Toby's Journey Back to Diapers PT4

Toby and Eric had finished lunch and were well entrenched in an epic Lego build-off when they heard the doorbell ring. “That must be my mom” Eric shouted, jumping up and running towards the door, Toby following closely behind. “Mommy!” Eric shouted as he appeared from the hallway. “Well hello, my love” Fae responded, picking her son up in embrace and quickly noticing her son’s padded behind. “Boy’s, can you go clean up your toy’s for me?” Beth asked “Toby I’ll be in to help you pack your bag shortly”. The boy’s ran back down the hallway towards Toby’s room. “Well he didn’t seem upset about being back in diapers full-time” Fae mentioned “I guess that’s good”. “He’s been a champ about it” Beth replied “no fuss at all”.

“Boy’s, how’s it going” Toby’s mother asked as she entered Toby’s room. To her surprise, the boys had finished cleaning up and Eric was putting pajama’s back in his bag. Eric zipped his bag up and headed down the hallway to his mother while Beth and Toby stayed behind to back. “Okay honey, lets pack up a bag for you” Beth said, grabbing an empty overnight bag from Toby’s closet. Beth loaded up Toby’s bag with two daytime outfits, just in case, and his footed sleeper before heading to his dresser. She loaded up the rest of his bag with a stack of diapers, wipes, and powder. “Alright, mister…you’re packed and ready to go” his mother announced.

“Toby’s all set” Beth announced as they entered the family room. “So boys…whose interested in a trip to ShowBiz Pizza!” Fae exclaimed. “ME ME ME ME” both boys excitedly exclaimed. “You boys have a good time” Beth said, bending down to give her son a hug “and you be good for Eric’s mom mister” she said, patting Toby’s backside in the process. “Yes, mom” Toby replied. Fae lead the boys out the door and to the car, making sure they were both buckled in before heading off to ShowBiz pizza.

Fae pulled into the parking lot and the boys were quickly captivated by the flashing lights of the ShowBiz Pizza sign. “Alright boys, were here!” Fae announced. In no time the boys were unbuckled and racing to the front door. “Let’s get some coins” Fae said, leading the boys to the exchange machine. Fae gave each boy 5 dollars in coins and they raced off to their first game. “Let’s play skee-ball first” Eric exclaimed. “I’ll bet you I get a higher score than you” Toby said, challenging his friend. While the boys played their game’s, Fae found a table and ordered them some drink’s while closely keeping an eye on Eric and Toby.

As the boy’s finished their third round of skee-ball Toby asked his friend “Wanna go play the motorcycle video game?”. “Sure” Eric replied, following his friend. They both put a coin in and hopped up on their motorcycle’s, waiting for the race to start. “3….2……1……GO!” the game announced. Toby and Eric carelessly steered their bikes around the video game track, the motorcycle vibrating each time they drove off road…which was quite frequently. It was around the 6th or 7th time of crashing that the motorcycle vibration really strained Eric’s bladder and on the 8th crash the dam gates opened. It was at that moment that Eric regretted not asking his mom to go potty when they arrived. Eric had been holding it for quite some time, not wanting to miss out on the fun, but that was a decision he was regretting as he felt the warm flow of pee continue on for what felt like minutes, his diaper expanding and straining to hold back the oncoming flood.

Toby himself wasn’t doing any better. While he wasn’t able to tell when his bladder was full he certainly could feel his diaper swelling as the vibration of the motorcycle shook ever last drop of pee out of his bladder. As the game ended, both boy’s cautiously got down from their motorcycle’s and headed over to Eric’s mom, slowly waddling over to the table she was at. Fae was no stranger to the awkward walk both boys were now doing as they headed over to her. “That’s the walk of two boys who need their diapers changed” Fae thought to herself, smiling at the boys as they walked over. “Well, looks like I need to get some supplies from the car” Fae said to the boys “Go ahead and wait here, I’ll be right back” as she headed to the car. Toby and Eric slowly, and cautiously, sat down at the table hoping their diapers wouldn’t burst. “Is yours as full as mine” Eric asked his friend, a nervous look on his face. “Probably” an also nervous Toby said back “that motorcycle game was a bad idea”.

