Toddler manor


A small group of four students was hiking in the forest. Diane, Daniel, Tessie and Thomas liked hiking, they often went on tours and they managed to sweep the entire surroundings of their town. However today Tessie stopped and stared at a manor on the nearby hill.

“Hey, guys. Look at the manor; if I’m right, there were ruins last year there.”
“Right, there is a ruin sign on my map,” Daniel fetched a map from his backpack and looked at it.
“Let’s have a closer look at the manor,” Diane wasn’t able to resist the temptation; she was quite a curious girl.

Her companions nodded and they headed towards the mysterious manor. The building looked well maintained as if it had been built the day before.

“I don’t know; something is wrong with this manor. Maybe it is a bad premonition only but I’d advise to turn away and leave as quickly as possible,” Tessie turned to her boyfriend Thomas but he shook his head.
“Don’t be a coward, love. What can happen in a manor. We aren’t in a B class horror movie though.”
“Okay then, let’s go in,” she nodded and stepped forward.

Daniel opened the massive gate and entered the large hall. He looked around and stopped dead in his track.

The hall was clean and equipped like one in a museum or gallery. The walls were framed by numerous pictures. There were three doors on the back wall and a small stand on his right.

“Welcome in our special manor. Come closer please,” an old lady was sitting behind the counter.
“Is this a museum, madam?” Diane turned to the lady.
“Not exactly, my dear,” the lady replied. “Have a look at the pictures in the front hall. It is free and you can have a tour if you are interested then.”

“Thanks madam,” Diane smiled at the lady and stepped forward when she felt a pressure in her bladder. “Excuse me,” she headed towards the door marked by the familiar toilet sign.

When she emerged from the toilet, the group walked over to the left side wall to start watching the pictures.

Although the pictures were artworks, they weren’t too interesting. There were portraits and landscapes hanging on the walls. The group passed the entire hall and Diane almost headed toward the exit. She didn’t understand the words “special manor” when she looked back and spotted a portrait they had passed earlier.

“Hey guys, do I see right? A lady was depicted in that picture before,” she pointed at a picture on the back wall.”

To her utter surprise a small toddler girl was depicted in the same picture. Daniel, Tessie and Thomas looked back and they started in utter surprise at the portrait.

All of sudden the toddler girl in the picture changed back into the lady.

“Madam, could you explain what happened?” Daniel turned to the old lady.

“Of course, young man,” she smiled and continued, “picture change and people change, too.”
At the same moment she disappeared in a fog and seconds later a small girl about three year old was standing in front of them.

“Follow me please if you are interested,” she stood up and headed towards a door on the back wall and opened it.

“Hey guys, I’m getting worried,” Tessie protested again but she caught the gaze of Thomas and got silent. They followed the small girl and entered the door.

They found themselves in a small corridor leading to the right. There was a label on the opposite wall.



The door behind them closed. When Tessie looked back, she realized there was no handle on the door.

[If you are interested in an interactive version of this story, feel free to play my small video game


Part 1:

A cold chill ran down Tessie’s spine. She wasn’t very courageous at all and got quite nervous.
“Hey, guys; I warned you. What will we do now?”

“Calm down, love. Consider it a new adventure. Haven’t you read some comics? Imagine that we are about to be inside that comic.” Thomas smiled at her. More than worried, he was curious and so was Diane.

“Let’s continue,” she turned to the rest of the group and stepped forward. However she stopped and rubbed her eyes. The end of the corridor was obscured by a strange fog. Nevertheless, they didn’t have any option left but to head towards the fog.

“What is it?” Daniel also got a bit nervous but still not worried,”hopefully it doesn’t hurt us.” He almost pushed Diane forwards but it wouldn’t be a gentleman’s behavior. Instead, he courageously walked directly into the fog. Diane didn’t hesitate and followed him. Thomas shrugged only and stepped forward, holding Tessie at hand to encourage her.

The fog wasn’t thick at all; it looked like a thin wall. However Daniel stopped dead in his tracks behind it. The corridor grew suddenly and it seemed to be more than ten feet high. Daniel looked back and spotted a small toddler following him.

“Diane, it you?” he was shocked by his speech.
“Of couwse. Hey, you are a wittwe boy. Why the corridor dat big?” Diane looked around in utter shock. She almost laughed when she spotted Daniel but she realized she was little too.

“Danny, you diapee,” she noticed the bulge in his pants but she reached down and felt the same bulge. She was wearing a toddler girl dress and thick tights.

Tessie and Thomas emerged from the fog and they also stopped and looked at Diane and Daniel.
“Hey, what you …?” Thomas looked at Diane and Daniel. He still was holding Tessie at hand and turned his head; he spotted a cute little girl.
“Me little giwl,” Tessie announced innocently and smiled at her friends. Her fear and worries disappeared.

The four former students were watching each other for awhile. They recognized each other but some parts of their minds looked like they were switched off. Their speech changed into a preschooler’s one and they soon found out about more limitations.

Tessie’s bladder was full when they entered the manor but she didn’t use the toilet then. Now the urge was strong and her bladder muscles responded instantly; they relaxed and a stream of pee soaked her diaper.
“Me wet,” she announced as innocently as before and didn’t care about it.

Suddenly Diane realized that they should continue. There was another door in front of them and Diane opened it; however she hardly reached the handle. As they passed the door, it closed and there was no handle on the other side.

The group found itself in a long corridor with doors on both sides. There were labels next to the doors and Daniel tried to read them:
“Me … not … read,” he was a bit taken aback but he didn’t care, just like a real toddler would do. He didn’t hesitate and opened the first door on his left. He spotted a large library. An older lady was sitting behind a counter and she stopped him immediately:
“Hey, what do you want here? This is a library. Can you read?”
Daniel shook his head, stepped back and closed the door. He opened the next door and spotted a storeroom. The shelves on the back wall were stocked by food, drinks and diapers.

The next room was a surprise. It was a large hall. There were tables and chests along the walls and a lot of different items spread on the floor and on the tables. Diane was quite curious and tried to open some chests. They were either locked or empty.

“Me … afwaid,” Tessie suddenly got an unpleasant feeling and hurried up back to the door. The rest of the group followed her and they opened another door on the opposite wall.

