To Be A Big Girl

“But Daaa-ddddyyyy!!!” the red-headed girl whined, giving her best pout.

“No, I already told you Kacey, the bunny is staying behind,” her ‘daddy,’ a tall blond haired and blue eyed man, said.

She cuddle the stuffed bunny under her chin, kissing its head. “But he’s so cuddly and loving,” she said, still pouting and giving her best puppy eyes. Between her big, bright blue eyes, wavy red hair and freckled face, she knew she could give the cutest puppy dog looks. Normally this was enough to convince him. Not today, however.

He grabbed the bunny from her hands and put it back into the crib that stood behind them. The crib, along with a high chair-33, was the only thing ‘babyish’ about the room. The rest of the furniture in the hotel room, a double bed and two chairs, was more normal, and the walls were painted a solid blue. However, they had considered themselves lucky to find a hotel room with a crib and high chair big enough for Kacey. “Look, you said you wanted to try being a big girl today, right?”

She nodded. “Uh huh”

“Well big girls don’t carry stuffed animals around with them all the time. And they don’t call their boyfriends “Daddy.” My name is Alex today, alright sweetheart?”

“Big girls don’t have stuffies!? You’re kidding!” she said incredulously, eyes going wide.
“No, they really don’t” Alex replied, unsure if she was joking or not.

“It sounds like big girls are just really silly ALEX,” she said the name with as much sarcasm as she could muster and stuck her tongue out at him. “Why else would anyone give up stuffies?”

“Well you said you wanted to try it. That’s why you’re in your big girl undies, right?”
She nodded, then lifted up her green dress to reveal pink panties decorated with Disney princesses. It was still more mature then what she normally wore, and she smiled proudly as she displayed them.

“Big girl panties, Alex! And perfect for Disney World” she said, still smiling.
“Yes, that’s right sweetie. Do you want to go back to being a baby? I can go get your diapers right now if you want and you can be my baby all day.”

“Nooooo! I wanna be a big girl today.”

“Good. Then I want you to act like it, ok? Can you do that for me Sweetheart? Be a good princess?”

Kacey nodded, and he kissed her for head. However, before they left she saw him putting baby powder and a diaper decorated with pink teddy bears into his bag. She looked at him questioningly.

“Just in case you change your mind,” he explained. “I’ve also got a bottle of formula milk and a pacifier. And no sucking your thumb!” He grabbed her hand, stopping her from doing just that, then led her out of the hotel room by her hand.

They headed towards the elevator and got inside.

As they stood waiting, Kacey asked “Hey Da… Alex, one a scale of one to ten, how much do you love me?”

Alex was a bit surprised by the question, but answered anyway. “Hmmmm, 514.”
“HEY! That’s cheating. I said one to ten.”

“No its not. That’s totally within one to ten. Can you count that high?”

“I can!”

“Do it.”

She thought for a second, then glared at him and stuck her tongue out.

Alex asked “Why? What’s your answer?”

“515,” she answered confidently, then smirked.

The elevator door opened into the lobby. It was simply decorated, but red carpets and fake marble walls made it nice enough. They walked into a convenience store that attached to the lobby, and he went to buy water bottles for the trip. Neither was used to the Florida heat, and they would probably need it.

“Can I get this one?” Kacey asked, holding up a Resse’s chocolate bar.

“Hmmm I don’t know, I am bringing snacks in the bag,” Alex replied.

“Pwweeeaaasseee Da… I mean… please Alex?” she pleaded, holding her hands in front of her as if she was praying.

“Oh? Where are you two going?” the store owner, a plump and balding man, asked from behind the counter.

“WERE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!” Kacey all but shrieked, bouncing happily.

“Oh is that right? Well that’s a long trip. You sure can’t go without candy, can you Alex?” the man asked, smiling.

“Fine!” Alex said, and went to pay for it. He glared at the store owner, who smiled back.
“By the way… She doesn’t seem to be… padded, today. Are you sure that’s a good idea?” the store owner asked. The couple had been at the hotel for a few days already, and the he had noticed Kacey’s normal preference in clothes, as well as how she behaved towards Alex. Given the hotel’s specific furnishings, it wasn’t the first such couple he had seen.
“She said she wanted to try being a big girl today, especially since there will be so many people about. I said we’d see how it goes, but don’t worry, I’m prepared if it doesn’t go well,” Alex replied, opening his bag slightly to show the diaper. He put the food and water into it, closed it, and slung it over his back.

