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Twilight3 here, the long awaited Chapter 6 is here. I bet you’ve been dying to find out what’s happened to Kin, well, you’ll find out soon enough. On a side note, this fic is a multi-x-over, and yet I find I’ve just been focusing of Amara, Kin, and Trish lately, so I’m going to work on adding a few chapters and scenes that involve other characters from Anime, Mange, and/or games. That out of the way, on with the story!


Chapter 6: Discoveries

Amara entered the lobby of the school, and sighed happily. For the next few weeks she could actually relax in the mornings. With Kin as her project partner, Trish and her girls weren’t going to attack her, letting Amara enjoy her morning and even chat with her friends, few as they may be.

“Amara!” Amara turned around, and saw Yuffie walking towards her. Amara waited for her to catch up, noticing how Yuffie’s movements appeared…sluggish?

“Hey girl, what’s up?”

“Did you hear what happened with Kin and Trish yesterday?”

“Several things happened, which one are you referring to?”

“In the locker room, Trish asked Kin if she was a lesbian, and Kin freaked out. Trish then called the other girls together after school and confronted her again, and-”

“And Kin confessed to being bi-sexual and that she couldn’t have children, I was there for that one.” Yuffie shook her head.

“It’s never a dull day with you and Trish’s gang around…Um, Amara?”

“Yes Yuffie?”

“Could we talk somewhere, um, private? I kinda need to ask you for something and it’s kinda embarrassing.” Yuffie said, blushing slightly. Amara raised an eyebrow, but nodded her head, and the two made their way to the far side of the building, where few people were around. Settling by a corner, Amara turned to Yuffie.

“Okay, so what did you need to ask me for?” Amara asked.

“Well, I was wondering, is there any way you could, um…” Yuffie blushed, “Get me some diapers to wear?” Amara blinked at this.

“Wha?” Yuffie reached into her bag, and pulled out a small make-up kit and a napkin. Amara was even more confused now. Yuffie never wore make-up, and despite being sisters in all but blood and legally, Yuffie never even kidded about wearing any of Amara’s diapers, not that she minded Amara wearing them, heck, she even changed her before!

Yuffie looked at herself in the mirror the make-up kit provided as she wiped around her eyes with the napkin. When she looked up, Amara gasped. Yuffie had several dark, baggy rings around her eyes, it almost reminded her of that Gaara kid she saw every now and then.

“You know how Leon and I were engaged right, and how we suddenly started having problems before he called the wedding off till we could resolve them?” Yuffie asked. Amara nodded her head. “Those problems were that he fell in love with that flower girl Aerith, and got married to her.”

Amara gasped, and quickly pulled Yuffie into a hug. “Oh Yuffie, I’m so sorry!” Yuffie hugged back. “If you tell me where they are, I’ll go with those kunai you gave me and shove them so far up their-” Yuffie chuckled a bit, but shook her head.

“No, don’t. Apart of me will always love Leon, and as much as I hate him for what he’s done to me, I’d rather just put it behind me and move on with my life.” Yuffie said. Amara smiled, and patted her back.

“If he couldn’t appreciate you, then he wasn’t the right person for you…my offer still stands though.” Yuffie laughed at this point.

“They moved away, some place called Radiant Garden. It requires a plane ticket, so I think it’s a little to far for you.”

“Not if I start modeling for my Mom’s magazine full time.” Amara replied. Yuffie shook her head.

“And leave me alone here? Your big sister, when she needs you most?” Amara sighed.

“Okay then, I won’t go out of my way to avenge your honor. If I’m in the neighborhood though, all bets are off.” Amara stated. Yuffie smiled, and gave Amara a squeeze before backing off.

“Thanks girl.” Yuffie said. “My problem is that ever since I learned about the marriage I’ve, well, I’ve begun wetting the bed.” Yuffie blushed again. “I have been for the last two weeks, every night.”

“Did you ask your parents for help?” Amara asked. Yuffie sighed.

“Yeah, but it didn’t do any good. I always wake up when I’m…going…and Mom and Dad force me to do my sheets and laundry then and there, not to mention shower myself. I rarely get five hours of sleep now a days. I tried doing things like not eating or drinking after five o’clock, trying to go just before bed. It lessens what I do, but I still have to get up at three in the morning and clean up everything.” Yuffie explained, sighing. “I suggested diapers to them, but they outright rejected it, saying I wasn’t a baby and they weren’t going to waste any money on me that wasn’t necessary.”

