Ugh...people like this guy really give video games a bad name.

Remember the olden days when you had a gaming console that had four games, and those were the only four games to ever come into existence for a two-three year period of time? Remember the games? Pong, Frogger, Space Invaders, and Asteroids. These were such technological marvels that people were willing to fork over the 200 bucks just to buy it and play it for a few minutes, and they could only play it a few minutes because that was the level of depth to the game.

Unfortunately, it seems video gamers, -especially- reviewers have become selfish and greedy as a whole. They want, demand, and expect more and more out of developers who took a gamble by spending a couple hundred thousand dollars to sell you a 40 dollar game.

This guy pissed me off. First off, Risen never claimed to be realistic or, well even Medieval for that matter. So where he got off marking off points because it wasn’t medieval enough for him I dunno.

But more importantly, it’s a video game. Graphics have NEVER mattered in a video game, and never will. And worse, this is an action RPG, NOT a regular RPG. The difference is, it focuses on combat and action probably ten times more than it does with NPC interaction, so gee, I wonder why NPC interaction sucks.

So I gotta say this to all reviewers and jaded gamers, just shut up and enjoy the damn game. There are some really bad video games out there today, some of which even have high end graphics, so really if you’re gonna get all uppity about some minor pet peeve like jumping physics, just keep it to yourself.

Re: Ugh…people like this guy really give video games a bad name.

dude i totaly emphatise (havent a clue if thats spelt right) you. People can focuss completely on the wrong thing at times. i use to work for a video game shop and people were complete idiots. the amount f times we would have someone return a game saying they were crap. most of us were video game enthuasiasts so naturally we would ask the people why it was crap and some of the stuff they would come up with was so unreal. i had a guy return fallout 3 coss it didnt have enough action, someone returned warhawk because it was online only. like i can understand people thinking the game is meant to be one thing and then finding out its wrong but jeeze do your homework first or at least ask one of the staff what the game is about. sheesh.

Re: Ugh…people like this guy really give video games a bad name.

It’s Empathize but I got your meaning.

Anyways, There are really bad, glitchy games that with a little patience, turn out to be rather fun at times (Mage Knight: Apocalypse), and really graphic heavy, highbrow super games that turned out to be really awful due to lack of promised features and the sense of hype that was diminished by how utterly mediocre the game really was (Oblivion).

For instance, Final Fantasy 7 was the first 3D final fantasy game and it was for a very long running period of time the best reviewed final fantasy game out there. However, those reviews stopped the instant FF8 and 9 came out. It shows that the reviewers didn’t exactly care about the plot or the gameplay, it was the whole “It’s newer and therefore must be better” concept reviewers tend to abide by. Newer is -not- always better, and a game like Eschalon Book 1, Torchlight, Fate Undiscovered Realms, and especially Psychonauts can prove this theory wrong. Damn near anything by the guy Tim Schafer (Including Grim Fandango, Monkey Island 2, and Brutal Legend) are usually low end graphics and yet still fucking amazing games, and even more so, innovative. Sure, Brutal Legend wasn’t the greatest plot ever and it did emphasize a LOT over heavy metal but then…no one has ever done an RPG where not only the theme is heavy metal, but all the enemies, weapons, background music, vehicles, bosses, and nearly the rest of the game has heavy metal themes (Electric Guitar as a weapon, reminiscent of Haruko from FLCL), and I applaud him for doing something like that even if the game itself wasn’t all that great.

Portal is another good example, and it uses moderately decent graphics too. There was no plot to the game, no character development or NPC interaction, the whole point of the game was to test a physics engine with a portal gun in a puzzle like game. Yeah, in that regard, they definitely succeeded. But by Mr. Funk’s standards, this would have been a bad game.