Trapped in her own schemes: Regression back to babyhood

Samantha is a 27-year-old scientist, working in the R&D at Silverstar Pharmaceutics. The company sells all kinds of different drugs and medicines, as well as matching accessories. The department in which Samantha works focuses on items for babies and incontinent people. The last product from the department is an extremely stretchy and absorbent diaper for adults. Right now, Samantha and her team are working on a new drug, which was ordered by the company management. The research is top secret and the development is nearly finished. First tests should be starting soon and Samantha already signed up to do one of the test runs.

After a good workday, Samantha drives home in her car. She shares an apartment with her slightly younger sister Claire, who works at a daycare. Claire is not only supervising the kids there, but also helps them to transition from diapers into real underwear. Before working at the daycare, Claire already gathered some experience by working as a babysitter. This is also the reason why she has collected a lot of products from her company at home by now. From diapers to pacifiers to baby food.

Samantha hasn’t been getting along very well with her sister lately. She thinks Claire is a control freak and likes to mother others. Also, Claire is always trying to discipline her, which doesn’t work so well with an adult like Samantha. But Samantha has already set things into motion and plans to give Claire a little lesson. But the beginning of it is still a few days away. After arriving home and greeting her sister as usual, she makes herself something to eat and then proceeds to her private room, locking the door behind her.

With all the products Samantha always brings for Clair, it’s not hard to fork out something for herself. She starts her computer and opens a private tab in her browser before typing in the following in the search bar: “diapered female mental regression stories” and then pressing enter. As usual, she searches through the entries until she finds one exactly to her liking. Before she continues reading, she first takes off her pants and the panties underneath. Then she reaches over to her supplies and pulls out one of the new adult diapers. She spreads it out on her bed and begins to change herself. After it is securely in place, she turns back to the story. Samantha has deliberately avoided the toilet, so her bladder is almost full to bursting. Excited, she begins to read the story. After a couple of minutes, one of her hands wanders slowly into her diaper.

Claire watches as after dinner Samantha disappears back to her room with a bag from her work. Her big sister thinks she’s so smart, that no one knows what she’s doing up there in her room with the things in the bag. Claire has known about Samantha’s fetish for a while. She has always ignored it, but for a while now Claire has felt the need to mother her diapered sister just like one of the babies. When Samantha became aware of it, there was some tension, but everything is still under control.

As the story reaches its climax Samantha’s pussy is dripping wet and with one last movement of her hand she looses control of her bladder. With a hissing sound a stream of hot pee gushes over her hand and into her thirsty diaper. As uncontrollably wets her diaper, a moan from pure pleasure escapes her lips. Hyping herself up she whispers: “Im having an accident in my diaper!”. Then with a final convulsion, she cums in her diaper. After that Samantha continues to relish a while in the afterglow of her orgasm, before packing the diaper back up and cleaning herself. She stores the used diapers in a special container in the wardrobe of her room until she disposes of the evidence discreetly.

Some days later the trial run of the new medicine starts and Samantha manages to secure some of the new regression medicine for her little revenge plan. As she is on her way home with the medicine, she imagines her sister becoming a little diaper wetter, who then has to learn to regain control of her bladder herself. That should be enough to change her behavior. While Samantha thinks about it, her arousal slowly increases. She has to admit that her decision might have been influenced by her fetish. It would be just like in the stories she always reads online. She can hardly wait. After arriving home safely, this time she goes straight to her room for relief.

Claire is surprised that Samantha is in such a hurry to get to her room today. She runs after her and sees that a note falls out of Samantha’s pocket. She wants to give it back to her sister, but she is already gone. Claire looks at the note with interest and realizes that it is a description of a medicine. Probably the new product Samantha is working on and is not allowed to talk about. With increasing concern, Claire reads the description of the effect, which can be summarized as follows:

The regression medicine lasts a day and only takes effect if the person is in the right mental condition combined with a specific physical stimulus. It only works if the person thinks of himself as immature, while peeing or pooping themselves. If the conditions are met, the drug induces strong waves of pleasure, depending on the severity of the accident. A small accident weakens the bladder muscles permanently, while a big accident does the same to the sphincter muscles. In addition, each accident will slowly deconstruct higher knowledge and therefore leads to more infantile behavior.

