True Love Ch. 7

True Love

Twilight3 here, been a while for this story, huh? Anyways, the long awaited chapter 7 of True Love is finally here. I hope you enjoy it!


Chapter 7: Photo Shoot

Amara closed her cell phone, and looked over at the hospital bed, where Kin, Yuriko, and Heather were. “Okay, they know what’s happening.” Amara told them.

“Why are we not going to the police with this? What Trish is doing is wrong, criminal even, she needs help!” Heather stated.

“And that’s exactly why we aren’t going to the police, not yet.” Amara started. “Trish wants Kin to get close to me, and then claim I was sexually harassing her.”

“Getting some of Amara’s pubic hair would be a bonus.” Kin added. “It could imply rape.”

“Correct.” Amara stated. “The reason we’re waiting to tell the police is because we don’t have the proper evidence. Right now its Kin’s word against Trish’s, and with Trish being the mayor’s daughter, the charges would be dismissed.”

“Not to mention with Kin now wearing diapers and being kicked out of Trish’s group, it would look like an attempt at getting revenge.” Yuriko added.

“By keeping this from the police for now, it gives us time to gather evidence. By telling our friends, we have people that are aware of what’s happening and can collaborate with our story. We’ll also tell the school counselor to have someone of administrative power in on this.” Amara stated.

“What about Light Yagime? He is the police chief’s son, if we informed him of what was happening, it would carry a lot of weight in the future, should anything go wrong.” Kin suggested.

“I’d like that.” Heather stated. It was more of a statement then a suggestion.

“Fair enough, I’ll tell him in class tomorrow.” Amara said. “By the way, can I have a copy of your schedule Kin? I’ll pick up the class work you miss since Trish and the others most likely won’t.”

Kin smiled at that. “Thanks Amara, I’ll be sure to thank you for that tomorrow when you drop them off.” Her smile turned into a grin. Amara grinned back.

“I’ll look forward to it. I do have after school detention for the next week, so I won’t be able to come over right away. I also gotta give Yuffie the directions to her photo shoot, she’s taking my place tomorrow and sleeping over after that, been having a rough time lately.” Amara told her.

“And when were you going to tell me about this?” Yuriko asked, crossing her arms.

“After I got back from my check up.” Amara answered. “But as you can see, circumstances have held up that message.”

“Does Yuffie know she’ll need to wear diapers during the shoot?” Yuriko asked.

“She does, and instead of payment she’s getting diapers and supplies. Ever since her fiancé got married behind her back she’s been wetting the bed and her parents blame her for losing the marriage. Leon is pretty wealthy, and Yuffie’s parents wanted in on that wealth. Now they are harping on her, and refuse to help her, so she’s going behind their backs and asking her little sister for help.” Amara explained.

“Well that sucks.” Yuriko said, bluntly. Kin nodded her head in agreement.

“Wait, I’m confused, Yuffie is your sister, yet you said-” Heather was interrupted.

“It’s well known in school that Yuffie’s family was going to adopt Amara until they learned of her need of diapers. After that, they never spoke of her unless they had to. Still, Yuffie and Amara are like sisters, so Amara took a part of Yuffie’s last name and added it as a middle name for herself.” Kin explained.

“That’s so sweet.” Heather said.

“I suppose it could be called so.” Amara said.

“Well, my daughter and I must be going, I can imagine Kin needs her rest and Amara hasn’t started her homework yet.” Yuriko announced, standing up from her place on the bed.

“Are you being released tomorrow?” Amara asked Kin.

“After everything that’s happened over the past two hours, the doctors want her to remain here for an extra day to be safe, and I agree.” Heather answered for Kin. “We also have to figure out how to stop you from chewing through your fingers in your sleep.”

“Don’t remind me.” Kin said, shaking her head. “Thank god for pain killers.”

“Why not use a pacifier?” Yuriko suggested, gaining the others attention. “It’s large enough to be impossible to swallow, but also won’t fall apart or something in her mouth. I always give Amara one before bed, or a bottle of warm milk if she’s been particularly rambunctious as of late.”

“MOM!!!” Amara cheeks flushed furiously at that statement. Heather chuckled at the thought.

“Perhaps I will take you up on those ideas, it’d be nice to get my baby girl back, she’s already back in diaper after all.” Heather said.

“I’m not a baby mom!” Kin nearly yelled, then groaned as she clutched her stomach in pain.

“Enough of the joking around.” Amara said. “We’re supposed to make her comfortable and at much at ease as possible. Talking about making her into something of a toddler or a baby isn’t doing that. If it’s necessary, get her a pacifier, but don’t baby her unless she asked to be, it’s considered child abuse if it’s not consensual.”

Heather looked at Amara for a moment before smiling. “I think we’ll get along just fine.” Amara smiled back before yelping as Yuriko lifted her up in her arms, Amara’s hands wrapping around her neck with Yuriko’s arms holding her up from under her bum.

“Enough of the chatter, you two will see each other tomorrow, I’m sure. Now lets get you home, you only have one clean diaper left and it’s been a while since you last ate.” Yuriko said, causing Amara’s blush to return full force. Amara managed to wave goodbye as Yuriko carried her out the door.

Kin looked up at her mother. “You are not carrying me like that out of here.”


Amara waited outside the school, just near the student parking lot. She waited for about ten minutes before she saw Yuffie’s metallic green SUV come by. The SUV stopped right in front of her, allowing Amara the time to enter the passenger seat.

“You can put the address in the GPS.” Yuffie grumbled. It was clear she hadn’t gotten much sleep last night.

“You should get some coffee; it’ll help you stay up.” Amara commented as she put in the address for the building of the photo shoot. Yuffie grumbled under her breath again as she pulled into a parking space. “You gonna be alright for the shoot? If you act like this, they’ll throw you out and you won’t get paid.”

“I’ll be fine.” Yuffie mumbled. “Once I get going, I’ll be okay.”

