. He’d even wet himself a couple of times since their marriage, although he had been able to blame a long drive on the freeway or some other credible cause each time. The love between them overcame any issue Uma had with his occasional problems.

With Robin asleep in bed, Uma spent an hour or so in the study, then joined him. As he so often did, he sleepily snuggled up to her, and she fell asleep with her arm around him. Her final thought before dozing off was that a promise to herself to take the best care of him she could.

To be continued.

Re: Uma and Robin Chapter 1

Good stuff as usual

Re: Uma and Robin Chapter 1

Great to have you back Can’t wait how the story continue

Re: Uma and Robin Chapter 2

Uma and Robin Chapter 2

This story is moving slowly, but will gather pace. I’m sorry this chapter is so short, but there’s more to come when I have time.

Uma woke before Robin the next morning. Gently she disentangled herself from Robin’s sleeping embrace, cupping her breast in one hand and extracting it from Robin’s soft lips. He had been drooling in his sleep, as he usually did, and Uma smiled as she wiped the saliva from her large, rounded boob. She slid her other hand downwards, and was pleased to find the sheet under Robin still dry. He had wet the last two nights and Uma was pleased she wouldn’t have to change the sheet.

Uma lay still for a few moments, planning their day. Robin had been so good lately. She decided to take some time off and take Robin to the local cinema complex. There were a couple of movies on which she knew he’d like to see.

Uma got up, dressed, and made herself and Robin a cup of coffee. She returned to the bedroom and put the cups on the small table next to her side of the bed and woke Robin. He was in good spirits, also happy that the bed was dry.

‘A dry bed,’ observed Uma with a smile. ‘Good boy.’

Robin rolled his eyes at Uma’s calling him a good boy.

‘Don’t you roll your eyes at me, mister,’ Uma said good-naturedly. ‘I’ve made some coffee.’

Robin rolled over and reached for the coffee.

‘Uh uh,’ said Uma, pushing his arm away. ‘Wees please.’

Robin groaned, and hauled himself out of bed. One small accident after he ahd had coffe in bed, and now she insisted that he ‘do wees’ in her terms as soon as he woke up. He headed to the bathroom, and sat to pee. He sat to pee now, after Uma had made such a fuss of his ‘splashing everywhere’. It was easier and more comfortable, anyway. He even sat in public toilets now, and agreed with Uma that standing at the urinal was somewhat gross. As usual, Robin didn’t need to try to initiate his peeing. He began to pee almost as soon as he sat down.

He returned and sat on the bed with Uma, drinking his coffee and felt excited when she told him they were going to the movies later in the morning.

The local cinema complex was busy, and the couple stood in front of the ticket counter looking up at the various movies on offer.

‘What about that one?’ said Robin, pointing to a well-advertised new release. Uma looked at the display, and saw the prominent ‘R’ symbol.

‘I don’t think so, honey,’ she said. ‘What about that one?’ she asked, pointing to a family movie.

‘I’d rather see the other one,’ said Robin.

‘It’s R, honey,’ said Uma.

She was very aware of the documents she had signed with the Guardianship Board. If there was any issue over Robin’s care, the woman had said, things like allowing him to see inappropriate material could be brought up. Especially in the early stages of the arrangement, the woman had said, Uma should take care to stick to the rules.

‘I’ve seen plenty of R movies,’ Robin objected. ‘Life is R, Uma,’ he added with a snort.

‘Robin, no,’ said Uma. ‘We’ll see the other movie. I’m sure you’ll like it.’

‘Uma,’ said Robin, ‘I can see what I want!’

‘Robin,’ said Uma, ‘I’m not going to go through this here. I want to treat you as, well, as well as I can, but R movies are not on the list for you now.’

Robin didn’t say anything. He knew what this was about. They’d talked about it, but it didn’t seem real. He looked around at the mothers with their children buying tickets for the family movie. Uma guided him to the back of the cluster of mothers and children, and Robin stood quietly and waited while Robin bought their tickets. He knew how firm Uma could be, and she was right, there was nothing to be gained from having even a quiet argument here.

‘I think you should go to the bathroom,’ Uma said as they walked along the dark, carpeted corridor towards Cinema 3.

‘I don’t need to,’ said Robin grumpily, noticing a couple of mothers standing outside the door marked ‘toilets’. He wasn’t going to join their brood inside. It was bad enough not being able to see the R movie.

‘Are you sure?’ Uma asked him. ‘The movie’s over an hour.’

‘I’m sure,’ said Robin. ‘I went at home just before we left.’

‘Did you?’ asked Uma. ‘I’m just trying to save you from having to get up during the movie.’

‘I’m fine,’ said Robin emphatically. ‘Let’s go.’

An hour in a kid’s movie, thought Robin. How hard could it be?

Half an hour into the movie, Robin felt a little pressure in his tummy. He shifted in his seat.

‘Are you OK, honey?’ Uma asked.

‘Yep,’ said Robin, staring at the screen.

Re: Uma and Robin Chapter 3

Uma and Robin Chapter 3

I’m not trying to break records for short chapters, but I thought I’d better move things along since I had a few minutes.

