True Love CH. 4

True Love

Twilight3 here, sorry it took so long to post, been busy with college. I also wanna take a moment to thank everyone who’s commented on this story so far, it means a lot to me. Oh, and one thing before we start this chapter: WARNING! CONTAINS GRAPHIC MATERIAL! That being said, on with the story.


Chapter 4: Kin’s Past

The bell rang just as Kin entered the locker room. Sighing to herself, she walked over to her locker and began to change. Kin was still upset with herself, how she couldn’t just enjoy being close to Amara, it wasn’t fair. Kin pulled her shirt on and was about to grab her pants off the floor when she was suddenly spun around and slammed back into her locker, facing a very angry Trish.

“Why did you rat me out?!” Trish growled, her hand on the pants-less Kin’s throat. Kin jabbed Trish’s arm in several places, causing her to gasp as it went numb. This allowed Kin to easily remove Trish’s hand.

“Because I don’t want to face Anko or that giant man, my technique wouldn’t work on him, and I wouldn’t be able to get close enough to Anko without getting bit by her snake. And you were the one who threw a shoe with your name in it, there was no way you would have avoided getting in trouble anyways.” Kin explained. She pulled her pants up and buttoned them up as Trish absorbed her explanation.

“Why was Amara hanging on you, and why weren’t you doing anything about it?” Trish finally asked. Kin tensed slightly.

“Well, we know Amara is a lesbian, so that would explain why she’s hang off a girl. As to why I did nothing, well…That guy scares me, he crushed all the boys, imagine what he could do to us? Amara, holding me like was, well…comforting…I needed that at the moment, that’s why I did nothing.” Kin carefully explained. Trish just stared at her for a minute.

“Are you a lesbian Kin?” Trish finally asked. Kin’s eyes widened at the question.

“Why would you ask such a thing?” Kin asked, feeling very nervous.

“Because you seem to have all the signs. Every boy who’s tried to date you, you’ve rejected, not to mentioned left them with something broken. You got kissed by a girl and gave no negative response, by Amara no less, and when she held you, you didn’t push her away!”

“All the boys interested in me are perverts, always trying to grope me and try to get in my pant, that’s why I break some of their body parts. As for Amara, she keeps doing things to me that I don’t know how to respond to immediately, that’s why I haven’t reacted to anything she’s done to me yet.” Trish rubbed her temples, growing frustrated at a lack of a straight answer.

“Fine then, prove to me you’re not a freak like Amara. Tell me Kin, you like cock in your pussy!” Kin gasped. “Tell me Kin, You. Like. Cock. In. Your. Pussy!”

Kin’s eyes were wide and dilated, Trish’s words ringing in her ears, but the voice and words changing. “Tell me Kin, you like my cock in your pussy! Scream it to the world! Let everyone know that you’re mine, forever and always!”

NNNOOOOOOO!!!” Trish jumped at the volume of Kin’s voice, as did several other students who were changing for the next class. Kin was leaning on her locker, her hand over her heart, sweat on her face, and a scared expression on her face. Kin felt a hand on her shoulder and in a panic, she spun and threw a punch at the person, only for Anko to catch her fist in her hand.

“Kin, snap out of it!” Kin’s eyes seemed to regain focus at Anko’s words. She looked around and saw everyone’s stares at her. Closing her eyes she clutched her head, trying to block out the voice echoing in her head. “What happened here? You should have left for your next class by now, what’s wrong?”

“T-Trish just reminded me of something I’d rather forget, that’s all.” Kin wheezed out. “I-I’ll be okay.”

Anko looked a little wary, but nodded her head. “Alright then, if you’re sure. I’ll write you two passes, just stay put.” Anko saw them both nod their heads, and left for her office. Kin sat down on the bench in front of the lockers, Trish taking a seat next to her.

“So…that was a no?” Kin glared at Trish, mentally disbelieving how insensitive the girl was.

“Trish, just drop it for now. I can’t think straight at the moment and I’d rather only have to answer you once, okay?” Trish just looked at Kin before shrugging her shoulders.

“Fine, school entrance wall, after school. The others will be there as well, and you better give the right answer, I’d hate to have to call you a freak too.” Trish told her. Before Kin could respond, Anko came back with their passes, and the two left for their next classes.


Kin’s mood seemed to get progressively worse as she went through her last few classes. Everything seemed to reminder her of the one thing she tried desperately to forget, and it pissed her off to no end. As the final bell rang, students seemed to jump out of her way, as if sensing her mood, as she made her way to her locker. After she got what she needed, she stormed out of the building, heading for the wall by the school’s entrance, where Trish, Sakura, Ino, and even Queen were at.

