Toby's Journey Back to Diapers PT1

Toby was your average 8 year old boy in rural Illinois. As the only child, of a single mom, Toby was rather close with his mother and they spent a lot of time together. His mom, Beth, was devoted to providing Toby with the best life she could.

Monday morning rolled around and Beth walked into Toby’s room to wake him up for school. Beth stopped short of Toby’s bed as a familiar smell struck her nose. Checking Toby’s sheets confirmed it, Toby had had another accident. As of the last few months, Toby had been having frequent nighttime accidents. Something that isn’t unusual for someone his age but was still becoming a slight hassle for Beth. She gentle shook Toby awake.

“Good morning, Love” Beth said to Toby. “Good morning, Mom” Toby said back. “Sweetheart, I’m afraid you had another accident,” said Beth. Toby looked down at his sheets and pajama’s “oh no, I’m sorry mom” he said. “Don’t worry sweetheart, lets get those wet clothes off and get you in the shower”. Beth proceeded to help Toby remove his wet clothes and led him to the bathroom for a shower.

Toby quickly finished his shower, got dressed, and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. His mother had prepared his favorite, chocolate chip pancakes! “Toby, how would you feel about using some protection at night so mommy isn’t having to do as much laundry in the morning” Beth asked. “What kind of protection, mom?” Toby replied. “Well honey, your small enough that diapers would likely still fit you. I know you aren’t a baby anymore but I think this would be best for both of us” stated Beth. “Ummmm, if you think it would be best I guess we can try it, mom” replied Toby. Beth gave Toby a big hug and thanked him for understanding. Toby finished his breakfast and they headed off to school.

At school that day, Toby was a little nervous about what bedtime would look like. It had been many years since Toby needed diapers but he was tired of waking up in a wet bed. The day flew by and before he know it, he was at the dinner table with his mom.

“How’s your pizza, Toby” asked Beth. “It’s great, mom” replied Toby. “After dinner lets head up and brush your teeth and get ready for bed” Beth said. “Okay, mom” replied Toby. Toby finished his dinner and headed up to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and washed his face then headed to his room. Upon arriving in his room he found his mom had laid out is favorite dinosaur pajamas and next to it was what he had anxiety about all day…a baby blue diaper with dump trucks on the landing zone. While he loved the dump trucks, he wasn’t to sure about being back in a diaper.

“Go ahead and lay down honey” said Beth. Toby did as his mother asked. She quickly removed his shirt, then his pants, and finally his underwear. There he was, naked as the day in front of his mother. She opened the diaper and lifted his legs to place it under him. Then, she sprinkled him with powder. “This is so you don’t get all sweaty” she said. She then pulled the diaper up between his legs and taped it up. “See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” She said. Toby thought for a second and answered “nope, not at all mom”.

Toby’s mom helped up off the bed and helped him into his pajamas. The pajamas certainly hid the sight of the diaper but not the sound. He stood up and walked to the mirror…crinkling the whole way. “Don’t worry sweetheart” his mom said “this will help you stay dry and make mommy happy”.

Toby got into bed and his mother tucked him in and kissed him goodnight. He layed there after she left thinking about what had just happened. He found himself excited by the attention and care he had received from his mother. It’s a feeling he hadn’t felt in some time and didn’t want it to end. Toby slowed drifted off to sleep.

As the morning sun peaked through the windows, Beth quietly walked into Toby’s room. Gone was the familiar smell of a nighttime accident. She rustled Toby awake gently. “Good morning sweetheart” she said “how did you sleep?”. “Great, mom!” he replied. “Well, lets check and see how your diaper did” Beth said. Toby smiled at what his mother said, suddenly he wasn’t embarrassed about wearing a diaper anymore…he actually liked it.