The movie was called ‘Malificent’ and Robin was finding some of it genuinely frightening. A huge flying creature on the screen swooped directly at the audience, and Robin clutched at his wife’s arm as the flapping creature roared at the camera. He felt himself pee a little, not much, but a little, and he was glad that Uma had put out his dark jeans for him to wear. Robin was glad in a way, because it slightly eased the pressure on his bladder. After declaring that he didn’t need to go, he wasn’t about to ask if he could go to the toilet now. The film must be winding up, he thought.

The film finished, with Robin keen to relieve himself. It was worse when he stood up, and he felt himself peeing a little more. He tried to squeeze his thighs together as they filed out of the seats.

‘Well, what did you think?’ asked Uma. ‘It was quite exciting, wasn’t it?’

‘Yes,’ replied Robin. ‘I just have to go to the toilet, Uma,’ he added quickly, trying to hurry Uma out between the blackout curtains and into the dark, carpeted corridor.

Uma understood and let Robin hurry along to the door to the toilets.

She stood by while Robin rushed through the door. Robin found the boys’ toilet and pushed past a couple of children to get in. He saw that all the cubicle doors were closed, and quickly walked past them. All ‘engaged’. Beginning to sweat slightly, he looked at the line of chattering boys filling all the standing room at the urinal. It had been ages since Robin had used a urinal, and he fumbled with his zipper as he waited for a place, moving his weight from one foot to the other. He felt himself pee a little more, and tried to stop the flow, but couldn’t. He took a couple of deep breaths which were more like gasps as he felt the warm pee running down both his legs. He had his fly down and was fumbling inside his underpants trying to extract his penis, but it was too late now. He had wet his pants.

Robin’s gasps were sobs now, and he was oblivious to everything around him as he left the toilets as fast as he could and burst into the dark hallway, looking for Uma. He saw here and ran to her and hugged her in his distress.

Robin was a few inches shorter than Uma, and lightly built. The sight of the smallish man running from the bathroom attracted the attention of an attendant who was standing nearby. The attendant had children of her own, and she watched the small man clutching his wife, or older sister, and realized straight away what had happened. She moved towards the couple.

Uma had figured it out too, and was holding Robin and stroking the back of his head.

‘It’s OK,’ she was saying.

‘Would you like to come into the office for a minute?’ asked the attendant, making gentle eye contact with Uma.

Uma nodded, and followed the attendant the few steps into the cinema office. Robin was still crying, the back of his jeans as wet as his cheeks.

‘I’m Sally,’ said the attendant kindly.

‘Uma,’ said Uma, still stroking Robin’s hair. ‘And this is Robin,’ she said. ‘I’m his… carer.’

Uma wasn’t sure why she said that. She just felt it was best at the moment.

‘Hullo Robin,’ said Sally.

Robin didn’t answer, and bureide his head agasint Uma’s breasts as if he were trying to hide, and made a couple of long, halting sobs.

‘It’s OK, sweetie,’ said Sally. ‘Accidents happen.’

It wasn’t the first time something like this had happened on Sally’s watch, and she wondered if one of the pairs of track pants kept in the small first aid room off the office would fit the poor young man.

‘Uma, we have some pants that may fit him,’ said Sally. ‘In here,’ she added, indicating the door to the first aid room as she went to open it. ‘He’s welcome to them. You could drop them back later.’

‘Thank you,’ said Uma.

She was suprised and grateful for this woman’s help.

‘Come on, honey,’ she said, helping robin into the small room. ‘I’m so sorry,’ she said to Sally, giving her the best smile she could.

‘Think nothing of it,’ said Sally. ‘I’ve got two in potty training at home, and I know what it’s like.’

Sally stood back while Uma undid Robin’s pants. She took the larger pair of track pants from a shelof behind the padded bench in the room, and handed them to Uma.

‘I’ll leave you to it,’ she said, and left the room as the phone in the office rang.

Uma took Robin’s pants off, and slid down his soaked white underpants. She didn’t castigate Robin for not using the bathroom before the movie. She was more interested in calming him down. She realised how upset he must be. Robin stopped cryhing long enough to say ‘I’m sorry, Uma.’

‘It’s OK, honey. It was an accident,’ she said, folding the sodden clothes and putting them gently on the chiar next to the bench. ‘Sally has some dry pants for you to wear home. Here,’ she said, holding the leg of the track pants open for him.

‘It was all full,’ said Robin, looking at the floor as Uma threaded the pants over his bare legs. ‘I couldn’t help it.’

‘I know,’ said Uma. ‘We’ll get you home, honey.’

Uma pulled the track pants up around Robin’s waist. They weren’t a bad fit.

‘Just wait here a moment, darling,’ said Uma, picking jup the jeans and underpants and settling the now calmer Robin into the chair.

Robin sat quietly as Uma left the little room, pulling the door almost closed as she left.

Sally was on the phone.

‘In a few minutes,’ she was saying. ‘I’m just helping a lady. No, a, er, special needs boy. No, just wet pants. No, everything’s fine. I’ll see you in a minute.’

‘Sally, I just want to thank you so much,’ said Uma. ‘Can I…’

‘No,’ said Sally with a laugh. ‘It’s just an accident. Least I could do. He’s just like my Ellie, only a bit bigger. Always thinks she’ll be a big girl. Let me get you a plastic bag for those. Just drop the pants back wjhen you can. Does he wear pullups or anything? We have…’

‘No, he’ll be fine,’ said Uma. ‘I’ll just get him home. Thank you for the bag. You’ve got things to do.’

