Twins chapters 1-3 as of 4/21

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Kyle and Kyra Williams were just about as normal as two siblings get. Apart from their being twins, they treated each other as any brother and sister do although they tended to float in similar circles of friends. At 17 they were just finishing their Junior year of high school. It was a Friday and next week was the last week before finals. Kyle the elder by two minutes had dirty blonde hair, an athletic albeit short build, and crystal clear blue eyes. Kyra’s hair was similar in colouring, at least naturally. She had dyed it pink for the start of school. She also had a somewhat athletic, short build, while her chest wasn’t as big as she might have liked, her brother still had plenty of trouble keeping the dirtbags of Timber Falls Private High School away. As they pulled into the school parking lot in their black VW Golf, Kyra said to Kyle, “Come back to the car as soon as the 3:00 bell goes or I’m leaving you here,” It was her turn to take the car after school and she had plans to hit the mall after school with friends.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say your highness,” Kyle scoffed.

With that the two parted ways to meet up with friends and then head to their seperate homerooms. They went about their rather mundane lives in school, both nodding off in the occasional class. They acknowledged eachother as they past eachother and spoke breifly during lunch.

When it came to the second last class of the day, American History, they met again, as they were both in the class. Strangely enough, they were the only two people either of them knew in the class so they both sat together. They both doodled in the margins of their notebooks as the teacher rambled on about the constitution or something. Kyra leaned over to her twin and whispered, “Remember what I said this morning three o’clock sharp, I have to get you home ASAP so I can hit the mall.”

“Yeah I know,” Kyle responded, Kyra was generally good enough to be on time when it was his turn to take the car so he would be polite enough to return the gesture.

As they departed history Kyle headed to boys’ advanced PE and Kyra went to her photography class. Kyra had been in the girl’s advanced PE first thing this morning while Kyle had been in an intro to drawing class, both were fairly atheletic as well as artistic. This wasn’t strange considering their mother was an accomplished painter whose paintings were stretched all over the province of Ontario and the country and the recently resigned provincial Premier had even had one of her prints hanging in his office. Their father was a semi-professional hockey player turned executive in a local Semi-pro team after a career ending shoulder injury.

As Kyle was finishing his last set of squats for the class the bell rang. Rather than redressing in his normal school uniform he stayed in his gym uniform and grabbed his stuff from his change room locker, and made a dash for the parking lot where all the students were milling about a few doing tricks on skateboards, others showing off their cars while some of the younger students got on busses and waited to be taken home. He quickly spotted Kyra and the car and hopped in. Kyra navigated her way slowly through the bustling parking lot avoiding running students and those on bikes heading home. In only a few short weeks this would all be done until another year, they would have all summer to take it easy, work part time jobs and get ready for their last year of high school.

As they pulled into the driveway of their upper-middle class home of three stories, Kyle undid his seatbelt and grabbed his satchel, and Ran to the door. Their mother worked in a home studio so the door was always unlocked, most of the time anyway. Today happened to be the exception. As he turned the knob and tried to step through the door he was met with the hard ‘thud’ of his face hitting the window in the door. Kyra laughed out loud, “Didn’t you hear mom say she was going on a team road trip with Dad?”

The team their dad worked for was in the final stages of the playoffs which started that night and had a second game on Saturday, meaning they were home alone for the weekend until Sunday. “I don’t remember hearing that. Must have been before I came down this morning,” Kyle responded.

“I’m pretty sure you were there but whatever,” Kyra retorted as she slid her key into the lock.

As the door opened Kyle went to the alarm panel and shut the home alarm off, then proceeded to dash to his room. He flipped on the TV and grabbed his Macbook, opening facebook and proceeding to plop down in his bean bag chair. He flipped around channels to see if anything interesting was on. TSN didn’t have anything good since the NHL was still in lock-out, so he kept flicking until he hit an entertainment channel. It was showing a replay of a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, never averse to seeing a half naked woman, he stopped. Ogling the women as they strutted down the catwalk in their gorgeous underwear, as he watched he got a hard-on which he rubbed a bit through his gym shorts Just as he had started to untie the drawstring of his shorts there was a knock at his door. He quickly retied his shorts and yelled, “come in!”

Kyra opened the door, now in a tank top and modest shorts herself. “I’m headed out to the mall now ok?” She questioned.

“Oh yeah no problem. Will you be back for supper?” Kyle inquired, more to find out how long he’d be alone in the house than to see if his sister would need food.

“I’m not totally sure, I’ll text you in a bit to let you know, I’ll be gone for a couple hours at least.”

