Trapped by the Storm Part 1

This is my first ever attempt at actually writing an ABDL story, let alone a story outside of high school english. Everything here is completely fictional and not made to resemble any actual persons, places, things, etc. This is actually an original idea, so I hope you like it.
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Part 1:

“What do you mean you lost my luggage?” Will said.

“I’m sorry sir, but it looks like your bags were somehow loaded into the wrong plane,” the older woman, Lynn, behind the desk said as pulled her glasses off and started wiping them with her shirt. She saw the man, well, the boy-becoming-a-man fretting in front of the help desk at the airport, and decided to try and help him.

“Look, I’ll be honest with you. When this happens, if your luggage even ends up being found, it won’t be shipped to this airport until after this weekend.” She handed him a small card with a name and number. “This is the number you should call to locate your bag. You’ll probably want to wait a day or two before calling though, they’re pretty slow to locate the bags, and I already notified them that your luggage is missing.”

“But,” Will glanced up from his phone, which he realied he’d been nervously taking out of his pocket and putting back without actually turning it on, “what am I supposed to do without my luggage? I checked everything I brought for this trip in my luggage apart from my laptop and wallet.”

“Honey, unless you want to spend the next two days sleeping on an airport bench, your biggest worry tonight should be to find a place to stay. Do you have any folks in town you can call?”

Will looked past the help kiosk out the windows of Midway airport and saw the storm clouds rolling in from the East. The newscasters on TV had been tracking a developing storm over Lake Michigan for the past couple of days, but he’d payed them no attention in the excitement of moving from Pennsylvania to Chicago for the summer before he began his freshman year at Northwestern.

“My aunt has probably been waiting outside in the car for the last half hour as I’ve been searching for my luggage.” Will said.

A beeping sound played from the TV over the help kiosk that startled both Will and Lynn and distracted their conversation. An emergency weather announcement scrolled over the bottom of the screen as the newscasters spoke. Lynn reached up to turn up the volume.

“… and we are encouraging all of you to take shelter in your homes as soon as possible. This Friday night, rising winds and rain from the lake have reduced visibility to a quarter mile, and conditions are worsening. This storm may last for several days, although the conditions may improve after tonight. All flights from both Midway and O’hare Airports have been canceled. Please stay off of the roads if at all possible, emergency crews are already overwhelmed dealing with car accidents from the pile up on Cicero Avenue.”

As a muffled voice sounded over the airport speakers, Lynn began shutting down the computers at her station. “Will, you should go now. Find your aunt and get in a building as soon as you can”

Will took his phone out and turned it over again. This time he dialed a number and hit call. He turned to grab his small laptop case from the ground with his left hand and headed for the exit. He stopped for a moment and turned to Lynn.

“Thanks for the help, drive safe.” He said.

Lynn looked up with a worried smile. “You too Will, I’m sorry I couldn’t do more to help.”

Will turned around and searched for the exit towards the street as he walked, holding the phone to his ear. He saw the sign for the exit and sped up, weaving through the small crowd walking in the same direction. His aunt finally picked up.

“Where are you?” Erica almost yelled through the phone, making Will hold the phone away from his ear, “I’m outside of the second door.”

“I’m on my way, I’ll be there in a minute, wait…. I can see your car, can you see me?”

Erica pushed open the door of her sedan and stepped out into the mist. She was a slender, shorter woman with brown hair, clearly approaching her 40’s. The awning over the street blocked the downpour, but not the water that splashed back up from the ground. She hopped around a puddle and stepped over a small stream in the road to open up the trunk of the car.

Will raced towards her, but as he stepped off the curb, he was shoved violently to the side by a larger man racing to a nearby taxi. The man bareley noticed the contact, but Will fell towards a huge stream of water in the street. As he fell, he pushed aside his reflex to catch himself in order to lift his laptop bag over his head, away from the water. He landed butt-first in the rivulet, which apparently wound its way over a large pothole near the curb as his bag clattered onto the drier pavement.

“God *****!” Will yelled. He winced and started pulling himself up out of the 8 inch deep puddle. He slipped once but worked his way out of the hole on onto his feet, not noticing the large hole in his soaking wet jeans and boxers that had been carved by the pavement, nor the scrape that rapidly blushed red.

“Hurry up!” Erica yelled, having not seen his fall. She turned to Will and saw his laptop bag on the ground, then Will standing to his feet with no luggage. “Are you OK? Hop in, we have to go now.” She slammed the empty trunk closed and jumped into the driver’s seat of the still-running car.

Will grabbed his laptop bag and scrambled into the front seat. “We have to avoid Cicero, there’s some big accident there…”

“I know,” his aunt interrupted, “the radio hasn’t stopped talking about it or this freakish storm.”

Erica drove through the streets towards Linkin Park where she had a second story apartment in the down town area. She wound through the turns faster than she should have with the pouring rain and gusting winds pushing the car, but somehow they made it to the main street where she lived. The car screeched into the parking spot, one wheel bumping off of the curb before she could stop the car. A trash can bounced down the sidewalk through the gusts as Erica and Will stepped out of the car. Will winced slightly as he stepped up the curb. He grabbed the door handle on the building and pulled, but it stayed locked shut.

“That’s the entry to our neighbor’s store, the apartment door is on the far side.” Erica said loudly to be heard over the wind.

