Todd & Karen

I figured I would take a stab at writing something since I really enjoyed lurking over the years here and on dd forums. This is a short story about 9.5k words. I wrote this over the course of two days just to see if I could do it. It isn’t great but it is the type of story that I really like. There is a sexual element to it but it is supposed to be just a fun light story. I would appreciate any feedback. I am pretty sure I am not going to write anything else on this but it was a fun exercise.

Chapter 1

“Damnit” I yelled. “I don’t have time for this shit.” I was running late and I was pissed. I was supposed to meet Karen for dinner in 20 minutes and I was running late because the dryer was taking forever to unwrinkle my “wrinkle free” shirt. Finally after about 5 additional minutes my shirt was ready. I buttoned it up, tucked it in to my jeans and grabbed my keys. On the way out I texted Karen.

Me: Running 10 minutes late. Shirt took forever in the dryer
Karen: No problem baby. Maybe next time use this new invention called an iron.
Me: What is an iron!?! Sorry. Love you. See you in a few.

I arrived at the restaurant only about 10 minutes late. I parked the car in the lot and checked my pockets before walking to the restaurant. I confirmed my wallet was in back pocket, keys in left pocket, phone in right. I walked in to the restaurant and saw Karen seated at a table in the back. Smiling I walked over to the table.

“Hey babe” I said as Karen stood to give me a hug. “Hey!”, Karen responded. “I was wondering how late you would be.” “Your shirt looks nice though.” Karen proceeded to wrap her arms around me giving me a warm hug. “I know…I was running late from work and waned to look nice. Thanks for waiting” Karen released me from our hug, smiling, gave me a quick pat on the butt and said “No problem. Maybe I will make you pay for it later tonight” Smiling, I said “I was just 10 minutes late. Lets not get too crazy. Besides payback is a bitch” Karen smirked and sat down.

Karen and I met about 6 months ago and had been dating ever since. We met on the internet via We found out that we both had similar interests in working out, being outdoors, watching movies, alcohol and enjoyed nice food. We went out on our first date and ended up talking for a few hours. From there, it progressed as any normal relationship would. After dating for about a month, she invited me to her place for dinner. We enjoyed a lovely dinner and some drinks and sat down to watch a movie. That movie happened to be “50 Shades of Grey”. Her pick not mine. Karen kept eyeing me during the movie to see my reactions whenever there were any S&M scenes. Finally, after the movie we had another drink and she asked me:

Karen: “What did you think of the movie?”
Me: “It was all right.”
Karen: “All right!?! You sure seemed to enjoy watching it for someone who thinks it was just all right.”
Me: “You clearly picked that movie for a reason. So tell me…who do you identify the most with”
Karen: “Both of them. I enjoy aspects of both”
Me: ‘Really huh. Well then lets roleplay a little bit. Who do you want me to be? Christian and You Anastasia or vice versa’
Karen: “I will be Christian”
Me: “Yes mam”

Karen put her drink down and proceeded to come over to me. Taking her finger nail she proceeded to lighly run it from the top of my head to under my chin and peer in to my eyes.
Karen: “I want you to look me in the yes when I talk to you”
Me: “Ok”
Karen: “Stand up”
I stood up while still maintaining eye contact.
Karen: “Follow me”
Karen proceeded to go in to the bedroom with me following. She went and sat on the bed and beckoned me to come over. Very gently she grabbed my hand and placed me over her lap and my hands behing my back.
Karen: "Now Todd. I am going to spank you. I am not really in to very hard spankings but if you wiggle too much or try to cover your butt you will end up in handcuffs. Also if at any point this is too much just say stop now and we quit playing
Me: Sure.
I think it is important to note that I was hard as a rock and clearly enjoying this. Karen proceeded to lightly spank me on the butt. I was incredibly turned on but also insecure about the position. She probably thought I was a freak or even worse, not a strong man. Therefore, after about two minutes of being spanked I attempted to move my arms to stand up.
Karen: “Last warning, I haven’t said you can get up mister.”
Me: “Ok. We had our fun. Lets just go back to the living room.”
Karen: “You can stop this at any moment you want”

Karen then reached in to her drawer and pulled out a pair of black stainless steel handcuffs.

Me: “You were serious about the handcuffs”
Karen: “Of course. Every girl needs to own a pair of handcuffs”

Karen then took my hands and put them back behind my back and attached them.

Karen: “There you go. Much better”
At that point the sense of helplessness was overwhelming. Karen then went to rub my back a bit and then proceeded to pull down my pants.
Karen: “Well someone is clearly enjoying themselves”.

Karen then put me back over her lap and spanked lightly a few more times.

Karen: “Get on the bed”
I stood up and hopped on the bed as best I could given my current circumstances. Karen took her skirt and blouse off and got on the bed. We started making out and she did things with her tongue that I didn’t know was possible. After about 20 minutes of foreplace she finally finished me off with some amazing intercourse. We both fell over in exhaustating and euphoria.

Me: “That was amazing”
Karen: “I am glad you liked it. I wasn’t sure you would go for it. I have been trying to figure out how to mention these desires without running you off”
Me: “No this is great. I really enjoy spanking and handcuffs so this is fantastic stuff”
Karen: “Anything else you’re in to that you want to share with me”
Me: “No this is about it.”

Dinner was pretty uneventful. I had steak and Karen had pasta. We had another drink and then decided to head back to my place.

Chapter 2

We had an average dinner and went back to Todd’s apartment. We walked in, grabbed a drink and sat down on the couch.

Todd: “Anything specific you want to do”
Me: “Not really. Just been a long week. Movie and relax on the couch.”
Todd: “Sounds good”
Me: “You mind if I put on some of your sweats and a T-shirt”
Todd: “Remember our rule. You ask me dumb questions like that someone gets a spanking”
Me:: “ha. Can I also get a shirt”
Todd: “You want to end up in timeout also?”

In an effort to try new things, We had tried some other activites besides spanking to spice up the bedroom. Spanking was fun but if you do it every time it kind of gets old. So one night Todd and I were bickering a fair bit. We ended up working it out, but he spanked me a little harder that night than usual when we were having sex. I think he did that to let out a little frustration but it turned me on so much that I could tell he was still frustrated. So after he lets me up from his knee he grabbed my arm and walked me to the corner of the living room.

Todd: I think spending a little bit of time in timeout in the corner will do you some good.

My initial thought was WTF. I am not standing in the corner of your living room with my red butt hanging out on display. So I turned around to leave and WHAM.

Me. OUCH!! WTF was that. Did you just spank me with a spoon!?!
Todd: Turn back around and face the corner.
I then felt the shackle from MY handcuffs go around one of my wrist and the other end attach to the railing on the stairs.
Todd: “Relax. Just stand there for a bit.”.

I was about to get really pissed but I could tell he was turned on by this. I didn’t really understand it but I went along with it. I think I was in timeout for a grand total of 4 minutes but by the time Todd uncuffed me from the railing he was hard as a rock.

Todd: “Turn around and face me.”
I turned around and he attached the shackle that was connected to railing to my other hand with my hands facing in front. We then went to the bedroom where I had THE BEST ORAL SEX OF MY LIFE. No shit, I must of orgasmed like ten times. Even though he took my handcuffs out of my purse and timeout isnt’ really my thing it was worth it.

As I was searching around for a pair of sweats and the perfect shirt I noticed a trunk in the far corner of the closet. It looked like a traditional travel trunk with a lock attached to it.

Me: “Is this trunk new? I don’t recall ever seeing it”
Todd: “I have had it forever.”
Me: “What is in it?”
Todd: “Nothing. Just old stuff from high school and other various stuff”
Me: “Why do you have a lock on it?”
Todd: “I lost the key to it a while ago. One of these days I will figure out how to get the lock off”
Me: “Ok”

I found my sweats and shirt, changed and went in to the living room.

Me: “What movie?”
Todd: “Don’t care. Whatever you want”
Me: I don’t care either. I just want to lay in your lap and veg out.

We watched some movie on Netflix that I can’t remember and I fell asleep in Todd’s lap. That was our Friday evening.

-Tod -

Dinner was pretty good. Karen seemed kind of tired after a hard week so we decided to go back to my place for an uneventful evening. We walked in to my apartment, grabbed some drinks while Karen went to change in to some sweats.

Karen: “Is this trunk new? I don’t recall ever seeing it”
Me: “I have had it forever.”
Karen: “What is in it?”
Me: “Nothing. Just old stuff from high school and other various stuff”

Oh Shit!!!. That trunk held stuff I didn’t want anyone else to see. I have this thing, I wouldn’t even call it a fetish per se, but I like to read stories about people in diapers and occassionally see videos as well. I wanted to see what it would be like to wear one myself so I ordered a case of diapers. The case came with 40 diapers so I had a lot left since I only tried it a few times. I found that I liked to put one on, usually before bedtime or when I knew I would be alone for a while and just hang out with it on. I never used them for their intended purpose but I did find it fun to see how long I could hold it with a diaper on before having to take it off and go to the bathroom. This is something that I rarely do and would NEVER tell anyone else about it…especially Karen.

Me: “Why do you have a lock on it?”

I have a lock on it for this exact reason. What happens if you are in my closet and for some reason start snooping around.
Todd: “I lost the key to it a while ago. One of these days I will figure out how to get the lock off” So I lied. I didn’t know what else to say. Karen, the reason I have a lock on it is because it has diapers in it, ones with teddy bears on it and looks like an overgrown baby diaper, and I like to wear them around the apartment when no is around. I also sometimes like to see how long I can go before I have to rip it off and run to the bathroom before I wet my pants.

Me: “Ok”

Karen came back out in my sweats and shirt. We watched a movie on netflix while I rubbed her back and patted her butt. She loved it when I patted her butt. It would make her instantly fall asleep. Besides the least I could do for lying to her.

Chapter 3

This was nice. It has been a long week and having a quick cocktail with Monica before going to see Todd was just what the doctor ordered.

Monica: So Karen, how long is it now that you have been with Todd.
Me:: 10 months now.
Monica: Wow. so things are pretty serious
Me: We are enjoying ourselves. If exclusive means serious then yea we are serious.
Monica: Well good. I like Todd. You seem happy and I am glad you found someone.
Me: Thanks Monica. Yea we are happy.
Monica: I bet you are! So spill it…You hint about it every now and then but how is he in the sack.
Me: Monica!!. I told you. We are VERY compatible in the bedroom.
Monica: I am glad. Don’t think I haven’t noticed those handcuffs in your purse
Me: WHAT!?! How did you know about those.
Monica: They make noise, we have been friends for years, and besides I looked in your purse a few months back when I needed a pen.
Me: I can’t believe you didn’t say anything.
Monica: You think you’re the only one who gets her freak on. Please.
Me: Really…What do you do that is freaky?
Monica: You first.
Me: Umm…ok. Well you know about the handcuffs. So we use those. We also like a little bit of spanking.
Monica: Really!?!. Are you the naughty girl or is he the naughty boy?
Me: Both. It is really about a 50/50 split.
Monica: And you or he just willingly allows himself to be spanked?
Me: Well that is one of the reasons I carry handcuffs with me
Monica: Ha. Good point.
Me: Now you. What do you do that is so freaky.
Monica: I like discipline.
Me. What do you mean.
Monica: Well just like you like to be both spanked and give a spanking I like to discipline my partners.
Me: So like a spanking?
Monica: Well yes there is definitely spanking but you can do so much more than spanking. It all depends on the roleplay.
Me: Like what do you mean.
Monica: For example, lets say we are playing around and he is intentionally bratty. I might put him in the corner for a little while. Let him think about it. If he continues then we might lead up to a spanking.
Me: Todd put me in the corner twice. I didn’t like it that much but it turned him on so much.
Monica: You’re not supposed to like it. That is why it is punishment.
Me: So you think Todd likes discipline too?
Monica: He might. What all has he done besides spanking and timeout.
Me: Nothing else that I would consider discipline. But I mean what else is there.
Monica: Seriously Karen. There are a million things you can do. Grounding, take away certain privileges, different kinds of spanking, getting them all riled up and refusing any release, humiliation. The list goes on and on.
Me: What do you mean different kinds of spankings.
Monica: Well over the knee, over the bed, implements. One big one is spanking them in the diaper position.
Me; What!?!
Monica: You grab their legs and lift it over their head just like you’re changing a diaper and you spank them. It is very humiliating and it hurts.
Me: Hmm…we usually only spank on the bed or over the knee. And almost never with anything but the hand.
Monica: Almost?
Me: Todd popped me on the butt with a wooden spoon when I didn’t want to be in timeout. It stung and I was pissed but he cuffed me to the railing and I could tell he was turned on.
Monica: Yea he probably likes dicipline a little. Have you ever put him in timeout or spanked him with a spoon.
Me: No never. I am not sure he would go for it and I am not sure I would like it.
Monica: Trust me, if he is switch on the spanking then he might get really turned on if you disciplined him.

As we were talking my phone beeped.

Me: Hold on one second, I just got a text.

Todd via text: “Hey babe. Not feeling well. I think I will just call it a night and see you tomorrow”
Me via test: “You ok? Want me to come by and take care of you? I can bring you some food”
Todd via text: “No babe. It is fine. I am just going to call it a night and go to bed early”
Me via text: “You sure? I don’t mind coming over even if I just hang out and watch TV while you sleep”
Todd via text: “No babe. All good. Lets just meet up tomorrow”
Me: Ok…I will text you tomorrow.