“Welcome to the Toddler Manor,” a little girl was standing near the door.
“What … toddlew mano?” Thomas was surprised and stared at the girl. “Who you?”
“I am Susie and this is Eric,” the girl pointed at a small boy. “You are new here, isn’t you?”
“Yeah, we … new,” Diane nodded.

“If you need a diaper change, go to the nurse over there,” Susan pointed at another door on their right. “You find food, drinks and diapers in the storeroom across the corridor.”
“Danks,” Tessie smiled at Susie.

Daniel also smiled at Susan and Eric. He somehow liked the place but deep in his mind he felt that something was wrong. They were new here but how did they get into the manor?

His thoughts were interrupted by a pressure in his bladder. He instinctively relaxed the muscles and flooded his diaper. However he ignored it for that moment and turned to Eric.

“How … we … get. How … we … leave?”
“Go to the library and you find everything there.”
“We … not … read.”
“Go to the challenge room and get the smart elixir. You will learn reading and proper speech.”
“Challe … challe?” Daniel was confused. He didn’t understand the strange word.
“The large hall across the corridor. Search the chests but be careful. There could be surprises inside.”

Daniel nodded and headed towards the door and his mates followed him. They entered the challenge room and started a thorough search. They found more chests than before. It was a big surprise; did they appear out of nowhere?

Unfortunately, Eric was right when he warned them. As Diane opened a chest, it was empty and a loud scary howl echoed in the room. Diane stepped back in utter shock. She suddenly felt a stream of pee hitting the front of her diaper and a mass of poop filling its back.

“Me … pee,” Tessie announced in another accident.
“We … must … find … elixiw,” Diane calmed down and continued searching. After two more attempts she opened a chest and pulled out a vial.
“Me … elixir …,” she drank up half of the vial and passed it to Daniel. Daniel finished the vial.
“Diane, what happened?” his speech improved instantly.
“I don’t know. Give me the vial please,” Diane took the vial and read the label:
“SMART ELIXIR. 2 doses.”
“Wow, I can read again.”

“Elixiw … me?” Tessie looked at Diane.
“Wait,” Diane reached and pulled out another vial. Tessie drank a half of it and passed it to Thomas.
“Wow, I can speak normally,” Tessie smiled at Thomas, “What about you, Thomas?”
“Yeah, it works but I still can’t believe it. Where the hell are we?”
“Let’s hurry up to the library now,” Diane replied, “we’ll find some information there.”
She stepped forward when she realized her diaper, “We have to go to the nursery first and get diaper changes.”
“Do we really need them?” Thomas objected but he felt a stream of pee between his legs. “Oh no. I can speak normally but I’ve just peed in my diaper.”

The nurse was a lovely older lady, “Welcome, my littles. Let’s change these soiled diapers,” she pointed at a changing table. Diane jumped up onto the table first and spread her legs.
“Well, you know what to do,” the lady smiled at Diane and pulled down her tights.

Tessie, Daniel and Thomas also jumped onto the table, one by one, and the nurse changed their diapers.
As the nurse finished, Daniel stepped forward, “I can’t wait to read the books in the library.”


Part 2:

The old lady was surprised when the group appeared in the doorframe again.
“Hey, are you deaf? This is a library.”
“Sorry, madam but we can read already,” Daniel reacted instantly.
“Oh, I see. You’ve found the smart elixir, haven’t you?”
“Yeah, madam,” Daniel nodded and smiled, “Could you tell us where to find some basic information on this manor?”
“Okay, go to the very back racks on the left and search the shelves.”

“Thanks, madam,” Daniel nodded and headed to the left. The library was quite large and they passed several racks until they found a stairwell leading to the left back part.

All four toddlers started searching the shelves. Tessie was the first one who found an old looking book in leather binding.

“Hey, look. Let’s learn some basics,” she opened the book and read.

“Wow, where did we get? Is it a fairy-tale?” Thomas exclaimed.
“No idea,” Diane shrugged. “I’d say that we got inside an adventure game.”
Tessie stared at the book in utter astonishment but her worries disappeared. All of sudden she was getting curious rather than scared. She continued reading.

“Yeah, we have found ourselves inside a game. Let’s learn the rules and play then,” Diane turned to her companions. “Eric has told us about the elixir. Maybe he knows much more. Let’s ask him.”

Tessie put the book back into the shelf and the group headed back towards the nursery. Eric was waiting for them already:

“Hey, did you find anything usable in the library?”
“Yeah, Eric,” Diane replied, “However; I’d like to ask you a question. Do you remember when you arrived at the manor?”
“No … oh, I don’t remember having heard your names,” he stopped.
“Oh, sorry for that,” Diane realized their lack of courtesy, “My name is Diane and these are my friends essie, Daniel and Thomas.”
“Thanks, Diane. To be honest, I don’t remember it at all. I think we have been here forever and we still are toddlers. The nurse is very lovely and she takes care of us.”
“Don’t you feel lonely?”
“No …,” Eric suddenly stopped talking. He realized they had been in the manor for long and didn’t have any friends except the nurse. For an unknown reason, he didn’t mind it. He shrugged only.

“Didn’t you consider escaping from here?” Diane continued.
“Nope, why?” Eric answered innocently just like a real toddler.
“Okay but we would like to escape. We have found a book about this manor. We arrived here as adults and changed into toddlers. Now we have to change back.”
“Well, I can tell you about an escape but bring me my lost teddy bear. I’ve lost it in the challenge room across the corridor.”
“Eric, why don’t you go there and bring it back on your own?”
“I’m afraid of rats. Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you about the giant rats.”
“W … what?” Tessie stared at him wide-eyed and she felt a stream of pee hitting her diaper.
“Hey, Tessie, We were there and there were no rats in the room. Let’s go,” Thomas tried to calm Tessie down.
“O … okay but hold me at hand,” Tessie stretched her hand towards Thomas and he took it.

Diane was more courageous and she nodded and turned back:
“Eric, we will bring you the teddy bear,” she stepped forward.

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Part 3:

The challenge room looked just like minutes earlier but Diane was getting a bad feeling. Was Eric right or was he bluffing only?

All of sudden an overgrown rat emerged from behind the corner. It really wasn’t a normal one; its size matched a smaller dog.

Daniel reacted quickly and his small fist hit the animal’s back. The rat stepped back, turned a bit and headed towards Tessie. Although it didn’t touch her, Tessie stumbled and fell down on her diapered bottom. It was like a strong wind and Tessie felt a bit tired.

