Um... hello!

Hi! I’m BabyTavi, but you can call me Tavi if you want, I’ve also gone by Konata, and id be happy to tell you my real name if we got to know each other.
Um, i’m new here. I’m MtF trans, and uh, my interests include gaming, roleplay, reading stories, and um… other things, but i can think of them right now ^^ i’m trying to give a good show of my personality by just typing away as thoughts come to mind, probs not doing too great ^^;; But hey its a start. i dont really branch out much online, i find it hard to make friends cuz i have a constant fear of being disliked so uhm… to reiterate im always looking for friendship but im really bad with starting it, but im really cool once you get to know me! Thats what other people say at least, i dont always believe them >.> Anyway, i look forward to maybe making some new friends and uh…thanks for reading this is you did, if you’re still going you’re an awesome person!

Re: Um… hello!


Don’t worry about not being flooded with replies. We’re a bit sluggish around here. :slight_smile:

If you like stories, then this is definitely a great place for you.
And if you like finished stories, every author here is interested in what you thought of their work, feel free to let us know what you liked (or what you didn’t) Or, if you just wanna say thanks, feel free to hit that little star at the bottom of their post to add reputation, as a thank you.

Re: Um… hello!

Well i certainly love telling people what i liked about their work, im not much of a critic but im good for positive notes! ^^ Ill be absolutely sure to use the stars, i even joined cuz of one story i adored completely so ill be sure to use them on that right away! And thanks for the heads up about sluggishness, it’s good to know ^^