Uma packed the clothjes ino thte bag Sally offered, and went back to the room, returning with a very subdued Robin.

‘We’ll be off,’ said Uma. ‘Robin, say thank you to Sally. She’s been a great help.’

Robin was still looking at the floor.

‘Thank you,’ he mumbled.

Sally laughed.

‘Think nothing of it, Robin,’ she said. ‘Glad to help.’

Sally leaned forward on an impulse and ruffled the top of Robin’s hair.

‘You be good on the way home, Robin!’ she added.

‘Yes,’ said Robin quietly, and followed Uma out of the office.

Sally followed them and locked the door after her. She looked at Robin’s small, rounded bottom in the track pants.

‘Poor boy,’ she thought. ‘He really should be in diapers for outings.’

To be continued.

Re: Uma and Robin Chapter 4

Uma and Robin Chapter 4

Uma got Robin into the car, and drove home. Not much was said by either; both were somewhat lost in thoughts of their own.

Uma was thinking of the Guardianship Board officer’s words. That there would be adjustment required, not just for Robin, but for Uma too. The words on paper were just words, but their effect was real.

The episode at the cinema had brought that home to Uma. The most obvious effect was that she could no longer legally take Robin to see an R rated movie. The state no longer considered him an adult. He was now legally a minor, with all that entailed. Effectively a child. Her child, thought Uma, and felt the same slight pang of guilty pleasure that had shot unbidden through her body when the guardianship officer had first mentioned it. She squeezed her thighs together involuntarily in an odd response. That makes me his mother, his mummy, she thought and killed the slight smile that was about to come to her lips. What was she thinking?

Uma’s thoughts continiued on more sensible lines. It was interesting that Sally didn’t seem fazed by Robin’s childish predicament. There’s that word again, she thought. ‘Special needs boy’, Sally had said. Uma had heard the term, but had not applied it to her husband. But it did seem to make his condition acceptable in the wider world. It saved embarrassment all round, too. Perhaps the subconscious recognition of the acceptability of a ‘sepcial needs’ child, or person, was why she had called herself Robin’s carer rather than his wife. She put the term ‘special needs’ aside for future use. Actually, she thought, Robin did have special needs. Perhaps she was now the carer for a special needs boy, well, a man. ‘Man’ didn’t sound quite right now, though. She thought of Robin’s behaviour since his breakdown - the computer games, the loss of interest in news and even sport, the sulks and, well, the obedience. He seemed to be more reliant on her. Uma didn’t mind that. She was naturally an orgnaiser, and had heard the phrase ‘bossy britches’ quite a lot when she was younger, and the occasional ‘dragon lady’ at work, even now, although she tried to be kind as well as efficient.

She looked across at Robin, who was staring out of the window as they drove along.

‘Are you OK, honey?’ she asked, putting a hand on his thigh.

‘It was an accident,’ said Robin shortly, not turning his head. ‘I couldn’t help it. I said I was sorry.’

Uma sighed.

‘I know, honey. I’m not blaming you,’ she said.

Uma tried another tack.

‘Sally was a nice lady, wasn’t she honey?’ she said.

Uma thought for a moment. ‘A nice lady’. She had found herself speaking down to Robin a lot lately. It didn’t help that he rarely objected. She wondered if he even noticed.

‘She said ‘special needs’,’ said Robin grumpily. ‘I’m not special needs. And she said pullups. I heard her. I don’t need pullups. She was a fucking bitch.’

Uma slammed the brakes on and pulled over to the side of the road. Later, she wondered if that was some kind of learned behaviour from every sitcom she’d ever seen where an adult chastised a child, or whether she really was justified. Robin her husband had sworn occasionally, and it didn’t seem so wrong. But to hear him say that now, and about a nice woman who had helped him, and, and with his new status, Uma felt no qualms about her anger.

‘Robin,’ she said very sharply to him, ‘I will not have you talking like that. Look at me!’ Uma demanded.

Robin turned his head. Uma was genuinely shocked to see that he was crying, and clearly had been for some time. She was torn between a need to berate him and sympathy for him. She took a middle path and pulled some tissues from the locker in the console between their seats.

‘Here, honey.,’ she said. ‘I’m sorry you’re upset. I know you’ve had a hard time, but I won’t have that language coming from you. We’ll talk about it later, OK? We’re nearly home.’

Uma’s organising mentality kicked in.

‘I’ll make some dinner and I want you to have a shower. Then we can sit and watch a movie and have a nice cuddle, OK? Robbie?’ she added, using the pet name she used for him occasionally.

She liked the way the name sounded now, and Robin didn’t object as he used to. He even smiled at her fleetingly.

‘Good boy,’ Uma said. ‘And here we are, home.’

Uma swung the car into the drive and parked in front of the garage. She got out, went around to Robin’s door and took his hand as he got out. Robin squeezed back, and Uma smiled.

‘You’re OK,’ she said warmly, and Robin waited while Uma unlocked the front door.

Uma turned on the light in the hallway, and put the plastic bag of clothes she was carrying on the chair inside the door.

‘Shower time,’ she said, and gave Robin a slight pat on his bottom as he turned to go to the bathroom.

‘Robbie,’ she said as he set off.

