Tricked into Diapers (Chapters 3 and 4)

The next morning, Nancy hurriedly dressed and readied herself for her day. Down the hall, she could hear Lisa getting ready for school. Pausing just long enough to catch a deep breath, Nancy entered Tom’s room and called out to the still sleeping young man.
“Breakfast in five minutes. If you want me to make it for you, you had better put a move on.”
Groggily, Tom opened his eyes and began to sit up. Suddenly he stopped, startled, and peered down at his crotch. He glanced quickly at Nancy before lying back down and pulling the sheet closer to him.
“I think I’ll sleep in today. I’ll eat something later.” He looked cautiously at Nancy, eager for he to leave the room.
“OK, but don’t expect me to make it for you.” Nancy was stern, trying to keep in tune with their strained relationship. “By the way,” she said as she turned to leave, “what’s that smell?”
“I don’t smell anything,” Tom stammered. “Please go away and let me go back to sleep.”
“Your sheet is wet,” Nancy said, adopting a concerned tone. “What’s going on here?” She began walking toward the bed.
Tom looked down, horrified. In his sleepy state, it hadn’t occurred to him that the top sheet would have soaked up some of the urine. A large spot hinted at what Nancy would see below.
Nancy lifted the top sheet up to her nose, sniffed it and then threw it back, repulsed. She glared at Tom’s wet pajamas, secretly smiling at how frightened and confused Tom was.
“I can’t believe it. Your parents didn’t say anything about your bedwetting problem. Here I thought I would be boarding an adult, not a child. Wait until Lisa finds out about this.”
“No! Don’t tell her!” Tom almost shouted, then quickly lowered his voice, afraid that Lisa would hear. “This has never happened before. Really. I promise, it won’t happen again. Just don’t tell Lisa.”
Nancy smiled inside. He was almost begging and it felt good. She had him where she wanted him. She sneered and was pleased as Tom’s eyes grew wide, then softened her expression and spoke to him in an almost motherly tone.
“I’ll tell you what. I’ll think about it. You stay here in your wet bed until Lisa leaves for school, and then we’ll talk. Don’t even think about coming downstairs.”
Tom laid back as Nancy left the room. This was a nightmare. He was extremely uncomfortable. The cold, wet pajamas rode up his crack and stuck to his skin all over. The smell of stale pee was nearly overwhelming. Worst of all, he had no idea what his aunt’s decision would be. He watched the door, waiting and waiting.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the door opened. Nancy came in and sat on a dry section at the end of the bed.
“Here’s the deal—no negotiating. I read once that most little boys wet the bed once while adapting to a new environment, so I’m willing to forgive you this time, but only if things change around here. You must listen to me and obey my orders. No more passes at Lisa. If you fail to live up to this, I tell Lisa about your, uh, episode.”
Tom nodded gleefully. This was better than he thought. Once the sheets were clean, it was his word against his aunt’s. Lisa would believe him any time. His face fell, then, as Nancy continued.
“I know what you’re thinking, so I brought this.” She revealed a camera in one hand. Tom began to panic. “Lisa’s still downstairs, so if you don’t agree I’ll call her right now.”
Tom sighed and nodded again. He was trapped, but figured he would find the pictures later. All he needed was a little time. He laid back on the bed.
Lisa took an entire roll of film, making sure she got close-ups of Tom’s wet crotch and a good view of the entire bed. She made him pose in humiliating, babyish positions. She could feel his humiliation building. When the last shot was taken, she told Tom to get up.
“OK, first order. Get into some dry clothes and wash your sheets and pajamas, then clean your mattress. I’m certainly not going to do it for you.”
With that, Nancy left the room and closed the door, leaving behind a bewildered young man.


Nancy’s plan called for skipping one night, and the time moved slowly for her. She was pleased, though, to see that Tom began resuming some of his old ways by the second day. His rude behavior made her resolve to follow through even stronger.
Finally, it was time again. As the first drops of her pee began to drip into the enema bag, however, Nancy scrunched up her nose, worried. The odor this night was acrid and overwhelming. The longer she peed, the stronger it became. She couldn’t see Tom sleeping through such a stink, but didn’t want to postpone now. Cautiously, nervously, she entered his bedroom.
She didn’t have to worry. Tom’s loud snoring revealed how deep asleep he was. With unconcealed delight, Nancy opened the valve and wet Tom’s bed for him. The room smelled like hell. This time, she knew, he would know what happened without having to peek under the sheets. She wanted to be there when he woke, just to see his face.

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This is developing nicely.
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