Two lonely souls


Amy Maynard was driving her car on the narrow mountain road surrounded by snow-covered trees. She was about to start her most strange vacation in her life. Amy worked as a nurse in the children’s department of the Caring Hearts Centre. It was an asylum for mental disabled people. Amy loved her job and she hoped the children could be cured eventually even if she knew it was impossible. Most of the children were disabled in a serious way and they weren’t able to speak or take care of themselves. She had to feed them and change their diapers. Nobody believed they would be cured and nobody tried even to examine their condition. All clients were considered hopeless. As soon as a new client was committed to the centre, it was their final destination.

Six months ago Amy got divorced and she felt lonely. Even if her relationship hadn’t been ideal and she felt a big relief after the divorce, the solitude was much worse. Every day she came back to the empty apartment; she didn’t have any own children. Several times she got an idea to adopt a child from the Centre, but it was a crazy idea; she needed her job and couldn’t give it up to take care of a mental disabled child.

Amy’s parents knew about her worries and they decided to surprise her. She got an unusual Christmas gift; a voucher for two weeks’ stay at Flores’s pension. Flores’s pension was a small pension in the mountains and it was an ideal place to relax after work with disabled children. There were only three guest rooms there and the most visitors were older couples who wanted to rest in the peaceful nature surrounding the pension. Amy could find her peace there. She thanked her parents, but she wasn’t sure if that idea was the right one. It would be another opportunity to think of her lonely life and talk with uninteresting people. She wished she had any company.

All of sudden a crazy idea hit her mind. Even if she couldn’t adopt one of the children, she could take them to the vacation. After all she was a skilled nurse and taking care of them would be easy; Amy wouldn’t be alone and she would have a company. The voucher covered the whole double room. She asked the Centre head for permission and he agreed. His only condition was that the child had to be calm. Several children suffered from violent attacks and they had to be tied to their beds often. Amy nodded; it was quite understandable.

Her favorite option was Molly Neal. She was ten years old and lived in the Centre since her babyhood. According to the documents she was retarded heavily; her disability should be congenital. She was still in diapers, didn’t speak and she spent the entire day in her room or in the common room along with two more girls in the same condition. They seemed to play together in some strange way and refused to contact anybody else. However Amy could see a glimpse of clear thinking in Molly’s eyes many times and she suspected something was wrong with the poor girl.

When Amy told her decision to her parents, they were shocked first: “Amy, you need a rest and not another lot of work with a disabled child,” her mother objected. However Amy was sure it was a good idea: “Mom, if I’m alone there, it would be even worse. Taking care of a single child would be even a pleasure for me.” Amy’s mom laughed: “Amy, it’s your decision after all. If you prefer a disabled child to a friend, do it.” “Mom, a child can provide me with more than a dozen of the so-called friends. The children are sincere and innocent.”

Two days later Amy drove off towards Flores’s pension. She bought a car seat, some beautiful clothing of Molly’s size and three packages of diapers. Molly was surprised when Amy took her from the centre and led her to her car but she didn’t show any sign of protest and watched Amy curiously. She let Amy sit her into the car seat and leaned back comfortably.

Amy started the engine and drove off; they left the town, got to the highway and finally turned towards the pension. Now Amy had to experience a big surprise.


Why do I suspect that the first ¶ lays out the overall plot progression of this piece? :slight_smile:

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You suspicion might be right. In either case I should revise my ideas slightly.

Btw what does stand the nonprintable character for?

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Thanks. I’m used to see it in the MS Word documents where it is an invisible character and it designates paragraphs, page breaks or section breaks so I was a bit surprised by that usage.

Interesting start. About half way through I thought she would end up spending the vacation treated like a toddler to help her relax, I know that’s been done to death, but it did sound like an interesting start to it, but then she decided to take one of the children from work with her and now I’m thinking this child isn’t as far gone as everyone thinks.

Part 1:

“Amy,” the voice surprised Amy like a thunderstrike; she almost drove off the road:

“Molly, can you speak?”
“Yeah, me speak.”
“How so? You never speak at home.”
“Me afwaid you bad.”
“No, sweetheart, I’m glad you can speak.”

Molly felt a big relief. She kept listening for a long time and she repeated the words when she was alone or with her mates. She also wondered why her mates didn’t understand; she knew that they were different but she didn’t have any idea how and why. All big people were nice to them and Molly wasn’t sure if it wouldn’t change if she spoke. Fortunately her worries didn’t come true and Amy’s attitude even improved.

Amy stopped on the next rest stop and sat down on the back seat next to Molly:

“Molly, do you understand me?”
“Me yes.”
“How did you learn to speak?”
“Me …” Molly put her hand to her ear “heaw”.
“Oh, I see; you listened to us.”
“Wisten? …”
“I teach you more sweetheart. Do you know where we travel?”
“T … twavel?”
“Oh sorry Molly. You don’t know what it is. Wait and you will see.”
“Me wait.”

Amy turned to Molly, hugged her and kissed her forehead. “I promise you will feel good.”
“Let’s go. We will arrive there in an hour.”
“H … houw?”
“Nevermind sweetheart.”

Amy drove off again and Molly leaned down and started thinking of the change. What would change if they talk together? What was the ‘vacation’ and ‘pension’? Was it different from the Centre?

They arrived at the pension about an hour later. Amy parked and helped Molly out of the car seat.

“Molly, you help me carry our luggage … oh sorry … I show you. However, do you need a change? Are you wet?”
“Me bit wet, no need change.”
“Are you sure? I don’t want you to leak.”
“No Amy, me no weak. Me pee,” she showed one finger to Amy.
“Do you know when you pee? Tell me when you pee.”
“Me know, me teww.”

Molly really knew exactly when she needed a change. She has been using diapers for her entire life and she experienced many leaks. She wasn’t able to control her bladder and bowels but she knew everything about the diapers and their capacity. She peed once since they departed and she knew the diaper would hold one more wetting.

Amy smiled, gave Molly a diaper package, took a bag and stepped forward to the reception. The receptionist was a nice old lady; She noticed the diaper bag in Molly’s hands and addressed her:

“Welcome, little one. What’s your name?”
“Me name Mowwy.”

The lady smiled; she already knew about Molly and wasn’t surprised. She passed Amy the key and explained how to get to their room. Molly followed Amy and put the diaper bag into the cabinet; Amy showed her where to put it.

They had to return to the car and carry more luggage. When they finished, Amy turned to Molly:

“Let’s put the clothes in the cabinet. These are yours and put them here,” Amy pointed at two shelves in the cabinet. Molly watched Amy closely and tried to arrange her own clothes in the same way. However she stared at the dress; she didn’t have any idea of skirts and dresses.

“Amy, what dis T-shiwt?” she held the dress in her hand.
“Molly, this isn’t a T-shirt; this is a dress. You don’t need pants and you will wear it to dinner.”

Molly nodded and put the dress on the shelf. She also looked at the winter overall curiously. She saw overalls but this one was much thicker.

“Molly, you need it outside when we walk in the cold weather.”

They finished unpacking, Amy had to arrange Molly’s clothing slightly and showed her how to do it Molly watched her closely and nodded:

“Me better then.”
“I know sweetheart, now we can have a walk outside but I’m thirsty and you probably are thirsty too. We get juice in the restaurant.”
“Wes … wes …?”
“Nevermind, I show you, let’s go now,” Amy took Molly at hand and led her slowly to the dining room.

The dining room was a big surprise for Molly; she never was anything but the Centre. Molly was astonished by the luxurious equipment and stared at the bar, fireplace and the shelves full of bottles with brand drinks.

There was only a waiter there. All other guests were somewhere outside. The waiter was an elderly lady and she knew about Molly’s condition. Molly startled and hid behind Amy first, but the waiter smiled at her and told in a soft voice: “Sweetheart, don’t be afraid; Auntie Mary brings you something,” Amy ordered a coffee for her and juice in a sippy cup for Molly. She showed Molly the table and chairs and helped her sit at the table. Molly was quite surprised and kept looking around curiously; it was different from all rooms she knew.

