Too Good to Be True (Short Story)

This was a present for one of my patrons who goes by the name of DirtyBooks (or The-Watcherz on deviantArt). It’s a short story featuring age regression and fey dealings in a mostly fantasy setting. Hope you enjoy!

“Dorothy! Get back here! You’re supposed to be in the middle of your lessons right now.”

The frantic calls of her tutors did little to discourage the young queen, the girl hiding out in the branches of a tree behind the castle. Exhausted and annoyed by their constant pestering, Dorothy muttered to herself under her breath as she lay against the tree. “Work, lessons, ruling. Way too much stuff to manage. Can’t I just go back to getting to play all day? I am the queen, after all.”

“Of course you can.” A voice piped up from right in front of Dorothy, the girl’s head swinging back to see a woman smiling at her from a nearby branch. “You’re right; you are the queen. Why deal with responsibilities? You’re far too important for that.”

Dorothy’s brow furrowed as she tried to make sense of the other’s words. “What are you getting at?”

“Just what you said. You should be able to relax all the time. And I can help you do that.” The strange woman stretched out her hand, offering it to Dorothy. “Would you like that? I’ll take care of your responsibilities while you’re returned to a more simple time.”

Uncertain but unable to see a way in which this could go wrong, Dorothy reached her hand out to grasp the other’s firmly. “I- I think I would, yes.”

“Wonderful.” With a smirk the other pulled Dorothy up by her hand, swinging her effortlessly into the air and into her arms. Confused at first, it took Dorothy several seconds to realize that she was now only a toddler, dressed in a disposable diaper and a much shorter dress. “Much better. No more responsibilities at all. Now, let’s head on home, let you get used to your new body.”

Frowning and unsure, Dorothy tried to protest. “Wait; you can’t just do this! I’m-”

A soothing pacifier entering her mouth quickly remedied the situation. “You’re an adorable little baby at the moment. That’s all that matters.”

Suckling on her pacifier despite her pouting expression, Dorothy simply held tightly to her new caretaker as she was brought back to a small house in the middle of the forest and set down on the floor inside. “Now sweetie, can you walk over to the playroom?” The faerie pointed towards a nearby doorway. “Mama Lula has to get something ready for you.”

As Lula walked off, Dorothy carefully got to her feet, not used to being this unsteady on her legs. Her right leg was first, Dorothy lifting one foot barely above the ground only to let it fall right back only a few inches in front of where it had previously been. The left leg followed suit, then the right, then the left, until finally Dorothy was toddling along where she had intended to travel. Huffing and puffing, she finally reached the “playroom,” gaping in awe at the pile of comparatively enormous stuffed animals in the center.

Waddling as fast as her little legs could carry her, the shrunken queen tripped as she reached the pile, falling face first giggling into a pile of soft toys. Within seconds, she had picked a favorite: a bright white rainbow-shimmering unicorn from the deepest center part. Though the toys lay scattered all around, all Dorothy could think of was the soft plush as big as she was that she held in her arms.

Lula took this opportunity to wander back into the room, holding a piping hot bottle of milk. “Having fun, sweetie?” Dorothy didn’t respond, too focused on snuggling her unicorn right up until the point that the faerie snuck up behind her and pulled back the waistband of her diaper for a check. “Good; you don’t need a change just yet. Now how about we get you a nice warm drink?”

The little queen frowned as she caught a glimpse of the bottle. “Buh I’m gwown up… I don’ needa bottle…”

In response, Lula simply lifted the girl into her arms, laying her down as she sat on a chair. “You’re a little baby now, remember? No more grown up responsibilities.” With that, in a fluid motion, Lula removed the pacifier and stuck the bottle right into the girl’s mouth. Despite her initial resistance, Dorothy began to suckle, her lack of enthusiasm being replaced by a strong interest as soon as she tasted the delicious warm beverage. A smile grew quickly on the baby’s face as she drained the sweet liquid, nuzzling up at her caring mama as she did so. “Now, I think it’s about time to head back to the castle. Can’t let the kingdom go without running for too long.” The disappointed look on the toddler’s face was met with a quick kiss to the nose. “Don’t worry, sweetie. Mama Lula isn’t going anywhere without you.”

The faerie pulled the queen into a more comfortable position, popping the pacifier back into her mouth and bouncing her comfortingly as she walked. The little one nuzzled lovingly at her caretaker as they moved towards the castle, wishing she could spend even a little bit more time being little. As they reached the castle gate and she still hadn’t been grown back to size, however, doubt began to overtake the little one. The guards smiled at her, leading her to shrink back into Lula in concern. “Mama, awen’t you gonna change me back?”

Lula opened her mouth to answer only to be interrupted by a palace guard. “Good day, Queen Lula. Wonderful to see you here. How’s the little princess doing?” A probing finger began to tickle at Dorothy’s belly, the girl having no choice but to squeal and giggle in response.

The new queen smiled at her subject, kissing Dorothy’s forehead before responding. “She’s very well. A bit fussy today but otherwise perfectly fine. I hope you’re doing as well, Captain.”

“Oh, of course, your highness. I am flattered that you would concern yourself with my well being.” The guard bowed towards Lula, the faerie nodding her own head and proceeding on down the hallway in response before returning her attention to the toddler.

“You see, my sweet little Dorothy, you have no need to grow back up. Your mama is immortal and will both rule this country and take care of you forever from this point on. Isn’t that what you wanted?” The faerie’s smile showed genuine warmth and kindness as she looked down at the infuriated toddler.

“No! I don’ wanna be li’l forever! I’m s’pose’ ta be the queen, not you!” Throwing her arms and legs out, the little one began her first tantrum for her new mama.

In response, the faerie simply set the queen down on the ground, turning her attention towards weaving a new, more powerful spell. “Well then, if you don’t want to be a baby, how about we make a deal?” A colorful plastic baby bouncer with soft cotton seat appeared before the two, Dorothy looking curiously between it and her mama. “You stay clean for ten minutes,” the queen said, hefting the toddler into the seat, “and I’ll turn you back and reverse all of this. If you’d rather stay my baby forever and let all of your subjects be free for the taking of other faeries, all you need to do is let go.”

Even with her stomach already churning, Dorothy nodded in response. She’d never had any issues with accidents before; there was no reason for her to start now. Lula simply smiled, crafting a clock out of thin air and leaving it to start counting down. As it hit the thirty second mark, however, Dorothy was already struggling against the urge to go. Never in her life had she had any issues with this; not since she was three or four at least. It suddenly dawned on Dorothy the situation she’d put herself in: she was no longer in her twenties, nor even three or four years old. She was maybe two years of age and in addition had just consumed a bottle of unknown contents mere moments ago. The realization hit her as the clock struck one minute, the last of Dorothy’s ability to fight it slipping away as the contents of her bowels pushed their way into her diaper, filling it to the brim as the bouncer’s pressure reminded her of what she’d done.

The sound of a baby’s wailing filled the air, Lula lifting her charge out of the bouncer as her magic dissipated across the kingdom, opening magical barriers to all sorts of fey folk. “Shh… It’ll be okay, sweetie. You did a good job giving in to Mama Lula; I knew you didn’t really want to be big. Now we get to live without any of those yucky rules, just you and your mama together forever.” As the giggling of the fey filled the air all around, Lula simply held her little one closely, patting her sagging bottom as she continued to cuddle the sobbing ex-queen.