The couple waved goodbye, and left. They got on a bus and took it through the city. It was a trip, so they cuddled close and waited patiently. Kacey got bored fast, and Alex had to twice grab her hand and remind her big girls didn’t suck their thumbs in public. She eventually decided to take a nap, and having been denied her bunny, decided to use Alex as one. She grabbed him, rested her head against his shoulder, and feel asleep.
Alex woke her as they neared the park. They got off, and walked hand in hand through a crowded square. Kacey put her hand to her mouth and squeezed closer to Alex as she saw the size of the crowds around them, as well as the place themselves. A massive gate stood in front of them, and behind it they could see the tops of rides and the Disney Castle. Line ups for ticket booths were around it, but the couple already had tickets so they kept going through.

Kacey could barely contain her excitement as they walked toward the gates. She was smiling broadly and everything they passed.

“I wanna see the castle and the princesses and get my picture taken and get mickey ears and go on rides and watch fireworks and… Hey look! There’s Mickey now! HIIIII MICKEY!!!” She waved her hands at the costumed worker, who waved back.

“Yes yes, I know Princess. We will get it all done, but first let’s find a map, ok?” he handed their tickets to a worker and they walked into the park.

“Yes D-Alex. Alex. OH! You know you can get dressed up as princesses right? I want to be Ariel.” Ariel had always been her favourite princess, due largely to having the same color hair. She had even taken swimming lessons to be more like her favourite princess.
“Yes, I know you want to be Ariel. I knew that before we got off the plane. We will get there, ok? You’ll be a mermaid princess soon enough. First let me look at this map.” He took out a large map and unfolded it, examining it and tracing routes with his finger.
Kacey watched him for a moment, then began to look around herself. Everything around her seemed so exciting, from the rides to the games to the people in costumes. Even the trees somehow seemed more incredible than normal.

There were people too. LOTS of people. She stared for a moment at the crowds of strangers milling around, slightly nervous at their numbers.

But then she noticed something. In the crowd, she saw a little girl dressed in a blue and white dress like the one from snow white. Then she saw another person, this time an adult, dressed as Cinderella. With her eyes she traced a path in the direction they were coming from, and noticed more and more people dressed in similar costumes.
She began to walk in their direction, trying to find the source. She passed by a Mulan, a Belle, and three Elsas before she finally found what she was looking for. A small brown building, with windows full of dresses and a sign that labelled it “Costume Rentals” was in front of her. She ran inside.
“Alright Princess, I think I know the best way to… Kacey?” Alex asked, looking around. There were hundreds of people nearby, and none of them were Kacey. "Where are you sweetheart?

He walked around in a circle, and yelled her name out loud. He got no reply, and muttered “I let go of her hand for five seconds….”

In the distance he saw a head of wavy red hair, and ran toward it. As he got closer he noticed more hair, a woman’s body, a green dress…. And a bow. He stopped before he ran into a group of Brave characters signing autographs.

“Where did she go?”


Kacey stood surrounded by princess dresses, her face positively beaming. She was next in line to be served, and the person in front of her was just finishing.

Finally it was her turn. “I want to be Ariel!” she said happily.

“Alright, do you want the blue or pink dress?” an over enthusiastic employee responded. She wore a uniform and the type of smile that came from being told you wouldn’t get paid if you didn’t smile.

“Pink!” Kacey replied.

The worker was a bit surprised to meet someone even more enthusiastic then she was supposed to pretend to be. Usually only the younger girls were that excited. However, this was far from the first grown woman to ask to be dressed as a princess, and she was well prepared. “Alright, one Ariel, coming right up!”

A group of young women, all wearing the same clothes and smile, surrounded Kacey. They sized her up with measuring tapes, then left and returned with a dress. It was pink, as asked, had a low cut chest, puffy sleeves, and a short skirt. The skirt split down the middle to show a second layer made with a lighter shade of pink then the rest. It also came with a matching hair bow and shoes. Kacey was led to a change room where she excitedly got dressed, then store her older clothes in a locker and took the key.

