Tricked into Diapers (Chapters 1 and 2)

This is a story I wrote about 20 years ago. Found my handwritten pages after a basement flood, all wet and mildewed. Figured I ought to retype and post it to preserve it for posterity, for better or worse…

Nancy sat on the couch and frowned as she watched her friend Sherry nurse her one-year-old baby girl. It had been only a week since Nancy’s 18-year-old nephew Tom had arrived to stay with her while his mother travelled around Europe for the summer, but she was already at her wit’s end. Nancy’s sister was a stern and domineering woman, character traits Nancy lacked, and Tom quickly took advantage of his newfound freedom. He was disrespectful and disobedient, and hadn’t even bothered to look for a job to help support the household. Worst of all, he was getting too close to her 16-year-old daughter Lisa, who seemed to idolize the boy. Nancy had already caught them in some heavy petting; it was only a matter of time before they went even further. Nancy shuddered at the thought.
“I don’t know what to do about him,” she told Sherry. “He doesn’t have any friends around here, so all he does is lounge around the house, insulting me and ignoring all of my threats. I think he’s using Lisa to get to me, and it’s working. The more I try to warn Lisa to stay away, the more time she spends with him. I don’t know where to turn, and he’ll be here for over three more months.”
“It’s a real problem,” Sherry agreed. “It’s a shame they have to grow out of infancy and become so independent.” As she spoke, Sherry tenderly removed her nipple from her sleeping baby’s mouth and wiped away the excess milk. Softly, she rubbed the baby’s back and smiled as she heard the responding burp.
“We’ve got to take drastic action, no matter—” Nancy began, then stopped as she heard Lisa come into the house. If her daughter heard any derogatory remarks about Tom, it would drive her even faster into his arms.
“Oooh, you brought the baby over,” Lisa said happily, readily accepting the infant as Sherry held her aloft. “May I bring her into the kitchen?”
Nancy turned back to Sherry as Lisa left the room with the baby. She was about to resume the conversation when she heard a scream from the kitchen.
“Oh, gross! This is so disgusting!” Lisa said as she hurried back into the room, hold the baby away from her at arm’s length. “She wet her pants and I can feel it through her diaper. Yuck!”
“Lisa, don’t be so silly,” Nancy told her daughter. “Babies can’t control themselves and naturally they’re going to be wet now and then.”
“Well, I don’t care,” Lisa replied with obvious repulsion showing on her face. “Pee is so gross; I don’t want to be near it. I don’t want to even be in the same room as someone who doesn’t know how to use the bathroom. Yuck, yuck, yuck.”
As Nancy watched her daughter rush to the bathroom to wash her hands, an idea came to her. Her eyes lit up as her mind reeled with the possibilities. Turning to Sherry, she could see from her friend’s broad smile that a similar thought had occurred to her. Quietly and excitedly, they began making plans that would change Tom’s life forever.

Nancy turned off the alarm she had set for 3:00 a.m. and stumbled sleepily from her bed. As she tiptoed to the bathroom, she listened carefully to make sure that no one else was awake. Hearing no noise, she sighed with relief, closed the bathroom door and turned on a small night light. Reaching behind a cabinet, she pulled out the enema bag she had hidden there earlier that day. Nancy removed her panties, hiked up her negligee and squatted down on the floor. Positioning the enema bag carefully beneath her, she began to pee into it. A small trickle at first, she began to relax when she saw that her aim was good, and soon a steady, warm stream rushed into the bag. Nancy felt she could go on forever, discharging all of the water and juice she had drunk before bed to assure a full bladder. Soon the bag was near capacity and Nancy stood up before capping it. Now, she thought, the hard part.
Sneaking quietly into Tom’s room, Nancy smiled as she saw him lying on his side, away from the wall. Perfect position. She knew that he was a heavy sleeper but was cautious as she approached the bed. Slowly, she pulled the sheet back from her unsuspecting victim, revealing his light blue pajamas. Nancy held the enema tube next to the sheet beneath Tom’s crotch and opened the valve. Immediately the smell of urine filled her nose, yet Tom slept undisturbed. As the wet spot on the bed grew larger, Nancy moved the tube up to Tom’s leg and finally to his groin. She smirked as the now soaking pjs clung to Tom’s body, revealing the shape of his penis underneath. Smaller than I imagined, she snickered. Soon, the flow of pee stopped and Nancy stepped back to review her work. Perfect. The sheets and Tom’s pajamas were too wet to hide. Silently, she covered her nephew with the top sheet and left the room.
Back in the bedroom, Nancy wrapped the enema bag in plastic and hid it under her bed. She was excited, almost giddy. Although she didn’t think she would settle down enough to sleep, Nancy set her alarm for 7:00 a.m. She was so close to pulling this off, she didn’t want to rely too heavily on Tom’s sound sleeping habits and miss him when he awoke. She snuggled into bed, eagerly awaiting the morning.

Re: Tricked into Diapers (Chapters 1 and 2)

Good story, nice premise. I don’t think the reaction to a wer baby is terribly realistic for anyone unless she’s clearly a germophobe or something of that sort. I realize you want to convey disgust but you took it too far and it seems overwrought. Other than that, excellent stuff!

Re: Tricked into Diapers (Chapters 1 and 2)

The chapters need to be longer but I like the premise.