Diane reacted as well and punched the rat two times. This time the creature choosed Daniel and Daniel got the same feeling of weakness. Diane got angry and yelled at the rat: “Go away! Begone!” To their utter surprise the creature stepped back and disappeared behind the corner.

“What happened?” Tessie was taken aback, “I felt like I got a strong hit but the rat didn’t touch me. I feel weak and tired.”

“The same for me,” Daniel nodded, “What the hell is it? We found ourselves in a game indeed. Fortunately we aren’t hurt.”

“Well, let’s accept the rules. At least we know what to expect,” Thomas added and stepped forward, “Hopefully we will find the teddy bear soon.”
“I hope so but this is not the last enemy we encounter,” Diane objected, “the next ones can be stronger. They could knockout us.”
“What happens then?” Tessie got worried, “I wouldn’t like to die here.”
“Well, there is a GAME OVER usually in this case,” Diane shrugged, “but we don’t have any idea what happens here.”
“Okay, let’s focus on searching better,” Daniel ended the talk; seconds later he noticed his heavy and wet diaper. Was it the consequence of the attack? He wasn’t sure.

They were walking slowly when Diane stopped; she got a strange feeling as if a kind of energy was streaming from the floor. At the same moment a stream of pee soaked her diaper.

“What is …?” she turned to Daniel “I’ve just felt some energy and peed myself.”
“So did I,” Tessie nodded and she felt her diaper dropping between her legs “I should go back to the nurse.”
“Wait a bit, we will find the teddy bear,” Thomas took her at hand.

There were several toys scattered on the floor and on the tables including a couple of teddy bears. It was difficult to say which one belonged to Eric.
“How do we find the right teddy bear?” Daniel got confused, “Do we take all of them?”
“Maybe,” Diane shrugged and took one from the floor. Thomas led Tessie to a table and took another one.

At that moment two rats appeared behind their backs. Diane turned back quickly and reacted instantly; she kicked the head of the closer enemy. Thomas let go of Tessie’s hand and hit the other rat.

The rats were slightly different from the former ones. One of them was dark blue; it was quite an uncommon color. It looked at Diane and attacked her. Diane didn’t feel any sign of weakness but she felt more pee in her diaper. She got angry and tried to scare the beasts away:

Nothing happened; something was wrong. She hit the blue rat but her attack seemed to be weak.
Meanwhile Daniel and Thomas attacked the other rat and they succeeded; the rat collapsed. However the blue one turned to Tessie. Tessie’s bladder muscles failed for the third time and her diaper leaked. She sat down and wasn’t able to continue; her tights were wet.

“Is it the knockout?” Diane looked at Tessie. It really looked like they were in a game. However, the combat wasn’t over.
“We have to hurry up,” Diane encouraged the boys to the final attack. Three attacks knocked the rat out and the group could return; they had to help Tessie stand up and lead her towards the nurse. Thomas was carrying the teddy bear; he was quite sure it was the right one.

“Welcome back,” the nurse smiled at them and lifted Tessie onto the changing table. She cleaned her thoroughly and put clean tights on her. After changing the other toddlers she turned to them.
“You seem to be quite weak. Go to the storeroom and get some food. You will need it for sure.”

Diane nodded; she really was weak and tired. Could food and drinks help? She shrugged and headed towards the storeroom, followed by the rest of the party. They found a bag in the storeroom, filled it with food and drinks and returned to the playroom. Susie and Eric were waiting for them already.

“Here you are your teddy bear,” Thomas passed the bear to Eric.
“Thanks, Thomas,” Eric smiled at him, “Eat and drink and you can continue then.”
“How do we escape?”
“There is a locked door across the corridor on your right.”
“Locked? What about the key?”
“There is another challenge room here. Go right and take the last door on your right. However; be very careful. I’ve seen more creatures there.”
“Okay, thanks.”

Meanwhile Diane walked over to the nurse and asked her to make some meals for them. The nurse took the resources from the storeroom and prepared fur plates of food.
The food was really delicious and they felt much better and ready to continue.

“Hey, this is like a game indeed; I’m not tired anymore,” Tessie was surprised when her fatigue disappeared. She didn’t have to sleep.
“The same for me,” Daniel nodded.
“Thanks, miss,” Tessie turned to the nurse before she stepped forward. They walked out of the playroom, turned right and opened the door Eric had told them about.

After a short connecting corridor they found themselves in a large circular room; it had to be a tower. Arrows on the floor led them to an iron lattice; the lattice was locked and there was no keyhole there.

“Hey, how do we open the lattice?” Tessie looked around to find a lever or something similar. “Look,” she pointed at four colored switches on their left.

Thomas ran over to the switches and stopped: “Which one? Red, yellow, green or blue?”
“Try out every one of them,” Daniel replied quickly while standing at the lattice.
“Okay,” Thomas switched on the red switch and Daniel tried the lattice. Nothing happened. The three other switches also didn’t do anything.
“Stop, boys. We have to think of them. It is like a code. Let’s look for a clue first,” Diane stopped Daniel.
“Where should we find it?”
“What about the library?” Diane sighed. “Let’s ask the librarian.”

They turned back and wanted to go back when two big bats emerged from a hole on the ceiling. One of them aimed at Diane, the second one on Thomas.

Diane stumbled and fell back onto her diapered bottom. She realized she was sitting on a wet and warm pillow; she had peed herself and wasn’t aware of it. However she reacted quickly, jumped up and hit the beast.

Thomas felt his diaper getting warm; the bat made him pee just like the blue rat did it earlier. He also reacted quickly and Daniel joined the attack. Tessie hesitated for a short moment but she also overcame her fear.

Minutes later the bats collapsed on the ground and the party proceeded towards the library. However their diapers were wet and they had to stop in the nursery.


Part 4:

After the diaper change and a short stop at the playroom they entered the library again. This time DIane turned to the librarian:

“Miss, could you tell us where we would find some clues? We got stuck on a puzzle.”
“Of course, little girl, go to the first aisle on your right and to the middle shelf.”
“Thanks, miss,” Diane smiled at the librarian and headed in the given direction. The party stopped in front of the shelf and started searching.

“Look,” Daniel showed them a book:

“Daniel, you are good,” Diane kissed him instinctively, “Let’s have a look.”
Daniel opened the book.