‘What?’ said Robin, stopping and turning.

Uma looked at the sizeable wet patch at Robin’s crotch

‘You’re wet, honey,’ she said in surprise.

‘No.’ said Robin, putting one hand to his pants.

He stopped and stared at Uma, one hand on his soaked crotch.

‘Oh, honey,’ she said. ‘When did that happen?’

Robin’s lips were starting to quiver.

‘I, I don’t know,’ he stuttered. ‘I just, I just had to, a tiny bit, but,’ he managed before crying again.

Uma took him in her arms. She felt like telling him that he was losing his control, that two wet beds in the last few days, being unable to hold his pee like the other, the other people in the movie who went to the bathroom after the movie with no problems, and now, soaking his borrowed pants and not even knowing it… but she held her tongue. He would know all that. He needed her love, not her anger. And what was there to be angry about? As Sally had said, she had two potty training at home, and her daughter was just like Robin, convinced that she was ‘a big girl’ and obviously falling short. Further, in Robin’s case, he had every reason to think he was a ‘big boy’. He’d had 27 years of it, and now he was no longer an adult, and he was wetting his bed again, and his pants. He needed her care more than ever, thought Uma.

Robin just wanted to cry. He was wet. He’d been trying for the whole trip home to think about what was happening, but it was too hard. That woman had called him special needs, and he was sure she had said he shoudl be in pullups. He knew what they were. She didn’t even whisper it. He was way too big for pullups. If he wasn’t Uma would have made him wear some. He wet a bit because he was scared in the film. That was silly because it was only a film, but he could see that he wasn’t the only on in the theatre who was a bit scared. He only wet a bit and it wouldn’t have showed, but then there was no room in the toilet and he had an accident. And it was an accident. He didn’t mean to do it. Anyway, Uma wasn’t really cross. She was only cross because he said fuck before, but now she was hugging him and they were going to watch a movie and cuddle. What could be better than that? He didn’t really want to see that R rated movie anyway. He was just cross because with the new rules he couldn’t. He could see plenty of them when he got better and they took the rules off anyway. Robin hugged Uma as hard as he could and breathed in her wonderful smell. She was so soft and smelled so nice. It didn’t matter that he’d had another accident. He was loved.

Robin held Uma’s warm hand as they went to the bathroom, and he stood quietly while she took off his sandshoes and socks, then pulled down his track pants and pulled off his sweater and shirt.

Uma squatted in front of Robin as she worked. She looked at the little penis and balls a few inchews from her lips. There was a time when taking off Robin’s pants like this would have driven him crazy, but now his penis, not even average sized, she knew but had never cared, sat limply on the little ball sac, decorated by Robin’s few, blond pubic hairs. It had been some time since he’s had an erection, to her knowledge, anyway. The doctor had warned her about that. Uma smiled, and leaned forward and kissed the salty little member. Robin giggled.

‘Tickles!’ he said, and put his small hand over his penis.

Uma laughed too.

‘Come on,’ she said, and propelled Robin towards the open shower which she had turned on for him while he undid his shoelaces. She gave him a firm swat on his pale buttocks to help him along.

‘Oww!’ squealed Robin in surprise.

‘That’s so you don’t dawdle,’ replied Uma, leaving the bathroom to make dinner.

Robin was further surpised to find himself peeing again as he got into the shower. He looked at the dark dribble marks on the shower mat.

‘Oops!’ he said aloud, and giggled again, then put his head back and enjoyed the warm water cascading over his body.

To be continued.

Uma and Robin Chapter 5

Uma and Robin Chapter 5

The next morning was a Saturday.

As Uma had promised, the pair had watched a movie the night before, with Robin snuggled up against his wife on the big leather sofa. He had gone to sleep very quickly, and missed most of the movie. He had been practically sleepwalking as Uma had gently got him off the sofa and had put him to bed. She had been worried he might wet the sofa, but he hadn’t, and she hoped that the events of the day had been relatively isolated. He’d wet the bed twice in the last few days, and Uma had replaced the mattress protector each time. She now had three of those. She put Robin’s slightly childish behaviour, especially his refusal to accept his need to watch his toileting at the movies, down to ‘teething problems’ with his acceptance of his new, legally reduced status. zIt was important, but after all, they were still a married couple, and Uma felt guilty about her maternal feelings towards him in that state. She was glad, though, that the cinema attendant Sally had been so comfortable dealing with Robin’s distress. Uma reminded herself that Sally had said that her own children were struggling with their toilet training too. well, not ‘too’, Uma corrected herself. Robin wasn’t a child.

Uma woke first, and felt the sheet next to Robin. She was pleased to find it bone dry. His underpants when he went to bed had been dry last night, too. Robin’s underwear was usually a little damp by the evening, and Uma wondered is he was settling down after what was quite a change for him. She smiled and kissed him to wake him up.

Robin was quickly alert. Uma told him the time and Robin said with some concern that he’d be late. He had been in the habit of going to the gym with some friends on Saturday mornings before all this had happened.

Uma sat next to him and gave him a cuddle.

‘It’s OK, honey,’ she reassured him. ‘You’re not going to the gym at the moment, remember? We’ll find something really good to do instead. Why don’t we go to the park?’

Robin looked confused for a moment, then looked at Uma.

