True Love Ch. 8

True Love

Twilight3 here, Chapter 8 is now ready for viewing. It won’t be as good as the last chapter, but it will contain a lot of character development. It’s a necessary evil, but rest assured there will still be diaper and AB goodness in this chapter. But you don’t want to hear me talking about it, so get on with the chapter already =P.


Chapter 8: Adjustments

Yuffie rolled over in her sleeping bag, sucking on her pacifier, trying to get back to sleep, the best sleep she’d had in a month to be exact. After rolling over again and feeling the cold wetness rub against her skin between her legs, Yuffie gave up.

Well, I maybe wet, but at least I managed to sleep through it.’ Yuffie thought to herself, absentmindedly sucking on her pacifier. She rolled onto her side, and saw Amara was still asleep, sucking on her own purple pacifier. ‘Never thought I’d be like you sis, at least, not this way.’

“Ready to get up?” A voice whispered behind her. Yuffie gasped behind her paci, and looked up to see Yuriko standing there. “If you want to sleep for a while longer, it’s fine, but either way we should get you a fresh diaper.”

Yuffie shook her head, and Yuriko helped her out of the sleeping bag, quietly so Amara could still sleep. Yuffie glanced down at herself briefly, taking note how much her diaper sagged, and blushed as Yuriko took her hand and lead her out of the room. A brief walk down the hallway, and Yuriko entered Amara’s room, where she helped Yuffie up onto the changing table and got to work.

“Have a good sleep?” Yuriko asked as she undid the tapes. Yuffie nodded her head, yes. “You seem to like your pacifier.”

Yuffie blushed, and pulled her pacifier out of her mouth. “I find it soothing…I can only guess that’s why sis likes them.” She answered. She then lifted her bum up so Yuriko could slide her wet diaper out.

“It’s one reason I suppose.” Yuriko replied as she started cleaning Yuffie with some wet wipes. Yuffie jumped at the sensation, kicking her feet out in surprise. “Sorry, I should have warned you.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Yuffie said. “At least I’m awake now.” She gave a small giggle.

Yuriko smiled at her. “I’ll warn you next time, if you need a change before you leave.” Yuffie nodded her head as Yuriko powdered her.

As Yuriko continued changing her, Yuffie began thinking about her situation. ‘It feels good…being taken care of like this…Is this why Amara hasn’t gotten her operation yet? She could have been out of diapers years ago, and yet she chooses to continue wearing them, despite how inconvenient it is to her social status and her life in general.’

Yuffie slipped her pacifier back into her mouth. ‘Amara did say that her mom changed her when she was home, and she does act more like a toddler when she’s home, even when I’m around…is she really able to bond with Yuriko by being her baby girl? I…I’d give anything to have that bond with mom and dad now…

Yuffie blinked as she felt herself being pulled up. Wiggling slightly, she realized she was in a fresh diaper already. Yuffie sat up and swung her legs off the edge of the table. She was about to hop off when Yuriko stopped her, then hopped onto the table next to Yuffie.

“I can tell something’s bothering you Yuffie.” Yuriko started. “I consider you my daughter just as much as I do Amara. You tried to adopt her into your family, and despite your parents forbidding you, you continue to stay with her. If there’s anything I can do to help you, even just lending an ear to listen.”

Yuffie smiled as she pulled her pacifier out. “I guess I should talk to someone about this.” Yuriko pulled Yuffie over to her, wrapping an arm around her, nodding her head to continue. “Well Mom,” Yuffie blushed at calling her that, “I think on top of my own problems, I may be a little jealous of Amara now.”

“Jealous? Of what?” Yuriko asked.

“Of the relationship she has with you.” Yuffie sighed. “Ever since I tried to get my parents to adopt her, it’s been like a wedge has been driven between us. I wish…I wish I had the sort of bond you two have, with my own parents.”

“You’ve had that ‘wedge’ for two years?” Yuriko asked.

“It started then, but then it eased up six months later, when I started dating Leon. We got along better, but even then, I think it’s because they wanted Leon’s money.” Yuffie sighed again. “His family is a supplier for the military, they make millions a year. We’d have been set for life if Leon had married me.”

“Did you love him?” Yuriko asked.