“Good.” Amara placed a hand of Yuffie’s shoulder. “I hate to see my big sister like this, unless I’m the one who caused it of course.”

Yuffie rolled her eyes at that last comment, but gave a small smile non-the-less. “Just remember little sister, don’t dish out what you can’t take.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Amara said with a giggle. She got out of the car and headed for the school, Yuffie following close behind. Once Amara walked through the front door, she stopped in her tracks. Yuffie glanced ahead of her to see what caused her sister to stop.

The lobby was empty, save for five girls. Trish, Queen, Ino, Sakura, and a new fifth girl. She had silvery-blue hair, a large amount falling over the left side of her face covering her second red eye. She wore an ocean blue collared vest, white baggy shorts that went down below her knees, and a pair of shoes that matched her hair color. Aside from the new girl hanging out with Trish, the most noticeable feature of the five was that they all had kendo sticks in their hands.

“Are you scared Amara? Did baby wet her diaper?” Trish taunted, earning snickers from the other girls. Amara just shrugged her shoulders.

“Nope, I’m just surprised at how fast you work Trish. Kin’s in the hospital not even 24 hours and you’ve already replaced her.” Amara replied. “Oh, and it’s been a while Fuu.”

Trish blinked at this, but before she could ask, Yuffie beat her to it. “Amara, you know that girl?”

“Yup, Fuu was in my old school before I moved here. She’s also the one who stole my first kiss.” Amara replied, gaining gasps from the group and a growl from Fuu.

“Forced.” Fuu growled. “Fell on me.” Trish eyed her warily.

“Aww come on Fuu, you know you want more.” Amara said, sticking a sexy pose.

“You wish.” Fuu said. Amara’s entire demeanor changed at this.

“No, you just wish I’d kiss you again, but I won’t because your breath smells like eight cans of shark shit!” Amara said. Yuffie, Sakura, and Ino all broke down in laughter at the look on Fuu’s face. Fuu growled, and was about to charge at Amara when she felt something tug at her shorts.

“Excuse me, you got any candy?” A cheerful voice asked. Fuu looked down. The girl tugging on her shorts couldn’t be older then six. She had pink hair and brown eyes. She wore a small black dress, mary jane shoes, and from the bit of plastic sticking out from under the dress, a diaper as well.

“Hey, beat it diaper brat, we’re busy here!” Trish yelled at the girl. “Besides, even if we did have candy, why would we share it with you?”

The little girl’s head slowly turned towards Trish. Gone was the cheerful expression, a look of pure seriousness, with a hint of anger, replaced it. “I said, I want candy you meany!” What happened next surprised everyone.

The little girl kicked Fuu’s leg hard, causing her to yelp and grab her leg, dropping her kendo stick. The little girl grabbed the kendo stick and swung it at Fuu’s other leg, causing Fuu to yelp as she lost her balance and fell to the ground. The little girl the ran at Trish, holding the Kendo stick by the center so it wouldn’t drag on the ground.

Sakura, Ino, and Queen got between Trish and the girl, but it did little to slow her down. The little girl jumped up and swung the stick high, nailing Sakura right in her forehead. As Sakura raised her hands to grab her forehead, the little girl landed briefly on Sakura’s arm, then launched herself at Ino, swinging the kendo stick and catching the surprised girl right in the neck.

Ino gasped as she dropped to her knees, clutching her neck. The little girl rolled on the ground to a stop, then jumped up on Ino’s shoulder, and bounced towards Queen. Queen brought up her kendo stick to block the girl’s stick, but was surprised when the girl grabbed the lower end of her stick, swung around and planted her mary jane shoes in her face.

Queen fell backwards to the ground, the little girl landing on her padded bum. As she was getting up, Trish was upon her, and was about to bring down her kendo stick on the girl, when Yuffie suddenly grabbed the stick from behind her. When Trish turned around, the little girl barreled through her legs, holding the kendo stick in up by it’s center. This caused Trish to fall back with a cry, landing hard on her back. The little girl then leaped on Trish, pulled out a permanent marker, and started drawing on her face!

“Yachiru, there you are. What are you doing to that girl?” Everyone turned to see Kenpachi walking down the hallway. “So that’s where all those kendo sticks went.”

“Ken-chan!” Yachiru yelled out. She got off Trish and ran to Kenpachi. Trish had a scribbled unabrow, mustache, and two swirls on her cheeks. Kenpachi lifted the now giggling girl up and placed her on his shoulder. “Those girls were being mean, they didn’t want to share their candy with me!” She pouted.

“Hey little girl!” Kenpatchi and Yachiru turned their attention to Amara, who just finished pulling a bag of m&ms out of her bag. “Catch!” Amara threw the bag at Yachiru, who jumped of Kenpachi’s shoulder, caught them, and landed on both feet. Queen and the others took this time to slip away from the scene.

“So, mind explaining what happened here?” Kenpachi asked, looking at Yuffie.

“Trish and her gang were going to beat me and Amara up, due to the fact that sis is a lesbian and needs diapers. Yachiru here came along and asked them for candy, and Trish told her off, saying that she wouldn’t give her any even if she did have some. You can see the result.” Yuffie explained, a small smile on her face.

Kenpachi shook his head. “The last thing you should do is get between my daughter and her candy, even I have trouble dealing with her when she gets like this.”

“So what brings you here Yachiru?” Amara asked, kneeling down by Yachiru. The little girl stopped shoving m&ms into her mouth.

“Today is bring your little princess to work day, so Ken-chan brought me!” Yachiru said with a big grin. She then got back to eating her m&ms.

“Little princess day, huh?” Yuffie held back a snicker. Kenpachi shrugged.

“That’s what she is to me, she’s all I have left.” Amara and Yuffie nodded their heads.

“You do realize your life is going to get harder now if you don’t do anything.” Amara said.

Kenpachi looked at her. “What do you mean exactly?”

