Troubleshooter, a Scifi

Vivian yawned as she walked down the cold metal corridor, the black haired woman of twenty-three, or at least, that’s how she looked. Vivian was a clone, sixth and last from her pack, and suffice it to say, the life of a trouble shooter was well paying one, though, she didn’t want to end up like the previous versions, and hoped that no more of her would have to be used. Clones like her usually had the same memory and such of their original copy, but not her, a slight defect in her tube state had given her free will, mostly that is, and with that free will she frequently questioned her life and other things of that nature.

As she walked she hummed something soft, it was a tune she heard a Children Daily Care Depository, she was told it was a Nursery Tune, it was cute and distracted her from the forced happiness of Alpha Complex, the massive enclosed city that held what was to be believed the rest of humanity, all run by The Computer, the matriarchal and possibly insane AI, and exactly who she was sent to see this moment, her last mission was over and it was time to report back in. On the way there she looked at the many blinking and flashing screens, “Be Happy, The Computer is Happy, You Should be Happy, the Computer will make you Happy” were the main things flashing over along with “The Computer is here to help, The Computer is your friend” and the occasional “Happiness is Mandatory, Failure to comply will Result in Summary Execution” Vivian shuddered at the thought of Summary Execution, she always did, then she came two the two sliding doors that led to the main room, and bobbed her head, still humming the tune to herself she put on a smile.

Inside the doors was a large room, easily the size of a Mandatory Education Facility’s Enrichment Room with opposite to the door a large trapezoid shaped screen with a large human eye filling the screen “Greetings Trouble Shooter Vivian Six” it said in a cybernetic voice with an echo added to it “umm…Hello Computer, I’d like to report that destroying the warehouse full of Communists was a success” she said with a hesitant tone “What is wrong Vivian Six? You can tell the Computer, the Computer is your friend” “Umm, Michael Two got himself…well,” she held up a plastic zip-close bag of ashes and what looked like a gall-bladder “and also Spud was one of the Communists, his full name was Spudnik” “I trust you took care of him?” “Umm… Michael did” she said and held up the other baggie that had a Hammer-and-Sickle badge in it “Very good, The Computer is pleased by the actions of Michael Two, His clone shall be rewarded with Tasty Pastry Privilege for the day” Vivian nodded slowly and let her face relax, having a small bit of thought on it, The Computer analyzed for a few moments “Please wait, computing.”

The electronic eye ran over Vivian, the woman was five foot seven and was of one hundred thirty eight pounds, her skin was a pale Caucasian with neck length black hair and olive green eyes dressed in a pair of yellow and white boots with a blue t-shirt underneath the telltale Troubleshooter orange overalls, a white belt strapped across her waist that held several pouches and canisters including a first aid one. Across her chest was a strap that held a Mk5 Laser Carbine with optional clip attachment. “There is something wrong, are you not Happy Vivian Six?” the Computer asked with several high powered energy turrets pointed at her for Summary Execution. “No…I mean, yes, I mean, it’s nothing that the Computer can’t make better” Vivian said and threw her hands up in the air, shaking them in a way to say she didn’t want to be “Then what is it Vivian Six” “It’s just that… as a clone I feel I was denied a child-hood, like my Original, and that I have no memory of her child-hood. I saw, the other day how happy the children were at the C.D.C.D. and it just put me into a lot of thought” “Is this something the Computer can Remedy Vivian Six?” “Umm… if I say yes will there be no Summary Execution?” “Correct, the Computer only wants you to be Happy” “Then…yes, whatever the computer can to do help will be done” and it went quiet, the room that is, the gentle sounds of the Computer thinking and processing and the hum of the Florescent lights above, leaving Vivian in a questioned and worried state.

Several minutes later an air of something to come surrounded Vivian, and then, a glass tube that came from above “Please do not Panic, Please Keep hands and feet inside the tube at all time, Please do not vomit in the tube at all time” the air around her started to pull up, lifting her off the ground as fanned turbines above quickly moved and would more than like chop her up, but then, as she felt she was going to be made into the next Peoples’ Flavor Processed Stew the floor opened up and she dropped down like a rock, keeping her limbs close to her sides as she screamed from the rush down, feeling the wait rush up her overalls and send small bits of lint into her face, causing her to cough, and just when all seemed like a dead end on the splat-marked floor the tube curved and sent Vivian and a slide off onto a conveyor belt, which promptly started moving. It should be noted form the rush and crash onto the conveyor belt that Vivian’s body had a bad reaction, instead of liquefying the organs or causing severe impact trauma her bladder and bowels released quickly and she lost consciousness.

It was some time later, maybe twenty minutes and Vivian woke up, groaning as she blinked and looked up, robotic cherubs with disgusting metal smiles and fake eyes stared at her, she felt she was strapped, and as the cherubs flitted about using copter-packs she notices she was being stripped! And where she was had a soft light to it, it was cool and sounded like a factory in the works, just really hushed that what it should’ve been. Along the conveyor belt she went, being stripped and feeling the removal of her soiled clothing “what’s going on, where am I?” one of the cherubs flew over, opening it’s mouth to show a speaker “you are being given a fabrication of a childhood, though you are still required to follow through on your Troubleshooter duties and you are currently in a special facility I’ve just made for Clones like yourself, don’ worry, Trust the Computer” the cherub closed it’s mouth and flitted off again as she was fully stripped and rolled along still, not daring to move.

