Travis's Comming Out (CH 1)

hey everyone, I have been a long time reader but have recently got the urge to try to write a story. I would just like to ask that you are kind in your critiques since this is my first story I would like some pointers. I would also like to say that some of the things in the story are true except for the names of people which is for their safety and privacy. I hope you all enjoy my first story :smiley:

Travis’s Coming out

Chapter 1
Travis was always a good boy (with the exception of grades in school), he was very polite, helpful, caring, and loved to sing all kinds of music. but few people knew his deepest, darkest secret. You see Travis realized at an early age that he enjoyed wearing and using diapers. Not only did he enjoy the diapers, Travis would fantasize about being a baby girl if only for a day he could just be little Tammy, but Travis felt he had to hide it from everyone, including his boyfriend. You see Travis is gay and out to his whole community except for his extended family and most people are accepting, including his mother who is a lesbian woman and her partner.
Now 18 and recently graduated Travis has moved in with John (his boyfriend) and their relationship is growing more and more as each day passes, but there is one problem, Travis has not told John of his baby desires. This is because Travis is afraid John will reject him. Travis just wears while John is attending classes in the day time at the community college.
One day while John was in classes Travis decided to play dress up! He went to the storage unit in the basement in their apartment building and grabbed a medium size box to take to his room. Once in his room, Travis opened the box to revile his most prized possessions. With a glowing face, he removed his items one by one, savoring every feel, every smell, and every look before him. With everything out Travis then quickly got out of his jeans and T-shirt and laid down on top of an unfolded diaper.
“Time for the babies diaper” he thought to himself with a cute little giggle as he rubbed Baby Lotion all over his diaper area, paying special attention to his penis. After he was satisfied Travis opened the baby powder, letting the sweet, babyish smell waft through his senses before applying a generous amount to his diaper are and rubbed it in before pulling the front of the diaper up and taping it shut and pulling on a pair of nursery print pink plastic panties over his diaper.
“Me fink me gonna take a nap, so me gonna put on a sweeper” Travis said in his most babyish voice to himself before pulling out a pink sleeper with baby Minnie Mouse on the chest and snaps in the crotch for easy changes and slipping it on himself.
Travis then grabbed his bottle and went to the kitchen where he filled it with some milk and heated it up. After grabbing his bottle from the microwave Travis went to the living room and turned on Dora The Explorer before laying down and dozing off to dreams of laying in John’s arms and drinking a bottle of warm milk and wetting his diaper. Unbeknown to Travis, John had short classes today so came home and saw Travis in his clothes asleep and sucking on a baby bottle.

More to come…

Travis’s Comming Out (CH 1)

It a nice start, didn’t see no grammer or spelling errors. Only problem is that is short, but for a first time it kind of good.

Travis’s Comming Out (CH 1)

Pretty good. Not the best i’ve ever read but probably one of the best first ones. At least 10x better than my first one