“I grew to.” Yuffie answered. “It took nearly a year, but I found reasons to love him. He could take care of me and any kids we’d have, we’d be financially set for life…it doesn’t matter now; he went behind everyone’s back and married my best friend Aerith. Now my parents are blaming me for the marriage, saying I must have done something or lacked something to make him want to marry someone else.”

“Yuffie…” Yuriko didn’t know what to say.

“And as if that wasn’t enough, now I’m wetting myself every time I fall asleep. I try not drinking anything after dinner, going to the bathroom before bed, but I still wet, and my parents make me change the sheets and take a shower. After that, I can’t get to sleep for an hour or so, only to have to get up two hours later for school!” Yuffie had tears running down her face now.

“My grades are getting worse, I can’t function during the day, and my parents refuse to help me with anything now. I had to go behind their backs for these diapers, they out right refused to have me wear them, even if they’d help me. I just wish…” Yuffie couldn’t continue speaking, as she broke down completely.

Yuriko pulled Yuffie onto her lap and wrapped her arms around her, running one hand thru her hair while the other rubbed her back. Yuffie cried for a full ten minutes before sobbing softly into Yuriko’s shoulder. Yuriko grabbed Yuffie’s pacifier and slipped it into the girl’s mouth. Yuffie then squealed in surprise as Yuriko lifted her up in her arms, and carried her over to the bed.

Yuriko sat down on the bed, laying Yuffie across her lap. “I think I understand what’s happening now.” Yuriko told her, causing Yuffie to look up at her. “You want your family back, but they blame you for their problems, like how they aren’t going to be rich from your marriage. You have no outlet for the stress you’re experiencing, thus your body made an outlet, your wettings.”

Yuriko waited a moment for it all to sink in before continuing. “Yuffie, I can’t say your relationship with your parents will improve anytime soon, but I can say this: you still have people who care about you. You have your friends, Amara, and me as well, and we’ll all stick by you. As far as having a bond with a parent, well, I know you may not consider me a mother to you as much as you do Amara as a sister, but you are welcome here anytime. If you want sit and chat, if you want to hang out or need a place to rest, or even if you want to wear a diaper and be a baby girl for a while, my door is always open for you.”

A few tears slipped down Yuffie’s face as she looked up at Yuriko. She wiped they away with her hand, sat up on Yuriko’s lap, and hugged her. Yuriko hugged her back, and the two stayed like that for a few minutes.

Yuffie pulled back first, and removed her pacifier from her mouth. “Thank you…Mommy…” Yuffie said, blushing. Yuriko smiled at Yuffie, and replaced her pacifier in her mouth, then patted her on the head.

“What say I get you a bottle of instant breakfast, the less solid food you take in, the less chance you’ll make a mess in your diaper.” Yuriko suggested. Yuffie nodded her head and moved to get off Yuriko’s lap, but Yuriko suddenly lifted her up in her arms and stood up, causing her to squeal. “Uh, uh, uh, until you leave today, you’re as much of a baby girl as your sister is. Just leave every little thing to me; I’ll take care of you baby girl.”

Yuffie blushed again, but snuggled into Yuriko’s hold, smiling behind her pacifier. She didn’t have long until she needed to head home to her real parents, but for now, she was going to enjoy quality time with her new mother, and see just what it was that made her sister so happy.


The sun’s rays shined through the blinds, causing the girl under her blanket to moan as it shined on her face. She tried rolling over, hoping to get a few more winks of sleep, but the unfamiliar wetness between her legs kept her awake.

Kin finally sat up in bed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. When she was done, she opened her mouth and pulled out her purple grape flavored pacifier. She smiled a little; Amara had gotten it for her, sparing her and her mother the chance of being seen buying one. After nearly chewing her thumb off in her sleep, both Kin and Heather were reluctant to let her sleep without something covering her mouth, and a pacifier was the safest bet.

I have to ask her how she knew I like grapes.’ Kin thought to herself. She then frowned and looked down at the sagging pad between her legs. ‘This will take some getting used to. I know I’ve been having trouble for the past few weeks when it comes to getting to the bathroom on time, but I never imagined it would turn out like this.’