Vivian blushed hotly as the Cherubs watched her, a hand went to cover her breasts and sex as best they could, trying to give herself some dignity, but which would probably be lost as coming up were several showerheads came up, all having come from different showers and cobbled together. Stopping beneath the showerheads they all dripped soapy water before blasting her at all angles, causing her to roll and kick, blushing as her hands tried stop the water, getting the soapy taste in her mouth and other holes and soon felt spinning loofas going over her body, sudding up and the soapy water as it went, being gentle where it chose to be. As she flailing became a problem for the cleaning her limbs were restrained, her arms above her head and her legs spread out wide, looking down in horror the water stopped, leaving her drenched and shivering.

She blew up to get hair out of her face and saw a thin robotic arm going towards her crotch, it having a razor attachment at the end of it. “No, wait please,” she begged and shook her head “Please what? This is only for the best, you said the Computer can help and it will,” spoke from one of the cherubs again “, unless you’d like for the Summary Execution” “no no no, that’s fine… go ahead then…” Vivian sighed and laid her head back, whining in humiliation as the razor arm came back over and proceeded to shave her crotch and butt and then another arm with a nozzle came to there “Now applying Skin Safe Hair Remover” she’d hear a hiss of something then feel cool foam onto her shaved crotch, sizzling and stinging a bit as it leaked into her pours and dissolved any hair follicle with acid, nothing would grow there for a while that was to be sure.

There was one more jet of water to rinse her off before the conveyor belt moved again, next was a quick run under industrial sized air dryers, normally meant for hands, but these more mean for bodies. As she moved along past the dries, her skin not feeling quite as dry several of the cherubs took measurements and flew off. The belt stopped again, this time when it did she squealed, squirming in her restraints as a plug had met her rear and moved itself in, a clear bag could be seen to the side full of water and then started draining, entering into her body she moaned loudly, blushing as her insides grew full and stretched painfully watching the bag grow empty and a tube leaving from her rear, but the feeling the of the plug still stayed inside of her rear, causing her to shift uncomfortably, her mouth opened up again and was met by something rubbery being put into her mouth, something that tasted sweet and rubbery that she couldn’t spit out as a plastic feeling something was stuck to her lips, all she had the option of was sucking on it and complaining against it. Moving along with a jerk she felt her insides move with the liquid inside, straining against her butt to be let out soon as possible. The uncomfortable and full feeling she had were soon ignored as were a lot of other things as in the background a familiar sounding Nursery Tune lulled her into a peaceful state despite the current situation.

The next what seemed to be an hour was a quick one, her body was cleaned once more, two cherubs she noticed had done her hair, and she had been injected with something in her soft butt, and there was also a long pause, just laying there with the same tune playing over again, then, the music stopped and she felt herself being pulled from the conveyor belt, gentle suckles on the thing in her mouth quickly turned into worried ones while in the air, her naked body soon enough set down onto a potty chair shaped like a swan, the plastic to it was a warm and soft, unlike the conveyor belt which had pinched her skin several times, the plug in her rear had been pulled out and she heard her herself void the warm soapy water, and moaned against the thing with relief, leaning forward against the Potty-chairs’ head for a moment as she felt her rear cleaned off with a jet of water before being pulled up again and carried by under the armpits into another room, it was small and brightly colored with yellows and pinks, and there was a sweet smell in the air that wafted over her nose.

The object was removed from her mouth and she got a good look at it, it was a pacifier, just make larger with a sticky substance against the shield that had kept it against her mouth, moving her jaw she looked around “where…am I…” “You are in your new Home Vivian Six,” said the voice of the Computer “, designed to fit your new state of life” “What do you mean…” she asked slowly as she felt herself soon enough placed up on something high, beneath her it felt soft, warm, and rubbery, with two mechanical arms going and lifting up her legs again, hopefully not for another enema she thought, but she’d keep that to herself, finding it better to not question the Computer, though, that Summary Execution was tempting at this point.

She felt something soft pat against her butt and sex and she blushed, looking down and caught a waft of that sweet smelling substance again “what is that… it smells good…” “It is Called Talcum Powder, it prevents Rash to skin that is irritated by wearing a diaper” “Oh…okay, that all? I thought it could’ve been…wait…diaper!” Vivian blushed and looked down, seeing the powdering arm move and a pair of arms holding something white and plastic, unfolded it had an hour glass shape that had two blue lines running down either side of the interior “But of course Vivian Six, why not? You expressed desire for a childhood, and my database says that someone of your age who wants a childhood expresses the want to also wear a diaper” “Well I don’t want to” “It doesn’t matter, you will be anyways, you were given a relaxant that will weaken the strength of your bladder and bowels” “…” Vivian at that point shut up, groaning and slapped her forehead, as she felt the diaper slid under her raised and powdered hips, adjusted and pulled between her legs her hips were dropped gently onto the diaper, though her legs were still kept wide open. She hear the tapes of the diaper pulled open with a loud rip, the pressure to her hips as it was put in place, six times and then it was readjusted four times sill she was pulled from the table and placed in the middle of the room with her legs kept spread from the thick diaper between her them, it was at least soft and cozy she thought to herself.