The waiter put the coffee and juice onto the table and Amy passed the sippy cup to Molly: “Molly, hold it carefully.” Molly grabbed the cup clumsily, but she was able to drink the juice without dropping the cup. After all, she did it many times in the Centre. However she surprised the waiter with a wide smile: “Danks.” Amy turned to her and stroked her hair tenderly. She was really glad she had taken the little girl with her.

Molly finished her drink quickly; she was thirsty indeed. As soon as she put the sippy cup away, her bladder voided itself into the diaper. She was used to it and even felt the strange sensation but she didn’t reveal the connection so far.

“Me pee.”
“Okay, sweetheart. Amy changes you and we go for a walk then.”

Amy paid for the drinks and led Molly back to their room. Molly unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down to her knees before lying down:

“Sweetheart, you keep surprising me; you know how to unbutton your pants.” Amy smiled at the little girl.

Undressing and dressing was another skill Molly was able to learn. She had enough time to watch how to button and unbutton the pants, pull the T-shirt over her head and put it back on or put on and remove her sneakers. After several attempts she was able to do it on her own but she also hid this skill and wondered why her mates weren’t able to do the same.

Molly really was cooperative. She closed her eyes, smiled, spread her legs and waited until Amy untaped the wet diaper and started cleaning her crotch. She knew exactly when to lift her behind and ease the change.

“Molly, do you really like the diaper changes that much?” Amy was a bit surprised when Molly nodded instantly.
“Yeah, diapee nice soft,” she somehow loved the changing process; she could feel loving care.

“Molly, you need some warm clothing,” Amy took off Molly’s pants and socks and dressed her into tights, a warm pullover, the warm overall and winter boots. They left the room and Amy took a thermos with her and stopped at the dining room to fill it with warm tea.

Amy led Molly out of the pension. They passed the parking place and headed towards a forest path. Molly was astonished by the beautiful nature and tried to remember everything she noticed. They walked down the path towards a small clearing and a frozen creek. The small girl was used to the Centre only and now her brain was overwhelmed by new sensations. Amy also was curious and decided to ask Molly more to learn as much as possible.


Part 2:

“Sweetheart, do you know the names of your roommates?”
“The girls you live with.”
“Yeah, Angie and Ewwen.”
“What about the staff … the big people they take care of you?”
“Amy, Mawy, Annie, Penny.”
“Great, Molly, you know all of them. You are smart.”

Molly smiled but her attention turned to the surroundings. There were a lot of new things around her.

“What dis?” she pointed to a tree.
“This is a tree,” Amy tried to teach her the whole sentence: “You should say ‘What is this?’”
“What is dis?” Molly leaned down and grabbed a handful of snow.
“This is snow, Molly. It is cold,” Amy shivered to explain the word ‘cold’.

Amy kept talking to Molly and Molly was listening to her closely and she tried to repeat all the words and built simple sentences: “Twees … snow … ice … cowd.” She definitely was smart and intelligent.

However Molly got a bit bored and she needed some distraction. Amy leaned down, made a snowball and threw it towards the next tree. Molly laughed and did the same. They threw two more snow balls towards the tree until Molly aimed at Amy. She wasn’t sure if Amy wouldn’t get angry but Amy laughed:

“Go ahead, throw and I throw one at you.”
They started a regular snowball fight and Molly seemed to have great fun; she kept laughing until they stopped about ten minutes later. Amy pulled Molly closer, wiped away the snow from her overall and hugged her.

“Sweetheart, how was it?”
“Gweat … Amy.” Molly was panting heavily but she was happy.
“Are you thirsty?”
“Yeah … pwease.”
“What about your diaper? Did you pee?”

Molly hesitated; she wasn’t sure. She didn’t remember to have peed during the snowball fight; however she pressed her legs together and felt the wet bulge. “Me pee.”

“Yeah, the next time tell me ‘I peed’, Okay.”
Molly nodded.

Amy got the thermos and poured the tea into the cap: “Drink slowly, it’s hot. Touch it but be careful.”
Molly touched the cap: “Hot? Dis hot … dis is hot. Snow is cowd.”
Amy waited a bit and she held the cap at Molly’s lips; Molly drank up all the tea.

The sun was setting slowly and the forest was getting darker. They had to go back to the pension before dusk. “Molly, we should go back. It isn’t good to be outside in darkness.”
“I’ll show you then.”

Molly nodded and they stepped forward. While walking Amy got curious about Molly’s abilities:
“Molly, do you always know when you pee?”
“No, Amy. Me … I not know I peed I laugh.”
“Oh, you wanted to tell me: I didn’t know when I peed while laughing.”
“Good … Amy.”

Ten minutes later Molly felt the urge and her diaper got warm and heavy; anyway she even didn’t stop and let the pee flow. “Amy, I peed. Diapee change.”
“Well, sweetheart. I change you when we get back to the pension.”
“This is the pension.” Amy pointed at the building when they were approaching it.

Back in the pension room Amy pulled off Molly’s overall; Molly struggled to pull the pullover over her head but she managed it finally and lied down on the bed in her tights only; she was looking forward to the change as usual. Her diaper was heavy and soaked; Amy had to clean her thoroughly. When she finished, she asked Molly:

“Get the dress Molly and put it on just like a T-shirt.”
“Yeah Amy,” Molly stood up, got the dress from the cabinet and pulled it over her head.
“Now look in the mirror and turn around.”

Molly turned around in front of the mirror and found it fun. “I nice.”
“I am pretty,” Amy corrected her.
“I am pwetty,” Molly repeated and smiled at Amy.
“Wait a little, I put on a dress too,” Amy made a quick makeup and put on a dress. Now they were ready to go to dinner.

Amy took Molly at hand and led her to the dining room again. There were two older couples sitting at the tables already.

“Good evening,” Amy greeted the other guests.
“Do … eeenin.” Molly tried to repeat the greeting. One of the couples turned away and Amy could see a disgusted look on their faces. On the other hand the second couple smiled back and the lady came over: “Good evening. You have a beautiful daughter.” Amy shook her head: “I’m a nurse in the asylum and I took one of the children with me.” The lady turned to Molly: “Sweetheart, what’s your name?” Amy sighed: “She is … special.”, but Molly lifted her head: “Name Mowwy.” The lady smiled again and stroked Molly’s hair: “Miss, you have a heart of gold if you took this poor child to your vacation.”

“Me no poow,” Molly instinctively reacted even if she didn’t recognize the meaning of the word but the facial expression revealed the lady’s attitude. The lady smiled at her again:
“Of course not.”

The lady returned to her table, Amy led Molly to their table and the waiter brought dinner for all. Amy had to put a bib on Molly and cut her food to smaller pieces but Molly was able to use a spoon and not to make a big mess. Amy already knew that Molly could eat on her own.

The first couple called the waiter and they were talking with her, but the waiter explained something to them and Amy could understand: “Our pension is open for everybody.”

Molly ate her portion slowly but she managed to stay almost clean and Amy smiled at her; “You are a smart and clever girl.”

After dinner Amy was about to lead Molly back to their room when the old lady stopped them: “Do you have to go to bed already? Molly isn’t that small. Let’s sit down here on the sofa. Could you tell me more about you? I never could imagine meeting somebody like you.” Her husband joined them and they sat down. Molly kept walking around the hall and exploring every single detail. She seemed to be curious. Amy started talking but she kept her eye on Molly. The little girl was calm and didn’t try to run away. Minutes later she approached Amy and turned to her: “What is dis?” she pointed at the big decoration plant in the corner.

“Sweetheart, this is a plant but you should wait while I’m talking with these nice people.”
“Oh, let her ask; she needs to learn.” the old lady interjected.
“Yeah but polite behavior also is something she needs to learn. After all she should live in a normal community later; I hope for it at least.”
“Right. Sweetheart, you wait the next time and we let you ask,” she smiled at Molly and Molly nodded. The lady stroked her hair.

Molly tried to understand what had happened; it was quite difficult for her; she had to face the normal life and it was different from the one at the Centre.