“Trish will want revenge for this, and being the mayor’s daughter, she has a lot of pull to make anyone miserable.” Amara explained. “And before you say anything, Trish could very easily get an investigation into your care of Yachiru. She’s what, six, seven, and she’s still in diapers? Unless it’s a medical condition like I have, Trish would use her influence to get Yachiru removed from your care, I’ve seen it happen.”

Kenpachi was silent as Yachiru looked up at him, a worried expression on her face. “What do you recommend?” He finally asked. Amara smiled, glad to know that as reckless as Kenpachi seemed, he didn’t mess around when it came to his daughter’s safety.

“For starters, the theft of these kendo sticks are not to be mentioned.” Amara started.

“And you might want to release Trish from her after school detention with you, or at least transfer her to regular detention.” Yuffie added.

“Will it work?”

“If it doesn’t, let us know, we know how to deal with her best.” Amara said. “It’s best that she doesn’t get legal powers involved in this, she got away with stabbing me with a knife before.”

“How’d she pull that off?”

“Yeah, you never told me.”

“Because it’s all legal mumbo jumbo, and probably a few under-the-table deals as well.” Amara replied. She then knelt down next to Yachiru. “You need a change little princess?”

Yachiru giggled, then wiggled in place for a moment. “Yes, I went pee-pee in my princess pants!”

Amara gave a small laugh and ruffled Yachiru’s hair. “So did I Yachiru. Come on, I’ll show you where we get our princess pants changed around here.” Getting a nod from Kenpachi, Amara took Yachiru’s hand and lead down to the nurse’s office, giving a wave good-bye to Yuffie as well.


Yuffie shifted her car into gear, and pulled out of the school’s parking lot. It had been a long day, but it was finally time to head to the photo shoot. It was a half an hour drive to the studio, and as she drove, Yuffie let her mind wander.

Seeing Trish and her group beaten up by a six or seven year old was definitely the highest point in her day thus far. Lunch time had been spent discussing Kin, specifically what she had done as a member of Trish’s group. The gang realized Kin had never actually fought anyone of them, and had only harmed people who had tried to harm her or forced her to do something she didn’t want to, like go on a date with someone. All in all, they decided to give Kin a chance.

After that had been gym class, and it appeared that Kenpachi was in a particularly bad mood. All throughout the period, the girls heard the guys painful yells, everyone stopped what they were doing when one of them was launched onto their side of the gym.

Yuffie grinned as she remembered what happened next. The kid had looked up, and Anko had been right above him. He saw up her skirt and got a nose bleed, until Kaze came out and snapped in his face. The kid had screamed and pissed his pants before passing out. Trish had laughed at the kid, saying she couldn’t wait to tell the others what the kid had done, until Tayuya reminded her that “You shit your panties when you saw that snake too.” That seemed to tick Trish off enough to swing at Tayuya, who responded by slamming her knee in Trish’s gut and her fist in her eye. As Trish collapsed, a puddle formed beneath her, apparently the blow to the gut had been enough to make her wet herself.

‘Just one of the down sides of having lunch before gym.’ Yuffie thought to herself as she pulled into the studio’s parking lot. She proceeded to exit her car, lock it behind her, walked through the parking lot to the studio building, and entered into the lobby.

Yuffie walked over to the receptionist’s desk and rang the bell upon seeing no one at the desk. A minute later a woman came out from the back room. “How may I help you?” She asked.

“I’m Yuffie Kisaragi, I have a photo shoot at 4:30. Amara Ozono may have called to inform you guys about me.” Yuffie stated. The woman typed something into the computer, and a few seconds later turned back to Yuffie.

“4:30 appointment for the diaper line shoot. You’re in the system, as is your payment request. If you’ll wait one moment someone will be out for you.” The receptionist told her. Nodding her head, Yuffie sat down in a chair nearby to wait.

Five minutes later a girl in her late teens came out. She had pink hair that went down to her shoulders with sparkles in them, and brown eyes. She wore a t-shirt, red on the bottom, blue on the top, a white stripe in the middle, and a gold star under the stripe. She also wore a white skirt that reached her knees, white socks, and a pair of sandels.

Spotting Yuffie, the girl walked over to her. “Hi, I’m Mimi Tachikawa, I’m in charge of getting everyone set up for their photo shoots around here. You must be Yuffie.”

Yuffie stood up. “Yup, I’m Yuffie Kisaragi, pleased to meet you.”

“Likewise. If you’ll follow me, we’ll pick out some outfits for you to wear and get you all set up for your shoot.” Mimi said. She lead Yuffie down the halls towards the back of the building. “So what made you want to take this photo shoot?”

“Well, I’ve been having some, err, wetting problems when I sleep.” Yuffie answered, blushing. “My parents don’t want me getting diapers, but they always force me to clean up before I go back to sleep. I’m only getting three, maybe four hours of sleep a day, and it’s really beginning to affect my performance. So, I asked my sis for help and she set me up for this.”

“Amara’s your sister, right?” Mimi asked. Yuffie nodded. “She talks about you a lot here, she really admires you.”

“Really?” Yuffie asked. It wasn’t that she didn’t believe Mimi, it’s just that she didn’t believe Amara would be vocal about any admiration she had.

“Yup, she’s hoping to be able to beat you in a fight before you enter the police academy. Or at least, that’s what she said.” Mimi replied. She then pushed open a door. “Here we are!”

Yuffie walked into the room. It was a small room, containing a few dressers, a full body sized mirror, a rack with different shirts and dresses on hangers, a small closet, and a changing table with changing supplies. Mimi closed the door behind them.

“So, what would you like to do first? Pick out your three outfits for the shoot or would you rather get your diaper on first?” Mimi asked.

Yuffie blushed. “Um, I’d like to, err, get a diaper on.” She then quickly added, “I’m just curious what my sister sees in them, that’s all. It’s not like I like them or anything.”