“Alright then, see you tonight, drive safe.”

Kyra adjusted her purse on her shoulder and then pulled the door shut. flip flopping her way down the central staircase into the foyer and out the door with a smack. As Kyle heard the car start he hopped up and stripped off his shorts. He headed down the hall to his sister’s room. While He was probably one of the greatest hockey players at school he also had a secret that no one knew. When he was alone in his house and knew he had time, he would sneak into his sister’s room and put on a pair of her panties. He had no idea why he just loved the feeling of the soft cotton and the colourful patterns, every now and then he’d catch a glimpse of his sister in her underwear and get a hard-on because he was imagining himself in them. They were just so much nicer than his nasty boxers. He’d never been seen, but was always very weary of being caught. And always took them off well in advance of anyone coming home, but while alone he would shut all the blinds in the house and just wander around in his sister’s underwear, most of them didn’t fit the greatest but, strangely, he wasn’t a whole lot bigger than she was around the waist and legs. He scanned through the top drawer of his sister’s dresser and picked out a cute pair of turquoise boyshort panties. He had learned a technique for tucking his parts away from the internet, not that he was ashamed of it, or he wanted to be a girl, he just liked to hide his junk when he wore the panties. As he slipped the panties up around his legs, he pushed is balls up inside himself, and pulled his penis between his legs. He pulled the panties the rest of the way up and was quite satisfied with himself. He was ready to spend the evening in the house alone in nothing but a t-shirt and a pair of panties!

His sister wasn’t into thongs or anything silk or lacey like that, which was fine by him, he just liked the softer cotton and the nice colours which were in stark contrast to boys’ underwear. The briefs, boyshorts and hipsters were always a nice change of pace for an afternoon, given the opportunity and proper sizing he might even wear panties full time, but no way would he do that, for fear of embarrassment. He would often browse different underwear websites and look at plain women’s panties. He’d even considered buying some of his own but since his mom did his laundry and put his clothes away, he didn’t want to have be scared of being found out.

He went back to his own room and flopped into his bean bag again, what would he do this afternoon?

He decided he would just laze around for most of the afternoon, when Kyra let him know when she’d be home he would make a decision then on the rest of the evening, for now he decided he’d head down to the living room and use the big TV to play video games or something. When he got down he plopped himself down in a lazy boy with an Xbox Controller. He started playing Call of Duty He was deep into an online match when he heard the door open. He was immediately aware of his predicament.

He had left his phone upstairs, Kyra must be home much earlier than he expected, what was he going to do? The only way to get back to the privacy of his room was through the porch and up the main stairs. His sister had definitely heard him playing in the living room considering he’d been using the surround sound. “Kyle!” She called out.

Resigned to his fate he responded, with a quiver in his voice, "In the living room.

Kyra came in, “some asshole pulled the fire alarm at the mall so we decided to come home…” Her voice trailed off as she came to realize what he was wearing, “Kyle are those my underwear you’re wearing?”

All Kyle could do is sit there with his head in his hands after so many times doing this he had finally been caught.

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Ch 2:

“Holy Crap! What the heck are you doing in my panties you perv?!” Kyra shouted at her brother.

Saying nothing, Kyle left the chair and ran upstairs. He went to his room and slammed the door shut. He quickly stripped off the underwear and left them outside his door. He quickly redressed and collapsed into his bed. He grabbed his iPhone only to realize that his sister had messaged him 20 minutes ago saying she was coming home. He had no one to blame but himself for being caught.

He curled up in his bed sulking for a while. When he heard a tap at his door all he could do was yell, “Go away! Now that you know I’m a freak you can leave me alone.”

His sister crept into the room holding the discarded underwear to see her brother curled up on his bed wearing his gym shorts. “I don’t think you’re a freak, that whole pervert thing was just a knee jerk reaction. But what am I supposed to think when I come home and see you playing video games in my panties?”

“I don’t know, but now I’m ruined. The whole school will never respect me again.”

“You think I’m going to tell people about this? Why would I want people to know I caught my brother in my underwear?”

“Because, you’d love to humiliate me, and besides, how can I trust that you won’t tell anyone?”

“I have no reason to want to humiliate you, you’re probably the best brother I could ever ask for, sure we squabble, but that’s to be expected between siblings, no relationship is perfect. Besides, there’s no way I’m going to tell people my brother wears my underwear, it would humiliate me just as much as it would you.”

“Oh yeah, I can definitely trust you. Because you’re not the one who told mom and dad I tried weed that one time last year. I might as well just tell the school, and mom and dad myself.”

