Toby's Journey Back to Diapers PT2

Toby was awoken by the sound of his mothers car door closing. He looked out his window unsure of where he was but quickly realized they had made the trip home from aunt Candice’s house and were at the local supermarket . “Alright Toby, let’s head in and get stocked up on more diapers” Beth said as she opened Toby’s door. Toby slowly unbuckled, as he still wasn’t fully awake from his car nap, and grabbed his mother’s outstretched hand. As they walked towards the entrance Toby felt the familiar sag of a wet diaper.

Beth grabbed a shopping cart and picked Toby up, placing him in the seat. “I’m pretty sure I just smelled a wet tushy” Beth said “I’ll change you once we are done in the store”. Beth began pushing the cart towards the baby aisle. “Now sweetheart, until I can be sure you’re daytime accidents aren’t going to happen anymore you’re going to have to wear diapers to school” stated Beth. Toby was a little weary and anxious about wearing diapers to school but the thought of having an accident in his pants was far more worrying “okay mom but, won’t everyone know” asked Toby. “I have some thoughts on how to prevent that” Beth said “just leave that to me”.

They arrived in the baby aisle and started perusing the diaper selection. “Lets see, Huggies…., Pampers……, ah Luvs!” exclaimed Beth “now where are the size 5” she asked aloud. “Bingo” said Beth, reaching down and grabbing several packs of the Luv’s size 5 for boys. “Now, we need some diaper rash cream, more powder, and wipes” Beth mumbled to herself. After finding the last of the supplies she needed they headed towards the clothing aisle. “Honey, in order to help hid the fact that you’re wearing a diaper we are going to have to try and find some onesie’s that might fit you” Beth said “this is the only way to ensure your diaper does not show”.

Beth and Toby arrived in the toddler clothing aisle and Beth searched for sizes that might fight Toby. Toby was still very small for his age and had just recently weighed in at 46lbs at his last Dr’s appointment. “Okay, according to the sizing chart these should fit you” stated Beth. Toby looked eagerly at the onesie’s his mother was holding. “These will be perfect for hiding my diaper” Toby thought to himself.

Beth and Toby headed to the checkout. Toby reached down into the cart and helped his mom place their items on the checkout. What he didn’t realize is that in doing so his shirt came up exposing the top of his diaper to the cashier. “Oh uh, is someone having a hard time with potty training” the casher said, taking into account the diapers on her checkout conveyor and his diaper peaking out. Toby turned a shade of red his mother had never seen “Yeah, just a little bump in the road” Beth said. “Well, my son was a slow potty trainer as well” shared the cashier “he wasn’t out of diapers at night till he was 7!”. Toby felt a little ashamed when she said that. While he definitely didn’t look like he was 8, and the cashier was probably trying to make him feel better, he was still wearing diapers at 8. “It’s okay honey, pay no attention” his mother whispered in his ear.

Beth paid the overly friendly cashier and steered the cart towards the car. “Sweetheart, don’t get buckled up when you get in the car. I want to change you before we head home” said his mom “you’ve been in that wet diaper for too long”. They arrived at the car and Beth helped Toby out of the cart and placed him in the car. Toby laid down in the backseat while his mother loaded up the trunk returning with one of the packs of diapers they had just bought. Beth unbuttoned Toby’s jeans and pulled them off revealing Toby’s wet diaper. “Seem’s like this diaper might be a little fuller then when we entered the store” Beth joked as she patted his diaper, making Toby smile. She popped the tapes and went to work thoroughly cleaning Toby up. She placed his wet diaper into one of the empty shopping bags and reached for the new pack of Luv’s. Toby lovingly watched as his mother removed one of the diapers from the pack. Toby just couldn’t get over his new underwear. The off white color of the diaper, the slight blue tint of the leg gatherers, and his favorite part…the awesome dump trucks on the landing zones. It’s as if the diaper was made just for him! While he was deep in thought over his diapers, his mother had powdered and diapered him and was finishing putting his pants back on. “Ok, lets head home” proclaimed his mother.