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to wear diapers or liking them.” Mimi told her as she led her to the changing table. “A lot of super models wear them during their shoots so they don’t have to take as many breaks. Well, the ones that aren’t modeling bikinis or the likes of that.”

Yuffie hopped up on the changing table and lay back, blushing. Mimi took no notice of her blush as she unzipped Yuffie’s shorts and slid them down and off her legs, revealing Yuffie’s pink panties. Mimi slid the panties off Yuffie next, and then checked the tag size in the back of them. Walking over to the closet, she peeked in, and then grabbed a package of diapers.

“These ought to fit you nicely.” Mimi said in a singing voice as she walked back to Yuffie. She opened the package and pulled out a plastic diaper from inside. “Hope you don’t mind, we only use baby designed diapers for the shoots.”

“Baby design?” Yuffie asked as Mimi started to apply powder to her front. Yuffie bit back a groan as Mimi rubbed the powder into her skin.

“The diapers are basically a bigger baby diaper. Only two tape, but much larger, and they have pictures on the front.” Mimi explained as she worked on Yuffie’s rear. “Mind keeping your legs up for me?”

Yuffie nodded her head and kept her legs folded against her stomach. Mimi opened the diaper up, and slid it underneath Yuffie’s bum. Tapping her side, Yuffie let her legs stretch out, feeling the diaper’s padding on her backside. Mimi then pulled the front of the diaper up between Yuffie’s legs, then tightly over her front. Reaching behind Yuffie, she ripped open the clear tape, and pulled it tightly over the pink design on the front of the diaper. She then repeated the process on the other side, and checked the leg holes for ay leak holes. Finding none, she helped Yuffie up and onto her feet.

“So how does it feel?” Mimi asked.

Yuffie shifted in place. Her diaper seemed maybe a size small for her, she could feel the entire padding on the inside of her diaper. Every time she moved her legs, the diaper crinkled and rubbed up against her skin. Yuffie bit back a moan as the padding rubbed against her sex.

“It feels good.” Yuffie said when she was sure she wouldn’t moan out loud. “I think I’m beginning to see what sis likes about these.”

“Well, good for you.” Mimi said. “If you’ll just hand me your shorts and panties, I’ll put them in a bag for you.”

Yuffie picked up each article of clothing in her hands, glanced at them briefly, then handed them to Mimi. Mimi went to the closet and grabbed a plastic bag and put the clothes in there. She then walked back to Yuffie, took her hand, and lead her over to the rack with the clothes. Yuffie’s eye twitched with each step she took.

“Alright then, now you just need to pick out three outfits. One will have to be a dress or have a skirt included, but otherwise you have free rein.” Mimi told Yuffie. Yuffie took a deep breath to try and calm herself down, not noticing Mimi’s grin, seeing as she was just out of her line of sight.


Ten minutes later, Mimi was leading Yuffie down the hallway to the waiting area. Yuffie had picked three outfits before being informed she’d need to change her remaining clothes as well, something about not showing a model’s real clothes so to help avoid recognition. Yuffie had snorted at that, seeing as her face would be exposed, and Mimi joined her.

None-the-less, Yuffie now sported a small purple t-shirt that just reached her belly button, and was walking bare foot down the hallway…well, more like being dragged, as she was reaching her limit to the diaper’s rubbing into her sex. Little did Yuffie know, Mimi had lead Yuffie around in a circle for the past three minutes.

Yuffie was panting by the time they reached the waiting area. Mimi turned to her. “Looks like you have a friend; there should be one more coming. Feel free to chat while you wait, I have some things to take care of.”

“Okay,” Yuffie panted, “Thanks for the help.”

“No problem, just be sure to inform the staff if you need a change. You will be expected to use your diaper fully at some point in the shoot.” Mimi replied. Giving a small wave, Mimi walked off, leaving Yuffie leaning against the wall.

Once she was sure she wouldn’t blow, Yuffie pushed off the wall and entered the waiting area. There was a round table in the center of the room with several chairs around it, a couch in the corner, a checkered carpet with some toddler toys scattered on it, and a TV set on a stand.

“You here for the shoot too?” Yuffie turned, and saw a girl in her late teens, early twenties, sitting at the round table.

The girl had ocean blue hair, designed in a mop-top style that just barely reached her neck, and matching colored eyes. A sky blue t-shirt a few sizes too small covered her fair chest, leaving her smooth stomach exposed. A diaper with blue dragoon type characters on the front of it was around her waist.

“Yes, my name’s Yuffie, what’s yours?” Yuffie asked as she sat down at the table.

“My real name is Selphie, but everyone calls me Fairy Leviathan.” Leviathan answered.

“Fairy Leviathan, where have I heard that name before?” Yuffie thought out loud. Leviathan gave a small smile.

“I was the leader of the special op marines, squad one.” Leviathan said. “I was considered one of the four military guardians, mine being of the sea.”

“That’s it, that’s where I’ve heard of you from.” Yuffie said, snapping her fingers. “You didn’t happen to run into my aunt when you were on duty, did you? Her name is Anko Mitarashi.”

Leviathan blinked. “I thought I saw the resemblance. How is she doing?”

“Aunt Anko is currently my school’s gym teacher. She running the girls into the ground, but I’m not complaining. She moved in with her future husband, Itachi Uchiha, and she mentioned trying to have a baby last we spoke.” Yuffie replied.

“So she knows you’re here?” Leviathan teased. Yuffie blushed.

“No, I just have a wetting problem whenever I sleep. I don’t have much money, and my parents don’t want me wearing diapers, but I need them so I can get more then four hours of sleep a night.” Yuffie explained.

“I see, the lack of sleep affecting your performance, right?” Leviathan suggested. Yuffie nodded. “Well, best of luck to you.”

“Thanks.” Yuffie said. “So, what are you here for? Being the marine’s baby soldier?”

Leviathan looked down, a frown on her face. “My last mission ended in failure, my entire team was wiped out by a bomb. Some of my best friend’s organs and blood splattered all over me, and, well…I had a bit of a psychotic break.”