“Those bastards, they must be sore about your marriage falling through.” Amara said, brushing her hair out of her face. “So now you want to go behind their backs and ask me for some diapers so you can sleep again, right?”

“Yeah, I’d order them online myself, but my parents check the mail everyday, still hoping Leon will reconsider. I figured I could get them easier through you then just going out to the store, which is why I came to you first.” Yuffie explained. Amara rubbed her chin with her hand, a thoughtful look on her face.

“Well, we can’t get them from here, since my size is to small for you, so through school is out…You know how Mom designs cloths for people who need diapers 24/7 right?”

“Yeah, you sometimes model those clothes for magazines, but you never wear them in public because you don’t want people to think you’re living the high life, right? That’s why you wear short shorts to show off your diapers, so people can’t accuse you of wearing your Mom’s designs.”

“Exactly right. Tomorrow after school I have a session with some new girls looking to get into the modeling business, or so I hear. If you want, I can arrange it so that you can take my place, god knows I wouldn’t mind a night to myself.” Amara explained. Yuffie’s eyes lit up.

“Really? You can do that for me?” She asked.

“Yeah, but just know, there is a chance of the pictures taken being in a magazine if they directors like them enough. Also, you will be required to wear diapers during the shoot, and to use them at some point. The shots consist of before and after shots, basically being one of you with your diaper completely exposed, then several of you wearing some of mom’s designs, then wearing them in a used diaper.” Amara explained. “You okay with that?”

Yuffie nodded her head. “If it can help me get diapers for bedtime, I’m willing to bear it and anything that comes from it…besides, I’ve always wondered what it was like to wear one, what with my little sister wearing them and all.”

Amara giggled at the statement. “Right, well I can arrange it so you can get several bags of diapers as payment instead of money. And hey, how about you sleepover after the session, that way you can hide your supplies with your clothes when you go home.”

“That’s a great idea, I hadn’t even thought of how to get them by Mom and Dad. I’ll let them know tonight. What time is the shoot at?”

“I’ll fill you in after school, okay? It’s almost time for homeroom.” Amara pointed to a clock on the wall, only five minutes left till homeroom. More students were beginning to come down this section of the school too.

“Good catch, I see ya at lunch Amara.” Yuffie said.

“Don’t forget to reapply your make-up.” Amara told her. Yuffie nodded her head, then smirked.

“And don’t you forget to head to the nurse for a change.” Yuffie replied. Amara blushed, she hadn’t even realized she had wet herself, being to engrossed in the conversation to notice.

“Right, I’ll see you later.” Amara left to the nurse’s office while Yuffie headed to her locker for some books, applying her make-up along the way.


“What do you have for me Ducky?” Special agent Gibbs asked, walking into Autopsy.

“Ah Gibbs, I was wondering when you’d show up.” Doctor Mallard, aka Ducky, said. He walked around the examining table, pulling off the white sheet, revealing a young, black haired girl. “This young girl met her untimely end, she was raped for quite some time according to the vaginal wounds, which caused her to bleed out, suffering a slow and painful death.” Ducky sighed as he rested his hand on the girl’s head.

“She was targeted to get at her family.” Gibbs said, reading the file and taking a sip of his coffee.

“Regardless, there’s a special place for the monster that did this to her Gibbs.” Ducky said.

Heather flipped the TV off, growling to herself. That episode hit to close to home for her comfort. Kin was in the ER, and despite her status in the hospital she could do nothing to help her at the moment. What made things worse was that even if she was permitted to work on Kin, it wasn’t her field, and she would just be in the way anyways.

“TV not helping?” One of the nurses asked.

“No, it’s not.” Heather replied. “Any word on her?”

“Not much. The doctors managed to stop the bleeding, and they’re now doing some tests to find out the cause. The only damage we are certain of is her thumb, she nearly chewed it off. She’ll be able to keep it, but it will need to be treated every day and be held in place with a splint, cast would be too difficult and pointless at this point.” The nurse explained.

Heather sighed, wishing she knew more. “How long till I can see her?”