Kin swung her legs over the side of her bed and stood up. Waddling slightly to her underwear drawer, she opened it up and pulled out a fresh diaper. ‘I wish mom hadn’t swapped my panties out for these diapers, keeping them in a bag under my bed would have worked just as well.’ Shaking her head, Kin waddled out of her room and down the hallway, towards the bathroom. Opening the closet next to it, she pulled out two towels before entering the bathroom.

Closing the door behind her, Kin set the towels and diaper down on the floor. She then pulled her night shirt off, leaving her in just her diaper. Moving to the shower, she knelt down just outside it, and was about to turn it on when a pain spiked from her stomach. Moving her hand to her stomach, Kin then felt a warmth spread from the front of her diaper, to down between her legs and her bum. After waiting a minute or so to finish up, she then started the water and hit the mechanism to activate the shower.

Once done adjusting the water to the proper temperature, Kin stood up and carefully untapped her sagging diaper. As she rolled it up, she noticed part of the front was red. She didn’t panic though; the doctors said it was expected due to the damage done inside her. She was taking pills every morning and before bed to help stop bleeding each time she urinated or had a bowel movement, and the effects were apparent immediately. Shaking her head, Kin taped closed the diaper, tossed it in the trash bin, and hopped in the shower.

Kin proceeded to wash her hair, then used a wash cloth to clean down below. Just because she needed diapers now didn’t mean she wouldn’t try to keep up good hygiene. After that she proceeded to soak in the warm water for a few minutes, letting it trickle down her body, before she finally turned off the water and got out of the shower.

Just as she finished drying herself off, the door opened and Heather entered. “Morning Kin.”

“Morning mom.” Kin replied. She was used to her mother seeing her naked, as she was the one who did her physicals and other examinations. “I’ll be out of here in a minute if you need in.”

“Actually, I came to see if you needed a hand with anything.” Heather answered, picking up the fresh diaper from the floor. Kin shrugged her shoulders.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt any, I just gotta dry my hair and g-ugh!” Kin clutched her stomach as a sharp pain hit her. Knowing what was about to happen, she quickly pulled the lid up on the toilet seat and sat down in time to unload in the toilet. Kin was breathing heavily by the time she was done, her face slightly flushed.

“You okay Kin?” Heather asked, kneeling down next to her and placing a hand on her shoulder.

“I’m fine…I’ll be glad when it doesn’t hurt anymore to take a dump.” Kin replied. Heather gave a small laugh.

“Well, that’s certainly one way to put it. Go ahead and flush, then I’ll help you clean up, get your diaper on and dry your hair.” Heather told her.

Kin nodded her head, blushing a bit as she stood up. Heather took some wet wipes and cleaned Kin’s bum, then tossed the wipes into the toilet and flushed it. She then opened the fresh diaper up, slid it between Kin’s legs, and pulled it up tightly. Kin grabbed the front end and held it up as Heather ripped open the tapes on the back and pulled them tightly across the front of Kin’s diaper.

Taking a moment to check for leak holes and finding none, Heather put the lid on the toilet seat down and sat down on it. Grabbing a towel, she then pulled Kin down on her lap, causing her to squeal in surprise, and began drying her hair with the towel, gaining more squeals from Kin. Once she was done, she reached over the sink next to her and grabbed a brush off the counter, and began brushing Kin’s long hair.

“This brings back memories, doesn’t it Kin?” Heather asked with a small laugh.

Despite herself, Kin gave a small giggle herself. “Yeah, you used to do this for me when I was still a little girl. Those were good times, I remember you accidentally yanked my hair once, so I tried to get revenge by replacing your shampoo with hair dye. Of course, it was that bastard who used it first, and he ended up with hot pink hair for the day.”

Heather laughed. “I almost forgot that happened…though I remember what he did to us……” Both girls sat in silence for a few minutes as Heather brushed Kin’s hair. A few minutes later, Heather put the brush on the counter and wrapped her arms around Kin, holding her close. “It’s all in the past now Kin, lets look forward and enjoy what we have now. I’ve got my baby girl back, and now you have a girlfriend too.”

Kin blushed at this. “Mom, I may need to wear diapers for a while but I’m not a baby again, I’m still a big girl. Amara may like being treated as a baby, but I don’t, at least not totally.”


“Mom, I’ll let you change me…and dress me if you want, but that’s all, I’m still a big girl, and it would be unfair to expect me to just give up all my independents just because of everything that’s happened.” Kin said softly. Heather didn’t speak for a minute or so, but Kin felt herself pulled into a hug from behind.