She looked around the room, blushing as she saw the changes, having identified it as her own room as well, the walls were fat stripes of pink and yellow with thin stripes of white separating them, and the carpet was a baby blue with a cushy feeling beneath her bare feet, at one side there was a blanket laid out on the floor with a toy chest, and at another was a dresser on wheels, right against the wall and closet that held her fold up bed. She felt weak kneed going to the dresser, opening it up and seeing what looked like regular t-shirts, then in another drawer socks, mostly normal things, then a gun drawer, with soft foam places marked out for each one she owned. Lower down were some empty ones for whatever else she may have wanted, and as she stood up again and looked at herself in the mirror she felt something for the first time since her tube was opened, satisfaction, a bit of happiness, seeing that the girl in the mirror, albeit looked a little silly was her, it was really her and not just another clone.

Heading back to the dresser she looked at it all “thank you Computer” “You’re welcome, are you happy then Vivian Six?” “Yes… but It’s just Vivian…” then came a satisfied giggled, as she pulled out the first shirt, it was pink and had short white sleeves with snaps along the shoulder, and a little extra long and thinner between the legs with three more snaps, she figured out what to do and slipped into the shirt, really an onesie, snapping it between the legs and pulled out some socks, all the while looking at herself in the mirror, blushing at how ridiculous she looked with her butt bulging out with a crinkle. Then came the bright orange overalls, more juvenile in it’s make with a large breast pocket and rows of snaps running up the legs “what are these for Computer” “For easier changes Vivian” nodding she got dressed, noticing the extra room in the back for her padded rear she blushed, then searched for her white belt, which was hanging by the door, same old white belt with a few extra pouches probably for changes, which did make her blush. Snapping it on she got on her new boots, these ones pink and white. Heading back to the dresser with a waddle she closed the two drawers and pulled out her Mk5 Laser Carbine with optional clip attachment, having a softer and thicker strap she sighed and slipped it over her head, then noticed what the cherubs from earlier had done, her short black hair was done in two small pigtails that bounced when she moved her head.

“Vivian, one last thing, you have a mission. Your team is heading to pick you up, your new mission, Recover the P.L.O.T.T. Device from some Communists” “Alright Computer” she said with a cheerful tone and bounced out the door, unable to wait to get back later to really enjoy this new ‘childhood’.

Re: Troubleshooter, a Scifi

For those who don’t know, based off of the RPG setting Paranoia.

It would appear I’ve posted this before a ways back. Derp.

Re: Troubleshooter, a Scifi

Heh Paranoia sounds like an interesting game :slight_smile:

Style wise for this story; there are waaay too many commas. Some commas can be taken out, others can be replaced with hyphens or full stops.

To me, it’s also too paragraph-y (if you get my meaning) for easy reading of a story. For conversations, you might want to consider using separate lines for each party when it’s their turn to speak.

Other than that, a good start. You really have to read at least the Wikipedia article on this before you understand it though.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Paranoia sounds like a hoot to play.

As for the story-- I like the plot, it’s a fun little story. I’d agree with casper88 on the commas/run-on sentences and needing paragraph or at least line breaks when a new character speaks.

Re: Troubleshooter, a Scifi

…yeah, that’s pretty much EXACTLY how I would expect that would occur in Paranoia.

Remember: Not loving the Computer is a crime. Saying “Thank God for the Computer” is a crime. Happiness is mandatory. Have a nice day, citizen.

Re: Troubleshooter, a Scifi

Does that mean you’re required to thank the Computer instead of God? I guess that would make sense given the insane computer.

I wonder if this game inspired the Doctor Who audio drama, “The Natural History of Fear”, where every day starts with the announcement, “Welcome to your new workday. Today is high productivity day. Your state loves you. Happiness through acceptance.” Futuristic dystopias with computers taking over are kind of common, but given similarities…

Re: Troubleshooter, a Scifi

In a manner of speaking. You should thank the Computer when your day goes well. You should thank the Computer when your day does not, because true hardship will only steel your heart against filthy Communist propaganda. Strong citizens will ensure strong security. Strong security is the only way to ensure that the filthy Communists and Mutants do not overtake Alpha Complex. Alpha Complex is the only way to live. You should give thanks to the Computer, and ensure that you only read this message if you have Red Security Clearance. Anyone with security clearance below Red reading this message will be shot for treason.

Remember, citizen: Those who thank the Computer daily will be happy.

Those who do not thank the Computer daily will be unhappy.

The Computer wants you to be happy.

You WILL thank the Computer.

(This is basically how Paranoia runs. Its basically what happens if you got 1984 hopped up on LSD, handed it a laser rifle, and then locked it in a maze.)