Tomorrow's Agenda (C9 - 7-30-16)

Author’s Notes:

I thought this was a fun idea. If there’s any interest in it, I’ll continue it. I will attempt to keep it short so that I actually finish it.

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Little shorter, just the way it worked out.

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Tomorrow’s Agenda - Chapter 1

“What were the causes of the Second Depression?” The teacher asked, the cursor hovering on the board as she picked children to answer.

“The collapse of oil production?” Bryce offered.

“Yes, that was one cause.” Mrs. Ruthers acknowledged, pointing at Tracey.

“The disbanding of the European Union?”

“Yes, that was another one.” Mrs. Ruthers agreed, as the cursor wrote the points on the board as she pointed to Cynthia.

“The increase in United State unemployment?” she offered.

“That was an effect, not a cause.” Mrs. Ruthers replied without writing it on the board.

“Umm,” Dana piped up. “The declining world population?”

“Yes,” Mrs. Ruthers agreed reservedly, “that was an important one and, if you did your reading, the point we’re going over today. You should wait until you’re called on, Dana.”

Dana beamed at her correctness as she hid behind the blue-dyed hair that she used to cover her face. Giving the most important answer, even if Mrs. Ruthers had ignored her raising her hand, was good enough. She never got called on unless she wasn’t paying attention but, last night, she’d actually read the chapter to stave off utter boredom. As quietly as she could, she stretched her arms by interlacing her fingers, feeling her fingerless gloves between her palms.

Seventh-grade social studies wasn’t exactly rocket science but Dana was also pretty lazy. To bother to read the chapter was a rare event. She liked history when it mattered, just not the watered-down version the school textbooks presented. Cynthia glared at her from behind but Dana smiled obliviously to herself as the clock ticked by.

“Um, Mrs. Ruthers,” Katie said, raising her hand, “I think Laurel needs a change…”

All the heads in class turned, as discretely as they could, toward Laurel’s direction. The school’s newest member, enrolled for the 2092-2093 school year, stuck out like a sore thumb in a combined elementary-middle-high school with only one hundred and seventy-three students.
Today, Laurel was wearing a pink satin dress with white lace ruffled around it. The dress flowed outwards around her chair but, when she stood, barely covered the diaper the class had long since learned was an everyday part of her wardrobe.

Considering the juxtaposition between Laurel’s outlandish cutesy outfit and Dana’s retro-emo style, one might have assumed that the latter would hate the former. Contrarily, Dana was delighted to have someone else whose sense of style set them apart in this hick town. To her surprise, however, it hadn’t spread the teasing any. Dana was still the scapegoat of the school whereas Laurel was simply given a pass. It didn’t make Dana jealous, it just made her hate her classmates all the more. Even after two months of the school year, however, she hadn’t managed to say anything to the new girl.

“Nu-uh,” Laurel replied to Katie churlishly.

“You pooped, we can all smell it.” Katie said politely, albeit through gritted teeth.

“Laurel, come up here please.” Mrs. Ruthers replied, the tension thick in the classroom as Laurel waddled as daintily as she could to the front of the class. Mrs. Ruthers did a cursory check, pulling the back of the dress out of the way and checking down the back of the diaper before she pointed to the door. “Go have the nurse change you.”

“Yes, Mrs. Ruthers.” Laurel said cutely before waddling out of the room.

Not a word was said after she left. The class immediately returned to the lesson. The school had been well prepped on how to handle their first regressionist student; no one wanted to get sued after all. Dana just smiled further, happy to see Laurel hand it to the assholes that made up her town– even if she only had a vague idea of how Laurel had managed to do it.

“Can I go to the restroom?” Dana asked, shooting her hand up.

“Ms. Merkel, you can wait for lunch. It’s only ten minutes away.” Mrs. Ruthers replied haughtily. Dana’s bladder twinged weakly as Dana took in a breath. Ten minutes wasn’t a huge deal but it pissed her off that Mrs. Ruthers was making her wait. She should just piss herself right here… but she didn’t want to take the heat for that. She was still getting mocked for having wet herself during a bullying incident last year. Laurel was lucky she didn’t have to put up with Mrs. Ruther’s shit in this instance at least.

Released for lunch, Dana hustled towards the bathroom, now a little more desperate since Mrs. Ruthers had made her stay behind to talk to her about speaking out of turn in class. The bitch drew it out just to make me uncomfortable, Dana thought darkly.

Dana’s need was strong enough that she was completely blindsided when Cynthia shoved her up against the wall. The act itself was nothing out of the ordinary, but Dana hated how her bladder flinched at the surprise, she felt a small spurt of piss leak onto her panties– not enough to bleed through to her pants but still embarrassing.

“I wonder if I can make you piss your pants again, fucking smart ass,” Cynthia said menacingly as she stared up at Dana. Dana noticed the twins were flanking her on either side. Cynthia held an air of untouchable superiority as she smirked at the Dana, who was being held on her tiptoes.

