Toby's Journey Back to Diapers PT3

Thursday rolled around and Toby and Eric were on their normal bus ride home. Their bus came to their stop and the friend departed and said bye. Toby walked in the house and was quickly greeted by his mother, as was the norm. “Let’s do a quick diaper check” his mother announced. Beth gave a quick tug on Toby’s pants while he still stood in the doorway to the kitchen, exposing his onesie and diaper to anyone who might have been peeking through their front window. She gave his diapered crotch a quick feel and pronounced him “Dry enough”. “Toby, we need to go grocery shopping so don’t get to comfortable” Beth announced, pulling his pants back up and giving him a pat on the bottom.

Beth and Toby arrived at the grocery store and headed inside, stopping at the front by the carts. “Do you want to ride in the cart or walk, sweetheart?” Beth asked. “I’ll walk, mom” Toby replied. They headed inside and started their grocery trip in Toby’s special aisle…the diaper aisle. Beth pushed the cart down the aisle, stopping at the Luv’s diapers “Toby, grab mommy two packs of those diapers” Beth said, pointing to the Luv’s size 5 on the bottom shelf. Toby grabbed two packs, handing them to his mom who placed them in their cart. “Now for some more wipes and powder then were done in this aisle” proclaimed Beth. They headed out of the diaper aisle an onto the food.

One by one, they went through the aisles getting the necessary groceries for the next week. They rounded the next aisle when they heard “Oh hi, Beth” a female voice said. Beth turned around and saw Toby’s best friend Eric and his mother Fae waving. “Hey, Fae” Beth said back “how are you?” she asked. “Oh, just doing the same thing as you” Fae said “getting the grocery shopping done now instead of the weekend. Are we all set for the boys sleepover tomorrow night” Fae asked. “Sleepover?” beth asked puzzled. “Yeah, Eric said him and Toby were going to have a sleepover at your house Friday” Fae replied. Beth didn’t recalled having that conversation but certainly didn’t mind the boys having a sleepover. Without hesitation Beth replied “I must have forgot but that sounds like fun for the boys!”. Panic set in for Toby as wasn’t sure how he was going to be able to hide his diapers from his friend nor what his friend would say when he found out. That same panic caused his bladder to empty with the familiar warmth of pee filling his diaper.

It was around the same time that Toby’s bladder stopped testing his diaper’s capacity that he saw a familiar sight in Eric’s mom’s grocery cart. It wasn’t the diapers that Toby had just handed to his mother but make no mistake about it, those were diapers! “Who could those be for” Toby thought to himself “Eric’s an only child like me”. Around the same time as Toby was still staring at the diapers in Fae’s cart and wondering who they were for, the mothers were finishing their conversations. “Beth, I’ll call you later tomorrow as well to discuss the sleepover and Eric” Fae said. “Sounds good, we’ll see you both tomorrow” Beth replied. With that they headed down the aisle in opposite directions.

“Toby honey, how come you never mentioned the sleepover to me” his mother asked after Fae and Eric had walked off. “I was scared that Eric would find out about my diapers, mom” a still anxious Toby replied. “Oh sweetheart, Eric’s been your best friend since you were both two and still in diapers. I’m sure he wouldn’t care” his mother said. “Easy for you to say, you aren’t the one who just went potty in their diaper at the thought of it” Toby shared with his mother, letting her know of his now wet state. “Oh boy, do we need to head to the bathroom now for a change or can you wait till we get home”, asked Beth. “It’s not to bad, I think I can make it home”, a now relaxed Toby said. Beth and Toby quickly finished their grocery shopping, paid, and headed home.

“Help me unloaded the groceries real quick and then we’ll change your diaper” Beth announced as they arrived home. Toby raced in and out of the house helping his mother unload the groceries “Record time” Toby shouted, bringing in the last grocery bag. Beth led Toby upstairs and proceeded to change his diaper. “If you really don’t want to have sleepover I’m sure I can think of a reason to cancel” Beth said as she finished Toby’s diaper changed and helped him into his dinosaur sleeper. “No, I think you’re right mom, Eric’s been my best friend for awhile and he probably won’t care”, a freshly diapered and happy Toby replied. Later that night, after his mother tucked him in, a nervous Toby still wasn’t sure how his friend would react. He played it over and over again in his head until sheer exhaustion set in and he fell asleep.