“That’s terrible!” Yuffie said. “I’m so sorry I asked, you don’t have to go on anymore if you don’t want to.”

Leviathan smiled at her. “I don’t mind, I was advised to talk about it when asked, helps with the healing.” Yuffie nodded her head in understanding. “Anyways, I was given a psych evaluation and deemed unfit for duty, so I was honorably discharged from my position in the marines. After getting out of a psych ward, I worked at a sea world, taking care of the sea creatures. After a while, though, I started having nightmares about the incident, and my therapist said I shouldn’t do anything related to water or the sea as it reminds me of incident.”

“That must hurt, you seem to really like the sea.” Yuffie said. Leviathan nodded her head in agreement. “So what brings you here?”

“My therapist.” Leviathan answered. “He recommended a new type of therapy, age regression. The idea is to regress to a point where I feel safe and comfortable or something like that. It was recommended that I try, to be blunt, doing baby things, so I’m working my way up to it. Once I’m done modeling today, I’m heading to the store to buy some baby supplies to try this out.”

“So basically you’re going to act like a baby as much as you can?” Yuffie asked.

“Pretty much, kinda sad how far I’ve fallen.” Leviathan sighed. “I’m not going back to the marines, but I do want to do something related with the sea, or it’s creatures. If this therapy will help me get over what happened, well, I’ll put up with it. Money isn’t an issue, I’m set for life as is, so…”

“Need a babysitter?” Yuffie giggled. Leviathan sputtered and blushed as Yuffie laughed.

“Having fun you two?” Both girls looked up to see Mimi and another girl standing above them.

The second girl had raven hair, a strand of it falling over her face, and violet eyes. She had on a black t-shirt that just reached her belly button, though barely showing off any curves at all. Around her waist was a white diaper with a black background and white snowflakes on it.

“I’ll leave you three to get acquainted; we’ll be ready to start in a few minutes.” Mimi said. Mimi then left the room as the raven haired girl sat down at the table, a faint blush on her cheeks.

Glancing at one another and nodding in agreement, both girls introduced their selves. “Fairy Leviathan.” “Yuffie Kisaragi.”

“My name is Rukia Kuchiki.” Rukia politely replied.

“So what’s your reason for taking this shoot?” Leviathan asked.

“Well, I’m hoping to be a model, despite my brother-in-law not wanting to. My sister married into a rich family, a noble family back in the day. He believes that all forms of modeling is like what they show in playboy magazines, and has forbidden me from being one, but I’m going behind his back. This is what I want.” Rukia explained.

“I’m in a similar boat. I need diapers because every time I sleep I wet myself, but I don’t have enough money to get any. My parents refuse to help me, saying they didn’t raise a baby, so I’m going behind their backs because it’s interfering with my sleep patterns.” Yuffie said.

“Believe it or not, this is a form of therapy for me.” Leviathan started. Before she could elaborate, Mimi returned, stating it was time to go. All three girls stood up and bit their lips, suppressing moans. Mimi hid her grin; she loved seeing the models reaction when they were moving around in diapers a size too small for them. And to think she got paid to do this.


“Okay ladies, your make-up is done, your outfits are ready, it’s time to start the shoot!” Mimi said excitedly. “You’ll each have your own set, photographer, and director telling you how to move around, so just listen to them and you’ll be fine. You will also be allowed to use props if you want too. You three understand?”

“Yes Mimi.” Leviathan, Rukia, and Yuffie answered.

“Alright then, best of luck you three!” Mimi said, as the girls were led off to a different parts of the studio.


Leviathan remained in her sky blue t-shirt and diaper, however she now had a pink halberd in her hands as well. She was standing in front of a crimson background screen.

“Okay now Leviathan, just place your halberd over your shoulders and hang you arms off it…perfect (Snap!). Okay, now spread your legs out and hold your halberd out like you were going to thrust it into an opponent’s gut…excellent (Snap!). Alright, face the background but have your halberd upright in your left hand, then look at the camera over your left shoulder…excellent (Snap!). Wonderful work, lets move on!”


Yuffie now wore a black tank top with white clouds outlined on it, a small black vest, a pair of baggy tan colored shorts with extra pockets and leather straps over her diaper, black socks and high tan colored boots. She also wore a black headband, the end of it traveling a full two feet behind her. In her right hand was a giant four edged shuriken. The style was called “Advent Children”, and it did cover her diaper quite well. She was standing in front of a forest green background.

“Okay Yuffie, get in a battle ready position, like you’re gonna throw your weapon…that’s great (Snap!). Okay, now put down your weapon for a moment and take a step up on that block there…yes, now reach up like you want to grab something…perfect (Snap!). Alright, kneel down on one knee on the ground and take your weapon in your right hand, then swing it to the side and hold it in place at the end of your swing…excellent (Snap!). Alright, change into your next outfit.”


Rukia was now wearing a straw hat on her head, a long sky blue dress with ocean blue trims that went down past her knees, and had a grey backpack on her shoulders. The bottom of the dress actually had small bits of iron sown into it, thus keeping the skirt down should harsh winds blow by, keeping Rukia’s diaper hidden from view. The style was called “A Sunny Day.” Rukia stood in front of a royal purple colored background.

“Okay, now turn to the side and hold the backpack’s strap on the side facing the camera…good (Snap!). Alright, we’re adding a bit of wind so hold onto you hat and face the camera…beautiful (Snap!). Okay, cut the wind and bring out the board…okay Rukia, take off the hat, lean back against the board and pretend to be asleep…(Snap!) Oh I love that expression! Let’s move on!!!”


“Well you three certainly made the directors happy.” Mimi said. The girls were back in the waiting room, each back in their shirt and just a diaper. “Keep this up and you may get a recall for another shoot.”

“Hopefully for another type of shoot.” Rukia said. “I really don’t mind the diaper as it is, but I don’t want to make a career out of wearing them and getting my photo taken in them.”