“What do you think Da… I mean uh… Al… wait what??” she looked around, noticing for the first time he wasn’t there. “Alex?”

Still no answer.

“Da…daddy?” she stuttered.

“And how will you be paying for this miss?” the worker, still smiling, asked. The smile began to wear down though. The only time they were paid to frown is if a customer didn’t have money.

Kacey gulped, and began to back away.


Alex was running.

It had taken him a moment to think through what had happened.

First he had made the mistake of letting go of her hand. No, first he had made the mistake of letting her be a big girl, no, PRETEND to be a big girl, THEN he had made the mistake of letting go of her hand. Clearly he was wrong to believe she was ready, but she was just so dang convincing with her pouty looks…

Another thing he should have done was made a meeting point if they got lost. Or, if she was going to act like a big girl anyway, give her a cell phone. Or get a dang leash. He wondered briefly if they had tracker chips for ABDL girls. There must have been a million things he could do. Oh well, he would remember that for next time, there was no point in thinking about it now. Right now, he had to find her, and he was fairly certain he knew where she had gone

Kacey was also running, and on the verge of tears. Here she was, lost in a massive amusement park she had never visited, and now she was pretty sure she had broken the law. She stopped in a circular intersection surrounded by small booths and trees. She looked around. It seemed like she had lost the workers who were chasing her.

She walked toward the side of the pathway, where there was a bench under a group of trees. She felt tears building in her eyes. She had been so excited for this day, and it had ended in disaster. She was pretty sure she was going to jail, and she didn’t know if they would let her be a princess in jail. She doubted they would even let her stuffies into jails. She shouldn’t have left on her own. No, she shouldn’t have even said she wanted to be a big girl today.

Alex arrived at the costume rental shop and looked around. She wasn’t here!

He walked up to a worker. “Have you seen a red haired girl named Prin… Kacey? Probably wanted to look like Ariel?”

“Uhhh… yeah, we had to call security on her. Why?”

Alex cursed under his breath.

Kacey heard footsteps coming toward her. Heavy ones.

She looked up. In front of her was a pair of men in black suits. They were both massive and wore dark sunglasses. She edged way from them as far as the bench would allow and wished she could hide. Something told her they were there for her. One of the girls form the costume shop was with them, and pointed at her. For a second Kacey thought about running, but decided it would only make it worse.

One of the two men in black suits walked toward her. “Are you Prinkacey?”

She gave him a funny look. “Wh…what?”

The man looked at his partner, who smacked him upside the head and whispered something in his ear.

“Oh, sorry. I mean Kacey. Just Kacey.”

She nodded, feeling tears stream down her face.

“Alright, I’ve been instructed to keep you here, so don’t go anywhere. I don’t want to have to use force,” he turned slightly to show a pair of handcuffs

She nodded, crying earnestly now. She doubted those were the fun type of handcuffs. She was sure to go to jail, maybe have a trial, and then Alex would be mad and take away her stuffies… He even once said they had early bedtimes in jail, which she didn’t like. This was just getting worse.

The man put his finger to his ear, where he had a sound device. He looked at the other, and nodded at him. “Alright, there is someone here to see you.”

She looked up, expecting more guards or a police officer.

“Kacey! There’s my Princess!” a voice shouted. It was Alex!

“Alex!” she shouted back and jumped off the bench. He ran over to her and grabbed her in his arms, hugging her. He rubbed the back of her head as she cried into his chest.
Alex spoke to the guard. “Its alright, I paid for everything. She just got a bit scared, that’s all.”

“We know, we got the call. Still, make sure she knows it was wrong. She needs to learn her lesson,” one of the guards said.

“Yes, and keep an eye on her next time! Don’t let her do it again! Buy a leash if you have to,” the other added.

“Oh I’ll make sure she learns her lesson. And trust me, it won’t happen again, even if I need to get a leash,” Alex said. Kacey’s eyes went wide and she blushed at the thought. The guards nodded, and left.

Alex turned back to Kacey. She looked up at him, tears still running in her eyes. “I’m so sorry!” she said.

“There there Princess, it’s alright. It’s all better now, and I’m here for you.” He wiped the tears from her eyes.

“I know, I shouldn’t have left Alex.”