Beth and Toby pulled into their driveway. Toby was happy to finally be home! “Ok my little helper, can you grab some of the grocery bags while I carry our luggage?” asked his mother. Toby did as his mother asked and headed back to the trunk to get the grocery bags and headed inside. “Toby, go ahead and take all of the bags to your room honey” Beth said. “Can I play once I’m done” asked Toby. “You sure can, I’ll be there in a minute once I get the last few bags” said his mom. Toby trotted down the hallway carrying his grocery bags full of diapers and supplies, placing them by his dresser before heading to his toy bin. Wearing his toy story shirt made him eager to play with his Buzz and Woody doll’s.

A few minutes later his mother walked in to his room and smiled at her son playing. “Ok, lets get these supplies unpacked” stated Beth, opening his top dresser drawer “for now, I’m going to put your underwear in the second drawer”. Beth grabbed the open pack of Luv’s and started placing the diapers in his top drawer. Making sure to leave room for the powder and rash cream. “We’ll put the extra packs of diapers in your closet” Beth said out loud. She then opened his dresser drawer for shirts and placed his new “special” shirts on top. “Ok, I’m going to head down and start some laundry and then make dinner” his mother said “any special requests?”. “PIZZA!” Toby shouted. Beth laughed and headed down the hallway, leaving Toby to play.

“Sheriff Woody, the barns on fire” Toby exclaimed “Someone get some water” said Toby in his best Woody voice”. “Buzz light year to the rescue!” exclaimed Toby as he held Buzz in the air, swooping down towards the fire, spraying his toy squirt gun at the cardboard barn he had made. While playing out the scene Toby began to feel that familiar warm feeling filling his diaper. He was starting to get a little concerned about just how quickly his body had forgotten to tell him he needed to pee. Before long, the warm sensation was gone and left was his wet diaper. “You saved the barn, Buzz and Woody” Toby shouted, quickly forgetting about the now wet diaper he was wearing.

Down the hall, Beth was preparing a load of laundry and giggling at her son playing. She loved Toby’s active imagination. Beth pulled out the new onesies and put them in the wash with Toby’s clothes from the weekend. Afterwards she headed to the kitchen to start dinner. It wasn’t long before their pizza was done and Beth was calling for Toby “Dinner time, sweetheart”. “PIZZA!” exclaimed Toby as he jumped up and raced down the hallway. Entering the kitchen he went to his seat and sat down. “Mom, I think I need a change after dinner” Toby announced. Beth smiled “I figured as much. We’ll do a bath after dinner as well”. Toby dived into the pizza his mother had made.

Toby finished his pizza and took his plate to the sink. “Head straight to the bathroom please” his mother said. Beth cleaned up the rest of dinner and headed to the bathroom. “Ok, lets sit on the toilet and try to go number #2, please” Beth said, helping Toby out of his jeans. Toby, already looking down, admired his work. His diaper had lost the battle but still won the war, and he couldn’t help but smile. He didn’t fully understand why but standing there admiring his wet diaper made him feel whole. He was quickly brought back to reality by his mom pulling his diaper tapes and the plop of his wet diaper on the ground. “On the toilet, Mr” his mom commanded. The one thing he was still in control of was #2 and before long that deed was done. He hopped in the bath and proceeded to stage the most epic toy boat battle anyone had ever seen. Before long his mother was pulling the drain and wrapping him in a towel “to your room, admiral!” his mother joked.

Beth lead Toby down the hall to his room “go ahead and lay on your bed for me” she instructed. Beth headed to his dresser and retrieved a fresh diaper, powder, and his pajamas. “Alright mister, let’s get you ready for bed” announced Beth as she walked back towards his bed with the necessary supplies. In just a few minutes Beth had a fresh diaper on Toby. “Ok, sit up now” Beth said as she helped Toby put his pajama top on. Beth helped Toby off the bed to get his pajama bottoms on but not before taking a moment to admire the site before her…there stood her little boy in just his pajama shirt and diaper. She loved having her little boy dependent on her again. “First leg in” she said, helping him into his pajama pants “last leg in” she directed, pulling the pants up over his diaper. “Whose ready for a bedtime story?” asked Beth. Toby quickly jumped back into his bed with Beth following closely to tuck him in. Before long the story was over and Toby was out like a light. Beth kissed him on the forehead and headed for bed herself.