Me: Well that was Todd. He isn’t feeling well so he is going to stay in tonight.
Monica: Sorry Karen. Just means we can hang out and drink more.
Me: I guess. This isn’t like him. I hope he is ok.
Monica: I am sure he is fine. Grab another drink.
Me: Okay… This sucks… I was looking forward to seeing him tonight. I also was getting slightly aroused by all this sex talk.
Monica: Well if you want a spanking I will be happy to oblige. I have no problem putting you over my knee. But if you’re looking to give one that isn’t my thing.

I blushed and her looked at Monica. We had been friends for a long time. Platonic friends. But here she was offering to spank me because I was turned on. I decided to make a joke out of it and move on.

Me: I have a feeling I wouldn’t like being spanked by you. Besides from our discussion you might put me in timeout after that and there is nothing worse than that.
Monica: Karen trust me. Therer are a lot worse things than timeout.
Me: Fine. Tell me the worst discipline you have done.
Monica: Hmm…Well one time this was about a year ago, my boyfriend was being extra bratty. We were at dinner. He was clearly just trying to rile me up. So I leaned in and whispered in his ear that if he didn’t stop I would spank him right here and now and then when we got home he wouldn’t be happy. He kept on being a brat so I took him in to the bathroom, put him over my knee and spanked him really good. I keep a hairbrush in my purse and it got used that night. While I was spanking him he got so turned on that a little bit of fluid leaked on my skirt. So when we got home I put him in a diaper for the rest of the weekend.
Me: Excuse me!?! You did what?
Monica: I put him in diapers for the weekend.
Me: And he was cool with that.
Monica: I mean secretly he was. He wouldn’t admit but he liked it. You use handcuffs when Todd doesn’t want to be spanked. I use locking pants and bondage mittens.
Me: I don’t believe you. He just allowed you to keep him diapered all weekend.
Monica: He didn’t allow me. He literally had no choice. He could always use the safe word but he knew if he did I was gone.
Me: What happened if he had to go to the bathroom.
Monica: I changed him. That was probably the best part. The look on his face when I would change him was the best part of that whole weekend.
Karen: You just happened to have diapers at your place.
Monica: Yes. I am not really in to diapers per se but they are a great tool. Whenever I threaten a boyfriend with a diaper they immediately shape up. I think it is a combination of humiliation, helplessness, and the control I get out of it.
Karen: That is just crazy. I can’t imagine anyone allowing that, let alone ejoying it.
Monica: We had the best sex at the end of that. He was so turned on. If you ever want to try out any of the discipline stuff let me know. I would love to spend the weekend torturing you. I am sure it would be fun for both of us.

She did it again. I can’t tell if she is joking or being serious. I need to deflect again.

Karen: Thanks Monica. I am good. I don’t really think I would like being spanked by you and I definitely don’t want you changing me in to a diaper. Love you honey but not really my thing.
Monica: Ok Karen. Just let me know if you ever change your mind. Remember, I keep a hairbrush in my purse. Also, if you’re so down about not seeing Todd Just go over to Todd’s and surprise him with dinner. He says he doesn’t want you over there but he won’t turn you away. You have a key right?
Karen: Yes. And he loves to have his butt patt. I am sure he wouldn’t turn me away if I agreed to patt his butt all night while he slept.

Monica and I hung out for another thirty minutes before we paid the bill and I went out to get some groceries and head to Todd’s.

Chapter 4
Narrator = Todd

“I can’t believe I did it” I thought as I came in to the apartment placing the package on the kitchen counter. Over the last few months my wearing of diapers had increased. I only did it when Karen wasn’t around and it was a great way for me to relax. I still never used them but I did find myself seeing how long I could go wearing one without going to the bathroom. One night, while I was doing this I was on etsy and I saw that they sold a diaper cover that was lockable. I don’t know why but the idea of being locked in a diaper was a major turn on. I didn’t buy it at the time but after a month of not being able to forget it I went ahead and ordered a pair. It had taken 8 weeks but they finally arrived today and the package was sitting on my counter.

I am supposed to hang out with Karen tonight after she has drinks with Monica but now all I want to do is try this cover out. Either way, I need to take it out of the package and put them in the trunk before Karen gets here. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer along with a kitchen knife to open the package. Taking the knife I slid it into the tape on the package and made a slit all the way down the package. I reached in to the package pulled out the diaper cover.

This was not your normal diaper diaper cover. It was a black, heavy duty, lockable diaper cover with a special lock called a segufix lock. It essentially was a magnetic lock. The cover had a strap at the top with holes where once you adjusted it, similar to a belt, you just inserted the segufix lock in to the protruding metal and it was set. But with the heavy duty model it also had this same mechanism for each leg opening as well. In addition, there was a d-ring on the side of the pants. The material seemed to be thick cotton similar to what you saw in a straight jacket (I think). I ran my hands over the cover feeling the material and was getting turned on. I also looked at the locks and wondered how secure this whole setup really was. I looked at the clock and saw it was only 5:15. There was no way Karen would be over here until at least 6:30 if not later.

I took another sip of my beer and went over to the closet. Reaching for my keys I unlocked the trunk that I kept my diapers in and pulled out a Bellissimo V2 diaper. I closed the trunk putting the lock on the top of the trunk since I would have to put the diaper cover back in there once I was done. From there I went to the bedroom, took off my pants, underwear and slid on to the bed. I laid down and opened the diaper. I fluffed it open and laid it out flat making sure the tapes were pointing to my bud and not front. I slit on top of the diaper and grabbed the frontof the diaper bringing it over my my penis. I grabbed one side of the diaper, undid the tapes and taped one side close. I did the same thing with the other side. I stood up, making sure the diaper was on properly and went in to the kitchen and grabbed the diaper cover. Opening the diaper cover I stuck my legs through the opening and brought the cover up to my waist over the diaper.

Oh my god this was thick. I better not lose the key because I don’t think you could cut this with scissors. I then adjusted the front waiste strap to a firm tightness and grabbed the lock. Upon inspecing the lock it seemed like I just slide this down the metal sticking out of the loop. I went ahead and slid the lock on to the metal. The pants were now secured on tight. I tugged on the lock and it didn’t move. I grabbed the magnetic key, slid it on the lock and turned. The lock easily slid off. Putting the key back on the table I reapplied the lock and did the same with the leg straps. The diaper cover was now secured. I went in to the bathroom to take a look. You couldn’t tell it was a diaper cover by looking at it. It just looked like a pair of very thick tight shorts. I tugged on the cover to see if I could remove it and it didn’t budge. Curious just how secure it was I pulled on the pants as hard as I could and they didn’t bulge at all. You could see a hint of my diaper peeking out of the waistband of the cover but other than that the diaper was completely covered.

I walked back in to the kitchen and grabbed the key. I put the key in the trunk so I wouldn’t lose it and secured the lock to the trunk. One other thing I noticed was between the thickness of the diaper and the cover it would be extremely difficult to masterbate. This was annoying because I was incredibly turned on at the moment. The feeling that I was trapped was overwhelming. I grabbed my beer and went to the couch. I figure I would watch some TV and hang out for a little bit and put everything up before Karen gets here.

As I was sitting watching ESPN I couldn’t get the feeling of the diaper, the diaper cover and my helplessness out of my mind. I noticed I was rubbing my crouch but the thickness of the padding was preventing any real stimulation. It was just more frustrating me than anything else. I also found that I was really enjoying myself. Fuck it I thought. I am going to hang out, have fun with my new diaper cover, maybe watch a movie, see how long I can go before I have to take it off, and maybe take a nap with it on. I reached for my phone to text Karen.

Me via text: “Hey babe. Not feeling well. I think I will just call it a night and see you tomorrow”
Karen via test: “You ok? Want me to come by and take care of you? I can bring you some food”

I definitely did not want Karen coming over. She would be mortified if she saw me like this. Oh god. I don’t even want to think about it.

Me via text: “No babe. It is fine. I am just going to call it a night and go to bed early”
Karen via text: “You sure? I don’t mind coming over even if I just hang out and watch TV while you sleep”
Me via text: “No babe. All good. Lets just meet up tomorrow”
Karen via text: Ok…I will text you tomorrow.

Now that that was done I switched from ESPN to a movie and laid down on the couch. I ended up falling asleep about 10 minutes in to the movie.


I stopped by Trader Joe’s on the way over to Todd’s and got Todd his favorite stuff. I got some Mac & Cheese bites, Sweet Corn Burrata & Basil Ravioli, Tiramasu Torte for desert, and of course some wine for me. Figured if I was going to just patt his butt all night I could do it while enjoying some wine. With groceries in hand, I put my key in to the lock of Todd’s apartment and as quietly as possible opened the door hoping not to wake him if he was sleeping. Upon opening the door I could see in to the living room. The TV was on, a movie was playing, and Todd was passed out on the couch with a blanket covering him up. As quietly as possible, I unloaded the groceries, poured a glass of wine, and went to sit down on the couch.

Todd appeared to be watching Empire Records for the nine thousandth time. I swear to god if I hear that Rex Manning song one more time I am going to take it out on Todd’s butt. I had told him a few times before that if I have to watch this movie again the next spanking I gave him would not be fun. He didn’t believe me in part because I can’t spank very hard. But Monica had mentioned she kept a hairbrush in her purse and I might just start doing the same. Monica and I’s talk over drinks had been interesting to say the least. The fact that Todd liked to put me in timeout did make me think he wasn’t just in to spanking. But did he do that hoping I would do it too. hmmmmm. Wonder what else he might be in to that he isn’t telling me. I also wonder what Monica isn’t telling me either.

I grabbeed the remote and changed the movie from Empire Records to one of my favorite movies, Love Actually, that was playing on HBO Plus. Taking a sip of wine I started watching the movie and started running my fingers lightly through Todd’s hair. I could hear Todd go “mmmmmm” as I was doing it, so I gently pushed his head on to my lap and start rubbing his back as well. I heard some more “mmmmmmmm” and he seemed to be enjoying it so much I went and gave him two quick patts on the butt. It was weird because normally, when I do butt patts, I can feel his butt. However, in this case, couldn’t. I could just feel his pants which didn’t feel right. They were also so thick all you could feel was the pants. Right as I was about to patt his butt some more and investigate why his pants felt different Todd sprang up from my lap.

Todd: Karen!?!. What are you doing here?
Me: Hey babe. I felt bad that you weren’t feeling well so I got some dinner and desert. I came over to take care of you. I was thinking if you were hungry I would make you dinner. If not, then you can just lie on the couch and I will patt your butt and take care of you.
Todd: Karen…umm…that is really sweet. I am fine just tired. You don’t have to stick around. Go out with Monica tonight or something.
Me: Nonsense honey. I am here. I got nothing really going on and I like to take care of you. Besides, I know how you love having your butt patted so just consider this your lucky night. I will watch a movie and drink my wine and you can just lay across my lap and have your butt patted.
Todd: umm…Karen I am not really feeling up for anything tonight. How about we call it a night and I will call you tomorrow. You’re so sweet and I am touched, I am just really tired.
Me: Umm…Todd, you actually don’t look fine. You looked like you have seen a ghost. When I was rubbing your head and back you clearly were liking it but as soon as my hand touched your butt you sprang up. What’s up?
Todd: NOTHING. I am just tired, I wasn’t expecting you to come over tonight, and I was surprised is all.
Me: Well relax honey. Lay back down, and I will rub you while I watch my movie. Besides, I saved you from the biggest spanking of your life if I had to watch Empire Records again.
Todd: That’s funny. Seriously though, I kind of want to be left alone tonight.
Me: Todd…whats up? You are acting really weird. Everything was fine until I touched your butt. Speaking of which something felt weird when I patted your butt.
Todd: NOTHING babe. Ok nothing. Just let me be ok. I am not mad or anything I am just tired.

Looking at Todd something wasn’t right. He was sitting up on the couch with the blanket over his lap. He didn’t look sick, he didn’t look tired. He looked like he was hiding something. I just didn’t know what it was. He never acted this way.

Me: Why are you acting so defensive. Whats going on.

Right as I asked this I grabbed the blanket that was covering him up and yanked it away.

Todd: Karen! What The Fuck are you doing. Oh my god, what the hell was that.

I stood looking at Todd. He was wearing shorts but not like any pair I had ever seen him wear. They were very thick. I think that is why I couldn’t feel his butt at all. They were also really tight. He had fasteners around the waist and around both leg openings. It looked very snug and very tight. I also noticed he had something white and plasticy looking seeping out of the top waistband. Also another weird thing was there was this black circular object that looked like it attached to the belt loops on all 3 of the fasteners. They also had a ring on both sides of the pants like you would attach your keys to. I had never seen Todd wear anything like that before.

Karen: Todd. Chill. I was just trying to see what was going on. I mean I came over here to be with you and help you feel better. By the way, what is up with those pants. I have never seen them before.
Todd: ummm…they are new. I just got them off of Etsy. As you can see they are too tight so I am going to return them.
Me: Okay…well then take them off, get comfy, then get back on this couch, and relax a little or so help me I really will spank you. I will make sure you remember it and then put you in timeout afterwards. And don’t think I am joking.

I said the first part in a sweet joking manner but the last part I said with a firm tone. I didn’t know what was going on but he needed to relax. I got up, went in to the kitchen, grabbed my purse and the wooden spoon he kept on the counter. I reached in to the purse and pulled out the handcuffs. I couldn’t quite figure out what he was thinking as he stood there looking at me with a pair of handcuffs hanging from one hand and the other hand holding a wooden spoon.

Me: So decision time babe. Relaxation, butt rubs, back rubbs, and some food or a spanking over my knee with this spoon and timeout.

Todd just stood there looking at me.