The old lady noticed Molly’s confusion and she took her at hand and pulled the little girl closer:
“Sweetheart, I’ll explain this to you this. It is called polite behavior. While big people are talking, wait until they can listen to you.”
“What wisten?”
“Oh, sorry,” the old lady understood what was going on. Molly reminded her of her grandchildren when they were about two or three years old. “They hear what you say.”

Amy smiled both at Molly and the old lady; Molly apparently felt good and the old lady was almost like her grandma.

Molly walked away and explored the room a bit more and asked Amy or the old lady about more items; anyway she waited until they stopped talking.

Ten minutes later she felt pressure in her bowels. She instinctively stopped and pushed. The back of her diaper expanded and her bladder also voided itself in her diaper. Molly sat down between Amy and the old lady and was oblivious to the poop she was sitting in:

“Amy, I peed and pood,” she turned to Amy.
“I know sweetheart; the next time say pooped, nor pood.”

The old lady smiled and continued talking with Molly and Amy. Amy first wanted to go change Molly but she noticed Molly’s reaction and continued talking.

Molly was getting tired and yawned; Amy excused herself, stood up and took Molly at hand:
“Good night.”
“Doo nite,” Molly repeated as well as she was able to.

Back in the room Molly pulled the dress over her head and tried to pull down the tights but it was a bit difficult for her. Amy helped her and led the little girl to the bathroom: “Molly, you take a bath now.” She helped Molly into the bathtub, untapped the messy diaper, cleaned the mess and filled the bathtub with clean water and bath foam. Molly was excited; she never experienced a real bath like this; they took showers in the Center. Amy put a rubber duck into the bathtub and let Molly play with it. The smile and laugh revealed Molly’s big enthusiasm and Amy let her play until the water almost cooled off.

After the bath Amy put a clean night diaper on Molly and Molly put on the pajama on her own and walked over to her bed. She lied down, but she didn’t fall asleep yet. Amy undressed, showered, put on her nightshirt, switched off the light and lied down on her own bed.

Molly wasn’t able to fall asleep; she was too excited from all the new experience. Suddenly an idea hit her. At the Centre she slept in the room with her roommates and they sometimes were strapped to their beds. Sometimes she lied down to them when they were crying. What if she lied down on Amy’s bed?

She slowly walked over and lied down next to Amy but her heart was beating fast; she wasn’t sure about Amy’s reaction. However Amy pulled the cover over Molly, cuddled her tightly and kissed her forehead: “Good night, sweetheart.” A small tear appeared in Molly’s eye and she fell asleep immediately.

Molly’s eyes closed, but Amy couldn’t fall asleep and kept thinking of the little girl. Molly didn’t show any signs of retardation and Amy believed Molly was neglected only. She decided to teach Molly up to the limits of her abilities.


Amy has a heart of gold, it seems like she is starting to form an attachment to Molly and it may be mutual. I eagerly await your next chapter, and thank you for taking the time to share your story with us here.

Part 3:

The next morning Amy woke up early but Molly still was asleep. Amy watched the little girl and the smile on her face; she looked like a little angel. Amy reached down and found out the diaper was on the verge of leaking. She carefully pulled down Molly’s pajama pants and changed her diaper; Molly didn’t awake.

Amy took a quick shower, got dressed and sat down at the table; there were some tourist guides and maps sitting there and Amy wanted to show Molly something interesting. The weather forecast promised a sunny day and they could take the cableway to the Wasabourg Peak. The cableway bottom station was located near the pension and they could walk there easily. Wasabourg Peak was the highest pinnacle of the entire Sierra Hinlin and there was a wonderful view from the terrace on the cableway top station.

Molly opened her eyes and Amy noticed her: “Good morning Molly. I have a nice idea for today. We’ll go to a very high place where you can see the mountains.”

“Mowning Amy,” Molly repeated the greeting and got up slowly. She pulled down her pajama pants and pulled the top over her head. She also noticed the dry diaper: “I not peed night?”

“I changed you already, sweetheart,” Amy smiled: “Let’s get dressed and go up to breakfast. You can put on a T-shirt, socks and pants.”
“No dwess?”
“Not now, you can wear it to dinner again.”

Molly dressed herself and followed Amy to the dining room. It was empty already; the older couples had left earlier. The waiter brought them toasts, bacon and eggs and tea. Amy again cut the bacon to smaller pieces and Molly ate her portion. She was enthusiastic by the delicious food: “Amy, yummy.”

Amy ordered a cup of coffee after breakfast and sat down in the entrance hall. Molly again explored the room and asked Amy more questions. When Amy finished the coffee, she took Molly to their room:

“Sweetheart, we have to get dressed now. It is very cold where we go and you should wear the warm overall, tights and warm pullover. Now I’ll change you.”

Molly nodded and took off her pants and T-shirt and lied down on the bed. Amy checked her diaper and found it slightly wet only.

“Molly, you need a thicker diaper now; I’m not sure if we find a family bathroom on the mountain. I change you again when we come back. This diaper holds more,” she put a thick night diaper on Molly before dressing her in warm clothes. She also put on warm pants and a winter jacket and led Molly out of the pension.

They were walking slowly towards the cableway station. Molly was a bit waddling with the thick package between her legs but she didn’t mind it. She remembered her early childhood and the thick diapers. Amy noticed the smile on Molly’s lips but she didn’t understand the true reason and decided to ask Molly later.

When they reached the cableway station, Amy stopped and pulled out the camera. Molly didn’t have any idea of cameras and looked at Amy curiously:

“What is dis?”
“This is a camera, sweetheart. Walk away a bit and turn to me. I’ll show you something.”

Molly nodded and stopped a few steps from Amy and turned to her.
“Smile at me, sweetheart.”
Molly smiled and Amy pushed the trigger, “Come and look.”

Molly returned and Amy showed her the picture on display: “This is you.”
Molly looked at the display and laughed: “Dis is magic.”
“No magic. The camera did it. Sweetheart, where did you hear about magic?”
“Faiwy tawes, Amy.”
“Oh, I see. Well, let’s go.” Amy led Molly to the cash desk and purchased the tickets. They stood in line and waited for the next cabin. Amy helped Molly enter the small cabin and a young woman with a small boy about two sat down opposite them.

The boy turned to Molly instantly: “Who you? Me Tommy.”
“Name Mowwy,” Molly replied and she was surprised that some other child talked to her.

Tommy was a social and communicative child even if it wasn’t typical for a boy. He looked at Molly’s crotch and wondered:
“You wear diapees? You a big giwl.”
“Diapee is nice and comfy,” Molly replied; she liked talking with another child . She always talked to herself at the Centre. That was a new experience for her.
“Your mom not want you go potty?”
“Dis is not mom, dis is Amy. No, she not want.”

Molly looked at Tommy; should Amy want her to go potty? What did it mean? No one mentioned it at the Centre. Molly also felt comfortable and somehow liked the soft padding between her legs. Her diaper was wet already and she didn’t remember to have peed. Maybe it was earlier while she was laughing at the camera picture.

Tommy’s mother was taken aback when she listened to their conversation; she also noticed the thick diaper and didn’t know how to react. Amy helped her: “Molly is special; she lives in the Caring Hearts Centre.”
“Oh, I thought she was your daughter.”
“I’m a nurse and I took her to a vacation.”
“Really?” Tommy’s mother stared at Amy wide-eyed. “You have a heart of gold, miss.”
“You aren’t the first one who told it to me,” Amy smiled.

Tommy and Molly were oblivious to the adults and kept talking in toddler speech until the cabin stopped in the top station. Tommy ignored the age and size difference and talked with Molly just like he did on the playground with his friends.

Amy and Molly got off the cabin and headed towards the observation deck. Tommy and his mom followed them and they stopped at the railing. There was cold and strong wind on the mountain top and Amy tied a scarf around Molly’s mouth.

