Trapped at the Sin Inn

Hi lurker here who made an account to post his first attempt at a short story.
I am writing a conclusion to this story but decided to post what I have (around 10 pages) as I’ll be taking a break over Xmas and thought I could do with some feedback, looking for honesty about what I can improve.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it.

Tags: Bondage, Femdom, Diapers, Humiliation, Non-consensual.


Trapped at the Sin Inn.

Tired, cold, wet and cursing under his breath Matt pulled his wheeled case out of the rain and through the double doors into the foyer of the Hotel pausing to take a look around.

He had known it was a fetish themed establishment thanks to the vacancy app on his phone but he couldn’t help but suppress an amused laugh at the reception area in all its kinky glory, not exactly his first choice for sleeping arrangements but between the air show and film expo currently going on locally he was happy there was a chance he didn’t have to sleep in his car.

As an occasional voyeur and at an ex-girlfriends request a one time participant into the bondage world he could recognise some of the strange devices mounted about the place, whips, cuffs and gags were strategically hung around the crimson walls and a large black pillory lurked in a far corner, its position hinting decoration as it lacked the space to hold a prisoner, he thought the two riding crops crossed over a steel chastity belt was a nice fetish take on the old crossed swords over shield cliché.

Not wanting to look too much like some gawping tourist he headed towards the reception desk, suitcase in tow, an attractive raven haired woman who looked to be in her mid to late twenties stood wearing a red corset with black trim complete with a skimpy matching jacket giving the pleasant effect of framing her cleavage. Her cherry red lips formed a pleasant smile as he closed in.

'Hello sir welcome to The Sin Inn, can I help you at all? She chimed brightly as his hands came to rest on the counter, ‘Hi … Jen’ he countered barely missing a beat as he glimpsed her name tag ‘I was wondering if you have a room available?’.

A slight look of confusion passed fleetingly over her delicate features as she replied ‘Do you have a certain room in mind sir? Usually our clients have a specific experience that they want’. Matt cracked a smile ‘I bet they do! Truth is I am here for a job interview tomorrow and being new to the area and neglecting to do my research I am now struggling to find a place as everywhere is booked up due to events, I just need some place for tonight but the only rooms available are here according to my phone’ Matt raised his phone up as if to offer proof.

‘I see, its a bit unusual but let me see what I can do for you’

Jen started tapping away at the keyboard in front of her, after a short time she glanced up from the computer screen and imparted to him ‘All of our more vanilla rooms have been taken but we do have two themed suites available, The Dungeon and The Nursery, both are the same price and both have beds and en suite bathrooms so they should function as normal rooms as long as you don’t mind the décor’.

Slightly shocked at his options but trying not to show it Matt uttered ‘The Dungeon sounds a bit foreboding’ emitting a soft giggle in response Jen assured him ‘It sounds worse than it is, it has a lovely wrought iron four poster bed and some very interesting choices of furniture that you are free to try out but could be a bit dangerous solo’ she added mischievously ‘I will admit the gothic-esque faux stone walls might be a little imposing if your looking for a relaxing nights sleep’

The Dungeon sounding a bit unsettling for his taste he inquired about The Nursery ‘A less popular choice but with a solid following from the adult baby crowd it has an crib themed bed and a reinforced changing table, all scaled up to adult size and also includes a selection of toys and stuffed animals, its definitely tapered more towards the occupants comfort than the former’

After rolling off the room descriptions Jen looked up expectantly at Matt, not wanting to hold things up and acutely aware of his lack of options he answered with haste.

‘Well I guess that settles it, I’ll take The Nursery then’ with a slight laugh he pulled his credit card from his wallet, amused that he was about to spend the night in some cosy throwback to his formative years.

‘Ok that’s great! Before I can get you settled in there are a few things I need to explain’ she said accepting his card ‘This is a fetish establishment catering to many different fantasies so you may see some odd things coming and going from your room and as someone not participating in the ‘Festivities’ I ask only that you show some acceptance and withhold from judgement’ in a slightly more serious tone Jen added ‘We also ask that you keep any electronics, camera’s and phones especially, packed away until in the privacy of your suite as recording devices are banned completely in the public areas’

Not wanting to appear prudish Matt put her at ease ‘Oh of course, It might not be my cup of tea but to each his own, if people are having fun who am I to judge them’

‘That’s the spirit! Are you sure you haven’t got a bit of kink about you?’ she said with a sly expression while grabbing a key card that came attached to a cute little plush giraffe by a chain.

