Turning 2: Chapter 1

I was watching Turning Red the other day, and it gave me a bit of an idea, hence the title. I’ve started a few stories before, but most were boring or generic, and I never cared to finish them. With this story I put more thought into the characters and the structure, and I’d like to develop it further if there’s any interest.

This story is ENTIRELY non sexual, and some of the characters are young children or toddlers as I enjoy writing from that perspective. It’s all very innocent, but if that kind of thing makes you uncomfortable or if you’re looking for a story with kink this probably isn’t the story for you. Also there may be messing in coming chapters, I haven’t decided yet. If there is messing it won’t be too gross or graphic, but it makes sense for some of the characters.

Lastly this chapter does end slightly abruptly, but I wanted to see what everyone thought before I got too far. So, without further ado:

Turning 2: Chapter 1

“Come on. Why can’t I go? I’m on Spring Break.”
“I don’t care! You’re not going to some nightclub.”
“It’s for teenagers!”
“I don’t care who it’s for. Thirteen is barely even a teenager. You’re not even a freshman yet.”
“So! Libby is going, and Kendra is driving.”
“I don’t care if the pope is driving! Libby is 14. Kendra is what? 16? I’m not that naive, I was your age once, as the cliche goes. I’m well aware of what teenagers are capable of getting into.”
“Fine then! If I can’t go I’m going to lock myself in my room, and if you don’t see me again I’m probably DEAD!” Screamed Amanda.
“Sometimes I wish you weren’t so dramatic, but you’re definitely my child,” said her mother with an audible sigh.
“Look, you’ll have plenty of time for dancing and nightclubs and all that when you’re older. I try not to be too strict. You’re allowed at Libby’s so long as her parents are there, and of course she’s welcome here, but a club is out of the question. I don’t even want you riding in Kendra’s car if I’m perfectly honest, especially not at night. She just got her driver’s license last month.
“Fair. Well, not really, but I said the same thing to my mother when I was your age. Have a nice night in your room.”

Amanda huffed loudly and stomped her feet all the way to her room. When she got there she slammed the door as loud as she could. Then she blasted the most profane music she could find on her laptop, songs she was certain her mother would certainly not approve of. In Amanda’s opinion she was practically an adult at 13, and she could take care of herself. Her mother was just a wallet to her, and she certainly didn’t care what her mother thought about anything.

Meanwhile Anna, Amanda’s mother, had gone back to watching her show. Her mother had always told Anna she’d been a dramatic child, so she wasn’t surprised that she had a dramatic daughter. Amanda was a good kid at heart, Anna was sure of that, just as she was sure that Amanda didn’t actually hate her or think of her as just a wallet. It was just something teenagers said. Besides, her own disrespectful behavior had decreased significantly after an incident when she was 13 years old, and she was certain something similar would happen to Amanda.
“Any day now,” she muttered to herself, still watching the television.

Amanda spent the rest of the night sulking in her room watching Libby’s Tiktoks. Libby looked like she was having the time of her life, and Amanda was so jealous. There was footage of her, Kendra, and lots of other people on stage with the DJ, and it looked like so much fun! After a few hours of watching her friends have the best night ever on social media Amanda finally had enough, and she decided to go to sleep.

When Amanda woke up the next morning she was still in a bad mood.
“Good morning,” chirped her mother as she walked into the kitchen.
Amanda remained silent, although she glared at her mother with a warning “don’t talk to me” type of look. Amanda poured herself a bowl of cereal and scrolled through her phone as she ate her breakfast. After Amanda had finished her cereal she’d purposely left her unwashed bowl in the kitchen sink, which she knew was a huge pet peeve of her mother’s.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” asked Anna, trying to remain calm and polite.
“Nope,” replied Amanda as she started walking to her room.
“I’m not doing dishes today. Not after what you did last night. Libby had an amazing time, and I missed out on everything. All you ever do is ruin my life.”
“I’m sorry you feel that way young lady, but there are rules if you want to live in this house!” Exclaimed Anna, practically shouting now.
“Oh yeah? Well maybe I don’t want to live in this Goddamn house!”screamed Amanda at the top of her lungs.

Suddenly there was a sudden burst of smoke and a loud popping sound, and there was now a naked little girl of about two and a half where Amanda had been standing. The toddler had all of Amanda’s features, from her electric blue eyes to her beautiful cherry red hair. The little girl examined the room, her eyes wide and terrified, and she began to wail.