Dana felt her bladder twinge again, a normal reaction for her to these stressful situations. Particularly one situation that Cynthia liked to remind her about at every opportunity. Having to call home for a change of pants had been utterly humiliating and Cynthia hadn’t even got detention.

Dana used her free hand to adjust her glasses, covertly setting them to record, and to brush her hair out of her eyes. She knew she wasn’t going to free herself by struggling anyway. She looked down at the dirt, and hoped Cynthia would get tired of bullying her before she got desperate or scared enough to start crying.

“She’d probably piss herself even if you didn’t make her,” Helen said from Cynthia’s right.

“Yeah, your cousin told us you wet the bed,” Heather snickered from Cynthia’s left. “You should just wear diapers…”

“What’s wrong with diapers?” A voice butted in. The girls looked to the right, only to see the Laurel standing there, tilting her head as if in thought. Helen started to say something but Cynthia immediately tapped her with her arm.

“Oh, I just remembered, we need to talk about our sleepover,” Cynthia suggested. The twins nodded in agreement as the three walked away as if their conversation had been nothing but casual.

Dana couldn’t help but suddenly think of Laurel as her savior. She’d never actually talked with the new girl. It was rare to get a new student in their rural town but, for whatever reason, Laurel and her family had moved to their town of 1,034 nestled in the Colorado mountains. The school only had one-hundred and seventy-three kids, from kindergarten to eighth grade, so a transfer stuck out like a sore thumb.

This sticking-out was especially so when the transfer was cute, and Laurel was. Her long, blonde hair and girly dresses was very different from the more rough-and-tumble way most of the kids up here dressed. After all, a dress with lacey stuff was bound to get ruined running down by the creek.

And, blending in was completely impossible for a transfer student that wore diapers. One would expect a kid to hide it but Laurel had announced at her introduction that she was a “regressionist” and what that meant.

Watching a fellow seventh-grader run around with a pacifier and stuffed animal was weird. Watching her run around, occasionally, in dresses so short they barely covered her diaper was even more shocking. I mean, who wouldn’t be aghast at an eleven-year-old raising her hand to tell the teacher she “made poopies.”

At least, that’s what Dana figured the majority of the class was thinking. But, even if they were thinking it, Dana was amazed that Laurel wasn’t bullied. If anything, the bullying had gotten worse on her after Laurel came. She had been sure Laurel would be the new target but Mrs. Ruthers had emphatically told the class that any sort of teasing of Laurel would be punished swiftly and harshly. So, instead, Laurel had just been quietly and politely ostracized by everyone and had turned their bullying back to Dana as a familiar target.

Despite all that, only one week into the new year and Laurel’s transfer-student debut, the enigmatic “regressionist” had deemed fit to interject herself into Dana’s unpleasant situation. Dana was grateful. She’d always found Laurel’s quirks ranging from interesting to enviable, unlike what she supposed most of her classmates felt about it.

“Thanks,” Dana mumbled, her shoulder still throbbing where Cynthia’s hand had been pressing her to the wall.

“Even if it’s true,” Laurel mentioned politely, “wetting the bed isn’t anything to be ashamed about.”

“I guess… my stupid cousin sucks,” Dana replied sadly.

“I noticed the kids kinda pick on you a bit,” Laurel said apologetically, “you wanna be friends? Maybe they’ll leave you alone if you’re with me, besides, I don’t have any friends yet.”

“Really?” Dana asked.

“Yeah, you seem nice.” Laurel replied decisively, offering her hand which Dana shook happily, for a moment, before quickly dropping it and making haste to the restroom. Luckily, Laurel understood the issue and simply waiting patiently outside for her.

Lunch had just started so the two wandered around the yard, talking about their favorite books— which had several in common, and they’re favorite T.V. shows. Dana felt relieved. She hadn’t had a fun lunch with someone else in a couple of years. Being the school’s most unpopular girl sucked. As the bell rang, Dana couldn’t feel anything but disappointed, especially since their desks were on opposite sides of the room.

“You wanna come over to my house after school?” Laurel asked, “we could do our homework together and play until dinner… or something.”

“Really! Yes,” Dana agreed readily. Her mom didn’t get home from the city until 6:00PM anyway. The rest of her afternoon was spent in intense anticipation, such that her volume of homework was larger than she would’ve liked.

Laurel’s car was waiting when classes got out. Dana’s dad worked so far out of town that the gas was too expensive to send the car to take her home; she was used to walking home. Laurel clicked the fob and the side door opened, Laurel and Dana climbing in. Laurel worked herself into an oversized version of a child seat, the clasps coming down firmly once she sat down.

“The car’s set not to go until I’m strapped in,” Laurel said, a bit sheepishly, as Dana sat across from her unrestrained. “It’s an old model but it still runs pretty good.”

“Do your parents let you have access?” Dana asked.

“Pre-programmed only,” Laurel replied, shrugging. “I can go to the mall on weekends or to the store but, you know, it’s kinda hard going too far from home anyway.”

“Why?” Dana asked, not comprehending.