‘Uh, yeah,’ he said. ‘The park.’

‘Yes,’ said Uma. ‘I’ll pack some lunch, and we can feed the ducks. Do you remember the ducks from last time?’

Robin cheered up. As Uma had hoped, the thought of the fun they’d had feeding the ducks pushed any regret about the gym from his mind. Robin grinned.

‘Yeah, the ducks!’ he said happily. ‘That was fun.’

‘It was,’ agreed Uma. ‘And you were dry last night too,’ she added. ‘Good boy!’

Uma patted the dry sheet next to Robin.

‘I don’t wet the bed,’ said Robin firmly. ‘They were just accidents.’

Uma smiled, and stood, putting her hands out to Robin.

‘Now, up, and bathroom please. I’ll go and see about some lunch,’ said Uma, taking Robin’s hands and helping him up from the bed.

As Robin stood, Uma tugged down the t-shirt he slept in over the rounded cotton of the underpants covering his bottom. She had been putting him in his underpants at night for the last few weeks since they’d done the rounds of the doctors and government officilas. It seemed more hygienic now that he was damp so often. Uma slept naked, but had been considering wearing something as well. A nightie seemed more appropriate with Robin dressing for bed now. They’d always slept naked, but now she had been feeling a little exposed in front of Robin. It was odd. She decided to look for a nice nightie the next time she was at the nearby mall.

While Robin was in the bathroom, Uma slipped on a bra and a pair of panties. She had stood for a moment looking into her panty drawer, and decided that one of her usual lacy bikini pants wasn’t quite appropriate given that Robin wasn’t exactly interested in sex at the moment. That didn’t bother Uma, which for a highly sexed woman she found a little odd too. She found a pair of not very sexy light control full briefs which she pulled on. It was actually good to be able to wear comfortable briefs for a change, she thought as she ran her fingers over to tight fabric covering her rounded tummy. She smiled again and went to the bathroom to check on Robin.

She found him sitting on the toilet in his t-shirt, and chatted to him about her plans for the park.

‘Did you do wees?’ she asked.

She liked the word, and it seemed natural now.

‘Yes,’ said Robin.

‘Good boy,’ Uma said, and Robin smiled back at her as he stood up.

Uma liked the happy reaction she got when she praised Robin. She decided that she hadn’t done that enough before, before the events that had happened. She stepped towards Robin and gave him a big hug.

‘We can feed the ducks their lunch’ said Robin, grinning.

‘We’re not feeding them anything until your’re dressed, young man,’ replied Uma. ‘Off you go. Jeans and your blue top, I think.’

Uma watched as Robin flushed the toilet. She smiled at his little penis bobbing below his t-shirt. He really was adorable.

‘Hop to it,’ she said, giving him a playful swat on the bottom.

to be continued

Re: Uma and Robin Chapters 1-5

This is a great start and I love that you are building the story up gradually. It is easy to identify how Uma is feeling and I think that by not having her be too dominant straight away only serves to give her a greater level of control over Robin. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Keep up the good work!

DC 8)

Re: Uma and Robin Chapters 1-6

Uma and Robin Chapter 6

Uma felt relaxed as the couple drove to their favourite park. Robin seemed to be settling down a little, and there was little trace of the anger he seemed to be feeling whenever the implications of his reduced status had come to the fore, as they had in the cinema complex. Uma felt quite comfortable in her official role of carer and guardian. She loved Robin, and the new arrangemetns seemed to her to be official sanction of the care and concern she felt for Robin.

Robin was thinking too, although whenever he began to analyse what the new situation meant, he came up agasint the feeling that he couldn;t do much about it. Sure, it affected him, but it was really Uma’s problem, he thought. He wondered is he was selfish in thinking that he was free of all the worry about money and so on. Even that was hard to think about, and he soon found himself thinking about the ducks.

‘Have we got some spare bread for the ducks?’ Robin suddenly asked with concern.

Uma smiled.

‘Yes, honey, I put a whole loaf of old bread in the basket,’ she said. ‘There’ll be plenty.’

Robin grinned.

‘Goody,’ he said. ‘I wonder if there’ll be ducklings?’

Uma smiled again at the childish word. She was glad that Robin seemed so relaxed.

‘At this time of year, I’m sure there will be,’ she replied.

It was a reasonably long drive to the park. Part of the drive was on a main road, and the traffic was slow due to some extensive roadworks. They’d been inching along for ten minutes or so when Uma noticed that Robin seemed fidgetty. He was moving around in his seat and then wedged one hand between his legs.

‘Are you OK, honey?’ Uma asked. ‘Do you need to do a wee?’

It was an odd question to ask your husband, she thought. But under the circumstances…

‘No, I’m OK,’ said Robin, glancing quickly at Uma then staring out of the window.

Uma thought of the spare underpants and jeans she had folded in her bag, just in case. How things have changed, she thought.

Finally, Uma pulled into the car park near the lakeside park.

There were a few groups of people around, some sitting on the grass and some walking around. Most of the groups comprised mothers and children. It was a great place to bring children - interestign, safe and the wide, well kept lawns sloping to the water made it easy for mothers to keep an eye on their youngsters.

‘We’re here!’ announced Uma, looking at Robin.

Robin gave her an unhappy glance, and shifted again in his seat. Uma noticed a glistening in his eyes before Robin wiped his sleeve across his face.