The next day, Beth was cleaning up the house in anticipation of Toby’s sleepover later that day when her phone rang. “Hello” Beth answered. “Hey Beth, it’s Fae, do you have a minute to talk” asked Eric’s mom. “Of course” Beth said. “Well, Eric is really excited for the sleepover tonight but wanted me to talk to you about something that he’s been worried about” Fae shared “You see, Eric still has accident’s at night….well, almost every night to be exact, and because of that he still wears diapers” Fae finally spit out. Beth snickered a little on the phone, catching Fae off guard before Beth quickly shared “Toby TOO!” she nearly shouted “actually, Toby’s back in diapers during the day too as he hasn’t been able to tell when he needs to go pee or when he is peeing” Beth shared “He was so scared what his friend was going to think but can you imagine the looks on their faces tonight” Beth said, both women giggling together. “Well that will be a huge relief for both of them” Fae said “Beth, do you mind helping Eric with his diaper at bedtime. He thinks he can do it on his own but the few times he’s tried he hasn’t put the tapes on right”. “Oh of course I can help. I’ve become quite the diapering expert again” Beth said, laughing. “Sounds great, thanks Beth! Toby will have all of his supplies in his book bag” Fae shared. The two ladies said bye and ended their phone conversation.

Toby and Eric boarded the bus after school and headed home. “I’m so excited for our sleepover tonight” Eric shouted “should we watch a movie tonight” he asked. “Ummm, yeah, I’m excited too” a still reluctant Toby said “We should definitely watch a movie”. The bus came to their stop and the boys exited, only this time they didn’t part ways and Eric headed with Toby to his house. “Mom, were home” Toby announced, opening their front door. “Well hello boys” Beth said “How was school today?”. “Good” the boys said simultaneously. “Toby, lets head to your room real quick” Beth said. “Okay mom” Toby replied “Eric, I’ll be right back”. Toby followed his mom upstairs and went straight to his bed. “I think you’ll end up having a great sleepover” Beth said, as she undid Toby’s pants and pulled them down “as a matter of fact, I know you’ll have a great sleepover” she said, now unsnapping his onesie to reveal Toby’s wet diaper. “Why would she say it like that” Toby thought to himself “does she know something I don’t?”.

Shortly after Toby walked to his room with Beth, Eric was wondering why Toby had to go to his room with his mom. Eric decided to quietly sneak down the hallway to find out what was going on. Being that Eric was also quite small for his age/size, he was able to quietly make it down to Toby’s room where he peered through the partial closed door. It was then that what he had seen on the playground, and when Toby got off the bus Monday, finally made sense. Beth had just unbuttoned Toby’s onesie exposing what Eric clearly recognized as a diaper, and a wet one at that. “So that’s what that undershirt was and the sag in his pants” Eric shouted in his head. At the same time a sense of relief came over Eric as he realized he didn’t have to worry about his diapers at night since his friend was also clearly wearing diapers.

Just as Beth was removing Toby’s wet diaper his bedroom door creaked, a surprised Toby looking up and seeing Eric standing on the opposite side of the slightly ajar door. “Oh no!” Toby hollered covering his naked torso, Beth spinning around to also notice Eric standing in the hallway. Toby began to cry at the sight of his friend finding out this way. “Toby honey, there’s nothing to be upset about” Beth said, trying to sooth her son “I was going to talk to both of you boys about this anyway” Beth reassured Toby. “Eric sweetheart, can you head go bring me your backpack real quick” Beth asked in a hurried manner. Toby still wept as Eric disappeared down the hallway, reappearing a few moments later with his bag, handing it to Beth. “Toby, honey, Fae called me this afternoon to talk to me about Eric” Beth said, looking over at Eric who was now starring down at the floor. “Eric also wears something at night” Beth said, reaching into Eric’s bag and pulling out one if his diapers. Toby peered up to see his mother holding an unfamiliar diaper in her hand. Like his, it was for bigger toddlers but, unlike his it was white with blue stripes running the length of the diaper and had mickey mouse on the landing zone. “Wait” a sniffling Toby said “you wear diapers too?” he asked Eric. Eric looked up and smiled at Toby “I do, so you don’t have anything to be sad about. I’m actually glad we both know now, I’ve been so worried about you finding out”. “ME TOO” a now recovered Toby shouted, nearly jumping up from his bed. “Woah there little man” Beth laughed “Lets get another diaper on you before you show your friend more than he wants to see”. Both boys laughed at what Beth said “I’ll head back to the family room” Eric said, heading out of Toby’s room.