Beth pulled back the covers and pulled Toby’s pajama pants down revealing his wet diaper. “Well, it looks like your diaper did it’s job” said Beth “lets get you cleaned up”. Beth grabbed a package of wipes Toby hadn’t noticed sitting on his dresser. She pulled the tapes on his diaper and pulled the front down sending out a small waft of stale urine. She proceeded to wipe him up and pull the diaper out from underneath him and ball it up. “Go ahead and get dressed for school” Beth said “I’ll meet you downstairs for breakfast. As walked out she threw the diaper into a strange looking garbage can that Toby also didn’t notice last night.

Toby finished getting dressed for school and headed down for breakfast. After a quick breakfast they headed off for school. Toby was all smiles at school as he couldn’t get over the feeling of what had happened last night and this morning. He felt…happy. Exceptionally happy and carefree.

At dinner later that night Toby’s mom asked him how he felt about the diapers at night. “I really don’t mind, mom” he said “they help keep my bed dry and I think I slept better”. “I’m glad to hear that, honey” she said.

Bedtime arrived and he followed his new routine brush teeth, wash face, and diapered for bed. He really enjoyed his new bedtime routine. He felt closer to his mother. Little did he know, Beth also was enjoying it. She had longed for another child and putting Toby back in diapers at night had started to fill that void. Beth tucked Toby in to bed and kissed him good night.

Their routine carried on throughout the week and each night seemed to get easier and quicker. Beth was getting quicker at diapering Toby and Toby was having a hard time not smiling through the whole thing. What neither realized is that both were happy with their new arrangement.

Saturday morning came and Beth went to wake up Toby for a trip to her sister’s house for the weekend. Beth’s sister, Candice, lived several hours away but Beth and Toby tried to make the trip as often as possible. Toby loved spending time with his aunt Candice as she was notorious for spoiling him.

Beth went about her morning routine of checking Toby’s diaper and cleaning him up only this time Beth didn’t reach for Toby’s underwear. “Sweetheart, we have a long car ride ahead of us and with your tendency to fall asleep on long car rides and your nighttime accidents, would you be terribly upset if you wore a diaper” Beth asked. Toby pretended to struggle with the idea but inside he was giddy with excitement. He had been wanting to wear his diapers during the day but thought it would be strange to ask. With a little bit of hesitation Toby responded, “if you think that’s best, mom”. Beth reached into his top drawer and pulled out a new diaper. In a flash she had him diapered and pulled him up from the bed. “How about your overall’s today with your T-Rex T-Shirt” she asked. Toby loved all things dinosaurs so he didn’t hesitate when he yelled “YES!”. Beth helped him put on his shirt and then his overall’s. To Toby’s surprise, the overalls did a better job of hiding the sounds of his diapers.

They headed to the car and started their journey to aunt Candice’s house. Beth had to stop for fuel and got Toby and drink and snacks for the car. Toby gleefully ate his snake and drank all of the juice his mother had bought him. He settled into his seat as the sound of mothers music playing in the car slowly helped him drift off to sleep.

Beth pulled up to Candice’s house and proceeded to unpack their bags. She noticed Toby was asleep, as expected, and opted to give him a few more minutes of rest. “Hey sis” said Candice who had greeted her in the driveway “how was your drive?”. “Smooth and uneventfull” Beth replied. “Is my little man passed out” asked Candice. “As if you had to ask” joked Beth. Candice walked over to Toby’s side of the care and opened his door. She gently rubbed his arm and said “wake up, sleepy head. Aunt Candice needs a big hug”. Toby slowly opened his eye’s to see his second favorite person…aunt Candice. A big smile spread across his face as his aunt helped him unbuckle his seat and gave him the biggest hug imaginable.

“How was your car ride, little man” Candice asked. “Great, I slept almost the whole way so it went by quick” Toby replied. While hugging him Candice couldn’t help but notice a familiar smell. It had been quite a few years but the smell of baby powder and urine is unmistakable. “Beth, maybe it’s just me but am I smelling baby powder and pee” Candice asked. Toby blushed a little at his aunts question to his mom as he wasn’t sure what his aunt would think. “Toby’s been having frequent nighttime accidents so we’ve gone back to diapers at night. Since I knew he’d fall asleep in the car we agreed that diapers were the best bet for the car ride” Beth told Candice. “O.M.G……are you telling me I have an adorable diapered nephew again!” Candice exclaimed. Toby was shocked by her reply but quickly laughed along with his mom and aunt. “Well, I guess we should head inside and get that wet diaper off” said Candice.