“Look, sweetheart. What a beautiful view of all the mountains.”
Molly looked around and she was astonished by the view. She never knew anything but the Centre and now she could see the whole sierra from above. It was a great experience for her.
“Amy, dis is gweat,”
“Yeah, it is. Now we can make a picture. Tommy’s mom could take the picture of us. Can I ask you?" Amy turned to Tommy’s mother.
“Of course,” she took the camera.

Amy and Molly stood at the railing and Tommy’s mother took the picture of them with the mountains in the background.
“Thanks, madam.”
“You’re welcome. Could you take a picture of me and Tommy?”
“Of course,” Amy took her camera and repaid the favor.

They kept watching the beautiful view until Amy shivered, “Oh, it’s cold here. Let’s have a cup of tea and a snack.”

She led Molly to the small snack bar and purchased two cups of tea and two small baguettes. “Sweetheart, you can eat it easily. Just hold it in your hand and bite bit by bit. What about your diaper?”
“A bit wet, Amy.” Molly didn’t know exactly if she peed once only but the diaper was thick and not soaked.

Molly took the baguette and ate it slowly. It was another surprise; she didn’t know anything like that but it was delicious. The tea warmed her and she was getting more skilled and this time she didn’t need the sippy cup.

Amy got warmer as well and they returned to the observation deck. Amy led Molly to the telescope:
“Molly, this is a telescope. Look into it and the mountain will get closer to you.”
“Amy, dis is not magic but dis is gweat,” Molly grinned at Amy when she looked into the telescope; she really was smart and realized that the telescope wasn’t magic just like the camera.

Ten minutes later Molly felt her bowels growling; the baguette and breakfast did their work and the pressure in her guts was growing. Molly didn’t hesitate and pushed instantly. The mushy poop filled the back of her diaper and she peed herself too. Anyway the thick diaper held everything.

“Amy, I pooped.”
“Molly, there is no family restroom here. Your diaper will hold it. We will go home anyway.”
“Dood Amy,” Molly even liked the full diaper and she secretly wished to wear that thick package more often. The poop didn’t disturb her at all.

Amy waited for Tommy and his mother again and they got into the small cabin to go back down. Molly sat down and the smell spread across the small cabin minutes later.

“Mowwy, you messed your diapee?” Tommy didn’t hesitate to ask Molly directly. He didn’t feel any shame to ask her and neither did Molly.
“Yeah, I pooped,” Molly replied instantly.
“You smell.”
“Amy change me,” Molly shrugged. “Your diapee?”
“I am wet.”

Amy and Tommy’s mother had to control themselves not to laugh about the innocent and sincere discussion of the littles. They had to stay serious but it was quite difficult.

In the bottom station they said goodbye and Amy led Molly back to their room. She was amused by the last experience but she also realized Molly was quite social and smart. Amy believed she would be able to teach the little girl and raise her to a normal teenager.


I’m thinking that Amy may have found a child to adopt and raise as her own… thank you for continuing to share this wonderful story.

Part 4:

Molly was waddling and she felt the heavy and sticky diaper between her legs but the feeling wasn’t unpleasant for her. She also was looking forward to the upcoming change.

Back in the pension room Amy took off the jacket and turned to Molly:

“Well, time to change you. We have some time left until dinner and I borrow a sled. It would be fun.”
“Otay, Amy,” Molly smiled widely.

Amy removed Molly’s boots, unzipped the overall and helped her take it off. Molly lied down on her bed and waited.
“Wait, sweetheart, we need a changing pad,” Amy brought a changing pad, Molly lifted her behind and lied down again. Amy pulled down her tights and revealed the full diaper. Fortunately it didn’t leak but Molly’s crotch was smeared with poop from back to front.
“Molly, didn’t you really mind that thick and full diaper?”
“No Amy,” Molly grinned at Amy.
“How so?” Amy was cleaning Molly’s crotch with baby wipes.
“It is comfy and soft.”
“You are a smart girl Molly. You could go to potty if you learned it. You’ve learned more words, eating and dressing.”
“No pwease,” Molly did puppy eyes on Amy and Amy shrugged only. Potty training could wait.

Amy cleaned Molly and was about to put the diaper on her when Molly did puppy eyes again: “Dick diapee pwease.”
“Why, sweetheart? We don’t go that far and come back earlier.”
“I wike dick diapee.”
“Okay but we don’t have that many of them. You need them for the night.”
“You get more?”
“Wait, I’ll check how any there are in the package,” Amy was a bit amused by Molly’s request. Despite her intelligence the small girl liked the diapers, refused the potty training and required the thick package.

There were thick night time diapers for every night and a few spare ones in the package so Amy couldn’t fulfill the request:

“Sweetheart, we drive to the town tomorrow and buy some more.” Amy leaned down and kissed Molly’s forehead. “Until then I can’t give you the thick diapee until night.” She wasn’t enthusiastic about spending a day in the town but she didn’t want to disappoint the little girl.

“Otay Amy,” Molly stayed calm surprisingly. She probably was a bit more mature than expected and didn’t throw a temper tantrum.

Suddenly an idea hit Amy; she took a second diaper and put it over the first one but didn’t tape it shut. The tights were able to hold the loose diaper and the package was as thick as Molly liked.
“Danks, Amy,” Molly smiled widely, sat up and kissed Amy instinctively. Amy hugged her and kissed her forehead again.

After dressing Molly they walked to the reception desk and Amy borrowed a sled. Molly was staring at the strange thing and Amy had to explain her:

“Sweetheart, you can sit down on it and ride down the slope. I’ll show you it in a jiffy.”

They walked towards a small hill behind the pension and Amy passed the pulling line to Molly: “Molly, pull the sled uphill.” She stepped forward and Molly followed her. As they got to the top, Amy stopped:

“Molly, sit down and I sit down behind you,” she pointed at the sled front.

Molly sat down and Amy sat down behind her and propelled the sled forward. They sped up and slid down the hill. Amy kept driving the sled by her legs and stopped it finally.

“Amy, dat gweat.” Molly was enthusiastic.
“Okay, sweetheart, let’s ride again,” Amy passed the line to Molly and they climbed the hill for the second time.
“Molly, try to drive with your legs just like I did it,” Amy showed Molly how to drive the sled.

Molly nodded and she tried to keep the sled straight as much as possible with Amy’s help.

Two rides later they climbed halfway only and Amy let Molly ride on her own. The little girl sat down and Amy pushed her forward.
“Weee ……” Molly screamed in joy and slid down the hill. She understood how to drive and how to stop.

Molly did several more rides until she got exhausted and stopped: “I no more,” she was panting heavily. Amy took the line and pulled the sled back to the pension to return it.

Back in their room Amy helped Molly out of the overall and Molly managed to take off the pullover and she also pulled the tights down to her knees and laid down on the bed. The loose outer diaper fell down to the ground and she realized how wet she was. Her diaper was soaked and she didn’t remember when she peed while having fun at sled riding.

Amy looked at Molly and realized her sweaty face and body: “Sweetheart, you should take a shower before dinner. Take off the tights if you handle it.”

Molly nodded and she pulled the tights down to her ankles and finally removed them even if she turned it upside down. Amy removed her diaper and led her to the shower:

“Molly, I set up the warm water and you could try to wash yourself. I’ll show you how to do it. Step inside and let the water rinse the sweat.”

Amy waited and put Molly the shower gel: “Put it onto your palm and smear it all over your body.”
Molly nodded and she managed to soap herself and rinse again.
“Let me help you with your hair; it is more tricky,” Amy washed Molly’s hair.
“Next time I wash.” Molly looked at Amy and Amy smiled at her.

After the shower Amy wrapped Molly into a large towel, dried her off and put a clean diaper on her before drying her hair: “Sweetheart, sit down and I dry your hair now.”

As soon as Molly’s hair was dry, Amy undressed and headed towards the shower: “Molly, you can put on the dress. If you want to, try to put on the tights. However take a clean pair,” Amy pointed at the cabinet.

Amy hurried up; she didn’t want to leave Molly unattended for long. Anyway she didn’t have to worry; the little girl was busy putting on the tights. It really was tricky. Surprisingly she managed it after two or three attempts and the dress wasn’t a real problem. Molly also forgot about the thick diaper while struggling with the tights.