Anna looked at the toddler with a slightly surprised look, but she did not seem nearly as shocked as you’d expect.
“Shhh… shhh… it’s okay little one. I know it’s a lot, I remember what it was like, but it’ll be okay. You’re still Amanda, I promise,” cooed Anna. She walked over to where the toddler was standing and picked up the young girl, wrapping her arms around her. She stroked the toddler’s beautiful red hair and stared into her dazzling blue eyes. The little girl looked back at Anna through teary eyes, desperately trying to make sense of what was happening to her.

“I don’t know exactly how this all works, but I’ll tell you what my mother told me when I was young, because I went through this as well. It happens to all the girls in our family, at least the last three generations of girls, and it’s all thanks to your good for nothing great grandfather. Anyway, your grandmother was about your age one hundred years ago, actually I think she was about sixteen when all this happened, but the point is she was young, and she thought she was in love,” explained Anna.

“Times were different then, and she’d caught the eye of a man in his early twenties who showered her with love and affection. She was convinced they’d be married and would live happily ever after, he’d promised her they would, but everyone in town, including your great grandfather, knew her lover was a philanderer. Your great grandfather tried to explain this to your grandmother, but she refused to listen. Even worse, she threatened to run away, and she promised your great grandfather that he would never see her ever again. Do you understand so far?”

Amanda thought for a second and nodded. She understood everything her mother was saying, but it was taking a tremendous amount of effort, and she felt as though she was forgetting words by the minute.

“Good, because this is where things get a little complicated. You see, your great grandfather was willing to do anything he could to make sure your grandma didn’t run away, so he made a deal with the Gods. He gave them 13 years of his life, and he aged instantly. In exchange the God’s… de-aged your grandmother so to speak, and she was instantly reduced back to the age of three.”

“N… no!” shouted Amanda. She had followed everything her mother was saying to the best of her ability, but none of it made sense. Nothing made sense anymore. Her thoughts were wild and disorganized, and she was totally unable to process the situation. Everything was so overwhelming. She looked around the room and realized how large and intimidating everything around her seemed, and she buried her head into her mother’s shoulder and resumed her crying.

“Shhh… shhh… it’s okay. I’ll tell you what, we’ll continue your grandmother’s story in just a second, but for now I think I have some things that should help you feel a little more comfortable,” cooed Anna in a comforting voice. She kissed little Amanda on the forehead and carried the naked toddler to her bedroom.

“You’ve probably never been in my closet, but I saved quite a few things from when you were a little since I knew this would happen someday. I’m sure you’ll feel all better once we get you all dressed and sorted!” exclaimed Anna with an encouraging smile as she fished out a storage crate full of toddler clothes that had been tucked away for years.

She selected an adorable white rabbit onesie, complete with a bunny ear hood and a cotton tail on the rear flap. She reached further into the closet, and she pulled out a partially used bag of diapers and bottle of baby powder that was about half full.

“Hmmm. Not as many of these as I thought, but we should be fine for the day,” murmured Anna to herself as she examined the bag of Pampers. All right, let’s get you dressed!”

Amanda’s eyes were still watering, but she’d stopped wailing. None of what her mother said made any sense, and yet when Amanda stared into her mother’s closet mirror there was a toddler staring back at her. When Amanda wiggled her fingers the little girl moved her fingers in the exact same way. Plus the little girl was currently in Anna’s arms, just like Amanda was. It seemed impossible, but the little girl she saw in the mirror was clearly her, just a smaller, much younger version.

Amanda’s mother carried Amanda to her bed and laid her on her backside. At first Amanda wasn’t sure what was happening, but she soon found out when her mother attempted to wrap a disposable diaper around her waist.
“No!” shouted Amanda in an upset voice as she tried to wiggle her way out of her diaper change.
“I’m sorry princess, but this is necessary. You’re little now, and believe it or not you aren’t potty trained anymore, not when you’re like this,” said Anna in a sympathetic voice as she held Amanda down with one hand and taped her diaper with the other. “Look, I know this sucks right now. I remember my first transformation being pretty rough, but you’ll get used to it. At least I did. Anyway, I guess I can finish the story now that you’re properly diapered. There’s more I need to tell you, and I think you’ll feel better about your situation after you hear this next part. We can finish dressing you and all that in a minute.”