Candice put Toby down and lead him into the house with his mom. His aunt Candice’s house is what you’d expect of a single middle aged woman. Fun colors painted on the wall, junk food galore, and two pet cat’s. “Alight little dude, lay down for aunt Candice and we’ll get that icky diaper off”. Candice proceeded to undo his overall’s and pull them down, revealing the baby blue sodden diaper that had eagerly absorbed what started life as juice. “These dump trucks are adorable” pointing to the landing zone of his swollen diaper “but I think this diaper has seen dryer days” his aunt Candice joked. Toby giggled at his aunt’s joke. Beth handed Candice the wipes she had packed in a bag and Candice went to work. She pulled the tapes open and started cleaning Toby up. “Beth, I was planning to take you guys to the fair in town. Would it make sense to keep Mr. peepee pants in a diaper since there aren’t a lot of restroom’s at the fair” said Candice. Peepee pants, thought Toby…whose she calling peepee pants he joked in his head. “He hasn’t had any daytime accidents but, if there aren’t a lot of restroom’s it might not hurt. Toby, what do you think…do you want to wear a diaper at the fair?” his mother asked. Toby didn’t have to think about it, he knew his answer right away but played it off as though he was thinking. “Well, I guess that would be better then not finding a bathroom in time and having wet pants” Toby replied. With that, his mother handed Candice a new diaper and the powder.

While it had been awhile since aunt Candice had diapered Toby she didn’t miss a beat. Within seconds she had a powdered and diapered Toby then helped him up to his feet to put his overall’s back on. “Alright, lets get your bags into your room and head to the fair” aunt Candice exclaimed. Toby grabbed his bag and skipped down the hallway to his room, crinkling along the way. “I just can’t get past how adorable he his back in diapers” said Candice. “I know” said Beth “it’s honestly been so fulfilling having him back in diapers. Is that weird”. “Nah, they are only young for so long” replied Candice “enjoy it while you can”. Toby can skipping back down the hallway and towards his aunt. “I’m all ready to go, aunt Candice” exclaimed Toby. “Great little dude, lets head to the car” said Candice. All three piled in the car and headed to the fair.

Toby exited the car to the wonderful smell of carnival food and cotton candy. He eagerly rushed his mom and aunt into the fair. “Okay, okay, take it easy. We have plenty of time little man” said his aunt. “Mom, can we get one of those fresh squeezed lemonades” asked Toby. “Of course you can” his aunt snapped back “anything for my Toby”. This is what Toby loved about aunt Candice. “no” wasn’t a word she said very often. They headed to the lemonade stand where Toby ordered the biggest lemonade possible. “Planning to test the limits of that diaper I see” joked Candice. “Oh lord” laughed Beth “lets hope it’s ready for the challenge”. Toby took his lemonade and they headed off to the rides. First they took a spin on the tea cups and then a ride on the ferris wheel. Toby quickly drank his lemonade in between rides while waiting. He saved his favorite ride for last, the bumper cars! “Aunt Candice, will you ride with me” exclaimed Toby. “Of course, buddy” she replied “let’s show your mom who the bumper car champions are”. Toby and Candice hopped into the bumper car and waited for everyone else to get seated. Soon the carnival worker sounded the horn and off they went. BOOM, into one person then BANG into the next. Toby was grinning from ear to ear! In all the commotion and excitment Toby began to feel an strong urge to pee “Uh oh” he thought to himself “all that lemonade is trying to make an exit”.

