Ugh, my mom is a retard.

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My mom has been talking about wanting to get her own computer(she wants a laptop for some retarded reason) for a while now.

She has pretty much been brainwashed by her friend that Apple products are the best thing since sliced bread, that they are easier to use, etc.

So she has been looking at the different laptops Apples makes and deciding which one she wants. That’s fine. I don’t have a problem with that.

What I do have a problem with is she has pretty much blown me off when I have tried to tell her why I think she should buy a regular PC as opposed to an Apple. It annoys the hell outta me.

The kicker here is that she doesn’t know what the fuck she is doing half the time when she is on the desktop PC that we already have. And she thinks an Apple is going to easier to use?

Whatever. I’m over it.


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I’ve been a PC user my entire life, except times I was forced to use an apple computer at school. Over the last ten years though since OSX first came out they’ve taken a place that I think they are actually decent machines. I recently purchased a MacBook Pro for my first Mac purchase just to test it out and see what I thought of it. I particularly liked their specs/versus the 13" form factor and the way their computers were put together.

My opinion since the switch over? It is generally easier to use. Need to install a printer? The thing does it without doing anything, just plug it in and it’s ready to go. Need to use a projector? You don’t have to go through the stupid monitor buttons on your laptop keyboard or display settings… it just does it. Internet? E-mail? All of those are simple and easy to do in it - so much so I don’t see a problem with someone that’s a relative novice using one.

Honestly the only reason I’m not going to tell everyone to go out and get one over a PC is raw cost. So far though I think I’m likely to start replacing my desktop and such down the road too with a Mac. This is coming from someone who used to have vehement discussions against macs when I first got to college.

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My mom’s got a PC, and has had several over the years (the earlier were pieced together and handed down, a Compaq that broke down after like 2 years, and now she’s got an HP). She’s never figured out how to run them.

I gave my mom a 7 year old Mac Clamshell iBook about 2 years ago. She now knows how to do more on that (importing pictures from her digital camera, how to edit them, etc.). It’s slow as mud (9 years old now, but still running, albeit with a 120GB hard drive upgrade over the original 6 GB one), but she can actually do useful stuff with it other than play sudoku and check her e-mail (about all she’s ever figured out how to do on the PC).

Yes, some people who are used to PCs will prefer not to make the switch because they already know their PCs. But when it comes right down to it, on usability, most average people do find Macs more friendly. (And as a former über geek out of UNIX-land, I do too; I still find PCs frustratingly obtuse to deal with, it’s like they’re coded to prevent me getting anything done.) Keep an open mind, I’m just saying; yes Macs cost more, yes they have a cult following, but I think it IS more than just hype.

Re: Ugh, my mom is a retard.

She doesn’t know what she’s doing, is likely going to be using this for basic searching, emailing and writing things, doesn’t know or want to know/worry about virus’s, and wants it to last probably a long enough time that she doesn’t have to continually upgrade it because unlike a PC, becoming outdated doesn’t actually make a mac useless.

If I’m correct in those assumptions, a mac is probably the best damn thing she could get. PC’s are good for hardware/software junkies and gamers, macs are indeed simpler for people who just want to casually check email or surf the web.

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Macs are essentially overpriced fashion machines.
If you compare speed and other speck you can buy a non Mac a lot cheaper then the equivalent Mac.
Every so often a new mac comes out that makes things before it “old” and undesirable, I made my pc 5 years ago and its still competitive as a machine, its a little slower then it was but it still holds its own when compared to a more modern machine. (a few simple upgrades have helped)
People go on about the “Stability” of OS-X. I can point out with some degree of knowledge that this is primarily because Macs are built to a certain specification and configuration, where as Windows and indeed linux pcs are built for the millions of possible hardware configurations possible. This Hardware variety makes it alot harder to cover all bases and provide a solid foot print. Macs have this easier as apple who make OSX also control the hardware and thus have less work to do!!
Also i want to point out that there ARE viruses that target MACs. Granted they don’t exist in the same numbers as windows but they still exist and so an anti virus solotuin is still required.