'Before you know it I’ll be calling room service for a sippy cup and a plate of rusks ’ he quipped back at her grabbing his luggage, he couldn’t help notice her laugh at his reply was adorable, he loved making women laugh, especially ones as attractive as Jen.

‘As you’re new here and its quiet I can take you to your room if you’d like?’

‘That’s sounds great, thanks’

Reaching under the desk Jen placed a sign reading ‘Please ring the bell for assistance’ and walked around from behind the counter giving Matt his first full view of the stunning little receptionist.

Damn! Thought Matt as she beckoned him to follow , the corset was less revealing than most with the matching jacket but with the addition of the short black leather skirt and stocking garter combo she just revealed Matt was feeling a renewed appreciation for the staff uniforms.

'I have to say your outfit is amazing, does the hotel provide you with that stuff?

Jen stopped putting one hand on her hip and sloping one shoulder down as if to pose for him ‘You like it? It’s not a specific uniform as such but the Hotel pays us an allowance towards certain clothing so we can fit the fetish theme more, it helps put the customers at ease’

‘I like it so much I’m considering giving the same allowance to all my future girlfriends’

This got another laugh from Jen ‘Glad you like it, I’m always open to flattery’ she said as she started moving towards two doors.

Luggage skittering behind him as he kept up with her brisk business like pace Matt took in his surroundings. The corridors she was leading him down were reminiscent of pretty much every other hotel he’d been in, nothing here seemed to betray the establishments true nature.
He continued following Jen appreciating the view as her hips swayed, what was I expecting to be honest, scowling leather clad dommes, paddles in hand, chasing zipper mouthed gimps down the hallways?

He chuckled to himself at the idea.

'Something funny? She asked inquisitively looking over her shoulder at him.

‘Oh just thinking to myself that its pretty tame so far’

‘Well lets see if you still feel that way when you see your room!’ she giggled coming to a stop in front of an unassuming door except for a rainbow coloured wooden plaque with writing on it.


Swiping the card through the lock she opened the door, hitting the light switch and held it open for him. After a small moment of delay he entered luggage in tow, eyes scanning the room taking in the suites theme.

The walls were pastel blue and mounted with shelves full of stuffed animals of varying size, colour and shape. The carpet was thick, very soft looking in a rich cream colour and against the left wall was a padded changing table, obviously much larger and sturdier than a usual parking space for diapered behinds about to receive a pit stop.

A cabinet occupied the space below the table, its open shelving filled with various bottles and tubs that he couldn’t quite make out from the doorway but he assumed they were lotions and powders, next to them were several boxes of different coloured latex gloves and various other things that would need closer scrutiny to identify.
The next thing that caught his attention were the neatly piled stacks of large diapers occupying the rest of the shelving, some being patterned with child like designs while others seemed to be plain, more business like and robust, putting function above decoration.

On the right side of the room was a sofa facing a flat screen TV mounted on the wall, in the space between them appeared to be a large multicoloured toy chest standing atop a plush rug decorated with a babyish train motif.

What really demanded attention though was the bed against the back wall, it was about the same size as a standard double bed but was lower to the floor, what made it really stand out was the fact it was surrounded on three sides by four foot white wooden bars, only the headboard that was against the wall was solid wood. As bizarre as it was it did look comfy with its large pillows and seemingly soft sheets and blankets.

‘Well I don’t know what I was expecting but you were at least telling the truth about it being comfortable’ Matt said.

’ I ‘m sure you’ll sleep like a baby!’ she replied treating him to an infectious giggle.

‘Well hopefully unlike a baby I can get in and out of that bed, how does it work?’

Jen walked past him over to the right side of the crib and with practised ease lifted the bars up and Matt heard them click in place granting access.