“It definitely is a challenge,” Tessie shook her head, “What does it mean?”
“Don’t lose hope,” Thomas replied, “It can’t be that difficult. Let’s look at the pictures. The first one is the locked lattice. To unlock it, we need to decipher the clue.
“Okay, what about the spikes?” Daniel looked at Thomas.
“We probably will find them later.”
“And the nurse and diaper?”
“Sorry, no idea. There is a nurse in the nursery though.”

The right side was really a puzzle. The only clue was the green key but why was it put among enemies?
“Guys, look at the second clue. ‘How many you are’. That’s the number four, isn’t it?” Diane pointed at the second line on the left side.
“Of course,” Daniel tapped himself on the forehead, “the other ones are numbers as well.”
“Well but how does it help us? The switches don’t have numbers written on them and they are four only for five puzzles.” Tessie shook her head.
“Yeah, it didn’t work if we switched each of them.” Diane sighed.

“Wait! I’ve got the message,” an idea hit Thomas, [Spoiler. I don’t want to spoil your fun at the game. The lines above were simple but this is the crucial point.]

“RIght, Thomas, let’s hurry up to the lattice again,” Daniel put the book back into the shelf and turned back and stepped forward.
“Hey, kids, don’t run that fast. The puzzles won’t fly away,” the librarian grinned when they passed her, “oh, the children are always impatient,” she told herself when the door closed behind them.

The party stopped in front of the lattice and Thomas walked over to the switches. He [Spoiler] and a machine sound could be heard when a part of the lattice slid to the right and freed the passage.

“Well, we have solved the first puzzle. Thomas, try the nurse; I’m quite curious,” Diane asked him before stepping forward.

“Okay,” he [Spoiler] but they couldn’t see anything.
“Join us, Thomas. We’ll find everything later,” Tessie called her toddler boyfriend. Thomas nodded and walked back to the lattice.

They found several chests with resources but they experienced a big surprise; there was another nursery around the next corner.

“It worked,” Thomas exclaimed. “We don’t have to go back when we need diaper changes.” Suddenly he realized his diaper was wet.
“Tessie, love, aren’t you wet? I peed myself and didn’t realize it at all,” he asked Tessie innocently, just like any other toddler.
“Wait … yeah, I am; let’s go to the nursery before proceeding.”

Diane was dry but all others needed a diaper change. The nurse was as nice as the one in the first nursery and changed them quickly.

The party left the nursery and proceeded. They got to a ladder leading to the upper floor. Thomas was the first one who climbed it and the others followed him quickly.

“Hey, guys, look; this is a wonderful view,” Daniel crawled onto a table and looked out of the window. They could see the manor yard and three towers. However the yard was empty.
“It is a bit scary; are we alone here?” Tessie got worried again.
“No, remember Susan and Eric and the nurse,” Thomas calmed her down.
“Okay, okay but I’m worried anyway.”
“This is a game; don’t forget it. If we need somebody, they will appear.”
Tessie nodded even if she didn’t calm down.

As they wanted to continue, two big bats emerged and they had to fight them. Their diapers got wet again but after defeating the bats Diane spotted a vial on the floor.
“Adult elixir. What should we do?”
“I’d propose to ask somebody or go to the library again. We haven’t read all the basics though.”

After another combat with a rat the party stopped in front of a passage blocked by high iron spikes.

“Well, these are the spikes we saw in the book; I would go back and unlock it,” Thomas turned back but Diane stopped him.
“Don’t go alone; let’s stay all together.”
“Right; splitting the party isn’t the best idea,” he nodded and they headed back to the ladder.
“Hey, something is glittering on the floor,” Tessie leaned down and picked up a ring.
“This ring wasn’t here before the last combat. The rat dropped it.”
“Put it into your pocket now. We’ll try to finish this challenge first and we will go to the library again.” Daniel reacted and hurried up to the ladder along with the party. He returned to the switches and chose the correct position to unlock the spikes.

The party ran back to the ladder and climbed it to the upper floor. However the floor looked abandoned. They searched every corner but didn’t find anything.

“Hey did we miss something?” Tessie looked at Thomas and took his hand; she usually looked for help and support in his company.
“I don’t know, love,” Thomas shrugged only. “There has to be a clue in the book that we didn’t understand.”
“Wait …,” an idea hit Diane. [Spoiler] “Let’s go back to the switches again.”
“I see,” Daniel nodded and turned back, “We didn’t realize it earlier and now we have to walk back and forth.”

While walking back to the ladder Diane stopped. ”I’d prefer to get changed before we encounter some more enemies. I wouldn’t like to get knocked out like Tessie.”

The nurse smiled at them and changed their diapers and the group proceeded to the spikes. This time a big blue rat and two big bats emerged suddenly.

Thomas suddenly felt the hot pee hitting his diaper and so did Diane. The rat made them pee themselves instantly.
“Let’s fight!” Diane ignored the wet diaper and attacked the nearest bat. Dianel hit the second bat and Tessie with Thomas both hit the blue rat to knock it out.

The fight was quite long and all four toddlers were exhausted and their diapers soaking wet when the least enemy was defeated. A vial and the green key appeared on the floor.

“Bingo!” Daniel exclaimed, grabbed the vial and key and turned back. “Let’s hurry up back to the door.”
“Okay but don’t forget another pit stop,” Tessie joked, “We might need clean diapers again after the combat.”
“We also need to search the library once more. We need to know about the items we have found,” Diane added.

The party headed towards the ladder.

Part 5:

After the ‘pit stop’ the party got back to the library without further incidents. The librarian was a bit surprised to see them again.

“Hey, children. Are you that hungry for knowledge?” she grinned.
“Yeah, miss,” Diane nodded and headed towards the shelves with the basic information. This time Thomas was the lucky one. He found another important book.

“Let’s open it,” he showed the book to Diane.

“Well, but it doesn’t help us now,” Diane objected, “we have found some items and don’t have any idea about them. Let’s look for more books.”
She turned to the shelves and browsed the books until she found another one:

“Yeah, that’s it. We have found a ring but … which one is it?” Diane took the ring and explored it thoroughly. There was a small diaper image engraved on the inner surface.
“I’d say that is the diaper ring. What about the elixir?” She took the small vial and read the label: MAGIC CHANGER.
“What is it?” She shook her head and turned the page in the book.

