True Love (Is capable of) Ch. 3

True Love

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Chapter 3: Surprises

Kin stirred, something was gently shaking her. “Kin-kins, wake up. You’ll never be able to get up tomorrow if you stay asleep any longer.” A soothing voice whispered in her ear. Kin gave a small yawn, rubbed her eyes, and turned over. Above her was a woman with brown eyes, and brown hair that fell to her shoulders. She smiled down at Kin, who smiled back at her.

“Hey, nurse Heather.” Kin murmured as she rubbed her eyes, trying to wake up more. Heather stood up, placed her hands on her hips.

“That’s mom to you Kin.” Heather said. “Now, mind telling me why you’re sleeping in a wet diaper?”

Kin blinked, now fully wake, and looked down at herself. Her sheets and blanket had shifted while she slept, leaving her diaper in full view. Shifting her legs slightly she gave a small gasp as she felt the soggy pad she wore. She was stunned, she had wet herself!

“Having problems while asleep Kin?” Heather asked. Kin, having no real answer at the moment, decided to use the excuse her mom had given her, and nodded her head. “And how long has this been going on?” Kin had no answer. Biting her lip, she brought her legs to her stomach, wrapping her arms around them. “This is your first time, isn’t it? We have diapers down in storage, but none like this one. Mind telling me where you got that one, and what’s going on?”

Kin bite her lip so hard that she drew blood. Heather sat down next to her and placed her hand on Kin’s face, wiping the blood off with her finger. “Don’t worry Kin, I’m not mad at you. I can only assume at this point that you like wearing diapers, and I don’t mind in the least. However, I’d like to hear what’s going on from you, and not just make guesses.” Heather explained. Kin blushed at the thought, she did admit to herself that she didn’t mind the diaper, and yes, it wasn’t terrible when wet, but she didn’t want to wear them all day, every day.

“Promise you won’t be mad?” Kin whispered, tears in her eyes. Heather nodded her head, smiling at her daughter. “There’s this girl…at school…she needs diapers…” Heather nodded, showing she was listening. “Trish and the others pick on her because of it, and Amara also gets in the way of her bullying, making herself Trish’s main target. Amara doesn’t care though, about herself being bullied anyways, she’s whipped us all at least once.”

“I…I’ve never really liked Trish’s ways…Amara is right, she just hides behind her father’s influence, doing as she pleases. Amara doesn’t care though, she continues getting in the way…no regard for herself as long as others don’t get hurt.” Kin closed her eyes, tears falling down her face, a small blush forming on her cheeks. “I…I have a crush on her.”

Heather was silent for a minute, Kin waiting for an outburst of disgust, waiting for her mother to try and beat some sense into her. She curled tighter into herself as Heather’s shadow cover her, only to gasp as she felt her mother’s arms wrap around her body.

“This Amara sounds like a good person.” Heather said. “I’d like to meet her sometime, maybe we could do something about this ‘need of diapers’ if it’s a medical condition.” Kin’s head shot up.

“You’re not mad?!”

“Not at all. Actually, I’d of been surprised if you found a man to be with, all things considered.” Heather answered, smiling at Kin. “I take it this is one of her diapers?”

“Yeah, she dropped in the bathroom, so I picked it up.” Kin explained, wiping her tears away. “And yeah, her diapers are because of a medical condition, but she doesn’t want to get fixed up.”

“Why’s that?” Heather asked, curious.

“Well, not yet anyways. She was adopted by a woman who can’t have any children of her own, so she’s staying in diapers until she moves out so she can have a taste of what it’s like to have a baby, at least in some form.” Kin explained.

“Really now? I’m liking this girl more and more by the minute. Does she like girls too?”

“She does, it only serves as more of a reason for Trish to target her. I hate it when we fight her, but…if I help Amara, I’ll lose my social status…no one would want anything to do with me…and I have no idea if Amara has any feelings for me…I can only do so much right now to help her.”

“And what have you done to help her?”