“I understand Kin-kins.” Heather said, causing Kin to blush at her nickname. “You’re right, it was somewhat selfish of me to expect you to be my baby girl again just like that. I’m happy that you’re willing to indulge my desire, at least somewhat. I won’t push you to be my baby girl again, but I will let you have the option to be one again, so if you ever want to try anything else, you let me know, okay?”

“Okay…Mommy.” Heather smiled at that, and gave her a quick squeeze before letting Kin off her lap.

“Alright then, lets get you a shirt to wear at least. Unless you plan to head out today, you really don’t need any pants on.” Heather said. Kin nodded, a faint blush on her cheeks as Heather lead her to her room by her hand.


It was an hour after Yuffie got up before Amara awoke, though it would have been longer if a certain pup hadn’t started licking her face. Amara had managed to ignore the first lick, however the second one was too close to her mouth for comfort. Pushing Wolfie away gently, she sat up, wiped her face with her sleeping bag, and stretched her limbs.

“I guess you want something to eat, huh?” Amara asked with a yawn. Wolfie pawed at her side in response. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Glancing around, Amara noticed Yuffie wasn’t in her sleeping bag. “Guess she’s up already.”

Amara slipped out of her sleeping bag, grabbing her half full bottle and pacifier, and set off to the kitchen downstairs, not bothering to change into a fresh diaper just yet. Suckling on her bottle, Amara walked down the stairs and made her way through the living room towards the kitchen, and paused in mid step at the sight before her.

Yuriko was sitting on the couch with Yuffie laid across her lap, feeding her a bottle which Yuffie seemed eager to consume. Much like herself, Yuffie was in only a shirt and a diaper, though Yuffie’s was clean.

Amara lowered her bottle to her side and smiled. “Finally came over to the baby side sis?” She noticed Yuffie look over at her and rolling her eyes before going back to work on her bottle. “So that’s how it’s gonna be then, huh? I told you a while ago this was great, but you didn’t believe me, did you?”

“Enough of that young lady.” Yuriko calmly scolded. “Your sister is merely experimenting and trying to understand what we do, is like. So unless you want a spanking I suggest you stop teasing her, she’s still your big sister even if she ever decides to be a baby here.”

Amara immediately put her pacifier in her mouth. “Sowwy Mama.” She said. The last thing she wanted was another spanking from her mother, her spankings left her bottom sore for days after the fact.

On Yuriko’s lap Yuffie giggled at Amara reaction. She then blinked as Yuriko pulled the bottle away and set it on the table. “And it’s not nice to laugh your sister’s situation, she’s still learning after all. But I’m more then willing to give you something to laugh about.”

With that, Yuriko began mercilessly tickling Yuffie. Yuffie screamed with laughter as she tried to escape Yuriko’s clutches, but to no avail. Amara, not wanting to miss any of the fun, set down her bottle and pacifier and joined her mother in tickle torturing Yuffie…only to find herself a victim soon after.

Several minutes later, Amara and Yuffie were laying on their backs on the floor, trying to catch their breath, but unable to keep their smiles off their faces. Yuriko was laying back on the couch, resting herself. While she had experience with little kids in the past, Amara and Yuffie, while little in spirit, were not physically little, thus trapping them both had taken quite a bit out of her. Finally, Yuriko stood up.

“Well, now that you’re up Amara, I’ll start making breakfast now. I know you plan to head over to Kin’s house to work on your project, so I’ll make you’re usual bottle be an instant breakfast like your sisters’. Speaking of, you can finish your bottle off by yourself, right baby girl?”

Yuffie blushed at being addressed like that, but nodded her head. “I can manage on my own, but thanks for feeding me.” Yuriko smiled at Yuffie, and bent down so they were face to face.

“Yuffie, I understand you’re going through some rough times right now. I told you before and I’ll say it again, you are always welcome to come over here to escape any stress you may feel. Weather you want to be a big girl, a baby girl, a baby girl that doesn’t need diapers, or even a big girl that needs diaper, you are always welcome to come and let your Mama and sister take care of you.” Yuriko told her, tapping her nose at the end.