My opinion is that if a mac will make your mum happier about using a computer then its better then a pc, However I should point out that Macs are not without there flaws. The ideal machine is one thats used for a purpose it can perform…
As a cheaper alternitive you could get a Pc-style laptop and run linux on it. Linux can be skinned to look just like a mac, and the best thing is its a free OS!

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While I respect the problem you describe, the argument is flawed: both Windows and Linux have to deal with the myriad of hardware variations out there, yet Linux does it with rock-solid stability, and Windows… not so much. And in the end, mom probably doesn’t care about the reasons why it’s that way, just that she doesn’t have a pain in the ass machine. Windows is a pain in the ass (virus scanners and anti-malware software to install and pester your mom about updates, Windows constantly asking questions about whether it’s okay to connect to the network or run some software, etc. … that stuff intimidates mom). Linux is improving in the look-and-feel and administration aspects… but it’s still just a cheap imitation.

I use the Gnu toolkits and have MacPorts (a Debian-like package manager for the Mac) installed and use stuff from it all the time… so I respect that Open Source things are often good. But often the best open source stuff is geek-oriented, not for the masses. Linux is getting closer to being something the average joe can use, especially with Ubuntu, but IMO it’s not quite there yet… at least not for the older crowd.

The only viruses that apply to current OS X editions are social engineering viruses, i.e., things that manipulate the user into voluntarily installing them. I’ve run 7 years virus-checker free, no viruses. A lot like Linux-- not surprising, since they’re both UNIX derivatives. (Though truth be told, I suspect a lot of Windows virus problems are people downloading infected free crap from the 'net, though it doesn’t sound like the security model helps much in stopping infestations.)

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Ahhh Apple and Mac…

I just went and found out what specs I needed and built my own.

It isn’t an overpriced or bad machine, but writing drivers was a b$tch….

As a standalone platform, for graphics and most anything visual I would suggest a mac.

I do agree they are overpriced fashion machines.

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Just a quick post to point out again there ARE viruses out there for OSX. Ive seen plenty of virused macs in my time. OSX is no different… TBH running any Os without antivirals a risk these days…

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i have the same problem dude. my parents need a new computer and there friends are telling them the awesome power of MAC. and they are completely blowing me off when i point out that i dont think its for them. the biggest point i make for sticking with windows is prce. as they want the cheapest thing possible i think its stupid that they are being pointed to macs but oh well let them fork out two grand for a machine they wont be able to use and i probably wont be able to help em out much with.

personaly i am anti mac. i only had one real encounter with them. for a summer i used to work on one. and the only thing it had to do was edit photos. it crashed so many times, i had to reboot the damn thing several times a day it was a pain in the hole. and also my parents friends who are recomendind the mac to them are kinda shallow. like they only do anything if someone else does it. so i think there advice is biased because apples are stylish theese days. damn you ipod…. which is another thing ipods suck, why the hell are they so popular?

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I’m not really that computer savvy but I do know that iPods don’t suck. Being a person who’s two main passions are music and reading this site and my iPod are my portals into all things zen.

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I agree. The price was a major point for me.

I’m pretty much over it now. She wants to blow $1500 on a computer, I don’t give a fuck. It isn’t my money.

The thing that annoys me more than anything is how many times she’s asked me to help her do something on the PC. ‘Ryan, help me do this.’, ‘Ryan, help me do that.’ She’s going to be like that with the mac, too, even though she knows I’ve never even touched one in my life.

I’ll tell you right now, the first time she asks me to help her with this mac my response is going to be: ‘I have never touched a mac in my life. I don’t know shit about them. Go to Best Buy and buy Macs of Dummies.’

As for iPods, my major gripe is not with the actual iPod, it’s with iTunes. My mom was given an iPod by a friend last year and wanted my help with something on iTunes(probably putting music on her iPod. Retard.) and iTunes is fucking confusing. I walked away after spending 20 minutes screwing with it. Fuck that.