“So, you’re great grandfather had your grandmother turned into a toddler in order to prevent her from running away, which was incredibly selfish of him in my opinion. But anyway, at first your great grandfather was ecstatic to have his little girl back, but he hadn’t been a young man when he made the deal, and he’d just aged thirteen years in the matter of a day. He quickly realized he’d bitten off more than he could chew and that he wasn’t up to the task of caring for a toddler in his old age. It wasn’t long before he deeply regretted his decision,” explained Anna.

“The God’s were sympathetic to your great grandfather, and even more so to your great grandmother, because they knew your great grandfather was too old to care for her properly. One night not long after he made the deal, your great grandfather prayed that the Gods would reverse their spell, and the Gods answered his prayer, at least to the best of their abilities. You see, your great grandfather had made a binding contract when he gave the Gods thirteen years of his life, and even the Gods were unable to break such a bind. They returned your grandmother back to her proper age of sixteen, but for the next two years she’d spontaneously transform into a toddler for seemingly no reason at all, although she noticed her transformations seemed to correspond with states of heightened emotions. Her transformations never lasted for more than a few days though, and they stopped altogether when she turned eighteen, which is good news. All this is temporary. It was for your grandmother. It was for me, and it will be for you too. This will all end on your eighteenth birthday, and you’ll still age normally until then, you’ll just turn into a toddler for a few days every now and then .

“What bout you?” asked Amanda, who, despite everything, was still shocked by how babyish her voice sounded when she spoke.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. This same thing happened to me! I was a little younger than you actually, only twelve. I had a huge fight with my mother, your grandmother, and poof, suddenly I was two years old. It actually came as quite a shock to your poor grandmother, because she didn’t know that the spell would last across generations, and I was also quite a bit younger than she’d been when she switched for the first time. I guess magic is random like that. It wasn’t the end of the world though, because your uncle was still a toddler then, so there were diapers and things like that at the house. And just like with your grandmother my transformation only lasted for about two days, then I suddenly woke up as a twelve year old again,” remembered Anna.

“Plus it’s not like you’ll transform all the time. Once I went for three whole months without transforming at all, and then there was another time where I transformed for an entire week after I had a huge fight with Grandma. It always seemed random, but it is linked to our emotions somehow. I know it’s not fair, and I’d reverse the magic if I could, but it is what it is. Your great grandfather was the only one who knew how to properly communicate with the Gods, and he took the secrets with him to his grave. I prayed for the spell to be lifted all the time when I was younger, but my prayers never actually did anything. Besides, as disorienting as it was transitioning from a teenager to a toddler it started to feel like a vacation after a while, especially as I got older. Teenagers have a lot of worries whereas toddlers aren’t particularly stressed or worried about much of anything. I always trusted your grandmother would take care of me, and she always did, so I accepted my fate and played the childish role I was assigned,” continued Anna, although she was now smiling slightly.

“Look, you won’t believe me right now, but it can actually be a lot of fun being two. Your brain is still more like that of a teenager than a toddler right now, because you just transformed for the very first time, but give it a little time and your thoughts will become simple and more childish. Give it more time after that and you’ll find that you only care about what’s happening in the immediate present. Just like a toddler you’ll have no concept of shame or embarrassment. and you’ll be happy, or at least I usually was back then. I honestly don’t remember too much, but I do remember being carefree and happy. Plus I’m not your great grandfather. I’m not going to suddenly age thirteen years in a day. I may not be twenty five anymore, but I’m still perfectly capable of looking after you. In fact I’ve been looking forward to it; why else do you think I kept the clothes and the diapers? I’ll always still love thirteen year old Amanda, and she’ll be back again in a few days, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to having my little princess back every now and then.”

“Here, I bet this’ll help you adjust. I found it with the diapers and the other things I had in storage. You used to love this when you were little,” chirped Anna as she offered Anna a light pink pacifier.