“I Won’t, I promise. I only told mom and dad about the weed because that was harmful to you.”

“There’s no way I can trust you, Kyra, just do what you’re gonna do,” Kyle said, resigned to his fate as the high school laughing stock

“What if I told you one of my secrets?”

“Secrets? What kind of secrets could you have? Certainly nothing as embarrassing as this.”

“That’s what you think. Since we’re both here alone just wait here a minute. Oh and Kyle, you can keep these,” She said throwing the underwear at him. “I want you to put them back on actually, I’ll never be able to wear them again, knowing you like them so much.” She skipped down the hall to her room to prepare to give Kyle the shock of his life.

She went to her closet and opened up the hole in the flooring she’d made just last year when her brother was away for school hockey and her parents were on their annual anniversary trip. As she stuck her finger in the hole to pull the panel of hardwood she beamed with excitement. She never expected to ever be telling someone her secret, not outside the people she’d written to online. She retrieved the tight, shrink wrapped, package, She’d bought these at the drug store the last time she had the car and carried them in with her shopping bags. That hadn’t been the first time, she’d tried other kinds before but these had been the most cost effective and gave the best feeling. As she opened the burgundy package she realized had really come to love the butterflies and the pink zebra stripes of the Goodnites.

She unfolded the brief and stretched it a bit as she found they weren’t quite big enough to fit her toned legs. She tugged down her shorts and stood there in her orange striped panties, contemplating if she was actually going to do this. After thinking for a moment she realized that her brother would never really trust her with his secret, unless he had something equally embarrassing about her not to share. She knew she wouldn’t share her brother’s secret but that wasn’t enough for him. With that last thought she dropped her panties and stepped into the pullup, pulling it up over her smooth, tan legs and her clean shaven private parts. With that she changed into a matching pink tank top and scurried out to her brother’s room.

She burst into her brother’s room and shouted “Ta Da!” With a hop and her arms wide open.

“What the heck are you wearing?” Kyle asked bewildered, he thought he knew but he wasn’t really sure if he should believe it.

“It’s a goodnite,” Kyra answered

“You’re wearing a diaper?” he asked confounded.

“It’s not exactly a diaper, it’s for bedwetting kids, it’s not like it holds, as much as a baby diaper.”

“Holds?” Kyle said confounded. “You mean you use them?”

“Um, I guess, yeah, I mean I only use them for pee and it’s only every now and then.”

“Wow, I thought I was weird for wearing your panties when the house is empty but this is what you do when you’re alone?” Kyle asked “I mean I like the feeling of the soft cotton of your underwear, why the heck do you want to wear a diaper?”

“Well I guess it’s a long story.” Kyra said crossing her legs Indian style and taking a seat on the floor. “I would say it kinda started when I first got my period, and Mom gave me maxi pads. At first I wasn’t sure about having that thick padding in my underwear. About a year after my first one mom gave me tampons. I used those for a few months until I realized I had really started to enjoy the maxi-pads and the thickness in my panties, I didn’t have a massive dislike for tampons but the padding was way better, a couple times I googled ‘I like padding in my panties.’ Turns out there are actually a lot of people who like to wear diapers. For a while I just kept wearing pads in my panties, even when I wasn’t on my period, When mom realized I was using them so much, I told her I was paranoid about my period starting. A couple times I actually put 3 or 4 in my underwear at once and wet those, just to see what it’d be like. I continued to look at diaper websites and fantasized about even buying them. Then finally last year, after we got our licenses and the car, I went to the drug store and bought a small pack of pampers. When I finally got them home I stayed in my room for hours. I had tried putting them on like diapers go on but they were too small. I used them in the same way I had pads for so long, I just stuck them in my panties and wore them. Once or twice I even wet them like that, but they leaked. The next thing I tried were pull-ups, those I could wear, but they were super tight and tended to fall apart when I was wearing them. I wore those for a while when I was alone at home but the leaks were no fun. After a bit more research I realized Goodnites were probably the way to go. When I bought them I was in heaven. They fit me completely and they would hold an entire wetting.”

“Well that’s quite the story, I’m not quite sure I needed to know all of that,” Kyle answered, “but I definitely trust you now. So you’re totally into this?”

“Seems like I’m as into this as you are into my drawers,” Kyra answered with a chuckle.

“So basically whenever you’re in the house alone?”

“Well I’ll only wet when I’m alone, I’ll sit in my room with the door locked in just a bra and a goodnite a few times a week probably.”

“Wow, I can’t even fathom being able to this whenever I want,” Kyle said, pointing at his panties.

“I guess you can’t really steal my panties when I’m at home can you?”