Me: Lets not forget it was you who showed me how to make sure to keep someone in timeout when they don’t want to be there.

Todd looked at me speechless. He didn’t say a word for about 20 seconds. I walked over to him and went to grab the straps to his pants to help him take them off.

Todd: Karen wait wait. what are you doing?
Me: I am taking off these pants for you since you seem to not do anything but stand there and stare.
As I finished my sentence I took the spoon in my hand and swatted it on Todd’s butt. “WHACK” However, it didn’t sound right. It sounded like something hitting a pillow. Todd should of jumped like I did when he popped me on the butt with this same spoon.

Me: Todd what is up. I just gave you a spank with the spoon and you didn’t jump at all. Something is going on. And why can I not get these pants off.

I had now been fumbling with the loops on his pants for 30 seconds and I didn’t see how to get them to come off.

Me: Todd, I swear if I didn’t know any better I would say these were locked on you.

Todd looked mortifed and close to tears. As I looked at his face it all started to click. He couldn’t get the pants off either. They were somehow locked on him. It also appeared that underneath those pants my boyfriend was wearing a diaper. I never would of realized it if I hadn’t talked to Monica about it.

Todd: Karen, I can explain. It isn’t what you think.
Me: You don’t know what I am thinking. I am definitely curious why my boyfriend bailed on me tonight and when I came to check on him he is locked in a pair of pants with what I assume is a diaper underneath it.
Todd: Oh my god Karen. You were never supposed to see this. I can explain. I just need you to give me 5 minutes. I need to get these pants off, change in to something else, and then I can explain.
Karen: I don’t think so. I think we are going to have a talk right now.
Todd: No way Karen. I get you’re upset but I am going to change.
Karen: Todd, I am not upset. But I am about to get upset. You are going to explain to me what is going on right here and right now. Not in 5 minutes, not after you change, RIGHT NOW.

I kind had an idea of what was going on so while I was talking. I didn’t mean to yell at the end but I was frustrated. I quickly turned Todd around, spanked him with the spoon a few times which I am sure he didn’t feel, and cuffed his hand to the railing.

Me: I told you you had two choices. Since you opted not to take the first one, a spanking and timeout was the only option left. Now, I am not letting you out of timeout until you explain to me exactly what is going on.
Todd: Karen, come on. This isn’t funny. STOP NOW.

He had said the safe word but we weren’t having sex or role playing anything. He was trying to find a way out of this.

Me: No honey. This isn’t role playing or sex or anything. You will explain to me what is going on. If you want me to leave after that and never come back then I will be upset but so be it.
Todd: Please Karen…

I just stood there and waited taking it all in. Here was my boyfriend, a man who I had been with for 10 months. We loved each other, had a great sex life, found a kink partner and yet he had clearly not been honest with me. Now I had him in the corner, with a diaper on that I still couldn’t fully make out, with some type of pants that he couldn’t get off. He was clearly feeling very vulnerable and I felt bad for him. Not bad enough to let him out but I still felt bad.

Me: As a compromise, tell me how to take those pants off and I will get them off you. Then we can continue our talk.
Todd: Karen, I don’t want you to see whats under this cover.
Me: Ah. So its a cover not pants…Todd, I figured out that you’re wearing a diaper underneath it. I mean it is pretty obvious once you think about it.
Todd: Yea but that doesn’t mean you have to see it.
Me: We are going to talk Todd. We can either do it with you diapered or not but either way you’re not leaving that corner until we talk.

I could tell that Todd was having a mix of anger and vulnerability but I wasn’t letting up. I wanted to know what was going and what he wasn’t sharing with me.

Todd: I have to go to the bathroom anyway Karen. So let me out so I can go and I will clean myself up. I promise you we will talk then.
Me: No. I said you’re not leaving that corner until we talk. I am giving you somewhat of an out by agreeing to let you take the diaper off but I have you here and I am not letting you out until we talk.
Todd: Karen, I am serious. I have to go to the bathroom. That beer I had earlier is taking its toll.
Me: Then I suggest you start talking. Besides Todd…you’re wearing a diaper it isn’t like you’re not protected if you can’t hold it.

I tried not to smirk when I said it but I think a little one escaped. I mean while the situation was serious Todd was complaining about having an accident while he was in a diaper.

Todd: I have never actually used one and don’t plan on using it anytime soon.
Me: Then I suggest you start talking.

Todd saw the resolve in my eyes. I was dying inside and almost broke but I was going to find out what was going on. It was important to me. It was important to our relationship. Besides, I wanted to see what was under the cover.

Todd: Fine. A few years ago I stumbled on to a site for people that like diapers. I usually would just read different type of stories and fantasize about what happened in the story but then about a year ago I decided to see what it would be like to wear one. So I ordered a pack. I liked the way they felt and so I occassionally wear them when no one is around.
Me: Ok…that doesn’t sound too crazy to me. What about the diaper cover you’re wearing. I mean it is clear you can’t even take it off. How do you even take it off.
Todd: Well in some of the stories I read, the person gets put in to a diaper and can’t take it off. I kind of like wearing them and seeing how long I can wear it without having to use it. Then when I was on etsy I saw this diaper cover and thought I would try it out. This is the first time I have ever worn it. I promise Karen I haven’t done this before.
Me: Where is the key? I assume it is in the apartment but not reachable by you or I am sure you would have taken it off by now.
Todd: It is in the trunk.
Me: The trunk that you lost the key to that holds all your stuff from high school?
Todd: I have the key. It is on my keyring on the counter. And the key to the diaper cover is in the trunk. There. Can you please let me out now so I can get out of this.

I was upset. He lied to me. I hate being lied to. And he is so nonchalant about it. I calmed my anger because I could tell Todd was near breaking.

Karen: In a minute. We aren’t done here.
Todd: Karen!! Let me out now!!!
Me: Todd, you’re in no position to make demands. I want to understand this. As soon as I let you out you’re going to quit talking about it and try to pretend this never happened. I won’t allow that to happen.

Todd looked like he had a mix of happiness and pure anxiousness. It was getting harder to read him.

Todd: You mean you aren’t planning on leaving me?
Me: No honey. I am upset you have been hiding stuff from me. But no. I love you. So you have been in to diapers for about two years. Big deal. You said you have never wet your diaper before? Is that right?
Todd: I don’t like it when you say it like that. No I have not wet a diaper since I was like two.
Me: But you like to see how long you can stay in a diaper without wetting?
Todd: Yes. There is something about it that I like. The idea of wetting isn’t something I like.
Me: Anything else you like to do with them?
Todd: Well I have never done it but I do like stories where someone is spanked over their diaper, and forced to wear them. I think that is why I liked the idea of wearing the cover.
Me: Anything else?
Todd: No. That is it. Seriously nothing else.

I looked at Todd and while I wasn’t sure it seemed like he was lying. He has a tell where his eye twitches when he lies. I thought I saw his eye twitch but I couldn’t be sure.

Me: In your stories, when someone is forced to wear them how do they get in the diaper?
Todd: Usually the protaganist puts the antagonist in the diaper.
Karen: Is that something you want me to do with you?
Todd: Oh god no Karen I would never dream.

I was looking at Todd as he was explaining this. He was lieing right now. His eye was twitching. It royally pissed me off that he either didn’t trust me or just didn’t want me to know. I was here, being as understanding as humanly possible and he was lying to me. This was going to stop.

Me: Todd…you’re fucking lying to me. I am so mad right now. You’re lying to me. You’re so obvious about it.
Todd: Karen, wait calm down. I am sorry. This is very hard for me and I am worried you will think I am a freak.
Me: I am right here listening to you. I don’t think you’re a freak. But damnit Todd, I want honesty.
Todd: I got it Karen. I am sorry. Thanks for not being upset with me.
Me: Oh I am upset now. You lied to me. There will be consequences for lying to me. But first we need to finish this conversation.

The look on Todd’s face was priceless. It made me fall in love with him even more. He had no idea what I was talking about. He was just concerned about our relationship and also not sure what I was going to do.

Me: You know. Its funny. When I was having drinks with Monica she told me how she was really in to discipline. I told her about the time you put me in timeout and she smirked. Said that you were in to it as well you just never told me.
Todd: It isn’t like that Karen. It was just something fun. Like when I spank you and give you that extra hard pop.
Me: I think you like it Todd, I think you were too scared to bring it up. But we are about to find out if you only like to give it out or receive it.
Todd: What do you mean?
Me: I still haven’t decided what is next. But while I am figuring that out I am going to go take a look in your closet and see what is in that chest.
Todd: Oh god Karen no. Just let me out and I will go get the key.

I took the spoon and slam it across Todd’s butt as hard as I could 3 times. It clearly didn’t sting but the look of surprise on Todd’s face told me it was effective.

Me: You are going to stay right there while I go take a look. Not another word out of you. It isn’t like you have much of a choice but still. I am not above calling Monica for advice on how best to discipline you. She already offered to come over for the weekend.

That wasn’t entirely true. She told me she wouldn’t mind disciplining me for the weekend. But Todd didn’t know that and it was a good threat. I went and picked up Todd’s keys and went over to the closet. I opened the closet and bent down to look at the trunk. There it was with the lock hanging through it. I put the key in to the lock and turned it. CLICK. I removed the lock and opened up the trunk. Inside the trunk were a random assortment of diapers. Some of them had Teddy Bears on them, some of them had animals on it, and there was even a few pink ones in there. Sitting on top of a diapers was was a plastic top looking device that looked like it would fit around the black objects securing Todd’s diaper cover.

Me: Is this top thing the key
Todd: Yes.

I put the key in my pocket and grabbed one of the diapers. It was surprisingly thick and looked exactly like what a diaper looks like except bigger. I closed the chest and walked out to the living room with the diaper in my hand. Todd’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his skull. I was really enjoying his discomfort.

Todd: What is that for?

I placed the diaper on the end table besides my glass of wine. Todd kept glancing at the diaper and then me.

Me: I wanted to see what the diapers look like. Your diaper cover does a great job of hiding the diaper except for that little part that sticks right above the waistline. Besides, maybe I will take it home with me in case we need it next time you’re over.

Todd blushed when I said this. He looked as if he was getting turned on a little bit. I was confused. He said liked stories where he was forced to wear a diaper so maybe he actually was getting turned on.

Me: Do you like the fact that I could leave you like this for as long as I want?
Todd: No Karen. Come on. Of course not. Let me out.

I once again could tell Todd was lying. After all this he still didn’t trust me and was lying to me.

Me: Todd, you’re lying. You lie to me one more time and I am walking out of here leaving you like this. You can figure out how to get out your little predicament.

Todd looked like a deer in headlights. He didn’t know what to do

Todd: Yes. Ok. There. This is slightly turning me on.
Me: I thought so.

I went up to Todd and pulled the key to his diaper cover out of my pockets. I took the magnetic key and slid it onto the black circle holding the waiste strap secure and turned it pulling the lock off the pants. I repeated this for the leg loops and took the diaper cover off Todd placing the key back in my pocket. I stepped back and looked at Todd. He had just a simple T-shirt on and a diaper. It was a big white puffy diaper with teddy bears all over it. The diaper was taped on properly as best as I could tell. I smirked again not being able to help myself. Todd was clearly mortified, yet I swear I could a little bulge in his diaper. HIS diaper. That would take some getting used to. I then went to my purse to get the handcuff key and uncuffed Todd from the railing leaving the other end of the cuff on his wrist. Taking Todd by the arm I sat down on the couch and placed him over my knee.

Todd: What are you doing Karen?
Me: What does it look like I am doing. I am fulfilling a fantasy of yours as well as giving you a reminder that I don’t like liars.

I took the other end of the handcuffs that had been attached to the railing and secured Todd’s hands behind his back wresting right above his diaper. I then grabbed the spoon from the end table and started spanking Todd across his diaper.

Todd: Karen stop it! What are you doing!
Me: Todd if you don’t quit wiggling, I will pull YOUR diaper down, still spank you, put you back in your diaper cover and all and you can spend a few hours in timeout while I call Monica to get some more ideas.
Todd: Karen, I have to go to the bathroom. I can’t do this. I am seriously about to have an accident.
Me: You can hold it. And besides if you cant, we have an extra diaper right here. But I warn you, if you pee on me your punishment is only going to get worse.

I then took the spoon and focused on the side of Todd’s butt with the least amount of padding. Todd jumped when the spoon came down.

Todd: Karen ouch, that hurts.
Me: Yup. That is the point. I don’t like you lieing to me. I kept spanking Todd for about another 4 minutes. I made sure to spank him where the diaper wasn’t covering him. It was the hardest I ever spanked him and I could tell he was secretly enjoying it while also wiggling around not liking the spanking itself. I made sure he felt the sting and he almost broke down in tears few times. Once I felt he was spanked enough I let him up from my knee. I looked at Todd, clearly almost in tears, and bouncing around like a two year old who had to go to the bathroom.

Me: I love you. This doesn’t change anything except now I know a little more about you.
Todd: You sure? I am so sorry I lied to you. I won’t do it again.
Me: You’re right. You do it again I will spank you even worse than I did now, put you in a diaper, put the diaper cover on you, and you will stay that way for a long time. Todd, when I say a long time I mean it. Your rule about not actually using a diaper will get broken. Do you understand me?
Todd: Yes honey. I am really sorry.
I swatted Todd’s diaper and smiled. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the diaper, I thoroughly enjoyed the look of panic in Todd and that feeling of helplnessness he looked like he was having. I also really liked spanking him. He had wanted me to stop but he let me do it. He also will remember that spanking for the next few days. I wonder if I really would lock him in his diapers if it came to it. I wasn’t sure. I was sure though that I hadn’t given him back the key to Todd’s diaper cover. I smirked at the thought. I grabbed the handcuff key from my purse and removed the handcuffs off Todd’s wrist placing both the key and cuffs in my purse.