‘Its quite easy really just push this catch in to release the bars back down but if you are a bit claustrophobic you can always leave the bars up while you sleep’

Jen turned to face him ‘Here’s your key card, the en suite is through here’ she gestured at a white door to the right of the crib/bed ‘There are fresh towels and robes available inside, if there’s anything else you need feel free to call reception with the phone on the bedside table’

After handing him the key she headed back towards the door before seeming to stop in thought for a few seconds before turning to face him again ‘I don’t usually do this but my shift finishes at eleven and I would love to join you for a drink or two, its quite rare to see a nice guy like you alone in this place’

Matt was shocked, had she really just said that? Other than the usual jokes and subtle flirting he treated most women to he didn’t think he had done anything extraordinary to garner a response like this.

Caught off guard he started his reply ‘Erm… That could be… I mea-’

With a grin and seeming to enjoy his nervous reaction she cut him off before he could finish ‘No need to rush anything, if you decide you want a bit of company later just call reception before eleven and let me know either way’

With that she gave him a seductive wink and a soft touch to his arm as she passed starting the beginnings of a blush and a slight stir in his groin as she walked out closing the door softly before he could gather his wits to say anything else.

Not really used to a women taking the initiative, Matt took a second to gather himself and mumbled ‘Did that just happen?’

As tired as he was after the long drive and trudging around trying to find a room he was excited at the prospect of a few drinks with Jen, she was definitely higher up on the scale of attractiveness than his usual quarry as despite being told he wasn’t so bad himself in the past he had always tried to avoid rejection by not attempting to punch above his weight.

Checking the time on his phone, 9:35pm, a smile played across his lips as he relaxed a bit realising he had plenty of time to plan his response.

Still feeling a lingering rush at Jens offer he left his suitcase by the sofa and took a better look around the room, that’s when he spotted something he had missed at first glance.
The changing table had restraints at each corner, that’s a bit odd he thought as he strolled over, a closer look revealed they were leather cuffs complete with a soft looking padded inlay and a lockable buckle.
His words echoed back to him from his earlier conversation with Jen ‘To each his own…’ looks like even adult babies must throw tantrums if they need these he thought to himself.

Deciding to finally get settled he removed his jacket and hung it on the door hook, then started on his shoes and socks, finally he began to strip his slightly rain dampened shirt and trousers, chucking them to floor. Now in just his boxers he headed back over to the sofa and pulled his luggage up onto the cushions.
After a brief rummage he found some dry clothes and laid them down across the arm of the sofa, just as he began to zip his suitcase back up he spotted a silver glint, it was the flask he had almost forgot he had packed. After a couple of nips of the mid range single malt it was filled with to warm him up, he returned it to the case so he wouldn’t be tempted to over do it, after all he didn’t want to be too far gone before his drinks with Jen.

She was still fresh in his mind and in no rush to get changed into his dry clothes he headed over to the phone next to the bed, looking down he saw a small laminated card with the extension information on it and saw to reach reception all he had to do was press three on the keypad.

Not quite having the courage yet to call her he decided to check the bed out, ducking under the raised bars Jen had left up he sprawled out on the blanket, shifting the fluffy pillows into a more comfortable position and laid back taking in the softness.

I can work with this he thought relaxing, closing his eyes he went back to thinking about calling Jen, why was he nervous now? When it mattered? He had been fine until she had asked to join him later now he almost felt intimidated by her beauty and outgoing personality… He could feel the familiar social awkwardness from his teenage years rearing its ugly head and sneering at him, I need to just man up and call her and stop over analysing it, I’ll definitely regret it if I…

As his inner monologue continued the softness of the crib invited his fatigue through the door and it demanded his consciousness leave to give them some private time as Matt drifted off into a steady slumber.


‘Wakey wakey… Matt…’

He awoke, tilting his head up slowly to find what had made him stir but he couldn’t make out anything in the dark, which was strange because he didn’t remember turning the lights off, then it came to him suddenly, Jen! Matt was now fully awake as it dawned on him he hadn’t called reception to give her his answer, Fuck! What’s the time!