Fae returned to the table with the diapers and wipes in hand. “Mom, everyone can see the diapers in your hand!” Eric exclaimed at his mother. “Oh relax, Eric” Fae exclaimed “no one you know is here”. “Toby, I’m going to change Eric first, please wait here” Fae said, grabbing Toby’s had and leading him away. Fae lead Toby into the Family bathroom and pulled down the changing station. Toby was nervous as his mother picked him up and laid him down on the changing station, his bloated diaper now squishing and straining more than it had before. Fae pulled down Eric’s pants exposing his severely bloated diaper that was at it’s breaking point. “My lord, Eric” Fae exclaimed “you really couldn’t feel yourself peeing this much” she asked. “No, mom, honestly” he replied back, starting to pout a little. “Well I’ll just have to check your diaper more often” she said, as she pulled the tapes on his diaper and began to change him. In less than a minute she had a fresh diaper on him and pulled his pants back up. “Alright, go send Eric in here please” Fae said as she led her son to the towards the door but not before throwing his soaked diaper in the trash.

Eric headed back to the table where his friend was sitting “Mom said it’s your turn” Eric announced as he arrived. “Okay” Toby said as he got up from the table. Fae was waiting for toby as he came around the corner, ushering him in. Fae lifted Toby up and placed him on the changing table, his diaper also squishing under the full wait of his backside. She unbuckled his overall’s and pulled them down revealing his strained onesie. “What a smart idea” Fae announced at the sight of his onesie “I’m going to need to get Eric some of these as well” she proclaimed. Fae popped the snap’s on his onesie revealing his bladder’s handy work. Fae couldn’t help herself after seeing his diapers landing zone “Awww…you’re dump trucks are adorable!” she proclaimed “but you boy’s really did a number on these diapers” she laughed. A now embarrassed, but giggling Toby blushed. Fae finished taping up Toby’s new diaper and snapped his onesie back up. “All done” she announced, pulling his overall’s back up and buttoning them.

Fae threw Toby’s equally bloated diaper in the trash and led Toby out of the family changing room. Toby quickly raced backed to his friend at the table, Fae following closely behind. “Boy’s, I need you both to have some of your drink’s before you head back out for more games” Fae explained, pointing to the tall cup’s of Hi-C she had gotten for them. The boy’s were all to eager to oblige, guzzling down both of their drinks and racing back out to play more games. Not long after the boy’s $5 in coin’s was used up. “Perfect timing” Fae said as the boy’s returned “we need to make a trip to store as someone is almost out of diapers”. “Who?” a sarcastic Eric smirked, leaving both boys chuckling. “Alright…alright, walk your padded tooshies to the car” Fae quipped back, leading both boys out to the car.

Fae pulled up to the store and led the boys inside. “Alright, we need diapers and then dinner and snacks for tonight” she announced “how does chicken nuggets and fries sound?”. “Sounds yummy” Eric said, his friends head nodding in agreement. They began their journey to an aisle that Toby was getting all to familiar with. “Alright boys, can one of you be a big helper and grab two packs of the Pampers size 5 for boys” Fae asked, both boys racing over to grab the diapers, each placing one pack in the cart. “Thank you boys” Fae quipped, making her way over to the freezer aisle for dinner supplies.

“Brrrrrrr” Eric said to his mother, as they finished their trip to the freezer aisle. “Is someone cold” Fae said, smirking at her son. As they headed to the snack aisle Eric felt the Hi-C he drank earlier starting to crowd his bladder. It wasn’t long before the Hi-C began to vacate his bladder, filling the seat of his diaper with the familiar warm liquid. Eric was amazed at just how quickly his bladder was regressing. Without missing a single step, in their journey to the snack aisle, his bladder finished it’s evacuation. Unbeknownst to Eric, his friend on the opposite side of the cart had also just waged a battle, inundating his diaper with what was once Hi-C. Both diapers may have won the battle but the war wasn’t over as they still had a trip to the movie store ahead. Both boy’s had a slight waddle in their step now, the semi-swollen diapers making it impossible to walk normal. They finished up their grocery trip, paid, and got back in the car. “Alright, one more stop at the movie store” Fae announced.