Me: Go ahead and change. I will start heating up dinner.

Todd grabbed the diaper and the diaper cover on the end table and took off running to the closet. I heard him place everything in the closet and the sound of tapes ripping as what I assume was him taking off his diaper. I wasn’t sure what this all meant going forward but at least I discovered this now and not years later on down the road.


I have to admit I had so much fun writing this that I wrote some more about it. Please leave feedback.

Chapter 1***

This was nice. I was at Monica’s apartment, sitting on the couch, relaxing after a tough week at work. I hadn’t seen her in about 3 weeks since our happy hour. That was right before my little revelation at Todd’s apartment. Todd and I hadn’t really talked about what happened that night either. Every time I tried to bring it up he would change the subject or pretend he didn’t hear me. We had some of the best sex ever that night so I figured we were good but he just wouldn’t talk about it. I haven’t really had anyone to talk to about it either so it was nice that I had this time with Monica.

Monica: I can’t believe that happened. If I didn’t know better I would swear that was just some stupid story someone wrote on an online forum for diaper lovers.
Me: Huh? Are you telling me there are websites devoted to stories where your girlfriend walks in on you wearing a diaper
Monica: Of course. There are websites devoted to anything you can think of.

Monica was smiling as she responded and I guess I can understand why. I liked spanking and some bondage but I had never really heard of the whole diaper thing until drinks with Monica. Then, to see it first hand immediately afterwards, wasn’t shocking necessarily, just surprising and unexpected. She must think I am a naive idiot.

Monica: So what now?
Me: What do you mean what now?
Monica: Are diapers now a part of your relationship? Is he asking you to diaper him? Does he want to be babied? What is going on now?
Me: I have no idea. He won’t talk about it. Other than that it was been a normal few weeks.
Monica: What do you mean he won’t talk about it?
Me: I mean he won’t talk about it. I go to talk to him about it and he changes the topic or some other type of aversion.
Monica: So don’t let him.
Me: If only it was that simple.
Monica: It is that simple. You say Hey Todd, remember 3 weeks ago when I walked in on you locked in a diaper and you confessing to me to have been interested in and wearing them for a few years. I want to talk about it.

I sighed rather loudly and looked at Monica in frustration. If only it was that easy. Todd was clearly not willing to talk about it and I wasn’t so sure how hard to push.

Me: I love Todd. I am worried that if I push him too much it would ruin our relationship
Monica: You guys had sex that night right?
Me: Yes. I didn’t expect that but he was really turned on.
Monica: Then yea you can push him on it.
Me: How do I force the issue?

Monica started laughing. I don’t think she was being mean but I didn’t apprecite the laughter. I was really at a loss.

Monica: Really? You need me to tell you that. You handcuffed him to the railing so he couldn’t run away but you need me to tell you how to force the issue
Me: It was in the moment!! I didn’t know what to do and I reacted. I knew that if I didn’t do something he would never talk about it again.
Monica: Any regrets. I mean you had a captive audience did you not?
Me: I honestly don’t know. On one hand he was clearly upset but on the other hand we had amazing sex that night. I thought things would be weird but instead they are just normal.
Monica: The sex was amazing because he clearly enjoyed what happened.
Me: Yea but I don’t know if I did. And I don’t know how I feel and he won’t talk to me about it.

Monica looked at me differently. It looked like a combination of concern and incredulousness. I really don’t know how I feel. I mean on one hand while the diapers weren’t turn me on the spanking was. I think he was turned on on by me threatening to leave him diapered but I don’t know for sure because he wouldn’t tell me. I was worried I spanked him too hard but he didn’t mention anything about it. I didn’t really want to be changing my boyfriend’s diapers on a regular basis either. However, I did enjoy the sex afterwards. I was just honestly confused.

Monica: So talk me through it K. I am not Todd but I can at least listen.
Me: Ok… so first, I am upset that he lied to me.
Monica: Ok.
Me: I mean he lied to me multiple times. That pisses me off so much.
Monica: Ok. Did you tell him that? Do you think you were able to convey how upset you were.
Me: I think so. I mean I spanked him really hard…harder than I have ever done before. Before that, spanking had always been just fun and light. But this time I used a wooden spoon and he was almost in tears. I also told him if he ever lied to me again I would put him back in diapers until he wet them.
Monica: And what was his response?
Me: I don’t know. We haven’t talked about it. I know that his butt was sore for a few days because the next day when we sat on the couch or got in the car he was very careful sitting down.
Monica: Did that make you feel better?
Me: I mean I think so. I was mad and I liked that Todd had a reminder of it.
Monica: Ok. So you enjoyed it. You got a little payback. Todd seems apologetic. What is the problem?
Me: I think it has more to do with the diapers. I told him I would put him in diapers if he lied to me again but I am not sure I would or even want to do that.
Monica: Why did you say it then?
Me: I think I was just so fucking angry he lied to me and then lied to me two more fucking times and he was more concerned about wetting his fucking diaper.

Monica came over and hugged me. I hadn’t realized how upset I had gotten but it must of been a lot for her to come over and hug me.

Monica: Does he have a habit of lying to you?
Me: No. I honestly can’t remember the last he he did . But I mean this is a big one.
Monica: Of course. No one is saying it isn’t. Just trying to help you with a little perspective.
Me sarcastically: Thanks.
Monica: I got your back K. Never forget that. But keep in mind he has this huge secret he has been keeping to himself only to be confronted with it head on. It had to be a shock.
Me a little sheepishly: I guess.
Monica: You wouldn’t of threatened if it wasn’t entirely out of the realm of possiblities.
Me: I guess so. But I don’t want to be Todd’s babysitter either.
Monica: Sounds like he doesn’t want you to.
Me: What do you mean?
Monica: He was clearly petrified of using that diaper. I don’t know if it is because he was embarrassed or what but it was clearly important. The fact that he had that diaper cover shows you he has some desire to be forced to wear them but maybe thats it. Part of it for him is probably that he ultimately doesn’t get to decide. There are plenty of people who like the idea of being forced to wear diapers but don’t want to use them.
Me: How do you know?
Monica: Hello!?! I told you about my last boyfriend. I kept him in diapers for an entire weekend. He was really turned on when we first started the weekend but when he finally couldn’t hold it a day and a half later he was mortified. He was really upset. When I was changing him he thought that was it but it wasn’t. At the end of the weekend when I finally let him out of the diaper we had some amazing sex. Sound similar? But when I asked him about it he said he absolutely hated wetting that diaper.
Me: You didn’t care that you had to change him? Seeing your boyfriend in a diaper didn’t change the way you see him?
Monica: No. First off, he only wet the diaper. Changing a wet diaper is no big deal. Second, of course not. It is just a diaper. It was a way for me to dominate him. He didn’t have a choice and hated it which turned me on even more.
Me: I did enjoy spanking him. I think because like you said he didn’t have a choice in it. Normally he just tells me when to stop spanking him but this time I decided. He could of used the safe word obviously but other than that he had no say.
Monica: See! Same thing with the diaper. While the diaper itself might not be your thing you clearly enjoy the dominance aspect and Todd enjoy’s the submissive aspect of it.
Me: Yea…

I didn’t want to admit it but Monica was helping. I didn’t realize how upset I was and her perspective was calming me down. Todd still wouldn’t talk to me about anything related to diapers but at least I felt a little better

Monica: Did I help at all?
Me: Yea I guess so. But I still don’t know how to get Todd to talk to me.
Monica: Put him in a diaper. Tell him he can’t take it off until you’re satisfied. Use the diaper cover if you have to.
Me: He keeps all that stuff locked in a trunk in his closet. Besides he wouldn’t go for it.
Monica: I think he would. He might need a little bit of encouragement but I am sure he knows he has to talk to you eventually.
Me: I am just not sure how without physically restraining him.
Monica: Sounds like a plan. Can I watch? It was my idea

I wanted to be mad at Monica but the idea seemed plausible. And of course she could not watch. This already might blow up our relationship without Monica. She was just being ridiculous.

Me: Of course you can not watch. This will be hard enough. I am probably going to have to seduce him or something.
Monica: Well if you change your mind K let me know. I don’t mind changing him, putting the cover on him, spanking him…Whatever you need me to do. I kind of want to check out this cover. I haven’t heard of one like it before.
Me: me neither. It is super thick and takes this weird key. I didn’t even know what it was at first.

I reached in to my purse and pulled out the key. I still hadn’t given it back to Todd and had no intention of doing so until he talked to me. I figure he would have brought it up by now but he hasn’t. Monica took the key and examined it. It was red and looked almost like a top.

Monica: I have never seent his before. You have got to let me see the cover. I want one now.
Me: I thought you already owned one.
Monica: Not like this. The pair I own are just flimsy plastic pants with a 50 cent lock on it.
Me: Well I can assure you once it is on you cant’ get it off. Todd would of done anything to get out of them without me figuring out what was going on.

Monica went and grabbed her laptop and started searching the web for a similar diaper cover.

Monica: You said he got them on etsy?
Me: Yea. If he was being honest…God he better have been honest.
Monica: Or what? You will actually make him use one? Does he even have enough diapers? I have a few in my closet I can give you.
Me: Yes. He had all kinds of diapers in that trunk. He hasn’t had any time by himself in the last 3 weeks either.
Monica: What kind did he have?
Me: I don’t know. He had some with teddy bears on them, some with animals, and he had a few pink ones too. Funny enough that diaper cover actually does a good job of covering his diaper. I saw more of the diapers in his trunk than I did the diaper on him.

Monica started laughing. She kept looking at her computer screen and then at me. I didn’t know what was going on.

Me: What?
Monica: Is this it? This the diaper cover?

I looked at the screen. Sure enough, that was it. Turns out you can pick a variety of different colors. The one Todd had was black but the one Monica was looking at was pink.

Me: Yea that is it. Although his was black. Why the laugh?
Monica: A guy doesn’t just buy pink diapers. There is something else there. By the way, this is the most secure diaper cover I have ever seen. It is hand made and has a lock that they use in hospitals. It says here it takes two weeks to make and cost a little shy of 200 dollars.
Me: 200 dollars!?!
Monica: Exactly. I just ordered a pink one. Pink makes all the boys so embarrassed! I promise you Todd has the pink diapers for something like a punishment diaper and secretly wants to be forced to wear them.
Me: What do you need a diaper cover for?
Monica: In case I ever get to babysit. In case you ever let me have some fun with you. In case my next boyfriend and I and decide to play games with him.
Me: You would use that on me?
Monica: In a heart beat. It would be a lot of fun.

Monica smiled as she said that and I could tell she was serious. Did she find me attractive? Was she just teasing me? Oh god she can be so confusing at times.

Me: No one is babysitting Todd and you’re definitely not putting me in a diaper. Be serious Monica.

I took the key back from Monica and put it in my purse.

Monica: Who says I am not.

Chapter 2

  • Todd -

Thank god Karen went to hang with Monica for the afternoon. It was painfully obvious that ignoring Karen anytime she brought up the diapers was pissing her off but I just didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to talk about what happened. I wanted to forget it ever happened. I am honestly shocked she didn’t just leave me right then and there. I never would of guessed what pissed her off about the whole event was me lying to her.

I mean I only lied about the diapers. Other than that, I didn’t lie. But man was she pissed. She spanked me so hard I had trouble sitting for two days. I wanted to tell her to stop but I was worried she would never talk to me again if I did. I just can’t bring myself to tell her I like wearing diapers, I like the idea of someone keeping me locked in them, and while I don’t want to actually use them, the idea that it isn’t up to me is a major turn on.

But I also couldn’t lie to her again. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that part of me was really turned on by the whole ordeal. I had always fantasised about being locked in a diaper and not being in control but to have it actually happpen. I wouldn’t in my wildest dreams ever think that could happen. I also didn’t think Karen had it in her to spank me like that. In all the stories I read the diaper was supposed to make the spanking painless. That sure didn’t happen with Karen. It hurt like hell and almost worse was the humiliation of it. I was put across Karen’s knee while she was spanking me wearing a diaper.

I definitely didn’t want another spanking like that. And yet, I was so turned on afterwards. The sex we had that night was amazing. It was also amazing that she was willing to have sex with me at all. Does that mean she is accepting of it? She told me it didn’t change anything but I am not so sure. I know we have to talk about it but I am also hoping it will just go away.

I looked at the open trunk in my closet. I hadn’t had time to look at it since that night with Karen. At the bottom of the trunk were all the different diapers I owned. I had some Bambino Bellissimo diapers, some Bambino Teddy diapers and some pink Rearz princess diapers. I have no idea what made me buy pink diapers except that maybe being forced to wear a pink diaper was even worse than being forced to wear any of the other diapers. Then sitting on top of the diapers was the diaper cover.

I really wanted to put a diaper on. This last few weeks was weighing on me and something about sitting on the couch wearing a diaper seemed like it would lift all my worries. I couldn’t risk it though. I wasn’t sure exactly when Karen was going to come over and she was already pissed at me. Her walking in on me wearing another diaper would not go over well. Yet, I couldn’t stop looking at diapers. Maybe if I text her and find out when she is coming over I will know if I have enough time.

Me via text: Hey babe, just checking in. What time do you think you will be over tonight.
Karen via text: Not sure. Just hanging with Monica having some drinks. I will stop by afterwards. Why whats up?