“Well, I mean, who’s going to change my diapers?” Laurel posed, “I can wear a doubler and get a few hours but if I do poopies I pretty much have to go home. It’s not like back on the coast where big places were regressionist-friendly. There’s no changing stations even at the mall.”

“Wow, I never thought about that. That must be kinda hard?” Dana asked, amazed at how casually Laurel could talk about something so weird.

“It’s worth it,” Laurel replied, smoothing her dress, “before I got treatment I was anxious all the time. Now, like this, everyday is fun, even if people in the backwoods think it’s weird and I have to worry about having a minder around.”

Dana felt the sting of having her hometown referred to as the “backwoods.” Oddly, she often felt the same way about the hicks that mistreated her but, somehow, it stung when she felt Laurel probably included her in the idea of this “backwoods” place.

“Oh, I didn’t mean you!” Laurel said, waving her arms quickly. Dana had frowned without even realizing it. “I just, you know, everyone else ignores me; you’re different. I… I’m really lonely here.”

“Me too.” Dana said quietly, “no one is really my friend either…”

“I’m sorry,” Laurel said, “why don’t you have any… I mean… nevermind.”

“No, it’s okay,” Dana said, “my… um, my dad kinda fucked the town.”

“And he still wanted to live here?”

“No, he ditched out. My mom’s the one who won’t leave. Our family’s been here ten generations and all that shit.”

“I’m sorry if I shouldn’t have asked…”

“No, it’s okay,” Dana replied sourly, “I guess it’s better than having them hate me for me, right?”

“That’s true,” Laurel replied with a little laugh. The girls smiled to each other.

Laurel’s house was a brand-name building on the edge of town. It had all the modern amenities– live glass, smart lawn, and even mood-texturing on the walls. Dana looked around in awe at the sort of tech that was generally reserved for upscale urban dwellings. A few of the richer family’s houses, her grandpa’s included, had installed live glass in one wall but the rest was stuff she only heard about from ads on the net.Dana clicked the camera feature on her glasses and snapped a few pics. It was just so impressive that she wanted to remember it.

“Hi hon… oh, who’s this?” A man asked as he walked into the hall, wiping his hands with a cloth.

“My new friend, her name’s Dana.” Laurel said, grabbing Dana’s hand.

Dana blushed as the man looked her over. Suddenly, she wished she dressed more non-descript. Her all-black, skin tight attire and short blue-dyed hair probably didn’t give a good impression, especially with his daughter looking so naive and wholesome.

“Retro-emo, Chicago-style,” The man replied, appraisingly. “I like it. Good sense of style, kid.”

“T-Thanks?” Dana added, blushing now for a different reason. No one in this town even knew what style she was going for. Half of them thought she was trying to be a “Darker,” as if that had been in style within the last decade.

“Seriously, I’m glad you’re getting to know Laurel,” The man added, offering his hand “I’m Laurel’s dad, Mike, nice to meet you.”

“I’m Dana, nice to meet you Mike,” Dana said shaking it.

“Daddy, I’m totally wet.” Laurel interjected, grabbing her father’s hand. “I haven’t been changed since lunch.”

“Okay, okay,” He said patronizingly, “let’s get you changed and then maybe you can do your homework with your friend?”

“Okay.” Laurel agreed, running off down the hall.

“Give us just a sec,” Mike asked apologetically. “I don’t want her getting a rash.”

Laurel looked over to the wall as it formed a pleasing pattern, passing the time in her head as she waited for her friend to return.

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Realy good story I liked it plz continue it

Re: Tomorrow’s Agenda

I’m generally not a huge fan of scifi or future diaper stories, but this is quite good. The characters are interesting and I want to know more about them, and you’ve dropped enough hints about the setting to make me curious about that as well.

Re: Tomorrow’s Agenda

I usually don’t go for futuristic or sci-fi stuff, either, but it’s not heavy-handed and the characters are interesting. I like how the diapered girl is more outgoing; a nice change of the general pace.

Re: Tomorrow’s Agenda

A good intro. You gave the school details twice, but the two were consistent… which bodes well for continuity. Looking forward to reading more.

Re: Tomorrow’s Agenda

Seconded. My dislike for sci-fi tends to be targeted at “nursery machine” stories. I prefer a human element to the tormentors.

I think I’d usually prefer past to future settings any day.

This one looks very promising.

Re: Tomorrow’s Agenda

You know you’ve done a good job when the skeptics are interested. I’m sold simply if the story has been thought out, so good job with that. However you may want to reread the last line Whetoric, I think Danna and Laural switched names.

Re: Tomorrow’s Agenda

You are entirely right, also I forgot that I lost italics in transfer and some spelling mistakes occurred. The chapter took so many revisions because I changed the whole plot three times. Which means splicing problems, etc. I’m finally on a story I like but it took a bit. This chapter probably needs a complete touch-up but I’ll post new chapters before fixing it unless readers disagree.