“Okay, we have an adult elixir, a magic changer and a diaper ring. What should we do?” Thomas summarized.
“Can I have the diaper ring?” Tessie asked Diane, “I keep wetting my diaper often.”
“No problem,” Diane nodded and passed the ring to Tessie, “maybe we will find some more of them later.”

Tessie put on the ring and they headed back to the corridor. After taking more food from the storeroom the party proceeded to the locked door, Diane took the key and unlocked it.

The short and narrow corridor led to the central yard. It was a large park with stone paths and flower beds. There were several doors on the walls and two staircases leading down to basements.

“Let’s try all the doors before we continue,” Daniel stepped forward and headed to the next door on his right. The door was not locked. He walked over to the other doors but all of them were locked. One of the stairwells was blocked by a locked lattice.
“Where should we go? The door or the stairwell?” Thomas turned to Daniel.
“I’d propose the door first. The girls don’t like basements.”

Tessie nodded but Diane protested instantly.
“Why do you think, Daniel? I think I’m more courageous than you,” she grinned.
“Okay, let’s stop arguing,” Tessie interjected. “We can try out the door first and the staircase later.”

Diane nodded and headed towards the door. After climbing a short staircase they stopped in a long corridor with several doors on their right.

“Well, let’s start from the very beginning,” Daniel turned right and opened the first door. They entered a playroom; three wailing children were sitting at the table. Diane walked over and asked a blonde girl:

“What happened?”
“Me wet, me hungry,” was the only answer she got. The other two children reacted in the same way.
“We can give them juice or bread,” Tessie turned to Diane, “ but we can’t change diapers. What should we do?”
“Hey Tessie, we have something that helps us,” Diane pulled out a vial labeled ‘Magic changer’
“What do you want to do with a magic changer?” Tessie was confused and Diane hesitated too.
“Maybe drink it? It’s an attempt worth,” Diane shrugged, pulled out a diaper and drank the elixir.

Nothing happened.

“What if you become an adult?” Thomas asked Diane, “Adults can change diapers though and you can change the others then.”
“Okay,” Diane drank the adult elixir. Seconds later she was an adult again. She took diapers from the bag and changed all three children.
“What about you three?” she asked Daniel, Tessie and Thomas.

Daniel and Thomas were wet and Diane changed their diapers as well. Meanwhile Tessie gave juice to the children.
“Find our nurse, please,” a girl asked the adult Diane.
“Your nurse? What happened?” Diane was taken aback by her words.
“Bad men took her away and I heard something about a dungeon.” the girl replied.
“Don’t worry; we will find her,” Diane stroked the girl’s hair, “What’s your name? I am Diane.”
“I am Alice, miss Diane. We miss our nurse.”
“Okay, we will do our best but … tell me how you got here. Where are your parents?”
“Miss Diane, it’s long ago when we arrived at this place. However I was a big girl … Hey, miss. You were a little girl moments ago. What did you drink?”
“We found a vial of adult elixir, Alice. Would you like to have one?”

Suddenly Alice hesitated. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to become adult again.
“Miss, I don’t know,” she shook her head, “This life is very nice and when the nurse comes back, I’d like to stay that little forever.”
Diane shook her head; she didn’t understand Alice but she didn’t say anything.
“Well, let’s look for the nurse now,” she turned to the party and stepped forward.

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Part 6:

As Diane walked over to the door, she felt an urge to pee. She was surprised at first but she realized she was an adult and turned back and headed to the second door. She entered the nursery and spotted a toilet next to the changing table.

“Wait a little,” she sat down and peed.

They returned to the yard and walked over to the stairwell leading down. There was a dark corridor on the bottom of the stairs and the party stopped. However, two torches were placed in holders on both sides of the corridor. Thomas reached for one of them and stepped forward.

The corridor was long and it ended in a small hall. Daniel spotted a large lattice with two doors and two holding cells on his right and a woman in one of the cells.

“Miss, are you a nurse?” He asked the woman.
“Yeah, I am a nurse and my little children are missing me already.”
“I know; one of the children mentioned you and told us about a dungeon. How can we free you?”
“It would be difficult if you are toddlers. However you have an adult with you,” the nurse pointed at Diane, “go and get more of the adult elixir. If you have at least two adults in your party, you can go to the challenge room on your left.”

Daniel stared at the nurse; she apparently knew a lot about the manor. She also knew about their party.
“What about the children? Don’t they want to change into adults and leave? A girl told me about her fate.”
“I think that the children want to stay here with me now.
“Yeah, Alice told me,” Diane replied.
“Where do we find more adult elixirs?” Thomas interjected.
“There is a maze up the corridor behind the playroom and nursery. However, be careful; you can get into loops. There are switches in the maze to unlock doors and those switches can lock you inside.”
“Thank you for the advice. We will check the book first. Let’s go to the library again,” Thomas nodded and turned to the right. He set off and the rest of the party followed him to the library.

The librarian wasn’t surprised anymore when they appeared in the doorframe; she smiled only and gestured at the bookshelves.

Diane hurried up to the shelf where they had found the Clues Vol.1 and opened the book.

“Alfa, Bravo, Xrays, Yankee? Green and red? What should it mean?” She shook her head.
“No idea,” Tessie replied, “What if we peek into the maze and come back then?”
“Okay, let’s go,” Diane nodded, put the book back into the shelf and turned back. However she felt a strong urge to pee.
“Let’s find a toilet quickly,” she pressed her legs together and stepped forward.

The nursery was over the corridor but there was no toilet.

“What about the nurse? She might need a toilet though,” Diane sighed and continued to the yard. There was a toilet in the second nursery. Unfortunately, the pressure in her bladder was growing quickly. As she climbed the stairs and opened the door, she felt a stream of urine between her legs. At the same moment everything got bigger and Diane felt a wet diaper on her crotch.