“I’ll be sure to leave that note in your file, incase you’re called back.” Mimi said. “But ya gotta start somewhere.”

“When are these lines coming out, I’d love to get that Advent Children outfit I wore?” Yuffie asked.

“I honestly don’t know, your sister might have the answer though, it was her design. I think she had you in mind when she made it, it suits you perfectly.” Mimi replied.

“Oh definitely.” Leviathan agreed.

“Well girls, your dinner is being made now, but before you eat, we got business to take care of.” All three girls looked up at Mimi. “I’m sure you’ve noticed how your diapers are rubbing against your skin, correct?” The three nodded. “That was intentional; we needed to keep you three in a state of arousal to-”

“Wait, you purposely put us in diapers to small and made us horny? Why?!” Rukia demanded, a bit flushed in the face.

“So none of you used your diapers too soon.” Mimi answered. She got blinks from her response. “When in a state of arousal, it’s nearly impossible to go number one or two. Something about arousal triggering a chemical reaction in the body, or something like that. All I know is that it works nine out of ten times.”

“Does Amara wear these diapers too?” Yuffie asked, curious.

“No, she wears her usual kind, but we make her have a vibrator inside it to be safe, since she incontinence.” Mimi answered.

“I don’t know weather to be jealous or relieved about not getting a vibrator.” Leviathan said. The others nodded their heads in agreement.

“Well anyways, while we wait for dinner, you three are going to have to orgasm in your diapers. Once you get it out of your systems it’ll be easier to go when you have to.” Mimi told them.

All three girls blushed at this. “Um, will we be changed after we, umm…” Rukia trailed off.

Mimi smiled at them. “Of course, those diapers wouldn’t hold everything you’d fill them with. We have a size larger and more absorbent ready for each of you.” All three girls sighed in relief.

Each of them pondered for a minute the best, and least embarrassing, way to this with the others near by. Rukia stood first and began walking around the room, her diaper rubbing into her sex with each step. Yuffie went over to the couch and laid down on her stomach. She began rubbing the diaper back and forth against the couch’s surface, blushing the entire time. Leviathan went for a more infantile approach and got down on all fours and started crawling around the room, her diaper rubbing her with each motion her lower body made.

Yuffie was the first to orgasm, squirting into her diaper as she collapsed onto the couch with a cry of pleasure. She panted as she rode out her orgasm, feeling it slide down her front and move between her legs. Next came Leviathan, who fell to her side and rolled on her back as she came in her diaper. Subconsciously she began to rub herself thru her diaper as came, thrusting her hips up into her hand. Rukia was the last to orgasm in her diaper, as she collapsed against the wall, panting but smiling all the same.

Mimi giggled as she saw the looks of pure bliss on each girl’s faces. “Wow, that was hot. Anyways, I’ll be right back with the supplies, and well get you girls all fixed up.” Mimi left the room, leave three very pleased girls in need of a diaper change.


“So what did I miss in school today?” Kin asked. Currently, Amara, Heather, Kin, and Yuriko were having dinner at Heather’s home. Both Amara and Kin had their pants off, leaving their diapers exposed for inspection anytime their mothers wanted.

“It was a terrible day for Trish and her crew.” Amara started. “She’s already got a replacement for you, a girl named Fuu. I let it slip that Fuu actually stole my first kiss, and that kinda threw the group off. They tried to ambush me with kendo sticks but you’ll never believe what happened.”

“Kendo sticks?! You’re not hurt are you?” Yuriko asked, Heather also scanning Amara with her eyes.

“They never got the chance to use them on me. Coach Kenpachi’s daughter came around asking for candy, and when Trish said she wouldn’t give her any, she stole Fuu’s kendo stick and went to town on Trish and the girls. It was hilarious, Yachiru is maybe six, seven years old and still in diapers, and still she beat them up!” Amara was laughing at the memory by the time she was done speaking, a bit of soup spilling out of her lip and down her chin.

Kin started laughing herself as Yuriko got a napkin and started cleaning up Amara’s face. “I knew I forgot something, I should have brought your bib.” Amara stopped laughing and began to blush.

“Mooooooooom! Baby time is only at home, I’m a big girl right now.” Amara whined.

“Well you’re not acting like one right now, so I’m treating you like the little girl you once were, and still sometimes am.” Yuriko told her before tucking a large napkin into Amara’s shirt.

“Do you really act like a baby at home?” Kin asked. “I’m not judging, I just find it hard to picture, given how tough you are at school.”

Amara blushed, but nodded her head. “Yeah, I do. I find it comforting, letting go of all my responsibilities and just being taken care of. I think it really brings Mom and me closer together every time we play.”

“Mom and I.” Yuriko corrected. Amara rolled her eyes.

“Whatever Mom.” Before Yuriko could respond, Kin let out a loud fart as she filled the back of her diaper. Kin flushed furiously as everyone else stared at her, wide eyed.

Amara began to chuckle, then erupted into full blown laughter. “Oh god, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect on that if you tried.” Soon everyone was laughing, even Kin. Once the laughter died down, the group resumed dinner.


Leviathan, Rukia, and Yuffie gave a unanimous sigh as they finished off the last of their dinner. All three girls had been changed into fresh diapers just as dinner was brought in. The only problem they had with it was there had been no drinks served. As a staff member piled the plates onto a cart to wheel out, Mimi walked into the room, a bag in her right hand.

“You three looked like you enjoyed dinner. Are you ready for something to wash it down with?” All three girls nodded their heads, yes. “Alright then, I’ve got just the thing here.” Mimi reached into her bag and pulled out a large baby bottle full of milk. “I’ve got one for each of you.” She said as she set a bottle down in front of each girl.