What do I do here? I can’t lie about it but I also can’t tell her I am trying to find out if I have enough time to wear a diaper around the apartment for a few hours before she comes over.

Me via text: Nothing. Just checking in is all. Trying to get a better understanding of when you might be over.
Karen via text: Not sure. Whenever Monica and I get done hanging out. Do you want me there by a certain time?
Me via text: No babe. Not at all. I was just trying to get an idea of when you were swinging by.
Karen via text: I don’t know. Probably a couple of hours. I have had a tough week and just want to hang out with Monica for a bit.
Me via text. No problem. See you when you get here.

Ok. I didn’t lie. I really didn’t want Karen here by a certain time. She said a couple of hours. That could mean as little as two or as long as five or six. You never knew when she was with Monica. I am pretty sure I have enough time to just put one on, hand out for a little bit and relax. Karen said it would be at least a couple of hours…

  • Karen -

I have to admit I was having fun. Monica was listening to me,vbeing there for me, and just making sure I was ok. Yea she was making jokes and teasing me but that is Monica. There is something about friends just sitting around, having a few drinks and talking. I think this was the first time in the event where I wasn’t thinking about it. As we were just sitting around I heard my phone beep.

Todd via text: Hey babe, just checking in. What time do you think you will be over tonight.
Me: via text: Not sure. Just hanging with Monica having some drinks. I will stop by afterwards. Why whats up?

Monica looked up at me with inquiring eyes.

Monica: Whats up?
Me: Nothing. Just Todd asking me when I am coming over tonight. He knows I am with you and planning on coming over afterwards. Not sure why he is texting.

Monica smirked and started to laugh.

Todd via text: Nothing. Just checking in is all. Trying to get a better understanding of when you might be over.
Me: via text: Not sure. Whenever Monica and I get done hanging out. Do you want me there by a certain time?

Me: What!?! I just told him I would be over when we were done. Checking to see if he needs me there by a certain time is all.

Todd: via text: No babe. Not at all. I was just trying to get an idea of when you were swinging by.
Me: via text: I don’t know. Probably a couple of hours. I have had a tough week and just want to hang out with Monica for a bit.
Todd: via text. No problem. See you when you get here.

Monica: He is up to something. You guys have anything special planned tonight?
Me: No.
Monica: Yet he wants to know how long you’re going to be. Come on, you know he is up to something.
Me: What could he possibly be up to Monica?
Monica: You are so dumb sometimes. Last time he had free time you came in on him wearing diapers. Hasn’t had any alone time for 3 weeks and is trying to find out how long you will be busy.
Me: There is no way that is the case. You should of seen him. He was so scared and upset.
Monica: I bet you if you left right now and went over there. You walk in on him in a diaper.

I thought about this for a second. Todd might be up to something. But no way did it involve a diaper. I think it was more likely that he was going to make a special dinner so we could talk about things. He probably just wanted to know when to have dinner ready.

Me: No. It is probably just a way for him to apologize and talk to me about everything.

Monica started laughing harder. It was pissing me off because she thinks she is so smart. I know Todd. We have been together for almost a year. There was no possible way what Monica was saying was true.

Me: You’re wrong.
Monica: I am not. If you’re so sure I am wrong then lets go over there right now.
Me: No way Monica. We are not going over there! He is not doing anything with diapers.
Monica: Then what is the problem? If we go over there and everything is normal no harm no foul.
Me: You think you’re so smug Monica. Fine. If we go over there and he isn’t in a diaper when we walk in then I get play those games you keep talking about on you.

Monica looked at me in a surprise shock. She clearly thought I was bluffing. God, was I bluffing? I had just blurted it out to shut her up. I mean it would be nice to put her smug ass in her place…

Monica: And if I am right? Then what?
Me: Umm…What do you want?
Monica: I get to stay and watch you and Todd talk it out.
Me: No way. Not going to happen.
Monica: But you’re so sure K.
Me: You’re wrong but just in case no way.
Monica: Fine. If I am right I get to at least check out his trunk before you throw me out.
Me; Done.
Monica: Not done K. And I get to play those games with you.

Damnit!!! How sure was I. I had to open my stupid mouth. Monica was definitely wrong but if she was right I had no doubts she would follow through with it. Fuck it, I know I am right. I will make her bitch ass regret this.
Me: Fine. Lets go.

I got up and went to grab my purse so we could leave. I saw Monica walk in to the bedroom and heard her opening her closet.

Me: What are you doing?
Monica: Getting those bondage mittens and some diapers.
Me: Monica. We don’t need those.
Monica: Maybe, maybe not. But you yourself said the diaper cover didn’t allow you to actually see the diaper. This way he still can’t take the diaper off until you allow him.

I shook my head and just went with it. Monica was going to do what Monica wanted to do.

Me: Ok fine. Lets go.

Monica looked at me with such a shit eating grin as we walked out of the apartment. She was in so much trouble when this went done. I thought about her bent over my knee and smiled a little. Man what was going on with me. I knew Monica would hate every minute of it but yet the thought of it made me smile.

Chapter 3*****

  • Karen -

Monica and I walked up to Todd’s front door. Monica looked like a cat that was about to pounce on it’s victim. She was so sure of herself and now I was starting to worry. How could she be so confident?

Me: Ok. We will go in there, see nothing is wrong, and then you will go. Ok?
Monica: Suuurreee. No problem.
Me: Oh God, what are we going to say when he asks I am here so early and your’re with me?
Monica: K, it won’t be an issue. Trust me. But just say you missed Todd and you came over early. I still wanted to hang out so we are moving our girls session there.
Me: Ok. Sounds good.

I put the key in the lock and opened the door. Upon opening the door I could see in to the living room and there was Todd watching Sports Center. He was sitting up on the couch drinking a beer with a blanket over him covering the lower portion of his body. Oh God he better not be wearing a diaper underneath that blanket.

Me: Hey Todd. I missed you so Monica and I decided to come over here so we could all hang up.

Todd looked at us in that same panic looked he had the night I caught him in his diaper. Damnit!! There was no way. I looked at Monica who started smiling and watched her as she went in to the kitchen.

Monica: K, what do you want to drink? Todd mind if I grab a beer?

Todd sat there dazed for a second but seem to quickly recover. He still had that damn blanket covering him up but it was becoming more and more likely that he was using that blanket to cover up his diapered state. Before Todd could even answer Monica grabbed two beers from the fridge. Swisting off the top she handed one to me while still in the doorway and went to sit down on the couch next to Todd. While she was sitting down she put her purse and beer on the coffee table. She looked at me and pointed to the love seat.

Monica: Karen, sit down. Lets hang out.

I took a pull on my beer and went to sit down. Todd looked like he was slowly recovering from the surprise of us showing up and Monica looked like she was the happiest person in the world.

Monica: What are you watching Todd?
Todd: Just a rerun of Sports Center. Just hanging out until Karen got here which I thought was going to be much later.
Monica: Karen has a way of just showing up unexpectedly doesn’t she.

Monica was laughing as she was saying this. I was keeping my mouth shut not sure what to do. Monica seemed to be having a good time and since I wasn’t quite sure what to do I just let her do her thing. Monica raised her beer looking at Todd and I

Monica: Cheers to fun surprises

I went to click Monica’s beer and Todd did as well. I did notice that when Todd clinked his beer with Monica he made sure to hold on to the blanket. I was going to fucking kill Todd. Monica was never going to let me live this down. If he really is wearing a diaper then I was going to make him pay. I don’t care that it isn’t his fault because he didn’t know the agreement between Monica and I. He should of talked to me weeks earlier and then this would not have happened.

Monica: So Todd…K says it is unlike you to text her to see when she is coming over like that. She seems to think that you have a special dinner or something planned. I hope we didn’t mess up anything special you had planned.

Todd looked at Monica like he could kill her. I rarely see that look on Todd but he was upset. Great. So Todd is upset, I am upset, and Monica is having a fucking blast. This is going to go well.

Todd: No Monica. I don’t have anything special planned. I just wanted to make sure I was home when she got here. I need to go out and grab some beer and groceries before dinner tonight is all.

I was looking at Todd as he responded and saw his eye twitch. He was lying. After everything that happened three weeks ago he was fucking lying to me. I was so pissed I could spit fire. Monica looked over to me and saw my facial expressions. She frowned after seeing my anger.

Me: Todd…I would strongly suggest you think about your answers here. I know you’re lying. You’re the worst liar I have ever met. You would think after last time you wouldn’t lie to me yet here you are again lying.

Todd looked like a dear in headlights. He looked petrified. Good.

Todd: Umm Karen honey. I haven’t lied to you. I haven’t even said a word to you yet. I wouldn’t lie to you.
Me: Well you’re lying to Monica. Go ahead and consider you lying to her the same as me. I am already pissed off about the lie. You lie again Todd and it wont’ be pleasant baby.

Monica took in the situation and I could tell she felt the tension rise in the apartment. While I am sure she was having a good time I don’t think she also liked that I was getting upset.

Monica: Todd, the fridge looked pretty full to me. You had a lot of beer in there as well. You sure that is why you texted K?

Todd was pissed. I swear he would of murdered Monica if he had the chance.

Todd: Karen, I think things have been a little off for us. Maybe we should just hang out a bit, reconnect, and have an us night.

Before I could answer Monica got up and started walking towards the end of the hall where the closet, Todd’s bedroom, and bathroom were.

Todd: Where are you going Monica?
Monica: Just checking something out.

I heard Monica open up the closet door and some rattling. I was pretty sure she was looking in Todd’s trunk. I am guessing she wanted to check it outbefore she got thrown out.

Todd: Umm…Monica stay out of my closet! I wouldn’t just start going through your closet if I was at your place.
Monica: Todd, you’re welcome to get up and come see what I am doing.

I had to smirk at this. She called it from the time we were at her house. She somehow knew we would walk in on Todd and she was just going to have fun with it.

Me: Todd, if you don’t want her looking in the closet get up and go close it. Besides, the trunk is locked. It isn’t like she can get in there anyway.

Todd looked at me. I could tell he was trying to figure out how to respond. If past experiences were any indication I am sure he was trying to find a way out of all of this. Well bad news bucko. That isn’t happening today.

Todd: Umm…Karen…
Me: What Todd, spit it out.
Todd: Nothing. Nevermind.
Me: Tell me Todd. It is still lying if you just don’t tell me.

Todd looked like he was in physical pain. He looked at me pleading with his eyes. But this was also exactly what I needed. This was the encouragement needed to get him to open up to me.

Me: Monica is right now going through your trunk. It is obvious you’re wearing a diaper underneath that blanket Todd. So lets start easy. Do you have a diaper on underneath that blanket?
Todd: What!?! What are you talking about Karen. Why would you even say that?

I gave Todd my sternest look possible.

Me: Last chance Todd. Answer the question.

Right as Todd was about to answer Karen came out holding a pink diaper in one hand and the diaper cover in her other hand. She was smiling as she sat down on the couch and looked at me.

Monica: These are the cutest diapers I have ever seen. And this diaper cover! Oh my god Karen it is so fantastic. There is no way any naughty boys can remove their diapers with this on. But on the flip side it also covers them a lot better. You don’t really get to see the diaper at all.

I was getting use to seeing shock on Todd’s face but this registered on a whole new level.

Me: Answer the question Todd. Remember I told you what would happen if you lie to me again.

Todd just sat there clutching that stupid blanket like his life depended on it. I had a few options. I could just get up and walk out, I could rip that stupid blanket off and have Todd run off and hide in the bathroom, or I could just fuck with him a little more. I was pissed. I now was in the whole with Karen and I was pissed.

Me: Todd, you either answer the question or you stay diapered the rest of the weekend.

I whispered this while getting up and going to Monica’s purse. In her purse were her bondage mittens she had mentioned. They were pink. God what was it with her and pink. They were essentially leather mittens that have movement in them at all. At the end of the mittens were wrist straps that secured with what looked like a mini master lock. I grabbed both mittens and sat down next to Todd on the other end of the couch. Without saying a word I grabbed his hand and slid one of the mittens on it.

Todd: What are you doing Karen?
Me: Insurance Todd. We are going to figure this out tonight no matter what.

I quickly tightened the mitten and put the lock through the strap. Click. One mitt down. One more to go.

Me: Let me see your other hand.
Todd: Come on Karen. Cut this out.
Me: Take your hand off the blanket and give me your hand.

Defeated Todd gave me his other hand. I slid the other mitten on his hand, tightening the strap and securing the lock. Todd just sat there on the couch, the blanket still on him but now his hands essentially useless.

Me: I want you to tell me whats under the blanket.
Todd: Karen I can’t baby. Come on. You already know. Just let it go. I haven’t lied to you.
Me: You did. In the text you did.

I stood up and gently removed the blanket. Sure enough, Todd was wearing nothing underneath the blanket except for a very large puffy diaper with a bunch of Teddy Bears on them. Monica’s eyes were huge. She held it together but I could tell she wanted to bust out laughing. Even though I knew what to expect it was still a lot to take in. Todd was sitting on the couch in literally a diaper and t-shirt. While I had seen him like this before, with so much going last time I never took it all in. Now I was. He was essentially dressed like any other toddler.

Todd looked like he was about to cry. He tried to get up but Monica grabbed is arm and yanked him back down on the couch. I could see him trying to take the diaper off but it wasn’t going to happen with those mittens on him. The diaper had 4 tapes that looked pretty secure and he had no way of grabbing the tape to take it off.

Me: Todd. Relax.
Todd: How the fuck can I relax. Why does this keep happening to me?
Me: I dont know Todd. Maybe you really want it to happen I don’t know. But either way watch your mouth.