He panicked and went to bolt upright and look for his phone but soon realised something was wrong, He couldn’t push himself up with with his arms because someone had restrained them above his head to the crib bars! A frantic struggle revealed two more things, it wasn’t just his arms, his ankles were secured to the crib as well giving him little room to struggle and secondly his probing fingers could feel no way to release them.
It dawned on him that crib must have similar restraints to the changing table, he was stuck until someone let him out!

Panic rising he started shouting but to his surprise instead of a stream of expletives the room was instead greeted with muffled sounding gibberish.
That’s when he suddenly became very aware of a bulbous, rubbery presence in his mouth and something hard pressed against his lips, with new found urgency he tried to spit it out but failed as it refused to budge, his attempts did bring the strap around his head that held whatever was gagging him in place to his attention though and he realised it wasn’t going anywhere.

Fuck, what the fuck happened, his mind racing he threw himself into the restraints again trying desperately to gain some freedom back but they held fast, then a giggle floated from the darkness, stopping him dead, his heart beating like mad as he strained his ears to hear something other than his laboured breathing as he realised he wasn’t alone.

‘Your one heavy sleeper Matt, I figured I’d get the cuffs on but you didn’t even wake when I strapped the pacifier gag on, one sec let me just get this…’ Jen reached over and flicked the switch on a lamp that shared the same table as the phone revealing herself to the panicked and confused Matt, his eyes squinting from the sudden intrusion of light. She was kneeling on the floor in front of the raised bars and was no longer sporting her fetish get up, Jen had traded the corset and leather skirt in for some form hugging black leggings and a light grey crop top that exposed her toned midriff.

It was Jen! Relief flooded him now that some of the darker scenarios eased from his mind at this revelation, they were now replaced with questions, what was going on? What the hell was she thinking abusing her position to sneak into his room to gag and restrain him while he slept.

Matt’s gaze met hers and his eyes narrowed as he angrily tried to ask her through his gag what the hell was going on but was shocked into silence when Jen with frighting speed suddenly ducked under the raised bars and dived her hand into his boxers grabbing his balls with force.

‘I don’t like that tone so you’d better be behave’ she said giving a squeeze, sharp pain racked his lower body as her actions elicited moans and struggles from him

‘Be quiet and stop that squirming!’ she scolded, fearing worse pain he laid there silent and still, his loud breathing now the only sound as she relaxed the pressure ‘You hurt my feelings last night Matt, you didn’t even have the balls’ another increase in pressure from her, followed by an involuntary moan from him ‘to call me, you could of made an excuse but instead you ignored me, I don’t like to be ignored Matt’.

Relaxing her grip again she continued. ‘I sat at reception, a little excited I’ll admit because we seemed to get on well and my work hours plus the fact I live in the employee housing of a fetish hotel means I rarely get a chance to meet guys who aren’t trying to work me into some fantasy that doesn’t interest me, I was almost certain your call was coming so imagine my surprise when it never did’

Matt listened to her quietly, desperate to tell her it was a mistake and he had just fallen asleep! But her vice grip on his jewels compelled him to be silent, afraid she would mistake his gagged ramblings as more defiance.

‘So I decided if your not going to come to me, I will come to you’

This new side of her was starting to worry him now, she was acting very controlling, and there was something else there hinting that she no longer considered him a peer, a far cry from the outgoing and warm friendliness from earlier. He was coming to the conclusion that she might not be the most stable person, after all who the hell responds like this to being stood up.

Unfortunately his member didn’t want to share in his mounting concern as now her grip was relaxed he began to feel himself stiffen at her touch.

Like a storm cloud passing to reveal the now clear sky her demeanour changed to more playful ‘Well, looks like you do have a little kink in you after all because I think I just found where you keep it’ she said with a grin as she releasing his balls and shifted her grip to his rapidly rising shaft, she started slowly alternating between pumping and squeezing him with a light pressure.

Conflicted by this turn of events Matt took in the scene he was forced to be a participant of, here was an attractive albeit slightly terrifying woman whom he had just met, sat on the edge of a giant crib to which he was bound, gagged and finding himself actually rising to her administrations.