Toby was jolted awake by the familiar sound of his Woody alarm clock “There’s a snake in my boot!” shouted Woody. Toby reached over and turned off his alarm, rolling back over for his morning stretch. He didn’t need to bother checking to see if his diaper was wet, he could feel the familiar cool dampness. He got out of bed and headed towards the kitchen, having smelled the breakfast his mother was cooking. “Good morning mom” he announced as he entered the kitchen. “Good morning, sweetheart” she said back “and how did you sleep”. “Great!” he exclaimed “breakfast smells great”. Toby sat down and his mother made him a plate of eggs and bacon.

Toby finished his breakfast and headed back to his room with his mother in tow. “Go ahead and lay down on your bed, honey” directed Beth. She made a quick stop in the laundry room before heading to Toby’s room and towards his dresser, pulling out the usual supplies…diapers, wipes, and powder. She then picked out an outfit from his closet for school. “Ok, who’s ready to get ready for school” Beth asked rhetorically, Toby raising his hand as if the question needed an answer. She walked back over to Toby’s bed and helped him get his pajama’s off, first removing his top before then removing his pants. “Yikes, that’s a full diaper” his mother pronounced after removing his pants. Toby looked down again to see his handy work. His mom certainly wasn’t lying! She quickly went to work removing his wet diaper, wiping him up, and disposing of the wet diaper in his diaper pale then returning to finish putting him in a clean diaper. “Sit up for me, honey” she asked, then pulling his arm’s through the onesie. “Go ahead and lay back down” Beth said, pulling the onesie up between his legs and snapping it together. Beth helped Toby off the bed and finished helping him get dressed. Toby was happy at how much the onesie really helped hide his diaper. You definitely couldn’t see it and could barely hear it as he walked around his room. “There we go, one diaper boy in disguise” his mother joked, Toby giggling with her.

Toby grabbed his bag and head for the car, his mother following behind. “Once we get to school, I’ll talk with your teacher and school nurse” Beth said to Toby as they both buckled up “I’ll also need to give the nurse this bag of supplies” as his mother said, holding up his covert school diaper bag. Within a few minutes the reached the school and headed inside, Toby towards his cafeteria to wait for class to start and Beth to find his teacher.

“Good morning Mrs. Everett” Beth said, as she walked into his teachers classroom. “Oh, good morning Beth” Mrs. Everett replied back “I wasn’t expecting you”. “Yeah, I wasn’t necessarily planning to come see you this week but we’ve had somethings come up that I wanted to talk to you about” Beth said “Toby seems to have taken a little bit of a step backwards in regards to knowing when he needs to go potty” Beth explained “So we’ve unfortunately had to revert back to diapers”. “Oh, not to worry” Mrs Everett said “Toby isn’t the first and won’t be the last. I’m guessing you’ll be leaving supplies with the school nurse?”. “I’m heading there next” shared Beth “but I want to stress it’s only going pee that he struggles with” she said with a anxious face. “Perfectly understandable” Mrs. Everett sympathetically replied “I’ll be sure to help him keep it discrete. We both know how school children can be”. Beth thanked Mrs. Everett and headed towards the school nurse.

Beth knocked on Nurse Kathy’s door. “Good morning, how can I help you” nurse Kathy replied as she opened the door. “Hi, I’m Toby’s mom and I need to drop some supplies of for him” Beth said. “Sure, what kind of supplies and what follow up will Toby need” nurse Kathy said, smiling. “Well, Toby’s had a little regression with potty control so I have some diapers, wipes, and powder for him” Beth shared “he’ll likely need to be checked or changed about two times”. “Not a problem, I’m guessing you’ve already talked to his teacher” asked nurse Kathy. “Sure have, just left her classroom” Beth responded. “Great, I’ll make sure to call him down before lunch and before school lets out” nurse Kathy replied. “Thank you, have a great day” Beth said. Beth left the nurses office and headed to her car.

“Hey Toby!” Eric exclaimed as Toby entered the classroom. Eric was Toby’s best friend since kindergarten and the two were nearly inseparable. “Hey, Eric” replied Toby “I got to go to my aunt Candice’s this weekend and the carnival” Toby excitedly shared with his friend. “Lucky, we spent the whole darn weekend doing chores” Eric reluctantly shared “Hey, maybe this weekend you and I can have a sleepover” Eric inquisitively asked. “Ummmmm, maybe” a shy Toby replied back “I’ll have to talk to my mom”. Toby’s obvious reluctance was his friend finding out about his diapers but maybe Eric wouldn’t mind, he thought to himself. “Good morning class” Mrs Everett said as she entered the class “Whose ready to do some learning” she joked.