His diaper change complete, Toby headed down the hall to his friend. “I’m really sorry about spying on you like that” Eric said to Toby as he walked into the family room. “Oh, it’s okay, I guess you were always going to find out anyway. At least now it’s over with” Toby delightfully replied to his friend. “So, can I asked you a question” stated Eric. “Sure” Toby replied. “Do you wear diapers all day” Toby’s friend inquisitively asked. Toby looked down, blushing “Yeah, I can’t tell when I need to go potty anymore….but it’s only pee!” Toby was quick to state. “hey, you don’t have to be embarrassed, I don’t mind” Eric exclaimed “you’d always be my friend no matter what!”. Toby was overjoyed to hear his friend say that “Thank you, Eric. I’m glad we’ll always be friends!”. Both friends gave each other a big hug then plopped down on the coach for some afternoon cartoons.

A few hours later the doorbell rang and the boy’s raced to answer the door “PIZZA!” they both shouted. Per sleepover requirements, Beth had ordered pizza for dinner. “Easy boys!” a laughing Beth said, paying the pizza delivery man and thanking him. The boys followed Beth to the kitchen and took their seat’s as Beth prepared them plates. “Boys, after dinner let’s get ready for bed and put our jammies on” Beth said “Then we’ll pick out a movie”. “Okay” both boys said at the same time, excited for their pizza. The boy’s quickly scarfed down their pizza and sat back into a food coma. “Ok, lets throw away our plates and get our pajama’s out” Beth announced to the boys. “I’ll bet I can get my PJ’s before you” Toby challenged his friend. “You’re on!” shouted Eric. With that Toby took off down the hallway and Eric towards his book bag. Toby raced into his room and to his closet, getting his dinosaur sleeper then heading to his dresser and grabbing a clean diaper before racing out his door again. Toby flew down the hallway and reached the family room just as his friend was pulling his pajama’s and diaper out of his bag. “I beat you!” Toby exclaimed. Eric spun around noticing his friends footed sleeper and responding “no fair, your pajamas are only one piece” he joked.

“Alright Toby, lets get you changed first” Beth exclaimed, pointing for Toby to lie down on the carpet where she was sitting “Eric, you can lie down over here” pointing to her other side, wanting to keep some privacy between the boys. Beth went to work on Toby, removing his pants, his shirt, and finally unsnapping his onesie. “Well that didn’t’ take long” Beth thought to herself at the site of Toby’s wet diaper. She quickly removed his wet diaper and placed his new one under him, making sure to powder him up before taping up the new diaper. “Okay, all done” Beth said, patting his leg “Just stay lay her for a minute while I get Eric ready”. Beth turned around and turned her attention to a now shy Eric. “It’s okay sweetheart, if you’ve seen one naked little boy you’ve seen them all” she attempted to reassure him. She quickly removed Eric’s pants and shirt before removing his underwear. “Butt up” she announced, sliding the diaper under Eric, thoroughly powdering him before taping his diaper shut. “All done here" she announced to Eric. At that, both boys sat up and waited for their PJ’s while trying to not stare at each other. Beth, on the other hand, couldn’t help but smile at the current situation in front of her. There in front of her sat the most adorable little boys in their diapers. Toby in his Luv’s and Eric in his Pampers. “Those Mickey Mouse Pampers are adorable!” Beth exclaimed, Eric smiling and blushing at the same time. “Thank you” Eric replied “I like the dump truck’s on Toby’s” he said. “Thank’s, Eric, I love the dump truck’s too” Toby said “but the blue stripe’s on your diapers are really neat, I love the color blue!”. “Alright boys, lets wrap up show and tell and get you both in your pajama’s” Toby’s mother said, reaching for Toby’s Sleeper “Feet in, Mister” she said. Toby stepped into his jammies while his mother helped him get his arm’s through, zipping him up at the end. “Ok, your turn” she said, turning to Eric with is matching Mickey Mouse pajamas. “Arm’s up” instructed Beth as she put his shirt on “Leg’s in”, finally putting his pants on. “Well, wasn’t that fun!” Beth said with some sarcasm.