Yuffie giggled and scratched her nose. “Thank you Mama.” She said, pulling Yuriko into a hug, which was instantly returned. When she released the hug, Yuffie then turned to Amara and hugged her. “And thank you, baby sister!”

Amara hugged back, blushing faintly. “You’re welcome, big baby sister.” She then meeped as Yuffie reached around her, and pulled the back of her diaper away from her body, then letting it snap back into place.

“That’s right, BIG baby sister. That means I can still take you anytime I want.” Yuffie said, grinning.

Amara grinned back. “Bring it on!” Amara then tackled Yuffie back to the floor, who in turn squealed before fighting back. Yuriko rolled her eyes, and after taking a moment to move the coffee table away from the wrestling girls, went into the kitchen to start breakfast for Amara.

Just as Yuriko turned the stove on, the phone rang. Sighing to herself, Yuriko shifted the supplies she was holding onto one arm, and answered the phone. “Ozono resident, Yuriko speaking…….Mr. Yagime?……What can I do for you?”


Kin sighed as she highlighted another line of text. She was currently laying on her stomach on the couch in her living, clad in nothing but a small purple t-shirt that left her midriff exposed, her white diaper, and a pair of white socks.

It was still a little while before Amara would show up to work on their project, and seeing how she missed a day of research, though it was completely out of her control, she decided to get an early start. She was glad that she had given Amara her research to hold onto, as the girl had managed to find the books Kin had been reading and photocopied several of the pages Kin had marked down as having useful information.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Kin blinked in surprise, not expecting Amara to arrive for another half hour or so, but shrugged her shoulder. Getting up, she cracked her back before walking over to the door and opening it. “Aren’t you a little early Ama-” Kin froze in mid sentence as she met the frozen gaze of Ino.

“So it’s true.” Ino breathed. Kin blushed, and looked down.

“A-Amara will be over soon.” Kin stated, not meeting Ino’s gaze. “It would be best if she didn’t see you here.”

To her surprise, Ino brushed right past her, into the house. “I’m not leaving until all my questions are answered Kin.”

Kin sighed, and closed the front door. “Fine then, follow me.” As she walked the short distance to the living room, she swore her diaper never crinkled louder then it was then. Kin sat down on the couch, Ino sitting next to her.

“Trish filled me in on the plan.” Ino started, getting straight to the point. “Aside from you and Trish, I’m the only one that knows…do you really intend on going through with it?”

Kin blinked in surprise, not expecting that question. “Well, I don’t have much choice. Even if this,” she waves at her diaper, “is only temporary, it’s still enough to warrant Trish the right to make my life miserable. I’d rather avoid that if I can help it.”

Ino nodded her head slowly. “I see…Is it also true…why you’re wearing them now?” She asked softly. Kin nodded her head, biting her lip. Taking a minute to compose herself, she then spoke.

“I was raped twice when was little, and not all of the damage done to me was found, which leaves me in this state. I’m actually crapping blood every time I go, but the pills the doctor prescribed are helping reduce the amount of blood and pain. I got about two weeks before I go in for an x-ray to see if they can find the exact locations of the damage done to me. If they can, then they’ll operate on me the next day, and if all goes well, I’ll be in training pants for a while, soon to be panties again. If not, then I’ll have to wait another two weeks for another x-ray, and the cycle repeats.”

Kin then gasped as Ino pulled her into a hug. “No one should have to go through everything you are Kin. I wish I could help you more, but with Trish and all…”

“You…you don’t care that I’m a diaper girl now?” Kin asked, surprised at Ino’s actions.

“I wouldn’t care if you were one for life.” Ino stated. “None of the others know this, but I actually respect Amara a bit, for everything she does, goes through, and puts up with. I mean, logically speaking, the amount of money her Mom has spent on diapers is more then enough to pay for a transplant. Yet she remains in diapers and continues to take all the crap thrown at her. She’s one of the strongest people I know, taking the hard road while I-” Ino abruptly stopped talking.

Kin raised an eyebrow at that, before quickly putting two and two together. “Ino, did you ever wear diapers before?”