“It’ll be a few hours at least.” The nurse said. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Just let me know when I can see my daughter.” Heather responded. The nurse nodded and exited the room.


Some way, some how, word of Kin being bi-sexual had spread through the school, it was the topic of the day. It explained why she never did anything against Amara when she kissed her, at least to the few that didn’t know they were forced to work together on a project. Kin wasn’t in school today, so no one could ask her about it, while Trish and her gang refused to say anything about it.

Amara was with her usual lunch group, and was chewing on an apple, frowning. Today had been the last day the class was working in the library, and Kurama had gotten on her case, to her surprise, they had always gotten along in the past.

“So what do you think kept Kin from showing up today?” Ray asked.

“I don’t know, she was doing a lot better when I left her last night.” Amara said.

“You went after her?” Mariah asked.

“Yeah, out of all of Trish’s girls, Kin is the biggest unknown, not a bad kisser, but an unknown all the same.” Amara replied, grinning at the end.

“Do you like her Amara?” Rock Lee asked. “Her youthfulness is, questionable.”

“I…would consider dating her if she wasn’t with Trish’s group.” Amara admitted.

“You were there yesterday, did Kin mention anything about feelings for you?” Yuffie asked, curious.

Amara shrugged. “She said she’d go out with me, but would first date Trish and the others before me.” Amara bit a chunk out of her apple.

“That’s because we don’t shit our pants diaper girl.” The group turned around, and saw Ino, Sakura, and Trish standing there. Students in the surrounding tables stopped what they were doing to watch.

“Since when were you in this lunch period forehead?” Mariah asked.

“Swapped out with a study hall, that way I’ll have more free time and less work after school. Not that you’d think of something like that, pussycat.” Sakura replied. Mariah growled, but said nothing as Ray hugged her.

“What do you want Trish?” Amara asked, exasperated.

“You were the last person to see Kin yesterday. What happened?” Trish demanded.

“You wanna know, go to her house and ask her, I’m not gonna say anything that she might consider private.” Amara said.

“Is there a reason she wouldn’t be in today?” Ino asked. Amara glanced at her, and saw she was genuinely concerned for Kin.

“She was feeling much better after we talked. I offered to walk her home, but she said her Mom worked at a hospital nearby, and that she’d pick up a ride with her.” Amara explained. The girls were silent for a minute, processing the information they had just received.

“How she could find comfort with a diapered bitch like you I’ll never know.” Trish said. Amara took a big bite out of her apple, glaring at the girl. “Come on girls, we got all we can. We’ll check in Kin’s house after school, make sure this bitch didn’t rape her or something.”

As Trish and the girls turned to leave, Trish was suddenly yanked around. She barely got a glance at Amara, before said girl spat out a mouthful of chewed apple into her face. Trish shrieked as she stumbled back. Before anyone could do anything, Trish knocked into a round stool attached to the table behind her, and spun around, landing face first in a bowl of pasta. Trish shrieked again.

“You ever, and I mean ever, so much as hint at me sexually abusing someone, much less raping someone, and you will wish you were dead by the time I’m done with you!” Amara yelled, before grabbing her bag and storming out of the lunch room, leaving Trish’s girls to help Trish, and the rest of the lunch room stunned.


“Dr. Tsuchi?” Heather looked up and saw a doctor in front of her. She immediately recognized him as one of the ones who worked on Kin. Heather stood up.

“Can you tell me what’s wrong with Kin? Will she be alright?” Heather asked.

“She should be alright, we’ve discovered the source of the bleed, and did what we could to stop it. We’re prescribing some pills that will work to heal the injuries, which over the course of a week or two should stop any and all bleeding from happening. Right now, it’s expected that whenever she urinates she will most likely have some blood mixed in, but as I said, over the course of a week or two the bleeding should vanish.” The doctor explained.

Heather nodded her head, feeling some of the stress leave her. “What caused this to happen? And are there any other problems that I should be aware of?”

“We believe that the source of these injuries come from a past incident…I believe you know what I’m referring to.” The doctor said. Heather narrowed her eyes and nodded. The doctor continued. “Apparently, whomever examined your daughter back then did a very poor job of it. There were some scars left over from the, er, incident, and it seems something has caused them to rip open. Our best guess is some form of stress.”