“Didn’t expect to see you here Queen.” Kin practically growled, causing the others to shift around, a bit uncomfortable with Kin’s current tone and body language.

“Practice was canceled, and Trish said this was important.” Queen answered. Trish stepped forward.

“I’ll ask you again Kin, are you a lesbian?” This caused the other girls to gasp; they hadn’t expected anything like this. “You flipped out earlier when I asked what you wanted in your pussy, so I’ll give you the chance to answer again.” Trish said.

Kin growled, Trish’s wording once again seemed to trigger his voice in her head. “Look,” She started, “I don’t care, okay! There aren’t exactly many boys around here who I’d want to spend the rest of my life with after all.”

“So you’re saying you’d prefer Amara over the boys here?” Trish asked, causing the others to gasp again.

“Compared to Naruto, Tyson, Rock Lee, and Zaku, yes I would pick Amara, hell, I’d pick any one of you over them.” Kin answered. Everyone was quiet after that outburst.

“What about Sasuke and Kai?” Sakura finally spoke up.

“They’re taken; I’m talking about people available right now.” Kin answered.

“Well,” Everyone turned to Ino, “If Amara wasn’t so much of a bitch, and didn’t need diapers, then I could agree with Kin’s choice of her, since none of us would consider that type of relationship with Kin.”

“Kin, why don’t you go on a date with my brother? That would prove your sexuality.” Queen suggested.

“Hell no, all he talks about is how great he is, I wouldn’t date him if you paid me.” Kin answered. Queen, not liking that answer one bit, charged forward to hit Kin across the face. To her surprise, Kin met her halfway and slammed her fist into her stomach. Between the force of Queen’s sudden stop and Kin’s forward motion, Queen got the wind knocked out of her as she stumbled back against the wall. To everyone’s surprise, Kin grabbed Queen by her collar, and actually held her up against the wall with her hand.

“Let’s get one thing straight here, I don’t care about sex or having a lover right this instant, I just want to finish school up, got it!” Queen grabbed a hold of Kin’s arm.

“You still never answered if you were-” Queen gasped as she felt her feet leave the ground, as did the rest of the girls. No one expected Kin to be strong enough to lift Queen up.

“You want an answer, fine. I’m bi sexual, I care more for personality then I do gender. Having kids isn’t something my body can do anymore anyways, so what’s it matter? You satisfied?” Kin snarled. Kin felt a hand on her shoulder, and saw Trish looking at her. Sighing, she dropped Queen and walked away.

“Did you know she couldn’t have kids?” Sakura asked Ino.

“No I didn’t, I wonder why she never told us.”

“Because it hurts, knowing you’ll never be able to have a family of your own.” The group looked up to see Amara lying on top of the wall, her arms behind her head.

“This has nothing to do with you bitch.” Trish growled.

“That’s funny; I could have sworn I had heard my name come up several times in your little conversation.” Amara responded, not even looking at Trish.

“She’s right.” The group turned to Ino. “It would destroy me to know that I’d never be able to have a child myself someday, becoming a mother is one of my life long goals. All this talk about sex must have reminded her about her condition, that’s why she’s acting like she is.”

“You girls mind avoiding that topic while Kin is around? With the way she’s acting right now, we’d never get anything done on our project.” Amara casually asked.

“Don’t push it.” Trish growled. “The only reason we’re not pounding your diapered ass into the ground now is because Kin needs that grade, got it! After your project is done, we’ll make up for lost time, and that’s a promise.”

“Whatever Naruto.” Amara answered, causing Trish to blanch. Amara swung her legs off the other side of the wall. “Anyways, I got things to do. Later!” Amara hopped off the wall and out of sight of the girls.

“So…what do we do about Kin?” Queen asked.

“That’s simple; we get her a man, that way she’ll at least look like she’s completely straight.” Trish answered. Everyone agreed with Trish, and set off to find someone that they could get to date Kin.


In the woods just outside the city, Kin sat by the edge of a cliff. Looking beyond the cliff gave one a beautiful view of Sunset city, even more so when it actually was sunset. Kin had her knees to her chest, her arms around her legs, and her head resting on her knees. Her eyes were glazed over, despite her best efforts; she was reliving her worst memories.