“Diane, you are a toddler again,” Daniel stared at his girlfriend.
“Y … yeah,” Diane nodded in utter surprise. “What happened? I felt a strong urge to pee and wasn’t able to hold it anymore.”
“Remember the basics book, Diane. We can change back into toddlers. You didn’t manage to reach the toilet in time.” Daniel sighed, “but what do we do now?”
“We definitely have to find more adult elixirs. Let’s continue to the maze now. However, how’s the condition of your diapers?”
“I’m wet,” Daniel checked his diaper.
“Oh no, I’m messy,” Tessie sighed.
“I’m still OK,” Thomas shrugged.
“Okay then. Let’s peek into the maze quickly and return to the nursery and to the library to learn more about the maze.” Diane stepped forward. They passed the nursery and storeroom and entered the next door.
“Hey, look,” Tessie pointed at a door on their left, “It is labeled ‘B’.”

The door was locked and they proceeded to a corner and turned right and climbed a stairwell on the end of the corridor.
A pair of switches was mounted on the wall. One of them was red and the other one green. A label ‘y’ was placed above them.
“Let’s look around,” Thomas turned right and found another door labeled ‘A’.

There was another stairwell leading down and a long corridor. Another pair of switches was mounted on the end of the corridor and it was labeled ‘x’.
“Okay, I think we have seen enough,” Diane turned back. “The switches have to be set correctly to unlock doors. [Spoiler] Now we need a diaper change and another visit to the library to learn the correct settings.

After a quick diaper change and eating some snacks they returned to the library and Diane opened the book again.

“Now we know how to unlock all doors [Spoiler] but I don’t have any idea what the round arrow on the right side means.”
“Neither do I,” Daniel shook his head. “Anyway we shouldn’t try the switches. Neither of them unlocks a door.”
“Okay, let’s hurry up. I can’t wait to find more adult elixirs,” Diane suddenly wanted to become an adult again.

The party stopped shortly in the storeroom to get more food and diapers and entered the maze again. This time they encountered several rats and spiders on their way. Anyway they were ready and managed to defeat all enemies.

There was another stairwell at the end of the long corridor and the party reached a small hall with a locked door labeled ‘C’ and a door leading to a toilet.

“Hey, look,” Tessie opened a chest and pulled out two vials of adult elixir, “I’ll drink it; I’m wearing the diaper ring and it should protect me.”
“What about the second one?” Daniel turned to Tessie.
“I’d prefer to keep it; we might need it later.”
“Okay, you’re right,” he nodded and looked around.

Tessie drank the elixir and she immediately turned into an adult.
“Hey, let’s check and change your diapers before we continue,” she turned to the party.

Everyone except Tessie really needed a diaper change. After all the combat, Diane’s diaper was at the verge of leaking and the boys were wet. Tessie changed the diapers quickly.

There was another stairwell leading down and they found a small chamber on the bottom of the stairs.Two switches labeled ‘b’ were mounted on the wall.
“Bingo, we can start unlocking,” Diane set the [Spoiler] switch to ON and headed back upstairs. “Tessie, don’t forget to go to the toilet if you feel an urge. Remember my failure.”

Tessie nodded and they returned back to the entrance and opened the door ‘B’. There was another small chamber with two switches labeled ‘c’ on the back wall and with several chests.

“Hey, look what I found,” Thomas announced and pulled out a sword. Tessie set up the switches while Diane was searching the remaining chests. She found a ring. An adult figure was engraved on the inner surface.

“This should be an adult ring,” she exclaimed and put it on. “Tessie, you have got the diaper ring already and I can keep this one.
“Okay,” Tessie nodded and headed back into the maze. They had to pass three stairwells before they reached the door ‘C’. It was open and the party found itself in a hall.

“Let’s search the room,” Daniel stepped forward and headed to the far corner. He found a door labeled ‘D’. Meanwhile Diane found a recess with two switches labeled ‘a’.
As they passed the long corridor again and got to the door ‘A’, they found a large room behind it. There were several chests at the back wall and two switches ‘d’. Thomas opened the chests and found two more adult elixirs. Now they had enough elixirs to change into adults.

The last surprise was placed behind the door ‘D’. Diane found a blue key and a stairwell led down to the maze entrance.
“Well, it’s time to rescue the nurse now,” Diane gave the elixir and sword to Daniel and headed towards the yard.

Part 7:

While they were passing the storeroom, Tessie stopped.
“Hey, let’s replenish our resources,” she opened the door.
The party members followed her. They took more diapers, juice, meat and bread. After that they did another stop at the playroom and talked to the children. Tessie changed their diapers and prepared food for everybody.

“We will rescue your nurse now. Two of us are adults and we have a big chance.” Tessie encouraged the children before leaving.
“Okay, Tessie, we trust you,” the little Alice nodded and hugged Tessie.

“Tessie, Daniel, don’t forget to go to the toilet,” Diane reminded them, “there needn’t be a reachable toilet in the dungeon.”

Tessie sighed but she realized that Diane was right. She walked over to the nursery door and emerged five minutes later. Daniel did the same and they were ready for the next mission.

“I’m not sure if two adults are enough,” the nurse warned them before they entered the challenge room. Daniel shrugged only and stepped forward courageously.

The party found itself in a dark dungeon. They were walking slowly when a skeleton appeared in front of them and it attacked instantly. Two rats appeared seconds later. Daniel didn’t waste any second and pulled his sword. He hit both rats with a single slash but the skeleton aimed at him seconds later. His body shrunk and he turned into a toddler and peed himself. The sword fell out of the tiny hand.

“Oh, it was a bad idea, Diane. I should have put on the adult ring. Now Tessie is the only adult.” Nevertheless Tessie and Thomas attacked the skeleton and knocked it out.
“Well, we have to hurry up,” Diane stepped forward.

The dungeon was large and they had to find a switch to unlock a lattice until they got to a room with several chests and another switch. Tessie’s diaper ring worked well but the other party members were soaked already. Tessie changed their diapers quickly and they searched all the chests. Diane found another diaper ring, adult ring and two more adult elixirs. Daniel put on the adult ring and passed the diaper ring to Thomas.

The way back was uneventful and they got back to the cells. The door was open already and the nurse wasn’t inside anymore.

“Well, we have freed the nurse. What now?” Diane turned to Tessie.
“Let’s go to the nursery and check on the nurse if she returned indeed,” Tessie turned to the exit and stepped forward. At that moment she realized the pressure in her bladder and sped up. She recalled Diane turning into a toddler earlier and wanted to get to the toilet in time. She was lucky and sat down on the toilet at the last moment.

The nurse was back in the nursery and all three children were talking with her excitedly. She had to tell them about her experience in the dungeon. They kept listening as if it was a new fairy tale.

