True Love Ch. 5

True Love

Twilight3 here, in the mits of the ice storm aftermath and being cut off from internet and cable for a while, I managed to come out with this chapter. This chapter won’t have many cross over characters, but it is essential to the storyline. That being said, enjoy!


Chapter 5: A Looong Day

After the amazing kiss Kin shared with Amara, Kin left the hill side and made her way into town. Knowing how her mother worked late of Wednesdays, Kin headed to the hospital to meet up with her, and save herself a long walk home. Just as Kin approached the entrance, her mother walked out, fumbling with her purse, looking for her keys.

“Mom!” Heather looked up and saw Kin jogging over to her.

“Kin? What are you doing here?” Heather asked, then noticed how red Kin’s eyes were. “Did something happen Kin?”

“Just a long day Mom. I’ll tell you on the ride home, okay?”

“Alright Kin, we’ll talk in the car, maybe stop at Mcdonalds on the way home too.” Kin and Heather went through the maze of cars in the parking lot till they found their car. A few minutes later, they were on the road. “So Kin mind telling me why you look like you’ve cried your eyes out?”

Kin shook her head, a small smile on her face. Heather never did sugar coat anything, just told it as she saw it. “Well, it started out normal enough, chatted with the girls, had classes, and worked with Amara on the project.” Kin’s smile grew here; she didn’t need to see her Mom’s face to know she was smiling at this as well.

“Sounds like a good day so far.” Heather commented. Kin nodded in agreement. She then frowned, and turned to look out the car’s window, watching the different lights streak by her.

“We had new gym teachers, they used to be apart of the military. The coach for the boys really scared me. Trish tried to get Amara in trouble by throwing her shoe at the guy and saying Amara did it, but it looked like all three of us would get in trouble. I…sorta ratted Trish out…that coach left his entire class sprawled out from kendo practice, I was scared. Amara had been hugging me from behind at the time, probably the only reason I could talk at all.” Kin blushed, remembering how close she was to Amara at the time.

“I don’t think I could blame you for ratting Trish out.” Heather replied, pulling into a drive thru. “Your usual nuggets?”

“Huh?” Kin looked around before she realized where she was. “Oh, yes please.” A few minutes later, Kin was chewing on some fries, and Heather was having a sip of her soda while waiting for the light to turn green.

“So what happened next?” Heather asked. Kin finished chewing her mouthful and swallowed before replying.

“Trish confronted me in the locker room. I gave my reasons for why I told on her, I mean, her name was sown into her shoe for god sake! She then asked me if I was a lesbian.” Kin noticed her mother glance at her out of the corner of her eye. “I tried to avoid giving her a straight answer, when she told me to prove to her that I wasn’t a freak, that I……I like cock in my…” Kin stopped here, taking a long sip from her soda.

“It reminded you of him, didn’t it.” Heather said. It was more statement then question.

“Yes…I sorta freaked out on her, caused a scene…Once I calmed down a bit, she asked again. I told her to leave it alone for the moment, that I’d answer her later when I could think straight.” Kin paused, taking a moment to pop a nugget in her mouth. Once she was done, she continued. "Later I met up with Trish and the other girls; I was pretty ticked off at that point. Everything since gym class seemed to remind me of him. Anyways, I told them that I didn’t care about sex or a relationship right now, that I wanted to focus on graduating High School right now.

“Trish continued pushing, however. She asked if I really did prefer Amara to other guys, so I gave them several boys I wouldn’t be caught dead dating, and claimed I’d even pursue a relationship with Trish and the others compared to the boy that are single. Queen recommended her brother, I turned him down, and she took offence to it. She tried to hit me, so I just let her run into my fist.” Kin noticed Heather’s disapproving look and took another nugget.

“You know how I feel about violence Kin.” Heather said. Kin nodded her head.

“I know, but I wasn’t going to let her beat me up. After she backed up against the wall, I restrained her so she couldn’t hit me again. I had had enough at that point, and just told everyone that I’m bi sexual, and that it didn’t matter to me if I had sex with a man or a woman, that I wasn’t capable of having kids anyways. I left shortly after, and headed to the sunset hillside.”