The short ride later they arrived at their local Blockbuster and headed inside. Toby and Eric darting off to the new release section to peruse their options. “Oh man, Ace Venture is in stock” and excited Eric nearly shouted, grabbing the copy behind the display. “Toby, is there a movie you want to watch” Fae asked. “I’ll still haven’t seen this yet” a giddy Toby said, holding up a copy of “The Sandlot”. “Oh, it’s a good movie” his friend replied, having seen it with his mom a few months ago. “Alright boys, I’m just going to grab a movie for me and then we’ll head home” Fae shared. The boys followed closely behind Eric’s mom as she surveyed her selections before finally settling on “The American President”. “Perfect” Fae said, grabbing the movie “Lets go pay and head home”. The trio walked to the counter and handed their movies to the video store worker. The employee started the usual process of reading off store polies when in some sort of odd harmony both boy’s now feeble bladders began to empty the last of the Hi-C into their already wet diapers, the warm torrent now fully expanding the seat of the diaper. Just as the deluge finished the employee handed Fae their video’s and they headed for the door. Fae opened the boy’s car door and noticed the obvious droop of a wet diaper pushing on their pants. “Look’s like some diaper changes are in order when we get in home” Fae announced, closing the boys door behind them.

The trio arrived back home and the boy’s toddled into they house, their distended diapers obvious to anyone who might have been looking. “Hold up right there, boy’s” Fae instructed them as they entered the house “let’s get those diapers changed before we had a blowout”. Before Eric had the chance to lay down on the floor his mother was pulling his pants off, leaving him standing there in his T-shirt and wet diaper. She headed over to Toby next and removed his overall’s as well, his onesie clearly straining to hold the weight of his soggy diaper. “Okay, go ahead and lay down boys” Eric’s mom said as the boy’s laid back and awaited their 4th diaper change of the day. Fae walked back to the front door and retrieved the grocery bag with Eric’s diapers and Toby’s book bag, admiring the sight of her two wet diaper boys laying on the floor. She sat down next to Toby and popped the button’s on his onesie, freeing his bloated diaper from it’s cotton sheath. “Sit up for me, honey” she instructed Toby, helping him out of his shirt and onesie, laying him back down once complete. With the same quickness as Toby’s mother, Fae had Toby in a fresh diaper and was helping him put his shirt back on. Toby wasn’t sure why she wasn’t putting his onesie back on but followed her direction. Fae quickly turned her attention to her own son, popping the tab’s on his well used diaper, wiping him up, and tapping up his fresh diaper just as quickly. “Boy’s, since we seem to have overactive bladders today we are going to do just shirts and diapers till bedtime” Fae announced, helping her own son put his shirt back on “this way I can see when you need a change before we have a diaper blow up on us” she said, laughing at the last part of her comment. “Okay” they both replied, hopping up to their feet “can we go play now” they asked. Beth nodded her head and the two pantless boy’s darted up the stairs, an audible crinkle from their diapers following them.

Eric and Toby were a couple hours into playing with his large micro-machine collection in his bedroom. “Beep, Beep, out of the way” Eric announced, pushing the small toy truck he was playing with. “WeeWooWeeWoo” Toby voiced, his toy cop car chasing after his friend “Pull over!” he shouted…the boy’s continuing their chase across the different micro-machine villages. The chase ended and Toby sat smiling. The week had started with so much angst not wanting his friend to find out about his need for diapers but now both boy’s were happily playing in just their diapers and shirts. He sat and absorbed the reality of the situation. “Why are you smiling, weirdo” Eric joked at the site of his friend just sitting there and smiling. “Oh nothing, just really happy I have you as a friend” Toby replied back. “Same here” Eric happily replied back to his friend.

