Two Of A Kind


“Nightmare on Carrie’s Street”

Chapter One



Mary-Kate and Ashley want to attend Carrie’s end of the year costume party but Dad will not allow them. So they get costumes and go despite prohibition. When Carrie asks why dad changed his mind about the party, the girls lie and say they convinced him to come over. Kevin soon finds out about this all, and when he comes to the party is not at all pleased. And nor is Carrie…

CARRIE: The worst thing is you lying to me as well…

DAD: Welcome to the club.

CARRIE: You’re the sly old daddy, they’re supposed to be lying to you! But I’m the cool, nice, young babysitter, they should be sincere with me.

MARY-KATE: We know, and we’re sorry. We just wanted to go to a college party to impress the other girls in school. They think were just little girls because we have a babysitter and you make us shop in the little girl department. You wont even lets us buy a bra that every girl in school is wearing.

DAD: Now listen, girls. I know that you want to grow up fast and be independent and everything. But lying and running away is not the best way to make me understand that you deserve it. Get it? You still are little which is why you shop in that department and you don’t need a training bra yet

DAD: Well you’re not going to get out of this with excuses.

ASHLEY: We’re in for it big time, aren’t we?

DAD: Oh, yes.

ASHLEY: So, What you’re going to do…

DAD: Well since you cant seem to act like big girls I should treat you like little girls. Since its a costume party you should dress like little girls too.

MARY-KATE: What do you mean?

DAD: Well Carrie and I got some things your going to wear to make sure you never forget your two girl who need to listen to their father. Now take off your costumes right here and now.

MARY-KATE: In front of you?

Dad: yes now hurry up or the punishment will get worse.

they both slowly took of their shoes and socks. Kevin Burke took a hold of Ashley pants and undid the button and unzipped them. she jumped back and grabbed her pants so they couldn’t be pulled down. Mary-Kate was standing in a t-shirt and skirt not wanting to continue undressing in front of her dad.

ASHLEY: Dad what are you doing?

DAD: i told you both to undress pants and skirts to.

In one quick motion Ashley’s pants were pulled down and left her trying to cover her panties from her dad.

DAD: Mary-Kate off with the skirt and both take off your t-shirts. Don’t be embarrassed Ive seen you in your cute little panties before as well as seeing you naked in the bath.

MARY-KATE: but we are to old to undress in front of you.

DAD: well you haven’t started puberty yet and you got nothing to hide.

soon both of them were standing in their flower print panties with a little bow in the front. they hated that he still buys them little girls panties. Carrie walked in the room with two bags and started to take out the items. what shocked them most was the package of pull-ups.

DAD: now the two of you will be dressed and treated like little girls you will wear pull-ups use sippy cups and do everything a three year old who needs potty training. both girls were in shock at what their dad had planned for them. Kevin took Mary-Kate’s hand grabbed a pull-up and put two fingers in the waist band of her panties and stared to pull them down.

MARY-KATE: you cant do this please we will be good from now on and do everything you and Carrie say.

DAD: its no use if you don’t behave right now you will get a spanking

Mary-Kate and Ashley are speechless shook their heads and step away from their dad not wanting to feel the humiliation of being dressed as a little girl on top of the humiliation of being half naked in front of their dad. They watch dad close the door and lock it, then pull a chair from beneath the dresser and take it to the middle of the small room. The man sits down, grabs the closest twin’s – which happens to be Mary-Kate – hand and pulls her over to him. Then he pushes her unceremoniously over his left knee, doubling her body over and adjusting her petite bottom in center.



He lands fiery, strong swats alternating from one cheek to the other, and Mary-Kate is soon whining and pleading for him to stop.


A flurry of spanks rain down on her panty-clad bottom, and after a couple more minutes dad releases his girl. After she promise to behave and wear whatever he says, to just make the spanking to stop Mary-Kate is crying quite hard by now, and as dad approaches Ashley she is dragged over to Carrie’s knees. Carrie takes hold of her hairbrush and slaps it hard on her charge’s already soft buttock.


Ashley is now laying on her father’s knee in her panties only.


She too succumbs to the pain and promises the same thing to stop the punishment.

Kevin took a hold of Ashley’s panties and pulled them down. She was bright red from embarrassment. She was now naked and Kevin could see he was right she was completely hairless. He held open a pull up and she stepped into it glad to be somewhat covered up. Mary-Kate was next and she and Ashley now looked like two little girls in princess pull-ups. Kevin proceed to dress them in two matching Dora the explorer t-shirts that came to just above their pull-ups, and a pair of frilly anklet socks. Carrie put the twins hair in two cute pony tails and Kevin popped pacifiers in both their mouths. last was each received a pair of black Mary-Jane shoes to wear.

DAD: Well since were here and you wanted to go to carries party lets go out their and haves some fun.

ASHLEY: (Taking out her pacifier) You cant make us go out like this, what about our pants?

DAD: Nope, little girls go around in just pull-ups all the time now lets go.

Two Of A Kind

ok first things first, spelling. you seem to have left out a few plurals and you switch around tense in a few instances.

now since this is a fan fic you have strict character guidlines to adhere to. and i dont think you did. theese people dont really seem like the characters we know from two of a kind (what ever happened to that anyway). for instance mary kate is wearing a skirt and ashley is wearing pants. i would have done it the other way round because mary kate was the tom boy and ashley was the prissy chick. even tho in the show they might be dressed like that since your doing a fan fic i think you should show us that you really get the characters. now thats just one instance but there are a few in it. oh and this line freaked the crap out of me
“DAD: well you haven’t started puberty yet and you got nothing to hide”
that sounds so damn sleazy

Two Of A Kind

I’m sorry, is this a story or a script? There’s lots of dialogue but very little actual description.

Two Of A Kind

I think that this seems a little sleazy as well. It goes out of its way to emphasise that they’re young and naked.