“Most likely.” Heather said. “Yesterday, Trish and her friends accused her of being a lesbian, and also said some things that reminded her of that bastard of a father.”

The doctor nodded his head, he knew of Trish’s reputation. “That would surely be cause for stress enough to do this. I can only imagine she was targeted for wearing diapers as well.”

Heather blinked. “Kin only wears them at night, she has a bed wetting problem. That’s why she was wearing one when she was brought in.”

The doctor shook his head. “I’m afraid if she wasn’t before, she will be now. Follow me.” The doctor lead the way to an exam room, Heather following close behind, wondering what he meant by what he said. The doctor then pulled out some x-rays and attached them to a glow screen, and lit it, allowing them to see the x-rays clearly.

“Another injury not detected from her past attack was damage done to her bladder and bowels. The easiest way I can describe this is comparing the bladder and bowels to dams, and the damage being cracks in said dams. These cracks weren’t treated, and have thus grown. The problem now is the fact that we do not have an exact location on the cracks, and given the delicate nature of this operation, I believe we should wait a few weeks for these cracks to become more developed and thus easier to find.” The doctor explained.

“I’m guessing that means Kin will begin to lose control while the damage spreads.” Heather said, examining the x-rays closely.

“Yes, she will eventually lose complete control over her bladder and bowels, thus causing herself to ‘go’ uncontrollably. She will still have some control for a short while, so pull-ups could work for a short time, but until after she has the operation, she will need to wear protection in some form of diapers.” The doctor explained. “We will be keeping Kin here for overnight observations, and if she’s okay in the morning, we will release her to your care, though I don’t recommend her going to school till Monday. We can schedule an appointment for an x-ray sometime two weeks from now and go from there.”

“I see…thank you doctor. Can you please tell me which room Kin is in please, I’d like to be the one to break this to her.” Heather asked. The doctor nodded and gave Heather the room number, and Heather promptly left.


Amara entered the hospital and walked up to the receptionist’s desk. “Amara Kisari Ozono for my four thirty check up.” The receptionist quickly looked her up on her computer.

“Ah, Miss. Ozono, you’ll need to head up to the fifth floor and check in with the receptionist up there. Just take a right down this hallway, take the second left and you’ll be at the elevators. Once you’re on the fifth floor, take a left and you’ll see the receptionist desk there.” The lady said.

Amara thanked her and made her way to the elevators while the receptionist went back to work. A few minutes later, Trish, Queen, and Sakura walked up to the desk.

“Excuse me, is Dr. Tsuchi in today? My friends and I have been looking for her daughter all day and we were wondering if she knew where she was.” Sakura asked. The receptionist once again looked up the files on her computer.

“Dr. Tsuchi did not clock in today, however her daughter is registered as a patient here. She was brought in this morning for…internal injuries and vaginal bleeding? Oh dear, looks like her old rape injuries were reopened, and after all those years of healing to. Oh well, none of my concern. She’s currently on the fifth floor, room five eighteen.” The receptions told them, before continuing her work.

Sakura, Queen, and Trish just stared at each other, stunned. “Did either of you know she was raped?” Trish finally asked. Both Queen and Sakura shook their heads no.

“It would explain a lot though, her being bi sexual and all.” Queen stated.

“Not to mention her not being able to have children, that lady said they were old injuries. If Kin was little when it happened, the damage caused by it would be enough to do something like this.” Sakura stated.

Trish was quiet for a moment. “We’ll ask her about it when we see her. Let’s go.” Trish started off to the elevators. Queen and Sakura looked at each other for a moment, then shrugged and followed Trish.

Once they reached the fifth floor, Trish asked the receptionist for the room location, and was given directions. Once they reached the room, they found a nurse standing outside the door. Queen approached her.

“Is this Kin Tsuchi’s room?” Queen asked.

The nurse nodded. “Yes it is, but you’ll have to wait a minute, she’s in the middle of getting her diaper changed.” Trish, Queen, and Sakura all went bug-eyed at that comment.

“Why the hell is she wearing diapers?!” Trish asked, nearly screeching.