Usually I get a plot and go with it but I kept writing myself into corners in the first chapter. I usually write contemporary stuff so I don’t have to world build but, well, I wanted to explore trends in the social acceptance of lifestyles in deviance from the mean.

Thanks for showing interest everyone. I’m well on the way through chapter two, hopefully it’ll be much improved from this first one.

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I hope to see this continue! good work so far.

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When posting? If so make sure you’re on the full reply screen and that you’ve enabled the WYSIWYG editor, then it should keep the formatting when you copy and paste, except for changes to the font face :slight_smile:


“You need to get up,” Dana awoke to her mother speaking tersely above her. Her black-out curtains were opening with a shrill metal-on-metal creaking as they moved on the track, inviting in a blinding sun. "You pissed all over yourself again; you have to get up now if you want time for a shower.

Dana grumbled as she turned, immediately feeling the wetness which stretched from thigh to shoulders. Luckily, now that she keep her hair short, she didn’t have to worry about washing that. She peeling off the damp top sheet and sat up, feeling icky as her satin pajama bottoms stayed plastered to her butt from the wetness.

Her mom was a picture of disgusting wholesomeness in her otherwise purposefully dark and dreary room. She was actually wearing an apron over a floral dress. Dana’s room was decorated in blacks and purples, her prized mushroom-shaped lamp was still on, the black light practically invisible with the sun in the room. She’d fallen asleep reading again.

“Brian stopped wetting his bed when he was eight,” her mom added blankly.

“Well, fuck me, I’m not doing it on purpose mom.” Dana replied as a surge of anger overtook her; she kicked the wet sheet off herself.

“Don’t you speak to me that way!” Her mother spat.

“Well don’t make me feel like shit first thing in the morning then!” Dana spat back.

“This is why you don’t have any friends, you know.” Her mom spat back venomously.

“Fuck you!” Dana shouted, standing upl. “I do too have a friend, so excuse me for just not being able to get along with you fucking hicks just because of dad.”

Her mother’s mouth hung open in shock as she thought for a moment. She opened it, closed it, and sighed.

“Sorry, the friends things was totally wrong of me.” Her mom said, calming. “I just… grandpa was really nasty again last night and I… I’m did it again, I’m sorry.”

“I… I’m sorry too.” Dana said sincerely, “I… you know I’m not good first thing in the morning.”

The two gave each other a hug, Dana standing awkwardly to keep her soiled pajamas from touching her mother. The counseling had been working, even if they had to keep it a secret from the rest of the family. Ten years of dysfunctional relationships had hit a head when Dana entered puberty. When her mother and her finally came to blows (a slap on each other’s face) the two decided they needed counseling together. Much to their mutual happiness, they were quickly realizing it was possible to get along as long as they ditched old habits and sore wounds.

“So, who’s your friend?” Her mom asked as she followed Dana to the bathroom.

“Laurel, the transfer girl.” Dana said, throwing her soiled pajamas in the sink. The hit the porcelain with a thick, slapping sound as she got into the shower. The shower curtain closed and the faucet started automatically as her mother plucked her wet things from the sink.

“Oh…” Her mom said sadly. “Do you think that’s a good idea? You’re already picked on enough, right?”

“Who else am I supposed to be friends with?” Dana asked, “Besides, Laurel’s nice. It’s cool having a girl my age to hang out with.”

Her mom chewed her inner cheek in concern as she paused at the door, her daughter scrubbing herself behind the curtain.

“Seriously, mom,” Dana explained, “she’s really nice. I’ve been doing my homework at her place afterschool for the last two weeks. Her dad’s really cool too.”

“She’s… she’s the one that acts like a baby, right?” Her mom asked.

“Yeah, she’s a regressionist, so what?” Dana posed.

“You think that’s a real thing?” Her mom retorted.

“Well, Laurel thinks it is. It’s not like she acts any different at home than she does at school.” Dana explained, “I can’t imagine her dad changes her diapers because he thinks it’s fun.”

“I supposed you’ve got a good point there,” her mom chuckled in return. “Could you imagine me changing your diapers?”

Dana laughed along with her mom as, suddenly, deep inside her there was a wonder about how that would be. She imagined it without even meaning too. She forced herself to finish the laugh, as if the moment of doubt hadn’t hit her.

“I’d like to meet her,” Her mom said thoughtfully, collecting Dana’s soaked pajamas carefully in her arms. “Maybe I could take you two to town this weekend? We could go to the mall and catch a movie?”

“Wow, really?” Dana said, surprised at her mom’s goodwill.

“I’ve got Saturday off,” She replied. “Maybe I’ll be more comfortable with you two being friends if I actually meet her instead of just hearing what everyone around town is saying.”

The rest of the school day, Dana couldn’t get a series of thoughts out of her head. The excitement of a possible weekend outing was tempered by the wistful idea her mom had inadvertently put in her head. It was bad enough that she’d seen Laurel’s picture-perfect life at home and the good relationship between her and her dad. Now, she was picturing herself in the same position, diaper barely contained beneath her skin-tight, frayed black leggings.