‘Are you OK, honey?’ she asked him.

Uma thought immediately that Robin may have had an accident. It had been a long drive, and he didn’t seem as keen to hop out of the car as he had on their last visit.

Uma glanced at Robin’s crotch, but he had both his hands clasped in his lap. His face was turned to the window.

‘Robbie, are yhou OK?’ Uma asked again, gently.

Robin didn’t turnh form the window, but Uma saw him clench his small fingers.

‘Uma, I, I…’ he began.

Uma couldn’t mistake the distress in his voice. The ease with which Robin cried now was a consequence of his breakdown, the psychologist had told her. She had explained it as robin’s adult persona struggling to come to terms with the immaturity of his physical responses, including his occasional episodes of incontinence. It wasn’t schizophrenia, said the psychologist, but it was something like it in that robin was dealing effectively with two notions of self - one based around his life and memories as an adult, and the other the more or less juvenile persona which had had come to the fore as a result of his condition. In part, the guardianship move was to recognise that dilemma and to help the outside world, including Uma, deal effectively with the condition, and of course, to help ‘cure’ it, or at least resolve it comfortably for Robin while it lasted. The trip to feed the ducks was part of that curative or at least coping effort. With the guidance of the psychologist, Uma had not been fussed by Robin’s loss of interest in current affairs and the sports news he had formerly thrived on, and his increasing preference for computer games aimed at a younger users. For his part, Robin seem oblivious to those changes, but he was cledarly worried by his bedwetting and by his occasional daytime wettings.

‘Are you wet, honey?’ asked Uma, putting a hand on Robin’s denim-clad thigh.

‘A bit,’ replied Robin, looking now at Uma with tearful eyes.

Uma’s heart went out to him.

‘Well, look who’s here!’ came a voice from outside Uma’s open car window.

Uma and Robin both looked in the direction of the voice.

‘Sally, from the cinema!’ said the woman next to the car. ‘Hello, Robin!’ she added, looking into the car.

Robin didn’t answer, but turned to the window once more. His hands were still clenched in his lap.

Uma smiled at Sally.

‘How nice to see you again,’ she said. ‘I’m afraid we’ve had another little accident we have to deal with.’

‘Uma!’ Robin said angrily without turning. ‘Can we go home please?’ he added.

Sally looked with concern at Uma, who looked back without expression. Sally summed up the situation.

‘You can’t miss such a lovely day at the park,’ she said. ‘Just a minute.’

Sally walked around ot Robin’s side of the car. Sally had with her two young children, and an older girl whose hand she was holding. the children begain to do a lap of the car, squeling as they did so, and the older girl followed Sally and stood quietly next to her as she tapped on Robin’s window.

‘Do you remember me, Robin?’ she asked. ‘I helped you at the cinema.’

Robin nodded. Uma pressed the button to lower Robin’s window.

‘Uma said you had a little accident, Robin, but that doesn’t mean you have to go home,’ she said kindly.

Robin sat with his thighs tightly together and stared silently into the car’s footwell.

‘I want to go home,’ he said with finality.

‘A litttle wetting accident, or even a messy one,’ she added just in case, ‘Is no reason not to enjoy a lovely time here,’ Sally said.

‘Don’t want to,’ said Robin, looking quickly at Sally.

Sally saw the flush in Robin’s cheeks.

‘There’s no need to feel embarrassed,’ Sally assured him. ‘It was an accident. Everyone knows that. Not your fault. It just happens sometimes. We can fix it up in no time, and you can feed the ducks!’

Sally noticed the plastic bag of bread on the console between the seats, and smiled across at Uma. As if on cue, a mother duck led her six ducklings across the grass enar the car. Sally stood back to give Robin a better view of them. The young woman with Sally giggled and exclaimed ‘Ducklings!’

Even Robin grinned at them, and sniffled back his tears.

‘Why don’t you hop out,’ Sally said, ‘And we can sort you out. You know,’ she added, ‘Ellie wet on the way here too. That hasn’t stopped her from enjoying herself.’

Ellie had let go of Sally’s hand and was engrossed in the passing parade of ducks. Robin was not sure what to do. Sally had the door open now, and Robin gingerly stepped out. His jeans were soaked in the front and back.

Uma had got out too, and had come around to stand next to Sally. The two youngsters were still circulating around the car. Ellie was squatting down next to the ducks, feeding them from a small bag fo bread crists she had been carrying in her free hand. Uma coudl see that Ellie was older than she looked. She was small, but seemed to be in her ealry twenties. She was dressed in denim shortalls, and Uma was surpised to see that the denim bulged out around her bottom. She was very obviously wearing a diaper.

Robin stood uncertainly on the grass. Sally smiled at him and gave him a quick kiss on the forehead.

‘That’s nothing to worry about,’ she told him brightly, looking at his wet pants. ‘If Uma hasn’t got a change for you, I have,’ she added, looking at Uma.

Robin burst into tears.

‘Hey!’ said Sally. ‘No tears! You’re a big boy! You just need a change.’

She gave Robin a hug, and put her hand on his wet backside, then looked at Uma.

‘I’ve got some dry pants,’ said Uma. ‘I’m sorry about this. It doesn’t usually happen.’