The boys took their spots on the couch, eager to start the nights movie. “Alright boys, I stopped at Blockbuster today and got two movies. One for tonight and one for tomorrow” Beth said “Our options tonight are Casper the Friendly ghost or Jumanji. “Casper” both boys shouted. “Alright then, Casper it is” Toby’s mom said. Beth put the movie in the VCR, pressed play, and headed into the kitchen to make the boys some snacks.

Beth returned a few minutes later, snacks in hand, and found the boys thoroughly entrenched in their movie. “Alright boys, I have movie snacks” Beth said, placing an assortment of popcorn, M&M’s, and twizzlers on the table in front of them. “This is the best movie night ever!” an excited Eric exclaimed, diving into the snacks in front of him. Beth sat down to watch the movie with the boys, sitting right between both boys with both boys promptly cuddling up to her. All three reveling in the new found bond and comfort.

“All right boys, time for bed” Beth announced as the movie credits rolled across the screen “Does anyone need to go potty first” she asked. “I’m fine” Eric announced. “I’m pretty sure I already did” a reluctant Toby said, noting the heaviness around his waist. “No worries” Beth reassured him “go ahead and lay down for me. Eric, can you head to the bathroom and brush your teeth for me” she asked. Eric headed towards the bathroom while Beth headed to Toby’s room for supplies, reappearing in the family room a few minutes later. She went to work unzipping his sleeper and changing him into a new diaper. “Alright, lets get your teeth brushed too” his mother said, zipping his sleeper back up. Toby charged down the hallway to brush his teeth.

“All done” Toby announced as he entered his room. His mother had already setup the guest cot for Eric in his room and was waiting on Toby for their bedtime story. “Alright boys, hop in bed and I’ll tuck you both in” Beth said, making sure each boy was lovingly tucked in. Beth picked out a book and read their bedtime story. Before long, both boys were yawning and ready for bed. “Goodnight boys” Beth quietly said as she headed for the door. “Goodnight” they whispered back.

A bright light awoken both boys as Toby’s mom opened the blinds to reveal the new day. “Good morning my sleepy boys, who’s hungry for some waffles” She asked. “Me” they both gingerly answered, having just woken up. Toby and Eric did a BIG stretch to wake up before letting out a morning yawn. Toby hopped out of bed and waited at the door for his friend. Eric did one more big stretch, to help wake up and Toby couldn’t help but snicker at his best friends diaper peaking from the top of his pajama pants as he reached out to stretch. Eric finished his stretch and got up out of bed, following his friend to the kitchen. “Have a seat boys, the waffles are hot” Beth said. Beth made a plate for both boys who quickly went to work eating up every bit.

“Lets clear our plates and head into the family room for some morning checks” said Toby’s mom, hinting at the need to check both boys night diapers. Both boy’s laid down on opposite sides of Beth again as to maintain some form of privacy between them. “Ok, we’re going to take care of Eric first this morning” Beth announced. She went into Eric’s bag and pulled out some new clothes and underwear for him. “Go ahead and sit up for me” Beth asked, as she pulled his pajama top off “okay, lay back down Mr” she said, pulling off his pajama pants. Beth wasn’t surprised at the soaked diaper that now stood exposed before her, after all…Fae had said his accidents were pretty much every night. “Seems you gave those diaper stripe’s a battle last night” she joked with Eric. Toby chuckled out loud as his mothers comment. “Don’t be so quick to laugh” his mother snicker back at him “I’m sure your diaper lost the battle last night too” she joked. Beth pulled the tapes on Eric’s diaper, being sure to thoroughly wipe him up, and balled up his diaper. She promptly helped him get his underwear and clothes back on. “Okay, hang tight while I change Toby” she announced to Eric. Beth spun around towards Toby “your turn” she announced, reaching onto the coffee table and grabbing Toby’s fresh diaper. She unzipped Toby and helped pull his arm’s and legs out of his sleeper. “Uh huh, and you were snickering at your friend” Beth commented, pointing to Toby’s well used diaper. She popped the tapes on Toby’s diaper and went to work wiping him up as well, balling his diaper up and placing it next to Eric’s on the table.