The next day is upon us and Samantha gets up earlier than usual to make breakfast. When Claire hears about it, she already suspects what this will lead to. When Samantha suddenly behaves completely different from before, with the knowledge of what she brought yesterday, it is almost too obvious to Claire. But Claire decides not to judge too quickly and waits. “Here’s your coffee,” Samantha says, handing it to Claire. She puts her own in front of her place at the dining table and disappears back into the kitchen to take care of the fried eggs. The sisters drink their coffee in exactly the same way, and Claire takes advantage of this to inconspicuously switch the two glasses. A short time later, Samantha arrives with the rest of the breakfast and they eat together. While they sit together, Samantha talks about that she has noticed the tensions lately and would like to reduce it. Therefore, she has decided to make breakfast for both of them for a while. With a friendly smile, Clair agrees as she watches Samantha drink the coffee she was supposed to.

It’s Saturday, so they both don’t have to work today. Samantha has of course already planned how to get her sister to wet herself for the first time. She copied the idea from one of the sides she read some time ago. The plan is to give her sister enough to drink and then block the bathroom at the right moment by occupying it first. Since Samantha has no experience, she is not sure how well her plans will work out, so she ordered a set of restrictors from a special ABDL site just to be safe. These are intended for an adult and prevent the upright walk, the complete closing of the legs, as well as the grasping of objects. The package containing them should arrive soon. Until then, she tries with the methods she read about.

When the time finally comes, Claire immediately sees through what Samantha intends. Of course that wouldn’t work, she could just relieve herself in the garden if need be. After a short consideration, Claire decides to play along and to pretend to her sister that everything would run according to her plan. Samantha hears the knock at the door and gives flimsy excuses to occupy the bathroom longer. After a while she slowly runs out of reasons to stay longer in the bathroom and then Samantha is finally rewarded for her patience. Claire’s voice comes through the closed door: “I can’t hold it any longer”. Following this, Claire simulates as if the medicine would step in and give her a very pleasant experience. Samantha has a victorious grin on her face as she hears something splashing on the floor. She steels herself, however, and opens the door a moment later. With mock concern, she helps clean up the little accident. After the incident is resolved, Claire still feels humiliated, even if she decided to play along. This encourages her to pay back the whole thing with interest later on.

Seeing her sister with wet panties really turned Samantha on. After she has helped her sister to clean everything, she retreats directly to her room. She spreads the next diaper on her bed and shudders as she placed herself directly on top. As this is a special occasion, she adds a pacifier to her mouth. Shortly after, Samantha is in her next diaper and starts humping away. With every second she feels like a baby more and more, sinking into the infantile bliss, fulfilling the first condition of the regression medicine. As she got closer to her release, she whispers with a lisp from the pacifier: “I’m a widdle baby diaper girwl! I’m gonna make cummies in my diapeee!”, releasing control of her bladder with the last words, therefore completing the second condition. As she felt the all too familiar warmth begin to spread between her legs, the medicine triggered the pleasure wave on top of her natural orgasm. As she convulses in a pleasure never felt before, her pacifier falls to the ground. After Samantha is done soaking her diaper, she lies on the floor, drooling while keeping masturbating until she climaxes a second time. Right after, she collapses in a heap of sweat and heavy breathing. Her pussy still throbbing with a high level of excitement. The last thing she manages to whisper is: “This was amazing!”, before passing out in her bed.