They walked past the store, which Will now saw to be a “Specialty Medical Supply” shop. His aunt fumbled with the key for a moment before opening the door for Will to enter.

Erica followed Will up the stairs to the second floor hallway. As he turned the corner at the top of the stairs, she saw the scrape on Will’s hip through the softball sized tear in his jeans. “What did you do to your hip? Your pants are ruined.”

“I, uh, oh crap, I didn’t even notice that before! I have a different pair of pants in my luggage… What the hell!” Will yelled. “My luggage got loaded onto the wrong plane, this is my only pair of pants right now.”

Erica frowned at Will and stopped him in the hallway just short of her apartment door, “Stop swearing, I don’t care what happened, I can’t have you swearing in front of Charlie and Jordan. They’re going to be in third grade this year, and I don’t want to be getting calls from their teacher about their colorful language.”

“I’m sorry,” Will said, not feeling very sorry but putting on as good of a show of it as his aunt required. "I still need to find something to wear though, do you have any pants my size in your apartment?

Erica shook her head, “No one in my family has even come close to 5’ 6” or much over 130 lbs, let alone 5’10" and what, 160 lbs? I threw out all of Paul’s left behind clothing when he moved out two years ago, so I don’t even think I’d have a pair of shorts you could fit into."

Erica knocked on the door across from her apartment, opened the door, and quickly exchanged several words with the inhabitant. Moments later, a much rounder woman of a similar height to Erica stepped into the hallway and unlocked a second door.

“Follow me please,” was all she said as she walked down a narrow flight of stairs."

“Will, this is Mrs. Johnson, she’s our neighbor who owns the shop downstairs. She may have some clothing sitting in the back store room they were never able to sell that you can have for the weekend.” Erica stopped short of the top of the stairs. “I’m going to start working on a quick dinner for us, just knock on door 218 once you’ve found some clothes.”

Mrs. Johnson unlocked the door at the bottom of the dark staircase and opened the door. She stepped into the store and Will followed. She walked slowly to the back of the store, walking around racks of scrubs and uniforms and stacks of boxes of medical equipment. Will glanced at a far wall covered in plastic packages before bumping into the back of Mrs. Johnson, who had stopped to unlock the storeroom door.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, as Mrs. Johnson gave him a bored look.

“What’s your pant size?” She asked.

“34 34,” Will said," although I could probably fit into anything a size smaller or larger."

Mrs. Johnson dug through several piles of clothing before pulling out the pants from an older looking pair of scrubs.

“Uh, Mrs. Johson?” Will asked. “My boxers got ripped too…”

Mrs. Johnson stopped and turned to look at Will, “You know, this is a medical supply shop, I don’t have any standard underwear.” She nodded her head towards the direction of the street. “Down the street two blocks you might be able to find some in the Goodwill, but we aren’t going to get there tonight.”

She looked at Will, and then at the scrubs, “I can’t have you wearing those without underwear though, I sell the older uniforms for bargain costs, but I can’t sell something that’s been unhygenically worn. You’re going to have to choose, either you can stay in your wet pants, or I can give you some undergarments you’ll have to wear with those scrubs.”

“Sure!” Will said quickly, a little too quickly for what he didn’t understand yet, “I don’t care what it is as long as they’re not made for girls.”

Mrs. Johnson closed the closet and walked towards the wall of the shop Will had glanced at earlier. “Now, you said you were a 34 waist, right?” She pulled a package from the bottom shelf of the dark store, looked at it, then put it back. “Aha!”

“Wait, where’s the underwear you said you could give me?”

“Will, this is a medical supply shop. We don’t sell underwear, we sell undergarments. If you want to wear those clean pants, this is what you have to wear with them.” She held out a large plastic package. “And Will, I’m sorry but this is the only style we carry, this isn’t a CVS or Walgreens, I run a specialty store.”

Will turned the package over until its front side reflected the dim lighting well enough for him to read.

“Wait, these are…”

“Adult incontincence briefs, they’re called Dry 24/7s.” She interrupted. “They’re the only one’s I have in stock. There’s a bathroom behind the register you can use to dry off and change. Just throw your pants in the garbage, they’re done for at this point. Hurry up, I have dinner on the stove right now and I don’t want it to burn because you’re moving too slowly.”

Will gulped, embarrassed and confused. “These are diapers.”

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Really nice, cant wait for more !!!

Hope he gets babied by mrs johnson :smiley:

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I would love some critiques and advice before I write part 2. Anyone?

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Wish you had picked a different diaper brand that I’m more visually familiar with. I also can easily see things getting really cliched. Try to do stuff with our expectations. You main character also doesn’t seem to be very welcome where he’s moved to, and seems to have too much bad luck. Thankfully not cartoonish bad luck, just too much for him not to say anything about it. Say a bit more things about him. Of course I’m hilariously wasting time if you’re going somewhere I won’t enjoy, so you should probably not listen to me.

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No critique from this lurker. Color me intrigued.

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any updates, Todd ? =)

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A minor point, the lady behind the counter at the air port probably wouldn’t be on a first name basis with Will at thia point, you might want to consider having her refer to him by Mr. … well, whatever his last name is. It just feels more professional especially as they are both dealing with a stressful situation.

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bump, whats next ?