“Hahah Alex? Is that my name now, baby girl?” Alex asked, smiling and poking her nose.

“Bu… But you said…”

“I know what I said. But I think we are past the point of thinking that’s appropriate, aren’t we, my Baby Mermaid Princess?” he asked, still smiling. He had taken out a pink pacifier and was running it along her lips.

“Yes Daddy,” she replied, and took the pacifier into her mouth while still looking up at his eyes. He hugged her again and kissed the top of her head.

“Good baby. I think we both know this is better. You can cry if you want to, Princess. You’re my little baby girl, and baby girls can cry. I’ll keep you in my arms until the tears stop coming.”

Kacey smiled and nodded. She didn’t feel like crying anymore.

“Now, my Little Princess,” Alex said “while I’d love to just hug you and kiss you all day, you did do something very naughty, didn’t you? First you tried to say you were a big girl, then you ran away with that dress and got lost. I think we need to do something about that, don’t we?”

“But daddy… Here? With all these people?” she blushed, looking around. She knew what he meant, and deep down she knew she needed it. It really was for her own good, and she sort of liked them anyway. However, it still made her nervous.

“I’m afraid so Princess. Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ve all seen a naughty little girl get punished before. Anyway, the park made me promise to ensure you learned your lesson.”
Kacey nodded, still blushing. Alex sat down on the park bench, then slowly pulled her over his knee. He lifted her skirt up, then pulled down her panties and threw them into a nearby garbage can, commenting that they were silly things she wouldn’t need anyway. He raised his hand, and brought it down on her bare bum with a loud “SMACK!” Kacey gasped. She felt his hand rub the sore cheek a bit, pat it softly, lift again, and… SMACK! Another sharp spank on the other side of her bum. After the first two smacks he picked up pace, and started spanking her for real.

Kacey squeezed her eyes shut as the spanking continued. “SMACK SMACK SMACK!” The blows sounded loudly as they came down, each one stinging more than the last. Kacey gritted her teeth against the pacifier and grunted with each smack. Soon her grunts turned to whines, and her whines turned to cries as she squirmed and her bum turned red.

The dozens of people who stood around them turned to watch as her bum was smacked again and again. Some of them laughed, others nodded in approval, having noticed the events earlier. Not one of them challenged what they saw or seemed to think a spanking wasn’t appropriate for her. At this point, neither could she.

When it was all done, she was once again on the verge of tears. Alex, now her daddy once again, hugged her and rubbed her back, muttering that she was a good baby for taking her spanking so well. He lay her back down on the bench. She watched as he spread powder over her red and bruised bum, and sighed in relief as the cooling powder touched her tender skin. Next, he removed the thick teddy bear diaper he had packed earlier and lay it under her. She thought she should feel disappointed, as she had tried to make it as a big girl, but really she felt happy. He taped the diaper on snugly, leaving her once again pampered as a baby.

He picked her up, sat down on the bench, and sat her on his lap. Her bum was still tender to sit on, but the thick padding helped and felt nice against her. She happily wiggled in his lap, hearing the plastic of the diaper crinkle as she did. She began to giggle, luxuriating in the familiar softness and crinkliness of her pampers. He reached into the bag again, and she squealed in delight as he took out her stuffed bunny and handed it to her.

“I couldn’t resist bringing it” he explained as he took out her pacifier and began feeding her a bottle. “Somehow I just knew you would need it by the end.”

She squeezed the moose and suckled the bottle of milk, content to be his baby again. She didn’t mind to occasional snicker or comment about her diapers, it just felt more right this way. The ‘big girl undies’ she had had on were never as comfortable, the clothes were never as cute, the games never as fun… Really, she didn’t know why anyone would want to grow up. Perhaps she should find Peter Pan, she thought to herself with a giggle. This was the right place to find him anyway.

She finished her bottle of milk. She felt a growing pressure in her bladder as she drank it. She looked down at the padding around her waist, released, and felt herself soak her diaper. She blushed a bit as she saw the damp spots form visibly on the front of her padding, leaving the state of her diaper obvious to the bystanders. However, the warmth was nice and she was supposed to be a baby anyway, so she just giggled.