“You know, you can still have kids Kin, the damage done to your body only made it less likely, not impossible.”

“We know that, but they didn’t. I said that to them to make my bi sexual claim make more sense to them why I wouldn’t care if I was with a man or a woman.” Kin explained. “Anyways, a while later, Amara showed up on Sunset hill…I told her everything.”

“How much is everything?” Heather asked.

“How he…” Kin swallowed hard then shook her head. “Twice.”

Heather understood what Kin meant. “I see…what happened next?”

Kin smiled a bit. “She hugged me while I cried, then we sat together and watched the sunset. I…admitted to Amara that I am a lesbian, but that I wasn’t ready to come out publicly yet. Amara said she understood, and that she’d just have to enjoy our time we spent on the project together. We then said our goodbyes…and then I…” Kin blushed, “I kissed her.”

Heather turned off the engine, and turned to face Kin fully. It was then that Kin realized they had arrived home. “Really now? You kissed her?”

“Yes…I think she enjoyed it as much as I did.” Kin said, her entire face flushed. “Um, after that, I went to see you, and here we are.”

“So what’s going to happen between you two now?” Heather asked.

“I…I’m not sure…we did agree to work here when we got out of the researching stage of our project.” Kin told her.

“I see, that’s a good plan. This way, I get to meet Amara as well.” Heather said. “Well, let’s head inside, I still got a cheese burger to eat, and you still need to be diapered for the night.”

Kin blushed at how forward Heather was about her diapering. “Could I go to the bathroom first? I haven’t gone since lunch time.”

“Sorry Kin, but this is supposed to be a punishment for getting into fights, and it wouldn’t be much of one if I let you go before diapering you. Don’t worry though, once I’m done with my dinner I’ll change you.” Heather explained.

Kin gave a small whimper as she got out of the car, swinging her backpack over her shoulder and grabbing her bag and drink. She closed the car door and followed her mother inside. Both of them slid their shoes off by the door, then dropped their bags of food and drinks off on the coffee table in front of the couch. After putting their work bags down, Heather placed a hand on each of Kin’s shoulder and marched her to the back room.


“Mom, I’m home!” Amara called out as she closed the front door behind her.

“What kept you? I was beginning to worry.” A woman in her early forties walked in. She had brown braided hair, wore a brown tank top, black pants, and black boots.

“My partner for a project had a rough day, so I went to check up on her. It took me a lot longer to find her then I thought it would.” Amara explained. “Sorry to make you worry Yuriko.”

“Forget about it, you were trying to help a friend, right?” Yuriko asked. Receiving a nod, she continued. “Then all is forgiven, just remember to call me next time you’re going to be late, okay?”

“Yes Mom. So what’s for dinner?” Amara asked.

“I’m surprised you haven’t noticed already.” Yuriko answered. Cocking an eyebrow, Amara took a whiff of the air in front of her. Her eyes widened, her mouth dropped open, and tongue dribbled saliva on the floor beneath her.

“S-s-spaghetti and meat balls?” Amara managed to ask. Yuriko nodded, and Amara launched herself across the hallway, intent to dive face first into a bowl of what she considered god’s gift to mankind. Halfway across the hall, however, she was caught in midair by Yuriko, one arm going around Amara’s back, the other holding her up by her bum. Amara franticly tried to get to the dinning room while Yuriko slipped her hand up Amara’s shorts and slipped two fingers up her diaper’s leg holes.

“Oh my, you’re completely soaked! I don’t think your diaper could stand another wetting. I thought I told you to watch yourself when you use your diapers more then once, you could have leaked.” Yuriko scolded.

“Yeah, okay, sorry, won’t happen again. Now let me have the food of the gods!” Yuriko rolled her eyes at this before hefting Amara further up on her body, so she was now leaning partway over her shoulder.

“It seems you have a one tract mind when it comes to spaghetti and meat balls. First we’ll change your diaper, then I’ll put you in your high chair and feed you your ‘food of the gods’, okay?” Yuriko asked as she started walking up the stairs, carrying Amara.