Ino blushed, but nodded her head. “Yes…when I was five, I was in a car crash with my mom. She didn’t survive it, and I had bladder damage, causing me to need diapers. Dad was crushed after the accident, losing Mom and all…Honestly, the only reason we got through it was because I became Daddy’s baby girl again. I wore diapers for over a year, did baby things when I wasn’t in school, it was the release I needed and what Daddy needed to keep going in life. Eventually, it got harder to hide my diapers, and I was growing tired of being a baby girl, so I asked Daddy if he could potty train me again. It took a while, but he finally got me the surgery I needed and let me grow up.” Ino then smiled. “I do still let him tuck me into bed at night, that’s as far as I let him go, but it’s enough for both of us.”

Kin smiled at Ino, and laid a hand on her shoulder. “That’s sweet of you Ino, I had no idea of any of that.”

Ino narrowed her eyes. “And no one else better have any idea of it either, for the same reason you’re doing all this. I never told anyone this, not even Sakura, so if word of this spreads, I’ll know it’s because of you.”

Kin smiled. “My lips are sealed…if you can answer one question.” Ino nodded her head. “Did you like the feel of your diapers, when they were dry that is?” Ino blushed slightly, but nodded her head again. Kin sighed in relief. “Good, I’m glad I’m not the only one.”

Ino giggled at that. “I won’t tell Trish you said that…but I do have one last question I need…want, to know.” Kin nodded her head. “You’re not actually bi sexual, are you?”

Kin sighed, and closed her eyes. “Can you really blame me?”

Ino placed her hand on Kin’s shoulder. “Nope, not at all. Can’t say I haven’t thought of it myself actually.” Kin’s head shot up at that, eyes wide. “Head down to the pub down town, have a few drinks…find some small, little midget…”

Kin snorted at this. “Ino, I honestly don’t know where to start with that statement.”

Ino shrugged her shoulders. “Then don’t start…but there is one thing I have to say.” Kin nodded her head. “If…if you think Amara is really the one for you…” Kin held her breath at this. “Then…I’ll support you if you decide not to go through with this…even if it means going against Trish.”

“You, you’d do that for me?” Kin asked, stunned.

“Yes.” Ino answered. “After everything that’s happened as of late, it’s made me realize a few things. For starters, that you’ve been more of a friend to me then Sakura ever has been, and that I haven’t really been looking out for my future. After your little blow-up on Queen, I took a hard look at myself, and I realized I didn’t like who I’ve become. That’s why…I’m leaving Trish’s crew at the end of the year.” Kin gasped at this. “If I’m to become a better person, then I can’t be around Trish, she was the one that changed me in the first place.”

Kin smiled, something she found herself doing a lot recently despite her recent lack of fortune. “I’ll support you every step of the way, but for now you should just stick with Trish’s group, if anything seems off, she might do something drastic.”

Ino nodded her head. “No kidding…in that case, I should probably take off before Amara shows up.”

“I suppose so.” Kin replied, standing up, Ino following suit. “Thanks for coming over here and everything, it must have been had telling me all that.”

Ino waved her hand. “It wasn’t all that hard, you are my best friend after all.” She smiled at Kin, who returned the smile.

“Back at ya.” Kin said as she waddled to the door, Ino following her, giggling softly. She opened the door, and for the second time that day, froze.

Amara and Yuffie stood in the door way, Yuffie dressed in her Advent Children outfit, Amara dressed in a small purple t-shirt that exposed her midriff, a black, sleeveless leather vest, and a tight, black pair of short, her purple diaper sticking out over the top of the waistline.

The four girls stared at each other in stunned silence. Finally, Yuffie broke the silence. “So it’s true.” To her and Amara’s surprise, Ino and Kin nearly doubled over in laughter. Growling, Yuffie stepped forward and grabbed a fist full of Kin’s shirt, and pulled her towards her, rearing her other fist back. “So this whole this IS one of Trish’s schemes, just to get at Amara! Well I won’t let-”

She was interrupted when Amara whacked Yuffie’s arm, causing her to drop Kin. Yuffie rounded on Amara, only to stare in confusion at Amara’s blushing face. “She’s not wearing a bra under her shirt.” Amara said softly, not meeting anyone’s eye.

It took everyone a minute to realize what had happened. When Yuffie had grabbed Kin by the shirt and pulled her up to meet her, she had also pulled Kin’s already short shirt up, exposing her breasts to anyone who’d look. Kin quickly stepped back inside her house, blushing furiously, and pulling her shirt down as far as it would go on her. Ino simply closed her eyes and shook her head, while Yuffie had the decency to look sheepish.