“Where should we go now? We have found the blue key,” Diane turned to Alice.
“Wouldn’t you like to stay here?” Alice replied “this life is wonderful though.”
“Sorry, Alice, I’d like to get out of this place and so would my friends. Help us please.”
“Okay,” Alice sighed, “take the last door in the corridor but be careful; there are many monsters in the tower.”
“Thank you, Alice,” Diane smiled at the little girl, passed the adult elixir to Thomas and stepped forward. Thomas drank the elixir and he was protected by the adult ring. Now they had a better chance to win. Thomas took the sword and Tessie took the knife.

After unlocking a lattice the party entered the challenge room in the north east tower. They encountered a group of rats and bats immediately behind the lattice. This time Thomas was quite able to use his sword and Tessie did her best. She was protected by the diaper ring and could fight without worries about her bladder. The sword and knife was quite effective and the party won after few attacks. The only problem was Thomas’s bladder. He almost wanted to go back but he decided to continue.

The round corridor wound around the whole tower and there was a switch on its end. As Tessie pulled on the lever, they heard a metal clicking sound. As they were walking back, Daniel spotted an open door and they turned into the tower center.

A group of enemies emerged from behind a corner and Thomas with Tessie reacted too slowly. A skeleton attacked Tessie and a bat attacked Thomas. Thomas felt his pee between his legs and he turned into a toddler. Tessie also turned into a toddler seconds later.

The combat was quite long and hard. After countless attacks the enemies were defeated but Diane had leaked and she collapsed to the ground, unable to continue.
Daniel stayed with her while Tessie looked around and found two chests. There was a red key and two more adult elixirs in the chests. Thomas drank one of the elixirs, lifted Diane on his arms and carried her back to the nursery.

“Oh, sweetheart, let me help you and repay the favor,” the nurse undressed Diane, cleaned her and put a clean diaper on her. After that she changed the diapers of Daniel and Tessie.

The nurse made snacks for everybody and offered them juice so they could continue their mission. However it was getting late and the sun was setting.
“Hey, wouldn’t you like to stay here overnight? You can continue tomorrow. We have some spare beds for the toddlers and there are mattresses in the storeroom for the adults. What do you think of this idea?” the nurse asked them and Alice looked excited: “We will have company tonight.”

“Well, it’s late indeed and we can continue tomorrow,” Diane nodded and the others nodded as well. Thomas went to the storeroom and brought a mattress for himself. DIane, Danile and Tessie decided to stay as toddlers.

The nurse helped the children take showers and she diapered and dressed everybody for the night.

Before Diane closed her eyes, she started thinking of the crazy idea to stay on the manor forever but she wasn’t sure. She would miss her family and friends except the three party members. She decided to ask the nurse about details later.

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A question. How should the story continue? Would you prefer an escape from the manor or should the party stay there as toddlers? Will they decide willingly or will they fail?

[The following parts refer to an updated version of the game that hasn’t been published yet. They differ from the actual game version]

Part 8:

The next morning Diane opened her eyes and stretched her limbs. Her diaper was soaked as expected. She walked over to the nursery.

“Morning, nurse. Could you change my diaper please?”
“Of course, sweetheart. Lie down on the changing table.”
“Can I ask you another question?” Diane collected her courage.
“Go ahead,” the nurse smiled and cleaned DIane’s crotch.
“Would it be possible to stay here forever?”
“Oh, you talked with Alice. She is a sweet toddler indeed.”
“Yeah, she didn’t want the adult elixir. However, won’t she be missed by her family? What about us? Wouldn’t our families miss us?”
“Diane, this place is magical,” the nurse continued, ”if you stay here, our families and friends will forget you as if you never existed.”

Meanwhile the nurse finished changing Diane and the toddler jumped down.

“How many children have decided to stay here?”
“Fifteen so far; however some of them haven’t decided willingly; they got trapped.”
“Yeah. To stay here forever you have to take action; you can make the decision on your own and you can fail.”
“Do they meet or do they live separately?”
“They usually meet in the common rooms and live in several nurseries. This is like a large toddler camp.”
“Morning,” Daniel appeared in the doorframe, “I heard you talking. What were you talking about?”
“Love, would you like to stay here forever like Alice?” Diane turned to her boyfriend.
“Why? Wouldn’t you like to change into an adult and escape?”
“I’m not sure, to be honest. After talking with Alice I’m a bit confused. This life could be pleasant though.”
“Okay, let’s ask Thomas and Tessie,” Daniel instinctively jumped onto the changing table and the nurse commenced changing him.

Tessie and Thomas hesitated; the decision was too hard. While sitting at the table and having their breakfast they agreed on a compromise solution.
“We will ignore the clues from now on and will do random actions. The decision will be taken by chance.”

After breakfast and diaper changes the party headed towards the yard. There were two doors on the back wall but the red key didn’t unlock any of them. However Diane opened a lattice on the west wall. There was a stairwell behind the lattice but Diane stopped:

“We will need more adults to fight and change diapers. Tessie, drink the adult elixir.”
“Okay, Diane,” Tessie drank the elixir and they climbed down the stairs and got to a long stone corridor; it was dimly lit by a couple of torches.

The corridor was quite long and there was a single door near its end. While walking DIane felt her diaper getting warm and wet. She sighed only and continued walking. Thomas also felt an urge to pee and he sped up. He urgently needed to find a toilet.

There was a large hall behind the door and a door on the back wall. Daniel opened that door and entered a small corridor with two doors on the opposite wall. The party followed him quickly.
“Hey, which door? Left or right?” Tessie turned to Diane. “You seem to be the boss; it’s your decision.”
“Why boss?” Diane wondered but she was a bit proud of being called like that. “Well, let’s take the left one.” She opened the left door and stepped forward.

The party got into a small office with a door on the back wall and a stairwell leading upwards. They found a letter on the table:

“Well, I talked with the nurse in the morning,” Diane explained, “she mentioned that some people failed and got trapped here. This parchment proves it.”
“Let’s go upstairs then,” Thomas headed to the stairwell. He also hoped to find a toilet upstairs. Despite his adult condition the urge was stronger than expected.

The party experienced a surprise on the stairwell top. They got into another playroom but it was empty. There was a nursery opposite the stairwell and Thomas hurried up there. He found a toilet indeed and relieved himself. Meanwhile Tessie found another parchment on the table.