The bumping and banging continued as his aunt gleefully chased down his mothers bumper car. Toby was trying his best to hold it but BOOM his aunt bumped his mom’s bumper car again and that was it….he felt the warm release of pee hit the diaper and spread downward. Before long, his bladder was empty and the diaper had done it’s job. So as the deed was done, Toby refocused his energy on towards the bumper cars. “Come on aunt Candice, she’s getting away” exclaimed Toby. Before long the ride had ended and Candice helped Toby out. “That was awesome” shouted Toby “we totally got mom”. “We sure did little dude” said Candice “how about we head over and get some funnel cakes”. “Yes” shouted Toby. He skipped ahead of his aunt and mom towards the funnel cake stand.

“Beth, I couldn’t help but noticing that someone seemed to have a full diaper when I picked him up out of the bumper car” Candice quietly said to her sister. “Oh boy, I guess it’s a good thing he wore that diaper or the bumper car might have needed a cleanup” Beth joked. Beth and Candice caught up to Toby at the funnel cake stand. “So, what kind of funnel cake does my favorite nephew want” asked Candice. “Chocolate” cried Toby. “You got it” said Candice “One chocolate funnel cake” Candice said to the man behind the counter. “Toby, once we are done with the funnel cake it’s time to head back to aunt Candice’s” said Beth “but I think someone will need a diaper change at the car first. Toby turned a dark shade of red as he blushed “Sorry, all the bumping in the bumper cars made it hard to hold my pee” Toby said. “Don’t you worry one bit buddy” his aunt Candice quipped back “that’s exactly what a diaper is for”. Toby finished his funnel cake and they walked back to the car.

At the car his aunt opened up the back hatch to the car and lifted Toby up into it. “Ok, lets see what kind of damage you did” she joked as she undid the straps to his overalls and pulled them down revealing the swollen diaper. “Oh my, that lemonade really gave it it’s best shot” laughed Candice. Toby looked down at his saturated diaper “yikes, it sure did” joked Toby back. “Ok, lay down for aunt Candice and we’ll have you fixed up in no time” replied Candice. Toby swiftly laid down and felt the squish of his diaper as he did. He hadn’t really noticed how heavy the soaked diaper was until his overalls were removed taking away the support that had helped hold them up. He was amazed at just how much he had peed and how much the diaper had swelled. Candice pulled out a fresh diaper and wipes from the bag Beth had brought and proceeded to clean him up. “Butt up” she said as she pulled soaked diaper out from underneath him. “butt down” she jokingly ordered as she placed the fresh diaper underneath him. Again, within seconds she had Toby in a clean diaper and his overalls back on. “Alrighty diaper dude, lets head home” aunt Candice quipped. Toby jumped climbed over into his seat and buckled up for the ride home.

Back at aunt Candice’s house Toby started heading to his room to play with the Lego’s his aunt made sure to keep well stocked from him. “Mom, I’m going to go play Lego’s” he shouted. “Okay sweetheart, I’ll be in the kitchen getting dinner ready with your aunt Candice” Beth replied. Off Toby went to build the biggest Lego castle he could.

“So, looks like someone needs daytime diapers now too” Candice joked to her sister. “I guess so” replied Beth “part of me hopes it’s only a phase and part of me hopes it last’s forever”. “Well, I wouldn’t say forever but maybe for a few more years” said Candice “he’s just so darn cute in his diapers”. The ladies chuckled and proceeded to make dinner.

Down in Toby’s room, he was mid-way through his epic castle build. “This is going to be the dungeon where we’ll keep the bad guys” he exclaimed to himself. Toby worked vigorously to find the perfect pieces for his castle. So much so that he barely noticed that his bladder was full again. He just kept building and building “oh, I can put the throne in here” he shouted to himself. It was about that time when he felt a familiar warm sensation filling his diaper. “whoops” he said “that wasn’t supposed to happen”. He was a little shocked by his second accident of the day but that feeling slowly subsided. After all, Toby was enjoying being back in diapers and what was the point of diapers if not to use them. He continued to build the castle to end all Lego Castles.

