Trying to get back into abdl fiction.

Suppose I should make this topic after I went through the effort to remake my account. I posted a couple stories in 2013, but my account was deleted, or maybe something happened to the database, or something. They’re Old Shame for me now, but if you’re deathly curious, you can PM me. When I wrote them, I was financially unstable, drifting in life, and not sure what I wanted to do. Since then, I got a new job, a new apartment, a new car, and eventually figured out what I wanted to do in life. I want to write fiction. Not just as a hobby; I want to write novels, stories, make a living from it. I also started talking to another famous abdl author, who has encouraged me greatly. This led me to actually having time to think about abdl fiction again, and I started another story. It’s been in progress for quite some time, but I’m hoping that making myself post here and interact more will keep me motivated. Or accountable. Preferably both.

I’m introverted and shy, almost didn’t make this topic, but if you approach me, I love to chat about writing, fantasy, abdl themes, everything. I’m on discord 24/7, you can find me at Don#2483 if you know what that is. I also have a twitter I’m hooked into daily. That’s about it, I reckon.

If your account was removed but the posts still exists one of two things happened: Your email address had permanent failures that were causing your provider to block us sending emails or it was removed for having zero activity for 5 years when I was cleaning up the database prior to the upgrade back in April.

if the posts are still there PM me the links and I can attach them to your new account :slight_smile:

“zero activity for 5 years”

that would do it :stuck_out_tongue: