Training My Sissy Husband

Reprint of previous topic. My name is Kristy and am a Mommy to my sissy husband Tiffany. I am 53 years old and Tiffany is now 59 years old going on 2. I am not joking about this as we have been involved in the ABDL lifestyle for over ten years. Prior to that I had feminized my husband to be a sissy and serve me as I deserve. I would sometimes use diaper play as a punishment which seemed to work well at the beginning. Eventually the diaper punishment morphed into what I noticed to be a better attitude by Tiffany. Seems that wearing diapers changed her attitude from sometimes stubborn to pliable and more girl like. We had both been married before and I have one daughter and Tiffany has a daughter and a son from her previous marriages. I decided early on that Tiffany would become feminized as I hated to do housework and cooking and Tiffany was a natural for it. Little did she know her destiny was thought out long before our nuptials. Feminizing Tiffany was no easy task as she had a good job and I was working too. In addition her daughter was living with us at the time which created some problems early on. We both agreed to not include the children in our unique lifestyle. This made Tiffany’s transformation more difficult as we had to hide a lot of our activities while she was home. This didn’t work out like we had planned as Tiffany was eventually outed to her daughter. All in all it wasn’t the drama we expected as her daughter had the attitude of I really don’t care as long as it doesn’t effect me. With that Tiffany was able to be herself around the house but we kept certain things to ourselves. About four years ago her daughter went to school in another state and we were more free to explore the lifestyle. At about the same time Tiffany lost her job to Covid related issues and felt hurt. As for me I was secretly elated. Of course I didn’t show my elation as I played the part of the sympathetic partner. It was then I stumbled on the idea of implementing the ABDL lifestyle into our lives. Tiffany was depressed about losing her job and moped around like a child. One day I had it with her and I said if you’re going to act like a child then thats what you shall become. To be honest this was my intention for a long time. I really loved my Tiffany being a pretty sissy girl but my desire for control and punishment wasn’t being met entirely by her only being a helpless girl around the house. Prior to the ABDL decision I did get Tiffany a boyfriend for dates so she could experience how a real man makes a girl feel. Her femininity blossomed during this time but I still felt the need for even more control. Looking back I call this my conditioning phase. Sissy girls need to be conditioned to become the best they can be. Tiffany does not have the ability to do this on her own as it takes a confident leader to lead them into the land of femininity and eventually objectification which is what I need. I appreciate she loves her cute panties, bras and outfits but that’s not the only thing I was after. I love her but found myself loving her more as an object than what a typical husband. To me men are disposable creatures who serve a limited purpose in the life of a superior female. On the other hand a well conditioned sissy is like a piece of art. I am the artist and I can create a masterpiece that works perfectly for me. In talking with others in the lifestyle I came to learn that you can love an object as much or more than another person. The difference is I can 100% control the object. Don’t get me wrong, I have created Tiffany to love her life and herself. She loves to please me and derives pleasures from living in my world now. I conditioned her to be what and who she is and she wouldn’t or couldn’t change it even if she wanted too. I have also conditioned her to speak up when she isn’t feeling what she needs. It’s a different language than just words. In fact Tiffany is not allowed to speak many words unless I give her permission. This is for my own control purposes but it’s worked out well. Tiffany’s mannerisms and body language speak volumes. When I feel her not feeling feminine enough I am able to respond in my way which reinforces my dominance while she is nourished with the things she needs to keep her where I need her to be and where she needs to be. Many years ago I introduced her to pleasuring real men. She was reluctant at first but once she discovered the feeling and sensation of being a pleasure object to the opposite sex ( yes opposite of her) she dove deeper into her femininity which was good for her and allowed me the ability to take her where I needed her. Again, conditioning the mind of my object (art). I’ve done the same thing with her when I decided I wanted a baby girl. I nurtured her to put her at ease. Once I felt the Mommy / Baby Girl relationship was established I was able to have me real a baby girl. The beauty of this for me is that my baby will always be two years old or less. Never to grow up. She’s been conditioned to be dependent on me. For me that’s the ultimate control. A few of my friends are aware of this and after the shock of