‘These boxers are annoying, be right back’ she announced leaving his side, finding it hard to follow her movements with his head almost flat to the mattress and his view partially obscured by bars, he noticed she had gone over to the changing table and was rummaging through the cabinet beneath.

He didn’t want to admit it but he harboured some disappointment at her touch ceasing but it wasn’t long before she reclaimed her perch at his side but now armed with a pair of scissors.
Frightened by the sharp implement but with nowhere to go all he could do was shake his head, his eyes wide with fear.

‘Don’t be a baby!’ she giggled amused at the irony of the statement, she started carefully snipping away at his boxers until she was able to remove the material covering his groin, discarding it to the floor and then she placed the scissors down next to the phone.

Feeling more exposed than ever now his cock was openly erect against his stomach a blush started its pilgrimage across his face as he turned his head away from her feeling embarrassed and helpless to do anything about it.

‘Awww’ she cooed noticing his shame, shifting her weight slightly she reached over and gently lifted his head to put the pillow, displaced by his earlier struggling, back underneath him to make him more comfortable, she then touched the tip of his erection gently, pulling his rigid member to a straight upwards position and swayed it left to right playfully ‘You look so cute like that but you should save some of that embarrassment because we aren’t finished yet’

What the hell did that mean, turning his head back to face her he tried to glimpse some meaning from her eyes.

Holding his stare while continuing to manipulate his cock she spoke with barely concealed excitement ‘Lets get you ready!’ removing her finger from his glans she stood back up.

Ready? What the fuck does that mean Matt wondered, what did she have planned for him? He asked himself the question because two way communication didn’t seem likely at this point, his distress started to override his lust but his cock was still not taking any calls and was following its own agenda.

Heading back to the cabinet she hesitated momentarily before selecting one of the more padded plain diapers, a folded changing mat and a bottle of baby powder. Satisfied that would do for now she walked over to the end of the crib where his ankles were restrained and held her new acquisitions in clear view so he would have no illusions about what was coming next.

Looking up at her sly expression Matt was mortified knowing what she intended and his blush took on a deeper hue, No way she can’t be serious! Abandoning her previous warning he started to struggle against the cuffs, his protests muffled by the pacifier gag.

Her reply was calm and matter of fact ‘You’d better get used to the idea because if you think a quick squeeze to your balls is the worse that can happen you’re in for a nasty shock if you keep this up’ her previous unsympathetic manner had now returned ‘You should be happy you chose the Nursery, If you’d gone with the the Dungeon this could have been a lot more unpleasant for you’.

Matt slumped in his bonds knowing he wasn’t going anywhere soon and that he was essentially at the whim of a woman he was now realizing he had massively misjudged based on his first impression, this bitch was crazy and wasn’t going to stop until she had finished her little game.

Groaning into his gag and his cock now soft as whatever little enthusiasm he had ebbed away. She moved back to her spot and placed the supplies she had just flourished down next to him.

‘There we go, no need to get worked up little baby, you just might enjoy this!’ she cooed at him making his anger flare back up with her mocking tone and choice of words but still defeated he just lay there trying to avoid eye contact. ‘Some guys pay big money for this kind of treatment you know’.

She continued by positioning herself inside the crib between his legs and unfolding the changing mat while smiling down at him. ‘Shame I couldn’t get you on the changing table without waking you but we can always save that for later, now be a good boy and lift your bum up so I can get this in place’.

Later she said, great just how long was this psycho gonna keep him here as her little baby toy to humiliate, he at least took some hope in the fact it was a hotel suite and not her accommodation so its not like she could keep him here indefinitely, surely other people would request its use sooner or later.

Still shunning her gaze he played with the idea of resisting but not wanting to see how far she would take a punishment as the fading but still present dull ache in his sack served as a reminder of non compliance.
Hating the fact he was helping her embarrass him further he lifted his ass up as high as was possible in his current state, she then pushed it underneath him while smoothing it out, then followed the diaper she had selected earlier, it crinkled loudly as she pushed it underneath him.