“Toby, dinners ready” Beth shouted down the hall. “Coming, mom” Toby shouted back. He quickly sprinted down the hall towards the table. “What are we having” Toby asked as he sat down. “Only your favorite food” exclaimed Candice “Spaghetti and Meatballs with Cheesy Garlic Bread”. “YUM!” shouted Toby. Beth made Toby a plate and Toby dived right in. “Slow down, Toby” said Beth “I don’t need you choking” she laughed. They finished dinner and Toby walked his plate to the sink. Beth couldn’t help but noticed that Toby’s overalls were hanging a little lower in the backside. “Hey sweetheart, can you come here for a second” asked Beth. Toby headed over towards his mom where she reached for his overall straps. Toby proactively replied “Sorry, mom” without hesitation. In that same instance his mom pulled down his overalls exposing his third wet diaper of the day. “It’s alright honey, that’s what the diaper is for” his mother said “why don’t we head to your room and change your diaper. We can get your PJ’s on while we’re at it”. Beth proceeded to take his overalls off the rest of the way and lead him down the hallway. Candice couldn’t help but snicker at the site of her nephew being led towards his room in a wet diaper. “Shake that wet diaper butt” she jokingly shouted. Toby was all to happy to make his aunt laugh and wiggled his butt while walking away, his sodden diaper swinging from side to side.

Toby laid down on his bed while his mom got his PJ’s, wipes, and fresh diaper. “So, are you having a good time at aunt Candice’s this weekend” asked Beth. “I sure am” replied Toby “this might be my favorite trip ever”. “Well I’m glad to hear that” Beth said as she proceeded to untape Toby’s diaper “Your aunt is probably having a better time than you” chuckling in her head at her sister’s joy of seeing her diapered nephew. Beth finished putting a fresh diaper on Toby and helped him into his pajamas. “Ok, lets go get ready for movie time!” exclaimed Beth. Toby raced down the hallway towards his aunt. “aunt Candice, it’s movie time” he shouted. “Sweet” Candice shouted back. “Can we watch Aladdin” asked Toby. “I wouldn’t have it any other way” Candice said back. Candice popped the movie in and cuddled up to Toby. She couldn’t help but smile as he cozied up next to her revealing the top of his diaper peaking out over his pajama bottoms. “He really is so adorable” she thought to herself. They settled in and emersed themselves in the world of Aladdin.

The credits rolled across the screen as the movie ended. “Alright little dude, I think your mom is ready to put you to bed” said aunt Candice. She looked down only to realize that one overly exhausted little boy had fallen asleep during the movie. “Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised” said Beth “it has been a long and eventful day”. Candice helped Beth pick Toby up and Beth carried him to his room. Along the way she felt a familiar feeling of a wet diaper under his PJ’s. She laid Toby down on his bed, careful not to wake him, and checked his diaper. It was a little wet but Beth didn’t want to take any chances and quickly proceeded to start changing his diaper. “Shhhhh” Beth said as she noticed Toby’s eye’s start to flutter “I’m just going to change your wet diaper real quick”. With the blink of an eye, and the expert skill of a mother, Toby was in a clean diaper and tucked in for bed. “Good night, sweetheart” Beth said. “I love you, mommy” Toby whispered back.

Toby felt a slight brush on his arm “Well good morning sleepy bear” his aunt said, smiling at him “are you ready for some breakfast”. “I sure am” a groggy Toby said back “what are we having”. “Eggs, sausage, and toast” aunt Candice said “but it won’t be warm for long”. Toby climbed out of bed, reaching for his aunts hand, and followed her to the kitchen. “Well good morning, sweetheart” his mother exclaimed “did you sleep well”. “I sure did” a now awake Toby replied. Beth reached over to give her song a big morning hug, patting his backside in the process. “Well, it seems like someone’s diaper was working overtime last night” his mother quipped after patting his diapered behind and feeling the now familiar feeling of a full diaper. “I guess so” Toby said as he went to sit in his seat, his diaper squishing at the full weight of holding little body. He was suddenly more aware of the bulkiness of his wet diaper now that he was sitting in his chair. “Well, lets feed you some breakfast and get you in a clean diaper” he mother said “we don’t need you getting a diaper rash”. “yikes, diaper rash” Toby thought to himself.