[i]Eight year old Kin Tsuchi was bouncing a ball off the side of her house in Siren Village. She had no friends, she couldn’t afford to have friends, Daddy would hurt them like he did her and Mommy. Kin went out of her way to make certain people stayed away from her, picking fights with those weird boys in school. It also made her own bruises seem normal.

Kin was scared, Mommy had to go away for a few days or else she’d lose her job, and if Mommy lost her job, Daddy would not drink his favorite drink, and then he’d start using pointy objects to hurt Mommy, or herself. Mommy told her to stay outside as much as she could to avoid Daddy, in hopes of Daddy not hurting her.

Lost in thought, Kin accidentally threw the ball higher then she meant, and sent it through the window. “BRAT! GET YOUR ASS IN HERE RIGHT NOW!” Young Kin was so frightened that she wet her pants. Despite her pants, Kin ran inside, knowing it would only be worse if she kept him waiting. Inside the kitchen stood her father. Tall, pale skin, long black hair, and serpent-like yellow eyes that seemed to glare right through Kin.

Orochimaru took in Kin’s appearance. “You stupid brat! Not only do you break the window, but you shit your pants as well!”

I’m sorry Daddy, I-” Kin cried out as she was smacked across the face, crashing into a cabinet with a loud crash. Kin cried loudly, her face hurt, and Daddy was coming closer. Kin’s cries grew louder as Orochimaru took hold of her hair and dragged her by it, going up the stairs and to the bathroom. Pulling her upright by her hair, Orochimaru proceeded to tear off Kin’s shirt, wet pants, wet panties, wet socks, and damp shoes.

Looking under the sink, Orochimaru pulled out a bottle of his favorite drink and a small pack of wet wipes. Opening his bottle, he took a long swig out of it before ripping open the bag of wipes. Taking one, he pressed it hard against Kin’s front, before dragging it upwards, causing Kin to cry louder.

That hurts Daddy!” Kin cried, only to get slapped for speaking.

Shut up. You brought this on yourself by shitting your pants.” Orochimaru snapped at her, grabbing a second wipe and dragging it along her backside. Kin whimpered, but didn’t cry out, though tears still fell. After taking another swig of his drink, Orochimaru grabbed Kin by her hair again and led her back to his room. Once there, he threw her on the bed. Grabbing her hands, he put them through the head board, and cuffed them together.

D-Daddy? Why are you hurting me now?” Kin asked, crying.

You broke the window and you wet your pants. Now then, let’s get see if this doesn’t make you grow up.” Orochimaru said, taking his pants and underwear off. Kin was getting scared; Daddy never took off his pants for a punishment. She started squirming; only to get slapped again as Orochimaru finished his drink.

Orochimaru held Kin down as he positioned himself on top of her. Then………Kin screamed in pain, squirming around, trying to stop the pain but only intensifying it.

Tell me Kin, you like my cock in your pussy! Scream it to the world! Let everyone know that you’re mine, forever and always!” Orochimaru laughed. [/i]

[End Flashback]

Kin had tears streaming down her face. Orochimaru had raped her for over an hour, she was lucky to be alive. Once he had sobered up, he called emergency services, saying someone broke in, stole jewelry, money, and raped Kin.

After a night in the hospital, Orochimaru came to take her home. Kin was unable to talk after the rape, and was unable to protest. She was brought home…and raped again while police were out searching for a non-existent thief. When he was done this time, he left her there, and ran off. When Kin’s mother came home the next day, she had gone into hysterics after seeing Kin’s body.

Kin spent three months in a coma, over which time Orochimaru was caught, tried, and sentenced to life in prison. After she had waken up, her mother decided to move away from Siren Village. They moved to Rockwell City, where she started over, got started in school again, made some friends, and started learning martial arts from a woman named Yuroichi. Under Yuroichi’s training, Kin had learned not only how to fight, but also about the human body, where to hit to cause the most pain with the least amount of damage, the points that caused numbness on the body, Kin no longer feared being attacked again.

Kin had also started noticing things as she hit puberty, things she shouldn’t have according to her health teacher. There was this one girl in her class, Zoe, who Kin started too really like. One day, in the locker room, Kin watched Zoe change, and started blushing, feeling a buzz between her legs. Kin later asked Yuroichi about this feeling, and after talking about it, it was clear that Kin was a lesbian, not that anyone could blame her for it. Yuroichi told her to try and hide it, that while it wasn’t wrong, most people didn’t like it.