Monica was taking all this in and I could tell she was enjoying herself. I needed to get rid of her so Todd and I could talk this out.

Monica: Umm hey K
Me: What Monica?
Monica: I think Todd needs to be changed.
Me: What are you talking about?
Monica: I kind of know about these things. That is a puffy diaper. He definitely wet himself.

We both looked at Todd. Todd looked like he was about to die.

Todd: I didn’t wet the diaper.

I could barely hear him and it was frustrating me.

Me: What did you say Todd?
Todd: I said I didn’t wet the diaper.

Monica went over to Todd and placed her hand on the front of diaper and squeezed.

Monica: This diaper has been used. I promise you. I have changed a few in my day K.
Todd: I didn’t wet it. It isn’t pee. It is something else.

Monica’s eyes went wide. I was still trying to figure out what he was talking about.

Monica: Naughty boy Todd. Masterbating in your diaper. Don’t you know you need to clean yourself up immediately afterwards.
Me: Oh god Todd. Are you serious? You were sitting here in a wet diaper?
Todd: It wasn’t wet. I am going to change out of it right when you two showed up. Now let me out so I can go get myself cleaned up.
Me: No way. We need to figure this out. Monica do you mind giving us a little bit of privacy.

Monica nodded. While I am sure she was having fun I know she knew when it was time to go out.

Monica: Want me to change him real quick before I go? You cant leave him in a wet diaper like that. He will get a rash.

I looked at her and she smiled. I mean she had a point. I would never leave a baby in a wet diaper longer than necessary so I guess I can’t just leave Todd like that. I knew if I let him out of those gloves that was it. I turned away from Todd and sighed:

Me: No. I will change him.
Todd: No one is changing me. Let me out of this right the fuck now.

Monica looked at him and I could see she was pissed. She was very protective of me and I guess she had had enough of Todd’s antics.

Monica: You let me change him and our little deal is off.

Wow. What was she up to? She had been trying to me under her control for a while and she was going to allow it. While I wasn’t excited about it this killed two birds with one stone. I didn’t have to change Todd and I got out of Monica doing God knows what to me.

Me: Fine. Go ahead.

Monica smiled as Todd looked incredulous.

Todd: No fucking way. I will not allow this to happen.

Before Todd could finish his sentence Monica had Todd face down over her knee with his butt sticking up in the air. She grabbed one of Todd’s arms and brought it behind his back leaving Todd to only balance with one arm on the floor.

Monica: Listen Todd. You keep talking like that and I will wash your mouth out with soap. All you had to do is be honest and you couldn’t. Are you with me so far?
Todd: Karen tell Monica to let me up.

Monica reached over Todd and pulled a woodel hairbrush out of her purse. Taking the hairbrush on the flat side she brought it down across Todd’s butt. The diaper absorbed most of the impact but Todd immediately stiffened.

Monica: You’re already in a lot of trouble. Apologize to Karen, let me change you real quick and then I will leave.
Todd: Fine.

Monica let Todd off of her lap and laid him on the floor.

Monica: K can you get me a wet towel.

I went in to the bathrooma and got a wash cloth. I soaked it under cold water and came back out handing the rag to Monica. Monica grabbed the pink diaper sitting on the end table and started to unfold it.

Todd: Wait. No. Choose a different diaper please.
Monica: Not one more word out of your mouth.

Once she was done unfolding it she lifted Todd’s legs up and slid the diaper underneath him. With his legs still up in the air she remove the tapes on his wet diaper and slid it out from under him. She expertly rolled it up in to a ball using the tapes to keep the ball together. She clearly has done this before. Taking the wet rag she cleaned up Todd’s diaper region. She put the wet rag down and holding his legs up in the air gave him 3 hard spanks on his butt.

Todd: Oww Monica.
Monica: Consider this a warning in the future.

Monica then pulled the front of the diaper up and expertly taped the sides together. She stood as Todd stood up and she admired her handiwork. She patted his butt a few times.

Monica: There you go K. Let me know if you need anything else otherwise I will see you later.
Me: Thanks Monica. I think we are good.
Monica: Now you behave Todd. Be a good boy for Karen.

Todd looked at her menacingly but said nothing. Smart move on his part. Monica reached down to pick up the dirty diaper and grabbed her purse.

Monica: I will throw this away on my way out.

Monica then left making sure the door was securely closed on her way out. I turned from the door to look at Todd standing there in a T-shirt and his pink diaper. He looked ridiculous. Maybe now we could just air everything and be done with it.

Chapter 4*****

Me: You ok?
Todd: No I am not ok. I can’t believe you let her do that.
Me: Monica knew you were over here playing around in your diapers. I was so confident she was wrong that I bet her there was no way you would be doing anything with your diapers after our last encounter. And yet when we came in here you were sitting in wet diaper. You told me you never used them.
Todd: I haven’t Karen. I never wet them.
Me: Pee or semen you still were sitting in a wet diaper…Can we please talk this out.
Todd: Take off whatever the hell these things are on my hands, let me change in to something else and then yes.
Me: No. I did that last time and you have ignored me for 3 weeks.

Todd looked at me in frustration and tried to take the diaper off. He couldn’t even grip the diaper let alone touch the tapes on them. Monica knew what she was doing and Todd wasn’t getting out of the diaper without some assistance.

Todd: You can’t leave me like this forever Karen. Eventually you have to let me out.
Me: Todd I am getting tired of this. You’re acting like a baby who is not getting his way. Kinda fitting seeing as how you you are dressed.
Todd: Karen this isn’t funny.
Me: And I am not laughing. Just tell me what is going on and I will take off the mittens.
Todd: Do you promise?
Me: Yea.

It took about an hour and a few more temper tantrums from Todd but he finally told me everything. At one point his little tantrums became so bad I had to spank him. It didn’t hurt one bit since he was wearing a diaper but I think it got the message across. He had been interested in diapers for years. He liked to wear them but never wanted to use them. He would masterbate in them occassionally, today being one of those times. He never had anyone participate and this was the first time anyone had ever changed him before. He was too embarrassed to tell me about the diapers in fear I would think less of him. He liked the idea of being forced to wear them hence the diaper cover. The pink diapers were bought on a whim and he definitely was more embarrassed to be in them than he would of been any other diaper he had. Monica had been right. I told Todd I wasn’t sure how much I would particpate in his diaper fantasies but I would do it some.

Todd: So are we good now? Will you please let me out of these mittens.

I had promised to let Todd out of the mittens if he talked to me and he did. But I still that between his tantrums and his bad behavior he needed to be reminded that it wasn’t ok.

Me: Take the lock off the trunk. And from now on when you want to wear a diaper you come and talk to me.
Todd: Karen, come on. That wasn’t part of the agreement. You promised me.
Me: Come on Todd. Just agree and we can move on.
Todd: No. That wasn’t part of the agreement.

I was upset. We were so close. But fine. If he wanted to be that way. I did agree and I keep to my word.

Karen: Fine Todd. I promised you I would and I keep promises. All of them.

I stood up and went to the kitchen and grabbed the wooden spoon. The same spoon I spanked Todd with a few weeks ago. Todd’s eyes became huge.

Todd: Karen what are you doing.

Me: I told you if you ever lied to me again I was going to give you an even harder spanking. Do you remember that?
Todd: Karen, fine. Nevermind. I will take the lock off the trunk and tell you anytime I am going to wear a diaper.
Me: Nope. Too late little missy. Get your pink diapered butt over here right now.

Todd went to step away but who was he kidding. I took his arm and placed him over my knee. For the next 7 or 8 minutes I spanked him as hard as I could. He was crying within the first 5 minutes and profusely apologizing for everything the minute after. Once I was done spanking him I stood him up and looked at him.

Me: Do you remember the second part of this.
Todd: Come on Karen. I am sorry. Please don’t do this.

Before he could finish I took the diaper cover off the table and slid his legs up in to it bring it up to his waiste. I tightened the chest strap as Todd helplessly tried to block what I was doing but the gloves made it pretty futile. Taking the magnetic lock I attached it to the waste strap. I then adjusted the leg straps for both his legs and applied the locks as well.

Me: Go stand in timeout while I get the key to the mittens.
Todd: Karen come on. This isn’t funny.

I gave him another 3 firm spanks with the spoon across his butt. He quickly complied with my request. I grabbed the key for the mittens from my purse and unlocked them, removing them from Scott’s hands.

Me: I am going to start dinner. You can stay in timeout for a while and think about all of this. I will check your diaper in a little bit and change you if needed.

I enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing! I am confused why you started the chapter numbers over in your last post. You could just keep going!

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Please continue the story. I like it very much.

Enjoying the story, but I’m slightly confused about whether Monica is going to have a bit of fun with Karen.
two small spelling errors: masterbate is spelled masturbate and waiste is waist (area above the hips) or waste (garbage)

So I made another chapter in this ridiculous story. But it was fun. I love reading the stories in this forum and hopefully this will contribute some as there doesn’t appear to be much activity anymore. As for the feedback on chapter numbers I don’t know how to modify previous posts so I can’t go back and fix it. I also thought I would never do anything else but writing these stories gets me going so much. Please provide feedback and if anyone wants to add their own spin on it too that could be fun.

Part 3

  • Karen -

I had to call her bluff. Couldn’t of just kept my mouth shut, laughed it off, and continued drinking. I had to let the liquid courage get the better of me. Now here I am bent over Monica’s knee, my skirt pulled up, and my butt just sticking up in the air.

“Still think I couldn’t spank you if I wanted to?” Monica asked.
“Fine. You win. Let me up!” I said in exasperation.
“Use your manners K.” Monica said with a smirk.
“PLEEAAAASEEE let me up” I said.

Monica’s hand rested on my butt. She waited about half a second, gave me two gentle patts on the butt and let me up. I stood up embarrassed, pushed my skirt down and sat back down on the couch.

“That was fun. You have a cute butt” Monica said with a good nature laugh.
“Thanks” I said sarcastically.

“You know. It might do you so some good get a spanking. When was the last time you were on the receiving end of one?” Monica asked.
“It has been a minute. Ever since the night Todd wet his diaper and you changed him he hasn’t been very dominant in the bedroom. Normally it is a pretty even split on who is dominant and who is submissive. However, these last few months he just isn’t in to it like he used to be.”

“Any idea why?” Monica asked.
“I think it has to do with the diapers. He is so embarrassed by all of this. I still have only seen him in a diaper those two nights. After you left, I kept him in a diaper for a few more hours. He had a big tantrum and wet himself and almost broke down in tears. I felt bad so I gave him the key to the diaper cover and he went in and changed. He apologized after he was done cleaning himself up. He begged me not to be mad at him and leave him. I told him I had no intention of leaving him. We hugged it out and that was it”

“You haven’t talked about it at all since then?” Monica asked.
“No. Nothing.” I responded. “He is just so embarrassed by it all. I asked him the other night if he had worn a diaper recently. He just turned beat red and said no”

“Do you belive him?” Monica asked me.
“I honestly don’t know. I think I made my point abundantly clear that lying is not acceptable. But you never know. This is a sensitive topic for him” I said.

“I hope you figure it out” Monica said.
“Me too” I said with a hint of sadness.

Monica stood up and walked over to me. She grabbed my arm stood me up wrapping me in a big hug.

“I know just what the doctor ordered” Monica said with glee.

Next thing I know I find myself bent over Monica’s knee. She takes my skirt and pulls it down and right off my body.

“HEEEY!!! What are you doing!?!” I exclaimed.
“Relax. I think this is just what the doctor ordered” Monica said.
“No it isn’t.” I said.
“So here is the deal. You need this and I want this. You can either leave and never talk to me again or just relax. But know the more you resist the worse it gets.”

I was silent as I assessed the situation. I did love Monica and she was my closest friend. But I wasn’t sure I wanted this. I also wasnt’ sure I didn’t. I didn’t quite know what I wanted. I tried to just pull myself off her lap when I felt a sharp smack across by butt. I was so startled and along with the alcohol that I might of peed a little.

“Oh My god K. You just peed on me” Monica said as she looked at the wet spot on my underwear.

Without warning I felt my underwear being slid off and felt another sharp smack on my rear end.

“You naughty little girl you. I honestly didn’t see that happening” Karen said while laughing.

“This isn’t funny. I wasn’t expecting this to happen and you surprised me is all.”

“You sound like a two year old” Monica said. “Grown women don’t accidently pee themselves” It also looks like you got pee on your skirt as well.

I didn’t believe this but it felt futile to argue with her. Monica proceeded to spank me about 15 times and it felt amazing. She didn’t spank me too hard but it turned me on so much I could tell there were more liquids than just pee on Monica’s lap. When Monica was done she let me up off her lap.

“I am going to throw your clothes in the washer” Why don’t you make yourself comfortable in the corner over there.
“I think that is enough Monica. You had your fun”

Monica smirked at me.

“Corner now. You’re only going to make this worse for you.” She said.

With that, I felt the hardest spank Monica had given me as she escorted me to the corner. She gave me two more very hard spanks. I instinctly moved my hands to cover my butt and Monica stoped.
“I will be right back” Monica said.

Monica picked up my skirt and underwear and walked over to the laundry room. She took off her jeans and along with my soiled clothes put some detergent in the washer and started it… Then, she went to her closet and I could hear her moving around and looking for something.

“Monica, if you could just get me a pair of shorts to borrow that should be fine” I yelled.

After a few minutes, Monica came back in to the room wearing a new pair of jeans for he rand carrying one of those pink diapers like Todd had.

“No fucking way Monica” I exclaimed. “I liked the spanking, and can put up with the corner thing but no fucking way on this”.
“Fine leave” Monica stated.

