Tweener Daycare

Prompt: write about characters doing a mundane every day thing

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Sasha sat nervously trying to describe bits and pieces of what she just read. She was an author, sort of, but the topic of the book had impacted her profoundly. “I think the main character was…happy?” she asked timidly. Even though she was well out of danger of being considered a Little, she still found her much taller peers intimidating.

Lucy, an Amazon who owned a local daycare, quirked an eyebrow. “Really? I think he was a little upset at the beginning. I mean he was drugged and forced to live his life as a baby, and the author made it pretty clear that he didn’t want it.”

“I think she means later in the book, and it is true that later he just started to accept his situation. That’s called Stockholm syndrome, isn’t it?” Karen, an Amazon pediatric nurse, asked.

“Yes, I believe so,” Sasha chimed in, trying to redeem herself.

Loren, a lawyer, gave a sigh. “It was clear the author was trying to make it sound like an awful experience, but I couldn’t help but think about how great it would be if I got a whole bunch of unearned love and attention,” she said.

“Yeah, and not having a care in the world, no adult responsibilities,” Karen agreed. Loren and Karen pressed their heads together and sighed longingly.

“But…don’t forget that you’d still have to, like wear diapers and stuff,” Sasha explained. She felt her face getting hot.

Lucy smiled wickedly at Sasha. “You’re blushing. Do you like that idea?” she teased.

“She could easily fit in the toddler brands, couldn’t she?” Karen asked.

Loren giggled. “Looks like someone’s not quite ready to grow up.”

“You’d fit right in at the daycare,” Lucy joked. Sasha blushed and looked around to try to make sure there was no one in the room to hear them.

“I would pay money to see that,” Karen said.

“Oh, Sasha! Do you want to do a favor for your book club pals?” Lucy asked.

Sasha’s stomach felt tight. She tried to back out of whatever she somehow got herself into. “No, I…” While she was trying to answer, she felt someone put a hand on her back.

“You know, we could actually arrange that if you want it. I can even give you some special medicine that’ll make you need diapers,” Karen said.

“Eww! No, thanks? It’s too much of a risk. I could end up getting adopt–” Sasha began.

Loren cut her off. “No you wouldn’t! In law school, we learned about the terms for adoption, and you’d have to be declared incapacitated and unable to care for yourself before they’d attempt that, and that’s even if you’re a Little. The laws for Tweeners are even more strict,” she said.

“Are you sure you don’t want to do it? I’m willing to give you,” Karen put her finger to her chin and looked thoughtful, “how about a thousand dollars a day for as long as you last, for up to a week, including weekends?”

“That’s seven-thousand dollars,” Loren reminded.

“A whole lot more than you’re making working at that coffee shop,” Lucy teased.

“I’m not just a barista, you know! I’m also working on a book,” Sasha reminded.

“Yeah, but right now that book isn’t making you any money, is it?” Karen asked.

“Well…” Sasha said.

“Make your decision. Minimum wage or a cool seven thousand bucks?” Lucy teased.

“I’d have to take off of work and–” Sasha said.

“I can take care of those details. They won’t make you work if you’re too sick to do it. I’ll just draw up some documents, and Karen can write you some special prescriptions,” Loren offered with a wink.

“I don’t know…” Sasha said timidly.

“Come on! You know we’ve read your diaper lover erotica. You’re into this kind of stuff and you want to go back as badly as any other grown-up,” Lucy said. Sasha cringed and blushed again, looking around nervously.

“Yeah, but…I don’t think it’s a good idea,” Sasha tried to argue.

“Aw, what’s wrong? Do you not trust us? Do you think we’re going to put you in diapers and keep you there? Trick you into putting yourself up for adoption?” Karen teased.

“No, I–” Sasha started.

“You know we’d never do that to you! The laws wouldn’t allow us to, for one thing, and, look, if you’re really nervous, I’ll draw up a contract for you, with the terms of your participation very clearly spelled out, and that way if we break any rules, you can sue us for a whole lot more than the money offered for the bet,” Loren explained.

“Tick-tock,” Karen teased. “This offer will expire at the end of the meeting.”

“What do you say?” Lucy asked.

Sasha sat back biting her lip. Part of her really did want to do this, but she cringed at the thought of being publicly humiliated. “No,” she finally said.

“Aw! Baby Sasha, come on and let me take care of you,” Lucy whined.

“What are you afraid of, hon?” Karen asked.

“If any of my friends find out…” Sasha began.

“They won’t! I’ll put non-disclosure in the contract anyway, though,” Loren interrupted.

“The year’s already started, so no one else can sign up without my permission, and no Tweeners are in attendance,” Lucy explained.

“Seven…thousand…dollars…” Karen trilled.

“Plus, if you’re so worried about what your little friends will think, we’ve already got dirt on you,” Lucy said, pulling up her phone.

“Huh?” Sasha asked.

“I just found this online,” Lucy explained, as she motioned for everyone to gather round. Sasha cautiously walked up to the chair to join the group of curious Amazons. It showed teenage Sasha standing dressed as a baby in a very realistic-looking dirty diaper.

“Oh no! I forgot about that!” Sasha said in surprise.

“You’re more interested in this than we thought,” Lucy said coolly.

“We did that…on a dare…they said they weren’t going to post it,” she said.

“Well, I think they lied. All I had to do was do a search for your name,” Lucy informed her.

“It’s illegal for them to have that posted without your permission. You can ask them to take it down and then levy a suit against the creator that posted it–” Loren said. Someone suddenly put a hand over her mouth. It was Karen.

“But but but, we’ll download it and show it everyone at her college, unless she agrees; it’s not really illegal for us to have it,” Karen said. Loren scowled and folded her arms, but didn’t argue.

“What? Why? Please don’t!” Sasha begged.

“Relax. All you have to do is agree to be our baby for the week. Whaddya say?” Lucy asked.

Sasha paused, thinking about her options. “I’ll…do it,” Sasha finally said.

The three Amazon women quietly cheered and congratulated Sasha on her decision. “We’ll report the video today, draw up the contract, and get you off of work tomorrow,” Lucy said.


This is definitely getting interesting… :smiley:

This one is pretty easy to predict, but well-written and enjoyable. :slight_smile:

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I like the story so far I hope you keep going with the story