Kin spent the next two years hiding her secret, when one day a guy named Dosu took interest in her. He pursued her for weeks, until he finally just outright put his hand down her pants, trying to get her to feel good. Kin snapped, and using what Yuroichi taught her, had broke his fingers and ruptured his liver. It had been painful for Dosu, and it had gone to court over what would happen to the two of them. In the end, both sides paid for the other’s medical bills, and Kin moved again, this time to Sunset City, after her mom had been offered a better job here. Shortly after, she met Trish, Amara, and the others, and the rest was history.

Kin sighed, looking out over the city. The rays of the sun as it set, the clouds in the sky, the golden glow, it was all so beautiful. Kin sat there, tears still falling, just staring at the beautiful sight in front of her. She gasped when she felt someone hug her, pressing their body against her back. Knowing it was a girl, Kin turned her head to the side to see Amara’s head resting on her right shoulder.

“I know it’s a beautiful sight, but crying? That seems a bit much.” Amara said with a smile. Kin, despite herself, gave a small smile, but shook her head, looking away. “What’s wrong Kin? You can tell me.”

Kin sighed, something she had been doing a lot of lately. “Trish…said some things…they reminded me of my father.”

“Go on.” Amara whispered in Kin’s ear, causing a small shiver to go through Kin’s body.

“He was abusive…both to me and mom.” She felt Amara tighten her grip on her. “One day, when I was little, mom had to go away for a few days, or else she’d lose her job…he raped me.”

“WHAT?!” Kin just nodded her head. She gave a squeak as Amara suddenly turned her around and hugged her, Kin now sitting on her lap. Kin rested her head on Amara’s shoulder.

“He did it twice…the second time was after I got medical treatment…I was in a coma for three months…lucky to be alive.” Kin broke down as she remembered what had happened to her, how someone she should have admired and looked up to turned around and defiled her. Amara held her close, rubbing her back as she cried.

Amara herself was stunned, she never expected something like this had happened to Kin. She hid it well, and now it made sense why she could never get a good read on Kin, she had been hiding this for so long, hiding her emotions as well, it was no surprise she never figured it out.

Kin calmed down a short while later, resting her head on Amara’s shoulder again. “Thank you.” She mumbled.

“For what?” Amara asked, confused.

“For being here for me, even after everything I did to help the others against you.” Kin mumbled into her.

“You never laid a finger on Kin, you never did anything to wrong me.” Amara told her. Kin pulled back and smiled at Amara, Amara smiling back. Amara looked past Kin, and Kin turned around, now sitting on Amara’s lap. She gasped at the sight, the sun half-covered by the clouds, giving the clouds a golden outline.

“Beautiful.” Kin breathed. She felt Amara’s arms tighten around her.

“Not as beautiful as you.” Amara whispered in her ear. Kin blushed. She later wouldn’t believe she had shared such a moment with Amara and not flip out.

“Have you looked in a mirror lately?” Kin asked with a smile. Amara rested her head on Kin’s shoulder again with a giggle.

“You know, I was there when you lifted Queen off the ground…Did you mean what you said, about dating me?” Amara asked. Kin sat there, frozen. This was her chance! But…

“I would, but…” Kin felt Amara tighten her grip on her. “But I’m just not ready to come out, ya know?” Amara nodded her head.

“I understand…I guess that just means we’ll have to enjoy working together on the project, maybe at your house once we finish the researching stage.” Amara smiled. Kin smiled back.

The two of them sat there for a while longer, only a bit after the sun set did they get up, stretching their limbs out. Kin turned to Amara. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, can’t wait.” Amara smiled. She started to walk away, but suddenly felt a hand on her arm. Knowing who it belonged to, Amara turned to face Kin, ask her what she wanted, when Kin leaned in and pressed her lips with Amara’s. Amara gasped at first, not used to being kissed, before she closed her eyes and kissed back, wrapping her arms around Kin, pulling her close. Kin wrapped her arms around Amara’s neck, deepening the kiss.

The kiss lasted about a minute, leaving both Amara and Kin breathless, both girls pleased with the experience. Kin leaned in till her forehead rested on Amara’s, and grinned. “That’s just my way of saying thanks.”


Naruto: Naruto, Kin, Sakura, Ino, Anko, Orochimaru/Daddy, Sasuke, Rock Lee, Dosu, Zaku
Beyblade: Kai, Queen, King, Tyson
Digimon: Zoe
Bleach: Yuroichi
OCs: Amara, Trish, Heather/Mommy

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True Love CH. 4

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True Love CH. 4

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