“No! I can’t enjoy it if I only get bite sized samples! I need mouth fulls!” Amara exclaimed. Yuriko shook her head as she pushed open the door to Amara’s room. It was a basic teenage girl’s room, with only a few differences. Instead of posters of cute boys there were posters of hot and sexy looking women, and there was also a changing table stacked full of diapers and changing supplies.

Yuriko laid Amara down on the changing table, then quickly pulled the straps out and tied her down. Amara struggled to get off the table, continuously yelling something about not being denied her birth right. Yuriko shook her head, it was always like this when she made Amara favorite meal, but this time she was prepared. Just as Amara opened her mouth to go on another rant about why she should be let off the table, Yuriko pressed a pacifier through Amara’s lips. What was different about this pacifier was that there was a strap attached to both sides that allowed Yuriko to strap it to the back of Amara’s head, muffling her yells, if only for now.

Just then, Yuriko felt something scratching at her leg. Looking down, she saw Amara’s pet wolf, whom she called Wolfie. It was more of a pup right now, but that made it all the cuter to Amara. Yuriko would sometimes kid about how it was easier to potty train the pup then it was Amara to her friends, to which Amara would blush and wack her on the shoulder.

Wolfie whined a bit, running it’s paw on Yuriko’s leg. Yuriko, figuring he was hungry like his owner, went over to Amara’s closet and pulled out a small refrigerator. Opening it, she pulled out a large fish and placed it on a newspaper nearby, smirking as she saw Wolfie dive for the fish. Closing the fridge, she went back to Amara, who hadn’t stopped struggling to get off her changing table.

Yuriko slid Amara’s shorts off, revealing her soaked Molicare diaper. Undoing the tapes, Yuriko pulled the front of the diaper down, revealing that Amara hadn’t just wet her diaper. “You made a messy as well? How your diaper held out this long I’ll never know.” Amara made some muffled yells, but Yuriko ignored her.

Lifting Amara’s legs up, Yuriko slid the diaper out from under her. Grabbing several wet wipes, she spent the next few minutes cleaning Amara’s bum and front of waste. That done, she threw the used wipes into the dirty diaper, rolled up the diaper, and disposed of it in the pail. Turning back to Amara, Yuriko began rubbing baby powder over her bum and front. Grabbing a fresh diaper, Yuriko lifted Amara’s legs up and slid the diaper under her. Setting her legs down, Yuriko pulled the front of the diaper up between Amara’s legs then down tightly over Amara’s front. She then carefully taped up each side of Amara’s diaper.

Nodding to herself, Yuriko held Amara down with one hand, and undid the straps with her other. Once she was free, Yuriko lifted Amara up again, and proceeded downstairs and into the dinning room. Once there, Amara started frantically trying to get out of Yuriko’s hold upon seeing her dinner. Yuriko managed to make it to the other side of the table, where she kept Amara’s high chair for meals like this. Setting her down, Yuriko quickly pulled the try down and pushed it in, pinning Amara’s arms to her side. Amara struggled to get loose, even more furiously with her prize only three feet in front of her.

Yuriko left the room for a minute to wash her hand while Amara continued to struggle. Just as she finished drying her hands, Yuriko heard a loud slam. Rushing back to the dinning room, she found that Amara’s high chair had toppled over, Amara having a dazed look in her eyes.

“Amara! Are you okay?!” Yuriko asked as she reached her, unstrapping the paci from her head. Amara gave a small moan.

“Why are there birds in the house?” Amara asked, her eyes unfocused. Deciding to test her, Yuriko lifted the high chair back up. She then filled a bowl full of spaghetti, grabbed a fork, spun up some spaghetti around it, then placed it in Amara’s open mouth. Amara’s eyes widened upon first contact with her tongue, and she immediately clamped down on the fork, sucking all the spaghetti off it before releasing the fork to Yuriko. Not even ten seconds later Amara opened her mouth again. “More!”

Yuriko shook her head, Amara was fine. Though she was a hand full at times, Yuriko wouldn’t have Amara any other way. She grabbed another fork full, and started feeding Amara.