Each girl blushed as they picked up their bottle and examined it. Each bottle had been warmed up, and the size of a large glass. Finally, Leviathan just shrugged her shoulder and popped the bottle’s nipple into her mouth and began to nurse it. Yuffie and Rukia exchanged a glance before moving to different parts of the room. Rukia sat down on the floor, her back against the wall, and started sucking on her bottle, while Yuffie laid down on the couch and work on her’s.

It took about ten minutes for the girls to finish off their bottles, having to drink so much but only so little at a time. As Yuffie sat up, she felt a warmth down between her legs, slowly spreading to her rear. Looking down, she saw the front of her diaper begin to discolor and sag, and that’s when it hit her, she was wetting herself! She tried to stop the flow, but could do nothing at all to hinder or strengthen the flow, if only to get it over with.

Yuffie let out a sob and buried her face in her hands. This got the other’s attention. “Yuffie, what’s wrong?” Leviathan asked.

“I-I just w-wet myse-elf. I couldn’t do a-a-anything to stop it.” Yuffie cried. “Things were supposed to get better when I got diapers, not worse!”

Mimi quickly walked over to Yuffie, pulled a pacifier out of her bag, and pressed it thru Yuffie’s lips, silencing the girl momentarily. Sitting down next to her, she pulled Yuffie onto her lap and wrapped her arms around her.

“Relax Yuffie, it’s not your fault you had an accident. Leviathan and Rukia should be having their’s any minute now.” Mimi said. Yuffie could only blink in confusion, subconsciously sucking on her pacifier.

“Our accidents? What do you-” Before Rukia could finish, her body let out a loud fart as she filled the back of her diaper. A few seconds later, a shocked Rukia felt the front of her diaper grow warm as she helplessly wet herself.

Leviathan gasped as she felt the front of her diaper grow warm. She hummed softly to herself as she closed her eyes and sank back into her seat, pulling her diaper up more to feel more of the warmth between her legs.

“See Yuffie, your accident was made to happen, it wasn’t due to a lack of control.” Mimi told her, rocking her slowly in her arms. “The food you three ate and the bottle you drank contained a special chemical that made you lose your control temporarily, you will get it back sometime tomorrow.”

“What?! Sometime tomorrow? When did we agree to that?” Rukia demanded as she shakily got back to her feet. Leviathan turned to face Mimi and Yuffie but made no move to get up.

“When you girls signed that contract before make-up did their work on you.” Mimi told them. “Don’t worry, it only lasts between sixteen to twenty-four hours, and before you leave tonight you’ll each be given a package of twenty-four diapers, a case of wet wipes, and two bottles of baby powder to take with you. We wouldn’t do this to you and leave you hanging.”

“This is going to complicate thing.” Rukia said, looking down at her used diaper.

Yuffie removed her pacifier. “I know, my parents want me home tomorrow afternoon to help clean out our cellar. Maybe I can get sis to let me borrow one of her shorts to wear, it’s the best I can hope for, for now.” She then shivered as she began to mess herself uncontrollably. She slipped her pacifier into her mouth and sucked on it until she was done.

“Better?” Mimi asked. Yuffie nodded her head, and Mimi turned to Leviathan. “How bout you, you fill your diaper yet?” Leviathan blushed, but nodded her head. “Great, then lets head back to the studio, reapply your make-up, and finish up this shoot. We started a little late, and it’s after seven now, hopefully we’ll be done by eight, eight thirty at the latest.”


“Okay ladies, same station and clothes as before, understood? Great, lets finish up this shoot!”


Rukia was back in front of the royal purple background, wearing just her black t-shirt and dirty diaper. In her hand was a blue pacifier.

“Alright then, face the background, then turn and look at the camera over your shoulder…fantastic use of the pacifier (Snap!). Okay, now sit down on the floor, and spread your legs out……adorable (Snap). Alright, final one. Roll onto all fours facing away from the camera, then turn and look back at the camera…oh my god, (Snap!) I think I’m in love with that face, the puppy dog eyes make you irresistible. Moving on!”


Back in front of her crimson background, Leviathan wore a silver prom dress that sparked with the smallest glimmer of light. On her head was a golden crown and a small trophy held in her hands. Around the waist of the prom dress were golden stars meant to attract attention to them rather then any diaper bulge, and the bottom of the dress had sea shells sown into it, making it harder for any upward drafts to lift the dress. This style was called “Prom Queen.”

“Okay beautiful, hug the trophy to your face and give a big smile to the camera…(Snap!) perfect. Wheel out the block…no, no, the big one so she can sit on it…good, alright Leviathan, take a seat and-Magnificent! (Snap!) Laying on top of it, that will make a beautiful shot! Okay, now sit down on the floor next to it and lean back against the block…raised knee to chest and trophy on the side, (Snap!) I love it. You’re fabulous, hurry and get changed for the next one.”


Yuffie was in front of her forest green screen. She now wore a closed, buttoned up purple work vest with a white under shirt, a matching colored skirt that reached just past her knees, a pair of white socks, and red high heals. In her hand was a clip board and on her nose was a pair of lens-less glasses. The work vest was small, designed to allow the wearer’s bosom to draw attention away from any diaper bulge. The skirt was designed of firm material that wouldn’t blow in the wind, and needed to be physically moved to move at all. This style was called “Work Day.”

“Alright Yuffie, place your hand on your glasses like you were going to adjust them and hold your clip board to our stomach…perfect (Snap!). Okay, now hold the clip board to your side, raise a finger from your free hand-no not that finger- and point at the camera like you were lecturing some troublemaker…wonderful (Snap!). Last one, take your glasses off, hold them and your clip board to your chest, and on the count of three, big smile and give a small jump. One, two, three! (Snap!) Perfect, that will make a wonderful shot. Go get dressed for the next shoot.”


Fifteen minutes later, all three girls had been changed into fresh diapers and given a bag containing their supplies for the next day. While Leviathan and Rukia were back in street clothes, Yuffie only had her socks, shoes, and flannel green shirt on. As it turned out, her diaper didn’t fit under the shorts she wore, so she was stuck leaving it exposed.