The dinner was uneventful and there were no more complaints from the first couple even if they ignored Amy and Molly. On the other hand, Molly used a normal cup instead of a sippy cup and Amy showed her how to use a fork. Molly’s motor skills were quite good and she kept improving with Amy’s help.

After dinner they encountered the older couple and Molly turned to the lady:
“We today high mountee,” she said enthusiastically and pointed upwards.
“I see dat many mountee,” she spread her arms.
The older lady stroked Molly’s hair and smiled at her: “You had fun, sweetheart.”
“Yeah much fun.” Molly instinctively took the lady at hand.

Instead of staying in the hall they headed to the common room. There were books and table games on the shelves and Molly got interested in them. She browsed the table games and brought ludo to Amy:

“What is dis Amy?”
“This is a game. Maybe I can show you how to play it later when we can’t go outside.”
Amy was curious about Molly’s abilities. Playing ludo required counting but Molly had shown a lot of intelligence and she might be able to handle counting up to six. Amy remembered when Molly showed her one finger to tell her how many times she had peed in her diaper.

Amy took off the die and showed Molly one dot and stretched one finger. Then she showed three dots and stretched three fingers.

“Molly, your turn,” Amy showed two dots. Molly looked at Amy and stretched two fingers.
“Right sweetheart,” Amy showed five dots and Molly stretched all five fingers.

Amy showed six dots and her heart was beating fast. Molly stretched all five fingers on her right hand and stopped; something was wrong. She got confused and looked at Amy and the lady. The old lady smiled only and poked Molly’s left arm. The little girl got the message instantly, nodded and stretched one more finger on her left hand.

“My smart girl,” Amy hugged Molly and a tear appeared in her eye.

The old lady took the die and turned to Molly: “Molly, this is one,” she showed one dot and continued: “two, three, four, five, six.”
Molly listened and tried to remember it.
“One?” she stretched one finger.
“Right, Molly,”
“Two … dwee … fo …” Molly was enthusiastic and considered it a game. She was able to focus on counting for about half an hour until she got bored. Amy was astonished by Molly and she was sure that the little girl was not retarded.

Molly yawned and Amy looked at her watch; it was getting late: “Sorry, Molly should go to bed already.” she took Molly at hand and left:
“Good night,”
“Doo nite,” Molly repeated the greeting.

“Sweetheart, could you undress yourself and I’ll change you then. Did you pee in your diaper?” Amy asked Molly in their room.
Molly shrugged; her diaper was heavy and wet but she didn’t remember when she peed. She was distracted by the dinner and learning and peed involuntarily.

“Okay, no problem,” Amy smiled but she realized it was about to be an issue later. Anyway she ignored it for now and changed Molly into the thick night time diaper. Molly put on the pajama and lied down in Amy’s bed: “I sweep wid you?”

“Of course sweetheart,” Amy smiled, changed into her pajamas and lied down next to Molly. Her eyes closed quickly just like Molly’s.


Part 5:

The next morning Molly opened her eyes and stretched her limbs while Amy was asleep. The little girl pressed her legs together and felt the warm and soft package between them. She liked that feeling and considered it a warm hug.

Five minutes later she got up slowly and walked over to the window. There was fog outside and she couldn’t see the mountains. It was a surprise; a fog was rare in the town where she lived.

“Amy, what is dis?” Molly walked over to the bed, poked Amy gently and pointed at the window. Amy opened her eyes and looked in the direction Molly pointed to:
“Morning sweetheart; this is a fog.”
“I not see mountee?”
“The fog hides them. Hopefully it dispels soon and we can go for a walk later.”
“Amy, we get diapees today?”
“Oh, we should go to the town to buy the diapees for you. Let’s get up and have our breakfast. We come back and go for another walk or sled rides. Take off your pajamas and I’ll change you. Your diaper is soaked for sure.”

Molly nodded and hurried up to her bed; she took off her pajamas and lied down. She pressed her legs together again to feel the warm hug and spread them to ease the change. She closed her eyes and smiled while Amy was cleaning her and putting another thick diaper on her:

“We leave immediately after breakfast when the fog dispels a bit. It is hard to drive in a fog.”

This time the dining room was full; both couples were sitting at their tables already. Molly got a cake and warm cocoa to breakfast. She wasn’t used to that kind of breakfast but it was delicious. She also didn’t need Amy’s help; no cutlery was necessary and she could eat the cake on her own. The cocoa was another pleasant surprise; they usually got tea at the Centre.

After breakfast Amy and Molly hurried back to their room to put on the winter jackets when the receptionist stopped them:

“I hate to tell you the last news. According to the weather forecast there will be a snow storm in the afternoon. All tourist routes are closed and the cableway doesn’t run today. As for tomorrow, we have to wait. I recommend you to stay inside.”
“Thanks; we are about to drive to the town for a short shopping only.”
“Hurry up; the fog has dispelled a bit but be back until lunch if I can give you advice.”

Amy nodded and took Molly at hand: “Let’s hurry up sweetheart.”
In their room they got dressed quickly, Amy helped Molly zip the jacket and put on the winter boots. On the parking place Amy helped Molly into the car seat and drove off.

The fog really dispelled a little and Amy could drive carefully down the road.
“Amy?” Molly asked Amy.
“Sweetheart, could you wait now please? I have to focus on driving.”

Molly sighed and kept watching the surroundings even if the fog limited her viewing distance. Meanwhile she felt the pressure in her guts as her bladder was filling up. The pressure was unpleasant and she instinctively relaxed her muscles; her bladder voided itself into her diaper but she didn’t tell Amy anything.

Minutes later her bowels grumbled; the breakfast stirred her guts and the pressure increased quickly. Molly didn’t hesitate and pushed. Her diaper expanded but she ignored it and relaxed.

The town was close and they arrived there in about half an hour. Amy stopped in front of the store and helped Molly get off: “Sorry sweetheart but it was dangerous to drive and talk with you in the fog.”

“Otay Amy. We tawk now.” Molly was waddling next to Amy.
“What is snowstowm?”
“This is a strong wind and much snow. We can’t go outside then.”
“No swed wide?”
“No, we have to wait until tomorrow.”

Amy led Molly to the store and she purchased two packs of the thick night time diapers. Molly hugged her: “Danks Amy.”

“You’re welcome, sweetheart; now let’s hurry up back; we should be back before the snowstorm.” Amy hugged Molly tightly; she smelled the poop but didn’t say anything.

They left the store and headed towards Amy’s car. Amy helped Molly into the carseat. Molly again didn’t hesitate, sat down and relaxed in the messy diaper.

Amy started the engine and drove off. Fortunately the fog dispelled and she could drive easily.

“Amy, Tommy said mom. What is mom?”
“A mom takes care of him,” Amy suddenly wasn’t able to explain the word to Molly.
“You mom? You take cawe of me.”
“No sweetheart. A mom always stays with her child.”
“You stay wiz me.”
“I stay with you now but I’m not with you always.”
“I wike you always wiz me.”

Amy suddenly didn’t know what to answer. Molly apparently liked her more than Amy expected. The common vacation was about to turn into a closer relationship but Amy didn’t have any idea how to arrange it. However Molly’s request made Amy think of that possibility. She also wanted to be closer to Molly.

“I stay sweetheart,” Amy made the bold promise and she was determined to keep that promise.

They stopped in the parking place and Amy looked at the sky. The dark clouds were gathering quickly and the wind was getting colder and stronger.
“Molly, let’s hurry up inside. Take a package and I take the second one,” Amy passed one package to Molly, took the second one and hurried up inside. Molly followed her; she also felt the cold wind and the first falling snowflakes.

Back in their room Amy helped Molly take off the winter jacket, took off her own one and sat down on the chair:

“Just in time, Molly. Now let’s change you and we can relax until lunch then. I switch on the TV and we watch some fairy tales.”

Molly wasn’t tired and she also wouldn’t like to be changed that early; the package between her legs was like the warm hug: “Amy, I not want change.”