“No I can’t, and I can’t exactly go out and buy my own either. How does mom not know you’re wearing and using diapers?”

“I guess I hide them well, I cut a part of the floor away in my closet and made a little hiding place when I had the house to my self for a while last year.”

“I never realized you were so industrious sis, you knew what you wanted and you got it, and made it happen, me I’m just a thief who steals your underwear and drops them in your hamper when I’m done, I don’t even have the balls to get my own.”

“Well I don’t really have everything I want. Every time I go online I see these girls, I think they’re probably porn actresses, but anyway, they get these adult sized diapers that fit them and hold more than one wetting.”

“So you want Depends?” Kyle asked. “Can’t you just by those at the drugstore like the goodnites?”

“Depends are the crappiest of all adult diapers Kyle, the ones I want are big and thick and hold several wettings, some of them even have cool designs. Some of the medical grade ones you can get at medical supply stores in the area but the best ones you have to order online.”

“Really? You actually want to take it this far? I’m totally surprised at you Kyra, my wanting to wear women’s underwear is nothing compared to this. I hope you know you can trust me. You know my secret and I know yours so I guess now we’re square?”

“I’m glad we both think that way, I tend to think we’re both equally weird so I guess we’re good.” The twins embraced, Kyra in a tank top and goodnite and Kyle in an undershirt and turquoise panties.

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Here’s the next segment! I hope you enjoy. All comment and critique appreciated.

Ch 3
By the time they had both come to see a new side of each other they had both gotten rather hungry. They went to the living room to chill for a little while.

“Wanna get an early supper?” Kyle asked Kyra around 4:00.

“I don’t really care,” she responded having barely looked away from her iPad on which she was perusing her usual DL themed sites. “Pizza or Chinese or whatever.”

“Oh Chinese sounds good, is there any place that delivers?”

“No, I don’t think, not a lot of Chinese places do.”

“I really want Chinese now though!”

“We could go out,” Kyra said.

“I guess there’s no reason not to, I guess we’d have to change.”

“Change? Why would we have to do that? We just need to pull on some pants.”

“I guess so, no one’s really gonna see our underwear if we go out to eat are they?”

“Ummm, on second thought, I might need to change,” Kyra said with excited nervousness, glancing at her goodnite as it grew darker

“Not sure I wanted to see that sis,” Kyle said, a grimace on his face.

“It was bound to happen eventually, haha and don’t think I wasn’t about to let you know when it did.”

Kyle could see the wet brief begin to sag around his sister’s hips as she stood up from the arm chair. “Just gimme a minute to clean up and put a dry one on. You check the phone book for a good place.”

“I just figured we’d go to the same place we go all the time.”

“Sounds good, wherever you wanna go, let’s go get dressed.”

The two mounted the stairs and went to their rooms.

Kyle was nervously excited, he hadn’t ever left the house in his sister’s panties and he finally was. No one would even know besides himself and his sister. Kyra was equally as excited in her room just down the hall. She tore away the sides of the sodden goodnite and let it plop to the floor. Since her brother was the only one home for the weekend and Monday was garbage day she dropped the wet goodnite in her trashcan rather than putting it in the plastic bag in her trap door as she would have a few hours ago.

She grabbed her wipes and baby powder, which left in the open as they weren’t uncommon things for a girl to have in her room. She often used wipes to wipe off make up in the evenings and powder was quite often found in her gym bag as she liked to use it after work outs and sports so she didn’t smell, this was something she’d done even before she’d warn diapers as many of her team mates did it as well. If she didn’t feel like showering right after a workout or game the powder helped.

She thoroughly wiped herself clean and rubbed some powder on her front and back portions before she pulled another goodnite out of its package and pulled it up over her hips. She rummaged through her drawers trying to figure out what to wear over the goodnite. She hadn’t worn outside her house besides a trip to a McDonald’s drive-thru, the same weekend she’d made her secret compartment. For the trip to McDonald’s she had just pulled on some Pyjama pants, now she needed something that would cover her goodnite, but she was feeling slightly risky. Finally she decided on a knee length skirt. There was potential for being caught, but it wouldn’t be obvious, in fact it’d be quite unlikely that her goodnite would be seen, or recognized for what it was even if someone did catch a glimpse.

Down the hall her brother was just hauling on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. The pair met as they came out of their respective rooms. “Um, you might wanna put on a belt bud, I thought you didn’t want people to know.”

“What do you mean?” Kyra snapped the waistband of her, now her brother’s panties. “You might not wanna sag your jeans unless you’re wearing guy’s underwear.”