“We were actually paired together in a class to work on a project due in three weeks. The teacher knows about the issues Trish and the group has with Amara, and said that unless we both do this project together, he’ll fail us both. I managed to convince the girls to lay off Amara for the duration of the assignment by lying, saying that if I failed the project I’d fail the course while Amara still passed. It was the only way I could get Trish to agree, she’d hate for Amara to have beaten her in any way, even getting a better grade then one of her crew members.”

Heather smiled, before ruffling Kin’s hair. “Sounds like you’ve got everything going your way at the moment. You should take the chance to get to know Amara while you work together.” Kin smiled, and nodded her head. “Now then, let’s get you changed out of that diaper, okay?” Kin blushed, but nodded her head again. Heather stood up and held her hand out, which Kin grabbed and pulled herself up.

“By the way,” Heather started, as the two walked out of the room, “you mentioned something about getting into fights again?” Kin froze in mid step. “You know how I feel about you getting into fights, especially after what happened to that Dosu boy, no matter how much he deserved a beating.” Heather put her hand on Kin’s back and started pushing her forward, heading down the stairs. “I think I might need to punish you, maybe wearing diapers while you’re home will convince you to stop getting involved in fights.”

Kin gasped in shock as she was led down to a small examination room in the back of the house. As she was helped onto the table she thought about what that would be like. As Heather looked through the diapers for one that would fit Kin, Kin secretly decided that she wouldn’t mind wearing diapers while at home. In a way, she would be just like Amara now. Kin hid her smile as Heather walked over with a fresh diaper in hand.


It was the buzz all over school. Amara had actually kissed one of Trish’s group, Kin no less. Everyone had heard about what had happened to the last person who had come onto her, that boy was no longer able to have children. Everyone was stunned that she hadn’t done anything immediately, so they were waiting to see what would happen next.

It was lunchtime, and Amara was eating with her friends, like she always did. “So, what happened yesterday with you and Kin?” Yuffie asked. Lee, Ray, and Mariah nodded their heads, also curious what was happening between the two.

Amara shrugged her shoulders. “I was just saying thanks, she convinced Trish and the others to give me some peace while I have to work with Kin on a project.”

“How come you never say thank you like that to us?” Ray asked with a grin, getting a slap on the back of his head from Mariah.

“Yuffie is like a sister to me, Mariah is taken, and I don’t kiss boys.” Was Amara’s answer.

“Trish and Kin may try to get back at you once your project is done.” Lee pointed out. Amara just smirked.

“Trish maybe, but I’m not worried about Kin.” Amara said, before taking a sip of her drink.

“And why is that?” Mariah asked, curious.

Amara paused from her drink, and grinned at her friend. “Because, Kin started kissing back at the end.” The others gasped as Amara went back to her drink. Before they could say anything else, the bell rang, signaling the end of the period. Amara gathered her things and head off to her next class.


Gym class, Amara didn’t dislike the class, it was who she had the class with that she hated. She entered the locker room, walking past several rows of lockers before she caught sight of Trish. Ignoring her, she made her way to her own locker, opened it, and placed her backpack inside. Pulling out her gym clothes, she pulled her shorts off and placed then in her locker.

“You got a lot of guts, kissing Kin like that.” Amara sighed, and turned to face Trish. “I can’t wait to see what she does to you.”

Amara grinned. “Me too, Kin’s a great kisser, I can only imagine how she’d ravish my body.” Trish growled.

“As if she’d stoop to your level, Kin’s no lesbian, she’s interested in Zaku.” Amara grinned once again.

“Mind games really aren’t your forte Trish, I know Kin broke Zaku’s fingers when he groped her. Besides, Kin isn’t like the rest of your lapdogs, you really have nothing on her, she could leave at any time and you’d have nothing you could offer to keep her with you.” Amara said.

“And you really think she’s leave the group for some diapered lesbian like you?” Amara had a blank expression on her face as she walked towards Trish, despite being pants less. The other students watched on, wondering what would happen next.