Kin was lying on her stomach on the couch, legs in the air from her knees down, sucking on a grape flavored lollypop, and was working on some math homework. She still wore the same shirt she had been all day, but her pants and panties were gone, a puffy white diaper in their place.

Heather popped her head out from the kitchen. “How’s it coming Kin? It’s almost bedtime.” Kin raised an eyebrow as she pulled out her lollypop.

“Since when do I have a bedtime?” She asked.

“Since you started wearing diapers at home dear. I’ll be going to bed myself soon, and I won’t be able to change you till morning then, and I don’t like the idea of leaving you in a wet or messy diaper overnight.” Heather explained. Kin frowned, she saw the logic in her mother’s words, but that didn’t mean she had to like it.

“I’m almost done with the homework, and I don’t need a change yet.” Kin answered, blushing at the end.

“Are you sure?” Heather asked, walking over.

“I think I’d know if I used my diaper mother.” Kin responded, a little put off by her mother’s lack of trust in her abilities.

“Let’s see then.” Heather said. Heather placed her hand by the leg hole of Kin’s diaper, and then slipped two fingers in, then out. They came out moist. “Looks like you don’t know when you use your diapers, you’re wet.”

Kin’s eyes widened at this. She quickly pushed herself up into a sitting position, then looked down. The front of her diaper had some slight traces of yellow on it. Kin couldn’t believe she had wet herself, while awake, and not even notice it! She wasn’t even fully concentrating on her homework; her thoughts had been shifting to Amara and their kiss. Kin felt her stomach begin to ache. She clutched her stomach as she doubled over in pain.

“Kin, are you okay?” Heather asked, sitting herself down next to Kin and placing a hand on her back and rubbed it.

“Stomach hurts.” Kin managed to say. It felt like her stomach was in a blender. Just as the pain reached the point where she would cry out loud, Kin let out a loud fart, and proceeded to helplessly fill the back of her diaper.

Heather saw this and frowned with concern. She could tell that Kin hadn’t pushed that load into her diaper herself, and by the fact that she wasn’t blushing horribly for messing herself in front of her mother indicated something else was wrong.

“Kin, are you alright?” Kin didn’t respond. “Kin?”

“Hurts…” Kin breathed.

“Your stomach?” Heather asked. Kin managed to nod. “Try to lay back, I’ll take a look.” Kin nodded and slowly managed to raise herself up before leaning back against couch’s cushions, causing her to rub the contents of her diaper against her skin.

Heather cracked her fingers before pulling Kin’s shirt off, leaving Kin in only her bra, diaper, and socks. She then proceeded to feel Kin’s stomach with her hands, pressing up against it at certain points. Kin whimpered each time she did so, before letting out a cry as Heather pressed in near the center of her stomach.

Heather frowned. “What time do you have math class tomorrow Kin?”

“Eighth period, why?” Kin whimpered out.

“Okay then, here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to get you cleaned up and in a fresh diaper first off. Next, I’ll give you some pain meds and a sleeping pill. Then I’ll put you to bed and phone the doctor’s office and set up an appointment for you, I don’t like what I felt down there. You’ll have several periods in which you can finish your math.” Heather explained. Kin nodded her head, getting to sleep tonight would be hard without a pill, and she desperately needed the rest after what just happened.

Heather lifted Kin up in her arms, and moved into the back room. Setting Kin down on the exam table, she proceeded to remove Kin’s dirty diaper, clean Kin up, and tape on a fresh diaper. Washing her hands briefly, Heather moved over to the medicine cabinets, and sorted through them until she found what she was looking for. After recording what she was giving Kin on a small sheet of paper, she filled a glass of water, and helped Kin down the pills.

Lifting her daughter up once again, she proceeded to carry her up the stairs and into her room. Setting Kin down on her bed, she took a moment to remove Kin’s bra, then pulled Kin’s night shirt over her head, helping Kin work her arms through it. Pulling the blanket over Kin, Heather proceeded to tuck Kin in, then kissed her forehead. “Sleep tight Kin.”

“Thanks Mommy.” Kin drearily replied, before rolling away from her mother and subconsciously sticking her thumb in her mouth. Heather smiled at the display, before leaving the room, closing the door behind her.