“Oh haha I see what you mean.” Kyle dashed back to his room to grab a belt and the pair took off down the stairs and out the door together.

Kyle used the remote to unlock the car doors and he got in the drivers side as his sister boarded on the passenger side. “So off to the Chinese buffet we go!” Kyle said as he pulled out of the driveway.

They arrived at the restaurant, a big buffet area. The hostess asked them in an Asian accent “Table for 2?”

“Yes please,” Kyra answered.

“You two on a date? You’re a cute couple.” The hostess said

“No, actually, we’re twins, just out for dinner together.”

“Oh, I can see the resemblance now that you say it.”

The pair didn’t even sit at the table before taking their plates and hitting the buffet. They ate all manner of foods, not just Chinese, although that made up the bulk of the meal. By the end Kyra had eaten two full plates and Kyle had eaten three. Both had also eaten a rather large portion of ice cream as well.

As they sat in the car on their way home Kyle asked, “Any plans for the evening sis?”

“Not really, I was thinking about watching a movie or something.”

“No plans, but I was wondering if you might want to go out shopping with me.”

“You wanna go shopping? What for?”

“Oh I don’t really know,” he said knowing exactly what he was thinking about.

“Um, I’m not sure how I really feel about that Kyle. I was looking forward to just heading home and relaxing, maybe snooze off my full stomach.”

“Oh c’mon, I’ll be sure it’s worth your time”

“I guess I could spare an hour or two.”

“Good, it’ll be a good night just you wait.”

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I don’t know if my timeline works really well but hey, nobody’s perfect. Also,
some of my diaper facts may be a bit off, I’m very inexperienced when it comes
to buying and wearing, and many points are subject to opinion as well. Take my
work for what it is. As always some criticism welcome.

PS: this gets a bit messy, please take this into consideration as you read if that is not something you enjoy reading about. I hope I have stayed within the parameters of the board.

Kyle made a rather abrupt right turn towards one of the cities commercial areas.
The spring sun had just begun to set.

Kyle drove around a little bit as if he were trying to find something. Until
finally he pulled into the parking lot of a medical supply store.“What on Earth are we doing here, Kyle?” Kyra asked.

“Why shopping of course,” her brother responded matter-of-factly. “You were
saying you wanted to buy real adult diapers weren’t you?”

“Um yeah I guess. I didn’t even know we had a medical supply store so close to home,” Kyra said dumbfounded.

“I looked this up online when you were changing your wet goodnite. So, here we are
with our credit card from mom and dad.” Their parents had given the kids the
card so they could buy things they needed, rather than having to ask for money all the time. Their parents would occasionally check the records to be sure the kids hadn’t bought anything too ridiculous or expensive, but the kids had fairly free reign over their spending as long as they didn’t go over the limit.

“Um won’t they wonder what charges from a medical supply store are doing on the

“Nah, I overheard Dad tell Mom he was putting it on automatic online payment a
few weeks back, they don’t even get the bill to their e-mail anymore.”

“Oh wow, that’s cool, I guess that shows how much they trust us.”

“Yeah, and there’s no reason for them not to, we’re never really irresponsible,
we’ve had the card a few years now and never done anything stupid, I guess it’s
just easier for them to not have to worry that the bill is paid every month.”

“Yep, makes sense,” Kyra said, a smirk appearing on her face. “Let’s go in,
they’re closing soon.”

As she walked in Kyra was gobsmacked at the store. There were lots of things
she’d heard about before, but never seen. There were enema kits, wheel chairs, walkers, and braces for disabled people. There were big stroller style wheel chairs and a special arm chair that could help a disabled person stand up. She even saw an ad for a company that could retrofit cars so paraplegics could drive them. Then she saw them. The glossy vacuumed packed packages. In such a wide variety of colours and sizes. The most diapers she had ever seen up to this point was at a Babies R Us. There was no comparison between the two. Especially since Kyra knew these would fit her and hold more than on one use. She recognized many of the brand names from what she’d read on the internet as she perused the shelves she saw Tena, Abena, Prevail, Tranquility, and of course the ever present Depends. She even saw some cloth diapers and plastic pants. When she saw them she peed in her goodnite a bit. Her eyes were quickly drawn to a package she definitely did not expect to see in a retail store. Sitting there were several packages adorned with an orange butterfly. Kyra had read many reviews about Dry 24/7s but never imagined they would be within her reach before she left home, for she could never order anything to her house. Her mind was made up on the spot, “These ones!” She nearly shouted in her glee to Kyle who was leaning on a shopping cart left in the aisle.