“Dinner time” Fae announced up the stairs to the boys. The boy’s jumped up and headed out of Eric’s room towards the stairs. Fae waited at the bottom of the stairs for the boys. “Diaper check time” she said in her head, watching as the boy’s appeared at the top of the stairs. Eric reached the stairs first and headed down, his mother greeting him at the bottom. She quickly observed the now semi-faded blue striped of Eric’s diaper and gave his crotch a little pat. “Kinda wet, but okay for now” she announced, Eric shocked at his mother’s announcement. If he didn’t need diapers before, he did now, he thought to himself. Toby followed behind but his off white diapers didn’t give any early indications of being wet. As with Eric, Fae give a slight pat to the crotch area of Toby’s diaper “Also damp, but okay for now” Fae said. “So much easier to do without pants” She proclaimed, leading her boy’s to the kitchen table for dinner.

The boy’s plopped down at the table and waited for the plates, both a little more aware of their dampness now that they were sitting down. “How about movie time after dinner” Fae asked as she placed the boy’s plate’s down. “Can we watch Ace Ventura first” Eric pleaded with his friend and his mom. “Ok, but only if I can have the top bunk tonight” Toby replied to his friend. Toby didn’t have a bunkbed of his own and had always wanted to sleep in the top bunk. “Deal” Eric said. The boy’s quickly turned their attention to their food, gobbling it down like two wild racoons. The boy’s quickly cleaned their plates and started helping their Eric’s mother clear the table. Before long they were both charging into the family room, impatiently waiting for their mother to start the movie. “Deep breaths” an unamused Fae snarked at the two chirpy boy’s. She turned the boy’s movie on and headed into the kitchen to make some snacks.

The boy’s were thoroughly engrossed in the start of the movie when Fae returned with their snacks. “After the movie it’s bath time” Fae said. “Ohhhh” the boy’s replied in unison, but quickly returning to their movie. “Do NOT go in there” the actor in the movie said as he exited the bathroom, the boy’s rolling around in laughter. Down the hallway Fae was engrossed in her own movie but couldn’t help but chuckle at the boy’s hearty laughter. A short time later the movie ended an in “true” boy fashion, Toby and Eric began to reenact their favorite scene’s form the movie, shouting out the lines in comical fashion.

Fae headed down to see what all the commotion was and was greeted by two silly diaper clad boy’s dancing around pretending to be Ace Ventura. She walked over and pressed rewind on the VCR, turning and smirking at the two soggy boy’s before her. “How’s it hanging” a sarcastic Fae said, pointing to the boy’s wet and distending diapers. Neither boy had to look down as they knew what she was referring to, having been dancing around the last five minutes in said wet diapers. “Okay mister, you’re first for bath time” Fae said to Eric. Before leading Eric upstairs Fae handed Toby some books “would you like to read till it’s your turn” she asked. Toby gladly took the books and dived right into the Where’s Waldo book. Fae led Eric upstairs to start his bath “I guess I’ll need to bring some extra diapers to your school on Monday” his mother said as they entered the bathroom. “Can we get undershirts like Toby’s so it hide’s my diaper” Eric asked. “You mean onesie’s” she said, corrected her son “and yes, we’ll get some tomorrow. “Arm’s up” Fae said as she removed his shirt. She pulled the tape’s on the diaper and it plopped to the floor “up on the toilet please” she said, starting his bath. Eric finished going #2 and jumped in the bath.

Fae pulled the drain on Eric’s bath and helped him out of the tub, quickly drying him off afterwards. “Bedroom” Fae commanded, pointing towards his room. “Go ahead and lay down on your bed” his mother said, once they had arrived in his room. Fae pulled a pamper out of the now open pack of diapers and quickly tapped it on her son. “How about a long night shirt tonight” she asked her son, knowing diaper checks and changes would be easier. “The Batman one?” he asked. “Sure” Fae said, smiling. She helped her son with his night shirt and he took off down the stairs to his friend.