“Sweetheart, you can’t stay in a messy diaper; you get a bad diaper rash and it would be painful.”

Molly sighed; she remembered the painful rash she had about a year ago; it really was unpleasant and she didn’t want to experience it again. She pulled down her pants, brought the changing pad and lied down on her bed.

Amy smiled only and took a clean thick diaper and cleaning rags. Molly closed her eyes and smiled when Amy cleaned her crotch. Amy sighed when she noticed the smile; despite all her abilities Molly didn’t want to give up her diapers. It could be an issue later.

“I dirsty pwease,” Molly asked Amy after the diaper change and Amy gave her a cup of juice. She drank it and Amy wanted to switch on the TV:
“Amy, I not watch TV.”
“Look out of the window; it is the snowstorm already; we can’t go outside.”
“Walk inside pwease.”
“Okay sweetheart, let’s explore the pension.”

They left their room and headed downstairs to the entrance hall. There was the dining room, common room and a small storeroom with sleds and several pairs of skis. Molly noticed another stairwell leading down and pulled Amy there.

They stopped in a small hall with two doors. Molly opened one of them:
“What is dis, Amy?”
“This is a sauna.”
“It is warm inside and you can sit and relax there.”
“Not warm,” Molly peeked inside.”
“No, not now; it has to be switched on.”
“What is switched?”
“Oh sorry,” Amy switched off the light: “Switched off,” and switched it back on. “Switched on.”

Molly was confused a little; the light was switched on and there was not warm inside; it was too tricky for her. She shrugged and opened the second door:

“What is dis?”
“This is a gym,” Amy stepped forward and showed Molly a simple exercise. Molly nodded instantly and repeated the exercise; it was more fun than a warm room.
“Molly, we can do more exercises later; we should put on better clothes for that. Let’s go to lunch now.”

Molly realized she was hungry already and nodded: “Otay, we go wunch.”
“We go to lunch, Molly,” Amy corrected her and stepped forward. Molly followed her; at the first step she felt the warm diaper but she didn’t remember when she peed.

The lunch passed uneventfully and Molly again could eat on her own. The friendly couple was sitting at their table and the second one was nowhere to be seen. After lunch the older lady approached them:

“Nice to see you. What if we spent a nice afternoon in the common room playing games; we can’t go outside.”


Loving the story. It is unique. I also thought in the first chapter that it was going to go another direction but it didn’t. I can see Amy adopting Molly, and if there are other kids like her in the centre, I could see Amy opening up another room to train them so they could be adopted. If that is the direction the story is planned, it would be a win win for the children and the centre as it would be less operating cost.

Molly may not ever be able to give up diapers. They have become a comfort object for her, but maybe she would compromise and use the potty for messes.

Looking forward to more, and will love to see where this story is going.

I am enjoying it as well. I wonder if Amy will get curious about why Molly likes her diapers so much and even try wearing a diaper to see how it feels. It is definitely a sweet story.

Part 6:

Amy was taken aback; was Molly able to play a table game? Ludo was quite a simple one but she still wasn’t sure:

“Molly, will we play games?”
“Is dis fun?”
“Yeah, it is for sure.”
“We pway,” Molly nodded and pulled Amy towards the common room.

The old couple followed them and the lady laughed: “We have an enthusiastic gamer here.”

Molly found the ludo instantly and brought it to the table: “We pway?”
“Yeah, sweetheart,” the old lady stroked Molly’s hair: “Open the box.”

She showed Molly how to put the tokens on the starting places and stopped. Molly didn’t have any idea of colors.

“Molly, this is red, this is yellow, this is green and this is blue,” she pointed at the tokens.
The little girl stared at the tokens and tried to guess what the lady meant. How did they differ? She pointed at the red tokens: “Gween?”
“No, this is red.”

They had to repeat the words several times until Molly understood the meaning of colors. However she had to learn that the colors didn’t belong to tokens only.

Amy had an idea; she took the die: “What color?”
Molly looked at the die. It was yellow. Amy put the die next to the tokens: “Red, green, blue or yellow?”
All of sudden the idea hit Molly: “Yellow!”
“Great, Molly. Now find red,” Amy was curious about Molly’s abilities.
“Dis red,” Molly pointed at Amy’s T-shirt. It was red indeed.
“Find blue.”
Molly looked around and pointed at a blue box on the shelf.

“Molly, put blue tokens onto blue points,” Amy took a blue token and put it onto a blue starting point. Molly followed her and then took a green token and gave Amy a questioning look.
“Yeah, sweetheart, put the other tokens too.”
Molly put all tokens on the respective starting points; however she needed some relax:

“Amy, I not pway; faiwy tawes pwease.”
The lady smiled and nodded: “Miss Amy, let her make a break; she has advanced a lot. Maybe she would play later.”

Amy switched on the TV and picked a children channel. While Molly was watching, the old lady kept talking with Amy and her husband joined Molly.

“Miss Amy, my name is Helen Blake,” the old lady revealed her identity to Amy. Amy was taken aback a bit; usually people introduced themselves at the first encounter but the old lady didn’t do it the day before and Amy suspected there was a secret behind that behavior.
“Why are you spending your vacation in this small pension?”
“Why not; it is a very nice and quiet place darling? Moreover we’ve met an amazing person like you. To be honest this has been the most pleasant vacation so far.” Mrs. Blake’s voice sounded familially.

“Don’t you feel lonely here?”
“We don’t have children and, after all, we have met you and Molly. It is more than enough. The little girl is lovely and I hope she could become a normal teenager later.”

Molly kept watching the fairy tale and she leaned to Mr. Blake instinctively. He put his arm around her shoulders and stroked her hair.

Molly’s bladder was getting full and she again felt the pressure. This time she got more curious. Earlier that day she relaxed the muscles instantly because of the unpleasant sensation of pressure. Now she tried to find out what would happen if she wouldn’t do it. She clenched the muscles instead of relaxing and the diaper didn’t get warm. That was a discovery. However the pressure was growing and she finally relaxed the muscles to ease the pressure. After all, the warm hug of a wet diaper was much more pleasant than a pressure in her guts.

As soon as the fairy tale ended, Molly turned to Mr. Blake: “We pway?”
“Of course sweetheart, let’s invite the ladies as well,” he turned to his wife and Amy.
They returned to the table and ludo. Mr. Blake took the die and showed it to Molly: “Molly, look how to roll a die,” he rolled the die and read the dots: “Three.”

Molly nodded, took the die and rolled it but she didn’t estimate her strength and the die flew away to the corner.
“Try again,” Mrs. Blake and Amy laughed and encouraged the little girl.

Molly laughed and hurried to the corner to get the die and repeat her attempt. She was more careful and the die stopped on the table. “Two,” Molly read the dots.

Anyway Molly had the hard part ahead and Amy needed a longer time to explain the rules to her. Surprisingly Molly was able to play even if she got angry several times and Mrs. Blake had to calm her down:

“Sweetheart, do you know the other name of this game? It is ‘man, don’t get angry’.”
“Weally?” Molly suddenly found it fun and laughed. Her bladder voided itself into her diaper and it got soaked. Molly realized she needed a change.

“Amy, I peed, I need change.”
“Okay, let’s go to our room,” Amy turned to Molly.
“Why? Stay here, Molly, and Amy brings you the clean diaper. Do you stay with me?” Mrs. Blake interjected.
“I stay,” Molly nodded and cuddled to Mrs Blake.

Amy shrugged and left the common room; she returned with the clean diaper and baby wipes. She was surprised both by Molly and Mrs. Blake. However she had to experience one more surprise.

“You change me?” Molly took the diaper and passed it to Mrs. Blake.
Amy and Mrs. Blake stared at Molly; was she serious?
“Sweetheart, I haven’t done it,” Mrs. Blake was taken aback by the request.
“Dis is simpwe,” Molly insisted; she lied down on the couch and pulled down her pants.
“I help you, Mrs. Blake,” Amy offered help and explained Mrs. Blake what to do. Molly closed her eyes and smiled.