“I may need diapers, and I may be a lesbian, but I know that anyone who cares for me is because of who I am, not who my father is. All the boys that chase after you are only interested in the influence you have because you’re father is mayor.” Was Amara’s answer. “You can’t hide behind him forever; you have until the end of high school before the next election, and given how he’s abused his power to keep you out of trouble, it’s doubtful he’ll be re-elected. Then, your power and influence will be gone, and no one will want to be around you, what with the way you attack people that don’t listen to what you say.”

Trish clenched her fist. ‘How dare she! Who does she think she is?! I’ll make her regret ever speaking to me that way!’ Trish pulled back her arm, ready to throw a punch at Amara, when someone grabbed her arm. She looked at who did it

The woman had purple hair and brown eyes. She wore a brown trench coat, a tight grey shirt, and a brown mini skirt with a large belt. In her other hand was a stick full of dango. “As much as I enjoy a good cat fight, I wouldn’t be much of a teacher if I allowed one to happen on my first day.” She said.

Trish narrowed her eyes. “And who the hell do you think you are? My dad’s the mayor of this town, and he could easily get you fired if I asked.” The woman just turned to Amara.

“Sounds like you know this one very well.” Amara sighed.

“More than I’d like to. I usually only get to know my friends and potential girlfriends, I only know Trish as well as I do because she seems to have an obsession with my diapers and being a lesbian. I sometimes wonder if she’s jealous of me.” That was the last straw for Trish.

Trish threw a kick at the woman holding her arm, just missing her stomach, but managed to get loose from her hold. Trish was about to punch Amara, when she was tackled to the ground from the side. Looking up, she was shocked to find it was Kin on top of her. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?! Do you honestly like that piece of trash?”

Kin growled at Trish. “Just shut up and don’t move.” Trish blinked, before growling herself. She threw Kin off her, only to come face to face with a brown snake. Trish froze on the spot as the snake looked at her.

“How do you like my little friend, Kazu? I was apart of an animal rescue team when I met him, we’ve been attached ever since.” The woman said.

“Dangerous pets aren’t allowed in school.” Trish squeaked out. Kazu moved forward and licked her face, causing Trish to tremble uncontrollably.

“That’s true, but before I was apart of animal rescue, I was also a military drill sergeant. When the school heard I, Anko Mitarashi, was looking for a job, they offered me the chance to become their new gym coach, even allowing me bring Kazu here as long as he’s with me at all times.” Anko said.

The snake began to slither away from Trish, causing the girl to relax a bit. The snake the suddenly turned back and snapped its jaw at her, causing the girl to shriek and shuffle backwards on the ground, a small wet spot forming between her legs. Kin stood up.

“Call off your snake, you’ve made your point. Unless you’d rather clean up after everyone you terrorize with him.” Kin told Anko. Amara noticed the wet spot on Trish’s shorts and bit her lip to keep herself from laughing. Anko sighed and walked over to the snake, letting it slither up her leg and wrap around her waist.

“Happy now?” She asked. Without waiting for an answer, she turned to the rest of the students. “Alright you maggots, you got three minutes to get changed and out on the line! Otherwise you get to spend the period with Kazu in my office.” Everyone scrambled to get to their lockers and get changed; those already changed ran out of the locker room.

Kin walked over to Trish and helped her up. As they went to their lockers, Trish shot Amara a death glare, while Kin, out of Trish’s sight, gave Amara a small grin. Amara grinned back and gave a wave at the two. This caused Trish to growl even more, but Kin just grabbed her and led her to her locker.


All the boys sat on the bleachers in the gym. Today they were getting a new gym teacher, and also starting a new unit in class. Everyone turned as they heard the door to the coach’s office open, and gasped/gulped at the sight.

The man was a huge, must have been over seven feet tall! He had black eyes, a scar running down he left side of his face, and black hair. His black hair was unbelievably spiky, and even more so was the fact that it had bells attached to the ends of each spike. He wore a ragged black shirt, equally ragged black pants, and an eye patch over his right eye. In his hand was a kendo stick.