‘I understand,’ said Sally. ‘There’s a family bathroom over there. Have you got his things? I’ll meet you there.’

‘In the back,’ said Uma, retrieving the bag with Robin’s dry clothes.

‘Come on, Robin. It’s OK, there’s no-one nearby.’ said Sally, taking Robin’s hand.

Sally turned to Ellie.

‘Come with mommy, sweetie,’ she said, taking Ellie’s hand as well.

Uma followed the three of them to the small brick building at the edge of the car park. She was very glad that Sally happened to be here, and was also glad Robin was being cooperative. She saw that Robin’s jeans were wet down to his sneakers. She hoped he wasn’t still crying.

To be continued.

Re: Uma and Robin Chapters 1-6 Update 18/12

Uma and Robin Chapter 7

‘And what about you, Miss?’ asked Sally, turing to Ellie as they approached the door marked ‘Family Restroom’.

Sally released her gri[ on Ellie’s hand and cupped her own hand over Ellie’s bulging crotch. She gave the rounded denim a squeeze, and turned the youn g woman around and repeated the squeeze on the bulge beneath the girl’s backside.

‘I think you might need a change too, young lady,’ she said with a laugh. ‘It’s all the excitment of the ducks,’ she added, looking at Uma with a smile.

‘I like the ducks,’ announced Ellie with a grin,

‘I know you do, honey,’ replied Sally ‘And I don’t like grumpy little girls in wet diapers. In we go!’

Sally led the way into the rest room, holding the door open for Uma who followed, interested in the relationship between Sally and this obviously childish young woman.

Robin was quiet as he went inside.

‘There are two benches,’ said Sally brightly. ‘I’ll deal with Ellie here while you get Robbie organised on that one.’

Uma had helped Robin before, but never quite like this. Robin seemed confused, so Uma helped him out of his wet pants and underwear. Robin was embarrassed to be stripped off in front of everyone, and tried to cover himself.

‘Don’t worry, Robbie,’ Sally said, norticing Robin’s discomfort. ‘We all get naked every day, don’t we? And I’m sure you’ve been changed before.’

‘Sort of,’ mumbled Robin. He felt he couldn’t say much about his treatment being unusual. After all, he had just arrived at a public park with wet pants. He didn’t think he had wet that much, but his little leaks in the car had added up. He was more glad that Uma wasn’t cross than he was embarrassed. Anyway, he had met Sally before, and Ellie didn’t seem at all fussed by being changed.

Sally and Ellie were making good time, and Robin looked across to see that Ellie was wearing a thick diaper. He watched as Sally untaped the diaper and peeled back the front to expose Ellie’s chubby little belly.

Sally was taping Ellie into a dry diaper when she saw that Uma was hildking out a pair of dry underpants for Robin to step into. She dug into the large bag she had and offered Uma one of the thick colourful diapers she was putting on Ellie.

‘Are you sure he’ll last the afternoon just in panties?’ she asked Uma. ‘I’m not sure if you’re potty training him, but honestly, the way they run around after the ducks, and, well, I’m sure he’d be happier in these. You’re welcome to them.’

Robin was watching Sally, and began crying again.

‘It’s OK, Sally,’ said Uma, with a concerned look at Robin. ‘It’s just that he doesn’t, I mean we don’t…’

Sally was still for a moment, holding out the diaper. She reached out to Robin and ruffled his hair.

‘It’s OK, honey,’ she said.

‘I’m sorry for intruding,’ she said quietly to Uma. ‘I didn’t mean to, but he will have to start wwearing something at some stage. If you can get him to wear these, he and Ellie can go and play and we can have a talk. I’m sure I can help you.’

Uma nodded. Sally seemed to be very capable and understanding, and she had reached and got over with ease the barrier that Uma had been struggling with for some time. This could be a very good time to take things ahead, she thought. She leant down to Robin, who was now sitting on the low bench, naked from the waist down. He was sobbing soflty, and staring at the diaper Sally had put on the bench next to him. Uma kissed him on the cheek.

‘Sweetie, Sally just wants to help,’ she said. ‘We’ll be here all afternoon, and it’s a long drive back. I onl have one change of undies for you. I think you should put these on, and save your dry undies for later if you need them. they’re just a different lind of undies, and look, Ellie is wearing hers!’

robin looked dubiously across at Ellie. Sally was tugging her shortalls back up over her diaper. Ellie seemed unconcerned, as if this happened every day.

‘I won’t wet,’ he said.

‘Honey, we don’t know that. You don’t know that. Just while we’re here. OK? I’m asking you very specially,’ she added, using the phrase the pair used between themselves when they wanted favours from each other. ‘Very specially,’ she added for emphasis.

Are you all comfy now.’ asked Sally, patting Ellie’s padded tummy.

‘Yes,’ sais Ellie with a wide grin.

Robin wasn’t going to be beaten by a girl.

‘OK,’ he said.

‘Good boy,’ said Sally and Uma in unison, and laughed.

Ellie ran out of the rest room.

‘Come on!’ she said to Robin who was standing uncertainly in the doorway, wearing a diaper under his dry track pants for the first time since he was a toddler.

Robin was siezed by an urge to run after Ellie. He took off, and forgot after a moment the odd feeling of moving his legs while his hips were encased in a thick diaper.Sally didn’t seem to mind, he thougth, or Ellie, who was nice, and most importnat, Uma wanted him to wear them. So he was happy.