The morning was just about over and Toby was thoroughly entrenched in the math problems Mrs. Everett had wrote on the board. Interestingly enough, Toby hadn’t felt the urge to go potty at all since class started. The class finished their math lesson for the day and got prepared for lunch. “Mrs. Everett, can you please send Toby to some see me” nurse Kathy said over the classroom speaker. “Sure thing, he’s on his way” Mrs. Everett replied. “Toby, why is the nurse calling for you” asked his friend Eric. “Ummm, I have new medicine I have to take for my….(he hesitated), my, ….allergies” Toby exclaimed “my allergies have been real bad without my new medicine”. Toby got up from his seat and headed to see nurse Kathy.

Toby opened nurse Kathy’s door and entered slowly. “Why hello, are you Toby?” nurse Kathy asked. “Yup, that’s me” Toby eagerly replied. “Okay sweetheart, head on back to the exam table behind that partition” she said, pointing towards the back. Toby hopped up on the examine table and laid back. Nurse Kathy appeared, his bag in hand, and proceeded to unbutton his pants. “Lets see how we’re doing” nurse Kathy quipped, pulling down his pants. “Well isn’t that smart” nurse Kathy said, admiring his onesie “I’m sure that hide’s your diaper nicely”. Nurse Kathy quickly unbuttoned his onesie, pushing it up and exposing his now soggy diaper. “Well that’s odd” Toby thought to himself, looking down to see his wet diaper “I didn’t even feel myself going”. “Well, looks like we’ll need a diaper change” nurse Kathy said, reaching into his bag and pulling out the necessary supplies “Do you need to go poop before I put I put your new diaper on” nurse Kathy asked. Toby blushed at that question, he wasn’t a baby he thought to himself. “No” Toby sternly replied. Nurse Kathy went to work changing Toby’s diaper, buttoning up his onesie, and pulling his pants back up. “Okie dokie, head back to your classroom” nurse Kathy said, giving him a gentle pat on his diapered bottom. “Thank you” a smiling Toby said as he exited the nurses office.

Toby made it back into his classroom just as they were lining up to head to lunch. “Perfect timing, Toby” Mrs. Everett said “Okay class, lets head to the lunchroom”. Toby and Eric headed for their usual table “what do you have today” Eric asked, opening his lunch bag. “A PB&J Sandwich, so the usual” Toby said to his friend. “At least you don’t have a bologna sandwich again like me” his friend shared “For once I’d like something other than bologna!”. Lunch finished and the two friends headed out for recess. “I’ll race you across the monkey bars” shouted Eric. “You’re on” Toby gleefully replied. Toby went first, swinging from bar to bar as if he was in fact…part monkey. Toby was about halfway across and reaching for the next bar when Eric caught a quick glimpse of something odd. He was wearing an undershirt that looked like a girls one piece bathing suit. Toby was moving across the monkey bars so quickly that his pants had slipped down a little exposing the part of his onsie below the waste. Eric followed his friend across and hopped down. “Ha, I beat you” shouted Toby. “I’ll get you next time” Eric said, smirking back at him. “Toby, you’re undershirt looked weird, what was that” asked his friend. “Ummm…just a plain white T-shirt, I think it might have been stuck in my underwear a little” a anxious Toby replied back. “Oh, well that makes sense” Eric stated. Toby got lucky that time but his current predicament reminded him he’ll need to be more careful if he wanted to keep his diaper secret from his friend.

The class was on their last subject of the day, Toby’s least favorite…English, when nurse Kathy asked for Mrs. Everett to send Toby down to see him again. “He’s on his way” Mrs. Everett replied. Toby headed down the hall to nurse Kathy’s office, knocking when he arrived as her door was closed. “Come on in” nurse Kathy replied “Oh, hi Toby, go ahead and head over to the exam table”. Toby hopped up on the table with nurse Kathy promptly undoing his pants and pulling them down. She unbuttoned his onesie and pushed it up. To both of their surprise, Toby’s diaper was still dry. “Well that’s good” nurse Kathy announced “do you need to go potty before I button you back up” she asked. “Um, no” Toby replied, not feeling any pressure in his bladder. Nurse Kathy quickly buttoned his onesie back up, pulled his pants up, and sent him back on his way to class.