When Mrs. Blake finished, Molly pulled up her pants and stood up: “Danks,” she smiled at Mrs. Blake and then she returned to the game.

They spent a nice afternoon until dinner. Amy showed Molly how to pack the game and put it back onto the shelf. In their room Molly changed into her dress and that time she managed to put on the tights. The thick diaper still held and it was dry.

Molly’s skills improved and she was able to eat on her own. She even was proud of herself and so was Amy. After dinner they met Mr. and Mrs. Blake and watched a children’s channel on TV for an hour. Molly somehow liked Mrs. Blake and cuddled with her.

While watching TV Molly felt the pressure in her bowels. Anyway she didn’t want to be changed immediately. What id she didn’t push? She ignored the pressure and the sensation ceased slowly. It was another discovery.

Molly was getting tired and she yawned:
“Sweetheart, let’s go to bed now. Good night, “ Amy stood up.
“Doo nite,” Molly smiled at Mr. and Mrs. Blake.

While walking to their room Molly pushed and she felt the poop in her diaper. Now she realized she was able to control pooping. However she didn’t tell Amy anything. The diapers still were a source of comfort and a warm hug.

Amy changed Molly and gave her a warm bath. The next pleasant day ended and they fell asleep in a tight hug despite the snowstorm behind the window.

The rest of the vacation passed quickly; Amy and Molly spent many wonderful days along with Mr. and Mrs. Blake and Molly made a great advance in speaking. Mr. and Mrs. Blake almost looked like grandparents. However Amy couldn’t get rid of a feeling that Mrs. Blake was hiding somewhat.

The last evening Amy put Molly to bed and Molly fell asleep immediately. Amy was about to go sleep when she heard knocking on the door.

“Can I talk with you, Ms. Amy?” Mrs. Blake was standing in front of the door.
“Of course, Mrs. Blake.”

They sat down on a couch in the hall so Molly couldn’t hear them.
“Ms. Amy, you took Molly for vacation.”
“Yeah but I didn’t have any idea about her true condition. She probably is not retarded.”
“Now she has to get back to the Centre, hasn’t she?”
“Yeah but I wish I could teach her more. She can become a normal girl.”
“Adopt her though.”
“I can’t; I can’t lose my job and I live with my parents after my divorce.”
“Maybe you could use some help.”
“Who could help me? My parents are not wealthy and I’m grateful I can live with them.”
“Don’t lose hope; good night” Mrs. Blake stood up and left. However there was a strange smile on her face.
“Good night, Mrs. Blake and thanks for your encouragement.”


Enjoyed the chapter. There is an air of mystery with Mrs. Blake. Hopefully Molly doesn’t hide what she has learned when they get back to the centre. Is it possible the centre knew all along that some kids may not be that bad?

I’m betting Molly was just one of the many that fell through the cracks in the system. Or they didn’t know what else to do with her and someone long time ago just decided to not take the time with her or it’ll be more money if they didn’t verses if they did.

Part 7:

On Saturday in the morning Amy and Molly had to check out and leave for home; the vacation was over. Molly helped Amy load the suitcases and diaper bags and sat down in the car seat. She was a bit sad when she realized the pleasant time was over.

“Amy, I have to go back,” Molly asked Amy when they drove off.
“Yeah, sweetheart but I have an idea.”
“What idea Amy?”
“If I could take you from the Centre for the vacation, I would try to ask our head and take you home more often, even every day. However you still have your roommates there.”
“Yeah, I have and I wuv dem,” Molly nodded. The girls really were as nice as possible in their condition. She even was looking forward to seeing them again even if she couldn’t talk with them.

Amy calmed down a little. Molly still could stay at the Centre and spend more time with Amy. Anyway Amy wished to adopt Molly and have more time to homeschool her. Unfortunately she didn’t have money and her own house; she hoped for a miracle.

Molly’s bladder was getting full and she felt the growing pressure. Suddenly she realized she could ask Amy about the strange sensation. What would happen? The little girl hesitated for awhile but she didn’t say anything and clenched her muscles. She was curious how long she could continue until the pressure would get painful. Surprisingly the pressure didn’t grow that quickly and Molly didn’t relax the muscles for long. Meanwhile she instinctively tried to press her legs together but the thick package prevented her from it. Finally she closed her eyes, relaxed the muscles and enjoyed the warm feeling of the wet diaper.

“I peed Amy,” she announced.
“Okay, you can get changed when we arrive at home.”

Amy parked the car in front of her home and helped Molly get off.
“What house is dis?”
“I live here with my mom and dad.”
“Youw mom? She is not wiz you and she not take cawe.”
“She did it long ago when I was a little girl.”
“And she is still youw mom?”
“Yeah, she is my mom forever.”

Ann Warner, Amy’s mother, heard the voices and opened the door: “Welcome home, Amy … oh, who is this little girl?”
“I am Mowwy, good mowning.”

Ann was taken aback; according to Amy’s description she expected a retarded child and Molly didn’t look retarded even if Ann noticed her thick diaper package.

“Come in; the lunch is ready but I have to add a plate … or? Can she eat on her own, Amy?”
“I can eat,” Molly smiled, “I am smawt.”
“Yeah, mom; she only needs to cut her food into small pieces; she can use a spoon and fork. Sweetheart, sit down and remove your shoes. I will help you with your jacket.”
“Amy, we bwin de wuggage?”
“Oh yes, sweetheart.”

Amy and Molly returned to the car and they carried two suitcases and a large diaper pack to the entrance hall.
“I help you remove your jacket and shoes,” Amy turned to Molly.
“I’ll do it Amy. Go and greet dad,” Ann interjected.

Amy removed her shoes and winter jacket and entered the living room. Molly sat down, removed her shoes and let Ann remove her jacket.
“Sweetheart, you are smart indeed. However … you wear diapers. Don’t you go potty?”
“No miss. Diapees are comfy and I wuv dem.”
“Call me Ann.”
“Danks Ann.”

Ann stroked Molly’s hair and kissed her forehead. She loved the girl at the first sight. Amy didn’t have her own children and Molly was a lovely child. She definitely was not retarded but she needed education.

They entered the living room and Ann led Molly to her husband: “Patrick, this is the child Amy took to her vacation. She really is lovely and I don’t understand why she was sent to the Centre.”

Patrick looked at Molly and leaned down: “Sweetheart, what’s your name.”
“My name is Mowwy,” Molly replied and smiled at him: “You Patwick?”
Patrick smiled back and hugged her tightly. He wished he had a granddaughter like her. Molly hugged him back and kissed his cheek.

Ann added the plate, fork and spoon for Molly: “Let’s sit down and have our lunch.”
Molly sat down and she was able to eat like she learned at the pension. Ann and Patrick kept watching her inconspicuously and they were enthusiastic. Did Amy manage to teach the little girl that much in two weeks?

After lunch they walked over to the living room and Amy carried the luggage to her bedroom and returned:
“Do we relax after lunch or do we go for a walk better?”
“A small walk is a good idea and we can show Molly the surroundings.”

Molly felt the pressure in her bowels after lunch. Her diaper was wet already after the journey and now it was even heavier. She needed a change already and decided to poop; she pushed shortly and relaxed her muscles.
“I pooped and I need change,” she turned to Amy. However Ann reacted quickly:
“Sweetheart, can I change you?”
“Yeah Ann, change me pwease.” Molly hurried up towards Amy’s bedroom. She noticed Amy walking there and knew the way. Five minutes later she was back with a clean diaper, baby wipes and changing pad. She put the changing pad onto the couch, lied down and pulled down her pants.

Ann was amused; she was sure that Molly would be able to go potty if she wanted; at least for pooping. Ann untaped the messy diaper and cleaned Molly thoroughly. The little girl closed her eyes and smiled.
“Do you want to wear this thick diaper indeed?” Ann got curious about the answer.
“Yeah Ann. It is comfy.” Molly looked like a happy toddler.
“It is okay, sweetheart,” Ann leaned down and stroked Molly’s hair gently. She put the clean diaper on Molly; Molly instantly pulled her pants back up, stood up and carried the changing pad and clean baby wipes back to Amy’s room. Ann packed the dirty diaper and wipes and carried it to the outside bin.