“Your turn” a now clean and freshly diapered Eric announced. “Okie dokie” Toby replied as he stood up and met Fae at the stairs. “Grab your bag for me” Fae said, stopping the boy before he made it to the stairs. Toby grabbed his bag and headed upstairs to Eric’s bathroom. In what felt like deja’ vue, Fae helped Toby out of his shirt and popped the tapes on his diaper, also thudding to the floor. Unlike Eric, Toby instinctively sat on the potty and went #2 then hopped in the bath. “You boy’s sure are lucky to have each other” Fae said, as she washed Toby’s hair. “I told Eric I’m really happy he’s my friend, I was really scared he’d stop being my friend when he found out about my diapers” Toby said. “Oh the irony” Fae chuckled “Eric had the same fear but now you’re two diapered best friends”. Toby’s bath all complete, Fae led Toby across the hall to get dressed. She opened his bag and produced a clean diaper and powder “Toby, would you be alright wearing one of Eric’s night shirts to bed instead of your footed jammies” Fae asked. “Sure, I guess so” he replied, still thinking of what Fae had said in the bathroom about him and Eric being diapered best friends. Fae had Toby diapered up in no time, picked out a Transformers night shirt, and helped Toby put it on “lets head downstairs for a little bit” she said, leading Toby out of Eric’s room.

“Have you found Waldo yet” Toby said, as he appeared from the stairs. “No, still looking” a frustrated Eric replied as he looked up at his friend. “You have that nightshirt to” Eric asked his friend, noticing the Transformers night shirt he was wearing. “Nope, this one is yours. You mom asked me to wear this tonight” Toby replied to his friend. “Oh…okay. Well help me find Waldo” Eric snarked back at his friend. Fae finally made it down the stairs, two balled up and wet diapers in hand, and headed for the trash can. “Okay boys, a little bit longer and then bedtime” Fae announced. “Okkkaayyyy” a reluctant Toby and Eric replied, continuing their search for Waldo.

Fae emerged from the Kitchen a little while later “upstairs and brush teeth, boys” she announced. A reluctant Toby and Eric marched upstairs to brush their teeth. As the boy’s finished, they headed to Eric’s room for a bedtime story, sitting on the floor and waiting for Fae. “Which book would you boy’s like to hear” She asked, appearing from the hallway. “Goosebumps!” and eager Eric shouted. Beth read the boy’s a few chapters and ushered the boy’s into their beds. Eric got into the bottom bunk and as was the deal from earlier, Toby got Eric’s top bunk. Toby had never slept in a bunk bed before but was excited to finally try it. “Don’t fall on me” a joking Eric said as his friend ascended the ladder to the top bunk. Eric couldn’t help take a peak up his friends nightshirt at his diapered butt. “I see London, I see France, I saw Toby’s diaper pants!” Eric quipped, unable to control his laughter. “Hey, stop looking up my nightshirt” a chuckling Toby replied. Toby slipped under the covers and both boy’s were fast asleep before long.

“Good morning!” Fae said, opening Eric’s bedroom door and finding two little boy’s still sleeping. “I’m thinking a trip to IHOP is in order” she announced. Both boy’s perked up a little more at that announcement with Toby getting up first, descending the ladder. With Toby being the first one up, Fae went into his bag and grabbed a fresh diaper and clothes for the day. “Arm’s up” Fae announced, grabbing Toby’s night shirt and helping him take it off. Eric smiled at his friend now standing there in nothing but his wet and expanded diaper. “Have a seat” Fae instructed Toby, quickly going to work on removing his wet diaper and cleaning him up. Fae finished tapping up Toby’s new diaper and helped him get dressed. “Next!” Fae said, looking at Eric still laying in bed. Eric slowly waddled his way over to his mother. “Arm’s up” his mother said, pulling off her son’s night shirt. Now it was Toby’s turn to smile at his friend standing there in just his extremely wet diaper. “I guess maybe I should have checked your diaper before bed” a frowning Fae said as she instructed Eric to lay down. Fae finished Eric’s diaper change and headed over to his closet to get him some clothes. “Let’s try one of your onesie’s today” she said, returning with his outfit for the day and a new onesie. “Stand up for me real quick” she said “now arm’s up” she instructed him, pulling the onesie down over his arm’s. She reached down, pulling it up between his legs, and buttoned it. “How’s that feel” his mother asked “Is it tight or does it fit okay”. An excited Eric walked around his room to test the fit. “It fits great” he replied “and really hide’s the diaper”. “Great” Fae said, helping her son get the rest of his clothes on. “Let’s get our shoe’s on and head for the car” she announced.