“There we go, all done!” Yuriko said. Under the tray, Amara was rubbing her stomach and sighed happily.

“That was fantastic, why don’t you make this more often?” Amara asked.

“Because you’re always a handful when you so much as smell spaghetti Amara.” Yuriko replied. “I’m not cutting you off completely, but I can’t deal with you like I once did, you’ve gotten so big.”

“I’m still your little girl inside.” Amara said.

“And you always will be, but our outer doesn’t match our inner.” Yuriko countered. Amara sighed.

“I’m sorry I give you so much trouble Mommy, I just love spaghetti and meat balls so much! I feel…complete, when I eat them. I know it sounds strange, but maybe one of my biological parents enjoyed it like I do.” Amara explained.

“I never knew you felt like that.” Yuriko said.

“I never tried to put my feeling into words before.” Amara replied. “At least, not on this subject.”

Yuriko glanced at the clock. “Looks like it’s bedtime for you sweetie.” Amara nodded her head; it was actually past her bedtime, thanks to all the fuss she had caused. Yuriko went into the kitchen. About three minutes later she came back out with a large baby bottle full of warm milk. Freeing Amara from her high chair, lifted the girl up in her arms. Amara reached out and grabbed the bottle from Yuriko, quickly wrapped her lips around the nipple, and began to suck on it.

Yuriko carried Amara back upstairs and too her room. After setting Amara down on her bed, she then pulled Amara’s shirt off, Amara immediately going back to her bottle just after. Yuriko then removed Amara’s socks, leaving Amara in only her diaper. After quickly checking Amara’s diaper, and finding it to be clean, she pulled the blanket over Amara and tucked her in. She gave Amara a kiss on her forehead.

“I love you baby girl.” Yuriko whispered, before walking out and closing the door behind her.


Heather gave a sigh in relief as she had her first sip of coffee for the morning. It was always hard working all day at the hospital, she wished she had more time to be with Kin, especially since she would be back in diapers, at least while she was home anyways. It really brought her back to the good days of her past.

Heather shook her head, there was a time and a place for getting lost in her memories, and for her that was near bed time. Glancing upstairs, she wondered what was taking Kin so long to come downstairs, she was usually up by now, sleeping pill taken or not. Deciding to check up on her, Heather got up from the dinning room table, made her way to the stairs, and ascended them. She then quietly walked down the hallway to Kin’s room and opened the door.

Kin was huddled in the corner of her bed, facing away from the door. Her body was shaking, and Kin was making a soft whimpering sound. Heather walked over, concerned. “Kin, are you okay honey?” She asked, rolling Kin over. She gasped at what she saw.

Kin’s thumb was still in her mouth, but she had been biting down on it. She must have been for some time, because there was a ring of ripped skin that was bleeding profusely, blood trickling into Kin’s mouth, down her chin, and onto her blankets and sheets as well.

“Kin!!!” Heather quickly shook Kin awake, who’s eyes shot open. Kin cried out in pain, but instead of holding her almost certainly broken thumb, she grasped her lower stomach with both hands. “Kin, talk to me! What’s wrong!?”

“Hurts!” Was all Kin could say. Heather pulled the blanket and sheets away, intent to examine Kin’s stomach, but almost screamed at the sight that greeted her. Kin’s diaper was tinted red, and there was a small puddle of blood underneath where she had slept, blood having seeped out of her overloaded diaper.

“Oh god KIN!!!” Heather stared in horror at her daughter’s condition. Kin managed to open an eye and look down at herself. Upon seeing her condition, Kin started to hyperventilate in panic. “Forget going to school today, I’m calling an ambulance right now. Just stay put and take deep breaths, okay?” Kin managed to nod, and Heather ran out of the room to call nine one one.


Naruto: Kin, Orochimaru
Beyblade: Queen
Megaman: Yuriko
OCs: Amara, Trish, Heather, Wolfie

For those of you who read my other works, Maylu’s New Life and Kin’s New Way, you’ll recognize a few situations and characters. It may be a while till I post anything else, so sorry in advanced.

True Love Ch. 5

another great installment

True Love Ch. 5

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