Amy took Molly at hand and led her out of the house. They got to the street and turned to the left.
“Hello, Amy; are you taking your work home?” a young woman with a small toddler boy in the stroller greeted them.
“I am not wowk; I am Mowwy,” Molly protested and the young woman smiled at her.
“Amy, where did you find her? This girl doesn’t belong to the Centre.”
“You’re right Emily. I do my best to stay with her.”
“Do you think of adopting?”
“I wish I could.”

The walk was another pleasant experience for Molly. Instead of nature she could watch a town, houses, streets and cars. Amy was leading her at hand and kept explaining. Ann and Patrick joined the discussion occasionally.

When they returned home, Molly realized her diaper was wet and she again didn’t remember to have peed. She was a bit disappointed; she liked her diapers but she wanted to know when she peed. Anyway she forgot her worries and enjoyed the company of Amy and her parents.

After dinner Amy put Molly to bed and waited until the little girl fell asleep. She left the bedroom then and sat down at the table with her parents.

“Amy, your idea was great,” Ann smiled at her daughter.
“Yeah, it was. However I’m not satisfied. Molly deserves a better fate than life at the Centre.”
“She does indeed but I don’t have any idea how to arrange it. You should stay with her; however you can’t lose your job.”
“Mom, I ask the head of the Centre to let her stay with me after work at least.”
“Okay, it is a good start Amy.”
“I think so. Good night,” Amy left for the bathroom and after shower and changing into her pajamas she lay down next to Molly.

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Part 8:

The next morning Molly opened her eyes but she was a bit disoriented and didn’t know where she was. Amy still was asleep. However Molly recalled the day before and got up slowly. She pressed her legs together to find out the package between her legs was soaked.

The little girl got curious and walked towards the door and opened it to face Ann:
“Good morning princess,” she hugged Molly.
“Doo mowning Ann.”
“Let Amy sleep, I take care of you,” Ann tiptoed to the bedroom and took the clean diaper, cleaning utensils and Molly’s clothes. She led Molly to the bathroom:
“Oops, we don’t have a changing table; let’s go to the living room and change you on the couch,”

Molly nodded, lay down on the couch and pulled down her pajama pants.
Ann untaped the wet diaper and the front dropped down: “My princess is soaked,” she stroked Molly’s hair and started cleaning her diaper area. Molly closed her eyes and smiled happily.

“Hey princess; you like your diapers a lot. Let’s make a deal. You can have your diapers but you promise me to learn everything else.”
“Yeah Ann,” Molly grinned and it was the first time when she did it: “What is evewysink?”
“Proper speaking, eating, dressing and schooling later.”
“Princess, children of your age go to school and they learn a lot.”
“I go to school?”
“I don’t know, princess. You need to learn many skills before going to school but Amy could help you and she even could homeschool you.”

Meanwhile Ann finished diapering Molly and Molly dressed herself. Ann realized that Molly already had some skills. They walked over to the kitchen and Ann pointed to the chair: “Molly, sit down and we’ll have our breakfast. I’ll show you how to eat properly.”

Ann put a plate in front of Molly and gave her a fork and a table-knife.
“Here you are a slice of bread and you will smear the peanut butter onto it. Hold the bread in your left hand and take the knife into your right hand.”

Molly nodded and obeyed Ann. Ann took Molly’s right arm and led her:
“Dip the knife into the jar … scoop a bit … smear it onto the bread.”
Ann let go of Molly’s arm, held the jar and encouraged Molly: “Now your turn, princess.”
The first attempt almost was a disaster when Molly dug into the jar almost to its bottom but she didn’t give up. Finally there was peanut butter on the bread and on Molly’s hands but her heart jumped. She had managed to use a knife. She ate the bread and licked the peanut butter from her hands. Ann smiled only.

“Princess, now you wash your hands,” Ann led Molly to the bathroom and showed her how to wash her hands.
“Run the water … turn the tap … rinse your hands … soap them … rinse again … close the tap … dry.”
“Oh, you are here Molly,” Amy’s voice sounded behind them; Amy woke up and found out Molly had left.
“No problem; our little princess is learning how to eat and how to wash her hands,” Ann replied instead of Molly.
“Where is dad?”
“He went fishing. I don’t know how he can fish in winter but he insists on it and he even succeeds sometimes.”
“Don’t wonder mom. He fishes near the power plant and the water is warm there. I saw it last winter when I was curious about the place and he led me there.”

After breakfast Amy took Molly to a walk outside. She headed towards the nearby playground. There was snow everywhere and the sandbox and swings were covered by it but they met Emily and her son there. The small boy was playing in the snow and he run towards Molly as soon as he spotted her:

“I Jimmy. You?”
“You pway?”
“Yeah, we pway,” Molly nodded and she grabbed a handful of snow: “Snowbaww fight!” She threw a snowball but she missed Jimmy. He didn’t hesitate and aimed at her.

Amy and Emily watched the scene and laughed a bit:
“They apparently understand each other. However Molly is smart indeed; she looks like she matched Jimmy’s age.” Emily turned to Amy.
“Maybe she is even better; she can dress and undress herself and she is able to eat on her own except using a sharp knife. However she likes her diapers a lot and I’m afraid she doesn’t want to potty train at all.”
“Don’t worry about it Amy. Maybe later but … she likes you a lot. You really should adopt her.”
“The social services don’t let me do it if I don’t have a proper house and source of income. I’d have to quit my job to take full time care of her.”
“Yeah it would be great if you could have a nice small house like those ones,” Emily pointed at a row of new houses behind the playground. “And a magic bag of gold.”
“Emily, do you know why you are my best friend? I like your daydreams a lot,” Amy hugged Emily. “You always improve my mood.”

Molly and Jimmy got tired from the snowball fight and they returned back to the adults.
“A snowman pwease,” Jimmy pulled his mom’s arm.
“Okay, Amy helps me and you two help us too,” Emily smiled and started making the snowman. Both Jimmy and Molly were enthusiastic and they seemed to be friends despite the age and size difference.

“Oh, it’s almost lunch time,” Emily looked at her watch. “We should go home.”
“Really?” Amy forgot about the time. “Molly, let’s go.”

Emily put Jimmy into the stroller and left. Amy took Molly at hand:
“Princess, how’s it been?”
“Gweat Amy. Jimmy is nice; he is my fwiend.”
“Yeah, you played together.”

Molly stepped forward and she felt the heavy diaper between her legs and a bulge in the back. She peed and pooped while playing and didn’t notice it at all.
“Amy, I peed and pooped,” Molly’s voice revealed a slight disappointment.
“Molly, do you mind it?” Amy was surprised by the tone of Molly’s voice. “You can potty train.”
“No, no; diapees are nice,” Molly composed herself quickly. She really didn’t want to give up her diapers but she wanted to control their use.

Back at home Amy helped Molly remove the winter jacket and led her to the bathroom to change her. Molly forgot about the disappointment and enjoyed the diaper change as usually.

In the afternoon a snowfall started and Amy with Molly had to stay at home. Unfortunately they didn’t have ludo and Amy had to think of another game. She found the Black Peter and hoped that Molly would be able to understand the rules.

Fortunately, Black Peter was simpler than ludo and Molly understood the rules easily. Patrick returned from fishing and they spent a great afternoon. However Molly was getting sad.
“I go to de Centre.”
“Princess, Amy tries to take you home after work and you come again.” Ann calmed her down.
“I promise to do my best,” Amy kissed Molly’s forehead.
“We’ll have a delicious dinner now,” Ann added. “Princess, do you help me?”

They finished the game and Ann started making dinner. Molly was eager to help Ann and she was able to bring the food from the fridge or pantry. She also forgot about her worries and smiled again. After dinner she again cuddled to Ann and asked her for diaper change and bath. Ann was more than glad to take care of her princess and hoped that Amy would be able to arrange taking Molly home after work.

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Another good couple chapters. I wonder how things are going to go at work.