The trio pulled into IHOP and headed in, both boy’s naming off everything they wanted to eat “Chocolate chip pancakes, Bacon, Whip cream,……” all the way inside the read their order outload to Fae. “Okay, okay, let’s get a table boys” and smiling Fae said, opening the door and leading them inside. The hostess led them to their table and the boy’s sat next to each other in the booth. Before long the waitress came and took their drink order and returned with orange juices for all. Fae ordered for the three of them while the boy’s continued their coloring conquests on their kids menu’s. It didn’t take long before their food arrived and the boy’s promptly chowed down, both boy’s requesting a 2nd orange juice. It what felt like seconds, the boy’s had cleaned their plates and were laying back in a breakfast food coma. “Ugh, I ate to much” a now full Eric said. “Me too” Toby replied, then feeling the familiar warm flow filling his diaper…the weight of the food on his bladder or the 3rd orange juice he’d just drank expanding the seat of his diaper. He was about to let Fae know he needed a diaper change when…”whose ready for a surprise” Fae asked. Both boys leaned forward, their interest now peaked. “Since you both behaved so well the past few days I think a trip to the toy store is in order” Eric’s mom said. “YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” they both yelled, nearly jumped out of the booth. Having let the cat out of the bag, Fae quickly paid as two now restless boy’s kept asking if they could leave.

A short ride down the street and they were at their local Toys R Us. Fae felt like she hadn’t even parked yet before the boy’s were pulling on their car door handles trying to get out “thank god for child safety locks” Fae thought to herself. Like a Musher leading the fastest dog sled team, Fae followed the boys inside. The boy’s were sure where to start…would it be the lego aisle first, no maybe the action figures, or hot wheels…their heads spun! “How about the Lego aisle first, boys” Fae suggested, hoping to get the boys to pick an aisle. The two followed Fae, still lost in all the sights, to the Lego aisle. Toby was in heaven when they arrived. There was the new Lego boat, a new Lego Star Wars, even a new Lego Castle. He grabbed the Lego boat set to check out since he loved boats. Within a few moments he regretted now letting Fae know of his need for a diaper change while in the car as in that moment, the orange juice starting the next battle with his already inundated diaper. As with that time on the bus, Toby could again feel his diaper expanding at an alarming rate. “Why did I drink all that orange juice” he thought to himself. The flow of pee stopped and somehow, his diaper was still holding. In a rush to hopefully get out of the store, he decided on the Lego boat and headed over to Eric and Fae. “This one” he said, handing it to Fae…”Eric’s turn” Fae announced before Toby could let her know of her predicament. Eric immediately ran to the hot wheels aisle and started looking at the micro machines, Fae right behind him and a now obviously waddling Toby behind them both. In what felt like ages to Toby, but was only a few minutes, Eric had picked out a new set of Micro Machines and the trio headed to the checkout. The quickly paid and headed to the car and back home.