“Ok. Just loan me a pair of shorts and I will be on my way” I said.
“We both know that isn’t going to happen. Now lay down and let me change you in to a diaper real quick. Or does someone need another spanking?”

I gulped. She was serious and I knew she would follow through.

“You’re already in trouble K. Don’t make it worse.” Monica said with a smirk that I just wanted to slap right off her face. I laid down on the floor and Monica slid the diaper underneath my butt. She lifted up my legs and gave me two hard spanks in the diaper position while my legs were in the air.

“Ouch” I screamed.

While my legs were still in the air I felt a weird sensation as something was inserted in my butt. Then very quickly Monica pulled the diaper up over me and fastened the tapes securing the diaper on me. She stood me up and I almost had an orgasm in the process.

“What did you do” I moaned.

“While I was changing you I put a plug in you as well. You will thank me later.” Monica said.

Monica gave my diapered butt a few patts and went and sat back down on the couch. With each patt I felt the plug push in to me causing a highly erotic response. Oh god if I wasn’t careful Monica was going to end up changing me due to all the fluids coming out of me.

“Don’t touch your diaper or try to take it off. I am sure you can guess what happens if you do.”

“And how long are you going to keep me like this?” I asked.

“At least until your clothes are finished. Although I might make this a rule when you come over. You did pee on me after all…” Monica said with a smile.

I didn’t like the jokes. I also didn’t like here sitting in nothing but a shirt and a pink puffy diaper but there wasn’t much I could do about it either.

“Can I at least have some something to cover up the diaper?” I asked.

“Of course. I have a lovely pink diaper cover I got off etsy last month.” Monica had such a shit eating grin when she said that.

“Come on. Give me some fucking shorts Monica” I said getting very irritated.

Monica got up and walked first to the bathroom and then to the closet. After spending a few minutes in to the closet she walked back in to the room carrying what looked like a ping pong paddle, a pacifier, a bar of soap, that pink diaper cover, and what looked like a very long shirt.

“I warned you K.” Monica grabbed my arm laid me across her lap. Taking the ping paddle she proceeded to spank me with it 15 times. The diaper did a good job of padding each spank but each spank caused the plug to push in me more causing such an intense pleasure that I could feel the diaper filling with fluid. When she was done spanking me I felt myself being lifed up and a bar of soap was put in my mouth.

“Bite down for 20 seconds” Monica demanded.

At first I did nothing and felt a ping pong paddle connect with my thigh. I yelped and ended up biting down on the soap. After about 20 seconds Monica took the soap out of my mouth and replaced with the pacifier.

“Keep this in your mouth until I say so” She then proceeded to put the diaper cover on me placing the magnet locks over the clasps (Just like I did with Todd). Following that she pulled out the long shirt revealing it to have a picture of a Princess Sophia on and snaps at the bottom of the shirt. From there, Monica placed shirt on me and I could see her closing up the snaps at my crouch.

“You look adorable!!. Also don’t think I didn’t notice that diaper getting a bit puffy. You’re fine now but I will check you in a bit.” Monica said.

I spit the pacifier out and started to say something but Monica held up her hand to signal for me to stop.

“I think you’re enjoying this. You filled your diaper with fluids. This is all part of it. You got your spanking, I got my fun. Now we just hang out, finish our conversation, have some drinks. I will change you in a few hours and once the clothes are done in a few hours we call it a night”

“Monica…” I started to say.

"Or I give you another spanking and then we go out for drinks with you stilled diapered. Monica interrupted.

I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t think Monica would actually do that but I also wasn’t 100% sure she wouldn’t.

I sat down on the couch, hearing the tell tale ruffle of diaper on me. I could see some of the plastic sticking out of the onsie that I was in. Monica was smirking as she saw me notice this.

“One thing I am curious about. How am I the only one who has changed Todd” Monica asked me.

“I didn’t change him because I wasn’t going to keep him in a diaper any longer. He was already upset about wetting the diaper.” I exclaimed.

“You should of at least changed him even if you immediately let him out. He has to see you love him and accept him.”

“Duly noted Monica. Not much I can do about it now” I told her.

Monica got up to went to the kitchen and started pouring herself another drink.

“Do you want another drink K?” Monica asked


“If you’re worried about wetting your diaper relax. It is going to happen. Payback for you peeing on me.” Monica said.

“I didn’t mean to! It was an accident and I wasn’t expecting it. Besides I have already been spanked, had my mouth washed out with soap, have a butt plug in me, and being forced to wear a diaper” I exclaimed.

“You seem to enjoyed most of it” Monica said. “Besides you will end up having to go before your clothes are done. I got plenty of diapers and unlike you I will change your diaper when needed.”

“That isn’t fair. I never said I wouldn’t change him” I said.

“But you didn’t. Maybe I should give Todd a call and have him come over here. Even the score a little bit.” Monica said.

“DON"T YOU DARE Monica!!” I exclaimed.

“Relax. I am not running a daycare.” Monica giggled as she responded. “Should I put your drink in a bottle or can you handle a big girl glass?”

“A normal glass is fine” I responded.

“That wasn’t one of the options.” Monica said.

“A big girl glass please” I retorted

“Much better.”

Monica finished pouring both our drinks and came back to sit on the couch with me. I took a sip of my drink and tried to get comfortable. Every time I moved though a jolt of intense pleasure ran through my body.

“You like that huh?” Monica asked me.

“Oh god it is intense. I can’t believe you just slid that in to me” I said.

“I thought you would like it. And even if you didn’t not much you can do about it now” Monica jokingly said.

Monica and I contined chatting and enjoying our drinks. It was fun but the butt plug made things very distracting. After about an hour I started squirming having to pee. The problem was everytime I moved the plug in me caused me to experience brief instances of extreme pleasure.

“Does someone have to go potty?” Monica teased

“Not funny Monica. You had your fun. I was a good sport. Let me out.”

Monica stood up and came over to me…and started tickling me.


She didn’t let up. With all the moving around, the jolts of eupohria from the plug, and trying to hold it I couldn’t do it anymore and and the next thing I know I started peeing. Monica started smiling as she realized what was happening and quit tickling me. She then went to sit back on her side of the couch and took a sip of her drink. I was mortified. Besides peeing on Monica during my spanking I hadn’t had an accident since I was a baby.

“Feel better?” Monica asked me.

“No. Now let me out of this wet diaper”

Monica started to stand up as she responded “Of course. Let me go get a fresh diaper for you.”.

“No. Let me out of this and loan me a pair of pants and a shirt damnit” I told her.

“I am curious. It was ok to do it to Todd but when you’re forced to wet your diaper you get all upset?.”

“This is different Monica” I exclaimed.

“I don’t really think it is. You pushed Todd a bit. Yea to teach him a lesson but also because you knew he would enjoy it. I did the same”

“I didn’t enjoy this! And I am not going to argue with you about this until you let me out of this wet diaper” I exclaimed.

Monica walked back to the closet and retrieved another diaper and some wipes. This time it was a white diaper with teddy bears on it. She came back in the living room and placed both items on the coffee table.

“That diaper can take a lot more than what you just wet. And honestly, you sound exactly like a toddler. Seriously, K. I am disappointed in you. You clearly had fun with this and now you are all upset when you did the same thing to Todd. Maybe this is good for you. Now you can empathize with what Todd went through”

“This is bullshit Monica. Todd lied to me and I punished him for it” I said.

“You fulfilled a fantasy of his even if he didn’t admit it. He could of ended it anytime he wanted to yet he didn’t. Just like you could here. Yea you got a little bit of payback for it but come on K. This is all in good fun” Monica exclaimed.

I stood there sulking. I was pissed just not sure about what. Monica made a good point but I felt humilated. I wanted out of this wet diaper. I didn’t like peeing in it but I did enjoy almost everything else about this whole experience. Not necessarily the diaper, and the soap wasn’t pleasant but Monica spanking me, and getting to be submmissive for a bit was nice.

“Whatever Monica” I said in a really bratty tone.

Monica looked at me shaking her head.

“I cant believe you’re acting like this.” Monica said.

“Well I am” I responded. I wanted to stomp my foot on the ground but it seemed too juvenile.

“K. I really want to put you over my knee right and for real give you a spanking you won’t forget. But I am not going to do that. This is supposed to be fun”

“Well just let me out of this diaper and we can go back to having fun” I responded.

“No honey. I am really disappointed in you. I think I am going to send you home to Todd. You need to apologize to him and work a few things out”

“WHAT THE FUCK Monica. You cant be serious.” I told her.

“Yup. I am. Now watch it. I can still spank you before sending you on your way. And know that the next time we get together you’re getting a spanking and a diaper for the way you’re acting.” Monica admonished. “Bring back the diaper cover with you too. That wasn’t cheap.”

With that Monica stood up, grabbed my arm and spanked walk me to the door grabbing my purse.

“No one will see you walking to the car. That diaper is easily thick enough to not leak until you get to Todd’s apartment. I will have your clothes ready for you when you come over next.” Monica said.

With that she opened the door and spank walked me out of it closing it. I ran to the car and got in. As I sat down I could feel the puffy diaper on my butt. I will say one thing the diaper was absorbent. I undid the crouch straps on my onsie and spent about 10 minutes trying to get at the diaper beneath the cover. No matter what I tried or did I couldn’t get the cover off or even touch the diaper underneath. Realizing my attempts were futile, I started the car and headed to Todds.

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There have been several major incidents that caused the drop in activity, although the latest one also seems to have helped some. :slight_smile:

The 3 biggest recent events:

  1. The hacking of several accounts that led to switching forum software (side-effect being that a lot of dormant accounts has become active again, so hopefully will help)
  2. Another account that was hacked and how that situation was handled on both sides. We lost a moderator and the last of the 3 original founders with this (a very long story…)
  3. A uh… incident involving my wife in 2018 in the chat room that led to me taking over her hosting and admin duties. Again, a very long story.

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I will do one more chapter where Monica and Karen make up a little later. Sorry for the delay.


Part 4


I ran from the parking deck to Todd’s door quickly putting my key in to the lock. I turned the key and walked in to the apartment. When I walked in Todd was watching TV on the couch.

“Hey Karen”, Todd said.

Todd looked over and his jaw dropped. I was standing there in a Princess Sophia onesie. If you looked close enough you could see a little bit of plastic of the diaper sticking out. I am also pretty sure it was obvious that I was wearing a very wet diaper underneath the onesie.

“What the fuck are you wearing Karen?” Todd demanded. “Is this some type of mean joke?”
“No!!” I said almost in tears. “Monica and I got in to an argument at her apartment so she dressed me up like this and sent me over here to force me to ask you to let me out!”
“You can’t take off that ridiculous onesie?” Todd asked.
“It isn’t the onesie. It is what is under the onesie” I cried.
“Oh” Todd said quietly.

Todd got up and came over and gave me a hug. I think he could tell I was extremely upset. He gave me a quick look over and then placed his hand on my butt and squeezed.

“Wow Karen. You’re very wet” Todd said.
“No shit Todd. Monica put me in that same stupid diaper cover you have and then fed me drinks all day. Please just go get the key and let me out” I demanded.
“Only if you tell me exactly what happened” Todd said.
“Fine. Just let me out of this”

Todd grabbed his keys off the counter and walked over to the closet. I followed him over to the closet and watched as he unlocked the trunk in the closet and grabbed the key.
“Do you need a new diaper?” Todd asked
“Not funny!” I said.

Todd handed me the key to the diaper cover and I went in to the bathroom. I unsnapped the crotch snaps at the bottom of the onsie and removed it. From there, I took the key and removed the diaper cover along with the soiled diaper. I quickly threw the diaper in the trashcan and jumped in to the shower. Oh my god did the shower feel amazing. I cleaned every ounce of my body, quickly got out of the shower, and toweled off. Wrapped in the towel, I walked out of the bathroom to talk to Todd.

“I need to borrow some shorts and a shirt” I said.
“What about underwear. You don’t have any?” Todd said while smirking.
“Watch it mister. I have had a rough day” I said.

Todd went in and grabbed a pair of workout shorts and a t-shirt handing it to me. I quickly went back in to the bathroom and changed. After changing, I walked out to the kitchen, grabbed a beer and sat down on the couch.

“So what happened?” Todd asked.

I took a long hard pull on my beer and looked at Todd.

“I was hanging out with Monica. I told her how I was worried about us and how you were being a little weird. She decided I needed a spanking to help cheer me up. Well before I could say anything I was across her lap and she spanked me on the butt. I was shocked and peed on her. So she put me in a diaper”
“Oh my god Karen. You serious?” Todd asked
“You actually peed on her!?! Maybe you do need a diaper after all. Also, how did you end up in those clothes?” Todd asked."
“Well my clothes had pee on them so she put them in the washer. To mess with me she gave me the onsie to wwear over the diaper when I complained.” I said.
“And what happened for her to lock you in the diaper and send you to me?” Todd asked.
“She and I disagreed on the way I handled treating you the other night. She thought I was too harsh. I told her to mind her own business. I might of thrown a little temper tantrum as well.”

Those last words were very self reflective of me and I just realized that I had come to this revelation. I had acted like a bit of a bitch at Monica’s and I did owe Todd an apology.

“I guess that means I owe you a bit of an apology too Todd” I sheepishly said.

Todd started to tear up.

“You mean it K?” Todd asked
“Yea I suppose I do” I said. “I was too harsh. I love you. We can figure out the diapers thing. I should of been more caring and shown you that I care. I should of at the very least changed you myself if what Monica said is true.”

"Umm…K I

don’t really get what you mean" Todd said.