Before long, she had him powdered up and in a fresh diaper. “Honey, I forgot to grab you cloth’s” his mom said “Lets head on down to your room and pick some out” helping Toby to his feet. “We’ll be right back” Beth said to Eric, holding Toby’s hand and leading him to his room. Eric sat up and smiled as his friend walked away…holding his mother’s hand and walking in nothing but his diaper. He was glad to have a friend like Toby but oddly enough, he felt a little jealous of his friend. Eric got all the same attention and love from his mom when it came to being diapered or changed, but it was only at night and in the mornings. He wondered what it would be like to receive that kind of loving attention all day! A plan hatched in Eric’s head at that moment…

A few minutes passed and Toby came down the hallway dressed for the day in his favorite overalls and Toy Story shirt. “I really liked your outfit today” Eric stated. “Thanks, it’s my favorite” Toby happily shared. “Alright boys, I figured we could watch Jumanji this morning and then maybe head to the park afterwards” Toby’s mom said. “Yes, the PARK” Toby exclaimed in excitement. Beth popped the movie in and left the boys and went to clean up the kitchen.

Beth had finished up a laundry list of chores and headed in to check on the boys, finding that the movie had just ended. “How was the movie?” she asked. “Awesome” “Super cool” they answered. “Well lets get our shoe’s on and we’ll head to the park” Beth said. Toby hopped off the coach and sprinted to his shoes. Beth noticed Eric was still sitting in his seat and hadn’t moved. “Eric, you okay” she asked, walking over to check on him. She soon realized the problem as Eric slowly stood up to reveal the familiar sight of potty accident. “I’m really sorry, It just happened, I don’t’ know why” Eric cried. Beth moved to comfort the little boy as Toby also walked over to sooth him. “It’s okay buddy, it happens” Eric reassured him. “Let’s head to the bathroom and get cleaned up” Beth said, grabbing his bag and leading him down the hallway to the bathroom.

They reached the bathroom and Beth quickly helped Eric out of his pants and shirt before helping him out of his underwear, placing his wet clothes in grocery bag she had grabbed. “Honey, you really couldn’t tell you had to go potty” Beth asked. “I really couldn’t” he reluctantly replied back”. “Sweetheart, it might be safe to just wear a diaper the rest of the day” Beth sympathetically said “You’ve only got one more spare set of clothes”. Eric frowned “okay” he replied. Beth led a now naked Eric across the hall and into Toby’s room, unbeknownst to Toby. “Go ahead and lay down, honey” she instructed Eric, grabbing the wipes and powder from Toby’s dresser then pulling out one of Eric’s diapers from his bag. “I guess it’s a good thing your mom packed some extra diapers” Beth said, taking note of the two extra diapers in his bag. She proceeded to wipe him up first before having him lift his bottom and placing the diaper underneath him, making sure to powder him up before taping the diaper in place. She helped Eric to his feet and helped him put his shirt and pants on before giving him her patented diaper pat on the bottom and pronouncing him “done”.

Eric reappeared from the hallway with Beth in tow. “Alright, what do you say we head to the park” she asked. Eric went and grabbed his shoe’s and sat down to put them on. Toby sat down next to his friend to put on his shoe’s as well. “Is everything better now” Toby asked his friend, noticing what appeared to be a diaper peaking out from the top of his pants. “Yeah, your mom said maybe it would be smart to wear a diaper to the park since I only have one more pair of extra clothes” Eric replied to his friend. “Yeah, she’s smart like that” said Toby “now you and I are really twins” he quipped, his friend smiling back. They both finished tying their shoe’s and headed out the door toward the park, Beth walked right behind them.

The boys arrived at the park and quickly made their way to the swings. “I’ll bet I can swing higher than you” Eric challenged Toby. “No way” Toby exclaimed back as the competitive boys began to pump their legs harder and harder. “I’m higher” Eric shouted after a few minutes. “I guess you win” a sympathetic Toby replied back, wanting his friend to feel better about his earlier accident. Before long the boy’s hopped off the swings and began a vigorous game of tag on the jungle gym while Beth quietly sat on a bench reading a book she had brought with her. Nearly and hour had passed when Eric felt his bladder telling him it was full but he wasn’t about to ask to use the bathroom. He was winning the game of tag and didn’t want to stop the fun. Remembering the diaper he was wearing, Eric hid under the slide real quick while he gave a push on his bladder, a steady stream starting before long, the warm pee flowing to the middle of his diaper causing it to swell.