“Holy crap sis, calm down,” Kyle urged her. “I knew you wanted to try adult
diapers I didn’t think you’d freak like this.”

“From all of the reviews I’ve read, and I’ve read quite a number, these seem to
be some of the best ones! You can’t usually buy them in stores, only online so I
didn’t expect them here but they are!” She said with a rapid excitement in her
voice that was nearly unintelligible to Kyle.

“Dang sis, these are almost 50 bucks a pack,” Kyle said looking at a price on
the shelf.

“No, no they’re not, look, see they’re on sale!” Kyra pointed to a tattered sign which read ‘old stock, must sell. 50% off.’

“Oh, ok, gee whiz. What’s got you so hyped up anyways?”

“These are some of the best diapers there are Kyle! They’re supposed to be super
soft and thick and have great tapes, and last almost 12 hours!” Kyra said her
excitement continuing to mount.

“Well sis, If they’re as good as you say we better get you what you want. Are
these the right size?”

“Yep, these are the small/mediums.” Kyra handed the package to Kyle who looked
at it and dropped it in the cart.

“Oh good, look, so are these, and these and these, and these” Kyle said as he
tossed four more packages into the cart, all that remained of the small/medium
size range.

“I love the idea Kyle but we can’t get me all these.”

“What? It’s not like the credit on the card will run out,” Kyle said

“Oh, I’m not worried about that, but my trap door compartment can only hold so
much you know.”

“No problem sis, we’ll just make a few more holes in your closet floor, that’s
all. One or two more compartments won’t do too much damage, besides, you can
never see the floor in your room anyways,” Kyle quipped, with a bit of a giggle
on the end.

“Well you can kiss my pink diapered ass!” Kyra whispered as turned around and
flipped up her skirt, briefly revealing her padded bottom to her brother.

Kyle playfully spanked his sister’s bum. “Let’s get you home and even more
padded then huh?” He said as he pulled the cart out of the aisle. “Is there
anything else you need?”

“Um well, I wouldn’t mind having one of these changing mats,” she said pointing
to a 3 by 5 foot white vinyl matt on a shelf near by.

“It’s only another 15 bucks, can’t hurt, especially if it’s what you want,” he
said with a smile, this whole evening had been about pleasing his sister and it
was working quite well.

As they pulled the cart up to the check out an older gentleman with a face that
could tell a million stories peered out at them over a pair of spectacles. “Now
what are a couple of kids like you doing buying this many diapers?” The old man
asked, his voice raspy with the ghosts of a thousand cigarettes.

The twins were dumbfounded, they hadn’t really though of what to tell someone if
they asked why they were buying nearly a hundred diapers. Kyra looked at Kyle
with puppy dog eyes, pleading with him to come up with a solution.

“Ummm,” Kyle drew it out as he gathered his thoughts. “Our grandma is coming to
live with us and she just recently had a stroke so she can’t hold her bladder
any more.”

“Oh, I see,” the man responded seemingly none the wiser. His voice was barely intelligible with the rasp and gunk. “Awful, things strokes, lost an uncle to one in the 60s.” He said as he scanned each of the packages, after clearing his throat.

“They are, Nana’s been having a hard time especially since she’s alone. Gramps
died a few years back from a heart attack.” Kyra added to corroborate her
brother’s story. “That’s why she’s moving in with us, we didn’t want to put her
in a nursing home.”

“Well kids, if you need anything else for your grandma this store is the place
to come. You should be set for briefs for a month or so, you have nearly a
hundred here and these ones are good quality. The new model is coming out soon I
think, I special order these ones and not many people buy them, I’ll be sure to
make sure I keep them in stock, even if it is just for your family.”

“Uh, thanks mister.” Kyle said somewhat nervously, they’d certainly be in
trouble if Kyra used all these in a month.

The clerk had given them a box in which they fit four of the packages and Kyle
carried to the door. Kyra took the mat and the fifth package in her arms.
They piled their purchases into the back seat of their car, Kyra beaming from
ear to ear, her trademark dimples showing, she couldn’t wait to get home and
have her dream fulfilled.

Kyle sped home, knowing his sister’s mounting excitement. They carried their
purchases into the house. Kyra carried her lone package and the matt into the
living room while Kyle left the box in the porch for the time being. Until they
could work on the floor in Kyra’s room.

“Kyle I need your help!” Kyra shouted excitedly from the family room.
She was laying on the matt in her slightly damp goodnite, her skirt flung onto
the lazy-boy in the corner. “Grab some scissors from the drawer, this goodnite’s
not that wet, I’m gonna keep it on under the 24/7.”