“Well, when I was done punishing you I should of also shown you that I still cared. By changing you that would of done that. At least that is what Monica says. Either way, I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me” I said.
“Of course K.” Todd said.
“But Mr. If you lie to me again don’t think I won’t hesitate to punish you even worse.” I jokingly said.
“Yes Maam” Todd said. “So what now”
“I guess we just go back to how we were before all this. Except that I expect you to be honest with me about the diapers and I will try to incorporate it in to our play somehow.” I said.
“Ok. But I don’t want to have to use the diapers. I don’t like it” Todd said.
“You will do what I tell you to. But don’t worry. I won’t make you use them…that much” I said with a smirk. “You’re the one who introduced them. Sometimes actions have consquences.”
“What about you and Monica?” Todd asked.
“I guess I will have to call her and make up.” I said. “Although she told me to expect a spanking and a diaper next time I come over as punishment.” I whined.
“You probably deserve it” Todd said. "If you hadn’t already been spanked so much you would be over my knee right now But since that isn’t the case I want you to go to timeout right now and think about all this and reflect.
“I don’t think so Todd” I said.

Todd got up and took my hand. He led me to the corner and swatted my butt.

“You don’t get a say” Todd said. “For the rest of this weekend you listen to me and mind me and everything will be fine.”

Todd had his fun for the rest of the weekend. Although I didn’t enjoy all of it his dominant side did come back out. I got spanked (Thank God!!) a few times. We had a lot of sex and our relationship rekindled. We even were able to joke and talk about diapers. We came to an agreement that he would remove the lock on the trunk and it wouldn’t be a taboo subject. He still wasn’t very comfortable wearing around me but then again my plan was to use it more as punishment. So I didn’t care if he was comfortable or not. As a matter of fact it was better if he was still being a little bit shy about it.

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I stood at Monica’s door not wanting to knock. She was my best and closest friend. I needed to fix things. I wanted to fix things. But I also knew that there was going to be hell to pay. She was upset. I didn’t handle myself well. Definitely not the best situation to be in.

I called her a few days back and told her I wanted to come over and clear the air. I also needed to return her stuff and get my clothes. She did not seem impressed that I wanted to come over and apologize. She wasn’t rude about it but she wasn’t warm either. Just said I could come over on Saturday and talk. Well here I am!

I knocked on the door. Monica opened the door and let me in. I went to give her a hug and she reciprocated. While surprising, this was awesome. I put her things I had bagged up on the counter.

“Do you want a drink?” Monica asked.
“Sure. Whatever you’re having” I said.

Monica reached in the fridge and grabbed two beers. She handed me one of them and we proceeded to head over to the couch and sit down. She didn’t say anything and just looked at me. After about 10 seconds of awkward silence I figured she was waiting on me.

“Listen, I am sorry.” I said. “You were right. I should have treated Todd better. Thanks to you we made up and things are much much better.”
“That’s great K. I am glad to hear it” Monica said. “So, what happened when you got over to Todd’s place?”
“Well when I first walked in he was obviously very surprised. I think his exact words were what the fuck are you wearing Karen? It’s funny now but at the time not so much. Anyway…I explained what happened here and I apologized”
“That’s wonderful K” Monica said.
“Yea.” I said. “He even teared up. We then talked and reconciled. We had a great rest of the weekend. So again, none of that would have been possible without you.”

Monica smiled at me and I could tell she was genuinely happy to hear that.

“I am glad it worked out K.” Monica said. “I feel like you just needed a wakeup call”.
“Yes. Thank you Monica. I am so glad we can put this past us.” I said.
“Well almost. There is still one more thing.” Monica said.

Damnit. I thought I was going to get out of this whole thing.

“What is that?” I said playing dumb.
“Come on K. I want you to say it. What else do we have to discuss?” Monica asked.
“Not sure. I returned your stuff. It’s on the table. The only thing left is for you to just give me my clothes.” I said.
“K, listen to me. The more you stall and make this difficult the worse it is going to be.” Monica said.
“Come on Monica. We had our fun. Can’t we just let it go.” I asked.
“What did I tell you would happen next time you came over here?” Monica asked.
“Ummmm…that you would spank me and put me in a diaper” I said quietly.
“I need you to say it louder please. I can’t quite year you.” Monica said.
“That you would spank me and put me in a diaper” I said a little louder this time.
“Much better. Are you ready for your punishment?” Monica asked.
“You don’t have to do this Monica. This was supposed to be all fun and games” I said.
“I think in this case this will help enforce the lesson you learned” Monica said. “Now come here and bend over my lap”

I reluctantly got up and went over to where Monica was sitting. She grabbed my arm and placed me over her lap. I felt her lift my skirt up and fold it over exposing just my underwear. She placed her hand gently on my butt.

“Now K. I am very proud of you for realizing your mistakes. However, you acted like such a brat. I swear I thought I was actually dealing with a two-year-old. I am going to spank you and then change you in to a diaper. I will keep you diapered for the rest of the day. If you so much as even touch your diaper then there will be consequences. Do you understand me?” Karen asked.
“Monica, this isn’t necessary. Come on!”

I gasped as Monica’s hand came down on my butt and I heard the loud pop. Damn, Todd doesn’t even spank this hard.

“Do you understand Karen?” Monica asked.
“Yes!” I exclaimed.
“Good” Monica said.

Monica spanked me 10 times. After about the 7th or 8th spank I moved my hands to cover my butt that was on fire and felt all my weight go on Monica’s lap. Monica grabbed my hands and moved them up past my butt and secured them with her other hand. Taking her free hand, I felt my underwear being pulled down to my legs.
“What are you doing Monica?” I asked.
“What does it look like?” she said.

Monica then gave me another 10 spanks across my bare butt. By the end of the spanking, I was limp in her lap and my butt was on fire. Monica helped me up and walked me to the corner of her apartment.
"Stand here in timeout. Keep your hands behind your back above your butt and your nose in the corner. If your hands drop below where they are now or your nose leaves that corner you get another spanking.

I fucking hate timeout. Why do Todd and Monica insist on putting me in timeout? Monica walked in to her bedroom and I heard her moving things around in her closet. I could hear Monica come back in to the room. I went to turn around to see what was going on and felt a hard spank against my already sore bottom.

“fuck Monica.” I exclaimed.
“What did I tell you. Put your nose back in that corner!” Monica demanded.

Before I knew what was happening I felt those same mittens Monica had put on Todd slide on to both my hands. I didn’t dare turn around but I was pretty sure I felt Monica put the magnetic lock through the buckle of the gloves.

“There much better” Monica said.

She turned me around and walked me over to the couch.

“Lay down” Monica ordered.
“Why did you put these gloves on me? This isn’t necessary” I said.
“Just making sure a certain girl doesn’t mess with her diaper. I don’t want you messing with your diaper.” Monica said.

I laid down on the couch. Monica grabbed both my legs and raised them up while sliding a diaper underneath my butt. She reached over to the table and grabbed some baby powder and started liberally applying it.
“Come on Monica. I don’t need baby powder” I said in frustration.
“It helps with diaper rash Karen.” Monica responded.

Monica slid the front of the diaper up over my groin area and taped both sides together. She helped me up and I felt her hand pat my butt a few times.

“There you go sweetie.” Monica said.

I looked down and saw that Monica had put me in another very pink diaper. With my hands in these mittens they were essentially useless. I wouldn’t be able to take the diaper off. I also wouldn’t be able to drink my beer either. And god forbid I spill a beer. Knowing Monica, she would probably spank me for that.

“How am I supposed to drink my beer if I can’t use my hands.” I said. “Didn’t think this through, did you? Now take off these mittens”

Monica went to the kitchen and grabbed a baby bottle out of the cupboard. She walked back in to the living room and poured my beer in the baby bottle.

“You really think this is all new to me Karen?” Monica teased. “You should be able to hold a bottle even with your mittens on”

I clumsily grabbed the bottle and put the nipple in my mouth. To my surprise I was able to get a sip of the beer to come out of the nipple. I pulled back the bottle and took big sip of the beer.

“So, what now Monica?” I asked.
“What do you mean K?” Monica inquired.
“Here I am. You spanked me, diapered me, put me in timeout, and are now trying to embarrass me all in about 10 minutes of me being here.” I said. “What is the plan now?”
“No plan K.” Monica said. “We are just going to hang out like we normally do. Unless, you want to play some more. I am sure I can come up with something fun”
“No.” I said. “I am fine”

Monica looked me over and smiled.
“You know I love you right. You’re one of my closest friends” Monica said.
“You sure have a funny way of showing it” I said.
“Karen, are you and Todd not back to a good place?” Monica asked.
“Yes. We are.” I said.
“Did you guys not figure out the whole diaper fetish. And besides, you now have another tool in your toolbelt to punish Todd with” Monica said.
“Yes Monica. That is true” I said.
“So relax. I am probably not going to spank you again. Hell, if you can manage not to wet your diaper while you’re here I won’t even get to change you. We can call this payment for fixing your relationship problems”
“Pretty fucking expensive if you ask me” I said.
“It can get more expensive Karen. Watch out” Monica said. “I also said I probably wouldn’t spank you again. I didn’t say I definitely wouldn’t”
“Ok ok. I am sorry” I said.
"You know. I think deep down you like this. Monica said. “You keep on antagonizing me even after everything that has been done. Almost, like you’re wanting to see what else I will do”
“Nonsense. Besides there isn’t much else you can do” I said.

Monica got up and went to the kitchen opening up the freezer. She grabbed a handful of ice cubes and came back to me.

“Stand up and turn around” Monica said.

I stood up and turned around. I felt Monica pull my diaper out and drop the ice cubes in the front and the back of the diaper. Then I felt a very light swat on the butt. I jumped as the ice cubes settled in to the diaper.

“Oh my God that is cold” I exclaimed.

I reached down to try to remove the ice and adjust my diaper but my hands were pretty much useless. I looked at Monica and she just smiled at me and took another sip of my beer.

“What is that supposed to do?” I asked.
“You will see” Monica said.

Over the course of about 20 minutes I felt the ice melt and the diaper get puffier and heavier. I also noticed my flexibility below my waist became more limited as the ice melted. I did not like the feeling of the wet diaper on me.

“Let me out of this thing Monica” I demanded.
“Oh, does someone need their diaper changed?” Monica asked.
“Come on Monica, you can’t leave me in this thing.” I exclaimed.
“I seem to recal a little girl saying things couldn’t get worse” Monica said. “I am going to leave you in that diaper for a little bit so I suggest you get comfortable. Besides, that diaper can handle multiple accidents.”
“MONICA!” I exclaimed.

Monica got up and went to kitchen cupboard and came back carrying a very large pacifier with a piece of string attached to it. She stuck the pacifier in my mouth and tied it around the back of my head essentially gagging me.

“Mnca, fk tk ot” I babbled.
“K, sweetie. You need to stop this. Monica said. Do I need to call Todd and tell her him you’re being a bad girl?”

I shook my head.

“Good.” she said. “Now I will change your diaper when I am good and ready and not a moment until then. I think you need to spend some time in the corner self-reflecting”

Monica grabbed my arm and walked me over to the corner. I FUCKING hate corner time. She positioned my hands behind my back resting above my diaper.

“Now remember, if your hands drop below where they are we are going to have some consequences.” Monica said.

As I was sucking on the pacifier I started tasting something really sour and started salivating.

“If you’re wondering why you taste that sour in your pacifier it is because I soak the pacifier in vinegar.” Monica said.

I tried to spit the pacifier out but I couldn’t do it. I moved my hands to try to take the pacifier out and felt a hard swat on my butt.

“Does a little girl need a spanking?” Monica asked. “Maybe I should call Todd and tell him to come over and give you a spanking?”

I put my arms back and shook my head. I did not want Todd seeing me like this. I stayed in the corner for what felt like an hour but I am told was only about twenty minutes. Monica grabbed my arms and walked me back over to the couch and removed the pacifier.

“I need something to drink Monica” I said. “A pacifier laced with Vinegar?”
“I told you it could get worse.” Monica said. “You have to be consistent when you’re disciplining someone. It isn’t just spankings and wearing a dry diaper”

Monica grabbed the baby bottle on the table and went in to the kitchen. She poured out the beer and filled it with water bring it back to me.

“Now drink up baby” Monica said.

I drank the entire bottle in one sitting.

“More please” I said.

Monica filled up another bottle and I drank all that too. Apparently in chugging the water I now had to pee.

“Umm Monica. I need to pee” I said.
“Ok sweetie” Monica said.
“No, you don’t understand. I really have to pee.” I said.
“Ok.” Monica responded.

I looked at her with the best angry face I could muster. I stomped my foot and looked at her even harder.

"K, you’re in a shirt, very wet pink diaper, and just had a pacifier in your mouth. Monica said. “All I see is just a toddler trying to be grown up”

Monica then quickly got up and started tickling me and the flood gates opened. I soaked that diaper but surprisingly nothing leaked on to the floor.

“Happy now?” I said. “Now can you please let me out diapers” I said.

Monica got up and went to grab another beer. Once she had a new beer she went back to her closet and came back with changing pad, some wipes and another diaper. She quickly changed me and removed the gloves.

“Ok, I think you suffered enough.” Monica said.
“Yea I think I did.” I said. “So are we now good” I asked.
“Yea of course K. Monica said. We were good even before all this. But damn was that fun”

I stuck my tongue out at her in a very childish gesture. We hung out for about another hour. I of course was fully clothed and not diapered for that last hour. Giving Monica a giant hug, I left and went back to enjoy a great evening with Todd.


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