“Hi,” Laurel said sadly, plopping down next to Dana. She was wearing Cutie brand overalls, which Dana had seen on her little cousins, but never adult sized. The snaps in the crotch were still there in the adult version, of course.

“What’s wrong?” Dana asked.

“Dad’s held up in meetings this week, we can’t go to my house to study. I have to go to daycare.” Laurel replied.

“Like, the school daycare?” Dana asked as Laurel gave a withering sigh and nod before pulling a pacifier out of her overalls and began suckling on it. “That sucks.”

“They’ll probably let you hang with me if you want…” Laurel offered. “I can’t blame you for wanting out of school though…”

“Naw, I’ll kick with you.” Dana said, feeling an internal warmth as Laurel’s frown turned to a smile.

They walked out of class down to the elementary building, Laurel grabbing Dana’s hand and swinging their arms as they walked.

“And, you know what?” Laurel said as Dana tried not to laugh, “they have blocks, and dolls, and board games.”

“You have dolls at home,” Dana said calmly. She’d been roped into playing with them more than once. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. Nostalgia carried a lot of fun with it and Laurel and her made up some good stories for them.

“I guess,” Laurel agreed.

“So, umm, my mom said maybe she could take us into town on Saturday. Like, going around the mall and a movie.” Dana offerred, a little embarrassed.

“Really?” Laurel said excitedly. “That’d be way cool. I’ve never even been to your house… I thought maybe you were embarrassed about me.”

“It’s not like that,” Dana said desperately. “I told you my mom works until six, right? I’m not allowed to have anyone over until she gets home and we always stop hanging before dinner anyway.”

“Well, you always wanted to come over to my house on weekends…” Laurel added.

“My… my house is a dump compared to yours. It was built before the turn of the century.” Dana said embarrassed. “Forget live walls, we don’t even have a central computer. I was kinda embarrassed…”

“Yeesh,” Laurel agreed. “If you’d rather hang out at my place that’s cool. Just, after a month of being friends, I was getting kinda miffed.”

Laurel tapped her bracelet and flipped through the screens until she got to the family schedule. They stopped in front of the daycare room as Laurel focused in.

“Shoot, I don’t think Saturdays’s any good. My dad has a meeting on Saturday.” Laurel explained.

“Why not just come with me and your mom. Your dad can go on his own, right?” Dana suggested.

“Well, I could but…” Laurel trailed off.

“But what?”

“Well, does your mom mind changing my diapers?” Laurel asked. “Like I said, the malls around here don’t have changing stations.”

“I’ll… I’ll ask.” Dana said nervously as they walked into the daycare. Laurel immediately perked up as she ran to the blocks, sitting down next to a boy as Dana gave a bashful wave to Mrs. Tesler, her old elementary school teacher who worked the daycare as well. The seventy-year old lady gave her a reserved nod, pushing a gray lock behind her ear.

“So, friends with the new girl I see.” Mrs. Tesler said, her voice dripping with calm judgment.

“She’s nice,” Dana said, trying to mitigate her defensive tone.

“Wearing diapers at her age,” Mrs. Tesler said, shaking her head back and forth. “What’s the world coming too. They’ll all be there soon. When I started teaching everyone was potty trained by kindergarten. Now, there’s always a couple still in third grade with diapers. Suddenly, with her it’s middle school too. Not being trained is one thing but –wanting– to wear them?”

“That’s a pretty prejudiced opinion, Mrs. Tesler,” Dana said evenly.

“Oh, Dana, fucking save it for the outsiders.” Mrs. Tesler responded derisively. “We’ll all be nicey about it if that’s the law but you and I know it’s ridiculous. I can’t believe you’re not humiliated by just being seen with her.”

Dana frowned as she considered what Mrs. Tesler said, it certainly didn’t feel like something she should say. An adult would have know it was enough to get her forced into retirement– if it was recorded.
Am I embarrassed by Laurel? Dana wondered as she fingered her glasses. She considered whether she should ask if her mother minded handling Laurel’s diapers. Her reasons for not inviting Laurel over were true but, at the same time, she’d gone a whole month without mentioning to her mother that she’d made a friend. There just never seemed to be the right time. It was a hard thing; Dana knew there was nothing wrong with Laurel but no one else in town seemed to understand. Hopefully, they were just easing into it.

“Mrs. Tesler, Laurel’s leaking!” A boy called from the room.

“Oh for fucks sake,” Mrs. Tesler whispered under her breath as a smile forced itself onto her face and got up. “Laurel, dear, do we need to change you?”

“I think so,” Laurel replied, sheepishly, looking at the wet spot on the carpet beneath her. Dana couldn’t help but think that, despite what Mrs. Tesler said, Laurel looked pretty cute, poking a toe at the wet spot as the wet lines covered her overalls.

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i’m enjoying this ^^ Keep it up!

Re: Tomorrow’s Agenda (C2 - 7-16-16)

Still engaging. The time jump was handled well, avoiding lots of minutiae but still developing the characters while keeping the story moving along.