“Alright you wimps, get your asses down here.” The massive man growled. Everyone scrambled to the bottom of the bleachers. “The name’s Kenpachi Zaraki, and I’m your new gym coach. Today we’re starting kendo training, so every one of you grab a stick!”

Everyone ran to the equipment garage next to the locker room and grabbed a kendo stick before returning to the line in front of Kenpachi. “Well, at least you can follow orders; now let’s see how you can fight! Today you will face me one on one that way I can learn just how much work I need to do with you all!”

A silver haired student stepped forward, before getting into a sword stance. “Name’s Riku, and I’ll be your first opponent.” Kenpachi laughed at this.

“Well, aren’t you a brave one. Fine, show me what you got!” Riku charge at Kenpachi, raising his stick above his head. He leaped up, aiming to strike the mammoth of a man on top of his head, when he heard his bells jingle. It was at that moment that Kenpachi struck, swinging his stick into Riku’s stomach, breaking his own kendo stick in the process. Riku gasped as he lost his breath, and went crashing to the floor.

Kenpachi threw his broken stick aside and grabbed the one Riku dropped. “Who’s next?” Kenpachi heard a battle cry as an orange haired teenager charged forward. Kenpachi swung his stick, but the orange haired teen ducked under it and swung his stick at the giant’s stomach. After landing the blow, the orange haired teen followed thru and landed a second blow before leaping back, just barely avoiding Kenpachi’s stick again. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Ichigo Kurosaki, and I fight to win!” Ichigo answered. Kenpachi laughed at this.

“Well bring it on then, don’t keep me waiting.” Ichigo charged forward with another battle cry, intent on beating his new coach.


“Alright maggots, if I call your name, step forward, got it?” Anko asked. The students, all sweaty and tired could barely respond. “Alright then, Kin Tsuchi, Tayuya…I can’t pronounce your last name, Amara Kisari, and Yuffie Kisaragi…how ya doing Yuffie?”

“Fine aunt Anko.” Yuffie managed as she walked forward, gaining a gasp from the other students, they were related.

“Good to hear, I’ll be stopping in tonight to visit, so let sis know.” Anko told her. She then turned to the rest of the class. “Alright everyone, take a look at these four girls. They are the only ones who have earned my respect today. They managed to get through the obstacle course with the fastest times, and get the highest number of push ups, sit ups, jump ropes, and rope climbing respectively. You could all take a lesson from them.”

Trish straightened up. “No way! Just because she’s family to you, you say she’s better then the rest of us? And there’s no way in hell that those two diaper girls are better then me!”

“Hey, shit stain, I only need them at night!” Tayuya yelled.

“And you’re one to talk Trish; you were the one who pissed her pants in the locker room.” Amara added.

“Well what would you do if you had a snake in your face? You’d probably crap yourself so much your diaper would fall off.” Trish replied, smug with her answer.

“Okay, one: I’m sure everyone here appreciates you giving them that mental image Trish. Two: Lets find out.” Amara walked over to Anko, who had her trench coat off, and stroked the snake around her waist. The snake hissed lightly, before curling itself on Amara’s arm, Amara now stroking its scales with her other hand. Trish growled at being shown up, while the other students looked on in amazement.

“I’m impressed girl, Kazu doesn’t like many people, and it usually takes a while for him to warm up to others.” Anko stated. “You have any experience with animals?”

“Yes actually, I have a baby wolf at home. Before I moved here, I saved it from some hunters that killed off its family, just after its mother gave birth to it actually. We’ve been together for three years.” Amara explained. The snake gave a slight hiss, and Amara knelt down so that her shoulder was at equal level to Anko’s waist. The snake then slithered off Amara’s arm and wrapped itself around Anko’s waist once again.

“That’s neat, maybe you should look into becoming apart of an animal rescue team or something like that, you seem to get along with them well enough.” Anko said. She turned to the class. “Alright maggots, there’s five minutes left in the period, but I’m feeling generous today, so instead of making you run some more laps, I’ll let you go get changed. Just wait for the bell before you leave.”

As everyone started heading for the locker room, Kin noticed Amara moving to the screen that divided the gym in two, the boys and girls sides. Kin walked over to her. “What are you doing?”

