TV Comedy program

I sure some of you may have seen Young Sheldon. A boy genius who went to high school then college. I’m sure that was for the program. But does anybody know if something like that happened in real life. Well, maybe not advance like that but skipped a few grades. Like someone who is suppose to be in 3rd or 4th grade advanced 6th or 7th grade?

It’x not unheard of. @Leah would have graduated 3 years earlier if her parents hadn’t refused to allow her to skip a few grades. If her parents hadn’t forbid it she actually would have skipped middle school completely.

Yeah, my zeal for learning in school died because they refused to allow me to skip grades. Most of that was my mother, though the schools felt like my brother (who was 14 months older than me) would have some kind of emotional issues if I was allowed to move up to/ahead of his grade.

You must be right about that. I myself when I was in 1st grade I don’t remember if it was math, reading or spelling but I skipped just that class and went on to the 2nd grade level class just for that period.