The girls chatted for a while, the latest gossip, exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses, talked about boys they thought were cute, but only briefly when it came to Yuffie. Finally, Mimi walked in, carrying two slips of paper. She handed them to Leviathan and Rukia.

“Okay girls, a job well done. Just take those slips to the bank and your payment will be placed into your accounts.” Mimi told them. She then turned to Yuffie. “As for you, we need you to bring your car around back so we can load up the supplies you asked for.”

Yuffie nodded her head, blushing. “I don’t suppose I could have a pair of shorts or something to wear over my diaper, could I?”

Mimi shook her head, no, a playful smile on her face. “Afraid not, but don’t worry, it’s already dark out, no one should see you. Just don’t speed on the way home alright?”

The girls laugh at that. They then gave hugs and exchanged good byes as they left the building. Yuffie practically bolted for her car, which was several rows down from the entrance, though thankfully with few obstacles in the way. Once she got to her car she fished out her keys from her shorts, unlocked it, and quickly jumped in.

Yuffie, once she calmed down, proceeded to start her car and drive to the back of the building. There she recognized one of her directors, and a small crew of men with a large crate. She backed in near them, unlocked the trunk, and rolled down the window as the director approached her.

“We just need your signature her stating that we did give you your payment for your services. The crate contains ten, twenty-four diaper packages, several deluxe packages of baby wipe and powder, and some extra packages of diaper rash cream and baby oil.” The director explained.

Yuffie nodded her head and signed the slip after giving it a once over. She then felt the car sink a bit under the weight of the crate as it was placed in the car. Once the door was closed, and the workers out of the way, she then started the ride to Amara’s house.


When Amara saw a car backing into her driveway, she immediately knew it was Yuffie. Calling out to her Mom, she rushed to the garage and opened the door. Dressed in nothing but a green t-shirt and her diaper, she went out and greeted Yuffie.

“Hey sis, how was it?” Amara asked. When she saw Yuffie wasn’t wearing any pants, she burst into a fit of giggles.

“I wish I had shorts that could have fit over these, but overall it was fun, I can see why you like modeling.” Yuffie replied. “And by the way, you’re giving me some of your fashion line’s clothes, I need them for tomorrow until this drug or whatever wears off.”

“You two can go inside now if you’d like.” Yuriko said, walking up behind them. “I’ll deal with the supply crate.”

“Okay Miss. Oz-”

“Yuffie, I told you before, call me Mom, you’re Amara’s sister after all.”

Yuffie smiled. “Okay Mom. Here’s my keys, can you lock up when you’re done?”

“Sure thing Yuf.” Yuriko replied, taking the keys. She watched as her girls scurried inside, their padded backsides wiggling behind them.

Just as Yuffie entered, she heard a bark, and turned just in time to be tackled to the ground by Wolfie. The young wolf the proceeded to mercilessly lick Yuffie’s face until Amara managed to get him off her, laughing all the while.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if you two had that planned.” Yuffie mumbled, wiping her face clean of slobber as best she could with her hands. Sitting up, she blinked. “Great, I wet myself too, thanks a lot.”

“Anytime big sister!” Amara replied with a giggle, holding Wolfie in her arms.

“So we sleeping in the guest room?” Yuffie asked.

“Yeah, I just gotta clean it out, the Advent Children style of clothes are in there, I need to get a bag for you.” Amara answered.

Yuffie blinked in surprise. “You’re just giving them to me?”

“Yup, you’re my big sister. I may annoy you every now and then, but I’m here when you need me. Best part on the outfit, I made copies for non-diaper wear as well, so you can wear them out on the town as well too.”

“I think I’ll need copies of both wears…thanks a lot little sister.” Yuffie hugged Amara, who returned the hug. Wolfie, who was in between the two girls, started pawing at the closest things to him, which happened to be the girl’s bosoms, causing them both to jump apart in surprise.

“Wolfie, you know you’re not supposed to touch those.” Amara scolded. The pup whined a bit, causing Amara to roll her eyes. “Alright, I’ll give ya a little snack, but after that it’s bed time. Yuffie, mind going to the fridge and grabbing us our night time bottles? I’ll meet you upstairs.”

Yuffie blushed. “Yeah, sure.” As Amara carried Wolfie upstairs, Yuffie made her way into the kitchen, feeling her wet diaper rub against her skin with each step. Opening the refrigerator, she saw two large baby bottles if milk in the door, and pulled them out. Looking at the bottle in her right hand, she shrugged her shoulders and started sucking away on it as she walked.

Once she reached the guest room, she saw two sleeping bags had been laid out for them, and a pillow with them. Setting Amara’s bottle on her pillow, Yuffie slipped into her sleeping bag and curled up inside it, sucking down her milk. Not even a minute later, she was out.

Amara and Yuriko entered and saw her asleep. “She needs her diaper changed.” Amara whispered.

“I’ll change her, you just drink your bottle and go to sleep.” Yuriko told her, then kissed Amara on her forehead.

Amara slipped into her sleeping bag and placed her bottle’s nipple in her mouth, and started sucking. Yuriko carefully unzipped Yuffie’s sleeping bag, and carefully changed her into a fresh diaper. Once she was done zipping the sleeping bag up, she kissed Yuffie on her forehead and went to the door.

“Sleep tight baby girls.” She whispered, turning out the lights and closing the door behind her.


Naruto: Sakura, Ino, Tayuya, Kin, Anko, Itachi
Death Note: Light
Megaman: Yuriko, Fairy Leviathan
Bleach: Yachiru, Kenpachi, Rukia
Beyblade: Queen
Digimon: Mimi
Kingdom Hearts: Yuffie, Fuu
OCs: Amara, Trish, Heather, Wolfie

They say every artist has a masterpiece. Well if writing is an art, then this chapter is my masterpiece! I worked long and hard on it, and am very proud of how it turned out. Please tell me what you though of it. Thanks!