“Um ok, but what am I sposed to do with the scissors?”

“You gotta cut the goodnite so the pee overflows into the 24/7.”

“Um ok, are you sure you don’t wanna just take it off?”

“Nope, this is what I wanna do, this is how you’re supposed to double diaper.” She’d read stories of similar scenarios a million times on her diaper sites.

“Um, so how am I supposed to do this?”

“Nick a little hole, then make a slit most of the way down.” Kyle was kind of
nervous, this was as close as he’d ever been to a girl’s private area, let alone
with a pair of scissors. He’d had short term girlfriends but nothing ever got
very far. He did as she had instructed him, being careful not to hurt his
sister. “Kay now you gotta do the back too.”

Kyra rolled over and pushed her backside up towards her brothers face. "With a
bit of a distraught look on his face Kyle did the same to the rear of the
goodnite as he had to the front.

“Kay, now for the good part,” Kyra said as she popped up off the matt. She went to
the package and tore it open. She pulled a diaper out of the package. She embraced
the pale purple garment against her bright pink t-shirt. She unfolded it and
stretched the elastics it seemed a bit big but she was pretty sure they’d fit
fine. She spread the diaper out on the matt and lay down on it.
She did what she had tried to so many times before with baby diapers. She pulled
the diaper up between her legs, she tucked the front wings in on either side and
brought the back up Securing the bottom tape on each side then tending to the
top tapes.

As all this was unfolding (no pun intended) Kyle watched as his sister conducted
herself with poised excitement. Doing each step deliberately. Making her happy
had made him just as happy.

Kyra rose up off the changing matt. “Well how’s it feel to be in a real diaper

“Um I think it’s a little loose,” she said returning to the change matt. “Think
you might be able to gimme a hand?”

“Um sure, I guess.” Kyle still wasn’t totally sure how he felt being so close to
his sister’s most private of areas, but he wanted her to be happy. He got on his
knees and leaned in over her diaper. As he gently tried to remove one of the
tapes but he could tell as he pulled it off that part of the diapers backing was
coming with it. “Uh sis, I don’t think it’ll work out this way. They tape is
ripping the diaper as I try to pull it off.”

“Oh,” Kyra said slightly less cheery than she had been over the last hour. “I
guess this is kind of a learning experience eh? I hate to have to take it off
just because I didn’t put it on tight enough.”

“Wait, maybe you don’t have to” Kyle said, getting an idea. “Stay right there
I’ll be back in two seconds.” Kyle bounded down the stairs to the basement and
quickly returned from their mom’s studio. Kyra heard the sound of a piece of
duct tape being ripped from its roll. “This ought to do the trick, should tighten your diaper right up.” He resumed the position he had taken over his sister and put the end of the strip of duct tape on the landing zone over the
original tapes. Unrolling the tape with the sound that only duct tape makes,
“Arch your back,” he told his sister. He smoothed the tape over the top part of
her diaper around her back and brought it back to the front. She lowered herself
again, as he finished the lap around her waist. “How’s that feel?” Kyle asked
before he cut the tape.

“Not bad, could be a bit tighter I think.”

“Then let’s go again.” He continued to stretch the plain grey duct tape around
the diaper, Kyra arched her back again without being told to and then Kyle cut
the tape once he had finished. “There you go sis, all taped up tight!”

Kyra stood up, “well, it doesn’t look the best, but it fits wonderfully! Maybe next time we should pick up some patterned duct tape.” The giant grin had returned to her face. “I can’t thank you enough for tonight Kyle.”

“It’s nothing Kyra, I’m glad I could help make you so happy. Besides, you gave
me a pair of my very own panties, something I’ve wanted forever.” Kyle pulled
his belt off and dropped his pants revealing the turquoise panties again. Tossing his jeans on the couch he picked up the scissors and duct tape and brought them back to his mom’s studio.

“What are we gonna do for the rest of the night?” Kyra asked upon his return.

“I figured we could just watch a movie or something. How about ‘Madagascar?’”

“Oh I love that one, haven’t seen it in ages, sounds good, you want popcorn?”

“Nah I’m still full from supper.”

“Yeah, I am too. How about a drink?”

“Sure,” he said. “I’d love a glass of ice water.” Kyra retrieved two tall
plastic tumblers from the cupboard and filled them with ice from dispenser on the
fridge door and then filled them the rest of the way with water.

Kyle took the Blu-ray from the large disc binder in the entertainment centre and
put it in the player.

The two dragged a love seat to the middle of the room so they could see the TV
better and get a full appreciation for the surround sound.