Eric made it to the car first, with Fae and Toby in tow, opening his door and hopping in. Toby got in on his side and buckled up. A few minutes into their ride home Toby again felt a wet feeling “not again” he initially thought but soon wondered what he was feeling. Unlike when his bladder emptied, this wet feeling was cooler and his diaper was expanding…it actually felt like it was getting smaller. The three arrived home and as before, Eric was racing to the door ahead of everyone else. Toby slowly, and reluctantly, got out of the car. He went to take a step and froze, as the cold wet feeling began to flow down his leg. Fae quickly took notice of a frozen Toby and was about to ask what was wrong when she saw something odd coming out of his pants leg. Soon there after she realized what she was seeing was the inside of Toby’s diaper…his bladder had won the war this time, causing his diaper to burst. “Oh dear” she said “let’s head straight to the bathroom”. Fae picked Toby up and carried him inside. “Eric honey, go ahead and go play, I need to change someone’s diaper and clean him up” Fae instructed her son. Eric followed them upstairs but headed to his room as Fae and Toby headed to the bathroom

“Honey” a sympathetic Fae said “why didn’t you tell me you needed a diaper change” she asked, setting him down in the bathroom. “I tried at the restaurant but was so excited about the toy store I forgot” a now upset Toby replied. Fae carefully and slowly unbuttoned Toby’s pant’s and pulled them down, a few clumps of diaper innards falling out in the process. She helped him out of his pants, now full of diaper pulp, and bagged them up. Fae reached and unsnapped his onesie “arms up” she said, pulling it off and placing it in the bag as well. Toby was left in his now empty shell of a diaper, a small amount of pulp still remaining. Not wanting a bigger mess, Fae pulled the tapes on his diaper while he was still standing…carefully taking it off and placing in a separate trash bag. “We need to rinse off in the bath” Fae said, turning on the tub. The tube now filled, Toby stepped in and sat down. “Toby, you’re mom didn’t pack another outfit” Fae said “all you have is a clean shirt”. “No pants?” a nervous Toby asked. “No sweety, you don’t have any clean pants”. His mind raced “how will I get home?” “Who will see me?”…the thoughts raced through his head. His bath finished, Fae pulled the drain. “Go ahead and lay down on the towel” She said, pointing to a towel she had laid out. Toby did as instructed and Fae quickly dried him off before putting him in a clean diaper. She helped the freshly diapered Toby to his feet and put his shirt on before ushering him to her son’s room to play.

Eric was playing with his new Micro Machines when his friend appeared in his room in only his diaper and shirt. “You forgot your pants” Eric teased his friend. “Eric!” his mom snipped. “It’s okay” Toby said to Fae “I had a diaper blowout” Toby chuckled. “Okay, supersoaker” Eric said, nicknaming his friend. In the midst of his poking fun of his friend Fae had made her way over to Eric and quickly pulled down his pants to reveal a straining onesie. “Seem’s we aren’t the only supersoaker here” his mother quipped back. A frustrated Fae pulled her son over to his bed, Eric struggling to keep up with his pant’s still around his ankle. “Mommmm, I was just kidding with Toby” he pleaded. “We don’t pick on our friends” she said, swatting his diapered backside. Eric laid on his bed as his mother angrily changed his diaper. Once in a clean diaper, she removed all of Eric’s clothes. “Since you want to pick on your friend you can sit here in nothing but your diaper till Beth comes to pick him up” Fae said, still clearly upset with her son. Clad only in his striped diaper, Eric walked over to his friend and sat down to play. Fae turned and left the boys to play. “I’m sorry if I was mean” Eric said to his friend. “I really wasn’t upset” Toby replied to his friend “I was more embarrassed that my diaper blew up” he laughed. With that, the diapered friends returned to playing.


Awesome story, but there’s a detail about the diaper changes done at the ShowBizz Pizza place that struck me, in both, you use the name Toby, while one should have clearly been Eric instead, small detail, but I have OCD for this kind of details in story, also it seems Eric get some onesie by some kind of magical power, Fae talk about getting some at a store for him, but we never get to a store to get them then suddenly, he has some in his closet.


Enjoying the story and thanks for the new chapter

I really like your story and can wait until I can read some of your story

I know that it is very late to mention this but maybe in the future do a more throe proofreading for continuity in the stories as this can really mess with the readers ability to feel the full life of your story, as I said a bit late to the great party you are building for us the readers. This is a wonderful story about 2 great boys at what could have been a real hard point in their lives well done sir