“Her injuries require her too.” The nurse stated. “It’ll be a few weeks before we can fix her in an operation, but until then she’ll need to be diapered 24/7.” Just then the door opened, and another nurse wheeled out a gurney full of hospital supplies. “Looks like you’re clear, just don’t do anything to stress her out, it could cause her injuries to reopen.”

Trish brushed past the nurse, followed by Queen and Sakura. They found Kin lying in bed with a hospital gown on. The gown, however, was to short to cover the sea green hospital diaper she had on. Kin’s eyes looked red and puffy, a clear sign she had been crying, and her left thumb had bandages and a splint on it. Kin was currently clutching her stomach, not even bothering to pull her sheets and blanket over herself.

“You really are wearing a diaper!” Trish stated. Kin’s head shot up, and she saw the girls.

“N-not by choice, believe me.” Kin said, wincing in pain. The girls gathered around the bed.

“Is it true this was caused by past rape injuries?” Queen asked. Kin’s eyebrows shot up into her hairline.

“Who told you about that?!” Kin demanded.

“The receptionist downstairs.” Trish replied casually, as if Kin wasn’t in the hospital. “Why didn’t you tell us you’d been raped before? You know I don’t like secrets.”

“Because it’s none of your business! It’s too damn personal for you or anyone else to stick your noses into it!” Kin nearly yelled. She was at her limit, everything had been happening so fast over the past few days, and the pain she was currently feeling wasn’t doing anything to help her restrain her words or actions.

Trish stared at Kin for a minute or two. She then turned to Sakura and Queen. “Leave us, I have things to discuss with Tsuchi.” Queen and Sakura slowly nodded, and exited the room, closing the door behind them.

Ten minutes later, Trish exited the room and motioned the girls to follow her. She said nothing until the elevator doors closed. “Kin’s out of our group, we need to find a replacement for her.” Queen and Sakura blinked a few times, but upon seeing Trish glare at them, nodded their heads in acceptance.

“This means Amara’s fair game again, right?” Sakura asked, grinning.

Trish grinned back. “Oh yeah. Make sure you’re at school early tomorrow, and someone inform Ino what’s going on. Tomorrow is gonna be fun.”


Amara exited the exam room. Everything had checked out, just like it always did. As she made her way towards the elevators, she noticed a girl with black hair and a sea green diaper on in one of the rooms, but thought nothing of it until she saw name on the door.

“Kin? Is that you?” Kin’s head shot up, and she looked in shock at Amara, who’s face held a look of shock equal to, if not more so then Kin’s.

“W-what are you doing here Amara? I thought you had a doctor’s a-appointment today?” Kin asked, wincing slightly in pain.

“Yeah, I did. I come here for my appointments due to my condition. What happened to you?” Amara asked. Kin chewed her lip for a moment.

“I’m here…because the doctors missed some injuries caused by my father.” Kin started. Amara nodded and sat down, knowing this would be a serious discussion. “Apparently, all the stress I’ve been feeling lately has caused some of them to reopen. It happened during the night last night, and I nearly chewed my thumb off trying to alleviate to pain I was feeling in my sleep. I…I’ll also be wearing diapers from now on until I can get an operation to fix up my injuries, some of them causing me to crap myself. It’ll be a few weeks until then because the doctors can’t find exactly where the damage is, and this operation isn’t the kind you can just go blindly in, apparently…Trish was here.”

“What happened?” Amara asked. She was still pissed about what happened in lunch earlier, and as a result of what happened, she had gotten detention for a week.

Kin spent the next twenty minutes going over what was said between her and Trish. When she was through, Amara was leaned back, looking at the ceiling. “Damn…” She finally said. “She’s out for blood.”

“Yeah, but I don’t intend to go along with it.” Kin said. Amara looked at her in surprise. “I won’t let her use me to her advantage…I know I have nothing without her, but this is the only chance I’ll get to effectively leave the group. I’ll manage to survive on my own.”

“You’re not alone Kin, you got me.” Amara said, as she rose from her chair and moved next to Kin on her bed. Kin’s eyes widened.

“But Amara, tha-” Kin was cut off as Amara kissed her full on the lips. Kin moaned softly, and began returning the kiss. It lasted for only a few more seconds, before Amara pulled away.