Toby plopped down on his bottom and pushed himself down the slide, wondering where his friend had gone to as he reached the bottom of the slide. He hopped off and saw his friend hiding under the slide “Ha, I’m gonna catch you” Toby shouted at his friend, catching Eric off guard. Erics bladder wasn’t quite done and he froze as his friend raced towards him. “TAG YOUR IT” Toby shouted. Eric’s bladder finally finished and he wasted no time jumping up and chasing after his friend, his soaked diaper now slowing him down. “I’m gonna get you” Eric jokingly shouted as his friend. The boys continued their tag battle for a little while longer before Beth announced it was time to head home.

They started their walk home, the boys exhausted from running around for what seemed like hours. Beth followed closely behind them admiring the view of the two diapered tushies walking in front of her, both of which were clearly wet, their sag giving them away. “It’s a good thing they’re both in diapers” she thought to herself. The boys arrived back home and took their shoes off. “Boy’s, head to Toby’s room and I’ll be in shortly” Beth said, hinting to the boys at the inevitable diaper changes that were to follow. They both raced on down to Toby’s room. Beth went and grabbed Eric’s bag from the family room but before she could head to Toby’s room the phone rang. “Hello?” Beth answered. “He Beth, it’s Fae” she said back. “Oh hi Fae, we just got back from the park” she exclaimed. “Well that sounds like fun. I’m wanted to call and see how the boys are doing?” Fae asked. “For the most part everything has been great” Beth replied “the only issue being a daytime accident Eric had this morning”. “Uh oh, a daytime accident” Fae inquisitively replied “he hasn’t had a daytime accident in years!”. “It’s no trouble for me, I already have one little boy with daytime accidents” a chuckling Beth replied “but, I did kinda of encourage Eric to allow me to diaper him before we went to the park and I’m fairly confident that diaper is now full again” she said. “Huh, seems like I might have a little boy back in diapers full-time” Fae joked “it must be a best friend thing. So the other reason I’m calling is to see if Toby and Eric could come spend the night over here tonight and you could have a night off” Fae said. “I would LOVE THAT” Beth happily replied “but are you sure you don’t mind the extra work that comes with it” she said, implying the inevitable diaper changes that came with the two boys. “Not at all! Just let me know when you want me to pick them up and I’ll come get them. “How about 2pm” Beth replied, looking the clock and seeing it was already noon. “Sounds great, see you then” Fae said. Beth hung up and headed back to Toby’s room.

The boys already had some toy’s out when Beth finally appeared in the door holding Eric’s bag. “You took forever, mom!” Toby exclaimed. “Sorry about that boys. Your mom called, Eric, and I have some good news for you both” Beth said, kneeling down besides both of them “Fae is going to come get you both in a few hours to have a sleepover at Eric’s tonight!”. “YESSSS!” they both jumped up and exclaimed, a now familiar scent of urine escaping from the used diapers and hitting Beth right in the nose. “How about we get you both changed and then have some lunch” Beth asked, patting the floor instructing the boys to lay down. Beth stood up and retrieved a clean diaper and the other supplies from Toby’s dresser drawer before returning to their side. She started with Toby this time, working to unbutton his overall straps. “Butt up” she instructed as she undid his overall’s and pulled them down, quickly getting to work on changing Toby’s wet diaper. “All that playing really wore this diaper out” his mother said, seeing the diaper material all bunch at the crotch. In what seemed like a split second she had Toby in a fresh diaper and was buttoning his overall’s back up. “Next” Beth sarcastically said, turning towards Eric. With ease, Beth slide Eric’s pants down to reveal the other wet diaper she suspected when they were walking home. Just like Toby, Eric’s diaper had clumped up crotch from all the running and playing they had done. Beth reached into Eric’s bag grabbed a fresh diaper, quickly finishing his diaper change as well and pulling his pants back up. Beth helped both boys up from the floor and gave them both her now patented diaper pat on the butt and announced “finished”. They all headed towards the kitchen to make some lunch.


Lovely story … thanks

Loved this chapter and happy to see Toby having a good friend ! It’s always the best having a padded best friend heheh

i would love to see toby poop in his diaper


part 4 when?

I really like your story and can not wait until I read some more of the story

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