The end of day bell rang and Toby and Eric raced each other out to the bus. “Ha, I beat you this time” Eric exclaimed, having reached the bus before Toby. “Well you sit closer to the door in the classroom” a defeated Toby said. The boy’s took their seats on the bus, at the back of course, and waited for everyone else to board. Before long, they bus was full and on the move. “I’m gonna ask my mom if I can sleep over at your house this Friday” said Eric “you make sure your mom is okay with it. “Ummm, yeah,…I guess I can asked” a reluctant Toby replied. He had hoped his friend would have forgotten about having a sleepover. They were about halfway through their normal bus ride when Toby jolted a little in his seat as his bladder began to rapidly empty, filling his diaper. “You okay, Toby” his concerned friend asked “you look a little shocked about something?”. Toby’s bladder continued to empty to the extent that Toby could actually feel his diaper expanding “yeah….umm, I was just surprised at a car a saw go bye” a fumbling Toby replied. His bladder finally finished but Toby wasn’t sure his diaper was going to hold up this time. Eric and Toby’s bus stop came up and the boys headed off the bus, though Toby walked with a bit of a waddle now. Toby quickly started walking towards his house, hoping to avoid further conversation and the possibility of a diaper leak. Eric, not sure of why his friend was taking off so quickly, told his friend goodbye “Bye, Toby” but not before noticing an odd bulge in seat of his friends pants. “what the heck is that” Eric thought to himself. “Bye, Eric!” Toby shouted back, quickly heading up his driveway and into his house, hopeful that no one saw or noticed anything.

“Welcome home, honey” his mother announced as he entered the house “How was sch…” before she could finish her sentence she noticed Toby’s exhausted facial expression and bloated pants. “Oh boy, head straight to your room so we can get that soaked diaper off” she announced. Toby waddled down the hallway to his room, his diaper squishing with each step…risking a leak at any moment. “Go ahead and just lay down on the floor, sweetheart” Beth instructed “I don’t want to risk a leak on your bed”. Toby did as instructed, his mother reaching to unbutton his pants, taking them off and throwing them in his hamper. His mother reached down and unsnapped his onesie, the onesie springing open as the last snap was undone, the swell of his diaper having placed excess pressure on it. “Wow, I don’t think you ever filled a diaper this much even as a toddler” his mother exclaimed, examining the diaper now filled to absolute capacity. “I don’t know what happened mom, it was dry when I left school and the nurse asked if I wanted to got potty but I didn’t feel like I needed to” an embarrassed Toby exclaimed. “It’s okay, honey” Beth replied “the diaper did it’s job but maybe next time you should try sitting on the potty so you don’t flood your diaper during school”. “Okay, mom” Toby replied, as his mother went about their now normal routine of a diaper change.

Beth finished putting Toby’s new diaper on and helped him up off the floor and to his feet. “Let’s just do PJ’s now” she stated. Beth went into Toby’s closet and pulled out the new PJ’s she had bought him today. Toby sat in just his diaper waiting on his mother and looking a surprised at what his mother turned around with. “What do you think of these” his mother said, holding up the new footed pajamas she had bought. “I love them!” Toby exclaimed “they’re T-rex jammies!”. “I saw them at the store and couldn’t resist. I knew you’d love them” his mother said “go ahead and step into them”. Toby stepped into one leg and then they other, his mother then helping him get his arms in. Beth bent to his ankle and pulled the zipper up. Toby sprinted over to his mirror to admire his new pajama’s. “These are great, mom!” he exclaimed. Beth smiled at her son admiring himself, his diaper poofing out his sleeper just enough to make it noticeable. “absolutely adorable” Beth thought to herself “how did I get so lucky”.

“I’m going to start making dinner, honey” his mother said. “Okay mom, I’m going to stay in my room and play” replied Toby. Toby continued to stare at himself in the mirror even after his mother left. At that moment, he wasn’t sure he had ever been happier. Sure he was basically a slightly overgrown toddler in his footed pajamas and diaper but he didn’t care…he was happy!


Awwwwwwso cute !! Toby with his mommy ! And I think very soon Eric gonna find and maybe join him in his toddler life rsrs
Question you say he is wearing luvs but I never see a luvs design with dump trucks ? I just curious rsrs

The 1995 Luvs Deluxe for boys feature dump trucks and construction trucks on the landing zone

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