“Trish is messing with powers beyond her control. Besides, this is your chance to be who you want to be. You said you wanted to date me, and the truth is I’d like to go out with you too. So long as we’re careful, Trish won’t be able to do anything to us, and we’ll each get a beautiful diapered girl as a girlfriend.” Amara explained, grinning at the end as Kin blushed. “And don’t worry about friends, I’ll talk with mine, they’ll give you a chance. And as far as our project is concerned, well, your weekend is free now, right?”

Kin nodded her head, and smiled softly. “Yes it is. I’ll be getting out tomorrow morning, but I won’t be going to school. Think you could pick up my missed class work for me?”

“I can, but it’ll be a little while till I get to your house…you’ll need to tell me where you live too. Anyways, I got detention for the next week, spat an apple in Trish’s face, then dumped her face in a bowl of pasta.” Amara replied, grinning. Kin burst out laughing, gasping for breath. She then started coughing. Amara moved to help her, but Kin raised her hand to stop her. Kin stopped coughing a minute later.

“Don’t make me laugh like that again, or at least until I’m out of here.” Kin said, after finally calming down.

“I can do that…for a price.” Amara said. Kin raised an eyebrow.

“And that would be?”

“A chance to make out with my new girlfriend.” Both girls grinned at this.

“You even had to ask?” Kin said.

Amara grinned, then laid down next to Kin. Kin moved forward and pressed her lips to Amara’s, wrapping her arms around her neck. Amara kissed back, wrapping her arms around Kin’s back, pulling her closer to her. Amara suddenly used a hand to squeeze Kin’s padded bum, causing the girl to moan, giving Amara the chance to slip her tongue into Kin’s mouth. Kin moaned again as she battled Amara’s tongue with her own.

Just then, the door to the room burst open, and Heather and several other emergency staff members rushed in with equipment. Amara and Kin shrieked in surprise, Amara actually rolling off the bed and falling to the floor.

“What’s going on here!? Your heart rate jumped drastically!” One of the doctor demanded.

Kin blushed furiously. “I was just making out with my girlfriend, she came to make me feel better, and I was…until you guys interrupted!”

This met with mixed reactions. One doctor looked at Kin in disgust, and left the room. Several looked at her strangely, before leaving as well. One nurse leaned against the wall, and smiled at the pair. She quickly left the room as she saw Heather’s pointed look at her, closing the door behind her.

Heather turned back to the pair as Amara sat back down on the bed. She examined them both for a moment. She took a deep breath. “I take it you’re Amara.”

Amara swallowed. “Y-yeah…I’m Amara Kisari Ozono…I didn’t mean to worry you about Kin.”

Heather said nothing as she walked over to them. She leaned forward to Amara and…sniffed? “You need a change.”

Amara stared at Heather, blushing, and a look of confusion on her face. “W-wha?”

Heather smiled at Amara, and tugged her to her feet. “Come on, let’s get your diaper changed. Then you can chat with Kin for a while longer. After that, I wouldn’t mind some time getting to know my daughter’s girlfriend.”

Amara blinked as she was led into a small bathroom. “You mean you’re not mad? About any of this?”

“Nope, not at all. I’ve heard about you Amara, and I’ve liked what I’ve heard so far. If you really are like what everyone says you are, I have no problem with you dating my daughter.” Heather explained. Amara smiled at that, as did Kin from her bed. “Now then, do you want Kin to watch while I change you, or should we close the door?”

Amara blushed, then looked at Kin, who was leaning towards the bathroom. “Sorry girl, we only just got together.” Amara told her, causing Kin to whine. Amara closed the door part way, before poking her head out. “Don’t worry, you’ll see all of me eventually, I promise.”

Kin gave a huge smile at this. Amara smiled back, then gave an “eep” before being pulled into the bathroom. Kin leaned forward more, and managed to hear Amara say, “Couldn’t you at least wait until I’m ready?”

Kin giggled to herself, and laid back on her pillow. For now, she decided to just enjoy being herself. For the first time in years, Kin could say she was truly happy.


Naruto: Sakura, Ino, Kin, Gaara, Rock Lee
Final Fantasy: Leon, Yuffie, Aerith
Beyblade: Mariah, Ray, Queen
OCs: Amara, Heather, Trish
NCIS: Gibbs, Ducky

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