learning about this they are jealous of me. They even babysit every once in a while. For me being a Mommy this time around is the most powerful feeling I can have. It’s a lot of work as baby’s need a lot of attention but it’s worth it to me. It’s taken me a while to be a Mommy to an object but I too have conditioned myself to deal with the emotions that were conflicting inside of me at the beginning. I like to have fun with others and go out to concerts, coffee with friends and even short trips without Tiffany. At first I felt guilty leaving her behind but I eventually realized that when my own daughter was young I would leave her at home with a babysitter or with my parents and go out and have a good time. I sometimes have to remind myself that Tiffany is a baby girl now and has no business out in the adult world most of the time. When she does need to go into the adult world I see to it she does. She still has dates from time to time and I have arranged for her to suck on more than just a bottle and pacifier while at home in her crib. My object (art) is a sissy baby girl! A sissy needs her nourishment and a baby needs a different type of nourishment so I arrange for both. The upside for me is I too get what I need. I love my power, dominance and authority. Im constantly thinking of new ways to experience these feelings every minute of everyday. I need to punish Tiffany daily. It’s part of her conditioning but it’s also part of who and what I am. I need to humiliate her everyday for the same reason. She responds well with both physical and verbal humiliation. Physically I love to make her cry. I get sense of power that’s off the charts for me and then I get a uncontrollable desire to comfort her and tell her she’s a good girl and makes Mommy so happy. The verbal humiliation is different. I love to watch her reaction to my verbal assaults. Things like not being a man, useless, fag and other demeaning remarks have nourished her femininity since day one of her sissy conditioning. If I’ve learned one thing through all of this is a sissy who is constantly reminded of what they are and how useless they are as a male becomes a helpless creature. Maleness is the death of a sissy so it’s something I reinforce every chance I get. We don’t sleep together as she has her own pretty space where she is confined to when her chores are completed. I only touch her for what I call maintenance activities (diaper changes, makeup sessions, tease her just to arouse her) and she is only allowed to touch me when I give her permission. No exceptions. Her life is basically lived out in our 2000 square foot home and she is not allowed outdoors without my permission or escort. On certain days she is taken for a walk just so she can get some sun and breathe fresh air. This usually isn’t relaxing for her as her cute outfit usually garners a reaction from passerby’s. In the home she is allowed to go about her chores but is always being supervised (I love cameras). I do give her some privacy as she has things to take care of that pertain to her kids and family. Even a piece of art has the spotlight turned off once in a while. With that said I have to remember that when I dismiss her by just saying something like “I’m going out “ or “I’m going to a concert “ and not giving further information I am reinforcing my control over her and creating a new thought in her mind that makes her think about me. And it’s me that matters. No one else. I’ve even been on dates and not come home a couple of times. This drives her crazy. But I always notice it puts her in a place where nothing else matters to her. I love that! I’ve conditioned her to worship me and I deserve it. Living the life she has is what’s best for her. It may not be an easy life for her at times but I really don’t care anymore as it’s definitely a rewarding one for me. The wider the power distance is between us the better for both of us. Some might think this is abusive. I respect her and care for her and always strive to build and keep trust between us. I always tell her she can say stop. She never has.


Do you make him use his diaper for everything no matter where he’s at? I wish i had someone similar to you in my life lol. Though im not sure about the feminizing or sissification part lol.

Yes. Tiffany is diapered 24/7. She is not necessarily happy about this but I am and that’s all that matters. Her first visit to the doctor in her diapers was quite the adventure for her. She survived and I thrived. As far as your comments regarding sissification are concerned I say everyone has their own likes and dislikes. For me I cannot and will not ever live with a man again. When I need a real man I take care of business and back to my world. My baby girl fulfills my needs and desires and I fulfill hers. I wish you luck and I hope you find your happiness


Hi Mommy Kristy // my name is crybabyDavid i am 61 year old submissive male . i have never been married and no kids . i a, looking for a very strict Mommy turn me in full time sissy baby girl . i am disabled i collect siocial security . could you Mommy Kristy or one of your woman friends handle a sissy baby [