“Hey, what should this mean?” Tessie stared at the parchment, “isn’t the careless life a victory?”
“Our adult life is not careless,” Diane interjected, “I’d guess that the careless life means staying here as toddlers. If you prefer it, it is a victory.”
“Tiles? We haven’t seen any tiles.” Daniel shrugged, “we have to explore the rooms downstairs.”
“Okay, let’s return to the basement then,” Thomas headed to the stairwell when two big rats and a spider emerged from a hole in the wall.

Thomas didn’t waste any second and pulled out his sword while Tessie grabbed the knife. Unfortunately the first attacks failed and the creatures counter attacked quickly. Diane pooped and peed herself and Daniel’s diaper got wet. Tessie was protected against the diaper attacks but she was thrown against the wall. Thomas dodged the attack and managed to knock out both rats. DIane and Daniel recovered quickly and they attacked the spider.

“Oh, it’s been close. Hopefully we won’t encounter more troops like this one,” Diane sighed. “Tessie, can you change my diaper please?”
“I’m wet too,” Daniel blushed a bit when he realized that he would be changed by Tessie.
“Okay, let’s go to the nursery,” Tessie led both toddler friends there and cleaned them quickly.

After the diaper changes the party proceeded back to the downstairs basement rooms. They opened the door on the office back wall and spotted a row of coffins. Tessie stepped back and closed the door again.

“Hopefully we don’t have to step on the coffins. Anyway, they don’t look like tiles,” she tried to joke after her first shock.
“We have to go through the other doors in the small corridor,” Diane led them to the door and opened it.

“Look!” she exclaimed when she spotted three yellow tiles marked X, Y and Z on the floor in the middle of the room and a red tile with a red vortex symbol on it.
“Okay, that is the moment of decision,” Thomas turned to the rest of the party. “Let’s do a random attempt.”
They stepped forward and stopped in front of the tiles.

Part 9:

“Well, let’s begin now,” Thomas stepped onto the tile marked X and turned to Tessie:
“I think we should step onto the red vortex, love.”
The letter X lit up.
“Okay,” Tessie stepped onto the red vortex. Two metal clicks could be heard and the letter X went off again.

Diane walked over to the door leading back and found it locked. However there was another door on the opposite wall.
“Daniel, check the other door please,” Diane asked her boyfriend.
“Yes, I’ll do,” Daniel tried the handle and opened the door. “There is a storeroom there.”
“Hopefully it is not a dead end,” Tessie hurried up and entered the storeroom. She looked around; there were some boxes inside. However, a stairwell caught her eye.

“Hey, let’s go. I’ve found a stairwell,” Tessie walked over and climbed the stairs, followed by the rest of the party.

They found themselves in an almost empty room. There were several chests in the corners, a lattice with a locked door on their right and two switches on their left.

“Well, the switches can help us; otherwise we are locked in these rooms,” Diane stepped forward and


Nothing happened.
“Try the other one,” Daniel asked her. Diane nodded and tried it. A metal click could be heard and the switches jumped back to their original positions. The lattice still was locked.

“What now?” Thomas scratched his head.
“Let’s go back and try the door in the room with the tiles,” Tessie replied and headed towards the stairwell.

Tessie was right; the door was unlocked and they could return to the basement. Unfortunately, the entrance was locked.
“Well, we are trapped; let’s do another attempt in the tile room,” Daniel walked over and waited for the others.

“We have tried the X, let’s continue,” Diane stepped onto the tile Y.
“Okay, love,” Daniel stepped onto the vortex and the reaction was exactly the same. They returned upstairs to the switches and Diane tried out the other one.

“Bingo!” she exclaimed when she heard another metal click form the lattice. “Let’s hurry up.”

The short corridor behind the lattice ended at another stairwell. When the party climbed the stairs, they heard child voices. There was a single door on their right and the voices sounded from behind that door.

“Welcome to paradise. It’s good that you have found the way here,” a blonde little girl welcomed them. “I’m Eve.”
“Nice to meet you, Eve,” Diane replied politely, “these are my friends Tessie, Daniel and Thomas.”
“Hey, Thomas and Tessie are adults. This is a toddler paradise,” Eve grinned.
“Oh, I’m glad we have company,” a little boy joined them, “My name is Adam.”

“Adam and Eve in heaven,” Tessie laughed. “Don’t you worry about being expelled?”
Eve hesitated; she didn’t get the message first but she recalled her former knowledge.
“Nope, why? We are good and obedient children though. Who would expel us? And … do you see a snake around?”

“Eve, how did you get here?” Tessie got curious.
“I was dreaming about a careless life of a toddler and we found this manor by chance,”
“Yeah, Adam is my boyfriend and I convinced him to stay here.” she smiled and hugged Adam.

At that moment Diane got the message; they made the decision to stay in the manor.
“Love, we really are in a paradise, a toddler paradise,” she hugged Daniel.

“Yeah, a toddler paradise,” Tessie grinned and turned to Eve
“Eve, were you an adult when you got into this room?”
“Yeah, I was an adult but Adam was a toddler already. I loved taking care of him.”
“You are a toddler now. How is it possible?”
“Remember the books in the library. There is no toilet here.”
“Oh, I see,” Tessie realized the growing pressure in her bladder, “if I pee my pants, I’ll turn into a toddler.”
“Exactly, go ahead.”
“Hey, what about the nurses?”
“No idea, Tessie but I never saw them eat or relieve themselves. What if they are some kind of humanoid robots?”

“Okay then,” Tessie grinned and relaxed her bladder muscles. Before her pants got wet, her body shrunk and she felt the diaper between her legs.
‘Hey, your turn, love,” she laughed and poked Thomas.
“W … what? You did it on purpose.”
“Yeah. Don’t worry. There is no toilet here anyway and we will become happy toddlers.”

Thomas hesitated. He was a bit disappointed by the final result but he loved Tessie and that love made him agree to the idea earlier.
“Okay, love; I’ll stay with you as a toddler boyfriend,” he also relaxed his bladder muscles.

Tessie hugged and kissed her toddler boyfriend. They started a happy toddler life in paradise along with Diane and Daniel.


[The video game has been upgraded. Feel free to try it out and reveal new combat mechanics, reworked puzzles, new levels and another ending.]