Happy it was in the right position she patted him on his ass to signify he could relax back down, she then diverted her attention to the bottle of baby powder, flipping the cap open she began to liberally apply it around his crotch making sure to get an even spread. Now finished with his front she placed the bottle down and spoke.

‘Now for this next bit I need to remove the cuffs from your ankles, any and I mean ANY attempt at kicking and you’ll wish I was back to just crushing your balls’ as a threat she reached over picking the scissors back up and made a few snipping motions in the air ‘Are you gonna behave?’

Fearing she would make good on her promise Matt just nodded his eyes fixed on the potential instrument of his journey to becoming a eunuch.

Accepting his non verbal promise of cooperation she turned around and started to unbuckle his ankles, after they were free she told him ‘Raise your legs, cross your ankles and hold them there’
He complied with her order and with one hand grasping his crossed ankles she shuffled forward pushing them further back until her thighs were either side of his hips, this caused his lower body to raise up giving her access to his backside. With her free hand she grabbed the powder again and started coat his crack, taking care to avoid her legging as much as possible.

The pleasant aroma of the powder filling his nostrils Matt was now feeling more humiliated than ever, this was similar to how he used to change his thirteen years younger sister when he was stuck babysitting as a teenager except he was now on the receiving end as a thirty two year old man who hadn’t needed to wear diapers since he stop wetting the bed at seven. Burning shame caused his eyes to start welling up, another thing he hadn’t done since he was younger.

Happy that she hadn’t missed anywhere she shuffled back and allowed him to uncross and return his legs to either side of her.

‘Don’t worry sweetie I’m almost done’ she cooed taking relish in his now glassy eyes and increasing distress at her treatment. Lifting the front flap in place across his groin she paused in her work to rub the diaper against his flaccid member, slowly increasing pressure she searched his face for a reaction.

Matt groaned softly as his body started to betray him, her cute little mischievous grin fuelling his increased arousal at her steady kneading. He had to stop himself pushing back against her hand not wanting to give her the satisfaction.

‘See? It doesn’t have to be all bad baby, good behaviour comes with its rewards’ she cooed, satisfied that he was solid again she stopped before he was too far gone and pulled the front panel of the diaper tight with one hand while taping it in place with the other. Now secured she ran a finger around the waist band and leg gathers to ensure it was snug and fitted correctly.

With a playful pat on his diaper covered cock she said ‘Oh Matt if you could see yourself now! Any mummy would be lucky to have such a cute baby in her care’ she reached over him and stroked his face, her fingers lingering long enough on the pacifier to give it a little wiggle. Matt tried to pull away, crinkling loudly in the process but this just encouraged her to ruffle his hair further demeaning him, he could tell his humiliation was getting her off as she looked flushed and was biting her lip as she drank in the view.

Lying there miserable, unable to speak, unable to leave this crib and unable to stop her wandering hands administering her possessive touch about his body all he could think was I’m an adult, I have a mortgage, a healthy start to my pension and ten years no claim bonus on my car insurance and she has reduced me to a diapered, emotional mess.

He peered at her through red rimmed eyes as his ankles were re-fastened, she grabbed the powder and got up to leave the crib, stopping only to release the catch to bring the bars down and brush some stray powder from her leggings she returned the bottle to its place on the cabinet and turned to face Matt.

‘I need to go grab some things and your looking pretty worn out baby so I’m gonna put you down for a little nap OK? I’ll be back soon enough so don’t go anywhere’ she said as though putting a grown man in a diaper and down for a nap was just a normal daily occurrence.

Matt could do nothing as she hit the lamp switch plunging him into darkness, opening the door she paused, framed by the light from the hallway, she blew him a kiss before walking out and closing the door behind her.

His defeat complete and his crotch starting to heat up, the only sound in the darkness was his diaper crinkling with every movement as a physically and emotionally drained Matt slipped into sleep.


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This story is Very interesting I like how you put it together plz continue its a great start

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Thanks for your words, I’m writing an conclusion but haven’t had much time over the holidays.

Should be done soon though as I’m enjoying writing it.

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Ah that sounds great! I’ve loved reading this so far and am curious about the objects near the changing mat that were mentioned :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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