Finally finding her voice, Yuffie asked Ino, “What are you doing here?”

Ino looked at Yuffie with a blank expression on her face. “I came to see if everything Trish said was true, and now that I have I’m leaving. Got a problem with that?”

“None what-so-ever.” Yuffie said, moving to the side. Ino walked past the pair, not saying a word. Once she was out of sight, Yuffie turned back to Kin. “One thing about having an aunt who specializes in interrogation, you tend to learn when someone is lying to your face.” She then grabbed Kin by her arms and got right up in her face. “I’m still not convinced this is all on the up an up, but Amara really seems to like you, so I’m saying this now: you hurt her, you break her heart, and I break you, permanently! Got it.”

Kin gulped, and was about to respond when she suddenly let out a loud fart as she filled the back of her diaper. Yuffie and Amara blinked as Kin’s whole face flushed. Amara, barely able to keep a straight face, managed to say, “I think she’s got it sis,” before bursting into laughter, Yuffie joining her after releasing her grip on Kin.

Kin waited a few minutes for both girls to calm down before responding. “Yuffie, if I do hurt Amara, then I will gladly walk to your house and present myself to your judgment. I really want to make this work, but it’s not going to be easy with Trish and her girls.”

“That’s the understatement of the year.” Amara stated, before smiling at Kin, who returned it. She turned to Yuffie. “Satisfied?” Yuffie slowly nodded her head. “Alright then, you can see for yourself what happens on Monday, but for now, we need to get to work on our project.”

Yuffie nodded in agreement. “Alright then, I got to head home myself, cleaning out the basement. Joy.” She added sarcastically.

“Thanks for the ride over here sis, I don’t know why Mom couldn’t drive me.” Amara said.

“It’s the least I can do for everything you’ve done for me sis. Anyways, I’ll see ya Monday, if not sooner.” Yuffie said, hugging Amara, who hugged back. Amara said goodbye, and waved as Yuffie got in her car and drove off. Amara entered Kin’s house, and Kin closed the door behind her.

“Before you get changed,” Amara started, turning to face Kin, “I have to know…was it really that cold outside, or were you happy to see me?” Amara laughed at Kin’s expression, and continued laughing even after being shoved onto the couch over the side arm.


Working for several hours straight, with only diaper changing breaks and eating snacks while working, the two had managed to get a large amount of research done. Planning to meet up tomorrow, Amara waved goodbye to Heather and Kin after they dropped her off at her home.

Walking through the front door, Amara was about to announce her presence when she heard something. Blinking, she realized it was a guitar she was hearing. Just then, the familiar smell of spaghetti and meatballs drew her attention. Amara was torn between investigating the source of the music and going after her favorite meal. It was when she heard a familiar voice begin to sing that she made her choice, and went to the living room.

Amara stopped by the entrance to the living room, stunned at the sight in front of her. A girl sat on the couch, playing a wooden guitar, singing softly. She had blond hair that reached halfway down her neck, and green eyes. She wore a pink t-shirt that went down to her waist, and a pink pull-up, one that looked used at that.

“Misora Hibiki?” Amara breathed. The girl stopped singing and looked up at her.

“The one and only.” Misora said with a smile. “Bet you’re wondering what a child pop star like myself is doing in your home, huh?”

“The thought did cross my mind.” Amara replied. “I’m also curious about the pull-up, I thought you only wore protection during your performances?”

Misora gave Amara a sad smile. “It’s a long story, and I’ll explain it after dinner, but for right now I’ll say this: from now on my name is Sonia Strumm, and I need your help.” Amara could only nod as Yuriko called out that dinner was ready.


Kingdom Hearts/ Final Fantasy: Yuffie, Leon/Squall, Aerith

Naruto: Ino, Sakura, Kin

Beyblade: Queen

Megaman: Yuriko, Misora/Sonia

OCs: Amara, Heather, Trish

That’s chapter 8. I’d like to say I’m back, but I struggled with certain parts of this chapter, much less writing in the first place. I may come back and redo this chapter sometime, but what I have gets the point across. Anyways, let me know what you thought of it. Thanks!

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no need to rewrite, just continue please!!! such a great story.