Robin ran via the carpark, where he picked up the bag of bread from the car, and soon caught up with Ellie by the bank of the lake.

Sally led Uma to a comfortable bench seat where the two women could watch Robin and Ellie. Sally’s two youngsters were nearby as well.

‘No going in the lake, anyone!’ Sally called out as they sat down. ‘Bethany, can you keep an eye on Ellie please? Make sure she doesn’t go to near the water?’

‘Yes mom!’ squeaked the older child.

‘I’d like to have a chat,’ said Sally.

Sally explained her background as a psychology nurse, and hw she had taken responsibility for her daughter-in-law Ellie when she had become unwell. Sally’s late husband had owned the cinema complex, and it was luck that she had been helping out there when she had run into Uma and Robin. Sally was Ellie’s guardian, as Uma was for Robin. Uma related Robin’s troubles and Sally was sympathetic. She realised now that robin wasn’t a ‘special needs’ child as such, but as she said, the effect was the same. She knew something about Robin’s condition, which was not dissimilar to Ellie’s, although form a different cause.

The main problem, Sally explained, was psychological. A conflict between reality - the involuntary childish urges and behaviour in general - and the strong memories of adulthood.

‘But he is an adult,’ said Uma. ‘He’s twenty seven.’

‘Chronologically, yes,’ said Sally. ‘But his strongest psychological persona, within his mind, is not. Not any more,’ she said.

‘You’ve mentioned the loss of his former interests over the, what’s it been six months?’ Sally asked.

‘Just on,’ Uma said.

‘He’ll always be aware of what he was,’ said Sally. ‘And he may return to that level of maturity permanently, but the best thing is to normalise what he is increasingly feeling now. It lessens the conflict for him. the tears are genuine - they are tears fo regret and loss. He needs to understand that he is not moving into a strange place, but a normal one, where he is accepted for what he is now. Accepted by you and by eveyone else he meets. He’s becoming a child, Uma.’

Now Uma was crying. Sally was saying in simpler terms what the psychologists had been telling her. She could see that.

‘Your child,’ Sally was saying, stroking Uma’s head as the woman lay against her shoulder. ‘You haven’t lost him,’ Sally said gently, ‘Or his love. he still oves you as much as ever. Only he needs you now. He really does. He depends on you more than ever.’

Uma nodded silently. Sally’s body was so warm. She sniggled closer to this remarklable woman, who seemed to understand and to be able to say to Uma what she herself could not put into words.

‘Epiphany,’ thought Uma.

She had read about such things. The moment in time when change becomes clear. She understood now. Why Robin had stopped arguing with her as he used to. Why he relied on her to make decisions that he would have insisted he made. Even why the government considered him no longer an adult. And why Slaly was right. He needed diapers now. He was her child now. She vowed to herself to take the best care of him she could. That would be the normal thing to do. Normal. Sally was right. This was normality now.

Uma’s reverie was interrupted.

‘Ask your mommy for more bread!’ shouted Ellie, her sweet , clear voice ringing out.

Uma blinked her teary eyes and saw Robin approaching with the empty plastic bag. He was waddling slightly in his thick diaper. Uma smiled at him through her silent tears.

‘Can we have some more bread>’ he asked.

‘I have another old loaf,’ said Sally before Uma could answer.

‘Come here, sweetie,’ said Uma, and gave her suprised ward a hug. ‘Auntie Sally has some more bread,’ she added.

Robin gave her a quick smile and waddled towards Sally. this really was normal, thought Uma with pleasure. This was the groove that everything fitted so comfortably into.

Sally reached into Ellie’s voluminous diaper bag and withdrew a small loaf of cliced bread in a bag. She lokked at Robin for a moment.

‘Have you wet your diaper, Robbie?’ she asked.

‘A little bit,’ answered Robin.

Sally raised her eyebrows at Uma as Ellie came bounding up.

‘Mommie I need to do a wee!’ she said.

‘Good girl for telling me, honey,’ said Sally as she stood and took Ellie’s hand.

‘Come on, baby,’ said Uma as she did the same to Robin.

Robin watched Ellie and Sally for a moment, then his lip started quivering and the tears started.

‘It’s OK, honey,’ Uma said, giving him a hug. ‘It’s just an accident. Uma will help you.’

The pair embraced for a minute. Uma felt Robins’ had squeeze hers as they went back into the restroom. She also felt the change in the way she had called herself ‘Uma’. She had nearly said ‘Mommy will help you.’ The new normal, she thought with some wonder.

By the time she had Robin settled on his bench, Sally had Ellie on her back on the other bench. Uma coud see Ellie’s pudgy tummy and bald crotch. Ellie had her fingers agasint the diaper as Sally pulled it over her vulva.

‘All dry, mommy!’ said Ellie delightedly.

‘You’re a very good girl,’ replied Sally.

Robin was crying lustily as Uma removed his soaked diaper.

to be continued.

Re: Uma and Robin Chapters 1-7 Update 20/12

AWESOME! I’m usually good at reviewing stuff but right now I’m speechless, this is a great story. I’m looking forward to what happens next. Robin’s regression seem to be happening at a great pace. Just a question… what happened for him to regress?