In a lot of AB/DL stories, we get details about wetting and diaper changes… for Laurel, we barely get anything. She needs to be changed, and it happens. Whereas for Dana, we do get a little more about the embarrassment of waking up wet. If you intended the implications of this subtlety, then good job.

The future perspective is good… technology has advanced and some culture has changed, but there’s still a familiar world that I can identify with. It’s like the difference between all the different sci-fi with space ships vs. the near-term speculation on the dark sides of technology in Black Mirror.

Re: Tomorrow’s Agenda (C2 - 7-16-16)

Keep it up!

Re: Tomorrow’s Agenda (C2 - 7-16-16)

I’ve enjoyed this one so far. Interesting idea, and I like your handling of it.

One little thing I noticed. You could use at least an extra line between Dana talking to her mother and then being at school. I had to go back and read it a couple times to understand what happened. It would probably also have worked if instead of saying “The rest of the school day…” you had “All through school…”

Re: Tomorrow’s Agenda (C2 - 7-16-16)

Like the others, I’m enjoying this even though I have a different reason: Dana and Laurel are looking for acceptance without any prejudice from anyone. I too faced that while in school and I’m sure everyone has; I hate bullies. MORE PLEASE!

Tomorrow’s Agenda - Chapter 3


The car sped down the autoway at a brisk 125 mph as Dana, Laurel and Dana’s mom sat around the inside table. Laurel’s dad had installed her safety seat for the day and Dana couldn’t help but feel odd with her friend sitting several inches above her completely strapped in.

Dana was wearing her favorite outfit. A black silk, close-fitting blouse with long sleeves and purple peel-offs. The pants, beginning from the waist, had one-inch horizontal loops of skin-clinging synthetic material connected by one-inch vertical bars. This meant every other inch of leg was exposed skin, except for the connector bars that were also an inch. The design on her peel-offs was reminiscent of masonry offset columns. The optical effect was to appear as if the pants were painted on the leg.

Of course, since they were full peel-offs, a bit of her panties were exposed on the sides. They weren’t allowed at school and she’d had to needle her months before she’d been allowed to own this single pair even though every teen had several pairs in the city– they were very in style. Wearing them in front of her friend made her feel very grown-up; Laurel had even commented on how they were cool.

Laurel had also, apparently, decided to do her version of dressing to the nines. She had on a pastel pink dress with the thickest petticoat Dana had ever seen. It pushed her short dress out about a foot from her body, stopping just above mid-thigh. Her diaper peeked out the barest inch even when she stood up straight. Beneath that, there was a half-inch of skin before her pearly white, thigh-high stockings began and went down to her sparkling black Mary-Janes. Her blonde hair had been done in luxurious curls, pinned behind her head with a bow and falling in rivelets a third of the way down her back. She looked almost like a doll. Even Dana’s mom had been forced to comment on how cute she looked.

More than anything though, Dana was surprised her mom had accepted minder duty. It hadn’t been instant, of course, but her mom decided to go with the flow in the end and she’d watched as Mike filled installed the chair, stowed the stroller in the back, and then handed her the largest diaper bag she’d ever seen. Her mom had seemed comically flustered at the whole thing but she’d quickly pulled herself together, gave a wink to Dana, and the three were in the car and on to a full-day outing.

“So, Laurel,” Dana’s mom asked causally, “do you like our town?”

“It’s okay,” Laurel replied politely. “It’s way better now that I know Dana.”

“Are you two excited about getting out a bit?”

“Yep!” Laurel said, beating Dana to the punch, “I haven’t been out with friends since we moved out of the city.”

“Thanks mom,” Dana added. “This was really nice of you.”

“Glad to do it. You’re going to be a good girl for me today, aren’t you Laurel?” Her mom said softly, Laurel nodded happily.

The mall was a rather old building that had seen many a remodel. Still, it’s owners kept it looking fresh and, while it had been retrofitted several times as technology updated, it was still a luxurious place to shop.

Dana’s mom popped the stroller out of the luggage compartment and Laurel got in readily. It was actually a double stroller, Dana noticed once it was out; the rear seat was enclosed behind the front one. Laurel got into the front seat and Dana walked along beside her as her mom pushed.

First, they got a snacks and drinks from Starbucks and then headed out for some window shopping. They were looking at the mannequins in front of Eco-Central when Dana saw and equally large stroller to their own park itself a foot away. Dana had seen regressionists at the mall before, albeit it rarely and only from far away– not that she had known what they were exactly until the school had explained it because of Laurel’s transfer.

“How old’s your little one?” The woman asked pleasantly, as the grown man in her stroller gave a friendly wave with one hand as he clutched a stuffed bunny in the other.

“Eleven, right?” Dana’s mom said, checking with Dana for confirmation. The woman looked appalled for a moment at the number, before looking down at Laurel.

“This many!” Laurel corrected, holding up four fingers.

“You should really remember her age…” The woman said indignantly.