Before long Toby had finished his breakfast and his mother was laying him down in the family room for another morning diaper change. “Looks like its going to be jeans today” his mother said as she removed his soaked nighttime diaper. “Okay, mom. Can I wear my toy story shirt today” Toby asked. “You sure can” his mother replied. Beth finished his diaper change and pulled his jeans up over his fresh diaper, helping him to his feet afterwards. “Arm’s up” she said as she helped him put his shirt on. She couldn’t help but look down at Toby’s diaper peaking out over his jeans, the top of the dump truck landing zone just barely showing. With a quick pat on his diapered bottom she declared him dressed for the day.

“How about we had to the playground for a little bit before we get ready to head home” Beth asked Toby. “Yes, please” Toby eagerly replied. “I’ll race you down the slides” aunt Candice excitedly said. “You’re on!” Toby said. All three were out the door and walking to the playground in no time. As promised, aunt Candice was quick to get Toby to raise him down the slides. Of course Toby won as slides aren’t forgiving to adults and aunt Candice would never let him lose. Toby quickly changed gears and raced to the swings. It was about that time that Toby felt his morning glass of milk pushing back on his bladder. “Mom, I need to go potty” he said to his mother. “Well honey, it’s a long walk back home as there’s no bathrooms at the park” Beth replied “Can you hold it long enough?” she asked, pulling him in closer “If need be, you could just go in your diaper” she said quietly so the other children wouldn’t hear. Toby was a little shocked his mother was encouraging him to use his diaper. “Okay” he said as he turned and headed back to the swings. It wasn’t long before he his bladder won the battle and released it’s backlog, the diaper swelling as it absorbed his pee. It less than a minute his bladder was empty and he continued to pump his leg on the swings. Before long it was time to walk back home. “Since you didn’t asked to walk home and go potty, I’m going to assume someone has a wet diaper” his mother asked. “Peepee pants strikes again” aunt Candice laughed loudly causing all three to laugh together.

Back home Toby’s mom started packing up the car. After loading the last bag she headed back in with what Toby was now able to tell was his new diaper bag. “Okay, sweetheart, lets lay down and get that diaper changed for the car ride home” his mom proclaimed. Toby layed down and his mother reached to unbutton his pants, pulling them down and to reveal his bladders handy work and a soaked and bloated diaper. “Well, looks like we’ll need to make a trip to the store and get more diapers” his mother stated “seems as though we have another full-time diaper boy on our hands”. Toby stopped to reveal in what his mother said…he was going to be back in diapers all the time. His heart skipped with joy at the thought. Well he continued to soak in his new predicament his mother taped on his new diaper and pulled his pants back up. “Well, what do you say we hit the road” Beth asked. “Come give your favorite aunt a hug” Candice proclaimed, Toby smiling realizing she was his only aunt. Candice bent down and gave Toby the biggest hug she could, patting his diapered butt. She was already counting down the days to their next visit and her adorable diapered nephew returning.

Candice helped Toby get buckled up and waved goodbye as they left. Before long Toby felt his eyelids getting heavy and the inevitable sense that sleep was on the horizon. He fell asleep smiling knowing the likely hood he would wake up in another soaked diaper and the eventual diaper change from his mom…


Great job loved the interaction between mommy, aunt and Toby ! Curious to see what gonna happen in school since he will need diapers now rsrs


that was a really cute story.


You guessed it! Working on PT2 now which will include diapers at school!

Thank you. I’ve been wanting to write a story for awhile now and finally started!

Great story … thanks

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The story is really cute. I’d love a continue of the story. Also I wonder which brand are the blue diapers?

Absolutely love this story! You are a fantastic writer :ok_hand:

I really like your story it reminds me when I was about six years old I was wetting the bed every night and my mom being upset about it and put my first diaper back on me that morning and after that I kept in diapers day and night and I was called big baby by every one and from that time on I was always in diapers