“Oh you naughty girl” Alex said teasingly. “Couldn’t last a minute, could you? And to think, you wanted to be a big girl today! You’re so silly!” He stuck his tongue out at her and began to tickler her.

“Stop Daddy! You’re silly!” she replied, giggling and trying to block his hands. “Hehe stop Daddy!”

Alex stopped, replaced the pacifier in her mouth, and stood her on her feet. She tried vainly to pull the short skirt of her dress over her diaper, but gave up and looked at her daddy. She blushed, realizing that anyone they passed could see her diaper. She blushed even deeper when she realized how easy it was to tell it was soaked.

Alex handed her the stuffed animal and took her free hand, and began leading her through the park. “Don’t worry about it Little Mermaid Princess. Everyone knows you’re a baby anyway.” He patted her diapered bum.

She nodded and skipped happily alongside him, not minding when her skirt bounced up as she did.

Kacey lay on the floor of the bathroom in their hotel room. She wore her pink footed pyjamas now, and the flap was opened to expose the wet and now messy diaper underneath. The padding of her diapers were thick enough that it didn’t bother her when they were wet, and since she had been naughty anyway, Alex had kept her in it while they were at the park. She barely noticed as she pranced around the park, going on rides, meeting princes and princesses, and eating all the candy she could. Her diaper flashed from under her skirt every time she stepped, and she suckled her pacifier the entire time, no longer worried about acting like a big girl. She never let go of Alex’s hand, not wanting to get lost again. When they were done, they returned the rented clothes, had supper, and returned. Now it was her bedtime, and she had filled the diaper as Alex was getting her ready so she was waiting for a change.

There was a moment’s pause as Daddy got ready. She squirmed slightly, feeling the mucky mess around her. Being in a messy diaper wasn’t always as fun as being in a wet one. It wasn’t as comfortable, and smelled bad. It was, as she normally put it, “icky”. If she spent too much time in one it would get really uncomfortable and Daddy would have to spread cream on her. If they were in public people would give her funny looks and avoid her until she got changed. Sometimes Daddy even made her stay in one if she was naughty, though she could usually get out of it by pouting.

Still though, it had its benefits. It was warm and squishy, and as long as she wasn’t in it too long it wouldn’t get too bad. She could also use it to tease Daddy, following him around and cuddling up close to him and in his lap while pretending not to know about the smell. Once she had even sat by Daddy’s head when he was lying down sleeping, and watch as he bolted up out of bed. She could prolong it by feigning ignorance to her messy state and whining that she didn’t want a change when Daddy tried to take it off. But best of all, it was a nice reminder that the diapers weren’t just for show, she really was a baby girl. So really, she wasn’t sure which she preferred.

Alex bent over her. “Hello Princess Potty Pants,” he said teasingly, patting her diaper.
“Da—aaadddyyy! Don’t tease,” she whined with a pout.

“Oh why not Smelly Girl? You don’t like these names Stinky? You’d don’t like me pointing out your smelly diapers or stinky butt do you, Little Miss Potty Pants?” he said, sticking his tongue out and tickling her.

“MEANIE!” Kacey giggled. She swatted at his hands as he tickled her, then gave up and laughed out loud. He bend over and blew a raspberry into her stomach, causing her to shriek with laughter.

Finally he stopped and undid the tapes of her diaper. She smiled and looked up at him as he did.

“So did you have fun today Stinky Girl?” he asked. He opened her diapers and wrinkled his nose, over exaggerating to tease her.

“Uh huh,” she replied and stuck her tongue at him for the nose wrinkling.

“You did? You liked being a little princess for a day?” He began to wipe her down.

“Yes I did Daddy!” She said enthusiastically. She sighed and cooed slightly as she felt the cool baby wipes on her skin.

“I bet you did. Well I have something to show you sweetheart,” he said with a smile.

“What’s that Daddy?” she asked.

“You will see in a moment baby girl.”

He finished cleaning her, then powdered her. He put her in double diapers for bedtime, and did her pyjamas back up. She wiggled her legs slightly, feeling the extra thick padding between her legs. She giggled as she found she couldn’t get her knees together. Her Daddy really wasn’t taking chances with her padding anymore. Finally, he picked her up, cradled her in his arms, and carried her into the bedroom.

Suddenly Kacey gasped. There, hanging on her crib, was the Ariel dress from the costume shop.