Samantha wakes up some time later and cleans everything up, depositing the used diaper in her hidden stash as always. The next few days continued in the same manner. Claire simulated regression progress in front of Samantha in order to quell her suspicions and to distract her from her own regression. Samantha got even so excited that she even decided to take a short vacation to take more care of her sisters regression. While Claire got more determined as she got further embarrassed from her older sister, Samantha continued to pee her potty training into her fluffy diapers. Claire began to take action on her own and started sneaking into Samantha’s room at night. Samantha’s used diapers have that certain smell that is characteristic of her big sister. Of course, besides the strong smell of urine that emanates from them. Clair exchanges the used diapers from Samantha’s temporary storage for a few others from her daycare, as she would hate to lose this pile of Samantha’s shame. She transferred them to a diaper pail in the nursery station of their house instead. When she will show this to Samantha later on, Claire is sure that her new soon to be baby girl will recognize it by her own smell. The last thing Claire did was start giving her sister sleeping pills, using the same trick Samantha tried to use before with the coffee. This was necessary for Samantha to sleep deeply through the night, so Claire could put a diaper on her while she was sleeping. As the big sister loses more and more control over her bladder, it wasn’t long before she started wetting herself while asleep. If Samantha witnessed her accidents in the morning, it would be too suspicious. That’s why Claire is on hand with the diaper to catch it all and then pick it up in the morning, before Samantha wakes up.

Claire also intercepted the package containing the restrictors, which Samantha ordered. These are kept safe for now, but don’t have to wait too long. Samantha’s regression goes very well and quickly reaches the point where Claire wants to switch to an open approach. She knows that Samantha is so close to passing the point of no return. In the end it wasn’t her, but Samantha who got the movement restrictors put on while being asleep, which then lead to the current situation:

Samantha slowly wakes up to something wet pressing against her crotch, with the smell of stale urine all around her. “Oh my god! Have I wet myself in my sleep?”, thinks Samantha in shock. She feels so immature and as a small amount of pee trickles into her cold padding, the regression medicine kicks in. A small wave of pleasure spreads through her, as the face of her younger sister appears over her, looking at her with a satisfied grin. Samantha tries to get away, whereupon she makes acquaintance with the restrictors placed on her. Shocked, she pauses and asks incredulously, “Am I dreaming or …” Clair moves forward and gives Samantha a slap on her diapered ass in response. It doesn’t hurt much, but it is enough to confirm Samantha that she is not dreaming. With an angry look and still not aware of her new position she says “No, no, no. This cant be happening. You are the diaper wetting baby! You must have put your diaper on me while I was sleeping. When I’m out of this thing, you will regret …”, the rest is mumbled up as a pacifier with a strap is put in Samantha’s mouth to shut her up. Confused, Samantha crawls on the floor while her sister enlightens her about the true circumstances, before removing the strap-on-pacifier again. Before they continue, they first have breakfast. The big baby is of course fed the baby food she is entitled to and then gets her normal pacifier right afterwards. On the one hand, Samantha wants to resist, but on the other hand, she is turned on by being dominated by her younger sister and put into a diaper. As she suckles on her pacifier, she thinks: “This is really not good, but on the other hand … I can wear a diaper all day and make cummies in them all the time. Clair even changes my wet diapers …”. While she is still undecided, it goes on to the grand finale, which was planned by Clair for a long time now:

Samantha, is led into the nursery, where the smell of stale pee awaits. She looks at the used diaper pile to the side. Clair brings them close and asks, “There we are, can you smell who all these belong to?” As Samantha identifies the diapers as hers, she feels like the baby she is about to become. This is her pale of shame, so many diapers she already used. Slowly, Samantha realizes that Clair wants to regress her much further, than she herself would have intended or would be comfortable with. Her younger sister put her on this path back to infancy and made already too much progress. Today is a turning point, her last chance to stop this, she can feel it. She just needs to wait until the regression medicine is out of her system, but deep down she knows that this will not happen. Then her bowls announce themselves with a threatening gurgle. Clair giggles and coos to her sister: “Is baby going to make a big present for mommy in her diaper?” Samantha stops sucking her pacifier for a moment and shakes her head in denial, but this is enough for a small gush of pee to squirt out of her. A small wave of pleasure is the immediate response, but knowing what the consequences are, she manages to keep control.