On one of the hot days during the week previous their dad had turned the air conditioning on, rather than go down to the basement to turn it off, the two curled up under a blanket together. As the movie progressed the twins laughed heartily together for the first time in a long time. They both drank their water and Kyle left a few times to go to the bathroom. Kyra had lightly wet her double diaper a few times but had still only barely soaked through the goodnite.

At one point in the movie they were laughing so hard that Kyra let out a loud
fart. This got them laughing even harder. Through the rolling laughter Kyle was
able to wheeze out “That must have been really loud,” bahahaha “We heard it
through two diapers!”

All of a sudden Kyra fell deathly silent doubling over from a violent stomach cramp. “Kyle,” she said with a grimace" Go get the scissors, I need out right

“Huh? What’s wrong, I thought you loved your diapers?”

“I think it’s the Chinese food. I definitely don’t want that in my diapers.”

“Oh, oh crap,” Kyle said realizing what she was saying. Um I didn’t really mean
to say that," Kyle giggled nervously.

“I don’t care! Just go!” Kyra yelled at her brother, through the pain of another
stomach cramp.

Kyle ran down to the studio. He searched frantically for the scissors, but
couldn’t remember exactly where he’d laid them. He finally found them somehow a
blank canvas had fallen and knocked them under the work bench.

Meanwhile upstairs Kyra was fighting a losing battle. Try to clench as hard as
she could but the pressure was just too much. With a loud fart she messed her
diaper, blowing out her goodnite and into the 24/7. With the release also came a
long hot stream of pee. She started crying. “Kyle!”

“I’m coming!” He shouted bounding up the stairs with his hand over the blade of
the scissors as a precaution.

“You’re too late,” Kyra said between sobs. “I just crapped myself.”

“At least you were wearing the big diaper, imagine if you’d only been wearing
the goodnite.”

“If I’d just been wearing the goodnite I would have gone to the bathroom and
pulled it down you idiot.”

“Oh, right.” He paused trying to figure out what to say to console his twin
sister. He held out the red handled scissors to her. “Well here you go, I guess you ought to go to the bathroom and clean yourself up in the shower.” Kyle could see some of the damage in the discoloration of the diaper.

“Yeah I guess I should, you’ve been so nice to me all night. I definitely can’t
ask you to help with this, besides, I don’t think I’m comfortable with you
seeing me in anything less than a diaper.”

Relieved, Kyle responded, “Good, because I definitely wouldn’t be either, I
wouldn’t consider it if you were the hottest girl in school either. I can barely
stand the smell of my own crap when I use the bathroom.”

“Hey, I thought I was the hottest girl in school!” Kyra responded laughing.

Taking this as a good sign Kyle answered, “I can’t say that, that’s just creepy.
According to my friends, you are pretty high on the list though.”

“Awe, thanks. You can tell them all I’m not interested though. Right now I’ve
got my eye on a sophomore guy.” She informed her brother, seemingly forgetting her
soiled state.

“They’ll be heart broken Kyra!” Kyle said sarcastically noticing he’d taken Kyra’s mind off of her recent accident.

“They wouldn’t be if they saw me like this,” she said finally able to laugh at
her dirty diaper. “I guess I should go clean this mess up I can’t imagine the
rash I’d get if I stay in this very long.”

With that Kyra disappeared waddling up the stairs, diaper sagging nearly to her
knees. She went to the bathroom and tried to assess her situation and determine
a course of action. She knew there was a massive mess in there so she decided
she should sit in the tub. She climbed in the bathtub and pulled off her t-shirt
and bra hanging them on a towel bar. She sat down and felt the nastiness spread
across her bum. She cut the sides of the 24/7 trying not to cut the goodnite. As
she pushed up the front of the diaper revealing the mess. What she saw was
disgusting nearly frightening. She was glad that this had happened, now she knew
she’d never mess her diaper on purpose. The entire rear of the goodnite had
blown out, she rolled up the 24/7 and laid it on a towel she then cut the
goodnite off and did the same. She used the shower head to rinse off her diaper
area and then took the diapers to the garbage can.

She then grabbed a towel and got in the shower. All the while she was in the
shower all she could think about was how great her brother had been all day even
after she had called him a pervert and yelled at him when she discovered him in her panties. She was so thankful that she had told him her secret and he had understood and helped her fulfill her greatest dreams. As she got out of the shower she tiptoed into Kyle’s room and grabbed his computer. She had a plan to repay her brother for what he had done for her and this was step one.

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Very well written story. I am enjoying the plot thus far and will be looking forward to more.

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