“She’s just watching her for the day,” Dana explained for her mom, suddenly realized the faux pas. Laurel had explained once that regressionists never give their real age but the age they want to be; of course the minder should know that too. “I don’t know if her daddy even told her the age.”

“Well,” The woman replied, still ruffled, as she turned to Dana. “I suppose a new babysitter can get those things wrong. Are you friends with this little girl?”

“We’re best friends!” Dana declared happily. Laurel had asked her about it the other day and they had decided that they were, in fact, best friends. Laurel beamed behind her pacifier.

“I’m sure my little one wishes he had such a good friend.” The woman added, “it’s hard finding friends out here for my boy. There’s a play group in Denver but it’s a long drive and it only meets twice a month…”

The conversation trailed off as Dana’s mom suggested they head over for lunch. Laurel waved goodbye to the man as the strollers headed off in different directions. The food court was bustling as it turned almost one. Dana unstrapped Laurel as her mom scoped out a table. Her hands immediately felt damp as she worked the clasp around Laurel’s diaper.

“Mom, umm, I think Laurel’s diaper is leaking.” Dana said apologetically, instinctively sniffing her hand and blushing when she realized what she’d done. It didn’t particularly smell like anything.

“What?” Dana’s mom asked, reaching down to the damp seating padding as she turned to Laurel. “Oh, honey, why didn’t you tell me you were soaked?”

Laurel just blushed and shrugged as Dana’s mom helped her out of the stroller.

“Dana, honey, watch the stroller and grab a table,” Her mom asked as she slung the large diaper bag over her shoulder. “I’m going to get Laurel cleaned up.”

When the two got back, Dana could sense something had changed. The two seemed more… subdued. Laurel sat quietly and happy at the table as her mom gave her and Laurel a smile before going over order the food.

“Did mom clean you up?” Dana asked inquisitively.

“Yeah,” Laurel said, blushing. “The petticoat barely got wet so I didn’t have to change my whole outfit. I’m glad I was able to come and that your mom was cool with minding me.”

“Me too,” Dana agreed. Had her mom changing Laurel’s diaper made them closer? She felt a momentary surge of jealousy that her friend might’ve found an in-road to her mother that she didn’t have. At least they’re getting along well, Dana thought, trying to be positive.

By the time they got to the movie theater (which was conveniently attached to the mall), Dana was already a bit tired. Laurel had sacked out for a half-hour nap in the stroller while they’d kept shopping. She groggily sat up in the seat as Dana’s mom gently nudged her to help pick a movie.
They picked a romantic comedy called “Spring & Winter” and headed into the concessions stand. Laurel asked for popcorn and soda and, since the combo was cheaper her mom got the unlimited popcorn and two large sodas.

“I’m glad you reminded me to stick that doubler in there,” Her mom said with a smile to Laurel, who just blushed in response. Dana rolled her eyes as she took the other cup, filling it up with her favorite Coke Seventy.

“Don’t go crazy,” Dana’s mom cautioned her daughter gently, “you don’t want to spend the movie running back and forth from the bathrooms.”

Dana felt the hair on her back bristle at the gentle nagging, the memory of pissing herself in the theatre back in fourth grade coming back violently, as well as the dressing down she’d received after.

“I’m not a kid mom, geeze.” She replied angrily as her mom shrugged.

“So, this movie looks cool, right?” Laurel asked from the stroller, Dana feeling the anger leave at her friend’s smile, which was obviously what Laurel intended.

The inside of the theater had plenty of platform sections next to the seating (for mobility scooters, strollers, or whatever a person deemed necessary) so Dana’s mom parked the stroller in one, Dana sat at the seat next to it and her mom in the seat further in. After thirty minutes of previews and other advertising the movie finally started and Dana was finding that the Coke Seventy was already working it’s way through her.

The movie was about a elderly woman who liked modern trends and her young lady lover who was obsessed with tradition and etiquette. The comedy arose from their mutual attempts to adopt the other generation’s culture and the refusal of each to point out the mistakes of the other because of their denial about being a part of the culture they were born into. Dana shot Coke through her nose when the seventy-year old actress came on wearing peel-offs without panties.

Of course, it was just when it was getting to the drama of the thing that Dana started wondering if she could actually make it until the end of the film. Her bladder was near bursting, and it’d been full since the opening credits.

She couldn’t bear to get up now, after saying she “wasn’t a kid” in front of her mom and best friend. That’s exactly what a kid would say, dammit, she thought, cursing, as her bladder painfully twinged again. She could barely pay attention to the movie as her legs bounced in place in the darkness. She looked over to Laurel but she was completely into the movie.

By some miracle, Dana was actually able to follow the movie to the end as the credits rolled. She was already shivering from her need as the lights began to come on in the room.

“That was funny,” Laurel said, cheerily, from her stroller.

“I agree, it was pretty good.” Her mom replied, “I was a little surprised to see sex scenes in a PG-13 film though, even the cuts were tasteful.”

“It’s only R if they show insertion, right?” Laurel asked.

“That’s news to me,” Dana’s mom replied.