Some time passes, but Samantha is just delaying the inevitable and Clair knows this too, looking at her full of confidence. It takes some time, but eventually, Samantha has another small accident: “Oh-noeees…” Samantha whines, as a stream of hot pee gushes into her diaper. Seeing her diaper turning yellow and knowing what will come next, Clair announces: “Uh-ohhhhh, look who is having an accident!" The pleasure builds and Samantha starts moaning, but the stream into her diaper diminishes slowly and with it the pleasure. Samantha is so close, she can feel it. Then Clair whispers in her ear: “Good baby girl, let it all out into your waiting diaper. Come on, I know you want it too. Just give in to the pleasure and become a baby diaper girl, just like in those forums you always read on your PC. Just one last push and you cement your infantile fate!” Samantha as the big sister wants to stop, but she knows that what Clair said is true. Her pussy is throbbing in pleasure and with a grunt Samantha starts pushing. After some wet farts, her diaper begins to expand to a nice bulge. As she fills her diaper, a new wave of pleasure starts, stronger than everything before. With a giggle, Clair watches how her big sister cements her babyish fate, giving in to the pleasure and filling her diaper on purpose. With a hand on the backside of Samantha’s diaper, she can feel, hear and smell the much bigger accident that her sister is having right now. Completing this final step, Clair comments: “Say ‘bye-bye’ to your adulthood. Hope it was worth it, little baby girl!”. As the backside of Samantha’s diaper fills with warm stinky mush, she cries out in absolute pleasure, her mind blank as she empties all her big girl thoughts into her diaper.

After Samantha is done filling her diaper, she collapses from exhaustion. Then she slowly starts to panic as it sinks it, what she just did. With a shocked expression, she exclaims in a high-pitched squeal, made even more childish by the lisp, “Oh no! Pwease don’t turn me into a baby! I’m supposed to be a big giwl!” But Clair is already prepared to calm the new baby and gives her a bottle with warm milk to drink. Samantha latches on as soon as it is presented to her and sucks rhythmically, which calms her down slowly. Then Clair informs her in a calm voice: “It’s too late, baby girl. You are already over the edge. Even on your own, you would regress further and further from now on. You have lost your position as the big sister forever, but don’t fret, I’m a much better big sister and I will care for my little baby girl.”

After that, Clair announces that it is time to change Samantha’s diaper. The restrictors force her to crawl over to the changing table, mushing her mess in the diaper in the process. Before changing Samantha, Clair grabs the back of the diaper and gives it a good squeeze. Samantha is embarrassed, but turned on at the same time from feeling her own mess being pressed against her, smearing upwards to her vagina. Then Clair proceeds by opening the soiled diaper, which slumps down with a wet thud, presenting an adult sized mess. “This diaper is soiled hard! Big babies really create much bigger messes. Good thing we got those special diapers for you.”, comments Clair before starting to clean her sister’s bum with some wipes. After the first rough cleaning, she removes the devastated diaper and rolls it up, before tossing it on top of Samantha’s diaper pail of shame. The cleaning continues and then a new diaper is put into place. Clair applies some baby powder, so Samantha doesn’t get a rash, and then closes the new diaper. “All nice and better now.”, announces Clair with a smile, while Samantha continues sucking on her pacifier. After that, Samantha is released from the changing table.

Samantha with a fresh diaper continues playing with some colored blocks, she already played with before. Clair watches as her former big sister regresses mentally more and more. The ironic thing is that she didn’t start this whole thing. Now even Samantha’s speech starts to degrade, as well as her bowl control. The last phase before complete infantile bliss. After some time, they go to bed. Clair has already prepared a special recording for her baby and puts it on repeat right next to Samantha’s bed. It goes like this: “Only babies wear and use their diapers. You are therefore a big baby. Good girls who fill their diapers are allowed to make cummies. Only bad girls try to hold it in. You like to use your diaper and make cummies in them. Whenever you feel a pressure in your tummy, you push it straight out, making a nice present for mommy. You want to be mommies, good baby girl.” Clair has a quiet sleep, while Samantha wets her diaper as usual. The next morning comes and Clair grabs the next dose of the regression medicine, feeding it now openly to her sister.