At first Amanda shook her head, feeling a bit embarrassed. She didn’t need a pacifier, she wasn’t a baby. Or maybe she was, she honestly wasn’t sure anymore. She was technically a toddler at the moment after all, and she was wearing a thick disposable diaper adorned with all sorts of babyish prints and patterns. But was all that enough to make her a baby? Amanda wasn’t sure, but all this thinking was giving her a headache. After a few moments of consideration Amanda somewhat sheepishly accepted the pacifier, just to try it, and she was surprised by the immediate comfort it provided her.

“You always loved your paci,” said Anna with a smile as she noticed Amanda calming down. “Your pediatrician hated me for how long I let you keep that thing. You were out of diapers and everything way before you ever gave up your pacifier. I think you were even still using it sometimes during the summer before Kindergarten. I’m sure you don’t remember, but it got to the point where I had to throw them all away. You hated me then, and you cried yourself to sleep for a night or two, but I’m so happy I kept one” reminisced Anna. “All right, I’m going to get you dressed now, ok?”

Amanda examined the outfit her mother had chosen, and she nodded. As a thirteen year old she had a preference for loud music and the color black, but as a toddler she wasn’t so sure. She hadn’t wanted to like her pacifier, and yet here she was sucking away enjoying every second of it. Even her diaper wasn’t so bad now that she’d gotten used to the extra bulk between her legs. She wasn’t sure what she liked or didn’t like any more, so she figured she’d just follow along with whatever her mother had planned.

Anna smiled and had Amanda step into the legs of her footed bunny rabbit onesie. She got the outfit on properly and zipped it up in the back, and she beamed at Amanda when she was finished dressing her. Easter had been a few weeks ago, but it was still Spring, and Amanda’s onesie was still perfect for the season as far as Anna was concerned.

“Oh my goodness! You are so cute! Mama’s little cottontail!” shouted Anna in a gleeful voice. “Can you give me a little hop?”
Amanda hopped up and down, and her Mommy cheered. Amanda had always enjoyed being the center of attention, and her toddler self was no exception. She relished in her mother’s praise, and she even gave a small bow.

She hopped over to a mirror hanging above her mother’s dresser and finally got a good look at her outfit. She looked adorable, and her onesie was so comfortable; it even made wearing her diaper more comfortable. She turned around, turned her head back to face the mirror, and giggled at her cottontail bottom, which was bulging out a bit due to her thick diaper.

“Hehe. I have a tail!” Squealed Amanda, who was feeling more and more childish by the second.
“You sure do!” Exclaimed Anna.
“Umm… what this?” asked Amanda as she placed her hand on her rear flap.
“It’s a rear flap, for diaper checks,” said Anna matter of factly.
“Oh,” said Amanda, now blushing. She still wasn’t really sure what she thought about the whole diaper thing yet. It wasn’t so bad wearing a diaper, but she hasn’t actually used it yet, and she had no idea what that would feel like. Would it feel icky? Amanda hoped not. She wasn’t too keen to find out, but she figured nature would call sooner than later, and she knew she’d have to answer its call since she was no longer potty trained.


What can I say, I’m not usually into the magic world stories, but I feel this one could be quite an interesting one, hope you will continue this one and at least involve stuff like cribs, strollers, car seats, high chairs and such which are normally a part of the deal with a 2 yrs old, if magic is involved in that story, maybe Amanda room can auto transform to a nursery whenever she turns to a toddler, and back to a typical teenager room when she’s back to her normal age.


That’s definitely the plan! There will be hints of magic here and there, but it’s more of a plot device than anything. It was just the easiest way to turn her into a toddler. Her brain is still adapting to the transformation, but she’ll live her life as a toddler(at least for a few days at a time) and will experience all that that usually entails.

As of now this story doesn’t have a planned ending per se, apart from her eighteenth birthday. This specific “segment” of the story will have a bit of a spring theme, which is why she’s dressed as a bunny, but I plan to put Amanda in several cute scenarios. She’ll age normally as a teenager, but she’ll always turn into a two year old, and each of her transformations can kinda be it’s own little story. That’s the plan so far anyway.


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Yeah. Sorry about that. I somehow deleted the original doc and didn’t realize Google docs didn’t allow copy and pasting. I tried to copy the story here and edit it there, but it didn’t work, so I had to make a few minor edits here. I’m also picky about wording and hate forgetting to close quotes and things like that, so I made a bunch of tiny edits. Thanks for resolving the issue. The second part has its own document, and I’ll comb over everything there before posting here. :slight_smile:

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