“The… censor’s have lightened up, you know. We’re not… in the seventies anymore.” Dana replied, a wave of naseau passing through her as she gritted her teeth to steady herself. She forced her voice to stay calm “I’m just going to the bathroom.”

“Wait a sec, I’ll go too.” Her mom replied, unclicking the brake on Laurel’s stroller and walking painfully slow out of the theatre.

As they got to the door, Dana felt a spurt of piss enter her panties. The hot piss was instantly soaked up by the material but she knew she had to do something now. Her hand almost instinctively shot into her crotch but she refused to hold herself like a little kid in front of her mom. She couldn’t run either though, that’d be just as humiliating. Her mom was right next to her– with Laurel.

She prayed inwardly that she’d make it as she kept walking at a casual pace. As she saw the door to the restroom, so far away across the lobby, she felt a second spurt and she knew she couldn’t stop it as the stream began flooding out of her as she walked causally through the lobby. Dana gritted her teeth in humiliation.

How did this happen?! Her mind screamed, I’m twelve, I can’t have an accident!

“You… okay?” Laurel asked as Dana slowed. The patter of her pee dripping on the carpet couldn’t be heard over the din of the lobby but Dana sniffled in response, halting.

“What’s wrong?” Her mom asked. Dana bit her lower lip as she looked between her mom and her friend, a tear rolled down her cheek. Each step changed the force of the torrent exiting her but nothing stopped it. She stopped, feeling the piss soaking into her socks.

“I fucking pissed myself.” Dana rasped, almost silently, her hands instinctively rubbing at her stinging eyes as she hung her head in shame. The flow of urine was stopping, though she felt the hot trickles running down her thighs and the back of her calves.

“I told you…” her mom admonished, as Dana balled a fist involuntarily.

“That sucks,” Laurel cut in. Immediately her mom and Dana remembered Laurel and, of course, what Laurel was wearing. Somehow, just having someone outside of their mother-daughter circle lightened their mood and the fact that diapers were already present seemed to diffuse the situation– or, at least, put it in perspective.

“How bad is it?” Dana asked, the flow had stopped, but she felt the coolness on her legs as the air conditioning breeze blew against them.

“It’s pretty bad,” Laurel admitted apologetically.

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” Her mom said softly, prodded her towards the bathroom as she resumed pushing Laurel’s stroller. They went into a family restroom as Dana ran over to the mirror, viewing herself from behind. Her purple peel-offs looked ridiculous with the deeper purple wet spot running from her crotch down her legs in little lines. It was obvious she’d peed herself.

Yeah, they make you look real mature, Dana thought bitterly, stifling a sob that was almost cause by her own mental insult.

“Do you need a change?” Her mom asked Laurel even as she checked her friend’s diaper, “I think the doubler will hold fine until you’re home.”

“Mmm hmm,” Laurel agreed, casting a concerned glance at Dana. “You… you can ride in the back of my stroller. No one will see your pants.”

“Thanks,” Dana agreed with a sniffle. “Is that okay mom?”

“Of course, hon.” Her mom agreed.

“If… if it’s uncomfortable, you could always wear one of my diapers…” Laurel also suggested quietly. “I mean, it’ll be dry…”

It was uncomfortable, Dana realized. She hated her peel-offs being all icky on her bottom. She hated her soaked panties under that. At first she wanted to shout back that she wasn’t a baby, despite how ironic it would be but, as she looked at Laurel in her decked out dress with diaper on display she realized how prejudiced she was thinking.

“Thanks, I’ll wear on,” Dana agreed, forcing herself to put away her conceptions and take the road that was comfortable and dry.

Her mom maneuvered Laurel’s stroller away from the mirror to the wall to give Dana room as she slowly worked off her peel-offs, then her soaked panties and taped the diaper onto herself. It wasn’t a very good job but it would hold. Laurel got out of the stroller and Dana, blushing, climbed into the back. Her mom made a beeline for the parking lot but Dana was still relieved when they were out of the mall. Even if no one could see her from the waist down in the back of Laurel’s stroller.

Inside the car, Dana checked her red eyes, and cheeks stained from the crying. She was wearing her favorite blouse with a disposable diaper for pants. Laurel seemed to think nothing of it, even as Dana felt patently ridiculous. Thankfully, even her mother was letting it go. She hadn’t said a single harsh word about it since Laurel cut in.
“It was really fun coming out with you guys,” Laurel said appreciatively as the car hit the autoway.

“Yeah, sorry for ruining it at the end.” Dana said. Her voice held both remorse and sulkiness.

“Oh, who cares,” Laurel said mirthfully. “We were just about to leave anyway. Heck, at least you didn’t miss any of the movie, right?”

“Right,” Dana replied, chuckling as she rolled her eyes. Even her mom laughed a little with her and Laurel. It was comforting in the face of her humiliation. Laurel felt deeply how grateful she was to have Laurel as a friend, and how relieved she was that the accident hadn’t traumatized her– like several others she vividly remembered in her melancholy moments.

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