Samantha awakens to the feeling of her wet diaper. She doesn’t think of this as unusual anymore and signals her big sister … wait her younger sister … no, that still is wrong … yes, it’s her mommy Clair, that she needs a diaper change. Then it is time for the regression medicine and Samantha doesn’t even seem to think before eating it. Clair watches the new behavior of her sister with interest. Clair has closely monitored the regression progress of her sister and knew that the big incident yesterday in the nursery setting, with Samantha captured in her own trap, would bring her over the edge. All the conditions were just perfect and there was already so much progress made.

After besting her bigger sister, Clair proceeds without ado with her next goal of having her own baby sister to care for. As she already dispensed justice, she doesn’t have any lingering resent. Therefore, she decides that she would start to stir things in direction to her new goal. From then on, she pays attention to a more friendly and supportive image. She makes sure that her baby girl is well hydrated and eats well. She also takes time to play with her and help her with everything else. This gets a very good response from Samantha, who starts to talk to her “big sister” more and more. Then in the afternoon, Samantha stops playing suddenly and right after, Clair hears a hissing sound, as the diaper starts to discolor. While the adult girl wets her diaper, the arousal builds up. Finally, the arousal peaks and she climaxes while peeing, screaming: “Going pee-pee in my diapee feels sooo good!”. After Samantha is done, Clair praises: “You are such a good little baby girl, wetting her diaper for mommy. Now tell me yourself what you are.”

Samantha thinks about this for a moment and then announces happily: “I’m mommy’s widdle baby girl!” That makes Clair very happy and she affirms: “Yes you are! Let’s get you changed into a fresh diaper then.” This time, Clair not only changed Samantha’s diaper. With her acceptance as a baby, Clair thought it’s reasonable to remove the pubic hair down there. This would not only remove the last traces of “Samantha’s adult life”, it would also make it much easier to clean her up after an accident. Lost in thought, Clair announces to her: “Your current situation is all your own doing. You trapped yourself in your own schemes, too arrogant to notice what really was going on. Even though you always pretended not to be an adult baby, there was always this part deep inside of you, which wanted all of this. There were so many things where you should have noticed something, but you subconsciously chose to ignore all the warning signs. Now that you have fully surrendered to your new infantile identity, I will make sure it will always stay that way.”. From then on the speed of the regression was at its top and Clair made sure that Samantha will never use a toilet again.

A week later:
Clair giggles as Samantha hungrily suckles on her milk bottle, rubbing her back encouragingly: “There you go, drink as much as you want.” As Samantha continues to drink, she becomes more and more relaxed, suckling rhythmically, while the wetness indicator of her diaper changes color. Then the adult baby let her eyes close after a while, allowing herself to fully relax and enjoy the experience, while Clair carefully shifts position to get a better view of what is about to come.

Clair puts her hand on Samantha’s diapered bottom and it didn’t take long until she eventually feels a warm mush pressing against her hand. She could only grin knowingly as the mush spreads, filling the seat of Samantha’s diaper and causing it to bulge out heavily. She looks back over to Samantha’s face, noticing that she looks surprised as she helplessly starts to fill her diaper. Furthermore, she was far too engrossed in her feeding to even think about the state of her diaper. As the pleasure starts to take over, Samantha stops her suckling and emits excited happy squeaks, while climaxing over and over again. The maximum amount of pleasure the regression medicine can induce was already reached a couple of days ago. Shortly after, the regression itself was completed. Now Samantha has no bladder or bowl control remaining and the highlights of her day are the accidents in her diaper. It didn’t take much longer for the mess in her diaper to stop spreading, allowing it to weigh down the now-soiled padding and cause it to droop noticeably. As it did, Clair pressed her hand more firmly against the back of Samantha’s diaper to get an idea of how much it was this time. The soft, poopy mass squished as Clair pressed on it, but it was thankfully contained within the diaper. Big babies really do make big smelly messes …


I hope this is satire. Really. I hope there’s a punchline coming in your next update.

I like your story I wish that there was a medicine to turn me in a overgrown baby