“Bu… But Daddy, how!? You had to return it!”

“Well I talked to the workers. They let you buy the dresses for a bit extra. And guess what else?” he reached into his pocket and took out two tickets. “I got more passes. We will be going back tomorrow and you can wear your dress all day. Oh, and your diapers this time. I had to promise the staff that, but they let up on the leash.”
Kacey squealed in delight, hugging Alex as she did. “Thank you thank you thank you!” she said.

“Don’t worry about it sweetie. Remember, with or without the dress, you are always my Little Baby Princess.”

She smiled. “Forever Daddy? Your Baby Princess forever?”

“Forever. I love you Princess”

She hugged him. “I love you more Daddy.”

With that, he kissed her goodnight, and lay her down in her crib to sleep.

Re: To Be A Big Girl

As much as I love multi-parted character driven story… I forgot how wonderful simple stories are. Short one-shots well written without overstaying their welcome. Good show author. Very cute.

Re: To Be A Big Girl

Super cute, and best of all, innocent! Awesome job!

Re: To Be A Big Girl

This is a big improvement for you, Alex. A step forward in the setting of scene in your short stories. “Daddy” is a bit generic, but otherwise you did a nice job here.

Re: To Be A Big Girl

I don’t quite believe we’re supposed to connect with either character. The way I read it was more bird’s eye, that is to say from a distance. This was a window into their lives that have clearly been happening for a while now. Kacey is comfortable enough to be a baby 24/7 and Alex, a daddy 24/7. I was saying before about it being a short story. A common trope of the best ones is that gives you perspective, context, a scenario and a world you could feasibly see exist in as short an order as possible. That’s also why character driven narratives are longer. We need time to identify with them. The only thing I could think to change the story was not giving the characters names at all. Just daddy and princess.

I know you probably know all of this already and you are entitled to believe whatever but I was just hoping a little perspective couldn’t hurt.

Re: To Be A Big Girl

I disagree. The opening sections in the hotel room work because of the contrast between Kacey using Alex’s name and calling him Daddy. If you eliminate the names, that point of contrast is much more difficult to tease out. Later on at the park, when Alex has to go looking for Kacey, it might stretch credulity just a little too far if Alex were to use Kacey’s pet name when talking to the park staff. In other stories, you might be right where there aren’t major third-party interactions and no dividing line between “big girl” and “little”, but here the use of the names is effective to draw our attention to specific emotions and details.

Re: To Be A Big Girl

thanks a lot! :slight_smile: Honestly, when it comes to abdl stuff, I can’t do long ones whether its reading or writing. I like the short stories for this stuff.

thanks a lot! :slight_smile: I am glad you liked it. And yes, she is very innocent and adorable here and irl. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’m generic? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m the “Daddy” character btw, its me and someone I know as an abdl (she is into it and asked for this btw, so nothing creepy). While a lot of the really innocent traits in the ‘baby’ character are made up, the Alex character basically acts as I would. So I guess I am generic :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: To Be A Big Girl

The way you described yourself is generic, Alex…

Re: To Be A Big Girl

Haha I know, I was kidding around

Re: To Be A Big Girl

I always enjoy your short stories. It take a great deal of talent to give a short story a feeling of completion, that is to say, avoid the feeling that the story was cut off prematurely, like a half spoken sentence.

But you do it everytime.

Re: To Be A Big Girl

thank you very much! I am glad you liked it.
BTW, this is only kind of related to what you said but if you are interested, there are a lot of reasons I write these instead of longer ones, aside from limited patience and just thinking of short ones. To me, this entire thing is like candy or popcorn. It is sort of sweet and light, should be kept short. I find when I try reading or writing longer stories, they sort lose their appeal and just sound dreary, repetitive or even silly. Also, I don’t get the entire thing where it is a regular type of story/novel with abdl randomly mixed in, like an action story where the action stops once in a while to remind the audience that one of the characters is in diapers. It just sounds weird, like if half way though lord of the rings Frodo dressed up as a dog and became a furry for ten pages then went back to normal. Basically, if I am going to read or write a novel, I’ll read or write a novel and it won’t involve abdl. So, I prefer short stories and tried to get good at them, and I appreciate when people say I have. So thank you