“Checking out who the new coach is for the boys. Wanna look?” Kin shrugged her shoulders and peeked around the corner of the divider. She gasped at what she saw.

Students were laying flat out on the ground all over the gym floor, broken kendo sticks scattered around them. She saw the coach, Kenpachi, standing over Ichigo. Kin suddenly felt two arms come over her shoulders and clasp hand over her stomach, and two mounts press into her back. Amara’s head appeared on Kin’s right shoulder. Kin herself was frozen in place, stunned at her current position, while Amara just looked around.

“Damn, looks like he really let the boys have it.” Amara said. Kin could only nod her head, unable to speak at the moment. “Am I making you uncomfortable Kin?” Amara asked, her breath tickling Kin’s ear, making her shudder.

“N-n-no.” Kin managed to get out. Amara grinned, and was about to start nibbling Kin’s ear when, suddenly, a shoe flew over them and hit Kenpachi on the back of his head. Turning around, Amara saw Trish smirking, before running off to the locker room.

“Which one of you threw that?” Amara turned and saw Kenpachi looking down on herself and Kin, who was currently shaking.

“It wasn’t us, it was-” Just then, several curses were heard behind them, and Anko came out of the locker room, dragging Trish with her. Anko surveyed the situation.

“Well now, could your running into the locker room have something to do with what’s happening here? I wonder…” Anko said, looking at Kenpachi.

“Someone threw their shoe at me, and I caught these two peeking around the divider.” Kenpachi told her. Amara tightened her grip on Kin.

“Does it look like we’re in any position to throw anything at anyone?” She asked Kenpachi. Anko looked from Amara and Kin to Trish.

“Maybe we should punish all three of them, just to be sure.” Anko suggested.

“What!? That’s not fair!” Trish all but yelled. Anko glared at her, and a hiss from her waist caused Trish to shrink back in fear.

“E-excuse me?” Everyone turned to Kin. “D-did you check if there w-was a name inside the shoe?” Kenpachi blinked, before pulling the top of the shoe up, revealing ‘Trish’ in purple gems.

“Which one of you is Trish?” Trish’s face paled at this. “Guess what, you’ll be spending the next few days after school with me, I’ll need someone to clean up the mess from my classes leave after all.”

“What!? I am nobody’s maid! Just wait till my daddy hears about this!” She would have continued, except that Kazu dropped to the floor and started snapping at Trish. Trish screamed and ran to the locker room, Kazu and Anko close behind. Kenpachi just shook his head and walked to his office after dismissing his class.

Amara rested her head on Kin’s shoulder again. “Why’d you give Trish up?” Kin turned her head so she could look Amara in the eye.

“I don’t want to spend any more time around that guy then I have to.” Was Kin’s answer. Amara gave a small nod in understanding. “You can let go now.”

Amara leaned in a bit, so her mouth was by Kin’s ear. “Do you want me to let go? We still have minutes until the class is over.” She breathed in Kin’s ear, causing her to shudder again. Kin swallowed hard before answering.

“Yes.” Kin said out loud. ‘Never.’ She thought in her head. She held back a groan as Amara slipped off her back.

“Alright then Kin, I guess I’ll see you in class tomorrow.” Amara said, before walking off to the locker room. Kin watched as she left, cursing herself for her weak will.

Someday Amara…someday.’


Naruto: Kin, Tayuya, Anko, Lee
Beyblade: Ray, Mariah
Kingdom Hearts: Yuffie, Riku
Bleach: Ichigo, Kenpachi
OCs: Amara, Trish, Heather.

That’s it for chapter 3, not much in terms of fighting action, but I hope Kin and Amara made up for it. This chapter was basically for plot development and introducing new/more characters to the story. Anyways, love it, hate it, let me know!

True Love (Is capable of) Ch. 3

Coming along nicely so far.

True Love (Is capable of) Ch. 3

I love this!!! keep up the amazing work!!! and yes the cuddleing certinly made up for lack of fighting!!!